The Irishman (2019) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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A mob hitman recalls his possible involvement with the slaying of Jimmy Hoffa.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Martin Scorsese
Stars: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino
Length: 209 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 334 out of 1024 found boring (32.61%)

One-line Reviews (734)

Slow burn de-aged vfx gangster movie that feels like high school class reunion .

Long winded, boring and laughable at times.

We're back in Scorsese voice-over hell and it's a completely dragged out, overly emotional, unearned final act that borders on being all-out comically bad at times.

The Irishman is Martin Scorsese's most mature Film and despite it's long run time and slow pacing.

Besides his mind blowing personification of Hoffa, I found the movie was worth watching.

The movie is very long.

Boring movie.

A real yawn fest unfortunately.

The result is moving, entertaining and brilliant.

A lot of references to the movie being boring might arise from the fact that everything does not really need to have quick cuts from one scene to the next scene, or jump to another setting with no intro.

The Irishman is extremely entertaining, so don't let that 3 in a half hour run time scare you.

Dull, boring and two hours too long .

There was the unexpected election of JFK (fixed by the Mob?

Could not watch it till the end, too long, boring and overhyped .

Irishman is BORING.

Slow clap.

Kind of disappointing and boring .

The Irishman IS entertaining.

Boring as hell.

It's so fascinating how they change their age.

The next 60 minutes move at a blistering pace, enjoyable at best, and the last 30 minutes are wasted on drawn out dialogue that leads to a far less desirable ending than expected.

Loved the movie VERY Entertaining

Save yourself 3 hours of your life.

It's banal and lacks depth and needs serious editing.

Worth watching it .

About the movie, it was boring at moments, i am sure it was possible to make this movie shorter than this.

There is a long conversation about a fish in a car: what kind of fish it was, why you shouldn't put a fish in your car unless it's properly packaged, etc. It's really some of the most plodding stuff he's ever put on film and it's fantastic.

The Irishman (2019) - 7.3Act 1 - 7.0Act 2 - 7.2Act 3 - 7.8 Live in this mobster world though Franks experiencesLike the voiceover as Frank is telling us his storyGet insight into the inner workings of the mob and the TeamstersFilm remains interesting throughout but is much to long and slow taking away from the more impactful momentsLast third of the film is very good showing the death of Hoffa and Frank's life catching up with himFilm shows that these glorified villains all end up in the same place and most likely end up alone and afraid of what is to come of them for all the bad things they have doneSad seeing Frank all alone with nobody around him even though we have seen what this man has doneScore of the film is used very wellCinematography is very good, plenty interesting shotsWell written and directedActing is very good and the best part of the film helping along this very long run timeDe Niro, Pesci and Pacino all give Oscar worthy performancesWould recommend this film with the biggest drawback being the pace and lengthGreat opening introducing us to Frank Sheeran in a retirement home and voice over ensues about Franks story he has to tell, he's a hit man for the mobDe-aging technology is great, still move like old people though which is a bit distractingNice zoom in shot on Ray Ramano in court scene, plays Bill Bufalino an attorney and his cousin in Russell played by Pesci who is leader of the mobThis is how Frank gets involved in the Italian mobFrank beating up the store owner was funny because he looked like an 80 year old in a fight, real badFrank becomes more involved with the mob and even does a hit for Angelo Bruno, a leader of the mob, does more and more hitsLike when they introduce us to passing characters telling us how they were all killedRussell connects Hoffa to Frank, Hoffa head of the Teamsters Union, helped raise wages for many Americans and was seen as a heroJimmy gets close with Franks family and his daughter Peggy isn't afraid of him because he is helping peopleMob went to the Teamsters for loans as they didn't go to the banks and that's how they helped build VegasFrank says that the mob helped JFK get elected, Jimmy doesn't trust JFK as Bobby goes after him, trouble for the mob and JimmyLooks like Frank delivered some weapons to the Cubans at one pointFirst third of film starts slow and settles us into the world of Frank SheeranHoffa doesn't like Tony as he is making unions look bad and wants Frank to run for a local Union President of 326 and he accepts and winsFailed assassination attempt on Hoffa and Chucky helps beat him up in courtShows Jimmy and his team working the courts to get out of troubleHoffa is happy that JFK died and that ended Bobby going after JimmyJimmy still gets convicted of juror tampering and fraud and Fitz is in charge and is easily taken advantage ofTony gets arrested by the FBI for extortion and got 7 years where Jimmy is staying and attacks JimmyFrank is back with Russell after Hoffa goes to jail and has to kill Crazy Joe, like the voiceover hereJimmy is out of jail after 4 years with a presidential pardon and wants to take back his union from Fitz and TonyMeeting with Tony doesn't go over well and Jimmy wants to know if Russell will do something about him, Frank with Jimmy and RussellFitz and Jimmy start to feud for leadership of the teamstersEveryone at a special night for Frank and Big Tony tells Russell that Hoffa is finding a way to hold up their loans and Russell and Jimmy have a discussion about itRussell gives Frank a ring that only he and Angelo have, Frank is untouchable nowRussell tells Frank that Jimmy has to step aside and Jimmy doesn't take this well and says he can take them down if they come after himReally good scene with Jimmy and Frank at his ceremonyJimmy refuses to step aside and now he is in danger from the mobJimmy wants Frank at the meeting with Tony and Russell says he knows and that they aren't going as they have done everything they could for himGreat scene with Pesci and De Niro at breakfast telling him that Jimmy is done no matter whatFrank meets up with Sal and Chucky and they go pick up Jimmy and Jimmy feels safe because he sees Frank thereReally good stuff and tension built without any score in the setup of bringing Jimmy inJimmy walks in and instantly doesn't like what he sees and Frank shoots and kills him and then flys back to Russell all in the matter of a few hours, best moments in the film, Frank has to kill his friendJimmys disappearance is in the news and Peggy stopped talking to her father that daySee the guys that were with Jimmy incinerate his body, Jimmy has to kill Sal and it was because of bad infoNobody was convicted on Jimmy's disappearance and Chucky brought Jimmy to his death without even knowing itSee everybody going down for different things, Russell goes down, and Frank gets 18 yearsRussell dies and Frank gets outSee Frank as a brittle old man on his own with a dead wife and kids who don't want to be around him because of what he has done, then goes into an assisted living homeLast 30 minutes of the film is the downfallEveryone we have met has died except Frank, Frank doesn't feel anything for what he has doneReally sad seeing him all alone with nothing and nobodyEnds with us seeing him through a crack in the door on his own

A lot of people said that the movie is too long, 3 hours and a half are in fact way above the average, and my suggestion would be to pick a day where you don't have anything to do and enjoy it.

But to add to it a Godfatheresque touch, ace director Scorsese drags it far and far to a point you start feeling bored.

So far so I fell asleep and my spouse got extremely bored watching it.

I will call it trying to be exciting scenes.

