The Imitation Game (2014) - Biography, Drama, Thriller

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During World War II, the English mathematical genius Alan Turing tries to crack the German Enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians.

Director: Morten Tyldum
Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 79 out of 692 found boring (11.41%)

One-line Reviews (524)

All of the clothing and scenery is very dull.

Every other performance in the category has been about as bland as you could imagine and Keira Knightly in 'The Imitation Game' is no exception.

It's just that the time skips got jumbled; confusing what time frame we're in.

It is suspenseful and exhilarating watching them try to crack the code.

An intense and haunting portrayal of a brilliant, complicated man, THE IMITATION GAME follows a genius who under nail-biting pressure helped to shorten the war and, in turn, save thousands of lives.

Cumberbatch is utterly compelling in his role as Alan, and the supporting roles are to a man magnificent.

One part that was very much in the face, initially funny, but quickly repetitive was how Turing was only able to decode the factual message his co-workers told him and did not realize for example they were asking him to grab a bite with them.

An intense and haunting portrayal of a brilliant, complicated man, "The Imitation Game" follows a genius who under nail-biting pressure helped to shorten the war, and in turn, saved thousands of lives.

This film was decent, but, to be frank, I was a little bored throughout a lot of it.

Apart from that gripe, this is quality cinema and enjoyable to say the least.

There is a fascinating moral tale told here - that in order not to let the Germans find out their code had been broken, the British deliberately failed to act on some of the intelligence received.

Mind blowing .

The acting was made trite by the twisted story and the depth was a deep as a sippy cup.

It's strange how one of the most rousing, dramatic movies of 2014 is simultaneously so somber and maddening.

In the Weinstein Company movie, The Imitation Game, Alan Turning is a compelling and intriguing character.

What could have been a very dry and earnest film emerges, under the intelligent dexterity and watchfulness of Norwegian Director, Morten Tyldum - working from a screenplay by Graham Moore - as a engaging and rather extraordinary story.

Alan and Christopher's relationship is pretty compelling.

In addition, it managed to be exciting, without any action.

skip ahead to after that first half hour, and very exciting movie!

Despite the fact that the story of the code breaking is the driving plot of the film, there is a far more important and fascinating story about a man who struggles to understand human interaction and fit in and find his place in the world when he is up against so many walls.

Passionless, Pointless, Doomed to Failure .

Based on a real story, it is a bit predictable, though.

Personally, I found the codebreaking story more fascinating, and I wish more of an attempt had been made to help us understand some of the mathematics behind Turing's construction of the first computer.

Cumberbatch acts with his body language, words, voice, eyes, stutter, and with compelling silences.

So if you take away the truth of the film and facts you are left with something that is somewhat entertaining for at least half an hour.

The movie itself was thrilling, fascinating and in the end, so terribly sad.

Bland, ineffective, an offense to it's story .

Gripping from start to finish .

Benedict Cumberbatch seems to be making a career out of playing troubled and flawed genius's, following his huge success as Sherlock Holmes in the TV series Sherlock and the upcoming - and hugely exciting - Dr. Strange in Marvel's upcoming film based on the sorcerer supreme.

Masterfully told and encompassing an emotional complexity, Tyldum's film is both engrossing and disturbing.

All these mysterious elements makes the film fascinating to watch.

Although not as good as Amadeus or Schindler's List, this film is an amazingly well crafted story, intriguing and with a very important message.

But I really enjoyed it.

Covered with a thin layer of gloss, but consistently thrilling and engaging .

Their friendship is so beautiful, and is the heart of the film, proving them to be a fascinating team, that I hope will find themselves in many more movies together.

That's not to say that it's necessarily overly dry and hard to connect to, this biopic of the extraordinary and tragic mathematician and inventor of the digital computer, Alan Turing, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is emotionally engaging and utterly endearing.

Saw this movie last Saturday (12/27) and really enjoyed it.

They could have toned down drama and decreased run time to make it bit more fast paced.

Like The King's Speech, The Iron Lady or The Theory of Everything, it has gained much critical acclaim, but it also leaves one feeling rather empty at the end of it all; you sit there and ask "Is that all they can invoke in us?

The Imitation Game was vibrant and lively, engaging its audiences on three levels: The fascinating way the Nazis managed to outsmart the rest of the world until Turing came along, how his giant computer worked, and what happened to him in the end, when the truth about him was finally revealed.

It's supposed to be entertaining.

Cumberbatch brought the man to life brilliantly, and the writers managed to give us a fascinating glimpse into his mind.

It is slow and boring.

Yes, the story of the breaking of the enigma machine codes is a fascinating one, though, as one reviewer points out, this movie really doesn't get into the details of how that was achieved - details that most of us, myself included, could probably not have understood.

Artistically, the movie is told in a rather disjointed manner with bits and pieces of emotional drama.

From a thrilling opening to a tearful ending The Imitation Game is a must.

"Mutiny On The Bounty" (1935) or "They Died With Their Boots On" (1941) are the best and most entertaining b/w-movies ever made while what comes to historical facts being almost pure fiction from start to finish.

Maybe 'The Imitation Game' is not an all-time masterpiece for which the last year would be remembered, but it's still pretty much worth watching.

This movie is gripping and will have your attention from the off.

The Imitation Game is a great movie and I highly recommend it to anyone.

What is even more compelling is that it is a well-crafted mix of victory and tragedy.

Turing arrives at Bletchley Park and signs on to use his considerable intellect and love of puzzles to crack the code, and he's placed on a team that he immediately alienates with his intense focus on building a code-cracking machine.

While he is doing this, audiences face a couple of unexpected turns, both of which prevents audiences from relieving tension.

The Imitation Game is lucky in that it's a legitimately fascinating true story.

This may have been a conscious choice to give a mechanic feel to a film about a mathematical mind but it does make the story a bit hard to follow at times.

To use Allen Leech from Downton Abbey was a bizarre decision particularly (crown-pleasing again perhaps) because he acted and spoke exactly the same is he does in that popular TV show which causes great confusion - why is Tom in this film you brain asks you!

Overall this is a serious movie, however like most British movies of recent years there is a mix of crowd pleasing light humor including taunting, teasing, flirting, and witty dialog to keep the movie from getting too dull or tedious and reveal some character aspects.

The Imitation Game is fascinating, gripping, and powerfully motivating, revealing new sides and new perspectives on a war we thought we already knew everything about.

It is as much uninspiring and in your face in an equally embarrassing manner as Graham Moore's Oscar speech was.

If there is no reaction to it, it becomes boring: - hence his decision to stop shouting and fighting back during one of the bullying scenes.

