The Kid (2019) - Biography, Drama, Western

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The story of a young boy who witnesses Billy the Kid's encounter with Sheriff Pat Garrett.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Vincent D'Onofrio
Stars: Jake Schur, Leila George
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 79 found boring (26.58%)

One-line Reviews (56)

His role as the real life Pat Garrett is yet another great example, and perhaps the sole reason why I left the theater very pleased.

The irrelevance is the major theme that drags, the director, Vincent D'Onofrio's first project, down to a slow dull fist fight.

It packs an evocative cinematography , though I miss more outdoors and gorgeous landscapes .

A plodding, dull and very unlikely plot doesn't help very much.

The film packs thrills , drama , violence , frantic action , crossfire , and being enough entertaining .

A little slow.

It has quite an engaging story, and it is a little different from the other Westerns because not everyone dies in it.

boring .

Thus it came across to me as rather a slog until its engrossing finale.

Overall, the acting was good but the film had a slow pace and a weak script.

Really bored actually!

Stick to the artsy fartsy trash or the shoot em ups.

I have to say, after an hour though, I was bored.

Even though it's too slow at times, The Kid is still a really good western.

A tense and suspenseful Western with a simple story that engages the viewer until the last scene .

No, this is propaganda, misogyny, and self indulgence on a Hollywood scale.

Very slow paced Western that seemed to miss many opportunities for dramatic effect.



Very entertaining .

A nice production full of charming characters , shootouts and intense drama .

Horrible movie, no story line other than cruelty and evil.

Despite its predictable plot, "The Kid" boasts many virtues.

One of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

A bit of a slow burner that could have been a lot better and a lot worse.

Billy the Bore.....

far too long, and too sentimental to fell in love with.

Riveting .

This is an intense and moving Western about a known gunslinger, William Bonney , alias Billy the Kid , the most famous outlaw-gunfighter of the South-west and his particular relationship to a naive little boy .

Minus some excessive plodding, some choppy editing, a vague title, and an all-too-familiar milieu, this "Kid" is still mature enough to be in any gun-swilling room.


I normally don't like westerns, but the acting and story telling was riveting.

But it is wasted in a slow, dull direction.

This has to be the most boring movie to have graced the screen about the legendary Kid, its slow, badly acted even by the A list Actors, they all seem like they are being paid chocolate buttons as the don,t even try to perform not even Chris Pratt hes awful also.. The Kid himself is beyond dull and could of been any cowboy if you didn't know his role or joined half way in you would have no clue, there is zero character building and you literally couldn't care if he died or not which wasn't the case with the Young Guns version of Billy the Kid where you didn't want him to die.

' Ironically, after you've seen about a half-hour of this evocative, R-rated, 100-minute horse opera, you will realize Billy the Kid isn't the title character.

Enjoyable musical score composed and performed by Shelby Gaines and Latham Gaines .

very disappointing western slow .

Coming of age, the hard way .

Surely the story of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett is fascinating enough in it's own right to not require superfluous embroidery?

The script is also dull with the dialogue.

I had high hopes for this movie, the trailer lead me to believe it was going somewhere, but it was mostly just boring dialogue and had very little to do with the story of Billy the Kid.

This movie is ungodly slow for starters.

Very average and mostly boring movie.

Lived in the desert and the scenery brought back intense memories.

Slow and wandering .

The film is just so blandly dull and the action what there is any of it is forced and looks fake just like some bad Western play acting at a Theme park.

All in all a good entertaining Western even though sometimes the violence was a little too much.

The direction does take a slow turn in the middle of the second act.

So, more mundane, in short.

The narrative is surprisingly unpredictable as well.

) This film is intriguing, it's suspenseful, surprising, violent, and beautiful.

The direction and script are slow and dull.

I thought this was a fairly entertaining western.

Worrying about the uncertain consequence, they lie to Garrett, saying that they are looking for their father after being separated from him under some unexpected circumstances.

Fairly dull western .

unwatchable child abuse in first 2 minutes .