The I-Land (2019) - Adventure, Drama, Mystery

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When ten people wake up on a treacherous island with no memory of who they are and how they got there, they set off on a trek to try to get back home, only to discover the world is not as it seems.

IMDB: 4.4
Stars: Natalie Martinez, Kate Bosworth
Length: 40 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 155 out of 1000 found boring (15.5%)

One-line Reviews (315)

If you have a mixer grinder, put Lost, Prison Break, any survivor series like Hunger games and Matrix (computer simulation) with dystopian future in the end and Voila, you will get this mind blowing material.

So if you can stomach the first very slow episodes until the 3rd, it gets a little better.

I will agree that this movie starts out very slow.

Entertaining .

I found the show very entertaining and exciting even though acting, editing and score could have been better.

Oh good lord, unbearable!

I was glad I stuck with it as it gained in charm, humour and story as it went along and the upshot was it was very entertaining.

What a waste of money and an interesting premise.

So so script Stilted acting Good idea but poorly executed Pacing too slow

If you find the first few episodes slow, just push through!!!

I have binged watched it and it's very enjoyable.

To give a 1 star rating, means it's the worst movie possible.

entertaining .

The show is a slow burner the first 2 episodes are just there and don't move the story a great deal, once episode 3 hits you will see the show in a different light and it starts to catch its groove.

Waste of time .

The show is quite boring.

I was bored at home, so started the first episode, it looked promising, soon I realized how wrong I was.

After that alot happened and i enjoyed it so much, it had soo much unexpected turning points until the VERY end.

Beautiful pictures and scenes, unpredictable happenings, just amazing!


but this was entertaining.

It certainly has its naive moments, but the concept is quite mind blowing and leaves a lasting impression for the mind and soul to ponder.

Good and entertaining .

The ending is so darn predictable I feel stupid for even wasting my time in the first place STAY AWAY FROM THIS CLICHE.

Bruce McGill's character is extremely entertaining and he did a great job portraying him.

The way the plot unfolds is uninteresting and uninspired.

The dialogue was boring and reminded me of soap opera from the 80s.

It's totally enjoyable for what it is, syfy 😊

Absolutely boring, unoriginal and a waste of an island.

This unfair and unexplainable batch of negative reviews just killed the possibility of another season of an entertaining show.

Uninteresting and obvious.

It's a bit fast paced for me, almost like an information overload once Chance wakes up in the prison.

There is no plot There is no build up There is no tension The characters are weak There are no redeeming qualities to this whatsoever All in all, it's a bit like something that you would squeeze out first thing in the morning after a particularly hazardous curry the night before, painful.

Why oh why would you waste your money on this show.

Don't waste your time .

What a complete waste of time .


The dialogue is repetitive, seriously it says the same thing with the same characters after a few minutes, it's truly terrible writing.

The actors honestly look more bored than anything else, and I can't blame them, the texts sounds like something written in 5 minutes by a guy on a crapper with a deadline he missed

Tried to watch the first movie many times but either lost interest or fell asleep.

The dialogue veers from a sort of hesitant boring blandness where no one really says anything to laughably violent and shrill and back again.

Entertaining .

I saw the trailer for I-Land and though it looked intriguing.

Completely unwatchable.

Predictable script until u get into episode 3.

It's difficult to follow, like or become invested in any particular character.

" , i decided to give it a go as lost was awsome, this however is not, bad acting, cheesy dialogue, bland characters and despeate but unfulfiling action, Kate Bosworth seems to put about 10% effort in to this with no charisma what so ever, the only thing thing this series has going for it is the stunning scenery, shame as it could have been good.

I'm bored, it's midnight and I work tomorrow, click on this joke of a show and FOR SOME REASON I watched 2 full episodes before writing this.

Fascinating story line.


Don't waste your time unless you're a glutton for punishment.

Slow start and too many unanswered questions that you think will eventually get answers.

It is a completely waste of time, The I-LAND it is a big joke and I'm completely disappointed, give us back quality movies and not this crap, low budget, hopefully it won't be returning for a second season...

If only they had turned the whole thing into a parody and added some actual dialog instead of just throwing every possible cliche character into this series, it might have been bearable to watch.

Slowly enjoyable .

