The Irishman (2019) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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A mob hitman recalls his possible involvement with the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: Martin Scorsese
Stars: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino
Length: 209 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 320 out of 1000 found boring (32%)

One-line Reviews (656)

While the glass-half-empty people can criticize the deaging CGI, nobody can argue for one minute that all 3 lead actors were at least good, and this is not to mention all of the solid supporting characters (I mean to have Harvey Keitel as like a secondary character in a movie like this is a luxury with his menacing glare and wise-guy presence).

I did it in 3 instalments as was getting bored.

The CGI geriatrics acting tough is just cringy, the dialogue puts you to sleep, it's a pointless movie that should have never been made in the first place.

Just go into it knowing you have to wade through a lot of boring material to get to the good bits - and don't expect too much from the 'good bits' either - maybe it just felt good because it was a relief to actually see the character in his own skin after all the creepiness (with a bit of makeup).

The Irishman has all the best elements of Goodfellas, The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street: this film has dry wit, humour and intense violence all surrounding the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, whom Pacino brings very dynamic, hilarious and cynical charm in his performance.

This movie was way too long, with terrible, boring dialogue and dreadful CGI aging and de-aging special effects.

Most of the characters are wooden and just seem bored to be there.

The plot is compelling and worthwhile.

This movie is WAY TOO LONG for no reason.

Even if it was subtle, the politics bored me.

Then, because the cast is ageing, all the ´action´ is slow.

Slow burn .

The film does a nice job evoking the decades over which it takes place, both in visual cues and by Scorsese's trademark pop-music soundtrack, and overall, makes for a entertaining mob-based history lesson.

Scorsese is better than this overlong, drawn out, too much dialogue (except notably for Anna Paquin) and too much voice-over effort at the gangster genre.

People call it a masterpiece because of the filmmaking nuances, beautiful shots and character growth but sadly all of this art gets lost in this mess of a predictably boring plot.

film overrated, it was a bore.

There was some sense, especially during the middle that dragged on way too much.

I was just appreciative that I finally got to see a real movie about real people, who weren't overly glamourized as say in The Wolf of Wall Street, or as boringly evolved as in the Aviator.


Don't waste your time, unless you find it in the $5 bin at Wally World......

Story is predictable and I think many scenes could've been cut to reduce the length to 2 hours.

That's not to say that the movie is poorly made, necessarily, but rather that it's not anything original, exciting, or worthy of a three-and-a-half-hour runtime, especially with how it beats over a path we've seen many times before.

A too long, boring story- told lazily.

For me, this was a big distraction and ultimately made the movie unbelievable and unwatchable.

Don't waste your time watching it.

In short, I was bored.

I highly recommend it.


Way too long .

It was as slow as everyone says.

All of the characters/actors are slow to get the lines out.

3 hours of my life I'll never get back .

As mentioned above this was Way too long!

I enjoyed it immensely and highly recommend it.

Never once for a microsecond do they step ourside their characters into their own skins, the humility and measured control of de Niro's performance is utterly awe inspiring.

This movie's boring.

Repetitive Exposition lasting over 2 hours Skip the .

a waste of money,should have pick a different topic.

The film doesn't have the zip or magnetism of other Scorsese outings, despite the story being a compelling non-fiction tale of Mafia hitman Frank Sheeran, and involves one of the most famous "whodunit's" in US history, in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

Confusing and a bit disjointed .

and stiff old man, with failing relexes raining slow and weak-looking kicks and punches on his victim.

With very underwhelming cinematography and lighting and slow pacing

Slow paced, boring, De Niro too old for role .

Well worth watching.

it is what people say about it boring quite Disappointing sadly it's not a classic like Goodfellas worth a watch that's it

The pacing is uneven, and he could have trimmed down many repetitive scenes; this is the 2nd film in a row of his that I felt that he didn't know when to stop in the 2nd act.

The beginning is slow, feels tired and unconvincing.

But three hours to get there is a bit much, more so when the narrative becomes unfocused and repetitive, and occasionally shots are added or scenes unnecessarily extended to pad out time - or so it feels.

This was an absolute snooze fest.

Great movie and worth watching one of the best movies of the year 10/10

This "film" was a snooze fest from beginning to end.

De Niro plays a boring, not very bright truck driver that finds himself largely through chance getting sucked into the Mafia.

The actors did their job very well and the directing was just as great but honestly this movie was boring.

Entertaining movie.

His usual style of kinetic editing and pacing are masterfully employed and keep the film entirely thrilling throughout.

"The Irisman" by Scorcese is a total waste of 3.5 hours of my life, 3 top notch actors, 140 mil.

In a word, dull!

Basically as a film it was far too long and would have worked better as a 3 part mini-series.

First, it is too long and too slow to watch for a movie.

The Irishman is an interesting piece of history, but as a film this thing is pretty slow.

Worst points: The makeup - mad it look like a low budget movie The 'aging' of the actors was so confusing as you could see they were trying something that failed

2 hours too long, a bloated ponderous movie short on action .

Waste of money.

Drab dialogue.

Writing was engaging and involving, although i was a bit lost in the beginning.

Found this long, drawn out and really rather dull.

Even though their films are predictable and they don't risk a lot, they are entertaining.

Entertaining Gangster Flick .

I will give it another try, maybe I can get past my preconditioned perception and view it from an empty and accepting perception.

The story is boring as hell and there's little to no character development.

Unfortunately, disappointment soon kicked in and what looked like a great film turned into boring, longwinded torture.