I cannot believe how long this movie was, and that I somehow managed to stay awake throughout all of it.

This film was really intense.

And I've always preferred Scorcese's fast-moving films (After Hours, Taxi Driver) to his slow ones (Raging Bull, Last Temptation of Christ).

Great acting, very good cinematography and we all know that Scorsese is a amazing director, but the movie is very long, and feels very long, a lot of great movies are very long and they are great, like Lawrence of Arabia and Schindler's List for example, they are classics and in my opinion The Irishman is not going to enter in this category.

It's confusing keeping the characters sorted out.

so boring .

Despite this, it is a very enjoyable film and it has so many characters and names (in fact I suggest you to keep note of who everyone is or you will lose some main points of the plot!

Scorsese and the cinematography team masterfully selects a color palette fitting of the film, giving it a vintage, engrossing look.

Husband and I Fell Asleep .

The storyline dragged and didnt excite at all.

The 'trademark' tracking shots, the convoluted storyline, the freeze-frame to give a brief biographical outline of a newly introduced character, the 'cool' violence, the voiceover - it's all there and it's all a bit sad in that what was once exciting is now terrible old hat.

But I'll address the elephant in the room: 3.5 hours is too long!

And yes, it dragged.

Fascinating to see the scores given by reviewers are either very high or very low, not much in the middle.

What happens in these slow scenes is sometimes very interesting.

To me, it's not the best picture material we all thought it might be, but it's certainly worth watching.

Far too slow and mumbled dialogue .

5 hours dragged.

Banal, boring and fed up the same characters.

Just a lot of self indulgent nonsense from three chaps who should know better.

Yawn .

However, it is extremely hard to follow all the events without getting confused as well as the names and who is who.

Many people do compare this movie to Goodfellas or Casino - and describe The Irishman as too boring.

I let The Irishman fairytale ramble on to an empty sofa for another hour or so before I switching off the Netflix app.

Sorry but that's 3 hours of my life gone on a load of over aged men mumbling on.

It was way too long.

Very very boring .

This is not a slam bang, fast paced Marvel Comic movie where everyone is always zooming through and slamming people around is common.

Slow, boring and too long .

That's too bad, given that modern graphics algorithms and high-speed computing have provided auteurs the fascinating ability to add age or induce youth into characters, perhaps leading to the ultimate goal of eliminating the picky and demanding actors in their entirety.

Nothing happens.

While his histories of the mob (good fellas) and Vegas (casino) seemed worthy of their epicness & length, this feature is a little long, slow & leggy.

Enjoyable if you don't compare it to anything else and can look past the odd CGI.

too long boring and self indulgent saga of regurgitated mob stories...

These are stunning performances.

The performance was great, cinematography was good as well but it was just so god damn long and boring.

The Irishman is an unbelievable boring film.

The film was boring, static, without soundtrack, women and any kind of feeling.



Ling and boring Wanted to like it, couldn't finish it.

DeNiro was slow.

Loong, boring movie about men at their worst, that is, long scenes of subdued, indirect, emotionless dialog, punctuated with quick scenes of violent bloodshed.

Otherwise the movie was pretty entertaining.

This movie is so long and boring that I dozed off in theater.

When the story and the flashbacks catch up with each other, we're given some of the most slow sequences I can ever recall in a Scorsese film.

Waste of time...

The entire movie is a predictable cliche.

Third of all it's extremely boring three hours and a half for a film it's just too much.

The reason I got bored was not about time.

Possibly Scorsese's worst movie, aimless plotting, repetitive scenes (yeah I got that point the first time), underused female stars, and so on.

Patient direction, slick dialogue, solid turns, and impeccable production design and cinematography bring forth an engaging if unspectacular first half glimpse into mob life, marred only by de-aged De Niro's unnerving eyes.

Yawn .

Fantastic performances specially by Al Pacino who just rolled back the years with a mind blowing performance.

The pacing of the movie is deliberately slow, to give a sense of the span of time.

) Frank to "young" Frank (still old De Niro) but get that past that and you have a fascinating movie that steers you towards answers to some of the fascinating mysteries that define the Kennedy/Nixon era.

I have a period of sitting and falling asleep.

Such a long boring torture!

So dull.

So there are good elements to it, like I mentioned before, but with no story line the film feel pointless from start to finish and no great actors can really do that much to help.

One of the best movies of a very bad year, well acted, decent script, after such atrocity's as the "Gemini Man" and "Last Blood" it was relief to see a good absorbing well made film.

Drink coffee before watching though, cause it is boring AF.

Slow and dull.


This is one of the longest, most boring movies ever.

The third reel is repetitive over the decline of the De Niro character.

Nothing happens.

So slow and still so fascinating .

all very flat and drawn out.

It's 3hrs of boredom...

Waste of time

One Hollywood cliche I spotted years ago and is about as entertaining as a day in the rain without a coat is the 'old timers (whether soldiers, football players, mercenaries, a band or what the hell you like) are summoned to come together for one last time and prove they can still cut it'.

Ill give a star for the acting and another for the dialog (pointless as it is), maybe another for the film crew and makeup artists.

The first hour is fast paced, wonderfully directed/shot and gets me involved.

Bored my pants off.

This movie is boring, and the aging is ridiculous.

The story has too many aspects that can be removed making the movie this long was too boring and a waste of time plus there's no close ending

Good actors but boring movie, would have liked to see more action, no emotion,

Hopefully that saves you from wasting three hours of your life.

Movie is wonderful thoroughly enjoyed it.

A long interlude at the Latin Casino in Cherry Hill NJ sets up what happens as Hoffa loses his grip on the Teamsters but is probably too slow for younger viewers.

Despite the serious nature of the film, the dialogue remains snappy and funny when necessary.

Nice try though, too bad it was so long and a bit boring.

The Irishman" is long, to be sure, but always compelling and with a great cast, i.

Long and boring .

3/10 - I know my opinion on this one makes kind of an outsider, but I was throughly unimpressed with the bland story, subpar visual effects, and unbearable runtime of this critical darling

Anyways this film is long winded, boring and completely forgettable.

Too long and too boring .

" Martin Scorsese showed his strength in using actors he knows and trusts to bring another compelling Italian mob film story to the screen.

The story is interesting but way too long.

Boring movie don't waste your time

A sad waste of time .

It's long, drawn out and really quite boring in the end.

So boring.

Just plain boring .

The dialogue seemed stale, the characters are forgettable, the plot is all over the place, the cinematography is dull, and it lacks that energy and emotion that Scorsese movies usually have.

But the result is 189 minutes of slow-moving, dreary brutality by a character who seems chosen to demonstrate the banality of it all.

You will have a more exciting time in the back yard watching a squirrel hunting for food.

technically flawless, terribly boring .

Audacious, Stunning masterpiece .

The conversation in the film also quite bored!

However, the length of this movie killed it and how boring it was :/

Upon my first viewing I thought it was a very entertaining and exciting film.

