The Karate Kid (2010) - Action, Drama, Family

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Work causes a single mother to move to China with her young son; in his new home, the boy embraces kung fu, taught to him by a master.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Harald Zwart
Stars: Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith
Length: 140 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 72 out of 449 found boring (16.03%)

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Disney-plastic bs probably enjoyable for kids .

I went and saw The Karate Kid in theaters back when it came out, and I highly enjoyed it.

This flick does not even have karate in it ,only fancy dance moves and the acting is forced by everyone, even Jackie Chan ,who usually with his moves and one liners can make a stupid film entertaining and here they did not used that!!

My husband and I both enjoyed it too.

This was enjoyable for the whole family and a pleasant surprise.

These, along with a snappy pace, stunning locations and credible performances, counterbalance the film's overlong running time.

If you have the first one and feel like watching this one instead then save your money and put it in the video or DVD player!

Yes, as unlikely as it might seem, The Karate Kid 2010 delivers the goods in most departments: the characters are likable, the cinematography is great, there's a great montage sequence (if there hadn't been, I would have complained) and a funny in-joke with Chan looking like he's about to catch a fly with his chopsticks before squishing it with a fly-swat, and the final tournament is a lot of fun (ridiculous, formulaic, crowd pleasing Hollywood fluff, perhaps, but still very entertaining).

The film even has an exciting climax where Jaden smith's character enlists in a kung-fu tournament and we just want him to win, which I will not spoil for you.

The script is nothing to write home to mother about, as it were, but it gets the job done and, and it's job is to be a fun family movie with some very engaging action scenes in it.

Even as a fan of the original, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In my opinion it dosen't quite make it, but it is still a very good effort and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is a charming, funny, exciting, and, in some moments, genuinely emotional movie.

I was so eager to leave the theater, I nearly trampled the people in front of me.

It was emotionally engaging, and managed to reinterpret the original film without straying too far from what made us fall in love with the story to begin with.

Jackie Chan, is boring to watch and his acting makes me wish for the days of cheap Bruce Lee Kung Fu movies that are poorly dubbed.

My 10 year old daughter finds joy in almost any film, she fell asleep on this one, we were at the drive in, people where driving away.

Predictable, yes!

I think it's nice for kids to get a taste of various people and cultures, and this movie was as much a learning experience as it was entertaining.

Regardless of how you feel about a Karate Kid remake, between Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, the movie is fun and enjoyable.

It doesn't quite hold a candle to the original film, but it still keeps to the same spirit, and heart which, albeit predictable, made the original so good.

Moderately entertaining .

The movie on whole is enjoyable.

So while it is all predictable, if you have no knowledge of the '80s romp you're gonna love it, and even if you do have knowledge of the original, you're still gonna get a good kick out of watching Dre fighting to the top of the heap, cause the formula still works.

I am recommending not to see this because its flat out boring.

His character is just a compilation of afro-American cliché (come on, cornrows?

Too bad because overall it was an entertaining movie and I always like watching Jackie Chan.

I took my nine year old daughter and sixteen year old son and both enjoyed it.

quite entertaining for the most part...

One one of the things enjoyable about the old Karate Kid was Danielle Laruso being a teenager and fighting off bullys who are in highschool.

Not exactly, but it definitely was worth watching.

I was a fan of the original and this remake, while not quite as good, still was an entertaining film.

The pacing was great, and there were so many moments were I was on the edge of my seat completely engrossed in the story.

Sure there was a lot of things that annoyed me, the unnecessary love story, the predictable story, Jaden Smith in general.

The action was better than the original's and the heart and soul was just as engaging and entertaining.

It's disjointed, and illogical.

In summary, The Karate Kid (2010) is a piece of crap which is tedious, bland and even antipathetic.

In today's Cinematic world of constant lifeless reimagining's and underachieving sequels, it is refreshing to see for once, a well-made, proficient remake which still manages to restrain the positive values and engaging nature of the original.

The film is too long and would have been tighter if it were maybe 20 minutes shorter.

The final tournament scenes were riveting and exciting and at times had you wondering if the 'bad guys' were going to win after all.

Jackie Chan proves very emotive, sensitive and caring about the youngster he trains from the inside out -- and young Jaden Smith is a compelling exponent of this art form.