It works both as a gripping wartime thriller, (and something seeming rather out of time from what we're used to seeing in our multiplexes in 2014), and as a fascinating biography of Alan Turing, the mathematical genius behind the breaking of the Enigma code.

The whole Enigma operation is fascinating.

I thought the storyline was great and the acting made it more compelling.

It's a passionate, intense performance.

After the war all the work decoding Enigma was wiped out of the official records as if his intense achievements had never happened.

Also pointless are the childhood scenes that tell us nothing about Turing's intelligence.

Extremely well produced inaccurate and (for me) unwatchable .

The movie is brilliant, love every bit of it, exciting,gripping and touching.

That Benedict Cumberbatch was able to so beautifully embody the arrogant, antisocial genius who seemed more at home tinkering with aluminium and copper and dissecting Nazi ciphers than attempting the insurmountable task of engaging with other people makes The Imitation Game an inspiring watch.

Very enjoyable even if vastly inaccurate .

The story was interesting, but it was filmed in such a predictable and conventional way, I just hated it.

It is a fascinating story, one most people wouldn't know about.

The personal cost to the man we have to thank is a stunning tale, especially given the secrecy it has been cloaked in for most of the 20th century.

Now the plot of this film is so good, at times it can show entertaining, emotional or tense scenes and it all works so perfectly.

All in all: entertaining, and well made.

'The Imitation Game' was an extremely enjoyable movie to watch.

Overall a really good and entertaining film.

It was determined to make the story uninteresting, dull and blah blah blah predictable.

Indeed Benedict Cumberbatch did a stunning performance playing an anti- social and odd prodigy in the film.

The story is slow moving, and extremely jumbled as it jumps from 1951 to 1939 a little too often, making it very hard to end up caring about each storyline in their own rights.

His performance, which is backed up strongly by costar's Keira Knightley, transcends the somewhat generic filmmaking and bland direction, and helps to give it more genuinely likable and interesting qualities overall.

Fascinating, intriguing and compelling, this was a thrill to watch!

Finally the conundrum which the breaking of the code placed the Bletchley team in was very intriguing.

The Imitation Game, based on the true story of Mathematics Genius Alan Turing, is captivating and excels on all accounts, making it a totally enjoyable movie experience and conducive to reflect on our own lives.

Ordinary things is boring and wont bring any changes.

I was so bored by the movie that I honestly quit it at an hour and some minutes.

The scene where we see the two characters meet again and Turing suffering from his medication was very well done (much better than when he pushed her away in boring stereotypical manner minutes before) and so was the final shot when they burn their work after they succeeded.

The school storyline seems kind of bland and only serves one purpose in the end, which I won't spoil.

Very good movie, Benedict Cumberbatch (Alan Turing) is an amazing English actor, he will just take your breathe away with his acting, the movie is worth watching, you will see how England treated homosexuals at the time of world war.

It was completely riveting.

Even more formulaic, schmaltzy, and sort of uninspired than I had predicted.

Masterfully told and encompassing an emotional complexity, Tyldum's film is both engrossing and disturbing.

The plot also felt too smooth edged, all the twists were predictable and the events were too coincidental to be believable.

Breathtaking .

The part about his school life is very powerful and sad; the war part is suspenseful and fascinating while the final part revolving around his decline following the war is incredibly moving.

A disjointed and incomplete story of WWII code breakers, spies, and mathematical geniuses .

Riveting on all circuits, The Imitation Game remains one of my favorites and truly deserves the critical phrase it's receiving.

Overall, the film is very enjoyable and has, a priori, everything to succeed -- great actors, an interesting story, and a fascinating historical period.

I mean it's a compelling story, so to me the flash- forwards to the 1950s - his post WWII life - are almost obsolete.

Like 'The Social Network, 'The Imitation Game' functions as both a terrific historical account of technological innovation, as well as a fascinating character study of the depths one will go to to ensure the survival of their work.

Compelling and Enthralling from start to finish.

Keira Knightley is also breathtaking adding another amazing performance in her - already filled - resume.

it sounds very boring.

The music is stunning.

It's still very much worth watching.

So, with a story itself so exciting and humbling, the direction and acting are meticulous.

Engrossing From Start to End .

Calculated emotionless boredom .

Cumberbatch, and Cumberbatch alone is the reason why the movie becomes compelling and interesting from the start to the end.

This is partially to do with engaging presentation and direction, though the flashbacks also aid in this tremendously.

The English-language debut of 'Headhunters' director Morten Tyldum, this British World War II thriller is a highly conventional story about humanity that creates a fascinating character, anchored by a hypnotically complex performance.

Further, a powerful choice briefly enriches the plot's complexity when Turing strategically conceals information regarding the attacks, a dilemma which alone could have sustained an uncharacteristically plodding final quarter.

Gripping and moving with brilliant acting .

Adding character traits evokes strong comedy but steers the story towards a predictable end goal for the character arc.

Based on late British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing, 'The Imitation Game' is an engaging biopic, that re-tells a true-story with conviction.

I'm really glad that the makers of the film decided to tell us this fascinating story.

It does, however, manage to stay intriguing through most of it's time.

I expected to find inaccuracies in the plot, of course, it is a movie, and to be entertaining, one has to give Joan Clarke a character way more central in her relation with Turing than she had in the real story in order to give Keira Knightley some interesting scenes, and they have to dramatize to a Disney level Turing's friendship with his childhood friend Christian.

The film was surprisingly the only this year to be virtually unpredictable in my mind, shocking me on many occasions.

The race to get Turing's computer to crack the Enigma code before the project is shut down is inherently exciting, and the behind-the-scenes machinations are also interesting.

Enjoy this movie for it's classic settings which are done to perfection, great acting by all and a fascinating insight into one of history's most defining times during the war.

In 114 minutes The Imitation Game provides a fascinating history lesson on newly released classified WWII history.

It was presented in a very matter-of-fact style with little drama compelling the viewer to engage, reminiscent of other movies of its ilk which I also found boring.

Fascinating history and an excellent performance by Cumberbatch, despite otherwise being a traditional biopic .

Intriguing, informative and important .

Even the flashback at the beginning would have been fine, if they had told the story linearly from there on out, but they didn'tThe flashback to his teen years and his first crush went nowhere and added nothing to the movie.

This movie is very entertaining and smart.

Alan's story is fascinating and deserves a big screen adaptation as strong as this one because despite being a genius and having saved thousands of lives by shortening the war, he was disgraced and shamed for his homosexual behavior when he should've been hailed as a war hero.

In summary, it's a fascinating picture on a little known episode of World War II that contributed greatly to Allied success.

He is compelling, convincing and so genuine that Turing's fate becomes even more terrible to imagine.

Basically skipped through all of the emotional fluff, it was predictable and overemphasized.

The usual "troubled genius" cliché for Turing.