Waste of time, electricity and life.

OK let's start with the positives - the island that The I-land is stunning!

Thought it was entertaining and enjoyed watching it.

Cause it is really poor acting mixed with every cliche possible.

everything that happens on the "iland" really is enjoyable then again the drama and semiflashbacks really ruins it all for all you ignorant ughs!

7 *50 min waste of my life

I guess if you're going to waste your time watching bad television, you might as well go for something spectacularly bad.

This cringey abomination was predictable, plagiarized, boring, cliche garbage from the opening scene.

I will be honest, the first 2 episodes were very slow and I could see why people would stop watching.

Thus, despite all the awful reviews, I not only looked forward to this limited series THE I-LAND, I actually enjoyed it overall!

The twist at the end was certainly unexpected.

Entertaining time-passer .

I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I enjoyed it.

By episode 3 the storyline starts to have potential & had they followed that path from the beginning without all the cheesiness with better writers, etc I definitely would've enjoyed it more.

Unlikeable characters that are basically just pointless.

Worth the watch .

It's insulting to the average intellect and a waste of time better spent clipping your toenails or looking wistfully out a window.

The I-Land may be a mediocre season of television in terms of acting and storytelling but the strong production and audio visual experience makes this show worth watching.

Well, I enjoyed it.

Shame on who invented this waste of time.

It seems the writer wanted to somehow have every detail be unveiled in such a way that seemed totally predictable.

Please don't waste your time!!!!

Super intriguing .

The script is lacking but it's still entertaining.

Don´t waste your time with this...

) There were 3 people worth watching: Kate Bosworth as KC, Bruce McGill as Warden, and Kurt Schmid as Moses.

Predictable, terrible acting, cheesy CGI.

The I Land is worth the watch due to its ability to make you wonder and speculate.

Well what a waste of time, the story rubbish and the acting wooden.

Pointless script, poor acting, literally nothing to grip the audience.

What a terrible waste of time!!!

Don't waste your time.

This is a solid show, it's fun, interesting, the twist is cool but predictable.

With every episode I felt it only got better and kept you on the edge of your seat.

Also the characters seem to be too all over the place, but yet very bland and the way they talk to each other is at some points so awkward that it was painful to watch.

WORTH WATCHING in my opinion, and again, it deserves more than 4.4/10.

This series could actually come with a cliche counter in the bottom right corner.


It gets cheesy here and there but it's entertaining and fun to watch.

Entertaining .

It's hard to follow what is going on.

The actors are miserable, the sound effects are funnier, The actual moment continues to fail creating any tension, and the sound effect is like "you are on the edge of your seat".

The first 10 minutes of the first episode were so unbearable, we turned it off.

That would have been a shame however because I would have missed out on something great that I found quite enjoyable indeed.

But what draws the rating down is the extremely bad acting and very boring scenes, when we are in the prison environment.

Well, it's not a masterpiece, but it was entertaining.

Total waste off time acting terrible and it doesn't make sense

Don't waste your time.

I wasn't expecting much because of the bad reviews, but the show turned out to be pretty enjoyable!

Hoped for some intelligent unfolding of events and an innovative and gripping storyline.

Yes, the first few episodes were slow, and it seems like a list ripoff.

Ending falls off a cliffLiterally one of the most pointless TV series with no real structure, unfinished stories and a flacid end.

It certainly was entertaining.

Even though there are pretty much no stakes after episode 3, the fact is they've slow rolled the stupidity so they can keep building it up to break like a wave on a finale so crazy, with dialog so bad, that I had to check to be sure it wasn't written by Tommy Wiseau.

And slow.

Not particularly good, but entertaining enough .

However, by episode 4 I just couldn't watch any more because of the poor writing that makes it comical rather than gripping.

Uninteresting story, noncoherent logic - like "I'm an angry character.

What a waste of life .

I can't believe the negativity about this show at all, ok it's not the best but definitely worth the short binge, I enjoyed it.

Because I like this subjects, I still watched them all and still enjoyed it.

The first episode was somewhat intriguing, the second less so and by episode 5 it was boring of the same stuff over and over again.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, right up to the end.

Some caracters appear to be empty or searching for something.

It's been done before aka "Lost" but if it's done well it's an enjoyable adventure mystery.