One Big Snorefest .

The film is far too long, it could have been 1 hour shorter without losing anything important to the story.

Acting good, just no story.

Fell Asleep .

Cliche boring movie .

If you take the famous faces out and the big budget, what kind of story are you left with, it is slow and painful, a rewrite of a thousand that went before and doesn't leave you thinking anything apart from maybe lets go to the pub and have a drink before they shut if you happened to see a late show.

But I will still judge it as a movie experience you sit through from beginning to end and 3.5 hours is too long!

It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

After watching the Irishman I kept thing of the movie the Magnificent Ambersons very detailed long drawn out scenes and storylines I was pleasure to watch.

Plot: The plot of this film is a bit hard to follow, especially when you consider there is a crap load of it.. like 3 and a half hours!!!

There are much better ways to spend more than three hours of your time.

Slow and definitely not keeping the attention of the audience.

The plot was boring and lacked any resemblance to Scorsese's usual style.

I expect that if you like the formulaic gangster movie then this is probably for you.

Terrible, dull, tedious TV movie fare .

I get that maybe he was going for realism but dear god it was so boring to watch.

The Netflix option gives one the opportunity to take a mid-film break, as the length of the picture might leave you feeling antsy with some of the slower exposition.

I tried two or three times but It's really tedious.

It is much slower, much more deep, the consequences are more dramatic, and it is more focused on the ephemeral nature of the gangster life.

The problem isn't that all this stuff isn't interesting, but at one point there's some confusion about what's going on or what character is who and so on.

boring .

Give them something halfway original (as in all that dubious European art stuff) and many just run scared: they want to see the world on the edge of destruction saved by the love of a good woman for a man who only had to find that brave core he didn't know was there.

Boring .

Very disapointed movie and very very slow.

Out of respect for the fact that these people once made good, even great films, I sat through the entire unbearable mess.

Ponderous, derivative and a lie .

Some unexpected funny moments.

It has no suspense, the storyline isn't interesting, the voices of the women are absent and the dialogue is dreadfully boring .

Awful movie, awful script, awful acting and way too long!!

This film is so long and boring, nothing really happens.

He truly knows how to make a classic gangster film, and make it entertaining at the same time.

Slow storyline

watchable but boring .

The Irishman is an incomparable story of a man who seems to win everything and ends up empty-handed in front of his creator.

Boring Spin...

I found a largely self-indulgent piece cinema.

I hate that I have to waste my life and watch the whole thing.

Yawn .

It was witty and funny yet also serious and compelling.

The film could easily be entitled 'Frank Sheeran", but wouldn't be that intriguing.

The film is too long.

I will state that some of the timeline as the story goes back and forth in time can also be a little confusing.

I don't understand the film because it's long and confusing.

Goodfellas, Casino, and The Departed are all brilliant classics, and are much more entertaining than this despite not being much shorter in run time.

What was problematicThe pace was virtually real time, slow to stop, drama is a compression of reality over conflict, this really did drag in places.

Bored and bumbling .


Nothing happens in 3.5 hours other than it is a good excuse to nap.

Entertaining .

Long, boring and not worth bothering with.

Very Boring .

Every time Pacino gets angry he starts shouting, there are lots of ways to do angry, and although it does fit with the character, it becomes pretty tiresome and doesn't pull you into those scenes.

Way too long .

The Irishman is full of fascinating characters, great storytelling and brilliant performances.

It started out ok but then got boring and way too long.

The movie is more then a slow burn, because in my opinion there is no payoff.

Fell asleep.

This movie should be 90 minutes long instead of 3 hours but it would still be a complete waste of time.

What a waste of 3 hours of my time.

Too long and dull.

It felt empty, like the characters had no significant substance to them at all.

Often Scorsese resorts to seemingly improvised dialogue, again highlighting his "banality of evil" theme.

Nostalgia boredom .

After one hour (yes i'am slow) this got me borred.

So, even if it's long and slow paced, The Irishman just makes you immerse in the story and enjoy one of the finest modern directors' work.

Takes way too long to get to the point of the story.


The movie is really entertaining and interesting.

It is unbearably tedious and boring in its consistently slow motion, there are only dirty pathetic old men who murder each other throughout the film, Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa is just overacting all the way, and finally there is a catholic priest absolving Robert de Niro for all his premeditated brutal murders, and there is an alarming lack of any sense of humour - a desert of meaningless human viciousness, the only oasis being his daughter Anna Paquin who finally refuses to have anything more to do with him, the professional cold-blooded murderer, who kills just for being told and paid to do so.

Boring .

The Irishman is a thrilling masterpiece, one of the greatest scorsese titles and the last truly cinematic and great mafia movie.

Boring .

Scorsese's tale of famed union leader hit compromised by slow pacing and a sense of déjà vu .

Fell asleep 4 times during this snooze fest , unless you have two hours to waste don't bother watching this crap

The story was engaging joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino did a great job and really brought this movie to life

The story seemed like something I have seen over and over again but I still enjoyed it.

The story is a bit boring.

Travis Bickle is a bit of a caricature, and as such, the plot develops in a very contrived way.

I can probably sum this film up in about three words: overlong, grim and boring.

Sheeran, in his final days, comes off as an empty vessel, particularly in highlighting the estrangement of his daughter Peggy (she blames him for Hoffa's murder, a man she was close to during her childhood).

This is the most boring and the most powerful one.

The pace is slow, familiar, comforting, with characters that feel like old friends...

It's three hours of predictability...

Slow .

Waste of time .

It's under Bufalino's direction that Sheeran gets further immersed in crime to the point where he begins murdering people.

Puting aside the slow pace, the great cast of my favorite actors (especially in this type of film) just felt flat where it should have been cool.

Bad and boring .

so boring .

3+ is too long.

Engrossing epic crime drama in both runtime and scale .

Spoiler warning ahead :Movie is quite slow at the first hour, and I didnt really get into it.

Most devastating is watching a man achieve his peak power, and then see his slow realisation that he has lost the love of his children.

Boring Fairytale .

Boring .

Slow and narcissistic .

RayRomano delivers a very enjoyable performance for the smaller role that he has.

Setting the scene took a little too long and the last half hour was boring.

The long ending and slow start recall the films of an earlier era, as does the prolonged presentation of the Jimmy Hoffa story.

Some of the worst, drawn out and lame scenes I can recall.

Too long and too slow...

Boring & annoying .

Eventually they all die showing their braggadocio, violence, hatred and causing so much harm was completely pointless.

We are in our 30s and both of us fell asleep!!!

Long and boring .

but I was bored watching Pacino and DeNiro play characters they've played before...

Boring to the core .

even the soundtrack feels repetitive using the same tricks as his past movies...

The movie has no story, looks like a biography of somebody.