Constant flashbacks to, and returns from, three different eras in Turing's life render unnecessary confusion.

The script of this film it's so well made that this movie feels real, suspenseful, dramatic, and emotionally powerful.

My advice; if you watch this movie, which is quite engrossing and well worth watching, don't look it up on wikipedia if you care about truthfulness.

The audience wants to walk out of the theater feeling good, and there were so many opportunities to create that ending.

More Propaganda....

Set in England during WWII when Hitler had begun the Battle of Britain the setting was intense with a ticking clock of mortality.

splendid turn of events, and the narrative style made it more intriguing.

Screenwriter Moore crafts a murky, dark, yet totally enjoyable spy film that stands taller than any James Bond film ever released.

Instead, they lose complete focus on the code, and instead go off on random pointless stories about Turing's life that had nothing at all to do with the plot described.

Which seems rather far-fetched, because it surely is a fact that not all gay people are geniuses, just like not all straight people are… The again, the "solitary" hero is a concept a lot more fascinating than "team work".

I guess it's a good thing that this film's going to acquaint a wider audience with the basic story of Turing's life and his immense contributions to the Allied war effort and computer science (and the barbarous way he was treated by the British legal system), but the tale as it's told in "The Imitation Game" felt so pumped up and contrived that we really didn't enjoy it all that much.

Both a biography and an intriguing adventure story .

The fight against figuring out how the Enigma can be deciphered is a compelling one.

But this movie is well written, well acted and a good yarn about a fascinating episode in British history.

His performance is intense, powerful, sad, funny, heartbreaking...

By turns moving, gripping, exciting, and heartbreaking, THE IMITATION GAME is a cinematic tour-de-force.

All told, it is a handsomely crafted film, with a fine lead performance, and a story that, although probably greatly simplified, is well told and engaging.

Whoever wrote that the imitation game was dull has no appreciation for or understanding of math.

) In a sense then, "Imitation Game" is as much a plea against official homophobia as it is a tantalizing gripping World War II back story.

Sure it was a little slow paced and felt too long, but nevertheless, it was a great film and very enjoyable.

I was expecting an Oscar buzz movie set in the world war era and thought i was going to find this movie boring.

Morten Tyldum's The Imitation Game tells the fascinating story of British mathematician Alan Turing, who was hired by the British government to crack the Nazi code known as Enigma.

A must watch biography, both exciting and compelling.

So it was sometimes boring to wait until the next interesting scene came.

Overall, despite some flaws, the movie works as it is incredibly entertaining with a clever narrative that shows the effect that Alan Turing had on the war.

His exchanges with Commanded Denniston (Charles Dance) at his job interview were very entertaining.

It is engaging for its duration, even if it can be a tad slow and sometimes slightly strangely structured.

The Imitation Game holds a fascinating story which remains as one of the best film in history.

Is the movie entertaining?

Also, the story, as a story, was fairly compelling.

Why Hollywood thinks that the Enigma story is so dull that they have to dress it up this way is beyond me.

Some more technical aspects would have made the movie much more fascinating.

Granted, some of my contentment may have been due to my viewing of this film being paired with the insufferable "Birdman", but what I found in "The Imitation Game" was a genuinely intriguing story with a well written script and a well produced film, the final product of which was a wonderful movie going experience.

A thoroughly interesting and enjoyable movie.

Worthy of a pretentious high school student, it is a mixture of ludicrous melodramatics and historical illiteracy.

I left it playing in the sitting room I walked out before the last 15 minutes, after thinking how stoopid it was that the main (imaginary) woman in the story married a homosexual that had never kissed her, and 6 months later with some kind of straight face managed to look mildly surprised that he was not straight after he confessed to her.

Interesting and engaging .

Interesting, entertaining and a little too Hollywood-esque for me .

This is well done, entertaining, keeps moving, keeps the viewer hooked and I thought very well put together and well worth seeing.

The Imitation Game has the elements to be a boring drama, with standard cliches and some story elements that feel rushed.

So when one stands out, it deserves an extra bit of recognition and praise, and "The Imitation Game" is one such film, commanded by a fascinating performance from Benedict Cumberbatch.

This approach respects Turing's memory and legacy and gives the audience a look at a fascinating historical figure in a way that is exciting.

There is a formulaic quality in the way the movie was done that overshadowed the good acting and the important story of Turing's life.

Predictability (6): In a way it is predictable.

The narrative revolves around the device that this code-breaking mathematician created that cracked the notoriously difficult, perhaps even unbreakable Enigma code that the Nazis used for virtually all their military communication –- from mundane weather reports to crucial tactical maneuvers — during World War II.

In the case of this film, I think it works, because it is well told and engaging.

This is where most of the 'laughs' in the film come from and as I had seen Sherlock before hand 70% felt like dull repeats.

His cinematography is questionable, with the same dull colors indoors or outdoors, in offices, or pubs.

This is a very entertaining, compelling and impactful movie that is based on a true story.

A potential boring movie, turned into a compelling drama by Cumberbatch .

What a fascinating man, and to the film's credit, the actual story cannot be watered down.

There were always things more fascinating to him.

This may be the most thrilling aspect of the film.

"The Imitation Game" is a riveting drama with stellar performances, excellent writing and solid direction.

Great Biography with Intense Thoughtful and Inspiring Dialogues .

As the story in this movie goes, Turing and his team were stuck, the machine worked but it was too slow.

Some critics have said, "how can you make intellectual, mathematical work exciting or dramatic on film?

A stunning, beautiful historical film .

The single reason why this is getting so much intense recognition and Oscar buzz is because of Cumberbatch.

We went to a spy movie and a passionless, pointless, doomed to failure, non-love affair between an Aspergerish closeted gay genius and my least favourite caterpillar eyed and continually sighing actress broke out.

Another great addition to the cast are Charles dance aka Tywin Lannister from game of thrones; one of the few television dramatic series ever made that is worth watching.

The story of how the team at Bletchley Park broke the Nazi code is fascinating.

Masterfully told and encompassing an emotional complexity, Tyldum's film is both engrossing and disturbing.

That sort of dragged it down a bit cuase than it becomes a movie with and agenda There were also parts that they should have explored or elaborated more.

Who would of thought a film about breaking a code would be so good, so compelling?

Charles Dance's Tywin Lannister-esque portrayal of Commander Denniston was enjoyable.

"The Imitation Game" is an intriguing film about an intriguing man whose genius could not protect him from the cruel censure of society at the time.

While there was, in fact, a genius named Alan Turing who worked on breaking the Nazi's enigma machine, but while the film was entertaining, liberties were taken that to me seem both unnecessary and disappointing.

Cummerbach was well cast but seemed to be playing Sherlock, with slower speech.