Scorcese proved again that he is king of mobster type of films and irishman is another gem in his collection,i woudnt say that irishman is better then goodfellas or even departed but it very good quality fulled film with great performances and overall good story of life of frank sheeran,still i have some little nitpicks i felt that ray romano isnt for this type of films and paquin was little underused and that is it,if you love mobster films of you are fan of sheeran life do yourself favour and enjoyed it

Worth watching if you like the era, subject etc, Not worthy of ever watching a 2nd time.

The film's final act depicts Sheeran in an elder care facility, revealing this two-faced thug as an empty husk, devoid of empathy or insight.

Such a long boring torture!

Great acting, good plot, lots of pointless scenes.

The movie is way too long.

I loved casino and good fellas but the actors are just too old, the film is far too long and just gets boring with a few flashes of interest.

Boring scenes, boring dialogue "Did you talk to him?

Long and boring .

Overall, The Irishman is yet again another great look at mobsters with fantastic performances, a compelling story, and fantastic direction from Martin Scorsese.

Its a bunch of retired actors tryna look cool, the movie is so boring.. i knew this was going to be a boring movie and yet i was surprised over how boring it was, the score cant be real or is it blinded fools, fanboys.. idk..

There's not many 3 and a half hour films that can keep me interested throughout every second but this one did, however I do know someone who got bored half way through because they were expecting a fast paced action movie so just to say, this is more of a steadily paced biography.

Apart from everything else (absurd length, boring dialogue, phoned in acting, trite patronizing soundtrack, etc etc) WHY oh WHY did they go with this reverse aging CGI thing??

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

stagnant, stuck in repetitive mode for the last 10 15 years...

There are some repetitive exchanges or unnecessarily prolonged scenes that could have been cut down to make room for at least 20 seconds worth of explaining the American Italian Anti-Defamation League, and another 10 more on Crazy Joe.

Relentless, tedious, monotonous.

The movie was boring at times.

One of the best movies of a very bad year, well acted, decent script, after such atrocity's as the "Gemini Man" and "Last Blood" it was relief to see a good absorbing well made film.

Insanely boring from minute 1.

Was a good movie in general, worth watching.

Don't waste your time.

I was seriously bored less than an hour into it and at the end of it was left feeling like I'd wasted my time.

Otherwise just download an Audio Book "because paper books are boring and so lenghty to read".

The first hour is difficult to watch and is confusing although it gets better as the film progresses.

The Irishman was slow, plodding, and confusing if you don't know mafia history.

It just went on way too long, with so many scenes and interactions between characters continually overplayed, it's as if the intent was to get Pacino and Deniro as much screen time as possible.

In my opinion this is the worst movie that Martin Scorsese has ever made.

What a waste of talent and viewer's time...

Painfully longwinded and boring...

The story doesn't have anything special, surprising, entertaining or interesting in it.

The pace is slow, familiar, comforting, with characters that feel like old friends...

Gangster movie shouldn't be slow burning .

Way too long.

How it's way too long.

Now just totally unwatchable, boring, sad & bad scripting!!.

Thus it could appear to be boring because in reality, life isn't some super exciting mind blowing story.

And while the last third of the movie does drag a bit in places it's still worth the watch.

If you compare this to the garbage that makes 99% of Netflix content, its masterpiece, but this movie is way too long (3.5h) and way too boring.

Bored rigid .

Yes it is Scorsese, Yes it is De Niro, Pacino and Pesci, Yes it is their swan song but in the end it is an extremely dull movie and being 3.5 hours long does not help it.

Past their prime, a waste of your time .

It is an engrossing story and Scorsese tells no more or no less than what needs to be shown.

It is slow.

But I'll be honest, I thought it was going to get boring since it had slowed down in the middle a little bit.

The pacing is so slow it is torture.

Brutally slow and not worth the time.

On paper this film looked like a great but in reality it was a long drawn out and relatively mundane affair.

Too long, too boring, too bad.

I've seen Robert DeNiro on tv a few times lately and quite frankly he was boring.

Very boring and complete waste of time.

The storyline dragged and didnt excite at all.

Dull, boring and two hours too long .

To the point that I watched, it was a boring retread of a formula.

For instance the "is what it is" part of the film had me at the edge of my couch feeling the emotions of De Niro And pachino are very impactful.. the abrupt violence can leave you feeling unexpected or unsettled although the violence is slightly unrealistic there very inpactful for the story.. it's a must watch...

Tedious and empty .

Absolutely boring .

film overrated, it was a bore.

I personally (of course you may think differently but this is my stance) found the movie to be mind numbingly boring.

He gets away with it for the first hour, while we get an entertaining alternate tour of political history of the 1960s.

Disappointed - don't waste your time.

Overall a bore and self-indulgent.

Shaving an hour off 'The Irishman' and just leaving in the necessary bits could have made this a whole lot more enjoyable of an experience.

The movie was just too long, unsure whether it wanted to be a mini series or a movie, very slow in places , could have done with editing by at least an hour.

Too long and drawn out.

Unless you want a good laugh, don't waste your time watching this film.

Long story short (like they should have done with this movie), it was boring as hell.

There was only a little bit of it where I thought it was slow.

People who find this boring or slow are too used to watching those 90 minute tv ads they call marvel films.

But you need to be entertaining too.

The story is not as interesting and even though is based on a true story,it feels cliché and overused.

Boring .

Instead, blah, nothing, boring, and on top of all the negatives, there is nothing to really verify that much of it or any of it was true.

Neither boring nor exciting despite the allure of top notch performers like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.


I literally fell asleep watching it.

Again, like Once Upon a time in Hollywood before it, despite the relatively slow burn I found myself intrigued throughout wanting to know what happens next.

Fast paced edge of your seat masterpiece thank you scoresese for this movie

It feels like it's in real time, but it's riveting all the while.