The same can be said of Alpacino and De Niro, great performances, as for the story one would think that it is the typical story of a man who is ascending in the world of the mafia and then falls, narrated intelligently using three timelines each with its purpose, what differentiates this from other gangster and gangster movies is that it focuses more on issues such as friendship or oblivion, therefore it ends up being an interesting and engaging story, and as I said Scorsese manages to execute it very Well, I found the soundtrack great, the uses of music and all that, I liked the environment because it has that touch of "Goodfellas", several scenes are very similar.

Despite this is kind of a slow movie and doesn't really fits to the kinds of movies I like, as I said the first half an hour was interesting with more action than the rest.

However it is being dragged down a notch by the main casts age and the solution they came up with to get around that fact.

Long and boring.

Another snooze fest like once upon a time in Hollywood .

Those who says this was too long or too boring are probably the same people who the next thing they do is to continue to watch 7 hours of a dumb rom com.

If you're gonna watch, be prepared for lots of resting shots on Deniro's dull stone cold face, the severe over usage of the phrase "cocksuckers" and certain people getting "whacked" because one guy has a problem with another individual.

It's not as action packed as earlier films from this band of brothers, but I found the film even more compelling due to its in-depth look at aging, and the deepening, and regret, that comes with age.

Boring !.

Incredibly boring, hard to follow at times, slow, drawn out and simply generic.

Only thing I was missing was the 3 hours of my life I can't get back.

This is his worst movie.

And yet, it plays out like a good book - it's so fascinating at times that you just can't put it down.

If you like the Godfather series, you'll like this, but I also thought Godfather was boring.

Hours of boring pointless conversation Many useless characters, looks like a lot of actors needed money

Too long, too slow and too many talking!

It could've been slow paced and have scenes that would have nothing to do with the movie and leave us bored out of our minds.

In short, a safe choice of actors, excessively long, repetitive and a somewhat boring.

A fascinating real life story about Jimmy Hoffa which has still not been told .


Martin Scorsese is a true craftsman when it comes to creating enticing narratives and compelling characters.

It's as bad and boring as its long.

Otherwise it's just kinda bland.

Too long and slow to be great .

The movie is very long, I had to watch it over two days (2 hours the first day, 1.5 hours the next day).

It's a movie dragged till it's dead.

The film is, of course, a truly masterful and riveting jolt of cinema.

Soo long and boring.

Joe Pesci's portrayal is well handled and well honed, in a way that you would only expect from a veteran actor; however, the first hour of the film, the reason why it drags, I think comes down to the fact that none of the characters up until Al Pacino's character, were compelling enough to be the driving force of the film.

Sorry guys, but The Irishman was boring!

I found it so slow and boring that I almost fell asleep.

The story is very engaging and the long runtime feels very brisk thanks to the brilliant editing by industry great Thelma Schoonmaker.

Others may find it so drab that they'll only watch half of it and never finish.

This "epic" motion picture constantly maneuvers between being borig-ish and plain boring, with the culmination part shifting to a plain boredom.

However any audience that is willing to watch this movie needs to be patient and in the mood for a slow-burning story.

As inevitably memorable the film naturally is unfortunately the slow going pace of a lot of parts and the age of the actors snag what should have been a pinnacle of the silver screen.

You shouldn't even bother trying to listen to every bit a dialogue - I was out of the loop for quite the bit of the movie's length and I still enjoyed it.

Waste of life watching this.

The ending, regardless of the protracted runtime, is a riveting and subtle closing of the circle, the quietness of it struck me and stayed with me, an elegant master has created out of a handful of lines, how Jimmy sees himself and his end.

One of the slowest movies I've watched in years.

very boring movie...

Wow - a lot of people I know have said they could not get in to it, it was boring etc. I started watching it (albeit at the wrong time, too late at night) and did struggle.

In spite of a strong cast, the action is slow moving and the development predictable.

It's more life like, a story of a life, life the Godfather, slow paced, it develops in layers, and characters and conflict.

This true-life based story is really watchable, with great performances, the splendid playful but classic direction by Scorsese, and the period detail accompanied by gripping moments of violence of criminal activity and violence, and of course the extraordinary special effects to "de-age" the actors, it just about uses the three and half hours running time pretty well, a worthwhile epic crime drama.

3 houres and a half runs fast when you see a production of this size, the character constructions from the introduction to their final scenes are awesome, enjoyable and master planned.

I sit here as the movie plays in the background and I am positive I haven't missed anything because nothing happens in this movie.

boring .

Creative directing, beautiful shots and fascinating atmosphere.

The movie was highly suspenseful in the scenes leading up to Hoffa's killing.

It cost me 3.5 hours of my precious life to watch this subpar uneventful gangster drama.

Long, Insightful, Occasionally amazing, Occasionally Boring .


The pace was slow and it felt like there was too much repetiton and rumination of irrelevant details, while also glancing over the reasoning and motifs for some of (what seemed to be) the crucial points in the story.

Way too slow of a movie and too long.

Boring boring boring.

This movie was incredibly boring and tedious.

This movie is so great, well done, Martin is a great director and the cast is unique, I really enjoyed it, I want to watch it more times, the historic part is so well managed here

Slow, boring, disturbing, unimpressive...

Colossal waste of time .

Too long boring nobody cares about 70 y.

The Irishman could have been much better had Scorsese used more judicious editing but even so, his tale of gangsters' banality of evil also seems to have been told one too many times before.

It's a slow burn that never really catches fire.

The story line was so predictable as soon as Hoffa was introduced as a character and became friends with Frank you knew Frank was going to be involved with his "disappearance".

I remember a lot of the major events, albeit as a youngster, so, for me, this is an engrossing trip down some dark, neon-flashing streets of my memory.

Entertaining Gangster Flick .

I really enjoyed it and it's a pity it did not win any Oscars.

The scene when he and Frank are just getting to know each other and speaking Italian with Russell asking him how he learned to speak Italian was very engaging.

The Irishman is as good as you'd think it would be, with a compelling story, good acting, interesting cinematography.

That guy would have made it a cliche.

It's just a boring, dull story about another gangster.

Still, "The Irishman" is worth the watch because some of cinema's greatest actors are in it, directed by one of Hollywood's most talented directors.

The film is about an hour too long as well, was bored by the end.

Not only that, it's nearly 3:40 minutes long, to the point of boredom.

Some people are freakin out over the director Martin Scorcese calling it overrated and boring.

Interesting film based on fact, drawn out FAR too long .

The movie is too long and to be packed with all these lies makes it all the more painful.

What kept me from being bored was all the history about Frank Sheeran's mob involvement, which is captured beautifully by Robert De Niro.

For all its slow pace, "The Irishman" feels like its characters made the most impact on the world.

Massive yawn .

Boring Idiotic Illogical .

They want predictable, they want to see the same storyline over and over again.

No story no suspense just sequential events in history.

It's designed to emphasize one of the film's major themes: the banality of evil of Mafia goons-a point made in almost every scene in this film ad infinitum.