As a result of this blended environment, the world portrayed lacks depth, or nuance and paints part of itself as a propaganda film of a happy and athletic populace.

Worth watching!

All in all, if you've seen the original, a nice little update, but still somewhat predictable 6/10 stars.

I found it to be colorful, suspenseful, and touching, and I'm giving it 10 out of 10 despite its flaws to counterbalance the adults who I think judged it unfairly.

Overall, The Karate Kid is a highly enjoyable family film and a fine example of a remake capable of standing on it's own.

The friend who dragged me there told me half of the whole movie, and she's never watched it before.

Entertaining nonetheless .

The 2010 "The Karate Kid" remake was a surprisingly enjoyable movie.

Another dislike i have about this film, is the fast pacing in the beginning, and the slower pacing near the end, -1 star.

A pointless remake as are so many.

Sometimes the rousing Saturday matinée movie that gets the audience cheering in unison is just what the spirit needs.

In a breathtaking scene an elegant woman demonstrates the snake kung fu style with a cobra on a beautiful mountain temple ledge.

now i have paid money and watched a big boring Chinese ad.

Stunning .

Kid bats**t insane, the teacher bland.

And the film's third act is action packed, and ambitiously tense.

The film does also drag on far too long, it's far too long in the build up and then cuts short after the final kick.

Waste of time.

From that point the movie became fairly predictable.

The movie moves a a considerable slow pace and we are forced to endure most of the time watching Smith make time with another 12 year old.

The difference between the first karate kid from 1984 and now is a pre-teen is the star instead of an 18 year old and the training scenes in this one was too repetitive.

It will be a week point if you saw the original, because it makes the movie so predictable.

The story is never developed like in the original, the characters seem disjointed and vital pieces of the story seem to be missing.

The movie truly was gratifying and amazing, and I still felt its effects as I left the theater.

The movie was an entertaining one.

In the original the karate teacher is bat s**t in insane, and the bully is just somewhat bland.

Instead if boring you with a long text, here are the reasons why this movies blows penguins:karate in a chinese context movie...

I regret to say that Chan apart this was one of the most pretentious martial arts films I have witnessed.

The original "The Karate Kid" was on TV yesterday so watching it with my 8 year old twin grandsons was entertaining since they both practice the art of karate with passion.

Surprisingly, Zwart does a strong job of directing here, deftly avoiding the idiocy of his previous movies to craft a Karate Kid that will not only satisfy fans of the original, but will also prove to be thoroughly entertaining for those who haven't seen the original.

A constant repetitive motion done for hours is a lot more relevant than the infinite variations of the way one puts on and takes off a jacket.

Stereotypical black youth goes to (sorry dragged off to) china, odd interactions with locals, insults to locals and their culture, artificial humor, pointless obstacle overcame, lack luster finale.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jaden Smith starts off pretty dull, he even looks stoned in some scenes in the beginning, he's that slow and expressionless.

Dre will face his bully(Zhenwei Wang)in a national karate tournament after intense training from handyman Mr. Han(Jackie Chan).

I guess the Chinese setting is supposed to work to legitimize the two-bit philosophizing that pours forth in endless fashion from this unpolished Henry Higgins, but it also makes this simple tale much more pretentious in the long run - Dre's photogenically performing his martial arts moves on the top of the Great Wall of China being the prime example of that.

I was falling asleep every time they were together.

Smith and Chan have a fun chemistry that helps make the film enjoyable.

That scene was extremely well-done and exciting.

To its credit, the movie was easy to watch and mostly entertaining, even though it runs a bit over 2 hours on DVD.

The movie was unoriginal and took the same plot from the original film BUT it was more engaging and it puts the viewer to have more sympathy to the main characters like Dre and Mr. Han.

This one may not be destined for Friday/Saturday night viewing, but fun and enjoyable, nonetheless.

Jaden Smith is super cool and the film is super entertaining.

The original was a coming of age film with the karate being taught with the intention of helping you to understand yourself not to kick the C*** out of somebody.

Entertaining .

The film is a little bit boring because it takes 135 minutes

A little more intensive training would be needed.

The main characters acting was poor in places but was passable as the story was a bit disjointed as well.