It has an interesting twist that makes it worth watching.

The dialogue is bland, and filled to the brim with telegraphed lines you would expect from a middle-school kid writing his first short story.

It's like a sci-fi, futuristic, drama filled with slightly predictable twist and turns.

The first two episodes and the premise of the story were actually somewhat intriguing.


The appallingly bland acting starts about one minute into the show and never stops.

Cliche crap, horrible cast, unlikable characters, bad story telling.

Please make a season 2 It has become so exciting.

It gets borring and slow for a series.

The actors reactions are always confusing which makes it feel awkward to watch.

For these reason this is a waste of time 1.

Don't waste your time even curiously checking this out.

it's quite entertaining after all...

the characters are so dumb and boring and the plot is so ridiculous, it hurts...

very entertaining .

There's a fair amount of, excuse my French, dialogue, some special effects, and the twists are fairly predictable.

Acting ,dialogues and few sub plots are mundane.

It's a little bit like it's been written By bored teens making stuff up as they go along .

This show is so pointless and poorly put together, I'm almost positive a lot of time and money was seriously wasted while creating such garbage.

Don't waste your time & give it a miss.

Completely unbearable to watch.

Starts badlyGets slightly better towards the middle which lulls you into watching the rest.......

Most pointless dialogues 6.

It's just fun to watch, the other reviews are looking at the quality of the serie but I just wanted to watch something entertaining and that was this for me.

It is quite a low budget show, but it's entertaining enough.

The other characters have interesting qualities too, which makes the reveal of WHO they really are even more intriguing.

Frustratingly nonsensical at times with a concept that had real potential and in some cases compelling back story.

First episode is a little slow, like almost everyone else I've seen.

Worth watching if you will actually be patient and not expect a bunch of action.

Most reviews here are for the first 1 or 2 episodes, because there is an interesting, but predictable plot twist in episode 3.

These are all (mostly) hardened criminals/sociopath's and their unpredictable behavior on the island totally makes sense.

I will be honest I think it would suck if it was more than one season but still enjoyable only 7 episodes.

Watching paint dry, a snail race or staring intently at a hole in the wall would be more enjoyable than watching this garbage.

The show is well shot, with several interesting directing choices and evocative visuals.

Waste of time .

But it's quite entertaining and I was on the edge of my seat after the 3rd episode.

You are kidding, Take the most uninteresting character in Lost, assign a numeric value between 1 and 10 to that character, divide that value by 10, and that value can be used to grade the characters in this series.

As a psychology major, the storyline was very thrilling to me.

If you love boring and poorly made, this is the show for you.

With that being said, I can understand why the first 2 episodes were very slow.

It's as though someone got hold of a 13 year olds essay on Lord of The Flies, tried to make the characters as hateful and uninteresting as possible and made the story about adults.

But here's hoping it wont get to a pointless series, I'm on number three


I actually think the directing is what's bad, maybe the writing too, but the storyline is intriguing enough to hook me.

This plot was dragged out beyond all reasonable expectation with the series, Lost, so why invest so many dollars on what is obviously a sloppy second?

No variety, un realistic sample of society is generally going to be boring as witnessed in this show.

I still needed more background depth into each character but it managed to work and I enjoyed it.

It just waste my time.....

But it is entertaining, that's it.

Interesting the other reviews as I was entertained by this and thought it was an unpredictable plot.

Although correct so much more could have been done with this, instead it came across as an afterthought, with the series storyline focusing on the prison and the lady who woke up (zzzzzz).

This must be a Netflix propaganda piece not really meant for entertainment more so to push far left ideology, much like every show on the CW Network.

It's short and enjoyable.

Worst waste of time ever.

So far this is a thrilling series and I can't wait til more episodes come out.

Some dialogue was unbearable.

Some very confusing reactions and performances from actors.

after you get through the first episode the series is actually very nice and intriguing, i liked the plot and the twists...

Judging it by itself and also having read and watched quite some works of Sci_fi, I found the plot, first intriguing and after the misteries start to become unwrapped about halfway the series, fresh on its approach.

utterly pointless and awful on an epic level.

It's a good sci-fi show and worth watching over a long weekend.

I thought it was interesting and entertaining, though quite predictable.