Dull attempt at a reunited cast.

Way too long, no substance .

boring, its like all other gangstar movie, didn't like the de-aging effects at all.

Anything but, "long, slow, and boring".

Boring .

This movie is well made, it just went on for far too long.

But if you're the type of person that wants an emotional connection to a character or subplot, a surprise / twist, interesting camera angles, or something riveting that pulls you in, The Irishman fails on all counts.

Sociopaths they may be, but it's like watching a propaganda news reel from 1942.

Guess I didn't find labor unions & their intersection w/ the mob, politics, etc. as compelling, dramatic, or visually on par w/ his other masterworks.

The story is told well through flashbacks to various different eras and it is fascinating to see the actors performing as different ages.

The plot was getting over repetitive.

The movie is long and pointless.


Amazing dramatization of such a fascinating period of U.

It's slow, plodding, overlong and dull.

What a waste of both time and talent.

Too slow, boring plot, waste of time.

totally uneventful and way too long.

i would rather watch a garbo superhero movie than go through this boredom again.

Do not watch this movie unless you really want to, it is a waste of time.

Honestly, it just felt ridiculously self-indulgent.

and even then will be boring.

The film that always comes to mind when I think of the 'old timers' cliche is The Wild Geese: old timers Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris, Hardy Krüger and Stewart Grainger strut their stuff as mercenaries called out of retirement to make more money for the Hollywood moguls.

Maybe a bit long film but in general very worth watching.

But still enjoyable.

The score and the specific songs help to create some of the most impactful as well as the most powerful scenes, needed for the narration's rhythm to surprise in the most unexpected ways the audience.

So while it was a bit boring you felt there was an artist burning with passion.

Engaging, Melancholic, Memorable, Funny, Long lasting, Beautiful, Fascinating, Must watch.

It's an amazing job how to make a boring-as-hell movie with such legendary actors!!!

Worst movie of 2019 .

Boring .

I know it's a biography but story was very boring to me.

Holy cow that's way to long.. I found myself confused and bored by the end, I mean I didnt even finish it that's how bored I was.

regrettable 209 minutes (or 3½ hour runtime,) it was slow as hell and I would've really dug a 2-hour cut of this.


The CGI was so distracting and the pace too slow.

Boring .

Other than that, it was all as dull as the 50s, 60s, and 70s interior set design.

This movie's boring.

Hey, most boring mafia film in the history of cinema...

Character moments that are fascinating.

Unfortunately, the below 35 generation, if not obsessed about Marvel, only know Scorsese from Goodfellas, The Departed and Casino, which is fine, but the same guy did Raging Bull or Taxi Driver, which probably again, 90% if the people below 35 would find boring.

A terribly boring movie, skip.

It was slowly paced, and the dialogue was somewhat difficult to grasp.

It just feels like a lot of really dragged out rehash.

However, this 209 minute is an absolute chore to sit through, an exercise in in self-indulgence and patience testing.

Good but also boring .

Scenario, acting and production values are just interesting enough to prevent the film of being bland.

Because it's just stunning, terrific is the performance, perfect is the storyline, and I was very happy to see Al and Niro together.

The Irishman has an extremely slow burn.

I believe in recycling but don't waste 3-1/2 hours of my time watching elderly actors reprise old roles.

Even though its long, it is entertaining.

Slow, boring, stereotyped, unimaginative.

Boring ....

Many people will find it boring.

At times it drags on too much making it boring.

So boring .

Boring, boring, boring .

Protracted - complex - boring story - outdated actors .

Pretty dull .

The same slow pacing applies to the scene leading up to Hoffa's murder.

Most boring useless movie Ive seen in a long time.

The little Italy setting is trite, irrelevant and underexplored, feeling as though Fat Tony would've been more threatening or at least entertaining.

The movie is a tad overlong but still enjoyable.

One of the most boring movies I've ever seen .

Long and boring .

Very slow movie .

Only if the effort was a little more fascinating.

The beginning is tame, and maybe even boring in certain parts.

If you're a fan of Scorsese, or these actors, please don't waste your time because you will lose all respect.

The stellar acting by De Niro, Pacino and Pesci help keep the characters exciting and the jam-packed, witty dialogue that only a few will fully understand keeps the film fresh and aids audience in breezing through the film.

When Joe Pesci calls DeNiro "Kid" at the start thought it was going to be a comedy, but that was the only funny moment in a very long and very boring movie.

Surprisingly boring .

Boring .

A lot of people have said the Irishman is too slow paced, and the truth is, yes, the first hour of the movie does drag.

The story is engaging as it revolves around some actual events at least.

Long, boring, and after 90 minutes I had it.

Entire film quite long and slow!

The pace was too slow and drawn out and the performances were sub-par for these acting giants.

Kind of a waste of time .

only watch if you like being bored .

This movie is unbelievably boring and painfully slow.


For a cast like this I thought it was at least going to be good but was I wrong, CGI was terrible and far to boring to be a gangster film.

For me, this was a big distraction and ultimately made the movie unbelievable and unwatchable.

This is just dull.

This movie is a slow burn, and by the time you've seen the movie, you'd have aged significantly - emotionallyWho will I recommend the movie to - a serious series buff.

A well made well acted predictable gangster movie with De Niro giving the best performance in my opinion.

Long and boring.

Sheeran is fascinating figure.

Scorsese was given the chance to make an epic, 3,5h, portrait of a gangsters life but messed it up with long and boring scenes that made nothing for the movie, time lines that were just in the way and, above all, overall weak acting performances.

Instead it's self indulgent, glacially paced wallpaper.

Boring .

Instead, I felt it was a plodding, miscast standard gangster movie.

Suuuper slow in multiple parts.

It was kinda boring for a Scorsese mob flick.. There needed to be like 8 more action scenes at least.

Yes we have the likes of big stars such as Ray Romano, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci among others in this but 3 hours is way too long man.

Most enjoyable, please give it a chance.

A senile mafia yawn by Scorsese.

Otherwise, it's empty, dull; a complete cinematic failure.

But if you like a real story and some action this is just not it, too boring and too

Intentionally boring - exactly as planned .

Indeed this film executes that excellently and was thoroughly enjoyable becasue of that.

I fell asleep 2 or 3 times in this one because there were no big moments, drawn out sequences and very little suspense.

Interesting plot but way too long and boring.

And even though I did find parts of this movie to be slow, it was still highly enjoyable and I'd go so far as to say even somewhat educational.

Really boring .

Too boring, too slow and too long ...

Honestly, it's tedious,boring in most parts; it never convinces- they are all old men pretending to being young men; the de- aging process used is at times ludicrous( results of glowing faces that look so unreal)dialogue is,at times,silly- "hey kid" a character calls out to an aged DeNiro hunched over his truck.....

Overhyped, slow and too many fat breaks .