It was far too long, a bit of concise editing could have been done without any ill effects and would have upped the slow pace without taking anything away from the overall impact of the film.

This is just dull.

De Niro was cast correctly but his performance seemed kind of contrived.

Unbelievably boring, repetitious and monotonous.

Rental or streaming would be a better format, so you may pause or fast forward past slow parts.

Captivating, and very compelling.

It was a total waste of time!

I just watched The IrishmanI really enjoyed it, possibly a Top 10 of the year for me, but it is more than a tad self indulgent.

First off, the lengthy run time scared me a little, and I thought I may be in for a snoozer.

Nothing happens .

It's the same kinda slow moving gangster cool talking stuff like all the other mafia-movies.

Of course, it was made all the more exciting by the plot.

All the great reviews are from bored and easy led viewers, this is a poor film with bad editing, and don't get me started with Robert de niro's bad acting and that stupid grin.

The script itself is boring.

On the other side is a more slow and quiet study of the human condition that can be found in "The Last Temptation of Christ", "Kundun", and "Silence".

Martin Scorsese has honed his craft down into such a science that it's become formulaic.

Absolutely nothing happens in this movie.

Movie dragged on at many points and was a little slow in my opinion.

It's full of intriguing and flavourful story, almost feels like a good mafia novel.

The story is long, boring, and plodding.

Beautifully created,filmed and directed but to me a snorefest.

You Americans are barking up this tree for way too long.

The most boring movie ever .

This time however it was Al Pacino who turned out better, more entertaining and simply Al.

That was the worst movie I've ever seen!!

The pacing is brutally slow and the story meandering.

It made it hard to follow the flashbacks because of the discrepancy between how old they're supposed to be vs.

The story is boring lacking any build up or creating any tension what results in a very dull resolution of the movie.

Boring as simple as that this dosen't come close to goodfellas or casino.

While somewhat slow paced, you never loose interest, much due to the underlying tensions, great writing, and mesmerizing narration of De Niro.

Acting was good, just needed a bit more fire power to keep it entertaining

Super slow and downright boring.

Slow burning theme kills everything good in a gangster movie.

Some parts are slow.

However, unfortunately, this movie is too long, the topic is not that interesting, very few action moments, almost boring.

The main story line is amusing and already the fundamentels for a masterpiece but I felt like they kept diverting from the plot by adding more and more substories and eventually the movie felt drawn out.

Pacino is confusing he keeps changing how he speaks wtf??

They are just stressing CGI effects of deaging, the actors are too old (I don't understand this one since Hoffa has been normally shown historically in photos to be at least in his 50s in most news coverage when telling his story, and that is fairly old), or that the movie is too long.

Yawn .

Too long boring as hell.

It's beautifully executed and acting and the final scene is heartbreaking yet intriguing.

it was a big YAWN for me.

One of the slowest and worst movies I've ever seen.

As a film buff, and I will say to anyone else too who loves movies, and especially the A list actors in this, I was worried that I would look at this film and see them, the actors, the 'names', but because of how well it is acted, directed edited and filmed, I found that I forgot about the actors and was immersed in the characters and that for me is what 'acting' is all about.

And the movie is boring.

Whoever rates this a 10 must be either paid to do so, or must have been desperately searching for a way to fall asleep...

So while it was a bit boring you felt there was an artist burning with passion.

RayRomano delivers a very enjoyable performance for the smaller role that he has.

However, there's an hour of unnecessary padding that makes it drag and the last half is a bit boring.

Slow, linear, endless dull dialogue and no characters you can care about or find that interesting.

It took me 6 days to finish because I kept getting bored.

3 hours of inane conversation in a 3 1/2 hour movie.

Scoresese's worst director, De Niros and Al Pacino's worst movie of all time.

Boring .

Perhaps most revealing that this is the part that Scorcese was most interested in doing, is that in this last part is that DeNiro finally seems more comfortable in showing his acting chops, and Rodrigo Santoro's cinematography occasionally makes an effort to give more stylish images, after 3 hours of mostly shots of the actors from the chest up at a 60 degree angle, employing a dull green palette.

Unengaging, unnecessarily long with boring dialogues .

The Irishman IS entertaining.

It's so boring .

In summary, "The Irishman" is a mostly entertaining tale, especially if you like his similar-themed/structured films.

I wasn't surprised by anything and to be honest I stopped it half-way, because I was bored.

Now after years of being disjointed, these distinct styles have finally melded together in the director's newest Netflix film, "The Irishman".

For the whole the film is spirited, but slow and shallow.

Overly long and confusing .

I like the actors and director but this is a boring movie.

Absolutely mind boggling how anyone can say this film was just ok or it could've been better.

It was a bit too much like reading a book, some scenes / parts dragged on for too long with all the conversation.

Slow paced and boring .

A bit plodding 😬 .

It was a waste of money and ineffective, and half the time it feels like watching a video game cutscene.


The only redeeming quality of this is the costumes and sets being 100% accurate, but the directing goes way too many directions- the pointless text exclaiming how/when people died, the incredibly awkward scene interactions that IN NO WAY segue to the next, and when you finally are introduced to Hoffa, and check the runtime, you cannot believe you're only an hour in with another two to go.

Boring, flat and weak .

It is a master dealing things with full control, he gets the best of his actors and performance are absolutely breathtaking.

It was boring.

The movie being that long makes you immersed with the story and characters on an whole other level, which gives the movie as a whole a much greater impact.

Far too long...

Not good, don't waste your time, it's so bad that you will watch it for an hour before giving up.

Three world class actors are amazing in an overly long, boring and disappointing movie.

An old, tired, stale, slow rehash of better stuff from the 1990s .

You just can't seem to care about what happens after an hour into the movie, because it's hard to sympathize with any of the uninteresting characters.