The movie is also very slow and gets bogged down in a sea of meaningless melodrama leading up to the big tournament.

A very enjoyable family film.

This is as formulaic as...

Great Movie: Interesting, Exciting, Culturally Competent and just plain enjoyable.

Objectively, I think this movie is worth watching.

(What is with the adrenaline thing?

It could have been shorter because between the film the opera scenes becomes really boring.

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith are great together and they are the reason why the movie is above average because otherwise this is just a formulaic predictable film.

A truly enjoyable movie experience for the whole family.

This movie is a complete waste of time.

But, I think of this movie as entertaining from start to finish.

I went into the theater expecting another installment of the Karate Kid with different aspects and maybe a great unpredictable ending.

This is similar to Mr. Miyagi's "Wax on, Wax off" method; although in the original version, Mr. Miyagi had his apprentice do A LOT more tedious work instead of just the jacket method that Jackie Chan demonstrated.

I thought Jaden Smith put in a fantastic performance in 'The Pursuit Of Happiness' and I was hoping he would bring an heir of integrity to this film but he just looked bored throughout the entire film.

There are several scenes of Cheng beating up Dre, and they're just so hard to watch; the scenes were unbearable and so powerful we feel Dre's pain.

That is until, the Mr. Miyagi character or, in this case, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) saves his life and teaching the "real kung-fu" and by putting him in an intense martial arts competition with the "bad kung-fu" kids along with Master Li (Rongguang Yu from "Iron Monkey"), who is hellbent on making the kids fight other kids without stopping.

I found this version of the Karate Kid to be sour, dour and at times, agonizingly contrived.

First, the movie had too many scenes that were mundane, and you have to wonder whether the cutting room was on a lunch break.

I did however find it fairly enjoyable.

It has quite sad moments and exciting moments.

I'm actually utterly surprised this remake was so well made and engaging.

This movie was extremely entertaining.

Whenever Cheng or a member of his martial arts team is on deck, though, it's pretty intense.

Some parts you'll remember but overall its completely different I feel that it'll take away some of the entertaining value if you compare every scene like some people tend to do A solid 7 because it kept me interested and i felt the vibe

An Entertaining Film that Honors the Original .

But, I think the subplot of Dre and Meiying (Wenwen Han) was a little boring and out-of-touch for a action drama movie.

I cannot believe how bad this movie is, this would have to be the worst movie I have ever seen.

I recommend it to people with kids because it's clean, it's exciting, it's about a kid who matures in 2 and a half hours, and they come away feeling good about the movie.

if anyone thought Jaden Smith was unbearable to watch in The Day The Earth Stood Still should watch this.

Overall, the climax of the film was extremely well done and made it worth watching.

In comparison to the original film, the fighting was more dynamic and fast paced.

Unfortunately a slow exposition keeps the film from a fast summer pace.

It may have dated a little but it is in a whole different league from this drab clone.

Both Smith and Chan were wonderful, and the scenes between them were some of the most enjoyable that I've watched in a while.

Alongside the acting, the cinematography of the film at times borders on breathtaking as director Harald Zwart, Editor Joel Negron and Cinematographer Roger Pratt take their time to appreciate the splendour of the Chinese landscape and communicate this cultural veracity to the audience.

I loved it from beginning to end and highly recommend it.

So maybe it was the director Harald Zwart's conscious decision to procure confusing shots.

Later, we learn that this tedious exercise is actually one of Han's techniques to sharpen Dre's coordination.

The scenery is just fascinating.

The pacing is far too slow, as it takes 110 minutes of build up for the final 20 minutes.

I find the film too long and tedious.

Jackie Chan did a great job his character was some what fun to watch but I feel like if it wasn't for Jackie Chan staring in the movie and being a fan of his work I would have honestly walked out of the theatre.

Some of the scenery showing China at its absolute best was breathtaking and as always makes me want to visit this beautiful country.

OK so I'll give the movie some credit for trying to be a coming of age type story.

At 2 hours 20 minutes it is too long for a family film and seeing the plot is pretty simple there was no need for it to be that long.

But those boring patches are generally made up for by the surprisingly intense fight sequences—Especially from an audio perspective.

It's a watchable, somewhat enjoyable movie.

If you want to watch an entertaining movie that shows Chinese culture, this is the one.