I saw this last Saturday and enjoyed it but I found Benedict cumberpatch's extreme emotional disconnect so extreme that it gave the entire film a flat and dull edge.

Fascinating story, well told, well acted and worth seeing .

Based on the code-cracking exploits of genius Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) during WWII, this time-hopping period drama is calculating, meticulous and slow burning, resulting in an emotionally and narratively tense ride.

An intense film that highlights the overlooked aspects of war trough a striking story.

Every time someone came in and threatened to tear it apart, every time the machine failed to perform as it was supposed to, I was on the edge of my seat.

It was compelling, emotional and at times very funny - all while keeping me enthralled in the plot and life of Alan Turing.

(Although, I really don't want him to get an Oscar, Sherlock production is slow as it is).

As Turing is human, unlike a machine he's unpredictable and full of quirks, some debilitating, some empowering.

I thought I was seeing a real courageous act of humanity, instead I got a propaganda movie the Nazis would be proud of.

Well, this was the choice of my ex-colleague and he did well : this movie offers a lot of universes that I like and that are a bit unexpected: first, i have always an interest on computers and Turing was a name that I heard of in my readings.

It was an exciting time.

He creates an atheistically compelling semblance for the audience.

Script, which won Oscar is great, involving and intriguing, but i also felt some minor manipulations here and there, because it's a bit formulaic / routine biopic.

A fascinating story of the man who is seen as the father of Computer Science and through his efforts, is widely regarded as having helped the Allies shorten the war.


I felt that many opportunities to create dramatic tension and stunning photography were thrown away as a result of the insertion of ill-fitting material (black and white footage of Hitler?

When I saw the trailer for it I was worried I would get bored at one point because this usually isn't my type of movie.

Looking around the structure is simply stunning.

This movie does a phenomenal job of showing the intense thought and dedication that the Turing and his team go through as they try to break the Enigma Cipher.

It's emotional, it's exciting and it is truly heartbreaking in some moments.

You need a good compelling story, the Production ability to make the story, a good Director, the ability of the actors to make the scenes believable; from the cinematography, to the soundtrack, etc.One of the things that I left out, is writing.

The movie tries to do both things and fails, produces a clichéd and somewhat contrived version of Turin, and the cracking-the-code episode lacks dramatic tempo because the time to build it was used to tell general facts about Turin.

The most fascinating thing I read browsing through the other reviews was that Steve Job used the bitten apple symbol because of the cyanide laced apple Turing used for suicide.

Completely worth the watch!!

Sure, it was rather predictable and makes much of Turing's accomplishments which are rather exaggerated as the Poles had broken Enigma some four years previously(as noted by another reviewer).

The decidedly non-English director is Norwegian-born Morten Tyldum, who directed the outstandingly black but entertaining "Headhunters" back in 2011.

If you are looking for some engaging academic discourse about computers and war strategies, you might not get your fix because it tends to tackle the social dimension more and it can be inaccurate at times in historical details.

Cumberbatch's inconsistent stuttering and expressionless face made the fist 80% of the movie borderline unbearable to me.

Based upon the meaning of the movie, I think it is so fascinating.

It was sometimes boring.

Please keep your money and skip the wanton propaganda waste of time.

I've observed that this is where most of the negative feelings toward this film has come from; people get irritated with so-called "gay propaganda".

But what i expected to be tense and suspenseful as the biography of a man who struggled to decipher the Enigma code and win the war against Germany (which it was), also became something deep and personal.

The script is alternatively gripping, surprising, and hilarious.

It's covered with a thin layer of gloss and a longer running time with more careful story development would have been beneficial, but The Imitation Game is consistently thrilling and engaging, bolstered by a great ensemble.

Screenwriter Graham Moore has based much of the story on the biography 'Alan Turing: The Enigma' but has suitably dramatized parts to make such a complex subject more engaging.

This is a fascinating high quality film that tells a story that needs to be told.

It just lacks enough concentration, the movie just moves and changes too soon before it actually becomes engaging.

Nevertheless, some scenes are quite repetitive and there comes the boring aspect of this film.

The movie itself is actually really good, albeit a bit slow paced in parts.

What an absolutely riveting watch this is!

Overall, the movie was fake, contrived, and manipulative.

Alan Turing's story is both fascinating and heartbreaking.

Well produced exciting and dramatic and moving especially how they use the brain to defeat the enemy.

What could have been potentially dry treatment of the subject matter turned out to be fascinating, thrilling and very moving.

I found it very suspenseful and the subject matter was fascinating too.

The script piles cliché on cliché and I found the whole experience embarrassing and rather offensive.

Screenwriter Moore crafts a murky, dark, yet totally enjoyable spy film that stands taller than any James Bond film ever released.

I think it tries to do both and falls a bit flat on both countsIt is still a very watchable, entertaining movie, and Cumberbatch and Dance are always worth seeing – whatever films they are in, as is the gorgeous Keira Knightley.

It's a war story about a less glorified, less talked about aspect of warfare, and the portrayal of Alan Turing and the role he played in winning World War II makes for a compelling account.

Both films are equally fascinating dealing with genius minds at work and also how these characters function and deal with everyday life with their limited social abilities and other things that would later lead to difficulties for both of them.

The Imitation Game in my opinion is the worst given the Oscar for best film in 2015 , the direction of Morten Tyldum , and it has an interesting future , since the Norwegian is still young ( he will direct Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers ) the cast draws attention , the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch , Keira Knightley , Matthew Good , Mark Strong , and etc. , Benedict Cumberbatch of the performance worth the film, he is excellent as always ( I really want to see him as Doctor Strange ) , the script is good, even with a few missteps , I found the chemistry of Benedict and Keira soft spot , I found the movie with slow pace , and I wanted the film to end as fast as possible , because I really do not like the movie , the Imitation Game is in my opinion weak, even with good performances and a competent script , I found the film slow.

The historical episode and Turin himself are fascinating subjects.

Fascinating in many ways and surprisingly humorous .

But in cases like this, when the movie is so entertaining, I accept a little invention.

Keira Knightley as Joan Clarke, has been far more compelling before.

The genius of Alan Turing was promptly recognized by Commander Denniston (Charles Dance) and MI6's Menzies (Mark Strong) but being a part of a team that would potentially slow him down wasn't quite the idea of breaking Enigma's codes for Turing himself.

What we have here is fascinating, behind the scenes stuff.

Not every film can be like Raging Bull (my personal favorite) historically accurate and be an excellent film on top of it, but they can try to be like Amadeus wherein facts are changed but the end product is so much better than a boring accurate movie (how mediocre was last year's winner 12 years a slave?

