The Kennedys (2011) - Drama, History, Romance

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The triumphs and tragedies of the most popular political family in American history.

IMDB: 7.6
Stars: Greg Kinnear, Barry Pepper
Length: 346 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 4 out of 46 found boring (8.69%)

One-line Reviews (40)

This movie did it's job of entertaining people and if you don't look at it as "well, history says this or that" then you will enjoy it.

First of all, the series covers a lot of controversial and exciting episodes in the 1960's: The Kennedy's campaign for election, Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuba Missile Crisis, civil rights for black people, the JFK assassination and parts of RFK's political campaign for election as President.

Is not that the miniseries is bad -in fact is gorgeous, intriguing and bold, and the characters are all well interpreted and almost physically cloned-, is the way the story is told.

This was very interesting and highly enjoyable.

Once I was hooked, though, I was hooked, and Joe's hunger for power is every bit as engaging as that of Caesar or Henry VIII.

Also there were long moments wasted on inconsequential dialog and boring bedroom and domestic scenes.

The finale was a missed opportunity to tell a compelling story, and overall it's a disappointing conclusion to the show.

An engrossing story, well told .

He is absolutely stunning as John F.

The four central characters are all complex and fascinating, and the actors (Greg Kinnear as JFK, Barry Pepper as RFK, Katie Holmes as Jackie, and Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy) do a terrific job bringing these historical figures to life.

Very Entertaining and will spark interest in the Kennedy family although not accurate .

A Capably Made and Entertaining History Series .

I have to agree with MRTRASKA's comment in his review, where he states this production has made the family's history 'boring'.

Overall, this series was disappointing and bordering on boring.

Maybe is a little corny, maybe a lot 'soap opery' and a little historical inaccurate –some pivotal family members did not appear-, but really "The Kennedys" is a very well crafted and enjoyable production worth watching.

Overall, I found the series to be highly enjoyable and very interesting to watch.

This series was wonderful - very entertaining & extremely well written.

The biggest complaint I have is that the series takes a downhill turn after JFK's assassination: the final episode, which focuses on the Kennedys after his death, is unfocused, sloppy, and skips over four years of riveting history from 1964 to 1968.

I have watched this series through nearly to the end and have found it quite entertaining - especially the character of Bobby Kennedy played very well by Barry Pepper.

I found "The Kennedys" to be a gripping retelling of the family life and political careers of John Fitzgerald and Robert Kennedy, and I am baffled by the smear campaign that the American left led against it, to the point of having it banned from U.

Wonderful - entertaining & enjoyable .

His only hiccup is that I found his speeches that they re-created to be very dry.

I was struck by the intense weakness of character of both Rose and Jackie Kennedy.

Nonetheless the film is worth watching, some great drama, some amazing performances, and while history and Kennedy buffs might find the information redundant and doesn't bring anything new to the table its definitely watchable and even those that don't have an interest in history will find it captivating.

The people have had enough biased media-propaganda concerning these painful events.

Found it educational and entertaining.

The riveting performances were supported by a superb design team, with meticulous attention to hair styling and period wardrobe.

It's slick, well-acted, entertaining, and does a fine job of bringing such cherished American icons to life on the silver screen.

While it was said to be an exhaustive research of the Kennedy family,the absence of many members were both controversial and intriguing.

This mini-series, while interesting and entertaining, need be viewed with an appropriate helping of salt in that there are great liberties taken in regard to "actual" historical events.

As people have stated, the acting from all actors was breathtaking.

I can see why the History Channel did pass on this series though in the fact that it's not 100% accurate, but this is very much worth watching.

Then there was the disjointed time-line employed, with the story going back and forward in time when surely the incidents depicted are so well known as to demand a linear structure.

There are some things included that were quite fascinating to watch eg the physical ailments of JFK, the Mob connection to Joe, Dr Feelgood's giving drugs to the first couple, Joe Jr's death although they could have included Kathleen's death.

This series took a saga that we all are already familiar with - at least for the most part - and synthesized it into a gripping drama.

Thus making this adaptation immensely entertaining so long as you approach this as entertainment & don't try to connect the dots based on whatever you think you might know.

The Kennedys is an above average entertaining drama which like I said is best viewed from this one single perspective only.

I was young and impressionable and found the entire family fascinating.

It was a tiresome watch, too much time travel, one moment you are in 1960, then you are in 1939, back to 1961, back to 1941, etc. All this time travel almost gave me motion sickness.

"The Kennedys" is a competently produced and mostly entertaining series with terrific performances, realistic dialogue, and fine set design that convincingly evokes the time period of John and Robert Kennedy.