The badness of this film is average acting and directing, Zhenwei Wang, boring and stupid scenes and Jaden Smith.

Even then, the bullies are still kids too so when Mr Han, with Jackie Chan in the role, looked like an oaf beating them up when he should have dragged them all home to their parents.

The backdrop of China is visually stunning and gives kids watching the film an appreciation of the World that is so often lost in the isolation of America.

" (got me on this folks)Sigh, don't waste your money.

The cinematography was stunning throughout; exquisite shots of both China and the central story action enhanced with some superb colour grading and tones.

Slow, boring, obvious about every step of the plot .

All in all, it is a very entertaining film, fun for young and old.

A profound hint of powerful forces that can work through us, when "we empty our minds" -- have a passionate teacher (are dedicated, naturally skilled and have a strong focus).

The other large change was the switch from learning Karate (of which Dre already has a basic knowledge of) to Kung Fu, which I think is a more visually entertaining martial art.

The location scenes were stunning and the atmosphere was just right for the telling of the story.

As an updated remake, it works; but it's way too long as there are numerous scenes that seems to put the movie to a halt.

At the end of the day, it's a fun, entertaining film.

Through the course of the rest of the movie the audience is given some breathtaking views of China while also following Dre's kung fu training.

While Ralph will always be Daniel-san, and his acting was adequate to the film as the awkward, needs-to-get-stronger high schooler, I found Jaden far more entertaining.

Waste of your time and money film .

An overall emotional, thrilling, and happily cheering ending.

The scenes with Dre and Mr. Han training were entertaining and often fun to watch.

I went to see "The Karate Kid" more out of boredom than anything else.

This enjoyable movie , a sort of junior version of 'Rocky', develops a sincere and deep friendship among two protagonists, the rockie young boy and the wise old man .

This film is funny, heart warming, full of action and suspense, and all around entertaining!

) was compelling, even if a bit clichéd.

Fun and Enjoyable .

Dre's mother, Sherri Parker, played by the always-entertaining Taraji P.

The film in question is called "The Karate Kid", presumably a remake of the 1984 coming of age classic starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita which has absolutely NOTHING to do with karate.

Entertaining .

Save your money and watch the original or watch something else.

The original Karate Kid was a "coming of age movie", which had Karate as a means to set the characters in motion.

For one thing it's way too long and there are quite long periods where not a lot happens.

I took my nephew to see this and he wanted to leave about halfway through as did most of the other kids present.

The climax of the movie is also great with a very entertaining championship that takes place (which tops the original one).

Overall, an intense, excellent re-creation of the original.

The choreography exhibited in this modern remake is much more fun to watch than the previous "Karate Kid" movies in spite of depending on wire fighting and the cinematography displayed in the newer version painted a clearer picture of all the events that has transpired up to the exciting climax during the final scenes.

this is a very enjoyable family film, as most Jackie Chan films are.

Chan acted superbly in every scene and made his role like every else did; believable and highly entertaining to watch.

The rest of the film is overlong and overblown, with needless romantic sub-plots that drag the running time down to a snail's pace and all the usual fish-out-of-water nonsense.

Growing up, the original to me was a very classic 80s coming of age film about moving to an unfriendly environment and standing up to your bullies despite the odds.

I thought the movie was a complete waste of time, and it was over before it began IMHO.

Surprisingly, Zwart does a strong job of directing here, deftly avoiding the idiocy of his previous movies to craft a Karate Kid that will not only satisfy fans of the original, but will also prove to be thoroughly entertaining for those who haven't seen the original.

The movie as often funny and sometimes touching, and if it was completely predictable, well, it's the kind of movie that's supposed to be.

Awefully disappointing I hope a second remake stays true to the original but it will be hard to follow since that has set a Kung Fu scene.

That said, it's still a poignant, moving, and thrilling surprise.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable watch and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to leave a movie feeling great.

It was well cast and entertaining.

I omitted a star from the review due to the fact that the movie went on for way too long.

You'd do better to save your money and buy a copy of the original.

The main protagonist's mother, love interest, and even the villains are rather bland and forgettable.

Of course, cinematically it's beautiful, showcasing breathtaking china.

I found The Karate Kid 2010 pretty entertaining.