While the first two acts of the film were incredibly entertaining, funny, and tragic all at the same time, the last act of the film contextualises the entire piece in a way that presents an utterly haunting message, prompting one to consider their entire life as a whole and remember that no job, sum of money, or amount of respect from peers is worth the same as genuine human connection - the true meaning of life.

Boring story.

I tried to like it, but it was just way to long and boring.

While I did find it kinda complicated and hard to follow at times, this is a must-see.

Way too long, at times boring.

Terrible- save your money and time.

Overrated drab .

That part felt way too long and it was the first time I was starting to get impatient.

While I was about to give this slow moving crime drama a 7; the last 30 minutes was as slow and depressing; as the Robert De Niro character was dealing with his impending death.

Pros:Cliché to say, but the performances of De Niro, Pacino and Pesci are just incredible, Class is permanentThe more I watched, the more engrossed I became into Frank's life and Jimmy Hoffa's affairsSet design was brilliant also, such as Pennsylvania and MichiganCons:The runtime was a little issue for me, I thought it could've been cut in some areas, I did become a little bored during partsCGI did bother me slightlyOverall - 'The Irishman' is very good crime film.

It brings links between the Mafia and the Unions that I never knew, and the banality of some of these people and their lives mixed with the violence of their ends is effectively transmitted.

Just like for Alfonso Cuaron who is a good director but made a boring so so film with 'Roma' albeit with beautiful cinematography, the 'Irishman' is a repetitive opus and mostly boring redux of Scorcese's past materpieces like 'Goodfellas' with a legendary cast of actors who are but an old shell of themselves.

Snork boring .

Boring and dreamy, ridiculous technology of rejuvenation, confusing story and disappointment of the filmmaker.

Thus it could appear to be boring because in reality, life isn't some super exciting mind blowing story.

- Waaaaaaaay way too long.

This is both boring and frightening, because...

Top quality performances from De Niro, Pacino and Pesci are truly engaging.

My Rating : 8/10An engaging slow-burning film from none other than Martin Scorsese!

It's a little boring now to just be perfect.

Waste of time .

The rest of the film was boring, uninteresting and slow till the point I just wanna it to end.

This is one of the worst and boring films of the season, and largely in part to Deniro, just letting down the entire fan base.

Boring .


Is the slowest most boring film ever seen.

Painfully boring and pointless .

Too long and boring in parts .

Overhyped boredom .

The Irishman is a very interesting and entertaining movie, and anyone who appreciates movies about organized crime in the 1900's should definitely consider watching it.

This is hands down one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

I was bored; had to break the movie up into three sittings.

Yawn .

but Robert De Niro is breathtaking, Pacino astonishing and the recreation of that era and the writing and direction are faultless.

Al Pacino by far steals the show, and manages to create the more compelling character of the cast.

Boring characters.

Long and Boring .

The story is long, drawn out and too unoriginal to rate as highly as it does and certainly not a best picture candidate.

Great use of cgi to make our favourite actors look younger, however the movie is way too long and can become boring in parts as a result.

Ultimately this reminded of a children's book that was being read to me so I could fall asleep.

I'm sorry but I found it super boring.

Who cares if it is totally banal and offers nothing to this genre...

How can it be that nothing happens in this very long and so disappointing movie.

Yawn .

It is very boring, thank goodness this film came out on Netflix.

Tedious mob by numbers film.

While the film is extremely entertaining throughout the duration, I did feel a slight dip of interest and pace in the film's story around the half way mark which thankfully picks up again rather quickly.

The pacing is way too slow for me, the story is not exciting and honestly, for a 3 and a half hour movie, didn't have many climaxes.

I like Martin Scorsese but this felt like a boring history lesson and I love history.

To add to the misery, its overly long, essentially repeating the same tiresome patterns; "rob, bribe, intimate, kill", rinse out the blood and repeat.

And for those who says the movie is too long, you won't feel the length of it, because it is extremely entertaining.

Long and boring .

As a fan of gangster movies and the cast, I persevered to watch it to the very disappointing end, albight in 4 separate sessions, as I fell asleep in two if them.

In short, I was bored.

And it just became boring to watch.

Yawn .

It was strangely engaging.

And you can see that even if they are young, the movement from actors it is slower than expected.

a tortoise could have run away from a clunky slow De Niro.

no plot...

Uneventful except for a few good Al Pacino moments.

this is a boring slugfest of former tough guys that no amount of bad CGI can fix.

Go and watch it now, don't waste your time!

It's way too long, and really tries to over emphasize certain characters idiosyncrasies, especially Hoffa's.

drawn out and generic!

I was alternatively compelled by the story, bored, underwhelmed, and distracted by the shots of pretty cars.

It's not the classic Scorsese movie that Taxi Driver or Goodfellas are, and it may not be historically accurate, but it's an entertaining, thought provoking, and star-studded movie.

Slow Poison .

While chaotic at first and hard to follow as you jump back and forth in the stream of time you soon realise that this is how a memory of an old De Niro works as he tells the story of his life, friendships and betrays.

Lack of drive, too many timelines, confusing.

It was a struggle to stay awake for 3 hours.

After this time: pure cliché of Italian mafia, unnecessarily long dialogues and total boredom.

Slow, boring scenario, without so much needed tension, without connection between some of the sequences...

His life had no meaning, there is just plain boredom and waiting for the death.

If your idea of an engaging night's entertainment is watching a man's hand smashed to a pulp on the sidewalk, then by all means pull up a chair and watch this film.

Waste of Time .

An interesting story but so incredibly drawn out.

This movie is great for anyone who loves the long dialogue, suspenseful, violent, Italian-American gangster Scorsese films.

Thus, it remains entertaining throughout despite the humongous runtime.

I hate to say it but it's pretty bad all I'm going to say is that they tried hard but these guys are way too old now the aging looked weird especially on Deniro and their movement and body language was off this was a role they should have done like 30 years ago in my opinion Pacino was really the only bright spot of the film but everything else was just boring and uninteresting I just didn't care about nothing in this film or the characters at all it was just very boring honestly

The plot is compelling and worthwhile.

Like many, I feared a bore-fest with a run time of 210 minutes and my goodness is this film long.

even with the runtime of 3 hours, it feels like a complete coherent story that doesnt feel dragged out.

The life of crime is boring and kinda pointless.

So boring.

A great and drawn out (rightfully so) gangster flick .

If you like really long, and boring stories of old men, doing little more than getting older, this one's for you.

I think why this story goes slowly.

A long boring mess, Scorsese can do way better .

A film where nothing happens..3 hours of my life I can never get back!!

It just suffers from being too bland and drawn out for its own good.

If this is their last major movie it's terrible that they would go out on a bland stinker.

The movie is too long and the youth cgi is terrible.

But once I spent a grueling 3 and a half hours (divided into 2 days) I just found myself sleepy, bored, let down.

Starting off strong then things slow down and eventually die and no one cares.


