The Joneses (2009) - Comedy, Drama, Family

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A seemingly perfect family moves into a suburban neighborhood, but when it comes to the truth as to why they're living there, they don't exactly come clean with their neighbors.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Derrick Borte
Stars: Demi Moore, David Duchovny
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 88 found boring (14.77%)

One-line Reviews (61)

All in all, I found The Jonses to be an intriguing and entertaining movie.

The Joneses may not be an absolute classic, but it is certainly different enough to be watchable and entertaining, while at the same time making you think about a few 'what ifs?

'The Joneses' comes across as an entertaining film that also makes the viewer aware of a thing or two regarding today's world.

So cliché, oh wow now they are like a real family...

The ending was drawn out and didn't seem right or satisfying.

The film is fairly slow and predictable for the first two and a half acts and the gags come too far apart.

Good example of the useful indie type movie that is entertaining pleasant to watch and meaningful.

But I found the movie to be entertaining, and you won't see anything like it.

Being in the marketing business I believe this story is all the more compelling with its intriguing premise!

Demi Moore looked stunning as always and David Duchovny well he is better then before.

Now comes the cliché part.

There is a heck of lot more to this film than know, stuff like love,deceit,sexual preferences,a bit of nudity but to go into specifics would spoil this terrific movie for you readers, so all I can say is that if you want to spend 90 or so very enjoyable minutes watching a top notcher from 2010, "The Joneses" fits the bill.

The priorities of a businesswoman is shown to be something other than her own happiness, and it is her pursuit of success that drives the story further, intriguing a man, with whom she is pretending to be married.

The film successfully makes this contrast entertaining and fun.

The central characters create a dynamic of predictable mysteriousness.

That was definitely unexpected and takes the story to new depths.

In conclusion, the lack of focus from the screenplay, its bland satire and its weak ending make The Joneses not to be a very satisfactory film.

The film is superb and truly entertaining and thought provoking!

Sorry, but this is complete drivel and is maybe the worst movie of recent times that I have sadly bothered to watch.

However, the combination of an old stereotype, the Joneses, and the modern idea of viral marketing taken to an extreme, namely this fake family who sells products by advertising a life style meant to be copied and purchased by neighbors and "friends" is compelling.

It's very entertaining,and it's highly original.

Yet, perhaps the intriguing script and solid direction could be listed as two of the movie's greatest assets as well.

Worth watching - better than I expected .

intriguing concept .

I highly recommend it to all looking for a smart, funny, biting ride!!!!

The cast particularly Duchovny,Moore and Heard also made it watchable and entertaining.

Good premise with the manafactured family just there to push products to their well-heeled neighbors and fake friends but thats all this movie has, it gets boring pretty quickly as not much else goes on, This is certainly no "Grifters", there's no elaborate or creative set ups, no funny skits, I was looking at my watch after 20 minutes hoping something would liven this up.

There's something really compelling about this movie: I thought it was very well cast, well directed and well played by all.

'Devdas' is just a brigthly colored but stale and predictable melodrama of Love, fate and destiny.

I didn't feel sympathy for the people I was expected to feel sympathy for, and it all ended up feeling so predictable that it really dragged down the good things the movie did in the initial half.

It was very well shot, with beautiful sets and was visually exciting, with first class editing.

Either way, reading deeply or skimming, it will be enjoyable.


At first, the movie is thus intriguing as those facts aren't not told immediately so if you notice that the family is a bit unusual, you can't tell why.

I think they are trying to punish Oscar judges with boredom by sending Devdas since the judges toppled Lagaan a few years back.

Demi is breathtaking.

Unfortunately as things begin to come apart, the film turns from slick to sluggish, from fresh to cliché.

The movie seems interesting and original but on screen I only saw a slow paced boring drama.

The family members' personal drama is more compelling.

Actually, the character and situational cliché's are so absurd that there really is quite a comedic thread running through this (intentional, or unintentional?

Of course, I'm not going to say here what happens in the end, but if you're looking for unexpected twists and turns in a labyrinth of emergent sub plot detours, you won't find that here.

It was highly entertaining and also had an important and rather satirical message about American consumerism and the art of "keeping up with the Joneses.

The idea gets repetitive.

Pity though that the climax of the film feels somewhat unreal and contrived and this leads to the resolution being somewhat expected.

Painfully predictable .

This first segment of the film, which shows them working their game, is as entertaining as one of Danny Ocean's capers, only less obvious and perhaps more dangerous because of its detachment from the normal heist.

Probably the most ridiculous, pointless drivel I have seen in years .

everything that makes film a medium of intense impact is used to tremendous effect, all expertly guided by the emerging artistry of director Derrick Borte.

Worth watching!

Derrick Borte's script throws every cliché obstacle up on screen that you can think of in an attempt to add emotional drama and a connection between the characters and the audience, and it just didn't work, for me.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what the big secret of this "family" is; I assumed they were spies or something.

You are warned: the first half is entertaining and interesting, the second one, the structure falls like a house during an earthquake, predictable and surely.

Characters have some good development, but I strongly disliked when Kate ended up leaving the fake husband to stay with real Steve-- it was a scene completely cliché and incoherent for Demi Moore's character, considering all she seemed to be during the movie.

A Fascinating Look at Skullduggery .

I enjoyed it a lot.

it is so close to the perfect blend of serious with entertaining, that it only shows how far cinema business has gone and that when there is dare there is do and this does bring success.

Keep up, keep up, y'all, these Joneses make for a very enjoyable and idea-generating film .

The premise of the film was intriguing, and the sole reason I went to see it.

Why is it that when there finally comes a different movie, different from all the rest of the cliché crap, it doesn't get much attention?

Great Idea but Poorly Executed and Cliché .

Finally, the unique and intriguing plot of the whole story was fascinating to me.