The Karate Kid is also assuredly directed, while the score is beautiful, the scenery is absolutely stunning and the kung fu is amazing.

When I sat down to watch this film I was expecting very little however, I am pleased so say that I found the film very entertaining and the 2hr 20min flashed passed.

The fighting choreography was superbly entertaining.

She's a 'loud black woman', cliché.

No development, I don't know if the producers were trying to cut costs, but it was trite and shallow.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Corny and most of the time entertaining.

This may be fine for those who've never seen the older movie, and for those who have it is still thrilling and the well-delivered, with terrific choreography.

It has a slightly more viscious quality which impairs the wholesome nature to the film (this was what spoilt Karate Kid Parts II and especially Part III) but nevertheless it is a different canon we speak of here, and despite the title it was very entertaining.

Entertaining and kid-friendly .

The film was enjoyable for Jackie Chan's growth over the course of the lengthy movie, as well as Dre's colorful performance.

It was an enjoyable film - especially for fans of the original.

Overall, the film was quite entertaining with the camera movements and James Horner's epic musical score.

There is just far too much mundane filler, it really slows the movie down and in conclusion when this movie wasn't extremely bizarre, I found it to be more flash than substance.

Definitely worth the watch.

Anyone who enjoyed it 30 years ago will enjoy it now.

The screenplay does the character of Dre Parker a great favor by making him a well-rounded character and making his journey an emotionally compelling one.

Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad, there is at least one good performance in there, there is some nice cinematography and the final scenes are quite exciting.

It is just TOO predictable.

I am not claiming this is a film that will be remembered forever - nor will it change your life, but it is an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

Daniel and Mr. Miyagi as well as the same locations, it is an absolutely stunning re-imagining type remake of the iconic and classic 80's film.

The action was convincing and exciting, and I was extremely impressed that Jaden Smith did most of his own stunts (in addition to being a super funny and charming kid).

Looking for some light, family fun, or you're just bored - Do go.

Terrible, boring, drawn out mess.

And although the film does get unnecessarily draggy at times, with quite a number of subplots that are slightly unevenly played out, the training scenes and final battle accomplishes its job in engaging the viewer.

A horrible and terribly boring experience .

In the final tournament parts, the fights flash by in fast paced camera shots to the point of us missing much of the action.

And it does have a rousing ending like the original.

It was pure in its approach and highly entertaining.

Sure it's family-orientated, but it's uninteresting to the rest.

Go and rent the original if you want to feel the inspiration from a 'coming of age / kung fu / feel good' flick.

I rate this an 8 out of 10 because, while I enjoyed it, the dialogue came out stiff at times and the story line could have been added to, had a few questions been answered.

It's longer and there are a lot of boring scenes.

While it does its best with the source material, and strives to be an engaging, character-focused drama, THE KARATE KID is nothing more than a bland reworking of the original classic that misses the mark on more than one occasion.

Also, a lot of the scenes were pointless.

All of the fights presented were exciting, action-packed, and sometimes funny.

At times the film had the depth of an grown up film that would bore kids and because the kids are much younger looking than the original version it didn't seemed aimed at teenagers or adults.

Enjoyable movie with a GLARING omission.

As i know most people reading this will have seen the original, save your money, and if you haven't seen the karate kid, you're missing out on an eighties classic - go and buy the DVD now and forget about the new version.

It's a pretty good film, even though Jaden can't act which kind of ruined it, but definitely worth watching, especially from a family perspective.

Most of the movie revolves around training, which most Western audiences think is boring, and most Eastern audiences think is vital.

The first hour from The Karate Kid bored me to tears because it constantly shows us the discontent from the kid, his difficulties to adapt himself to the new setting and his antipathetic attempts to being "cool".

Even though the film is quite long, it really needs the length in order for the relationship between the two leads to really build, as this is the heart and soul of the movie.

It gave a picture of martial arts to the youth of my era, that was exciting, empowering and it was age appropriate - unlike the violent and punitive films for the more adult audience.

Highly enjoyable.

In the new one Dre gets pretty badly injured but yet gets up and is magically able to fight just like before, as if nothing happened, and is even able to do a backflip like it's nothing.