Felt like watching paint dry.

This is the slowest moving movie ever.

As for the scenario in fact there is no story as we all know what happened to Hoffa simply the only question is how he died.

nothing happened.

Plotless structureless mess .

At first they amuse, then they amuse because their use is so predictable.

Utterly cringeful in places, in others just plain boring.

Worth watching .

I really don't get the accolades for this overly long, boring, blood-splattered movie.

the screen time is horribly long, more than 3 hours, which is unbearable.

This tedious, boring celebration of crime is so pedestrian, by the end you wished you'd shot yourself in the head.

The film was simply boring after tow hours you will be interested in this movie!!

This scene felt so dumb, not necessary, annoying and bored!

If you really want to know who Jimmy Hoffa was and want to see a film about him that is both gripping and moving, I'd recommend Dany DeVito's Hoffa (1992).

Don't waste your time!

The stories about the hitman mobsters, are one of the most thrilling ones to explore in the books, graphic novels, television series, movies and so on.

Worth watching it, highly recommend to everybody!

In my opinion this movie is way to long and the story is too boring.

The shots are boring, the acting is okay.

Plot is interesting the first hour, last two hours just boring

Also, I appreciated the inclusion of that empty feeling elders must get when their stories and life tales fall on the deaf ears of youth.

It was the old timers cliche which very soon came to mind when I say The Irishman.

It has one of if not the best cast of the decade with legends like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel one of the best living directors, Martin Scorsese and an intriguing story.

I fell asleep!!

Empty dialogue that almost seems to be made up on the spot - and badly .

I've seen Robert DeNiro on tv a few times lately and quite frankly he was boring.

But, after a while, it felt all so drawn out, I counted the minutes and played games on my phone as it droned on only stopping to read when some people got knocked off.

I had a hard time getting into the rhythm of this film at first, it's pace is slower than I'm used to from Scorsese.

How do Pecsi, Dinero, Pachino make a movie and you fall asleep?


The moviegoer thrives on cliches, too, and if a mogul is criticised for serving up at the umpteenth time cliche 123/A he or she is perfectly entitled to the defence that 'that's what the punter wants'.

But who cares when the story is so mundane.

If you have Insomnia, start watching this movie around 10-11pm at night and you will wake up the next morning cured....

In my opinion this is the worst movie that Martin Scorsese has ever made.

However, the movie was slow and lacked what all great mob movies have, entertainment.

Boring .

This is in part due to the fact that this is a story which has been told to death and executed to perfection, by none other than Scorsese himself, so anything afterwards leaves a trite, tired aftertaste.

One of the worst movies I've ever sat through.

Boring and Meaningless .

An old, and slow one-dimensional (true) story.

This is a truly engrossing film to watch!

It's dull at times, even for people in the mafia.

So why did I really find this tedious, boring and sterile.

I had to watch it in several sessions because I kept getting bored.

However, just becasue a film is 3.5 hours long doesnt give it 'depth', it quite frankly makes it a tv series that wants to get into the oscars, with alot of the scenes being enjoyable despite the length passive specatorship will destinquish the audiences attention for the characters and the story.

I found it overly long and fairly boring.

Pesci, DeNiro & Pacino--all in one yet separate and stunning performances.

Excellent direction and intriguing storyline.

The political, union aspects of Pacino's character (Hoffa) were often some of the more tedious, mundane though.

Though I still enjoyed the movie but it is a little bit long and a little bit boring.

The very limited Cinema release is purely so Netflix can qualify the movie for Oscar consideration and effectively denies the movie going public from seeing it until its released on televisionThis movie to my mind is far too long for any movie it's over 3 and a half hours and probably would make a great mini series but as a movie I got tired of the repetitive foul language and violence same old same old hit man crime and violence.

You know, I saw him fall asleep during the Academy and thought how good can he make as an old man anyway.

It's just a bit too slow and too long.

Better to watch paint dry, mow the lawn, or perhaps get a root canal.

the timehops were clear, and I just really enjoyed it.


In the end, the movie drags on for too long in some moments, and can sometimes get boring.

Title: The Irishman (2019)Scorsese's return to Mafialand, is an ultimate slow burn that lasts around 3.5 hours.

Don't expect a great film here, expect an extremely, long, dull, boring, drawn out plot.

After the first hour though, things got dull and slow, I almost fell asleep.

OLD AND CANT ACT AS CHARACTERS THAT ARE WAY YOUNGER THEN THEMSELVES, but I have to say that Joe Pesci can do something that both De Niro and Pacino cant, he delivers a performance that is so intense that you just quickly just forgives his age and just moves on from there.


The only good scene was the nurse at the end telling him to be quiet and even that was ruined as the camera needlessly tracked her slow walk down a hallway so we could see her check-in Sheerhan's file.

I loved it, but I can see why younger viewers would get bored.

Don't know if he painted houses,it was like watching paint dry.

That was the indulgence and a stoic waste of time .

Overlong, self indulgent, self obsesssed.

A crime has been committed- of borefest on viewers and of shoddy supposition .

The Irishman is brilliantly made with stunning cinematography, production and costume design while utilizing an intoxicating 50s/60s setting.

It is well acted , but unfortunately that it is just dull.

With stunning lead performances (particularly from Robert De Niro) and a strong supportive cast, any issues I had with the film are generally the obvious ones such as the runtime and other minor features which seem distracting.

Yawn .

A tedious tale starring old men past their prime .

If that is not enough, nothing happens in the 3.5 hour runtime of this movie.

It's long but entertaining and intriguing.

I fell asleep twice during the first viewing.

Meanwhile the action in this film is extremely slow.

Unoriginal, boring, and far too long at the end I found myself on my phone wishing I had those 3.5 hours of my life back.

Many people view this as a boring slugfest and that's perfectly ok.

The Irishman, directed by Martin Scorsese is an exciting, and interesting film about Pennsylvania's Bufalino crime family during the 1950s-1970s.

I was exited at first when he saw the playtime at first but after just a bit over halt of the movie was soooo bored out, I did not even care what happens next.

A bit slow .

This is in part due to the fact that this is a story which has been told to death and executed to perfection, by none other than Scorsese himself, so anything afterwards leaves a trite, tired aftertaste.

I liked Goodfellows but found the Godfather movies boring after the first.

just a narrative of a pretty boring gangster movie.

The Irishman is an epic gangster drama with outstanding acting, skillful directing and superb dialogues, an extraordinary and compelling cinematic achievement that will find its place in history as the work that closes the chapter on gangster films

This film is so entertaining and perfect, the run time of 3 hours and 30 minutes feels more like 2 hours and 45 minutes, because I was having a blast with every single scene.

I very much enjoyed it.

It's quite a compelling tale about an aging hitman's (Robert De Niro) telling of his association with a mafia boss (Joe Pesci) and Teamsters Union head Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino).

Too long, too uninteresting, and too forced .