A powerful delivery and compelling plot depecting a different reality that did not do even heroes justice just because of they felt differently.

There are numerous quite gripping scenes, more than a few touching parts, and by the end an annoyed biting feeling to the way in which Alan Turing's was treated after everything he had done for so many people.

The acting in this film is intense and poignant and beautiful.

Both of us left the theater with the same thoughts about the excellence of the film we had just seen: the acting by all characters was award winning as were the sets and the photography.

By using three pianos that intertwine, he creates melodic and rhythmic complexity that mirrors chaos and Turing's quick, fast paced brilliant mind.

Predictable and dull .

The well-written script is the fuel for the gripping, emotional drama exhibited in the actors' performances.

The thrilling aspect was great, yet very entertaining to watch.

Too Dry, Too Formulaic And Inferior To Enigma .

Another complaint I have with the script is that it moves too frequently among three time periods – Turing's boarding school youth, the Enigma project itself, and the 1951 investigation into a break-in at Turing's home, which is used to bookend the story, albeit unnecessarily – which adds to the confusion.

Trite romanticism .

This film had the ability to be such a great movie, but was bogged down with some boring characters, and unnecessary plot points.

Which is a shame because his life story really is a fascinating one.

Though the final "plot twist" in that movie was rather unexpected, it was ridiculous.

Screenwriter Moore crafts a murky, dark, yet totally enjoyable spy film that stands taller than any James Bond film ever released.

That's a lot of balls to juggle at once * of the three this was the most engrossing.

yawn, just like having to write ten lines of "review.

If, the director slow the pace slightly, maybe this movie can become more powerful.

The score is stunning, very emotional and suit for the movie.

The scenes of the war going on and the television footage of the war amidst the solving of the Enigma kept the film engaging, instead of leaving the viewer to imagine the scenes of death and destruction by themselves.

This movie shows that highly entertaining cinematic art does not have to be dumbed down.

What a stunning and true sad story .

I think any movie recreating a true story or a person's life has to take some liberties with facts to make it understandable and enjoyable (and short ;-)).

The first moment I watched it, it's make me boring.

As such it is a solid and engaging story, which manages to fold together the central impact made by Turning, the roots of some of his character, and the sad treatment of him at the (early) end of his life.

This is thoroughly enjoyable.

The direction is top-notch throughout this whole work, and Tyldum gives the film the look of an old-school spy thriller, giving each shot an air of importance and, along with the work of the script by Graham Moore (and adapted from the book by Andrew Hodges), keeps what could be a slow and plodding story moving at a brisk pace.

He forges papers to request his military file--it's an empty envelope.

Needlessly Boring .

It is, though, very good, exciting, funny and admirable.

Combined with a usable screenplay, it can make compelling cinema.

How turing machines turned to computers today is fascinating.

For me, analyzing the characters was more entertaining than the actual code breaking.

This movie is nothing more then very touching, well acted and well filmed propaganda.

It's not just Alan crying out those words, but Benedict himself, channeling his own heartbreak and anguish, making this performance all the more gripping and powerful.

I went into this movie expecting an exciting story about the German war and expecting to learn about some of the math and science that were used to break this code.

The performances of the cast are engrossing and the film oozes britishness in every way.

This is, however, ultimately an inspiring and uplifting tale, with Cumberbatch's boyish excitement when he realises that he has finally figured how to crack the code coming off just as intense as his sadder moments.

"Looking back, the above-mentioned conversation between Alan Turing and his school friend Christopher Morcom, is for me the perfect summary of the fascinating life of the intellectual mathematician Turing.

You and I, we could make something more engrossing with a million dollars and the length of the runtime.

This movie is a bore.

Moore's script, summarised as a broad period comedy, relies on old formulaic structures to house potentially richer and substantial ideas.

The audience can't help but feel drawn to this sweet, shy, oddly intriguing genius, affable and awkward, and we're ready to follow him on this incredible journey, completely unaware of the horrors that await our charming code breaker.

It would have been easy, and cliché, to spend a large amount of time on Turing's struggle with homosexuality, for which he was convicted in the early 1950s.

The plot is fun at times but too slow to begin, the acting is not all good and although cast like Cumberbatch maybe deserve nominations for awards, I disagree with some other things this movie was nominated or won throughout the world.


What makes this such an exceptional film is the combination of a compelling narrative with an outstanding central performance.

Keira Knightley's inclusion to be honest bored me and her character made me feel disengaged.

By way of flashback and flashforward, director Morten Tyldum and screenwriter Graham Moore trace three crucial timelines in Turing's storied life: his awkward coming of age at boarding school; his top-secret work for the British government in the 1940's during which he developed the automated electromechanical machine known as the bombe, the device that cracked the Enigma code and is widely regarded as the predecessor to the modern computer; and his tragic and deplorable conviction for gross indecency (read: homosexuality) which led to compulsory chemical castration in lieu of jail time, and ultimately, his suicide.

The palette of emotions delivered by the actors involved, is nothing short of stunning, Cumberbatch as the quirky, almost autistic genius is fantastic, and manages to portray a character with a complete lack of social skills, that strangely enough, is extremely easy to warm to, and to empathise with, The other cast members, namely Keira Knightley, Mark Strong, and Charles dance carry off some great performances with a wonderful stoicism and British "stiff upper lip", that makes their sometimes cold characters, absolutely compelling to watch.

OK, they did a marvelous job, but some aspects of war were so mundane and boring that they do not deserve a film to show.

although it is a very loose adaptation of the book, it is an entertaining version of the story.

This story catches your attention from the very start, in intriguing circumstances we meet Turing.

Wonderfully acted but too false and trite .

There is a great cat-and-mouse game between various levels of the British govt, which was fascinating to learn about.

The movie is provocative, emotive, informative, intense, biographical, socially relevant, well-constructed & exciting.

Alan's confession to detective Nock is riveting and poignant.

The plot twists were appropriate and unexpected – I was constantly filled with tension and suspense.

To summarise, it is a very good movie with an engaging plot line and developed characters with interesting interactions between them, though it is somewhat predictable.

Better not to read up on the fact vs fiction beforehand as it will spoil the experience, so just accept the inaccuracies as dramatic leeway to make a possibly rather dry story dramatic.

While I commend Tyldum's work here with his actors, he misses the mark in telling this engaging story.

A fascinating story about the other side of the war.

Ranging from intriguing and creative humor, to moments where a character is standing there awkwardly while others stare at him like "What the hell did he just say?

This is one of the most entertaining biopics ever made.

It's something that anyone can seek out and get fully immersed into.

Intense, passionate love is not limited to just heterosexuals!

Seems to be real Sci-Fi and is confusing historical facts .

If you want to see a fascinating thriller where the future of the world is really at stake, this one will not disappoint you.