The original story was durable enough to inspire three sequels, and now we have an entertaining version filmed mostly on location in China, with 56-year-old Jackie Chan in the role of Mr. Miyagi.

Smith and Chan have a fun chemistry that helps make the film enjoyable.

The cinematography and the film's score were enjoyable and impressive for a film catering to younger viewers and it is nicely cast with Taraji P.


Secondly, this is maybe among the 5 most boring movie I have ever seen in my life, including any indie or art.

and it clearly shows he underwent intense kung fu training, i would say will smith should be really proud of his Lil kid,,soundtrack : NEVER SAY NEVER by j.

The love story, though utterly contrived and perfunctory, is still charming and fun.

An Exciting Movie For All Ages.

Thus the shot for shot remake of Pysycho was utterly pointless, whereas The Italian Job did well in taking much of the paraphernalia of the original, and using it to tell a completely different story.

Sure enough, it was one fairly entertaining flick.

The fight scenes in the courtyard where Mr. Han goes up against Dre's antagonists had a lot of poignancy in that scene equally as exciting as in the final fight scenes, sadly the majority of the other fight scenes is overdone in close-ups and it's distracting because you can't clearly visualize what's transpiring here.

Whether you enjoyed the original 'Karate Kid' film or not, I would still recommend this film to audiences of all ages who appreciate more than heavy explosions and repetitive action sequences.

The second thing that bothers me the movie is too long 2 hrs and 20 minutes.

Enjoyable Take On The Karate Kid .

2 hours and 20 minutes far too long.

While the plot of this movie is a bit predictable I enjoyed it.

All in all, the new 2010 "The Karate Kid" remake was an enjoyable movie with enough drama, excitement, action, and intenseness to keep me, and anyone else, entertained.

Well worth watching!!

I almost want to give it an 8, but I fear that I would give way more appreciation than I already have, so I decided to give it a 7, due to the director's appreciated vision of the '84 classic with direct and entertaining story development about a kid and Kong-fu.

Bland reworking of the original .

I think if you take your kid to this you wont be bored and neither will your child.

Though like most of you expected this movie is pretty predictable, but if you can look beyond that its a overall entertaining.

The most boring film I have ever seen?

Overall this film was just plain boring.

This is the worst movie ever made, hands down.

But it's Jackie Chan who carries this story to its gripping conclusion.

It's reasonably entertaining and will have you cheering in the end when Drey wins the tournament.

It was a waste of my money.

But it's highly entertaining and will definitely work well with the kids.

Enjoyable even if a little predictable .

These are the fun and enjoyable scenes to watch.

Even the numerous scuffles, from street chases to the final tournament fight, are grittier and more intense and act perhaps as good indicators of how much our collective movie watching culture and appetite for violence has evolved in just a generation.

If you want criticize the film because it's a remake or predictable - why did you go see it?

This is a charming, funny, exciting, and, in some moments, genuinely emotional movie.

It's so boring sitting there knowing what's going to happen.

In itself it's not a bad film, entertaining to the end.

I do recommend it, Jackie Chan is always worth the watch for a karate, well actually a kung fu movie.

The montage scenes slow downs the movie ridiculously.

But the movie is far too long.

the movie had an unhurried pace the scenery was absoulutley breathtaking and made me want to someday visit China China seems like.

Definitely worth the watch...

Entertaining .

The finale is the most entertaining in terms of action, with several excellent fights.

However, the pacing overall is snappy and the scripting was credible.

Especially breathtaking were the scenic shots of China giving contrast to the crowded city views.

Personally, I would give this movie a solid 8, because I enjoyed it, because it didn't feel rushed, because it presented the rich culture of China and because they showed some neat martial art tricks.

This movie was fun and exciting, and I enjoyed every part of it!

Stunning; brilliant approach to innovative filmmaking.

It was the most entertaining film I've ever seen at the cinema.

" But these moments are few and far between, and it only takes you out of the experience for a few seconds before you get back into the exciting ride.

At nearly 2 and a half hours, it just moves too slow, and the first half specifically has a tendency to drag.

I enjoyed the first movie, but this sequel was a real snore.

Much of "The Karate Kid" is predictable, even given its homage to the original story.

The Martial Art fighting was very entertaining , I think that it is one of the best action movies of the year , just my opinion.