The In-Laws (2003) - Action, Comedy, Thriller

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Right before his daughter's wedding, a mild-mannered foot doctor discovers that his future son-in-law's father is a free-wheeling international spy.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Andrew Fleming
Stars: Albert Brooks, Michael Douglas
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 23 out of 102 found boring (22.54%)

One-line Reviews (75)

Waste of time beyond belief .

The actors that played bride and groom were boring ,no chemistry at all.

Extremely entertaining Spy Comedy works thanks to the enjoyable performances by Douglas and Brooks.


Pointless remake of the comedy classic about the odd coupling of in-laws to be (this time its podiatrist Brooks and rogue CIA op Douglas replacing Alan Arkin and Peter Falk) at odds with one another prior to their offspring's' upcoming nuptials mixing international intrigue with assorted comic neuroses.


While the original Arkin-Falk version is a classic, this version is still highly enjoyable and even brings some new things to the table the original did not have going for it.

It was very entertaining.

People started leaving before the movie got to the incredibly predictable wedding scene.

The movie is entertaining if a little predictable.

Candace Bergen's sarcasm as Douglas's wife is dull and pointless.

Save your money and screen the original.

Don't waste your time...

Playing the eternal victim for an hour and a half gets boring.

This film combines two of my absolute favorites - Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks - in as fascinating a duo as were Falk and Arkin.

Jerry is dragged along kicking and screaming.

But things really get crazy when Jerry discovers that Steve is actually a secret agent, and he gets dragged in on one of his missions.

The original movie is a classic, the remake is absolutely and without question, a bomb, a dud, a failure, a fiasco - in short, don't waste your time or money (I'll repeat this again later).

The remake is predictable and every character outside Reynolds is blandly abrasive in a very unpleasing way.

I thought this movie was OK and had some entertaining moments.

The story is entertaining and easy to follow.

I do not think that it was quite as funny as the original version, but was still entertaining nonetheless.

This is a cross between "Meet the Parents" and "I spy" with immense script loop-holes and really silly, cliché dialog.

But, this was a very entertaining movie.

But Brooks has mastered this character and he makes the movie worth watching.

Fast paced and funny .

Silly, but enjoyable.

Boring, Unfunny, Annoying .

The second reason is the casting and this is why the first film was so enjoyable.

"The In-Laws" is a mildly entertaining experience as CIA operative Michael Douglas and Chicago foot doctor Albert Brooks meet when their siblings prepare to wed.

Nevertheless, you'll still find it very entertaining.

This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

The In-Laws is an fast paced, funny movie that brings together an over the top secret agent and a bored with life foot doctor whose only link is their children who are about to be married.

Boring, done a thousand times before.

Very predictable and not really all that funny.

Jammed into this is every imaginable date movie cliché, like so much mortar between bricks.

The film is entertaining and the cast work well together.

Although Alan Arkin and Peter Falk were veryfunny, the original had dull moments and amusing moments.

Douglas is the hip-CIA agent father who never has time for his son, and Brooks is the square boring foot-doctor father who dotes on his daughter.

A complete waste of time.

Very entertaining!

However, thisremake with Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks was so funny I left the theater exhausted with a headache and sore throat.

But don't waste your money or your time on seeing this remake, spend that money on a copy (DVD) of the original and you'll be forever grateful that you did.

All in all, this has to be one of the worst movies I have ever paid good money to see (thank God I only paid $5!


But things really get crazy when Jerry discovers that Steve is actaully a secret agent, and he gets dragged in on one of his missions.

Funny and exciting .

I was so bored and disappointed about this movie, I had to watch Matrix Reloaded after it was finished.

It was exciting as a spy thriller.

For starters, the opening of the new film is very cool and exciting that stands up with even serious action flicks, speeding along to an awesome alternate rendition of "Live and Let Die" (still performed by McCaurtney...

Everything is predictable and it takes very little thought as to predict what the next gag is going to be.

If you like 90 minutes and change of Douglas jumping around, with Brooks in panicky tow, this might be briefly entertaining.

And worse, Michael Douglas (in the Peter Falk role), the secret agent father in law to be who hasn't yet met the in-laws, has a pointless sidekick, played by Robin Tunney, something that I felt weakened Douglas' character...

Michael Douglas needs another good movie like "The Wonder Boys"It was a big waste of time.

Entertaining comedy directed by Andrew Fleming with Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks as the lead actors.

This version was entertaining and had several funny moments.

The movie was fast paced - i loved that.

Candice Bergen also is funny and engaging as Douglas' estranged wife, kooky in her own way.

They seem intent of dumbing everything down, going for the lame tried-and-true and done 5000 times boring old dried up jokes.

I was exspecting a whacky over the top comedy, but all I got was an annoying Albert Brooks, running around screaming and getting on everyone's nerves, an extremely unfunny Michael Douglas, a boring script and no charme at all.

Worth watching .

The In Laws is flawed but it is a reasonably entertaining film.

This effort skipped right past that cliché and onto it's own plot devices.

Everything was predictable, nothing was original, everything had already been done 6000 times before.

For one thing, the writing of the film was witty and engaging, with multiple barbs thrown out that are pretty dang funny.

Which it's too bad, because this movie is certainly more enjoyable than the average Hollywood comedy.

Worst movie in a long time .

It's just stupid, rude and boring - even its short 98 minutes feels like hours.

The film has a fast pace and some exciting action sequences to boot.

entertaining .

Instead, it will have to be listed in the `mildly entertaining category.

We enjoyed it immensely.

Funny and exciting .

If you like clever comedies ("Mother"), quirky comedies ("The Big Lebowski"), plain stupid comedies ("Dumb and Dumber"), entertaining comedies ("Full Moon Over Blue Water"), or any other comedy whatsoever, you will find nothing at all to like about this movie.

Brooks is scared of heights and airplanes, he never leaves the State, he wears a fanny pack, he is boring and stodgy.