It was so boring my partner and I fell a sleep during the movie.

WAY TOO LONG and repetitive .

just boring .

Robert de Niro, and Joe Pesci did very uninspiring portrayals of their characters.

Long and boring .

The film is three and a half hours long, which most will find daunting and yes it is a long time, but, despite a couple of early scenes that drag out a bit longer than they need to, for me it didn't feel that long at all, it is constantly riveting because of the talent on screen and the talent behind the camera, this film's pacing is much faster than it's run time would have you think.

Apart from that, it was an absorbing film, with Pacino stealing every scene he's in as the highly-strung and narcissistic Jimmy Hoffa.

Slow, dumb, waste of time.

Way too long at almost 3.5 hours.

Scorsese masterful incorporates engaging dialogue, short powerful sequences of violence, and stunning characters that kept me enthralled throughout the long run time.

As engaging as most of the story is, the narrative itself has a couple of issues, the first one being structural.

Just dull and plodding.

The film is 3.5 hours long, and while it does take a slow and subtle approach, I was never bored and I managed to watch it without stopping.

Yes, it's a little long, but it's incredibly engaging.

Unfortunately, during the 2nd hour of this, Hoffacino's repeated insulting feels more like Triumph the Insult Dog, and, unless you are really a fan of mob movies where tacky characters go on and on and on about demanding respect from each other, it gets tiresome.

Boring and Dull .

Storyline, script and atmosphere were expertly compelling, I just couldn't get past the fake faces and eyes.

So boring .

No ideas, no message--just a fraternal reunion of some acting pals.

At time "The Irishman" does get bogged down by the Netflix inspired episodic feel, but this dissection of the inner workings of union and the demise of Jimmy Hoffa at the hands of a close friend is too engaging to leave for a mini-series.

The story develops extremely slow.

De Niro's character is dull and senseless, feels the same way throughout the story.

Not engaging, not entertaining, just boring and far too long.

A snoozer.

Boring .

The movie was enjoyable for the first 2hrs then you just want it to end already.

About 1 hour of the movie was pointless and wasn't needed.

Many pointless scenes go nowhere, and they do it slowly.

Based on the book "I heard you paint houses" by Charles Brandt and directed by Martin Scorsese, the movie features the usual Scorsese elements of grittiness and engaging storytelling.

Boring, slow, Hardly anything new.

well she fell asleep at two hours twenty.

This is his worst movie.

Since there are already countless long and drawn-out reviews of this film, I won't subject you to another one.

More than three hours of old man talking about gangster thing's plus some murders.

Even though I fell asleep at 5am about halfway through the movie on the first night it was released, which was already way past my usual sleep time, I still couldn't wait to finish it the next day.

That, first and foremost, got my attention, and then before I knew it an hour and twenty minutes had gone by and I had held in my need to use the bathroom, it was that compelling and riveting; I didn't want to miss one line or one scene because every single scene (and there were many with so many cuts and edits) was imperative to the story.

even more pointless than another Netflix baby, Inarritu's Roma.

If they cut the first half of the story and some other pointless scenes later it could have been much more enjoyable movie.

Watching all of these great actors in the same film was really enjoyable.

It is so slowwwww and boring.

Snooze fest .

The most boring Scorsese film to date.

Engrossing epic crime drama in both runtime and scale .

Snore snore snore.

It's slow, plodding, overlong and dull.

Overhyped, slow and too many fat breaks .

If this excruciatingly long, pointless, meandering mess wasn't a Scorsese film and didn't include a famous, though ancient, cast, it would be getting universally panned.

This Hoffa stuff has been told and retold so many times,I have a hard time staying awake to watch it.

The movie is too long, tiring!

It was so dragged out.

Just going back and forth of who said what and you tell him that and I told him this just got boring really quickly.

Dull and disengaged storytelling.

I repeat, 3 hours of truck driver unions and no matter how they try to connect Kennedy or Cuba to it, they are still blasted truck driver unions that no one cares about.

Slow and pointless .

Quite an intriguing plot, revolving around one of history's most famous mysteries.

- you know that you're in for some intense stuff.

It's boring to watch, slow as hell and a waste of my Saturday afternoon.

In fact, it's as brilliantly entertaining as anything.

Too Long, Too slow, a disappointment.

Disapointing, Slow and Long.

It just feels like a lot of really dragged out rehash.

It's just a series of mob-crime vignettes, with no story.

The ability to look so intimidating with not blinking, dead stare, and great posture, delivers for me, such a compelling character.

Don't waste your time .

The movie is a tad overlong but still enjoyable.

Due to this, it does get boring at times.

Extremely boring.

boring and too long .

A bit slow .

Great to all the greats together again in a movie, however I found it to be too long and a little slow paced at times.

Some unexpected funny moments.

The plot was boring and lacked any resemblance to Scorsese's usual style.

This movie was also way too long; it took me a couple of sitting just to finish it, and I fell asleep both times.

Very slow character development, which is absolutely not necessary, as we as audiences are already trained in this genre.

Hard to follow .

Three hours of the dull and tedious.

I DONT know if it is the character and its lack of soul that makes them fall into that but this movie is way too boring, unnecessary and over-hyped due to nostalgia with this duo.

Way too long and boring .

The incessant eating in this film and old men open mouthed chewing made it pretty unwatchable.

Way too long with unnecessary fillers of phone calls, airplane flights and road trip.

Boring attempt by a few has been actors to be young again.

It was way too long (even for Scorcese), too thin a story, and felt too much like a montage of past highlights.

So that bores the audience.

Terribly slow paced, ridiculous flashback scenes of De Niro and Pesci as young men that is utterly unconvincing.