If you like a plot that is intriguing, look elsewhere.

They are so boring it would kill me while i was watching.

No good characters, no plot.. is this a thriller, mystery, action?

The pace was a bit slow in the first 2 episodes, 3 and 4 were perfect, and then 5, 6, and 7 felt very rushed.

I expected this to be the worst movie ever from the reviews.

I will keep this short and sweet idiotic script, terribly boring characters.

I thought that the show was light enough, but intriguing at the same time.

I would have liked more exploration, survival/danger (nothing happens except a storm and a stupid predictable shark), it needed more mystery, less bickering and swearing.

I enjoyed it .

Don't waste your time on this.

All that said, I actually enjoyed the show, and there are some very compelling story elements.

, but over the next 2 or 3 episodes all is revealed and is a bit of a let down ,as though they knew this was a turkey and needed to be finished within 6 episodes instead of being dragged out for 10 seasons .

I found it entertaining and interesting.

I agree the show had some problems in scenario, but still has the main element to be a good show it is entertaining and exciting

The show is not too bad, maybe the characters aren't that smart, but still it's worth watching - at least once

Far from perfect, but very enjoyable.

It's fascinating how the internal minds were explained and lived out rather quickly.

Well I don't know about the rest but, Mindhunter, stranger things, sacred games, the kingdom and many more are awesome and highly entertaining.

Unwatchable for me.

A Slow Starter that Grows .

It's like a remake of Lost but alot slower and less entertaining.

What starts out as intriguing soon becomes marred with amateurish acting and some insanely cheesy dialogue.

Unlike the people screaming there hatred for this show on here I actually really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time.

Other than that, I enjoyed it thoroughly and watched it over 3 nights.

THEN it got an unexpected change when chase first woke up and found the truth.

Everyone wakes up in very boring waiter attire, and pretty much keeps it all on, even though they are on a tropical desert island.

The show is definitely political election propaganda for the left, but I found it enjoyable.

The story itself was thrilling enough to keep me watching the all episodes, and it does not get boring at almost any point.

All in all, 4/10, boring, bland, empty, hard to get through.

It's entertaining .

This is mind blowing and directed, in a way some ppl might not understand.

Just a complete waste of time.

Finally a show worth watching,

The whole concept behind the show is very exciting and is the reason I'm giving it 4 stars.

Its predictable, doesn't entertain the 30% of the time, the characters behave for the script, creating forced situations and problems.

Maybe I'm being TOO kind but I think the slow beginning hurts it.

I enjoyed the subject matter very much and found it treated in a new way, despite some things being a bit predictable.

Other than those questions, as I stated, it was very enjoyable.

It is refreshing, exciting and enjoyable!

Don't waste your time like I did!!.

Come on Netflix, you need to produce more meaningful and absorbing content if you want to retain that spot in the hot marketplace of streaming video.

A complete waste of time.

It was so bad my husband and I both fell asleep during episode 4.

The pacing was all over the place for character development and I ended the series feeling like alot of the side stories were utterly pointless.

They start something and oups finally nothing happen more.

Enjoyable, different and engaging .

The acting was tacky, the writing was even more tacky, the storyline was incredibly predictable, there was basically zero character development and what little we did so was soap opera, cliche obvious.

Total waste of time!.

A confusing change in episode 6 going into 7 where it eventually reached a conclusion and all was revealed.

It a shame tho coz it could've been better if it was taking in a better direction because the plot is very interesting with the modern incorporation of it being a simulation but just boring and the acting was strange at first I thought it was a reality show.

Gripping survival thriller .

Save your money next time, a lobotomy would be cheaper.

I've watched the show and found it entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

None of the characters are likeable or even remotely interesting, even the "lead" who seems to have a permanent frown on her face is boring.

Cliche, after cliche of terrible high school production dialogue (in fact I've seen better high school plays than this!

Part 1 was intriguing, if Lost scaled down, Part 3 was perhaps the most interesting, and took it in a different direction.

Some of the fighting scenes are intense, it's fun to watch, I really enjoyed it!

The acting is certainly not amazing, and the dialogue is not well written, but it does have an engaging story, and I did make it to the end.

I found it entertaining and I binge watched all 7 episodes because I was interested what would happene next.