The film is tasteful, unoffensive, pleasant and bland.

But overall it's a good hearted and entertaining film,

History distorted for modern propaganda .

The writing was brilliant, the movie was intense and exciting the whole way through, and I was disappointed that it had to come to an end.

And the docu also shares more info about Turin and Flower's futures after the war which I found fascinating.

It broke the interesting storyline and from there it became boring and slow.

While I have heard that some historical liberties about Turing's life were taken for dramatic purposes, the movie still remains gripping as it traces key events in Turing's life from childhood, to his efforts to win the war with his decoding of the Nazi's 'Enigma' machine, to his later persecution and fall from grace.

Also it was predictable and had no worries watching it knowing that it will happen and they will break the Enigma code and that was the challenge to make you doubt that it will happen and present the suffering and work done to achieve it and focusing on it's result and on the war too and it's effect on it.

Fascinating war story from a different perspective .

In this way, this real-life genius, a eunuch even before his castration, remains an enigma, seen only through a lens of psychoanalytically trite pulp romanticism.

What is also very obvious and painfully poor is that rainbow scheme flag agenda propaganda slyly creeping into a plot, delivering a certain ungodly message.

Compelling story marred by an overly melodramatic approach !!!.

The Imitation Game still holds a fascinating story which remains itself as a good film.

It's not wholly entertaining though because it can be a bit slow at times and uninteresting.

The most fascinating thing about The Imitation Game is that it is a stylish history lesson that manages to remain entertaining thanks to some intriguing visual ideas and stellar performances from its cast.

The Imitation Game takes you away from the fighting, the bombs and chaos of the battlefield and tells a fascinating story of a small groups covert efforts to break the Nazis enigma code.

What a fascinating subject Alan Turing is for a biographer!

Tyldum Swedish boredom .

Benedict Cumberbatch is riveting in the role of cryptanalyst Alan Turing; watching him on screen is a fascinating study in human behavior and contradictions.

Of course there are factual errors, artistic licence with some story lines and so on: entertainment has to, to be entertaining and not a security video.

Main character was fascinating and endearing.

Mark Strong and Allen Leech also deliver memorable, fascinating scenes, both getting an opportunity to shine.

Some intense scenes could be when several families are in the subway hiding from bomb blasts during a raid (short scene, about 5 seconds).

All of it is so absorbing and touching exactly because it is so fluently calm.

"To the quotes that are repeated throughout the film at very predictable and cheesy moments:1.

Its riches will be as stunning to you as to everyone the world over.

Apparently, he discovered that a German soldier, entering the coded messages, let down his guard a little, by using the name of his girlfriend as a precursor to all his coded messages, rendering his code predictable enough to be cracked.

Nonetheless the lead actor is superb in the role, and the story is engaging, so I'll give it a lukewarm pass.

The fiction was based on world war II, when the father of Computer Science Alan Turing has a job of intercepting German message all over the battlefield with most fascinating and complex ciphering machine named enigma.

An engaging, entertaining & satisfying flick from start to finish, this historical drama is worth a shot.

Well worth watching.

Stunning Performances and a Powerful Story, .

Do yourself a favour, and go see this, its one of the rare gems in cinema nowadays, a story that is gripping, compelling, emotional, and doesn't rely on eye candy and CGI to blow your mind.

The cast is another story,, from Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode to Mark Strong and all the characters were amazing and their roles engaging is indescribable.

Alexander Lawther puts in a magnificently convincing performance as Turing as a child, Charles Dance is perfectly cast and endlessly entertaining, and Keira Knightley manages to hold her own in her scenes with Cumberbatch.

Even the soundtrack is bland, it's as black and white as the over-used stock war footage.

Needless to say that the smartest person is tardy but gets to participate in the test anyway (cliché cliché), and turns out to be even faster than the great Turing himself!

This is a story that needed to be told and the whole of director, cast, cinematography, and production have brilliantly recreated so we can be immersed in, and, hopefully, learn from.

This might have been more down to expectation and preference, considering the machinations of the device are fascinating to say the least, than anything else, though, since the slight bait-and-switch is actually a welcome one.

Where they were supposed to show scientific leap that was a result of the mind and efforts of Alan Turing they focused much more on his personal problems which made the movie slow and boring at moments.

There's something gripping awards season and various Academy and Film Association voters this year, and that is the remarkably touching and incomprehensible insights into some of the world's most creative and powerful minds.

) Do go see this shattering, fascinating, informative movie.

The story was intriguing and meaningful.

All in all, stereotyping and cliché galore right here in the very first five minutes he was introduced.

What can be praised though is the film's stunning cinematography, for which we can thank the Spaniard Óscar Faura.

This is a multi layered character and person who has so much going on with his personality, emotions and what is in his mind that he is fascinating to study and to watch and the whole thing is further enhanced by Benedict Cumberbatch's spot on and excellent portrayal of him.

) and poor script and acting (Keira is bland as vanilla I am afraid to say).

The movie is very engaging.

There was already a movie made about Turing called 'Enigma', but since this movie succeeds well in shedding light on a relatively unknown man's life (until recently the details of his efforts in WWII were classified), and leaves the viewer wanting to find out more for themselves afterwards about this intriguing person, the 2014 version very much succeeds in what it wants to do.

This is a very engrossing WW2 dramatization of the breaking of the Nazi's Enigma code by a group of code breakers in the English countryside.

Alan Turing was a fascinating, complex person who deserves to be better known to the world.

A good comparison would be with A Beautiful Mind on the life of John Nash, which presents an entertaining and holistic description of the protagonist's life.

Turing's story is absolutely fascinating, and probably one of WW2's best kept secrets up until now.

It is highly enjoyable and entertaining, which is essential in any film.

Cumberbatch's acting ability is so strong he often distracts from some of The Imitation Game's lesser elements, such as the rather formulaic structure of the film, which cycles through flashbacks to tell stories in a vaguely disjointed manner.

It does a fantastic job of building things up slowly, engrossing you with a wonderful story.

It's emotional, it's exciting and it is truly heartbreaking in some moments.

Notwithstanding all the deviations mentioned above, the film does succeed in creating an engaging atmosphere and I assume that for those who never heard of the actual story before it must have a strong impact.

I don't really see why this film got a Oscar® nomination for screenplay, since many of it seemed very predictable.

'The Imitation Game' engages you at most times, but a slowly paced first-hour, does get to you after a point.

The movie was way too long, kind of boring after a while and overall a big disappointment.

Entertaining, Historical and great to see a film on Turing .

Except for that, this movie is as bad, as corny, as predictable.

Indeed, the film engrossing closer and closer to Oscar-caliber and would look so generic, because of those reasons.