Still, definitely worth watching itFor one it still has a lot of identifiable Scorcese-isms.

This is certainly one of the most boring, emotionless and overrated movies of this decade.

Seeing Pesci, Pacino and DeNiro together again is enjoyable for a while, but the film just feels soulless and empty to me.

It takes us into territory we've seen before, but it's also very watchable, very absorbing.

The Irishman is slow and several hours too long.

The compelling story and brilliant writing captivates you to such extant the long running time of "The Irishman" is no obstacle whatsoever.

The idea of using these old guys portraying young persons doesnt work, the movie is much too long and slow and the whole formula just seems very yesterday and so much worse than the original.

For me it's behind Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed, as it's pacing really bogs it down, but I enjoyed it.

Which it could have been much more layered, and at points felt tedious.

the movie is slow and methodical in portraying the life story of Frank Sheeran.


At 3½ hours the film it was always going to be interesting to see whether the film could remain engaging throughout.

Creative directing, beautiful shots and fascinating atmosphere.

Just a bit of a yawn really.

Stale and uninspiring from the flash backs to the ending that if intended was anticlimactic at best.

If you have insomnia this is the perfect movie for you.

The movie is plain boring.

While it caught my complete attention, I found this lenght way too long for my senses.

Scorsese is known for crafting terrific plots with multiple simultaneous events fuelled by juicy dialogue and exciting scenes.

Its completely waste of money.

Slow plodding movie with trademark Scorsese baptism scenes...

Imperfect but compelling - more like "Raging Bull" than "Goodfellas" .

This is a slow Movie with little to no Action.

I found the movie dragged to the point of boredom.

And so it goes, old and slow gangsters.

I did find the film a little difficult to follow at times - often the case with gangster flicks, and at 3 1/2 hours in length it does tend to drag a little.

Way too long for little reward.

I'm not going to lie, but personally, I was immersed and saddened by this final half an hour.

Pointless, disappointing .

This is the first Scorsese movie I actually got bored watching.

Yawn .

It's not a bad film, it's just very long, very predictable and very unoriginal.

It had all the potential to be a classic mafia film, the acting is brilliant but unfortunately it's lacking that gripping nature I was hoping for.

Sometimes it was difficult to follow the happenings.

Plodding, shallow, derivative .

Long boring conversations, disjointed plot and old sluggish ex-stars.

Dont waste your time or money...

Story was extremely slow thank god it was on Netflix.

Second, the movie's pace is extremely slow, like mostly Scorsese's movies.

Even me (a fan) I couldn't watch the whole movie without get a little bored because of the slow pace.

First hour is like watching paint dry.

most boring and worst mafia biography ever.

The movie is very predictable, to the point that you can easily anticipate each scene.

For me it was just cold and dull.

THE IRISHMAN is loud and crude, way too long.

3' 24" is outrageously long and slow even for the fanatics.

Sorry to say this but between the lackluster screenplay, self-indulgent directing, stereotypical mob acting, and an all too familiar plot, this film lacked ingenuity and excitement.


Cinema icons bored me .

While it might not be as much fun or fast paced as some of Scorsese's other films, I think "The Irishman" shows a filmmaker at the height of his powers, bringing forth hard-hitting truths in a way that is both compelling and thought-provoking.

One of the greatest films ever, Worth the watch .

Not for everyone, but 3.5 hours worth the watch.

We begin with a long slow tracking shot, instantly calling up visions of the one from Goodfellas.

Boring .

I sat through the whole movie and watched it hoping for a good ending, which never came, and was just a weak story and script, weak acting by deniro, pointless scenes by his daughter that never materialized.

Scorsese's style of filming coupled with his compelling crafting and acting of characters from the Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina of acting with Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro, these 3 hours are worth it.

Three and a half hours of boring nothingness.

3 1/2 hours of extremely slow moving dialogue.

And frankly this first hour of the movie is utterly pointless.

I enjoyed it, especially having Pesci back.

Slow and unnecessarily long adaptation of a great book.

Don't waste your time watching it .

Maybe I can forgive the fact that is too long with better energy from younger actors.

This movie has an outstanding cast..But in my opinion this movie was very boring..Alot more stuff could have happened..Waste of opportunities.

Now slow burns are a thing.

What a great line up of actors in this long intense crime drama.

Also it was boring and at times felt like a parody the scene talking about buying fish for example it just seemed to go on and on bizarre!

The final journey of Hoffa, the endless fish conversation, frankly was amateirish and tedious.

Movie itself is not that bad at all, only problem is that it is too long to watch in one go.

Worth watching when you have the time to kill.

It was a slow, drawn out, and mostly difficult to understand (unless you already know the story) movie, neither entertaining nor historically valuable.

Despite the computer modified age change, it cannot change the old man dynamic with slow non-engaging dialogue.

Martin Scorcese has taken a forgotten story and made it vital, even gripping.

Slow moving, nostalgic movie .

Superb atmosphere, performances by Joe Pesce and Robert de Niro admirable and an Al Pacino on the edge of the cartoon and exaggeration.

But all in one a very exciting film.

It's rare to see a film like this in modern day cinema but honestly really enjoyed it.

So, Scorsese pulled these actors somewhat posthumously out of their creative lethargy and pushed them into this far too long film.

Incredibly lethargic, boring, bad monologue.

Long and boring.

Skip this movie and watch Goodfellas of Casino to see a mobster movie worth watching.

Captivating, compelling .

A waste of time.

Some of the dialogue were good but overall it was just boring and plain, thank heavens I did not go to cinema to watch it and could only digest it on my couch after pausing it every 30 minutes or so .

Three hours of your life you wont get back.

I love Martin Scorsese movies but The Irishman is a super boring movie that never ended.

