The Inbetweeners Movie (2011) - Comedy

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Four socially troubled 18-year-olds from the south of England go on holiday to Malia.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Ben Palmer
Stars: James Buckley, Blake Harrison
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 23 out of 124 found boring (18.54%)

One-line Reviews (57)

I would not like to describe this as an extended episode as many others are doing, as that is far too much of a cliché and not necessarily true.

After awhile, I loved watching them and their interactions with the females, who were also entertaining.

1 hour and 37 minutes of pure boredom; dry humor with a lack of laughs, no real storyline, and basically its just Jay saying d*ck, tw*t, p*ssy, w****r, m*ff and other related sex slang.

errr their school works the best, prime example being the fantastic small sequence with Greg Davies as 'Mr Gilbert' the Headmaster giving a rousing speech at the start.

Never disappointed or bored at any point in the film, the inbetweeners movie is a wonderful tale of coming of age.

The story has been crafted into a coming of age film on par with the greats such as American Pie and Superbad.

My favourite film of all time at the moment, i did think the TV show was good but not long enough but this was a huge step up and every little bit of this film was hilarious, the cinema viewers were all in stitches, a perfect film for you and your friend and non stop laughing, there can't be just 1 Inbetweeners film, has to be another one and this time they should knock it up to 2 to 2 and half hours because this experience was far more enjoyable and funny than the hangover!

As the holiday goes on the boys all get on with some of their own things rather than hang out with each other, and only occasionally hang out with the girls, Will picks on Alison having a cliché Greek boyfriend, Simon bores Lucy to death constantly talking about Carli who is also on holiday in Malia, Neil getting with much older women has hardly any talks with Lisa, and obnoxious Jay is disappointed to be hanging around with slightly chubby Jane.

Surely even people that found these bits funny the first time round in the series will now be bored with them repeating themselves.

instead replaced with every known cliché from the book of clichés, besides that we saw all this before with 'Kevin and Perry Go Large'.

A truly horrible thing to watch and waste your time on.

There was an extreme lack of humour and it was boring to watch.

Don't get me wrong, The Inbetweeners Movie is an enjoyable watch, I have seen it several times and it still amuses me.

Sadly the characters proved utterly skin-deep, the jokes were sparse and predictable, and the finale an embarrassment with the characters' half-baked romances.

'The Inbetweeners' is a British, teenage 'coming of age' comedy which had started life as a hit BBC sitcom and was transformed into one of the most successful box office British movies of 2011.

This just feels formulaic, reliant on crude jokes and overly Americanized.

Eventually though they all meet again in the empty bar and make it up to each other, and they know that if they really care for the girls they have met the only place to go is the boat party they have been told about for a while.

When the characters are transported out of their familiar, mundane and palatable context in suburbia and into a preposterously bad hotel in Malia we, the audience, lose grip on what makes the characters likable.

Owing much to the famed American Pie series, "The Inbetweeners" delves into a similar level of humour, but unfortunately with inferior build-up and an unexpected drabness (a sense of insincerity to the story).

Talking of Jay, he was the only character whose foibles and quirks survived being blown up in proportion to the change in screen size: Will's aloofness turns into snobbery, Neil's (Blake Harrison) charming idiocy becomes grating and Simon's (Joe Thomas) obliviousness plain confusing.

Simon is being a complete moron and the show works far better in a mundane British setting.

There are only so many times you can get away with telling the same old 'mum' jokes before they get tired and tedious.

Blake Harrison was great as Neil Sutherland and is everyone's favourite slow, perverted 18 year old.

You will be pushed to find a more entertaining and funny film all year.

A really enjoyable film with numerous twists and hilarious antics, and for a change no massive explosions or expensive action scenes, just British comedy in it's rawest and best form.

After that, it was downhill all the way, with barely another mirth–provoking antic throughout the remainder of the dire film to redeem it from being a banal, badly acted, badly scripted, decidedly unfunny load of garbage.

I didn't think it was in anyway amazing, and I found it often predictable, But I genuinely enjoyed it for what it was, in a statement, an Entertaining film which would probably remind you of your experiences on Holidays.

So say hello to the "Pussay Patrol" in Will McKenzie (Simon Bird), the main narrator of the film whose nerdy looks betray that one heck of a witty brain filled with wisecracks for any situation, Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas) who is enduring the recent breakup with girlfriend Carli (Emily Head), the "stiffler" equivalent though geekier version in Jay Cartwright (James Buckley) whose the chronic masturbator and crudest member of the lot, often bragging about his various sexual prowess to the rest (every group will not be complete without a braggart), and Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison), a slow, loyal follower whose dad is often jibed by others for being gay.

Entertaining would be the word.

A welcome and thoroughly enjoyable big screen spin off, .

These are all funny characters (even the supporting characters are funny) and there are many funny moments and scenes throughout the movie, which prevents you to be bored.

I really enjoyed it, and I imagine a good many others will too.

I've watched a lot of "coming of age" movies, most of which have been fairly raunchy or outlandish.

In some parts it's so frustrating, that I wanted to leave the cinema.

Definitely one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

When the original Inbetweeners TV show was pitched it was done so as the 'anti-skins' meaning it aimed to portray a more realistic version of the modern coming of age story.

Anyone who has been on holiday with friends can relate to this film, the characters are lovable and are really enjoyable to watch 10/10!

The movie seems to have too many cliché moments and over the top, slapstick humour, which is not what The Inbetweeners is all about.

This movie is positively hilarious and thoroughly entertaining.

a very average and hugely predictable film.

It is also about friendship, fun and coming of age.

'The Inbetweeners' is a thoroughly enjoyable film, it would be ideal if they had more films/series' planned.

This film provides a few banal little holiday vignettes and a poo joke.

Will was a duller version of his TV version self and was subject to the old suntan lotion gag that was old, when it was used in "Police Academy V" the only one close to his TV version was Neil, and him leading the boys minus Jay on a dance to attract the attention of 4 girls was the second time I laughed.

The crude humour grew repetitive after a while and i began to dislike each of the characters in turn: Will as he seemed unaware that he was such a snob, Simon as he wouldn't shut up about Carli, Neil as he is just plain stupid and Jay as every other word he said was clunge.

A banal, badly acted, badly scripted, decidedly unfunny load of garbage.

The main descriptive terms which come to mind are animalistic, degrading and boring.

Incredibly entertaining, Incredibly Funny .

It's very cringeworthy and frustrating as he's the most boring character out of the lot.

The film is hard to watch at times and difficult to call enjoyable.

Whilst the TV show seems anarchic and unpredictable this film really feels like a let down in my eyes.

More dull, raunchy punishment than I could take .

It just feels contrived, the TV show always had a credible feel, even the most outrageous situations the lads got themselves in felt as if it could happen (the creators have admitted that much of the material for the shows was autobiographical).

No plot line .

My biggest laughs in the film came from the interplay between characters rather than the obvious social ineptitude they all possess, just throw away lines from Will and Neil were always entertaining.

The supporting cast do a convincing job or portraying slightly posh, spoilt, middle-class boys and girls spending mummy and daddy's money on a jolly exciting boozy holiday.

The stars of E4's incredibly popular "coming of age" comedy series "The Inbetweeners" are back in a hilarious and crude full length feature.