This is a totally engaging movie dramatizing the true story of how the ENIGMA code was cracked in the Second World War.

Mark Strong and Allen Leech also deliver memorable, fascinating scenes, both getting an opportunity to shine.

And this fact, the idea that Turing died without ever being recognized on his contribution in WWII because it was Top Secret, it's what makes you sit on the edge of the chair when watching this movie.

Exasperated by the slowness of the effort to break the case, the military commander in charge of the operation (Charles Dance) is anxious to fire him.

In the end what convinced me to see it was the mix of a good trailer, solid early reviews on the movie's quality, and the fact that the director Morten Tyldum's last movie was the very exciting, and very good, "Headhunters", which showed a lot of potential in him as a director.

Moving & Fascinating True Story -- Underwhelming Film .

There's something intriguing about secret services, all these Top Secret files that few people in the world know about.

This movie was definitely more entertaining than I thought it would be.

The Imitation Game is a timeless and engrossing film that shows the dedication and sacrifice of one man's obsession to do the right thing when all the wrong things finally overwhelm and destroy his own life.

Total Hollywood predictable movie .

It is a marvelous performance that makes the film worth watching based solely on that.

You can have it at the "Imitation Game", but then in one of the unusual cases, we encounter here a film that is more than a thrilling "B" movie with similar theme.

My problem with this film is the same I have with nearly all British productions (despite a Norwegian director): every dramatic or humorous scene feels too predictable and calculated.

Nevertheless, engrossing speech doesn't always have to be grandiose; the best part about Apollo 13 is getting lost in the complicated details of physics and spacecraft engineering.

Despite Cumberbatch's ability to build real empathy for his subject, the film at times regrettably falls into cliché.

All in all, it's a breathtaking film that I'd definitely recommend to everyone.

A compelling drama that motivates its message beautifully.

Beautiful story and completely engaging - tho rushed and seemingly dramatized at end .

The fact that this film is based on true events makes it even more gripping.

A tragic true story told as generic, mundane and formulaic as possible.

The movie was destroyed by its own propaganda.

Simply stunning .

", that is Benedict Cumberbatch absorbing you into the life of Alan Turing that he has embodied so brilliantly.

Propaganda repulses any free-thinking individual.

The story covers the historical aspects of Turing's work and includes some glimpses of his earlier years in a beautiful, engrossing way, thanks to a stellar performance by Alex Lawther.

The Imitation Game is the type of film that quite simply just keeps you intensely focused on that large screen and allows one to escape anything and everything that is happening around you as if you were sitting in an empty theatre and the film is playing to an audience of one….

All in all, it is a movie that can be watched by all ages, it is intense,interesting and a movie that unfortunately came out a year that the Oscar competition was tough, consequently despite its worth it didn't won any significant Academy Award.

And much, much more, far too long to list here.

As a fairly intelligent person myself I found this movie both fascinating and a great showcase for the acting chops of two of my all0time favorite movie stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and the fantastic actress Keira Knightley, to of the best British thespi8ans to have ever been hatched in Great Britain.

21 century propaganda .

Smart storytelling for a compelling story .

Homo Propaganda .

It was fantastically gripping.

The story is just magnificent, Compelling till the last minute.

Although well crafted and paced by good professionals in almost every sphere of film making, The Imitation Game is sadly reduced to a piece of populist pulp by the dominance of formulaic 'Hollywood' principles that entirely distort the key events and personnel involved.

His friendship with the girl is cute, but that whole story is pointless as it only aims to show that back then, there were different expectations for women--shocking news!

Based on the book Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges with a screenplay by Graham Moore and a haunting score by Alexandre Desplat's haunting score, the film unfolds as both a biography and an intriguing adventure story with key moments in his life depicted in flashbacks.

Entertaining film let down by over acting leads, poor grammar and political point scoring .

I thought the ending of the film was particularly powerful, that the movie as a whole was very exciting (even if I kind of knew where the Enigma machine thing was going) and it actually had me thinking a lot about war as a whole, about how it affects people in the service of the army in so many different ways, and seldom in a positive fashion.

The relationship between Turing and Cmdr Denniston (Charles Dance) faithfully reenacts the movie cliché of the maverick cop and his by-the-book superior (cf.

The cliché dramatic pauses before an important line.

Stunning performance from Benedict !!!.

) I walked out of the theater feeling like I'd just watched one of the best movies of the year.

They packaged a probably very boring story of a man inventing the computer into an epic triumph of evil vs good.

This film, while entertaining, aims mainly to be a purely twenty-first century anti-bullying parable, regardless of the historical truth about Alan Turing.

A fascinating portrait of a troubled innovator .

This film, about the accomplishments, trials and tribulations of gay mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing, is utterly breathtaking and well crafted.

Fitting the Hollywood agenda perfectly, the movie got rave reviews, but the fact is on it's own , the plot is slow, plodding and it turns very preachy at the end.

Portrayed in a beautifully compelling picture, and directed by Morten Tyldum, this film takes place in England.

A fascinating story which will hopefully inspire viewers to learn the truth behind the drama .

Other stunning performances includes Keira Knightly as Joan Clarke.

The direction allows the film to be absorbing, while the music score is often hauntingly beautiful and never intrusive.

The lame and more cliché moments in the script perhaps keep the movie from being great, and the no-risk approach to maintaining the likability of Turing perhaps is why it just misses out on taking the movie to the next level.

Tremendously exhilarating and absorbing .

but my wife and I really did enjoy the movie and highly recommend it.

The movie is so intriguing and interesting, you will stay invested in this movie for the whole run-time.

It's a highly entertaining film which moves at a fast pace, as it focuses mainly on Turing and his team of code-breakers as they try to break Enigma, the Nazi military code machine.

While I thought that the parallels drawn between Turing's work and life were a bit broad and obvious, it still made for a compelling story, and certainly one that needed to be told.

Perhaps this credit belongs to the fact that Tyldum ("Headhunters") established himself as a director by making thrillers and editor William Goldenberg ("Argo," "Zero Dark Thirty") has made his career on similarly suspenseful films.

Turing's arrogance is entertaining.

It was really, really boring and hard to follow.

I can only comment on this movie which, as I have mentioned, was totally absorbing for Diane and I.

The film is fascinating, a terrific story and very entertaining.

After my sister was telling me how great it was, my dad and I are sitting in the theater watching about the first half hour, and bored out of our gords!

A tense and intriguing period drama.

These did well to detach me from what was going on at Bletchley Park and it took me a while back there to find myself re-immersed into the film.

Entertaining and Emotional Movie.

Eventually the movie does sort of get jumbled up, confusing where we are in the story.


The film is tense and thrilling.

I think they were trying to implant their own views on the subject as a way of subtle under-the-radar propaganda.