But its pretty damn boring.

Even with some boring moments this movie deserve the watching and enjoying some great cinema, the one i like without too much CGI only pure genius actors and director!

Compelling story telling through and though.

I tried 3 times to watch it but just got incredibly bored....

I end with a big cliché.. they don't make movies like this one anymore.

So slow and still so fascinating .

This is slow, boring, uneventful, unimaginative and badly cast (yes...

Great acting - boring movie.

Very boring movie .

(which is exciting source material).

De Niro walks slower now, and his posture is hunched-over.

Well written, well portrayed story of modern gangsterism, fascinating in its telling.

So boring.

3 1/2 hours of gripping storytelling, put into a amazing piece of film making makes this my second favourite Scorsese, only after Goodfellas.

Boring .

I enjoyed it.

There are far too many self-indulgent scenes which drag on far more than is necessary.

it was very dull, boring, and quite long.

Boring and disappointing .

However, I can confidently say that the entire second half of this movie (which could even be considered a feature length film) is extremely riveting and really went into an emotional direction that I was not expecting.

Today people expect explosions and gore and unrealistic fight scenes and climaxes every 5 minutes or its "boring and slow".

This is a pretty engrossing, always entertaining, and at times very funny film.

However, the movie goes on for 3h 30 mins which is way too long to keep focus.

It seems once directors reach a certain point they start making self indulgent films that only they get.

This movie was just a waste of my time.

Total snooze fest.

No one loves these guys more than me, but let's be honest, it was way too long.

Very long and very predictable .

Uneventful except for a few good Al Pacino moments.

The Scenario is too long and many scenes are unnecessary.

The fact it's based on real people makes it much more intriguing.

ZZZZZ great acting particularly from Pacino IMHO in.

I was bored .

I was really looking forward to this movie, but it ended up being a disappointing boring slog.

38, it takes three and a half hour of shooting to bore the viewer to death.

All the time spent sitting through the way too long movie with an untruthful ending.

I found myself on the edge of my seat during the Hoffa and Provenzano conversations, and especially in the end, when a meeting was set up to quash a beef, between major characters.

There is one 20min sequence which I reckon is one of the most suspenseful I have seen in any film all year.

Noting interesting Very old actors and director The story is boring I can't understand why make this film I am bored

Fell asleep a couple of times.

Don't waste your time.

Especially when the script is so cliched, tired, predictable.

While it's quite long, its an enjoyable experience which takes you in the world of Mafia for 3 plus hours.

That is why they are so similar and formulaic.

Pretty good movie, but a bit too long and slow.

Stunning period cars, harking back to a time when they were extravagant works of art.

Now, don't waste your time reading this, go and watch the damn Movie.

Basically, to put it real simple, nothing is happening here except for killing people or blowing cars every ten minutes, talking about plans and giving orders in fancy restaurants, and totally boring, worn-out betrayal clichés within the story.

this movie was a made for tv snore fest .

Long and boring .

Slow and confusing title .

The movie is too long, too unfocused, too aimless, and, all too often, a waste of talent.


For American viewers this gallery probably speaks a lot, but for those less familiar with the history of American organized crime, the character lineup becomes at some point repetitive and we do not differentiate them from each other, at best through the actors who interpret them.

The storytelling is a horrible confusing mess that adds lose ends every other minute.

only reason i am giving 4 stars is because pescis acting was great, and the story is good regardless of how pointlessly dragged out it was.

In the Irishman, there are definitely moments that lag, and feel a little slow, maybe if it was 45mins shorter it would pack more punch.

This film was unfortunately a overhyped pile, And as much as we all wanted a redo of the classics like casino, goodfellas etc, it woulda been almost better to leave it as it was and not add this film to the otherwise wonderful careers these men have had.

Way too long though-could have easily edited an hour from this.

However it's long and dull during several stretches.

People are saying it was a snooze fest.

Boring .

One thing though, this movie is worth watching is the absolute magnificent Joe Pesci who blows out of the water Pacino and DeNiro combined.

This was one thing that complimented Goodfellas well- Ray Liotta's wife was always in the mix, or screwing something up, or threatening to kill him, etc.6) Lack of Suspense or Action= This movie became very run-of-the-mill boring after an hour or so.

It's just way too long.

It just suffers from being too bland and drawn out for its own good.

The Irishman to have any chance of being a good movie had to have been made 20 years ago as EVERYONE (actors and director) has gotten more than a step slow with age and time.

I find this movie unnecessary long, very boring and lame.

My o my, what a waste of time!

Engaging and historical without becoming mundane.

Brilliant but way too long.

It is slow, lumbering and most importantly, EVERYONE IS OLD and regardless of de-aging, they do not look convincing in their roles, nevermind credible.

Boring, long very disapoitning.

I was exited at first when he saw the playtime at first but after just a bit over halt of the movie was soooo bored out, I did not even care what happens next.

Technically good with a great cast it's well worth watching, but if your looking for a CASINO or a GOODFELLAS, this isn't it, it simply lacks mojo, it's dour and drawn out.

Drawn out, pointless, not entertaining, boring.

The story is always investing even when it is confusing.

After 1 hr 45 I was about to give up, as basically nothing happened.

I think that's my first rating on IMDb but this movie is so boring that I had to.

No one is likely to say this gangster movie romanticizes their way of life, or that it is filmed with operatic intensity; or that it has sequences that are thrilling, with violence staged in creative ways that make them almost fun to watch.

Boring .

Boring to death .

This movie is slow, no climax, no character development and no story.

Badly written and ponderously slow.

It was to long, to slow, to boring.

Boring .

It was long and some boring, elongated dialogue.

Stunning film .