It is just so incredible BORING.


Exciting movie.

A riveting ride through history led by three masters of their craft.

Fell asleep.

De Niro is stunning and every bit the actor throughout that he has been his whole life.

On the other hand the movie has no real plot and we are left to wonder and guess as to what exactly is going on?

Hoffa enters the empty house and realises he has been set up.

It's a good screenplay, and overall well put together, but it is well over three hours long, and in the end, movies this long always run the risk of becoming tedious midway through.

I like the idea of the movie and what it was *trying* to portray, but with so many characters showing up every 20 seconds in the first half of the movie and the general vagueness of what the focus is on in the partucular act, it leaves you with the weird combination of confusion, anticipation and boredom.

It seemed pointless to have her play the older version.

It is classic Scorsese as he whips out all his sleight of hand manoeurvres that define his artistry in Goodfellas and Casino - voice-over narration to get into the character's head, diegetic sounds and montages to weave in political events like the Bay of Pigs invasion and the assassination of JFK to establish a keen sense of the time period, and quick sweeps to enhance the adrenaline in violent scenes.


While it's still a bit on the edge of the uncanny valley, the main actors did look significantly younger than their current ages during the flashback sequences.

I was completely underwhelmed with the structure, narrative, action (little and repetitive) and the awful CGI.

Way to slow could have being ok at 1.5 hours.

No real plot or suspense.

Some of the movie may be unintentionally funny, as the mob language has become cliche, and is emulated by a certain president of the United States.

The film is very long and it is something that will definitely be criticized so much by many people for it's runtime.

Boring retelling of the story of Jimmy Hoffa .

The pacing in the writing dragged at no point, never feeling slow, and consistently investing me into the story.

This was just an utterly boring piece of crap, much like what Robert DeNiro has become in real life.

I was bored.

Most boring movie ever seen .

It is long but was very enjoyable.

The little Italy setting is trite and irrelevant, and feels as though Fat Tony would've been more threatening or at least entertaining.

Surprisingly Engaging .

The worst movie I've seen until now .

Slow, dumb, waste of time.

It was way too long (even for Scorcese), too thin a story, and felt too much like a montage of past highlights.

This probable last entry to Scorsese's career is too long, too slow, too old, and too worn.

Had to resist falling asleep in the last hour of the film.

That being said, this movie is incredibly boring and it really overstays its welcome.

It was like watching paint dry it was so bad.

Most boring production of a decade.

Shots extend way way too long and if I saw that high shot of the street corner again and again ...

Too long and boring and overrated .

A real snoozer.

It was really entertaining.

Extremely slow .

Snooze fest .

Boring .


After the first hour or so it clicks and then with every passing hour it becomes so much more and zones into the human nature, and pain, and unexpected territories only to end on a soulcrashing discovery in the end.

Well acted, thoughtfully crafted, painfully slow .

In the end though, when things get going, and you find yourself deeply immersed into the politics of the thing, here it very clearly becomes a true contender in Scorcese's body of work, with many standout scenes, all involving Jimmy Hoffa, aside from the fish scene, which in and of itself was brilliant.

Those junkies would even find The Godfather boring.

Ditching all of the excess and pulpy entertainment on display in The Wolf of Wall Street, that provided a truly thrilling experience like no other and pleased both audiences and critics alike, this film offers a slower, more contemplative experience that's biggest strength is its thematic resonance more than its moment-to-moment entertainment (although this aspect still had me captivated from start to finish).

Predictable and boring.

Honestly this movie was just boring.

Many times are senes way too long and drawn out.

Old style movie, long and boring, no point in watching 3,5 hours of mafia people bragging about how good and smart they are.

An engaging twist to gangster movies .

Boring and B.

There ate wat better en more entertaining films to see.

The plot is entertaining and introduces us to the world that Martin wants to show us.

Getting caught arriving at a store, that purchased the meat, with an empty truck, the trucking company wants to convict him for theft.

I think it's extremely drawn out, like, I was yawning an hour in.

Anyway, The Irishman is slow.

The story is enthralling and engaging although it does lag at points and leads to a lack of plot focus.

Don't waste your time.

Netflix will make anything, and it's getting tiresome.

A freaking long and bored film!

So drawn out and boring !

I guess Martin is quick to criticize the MCU because his movies are just the boring gangster movies, this latest when is a flop that took too much time too be told and still failed even after that.


Overlong and dull.

The ending is like a very boring hour of Deniro taking some kind of victory lap for his abject failure.

Al Pacino was the standout performance for me, he gave a mind blowing performance, probably the best performance of the year.

I was really looking forward to this movie, but it ended up being a disappointing boring slog.

I was bored .

Waste of time.

Borefest .

An absolute turkey of a movie - this movie doesn't deserve a rating and be warned it will put you to sleep, YES it is that boring.

It is too long.

Shaving an hour off 'The Irishman' and just leaving in the necessary bits could have made this a whole lot more enjoyable of an experience.

Extremely Drawn Out Snooze Fest .

The movie is king and is over before you know it with the fast paced action (mob hits) scenes and awesome story line.

I will never understand the obsession of some great directors of making good films with good stories and great actors, terribly long and boring.

Way too long, slow, and boring .

Boring and Tedious in Others .


What a waste of time!

Scorsese'd gangster movies are all engaging.

So boring, nothing happens.

The three hours of film flow very well.

Like many scenes in this 3 ½ hour film, the extended "pit stops" depicting the banal conversations between Bufalino and Sheeran in the car (and on the road), just end up slowing the film's pace down considerably.

Boring and tedious .

Save yourself an hour and rewatch Goodfellas, a far more entertaining mob movie.

The screenplay is long, but engaging.

Much like Scorsese's other gangster films, it is filled with memorable moments and tells a fascinating story without glorifying the actions of its principal characters.

No doubt some great acting from the legends, but the plot is very slow, boring and predictable.

This movie is way too long and boring.

Also, way too long.

Sure, it's well made, fascinating history.

They could've taken out some really boring scenes.

The movie is sooooo boring it's unbelievable.

Slow .

Waste of time .

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen!

It starts slow: De Niro's acting, and overall appearance, were stiff frankly.

That said its a fine film, and i enjoyed it.

Picking him up, driving him to the house, etc. I enjoyed it, found the film fascinating from a historical perspective.

Overall the story was good, but way too long.

Great characters, perfect production values and a gripping story.

Granted some of the earlier scenes can get a little confusing as we move from very old Frank, to old (middle-aged?

Boring .

I could easily watch Pacino, Pesci, Deniro and Keitel sitting in chairs for 3 hours doing nothing and I would still think it's great, but other people might just fall asleep.

a tedious Goodfellas .

He totally wussed out of directing Joker, because he's afraid of the controversy and then ended up making a movie that was so incredibly boring, stupid, long and drawn-out that I could have washed paint dry and it would have been more entertaining this garbage.