Yet the two develop an intriguing and entirely convincing platonic love affair, leading to their short-lived engagement in 1941.

A great story told through brilliant acting but a little confusing.

the movie is formulaic and insulting to out intelligence at best.

(For a knowledgeable and entertaining answer to that question, see Christian Caryl's review on nybooks.

) but a dull Soviet spy subplot clutters the overall feel of the second half.

The Germans increased the number of combinations, which made the code more intensive to break.

With the intertwining story lines of how the British mathematicians are going to break Germany's Enigma code and the challenges Turing faces as a gay man in the 1940s, it strikes a good balance as a gripping thriller that's not an action film and a moving drama that's not a depressing tragedy.

After so many years, people still manage to find ideas or stories to tell about the second world war that feel fresh and entertaining.

As gripping as its awe-inspiring, Tyldum's deft direction goes a long way in building tension as Turing as his bunch of eggheads bond in a common cause against the Nazis, while Moore's layered, pithy, and crisp script captures the highs and lows of Turing's truly remarkable life.

The portrayal of spy games and spy masters was compelling.

Disappointing Dull and Static .

If it's a good story and an entertaining movie then who cares if it's accurate?

Absolutely loved the gripping storyline.

And the exciting story about breaking Enigma is told once again.

Just witnessing Cumberbatch get so immersed into the character is like witnessing the articulation of performing arts.

While The Imitation Game does take some artistic license in dealing with the facts, it more than makes up for it by delivering an intense, thrilling and surprisingly funny drama with a tragic ending.

Its very watchable and exciting.

"This film still intrigued me though it was formulaic.

Tyldum and Moore also seemed to shy away from the scientifically fascinating nuts and bolts of Turing's work and instead dwell in shallower waters, namely the man's social ineptitude and his complicated engagement to co-codebreaker Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley).

It's emotional, it's exciting and it is truly heartbreaking in some moments.

Turing had some input into the Colossus machine (ultimately there were ten of them at Bletchley), but to pretend that he was all-important in the winning of the war is an overwrought notion of events wilfully twisted to make a point consistent with fashionable present-day propaganda.

And overall it was an engaging movie with only a few slow spots here and there.

If you want to watch something exciting and scientific, find something else, because you will not find it here.

What we have here is an exciting film about scientists going about their work.

The theme of Turing homosexuality was what I like most, maybe because unexpected.

This is textbook socialist propaganda.

Alan finds that there are repeated words that makes the cipher predictable thus the machine doesn't have check on all possible setting.

There are quite a few moments in movie where it felt slow and dragging on.

This is an utterly fascinating film and was totally compelling from start to finish; Moore's wonderful screenplay gives us 3 different aspects of Turing's life - the childhood strand is there for character development and to help the audience to understand Turing and to get a feel for him as a person, the main aspect obviously focuses on the 'code breaking' and the 3rd element focuses on Turing's life after World War 2.

This, I feel is bourne out in the words at the conclusion of the film quoting how many men have been charged with homosexual criminal activity since the 1800's seemed a cheap political shot and an effort at propaganda.

Save your money.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the role of an obsessed genius perfectly, his emotions wavering with each new thought without a word being said, which keeps the film's pace fast and exciting whilst still maintaining a sense of subtly.

My opinion - while that old one was a perfect mix of suspense, thriller, drama, war epic, tragedy and romance, here it is a bleak dull shaggy description of some ill and variously challenged man with a good mind.

This is definitely a great bio pic and drama and a fascinating film for anyone who loves a character study or a World War 2 film that is completely different than others out there like it.

The start says it's based on a real story which it is ,but it's a movie all the same and of course there gonna add pieces of interesting information to make it more entertaining for the viewer,which they do excellently .

The movie was very engaging.

The care, the painstaking devotion, the relentless attention to detail, and the overwhelming admiration and compassion, Benedict has for this man is exuberantly evident throughout his performance, making this film a stunning tribute to Mr. Turing's life and legacy.

This makes it more engaging for us to watch the conversations of the characters unfold.

A compelling and interesting tale of a mans quest to crack Enigma .

) Keira Knightley is given the most perfunctory dialogue and still manages to shine, her stunning beauty shining through even though her hair and makeup are done very poorly.

He is also assisted by Oscar Faura's superbly saturated cinematography and Maria Djurkovic's outstanding production design, however Alexandre Desplat's dull score is a notable weakness that adds very little.

Both are worth watching.

Thank them for this bore fest that is largely made up and not true in the slightest.

IMHO, the film should've perhaps devoted more time to depict some of the fascinating wartime secrets revealed in advance by Turing's machine: such breathtaking top secrets as the locations throughout the Atlantic of Germany's U-boat wolfpacks, the German Wehrmacht's surprise invasion of The Soviet Union (22 June, 1941)...

The music: Bland and typical Alexandre Dumas...

Whilst not absolute perfection on all accounts – some pacing issues mid-way through; and jarring usage of CGI depicting sequences on the front line aside, this is clearly a passion project of everyone involved, and one that I can firmly say that without a doubt was very interesting, surprising and emotionally engaging to watch.

The way he brightly plays his particular personality and intelligence, in order to solve the enigma, is absolutely stunning.

It's certainly presented as such in this compelling and enjoyable film.

The Imitation Game cannot possibly do justice to his story but what Tyldum does beautifully is give an insight into the man, his daemons and proclivities, and a brief, intense and hugely significant chapter in his short life.

A gripping, smart and beautifully stylized film with amazing performances from the entire cast, all-adding up to a great start for 2015.

It's very trilling and suspenseful with a high dose of drama on top, a very good piece of cinematography, which totally deserves its academy awards.

So based on my limited knowledge, I found this movie quite interesting and compelling.

A bore .

But, hey, this is a really engaging film.

An entertaining narrative and amazing performances by actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, combined with fleshed out characters and old-fashioned epic styled cinematography, cover up minor moments of typical biopic cheesiness, making this movie highly worthwhile.

It's an engaging film that details his time served in Bletchley Park during the war where he worked with a team of linguists for the British military in attempting the decipher the German's Enigma code.

The film is fascinating, uplifting, and sad all at the same time.

While this is true, the story that was put on the screen is exciting, humorous, thought-provoking, and, ultimately, sad.

Alexandre Desplat's score with sounds similar to computer dings is a nice touch too, and while the script may take some historical liberties, it nevertheless provides a fascinating look at the success of a social misfit and the society that refused to accept him.

Despite knowing how Alan Turing's story ended this was a gripping film; this is largely down to an excellent cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch's brilliant portrayal of Turing; I'm not surprised that he earned an Oscar nomination for it.

But I found this movie to be very entertaining.