Watch it if you want to waste your time otherwise watching paint dry is the better option.

It's a remake of "Lost", except all the thought-out characters with depth and captivating stories have been replaced by empty-headed ones whose sole purpose is to showcase a variety of skin tones and sexualities and virtue signal for Netflix.

There a lot of cheese to this..much of the acting is cringe-worthy, the dialogue is stilted and the characters cliche.

This is a very exciting series.


Just I say disappointed and waste my time at all and I don't suggest to everyone.

Unoriginal, badly written, terrible acting, uninspiring.

I-Bland .

I enjoyed it.

I found it tedious and needless.

The story overall did hold potential, the first 2 or 3 episodes were good, I believe that it could have been a lot a better, more intelligent and gripping.

Don't waste your time .

Better things to waste my time on .

I simply cannot stress how much more enjoyable Dark Matter is, even if you're not into science fiction, than the The I-Land is.

Worth watching?

I was waiting for it to get better and find out what happened to them but it's just unbearable

If you like this kind of plot, and maybe even otherwise, this series is worth watching.

No story lines add up, no one can act, and the entire plot was like a bad mix of 3 diff shows that used to be good.

In this, they put her in a tree, made her wake up sleeping next to the tree, then made her fall asleep again.

It's simply unwatchable ...

Bad acting with a hard to follow plot.

Again this had a lot of potential but the writing if anything else too the wrong arcs and the uninteresting ones at that.

Boring, mundane, predictable, cliche, unoriginal .

Thought i would give episode 2 a go but with yet more bad acting and basically no story line I've kind of given up.

Then the series went from bad to worse to unwatchable....

Unwatchable garbage .

I enjoyed it, sure there's some hiccups and things don't make sense.

But anything that involves a framework, or in the movie Matrix they called at The Matrix, is entertaining.

The first 2,episodes have Alex Pettyfyr prancing about in i'll fitting trousers and I guess he wanted a big role because the pace is slow enough without being sidelined by this assault story.

The characters are instantly likeable and the twists and turns make for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Thoroughly enjoyable mini series .

It was well acted, interesting to follow, exciting, good music.

Don't waste your time .

Waste of time, bad acting.

I wouldn't waste your time watching it

Very boring, full of forced diversity nonsense.

Hence the initial confusion.

Please put it out of our misery and ban this so people don't waste their time and precious seconds of their life that they will never get back.

It gets dumber and more repulsive, to the point it becomes totally unwatchable.

Special effects and set design are decent and cinematography is breathtaking in some scenes.

Awful writing, compelling story elements.

Surround effects and musical score is blended seamlessly with the front and centres channels making for an enjoyable aural experience.

I found the idea creative and despite the whole setup is a mpdern lost copy, I found it entertaining and liked the plot twists.

Entertaining show with some genuinely good twists .

Yet again another Netflix tv show that can't hold your attention for more then 10 seconds because of the lack of story and bad acting.

Please don't waste your time!

The show isn't great to begin with, but her character makes it unwatchable.

Bad acting, bad story, cliche after cliche.

Please don't waste your time.


But worth watching for the idea, so, 6/10.

Do the actors also take some acting lessons between the first few episodes and suddenly go for being utterly unwatchable to descent?

I liked the series as a package, the plot and premise is intriguing and makes you think about the many scenarios we are exposed to in real life.

The finale is quite unexpected, well thought and gives the series closure.

Dont waste your time like I did.

Intriguing Mystery w/ Good Twists & Turns .

Here, citing cliche dialogue and "bad acting", people once again lean into hyperbole.

Or, hey we're on an empty island, let's go swimming.

loved it,suspenseful etc .

Waste of time.

Put aside the so-so acting + initial slow pace and you have a solid season 1 .

What a terrible waste of money making this show.

Just a waste of money filming this

There was never a time in my life I would have persevered with this, but watching it after my third revisit of "Dark" made it especially tedious and puerile.

Unwatchable .

Waste of time .


Unfortunately, a waste of time.

Lats two episodes feel like scriptwriter got bored so just chucked random stuff in it.

I really enjoyed it and I think no one should rely on other's opinions.

Chase just said she got abused nobody believes her, they go about their day as if nothing happened.