Entertaining nonetheless

This movie was so long and boring I am going to keep my review short and sweet so as not to waste more time.

I know that 21 century film goers want a breakneck pace with something happening every 3-4 second and with lots of jump cuts to maintain the unbearable space.

Absolutely stunning performances from all the actors (as one would expect given their cinematic accomplishments).

Pacino was amazing and definetley the best hes been in years but overall the film itself felt long and dragged out.

The performances were excellent and very enjoyable to watch.

If you haven't read Brandt's book or if you are unfamiliar with the whole Hoffa case, then watching "The Irishman" may prove an instructive as well as entertaining experience.

Character moments that are fascinating.

Bland weak overly long like a stay at grandmas !!!

massively overrated and boring .

They have some brief but entertaining moments on the road trip, and Marin Ireland has an effective scene late in the movie as Carrie, one of Frank's daughters, while Welker White plays Jo Hoffa.

It is too long of a film, although I never feel bored until the end, which drags albeit for good reason.

It takes every opportunity to lighten its source material with subtle but gripping comedy.

Slow, flat, weak.

Worth watching .

It is long but was very enjoyable.

The conversations are repetitive and drag on endlessly.

Slow and more of the same...

I just couldn't enjoy this, painfully slow.

Waste of time...

While the CGI assisted de-aging of the leads is not perfect yet, it is nevertheless unobtrusive and heralds exciting augurings for the future of movies.

After reading many positive reviews, I find myself very disappointed in this painfully boring and meandering 3.5 hours of the same old mob story that we've all seen hundreds of times over.

Enjoyable .

A tedious tale starring old men past their prime .

Really long, and really boring .

The editing is far from flawless and the story delivery is very confusing at times.

Carried on way too long .

Good acting but boy this was a waste of my time.

That doesn't stop it from being meandering, self-indulgent, overly-long, and derivative.

It's very fascinating to learn about the mobs involvement with major events in history!

This is too slow.

third, and so many parts pointlessly dragged on (especially as the movie went on) they could have easily cut an hour out of the movie and it wouldnt have taken an ounce away from the story.

Acting was brilliant but movie too slow and boring .

This film is both way too long and way to repetitive to be anything near entertaining.

It is slow, it is not action-packed, it is nearly 100% characters.

I think Martin thought that if I make movies boring people will watch it and praise be

Nothing new, too self indulgent and My God, those leads are way too old CGI or not.

I am hoping that his political views didn't taint my experience, but I found De Niro dull and unconvincing.

Too long boring nobody cares about 70 y.

Too long, too slow, too old...

I was waiting for something exciting to happen throughout the course of this 3hr and 29mins and it never materialize.

After 2.5 hours I was bored hoping the last hour would change my mind, unfortunately it did not.

In this regards the Irishman felt like a long drawn out slog of information with no real heart and soul.

Waste of screen time .

This is REAL film with a climax that had me gripping the edge of my seat.

In spite of big names in the cast, the film is dull and too long.

This was quite a boring an unnecessary movie.

Don't waste your time.


The low-star reviews from cartoon watching guys who can't be entertained, or capable of understanding anything other than action packed comic book heroes were nearly as entertaining as this stunning movie is.

it's the pace at which the story is delivered, it's soooo dull.

Scorcese hast once again created an incredible, complex, slow-burning, melancholy movie, filled with masterful dialogue, from an-all star cast of our favourites from long ago, when cinema wasn't flooded with cheap marvel movies, propelled only by wise-assery and obvious political messages..these actors give it their all, while Scorsese directs the complicated narrative with ease, making a mature movie, for a mature audience, where the majority of the runtime is filled with dialogue, which is why the writing needed to be excellent, and it really is..the cinematography is spectacular, the atmosphere is unbelievable.


Tired, Worn Out, Formulaic Garbage .

Way too long.

boring .

Just boring .

The acting was good though, but it was overshadowed by slow conversations that really didn't go beyond a gangster pissing match.

At a certain point, I found myself exteremely pissed off and bored, so I decided to check how much is left.

It is painfully slow.

Super slow movie.

DeNiro's worst movie.

The story in the Irishman is just boring.

Boring as hell .

The plot here was very predictable and the actors are glaringly too old anyway.

He's made excessive stuff, fun stuff, thrilling stuff.

Breathtaking .

The first three hours are entertaining and funny at times, last half hours portrays how bad guys end up with bad consequences and lifetime of repent.

If I would have watched this movie before I got married and had children, I would have found it boring.

I found a largely self-indulgent piece cinema.

The Irishman is definitely not boring, nobody makes films like this these days that's why people aren't understanding it, and others are comparing it to casino and goodfellas saying it's not as good, but your forgetting this is a true story where casino and goodfellas are fictional so there made to be entertaining the Irishman is telling a story through the years, although in my opinion it is still extremely entertaining.

Rehashing the cliche again with bad makeup .

Don't waste your time with this movie.

Just a note to those who say its slow and boring.

The half of the movie is so boring too when really I was expecting it to end with something dramatic or a bit of a bang.

Movie length boring even it's not necessary for this story...

Bunch of old guys quibbling about what the other guy said, some cheap action, Robert De Niro frowning, no real plot development, the usual stuff.

Long, pointless, and self-indulgent Swan Song .

He made Russell Bufalino seem like an intimidating but kind character that was always intriguing to watch.

Fantastic performances specially by Al Pacino who just rolled back the years with a mind blowing performance.

Long, slow, famous faces, interesting story .

Please don't waste ur time on this long boring movie nothing special at all just a long movie probably memorial of his last movie sucks to be that boring when u have all these actors please listen and dont watch

Boring .

Then we get immersed into the "wonderful" and "exciting" world of truck driver unions and their political struggles during the 60s which becomes the main topic for 3 hours.

All these raving reviews are bs, a group of big celebrities in a mafia movie with a really boring story telling, boring acting, bad makeup, no fancy wording here just to say this is a bs Scorsese movie, he trashes Marvel's movies while his is a total let down no entertainment no art.

This is not godfather, casino or goodfellas, not even an imitation, this is just a bad film with big stars and a great director, silence bored me to death, this is up there.

The story was also really engrossing.

I agree with the other reviews that it's slow and drawn out.

It is well acted, seeing the 3 on the screen (you know who I mean) at full power is amazing but nowhere near as intense as I would've wanted it to be.

Watching it made me sleepy, sad and nostalgic.

I highly recommend it .

It was way too long for this.

The dialogue was just repetitive and tedious.

Long and boring.

Boring as a cat scratching it's dirty tea towel holder

3 and 1/2 hours of slow god awful drivel.

Especially the long boring ending.

So why did I really find this tedious, boring and sterile.

Slow, bloated and lacking .

The Irishman" is long, to be sure, but always compelling and with a great cast, i.

Boring story, boring script, feels very low budget in every aspect, the violent scenes were frankly embarrassing.

Very long and boring .

And, even if you already know the history surrounding Hoffa and the unions, it's still a fairly compelling story.

Your choice to watch, this was a tough one it had it's moments but overall tedious and boring.

Call me an uncultured swine, but the Irishman is just boring.

Way Too Long .

Slow and dull .

But sitting through this particular film experience is like getting excited about watching three world-class swimmers get into a pool for a lap together, and seeing the pool turn into a half-mile river of sludge with no finish line that you can see, seemingly going nowhere.

Adult Peggy was pointless, as was Meth Damon.

Way Too Long .

On to the compelling;Joe Pesci - Brilliant, understated portray of the kindly uncle/ruthless gangster Russ Bufalino - maybe his best work to date.

Way too long, no substance .

Miscasted and predictable .

Far too long with so many sequences that should have been left on the editing room floor.

Don't waste your time!

Watching Paint Dry .

Slow and Unnecessarily Long .

I'm not exactly sure why this film was 3.5 hours, but with elements missing to make a great film, it was just way too long.

Sorry, this film is over three hours of Robert Denero acting like who he thinks he is...

No thriller, no suspense you would expect from a Scorsese movie, just plain old boring drama.

Pretty disappointing, but I'm gonna try to watch it again and see if I can stay awake this time.

Ultimately this reminded of a children's book that was being read to me so I could fall asleep.

Great characters, strong plot, engaging script.

PM: No script writers.

Wish it were more exciting or engaging is all.

My wife just went to bed and said it was three and a half hours of boredom.

Flat, dull, over acted .

Soooo boring .

What was missing for me was an entertaining story.

Unfortunately this slowly paced story has put me to sleep twice.

It's dull at times, even for people in the mafia.

You'll walk away having wasted 3 hours of your life.

It's confusing keeping the characters sorted out.

The plot had a lot more dialogue than action, so that may have made it seem slow to some.

I couldn't stand the whole 3,5hrs of slow moving movie .

Now I will go back to my own, dreary world of security and damn that feels good!

Overall, worth watching.

This is the first time a Martin Scorsese film let me down , it's nearly unwatchable , I feel like the Netflix release says it all in hindsight similar to the movie the Interview ...

Great use of cgi to make our favourite actors look younger, however the movie is way too long and can become boring in parts as a result.

The CGI to made the very old men look just oldish and was hard to follow.

The effect is a bit distracting at first, but the story and these characters are so intriguing that we simply roll with after the initial jolt.

Great film, stunning acting.

Dull .

This is a real tedious Hoffa-theory snoozer.

This movie is pretty boring and the age changing special effects are weird at best.

Well worth the watch, you may have to remember a few names of the characters as quite a few are mention so it could get slightly confusing if you lose track.

Long, classy shots with an ironic conciseness, considering the film is very long.

Complete boredom

After persuading my wife to watch this movie that I couldn't wait to watch, it turned out that she enjoyed it whereas I couldn't wait for it to end and put me out of my misery.

This is a truly engrossing film to watch!

At 3 hours it is way too long and one wonders if a bit of judicious editing would have improved the pace and tension.

Very entertaining to watch.

Boring, long, talking and more talking .

Extremely boring .

Great interpretation but to slow movie

Some parts of this movie were quite brilliant but unfortunately it was ridiculously drawn out with some mind numbingly dull parts that were hard to watch in their dullness.

This could've been so easily trimmed to a max 120 mins by deleting many unnecessary and pointless scenes - or at least trimming them down, and it would've been a great film.

Second half was too slow and boring.

Love the actors and the director, but this is possibly the most boring load of rubbish I've ever watched.

Yes, we can argue with its length, or we can miss the action that what we are used to now, but just for the director and actors impact on a decade and on the filming industry is just enough reason to praise this enjoyable piece of art, the good movie itself is just a bonus.

Trite, lack of original thought, boring and way too long - we didn't even finish the movie.

It starts off with a gripping conversation that changes everything we ever thought about how this film would go, and then, Scorsese enters a roughly 20-minute long sequence that's easily one of the most suspenseful, heart-pounding and intense sequence ever put on film.

Ver boring .

A man that by sheer luck starts working with the mafia and becomes a union leader because he seems bored enough and needs a little bit of enjoyment in his life.

Slow, and with the energy of a 75 years old grandpa .

All the actors in this movie are great, I guess their entertaining performances keep people awake for the whole movie.

His at times stolid , wooden acting seemed to slow down what little pace the movie had.

But could be a tad bit boring at times.