The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) - Action, Adventure, Family

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A band of kids embark on an epic quest to thwart a medieval menace.

Director: Joe Cornish
Stars: Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Denise Gough
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 36 out of 174 found boring (20.68%)

One-line Reviews (118)

The rest isn't bad, but it did feel sudden and even out of tone, given the slower pacing before.

Fun and entertaining family movie .

Worst movie I saw as far I can remember...

Everyone knows the cliche storyline of King Arthur.

Boring .

The film does touch on a few issues with Bullying and other family matters with does kind of slow the flow of the film down, while the film does a few moments of emotional moments, the film is ultimately aiming for a younger generation as the humour is very cheesy and stupid at times which im pretty kids will love.

I thought this movie was great for the kiddos, and was entertaining enough to watch with them.

I've never done a movie review before, but this is just the worst movie that i ever watch in my life.

Very entertaining.

There are lots of cool scenes in this film that involve exciting sword battles.

From ridiculous to boring, young Merlin's slapstick and Bedders' naive humor might not land so well for grownups, because it handles a kind of humor that even today's children don't understand it as children used to.

It's OK for an adult to admit they enjoyed it.

This scene is very exciting and has a few funny parts in it too.

This movie is entertaining for children.

My wife and I watched this and really enjoyed it.

Other than that this movie was very entertaining.

since I saw The Sword in the Stone and a truly breathtaking trip to King Arthur's birthplace at Tintagel, Cornwall...

I start to guessing this movie will bored!

Surprisingly entertaining .

A disappointing waste of my time.

A modern retelling of King Arthur lore, this kid-centric update starts off as a rollicking adventure, but dawdles through pointless training montages and bonding sessions.

As a clever re-working of the King Arthur tales this film is very entertaining.

Each one does a great job portraying his roles, especially Serkis, who with his tenderness and unbelievable drama range makes a short part of the film compelling.

Movie-wise, I agree it's a little too long and Morgana doesn't really get much screen time to develop her presence, though her voice was very enjoyable.

The elevation of chivalry, I loved every bit of it and was awed by the moments of unexpected depth.

I saw the trailer to this film prior to the disappointment that was Aquaman and it seemed so formulaic - Arthurian legend being overlayed onto British schoolchildren with "whatever" attitudes.

Don't waste your money or time!

The movie follows a pretty standard dramatic structure with a pretty slow build up and first peak a little bit over halfway through the film.

The story is fairly simple, but engaging and full of twists.

This was really enjoyable.

The stories in which the kids aren't just put through danger, but intense danger.

Sadly boring and unimaginative .

Add in the usual pretty but soulless CGI action that's blighted many a modern movie, you have a general waste of time, although it does pick up a little at the end for a lively climax.

The story was unpredictable, although the quick pace at the start bothered me.

My grandmother, who took me to see it, also enjoyed it.

Cute and funny, and surprisingly enjoyable, despite being a movie ultimately for kids.

Don't waste your time on this movie.

Another multi culti lying propaganda again full of disinformation about actual state

We loved sitting in a San Francisco cinema with people of many ages and races enjoying this exciting, hopeful, poignant resurrection of the Welsh legend.

The storyline was very cheesy and the characters were good at some parts but it was an overall slow movie.

It is VERY cliched and predictable.

So by the time you've been bored to death for two hours they wrap things up by making everyone happy with all the swords and magic spells etc. I thought that his Dad was going to show up and go, ah i really did love ya i just had to go away, well done on killing that root person thing by the way.

Struggled to stay awake .

Young merlin is a brilliant actor, an exciting new actor to watch.

This is a very tight story and the plot story beats are quite predictable, which is easily the biggest flaw I found with this film as a whole.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

I wanted to like the action but it became pretty tedious.

LOL) I, as a full-grown adult even, freely admit I enjoyed it tremendously.

Acting is ok, very moralistic as with many films from the US but the story is honestly boring especially how the lead actor finds the sword of Excalibur.

The acting was bad and the plot dragged along.

I enjoyed it.

If anything there excellent and engaging.

It's not groundbreaking, nor extremely engaging, but it's entertaining enough to be worth a watch, especially - I suppose - if you aren't as familiar with its framework as I am.

Entertaining diversion, English kids must fight evil during a solar eclipse.

It was great fun from start to finish, it's (possibly) about 15 minutes too long (the middle section drags a tiny bit), but it's so enjoyable and there are excellent quips throughout.

It was a wet dreary day outside on a bank holiday Monday so this was a good way to spend it.

Dislikes: There a few moments through the film where the pacing is off it does affect the film slighty.

The few action set pieces are exciting and the final battle is really fun.

Pretty sure my 14yo would find it boring and lame.....

Very entertaining .

The Kid Who Would Be King starts out as an engaging, surprisingly clever kids film, that feel original even while taking hints from other family film classics of the past.

It was smart, fresh, witty, exciting and appealing and one of the best films of 2011.

Mediocre Bore of a film.

However, the film's pacing, as it goes on, is rather a bore, and the film seems to get caught in its own web of storytelling, and frustratingly loses where it wants to go.

Most of the characters were boring.

really good stuff and of course its always good to see Partick Stewart but all the actors were great such as leading role Louis Ashbourne Serkis and Young Merlin (Angus Imrie)A very good family movie and well worth watching

This quest for Camelot has a predictable tale, foreshadowing the surprises far down the road and bringing with it lackluster twists they tried so hard to do.

This whole movie is all about a the kid who thought he is a man with strong mind he has the mind of king blablabla this movie is kinda boring I see many teen actor in this movie who is just act he's something but his acting it seem fake I really feel it and at first I knida think that this is kid movie it maybe unsense but it might fun you know try to thing positively but this whole really make me bored there's many and many nonsense thing that you would think like "are you for real you guy would go like this".

Silly movie and yet entertaining.

The bit where they go to Cornwall was pointless other than the fact that they learnt how to fight which could have just happened somewhere else.

Due to its abusively drawn-out running time, many viewers could stand in a position of radical skepticism midway, not receiving equally the other sequences and narrative moments, which can get to be dull, boring and ridiculous if you don't get into it from the beginning.

so basic and boring .

But for me it dragged having started well, action scenes were poor and acting was below average (except young Merlin).

A totally enjoyable family fantasy film that harkens back to some of my personal favorites from the 80s.

Adults may find it to be cheesy and boring.

PG rating is Awkward - But Enjoyable Movie .

Extremely cheesy and just flat out boring.

While it's doesn't hit the soaring highs of films such as The Lost Boys, Gremlins, The Goonies, and Monster Squad it's perfectly enjoyable and a fun time if you are a fan of those films.

It was a boring flop.

Witty and entertaining .

There were far too many cringey moments relative to every touching or entertaining moment.

Seeing the various medieval references transitioned to modern Britain was an entertaining craftmanship that should again appeal to many.

Boring and Childish .

"So yes, especially for a wet and cold afternoon in Texas, this is an entertaining diversion, the scenery is spectacular, special effects are done very well and the soundtrack has suitable very low bass to rattle loose glasses in the wet bar.

multi culti lying propaganda again .

It's well done but rather predictable.

Fun and entertaining, i recommend for everyone .

The locations are superb..extra bonus are the scenes filmed in Cornwall, as always breathtakingly stunning.

I thought it was a very cute movie I definitely had an enjoyable time watching it I think it's worth watching for the entertainment factor

This was overall a good movie but it dragged on a bit and needed to be cut by 30 mins, at best it was baggy.

Don't waste your time or money...

Its really dumb at times as expected but is entertaining enough to warrant its own existence.

To be honest most of the film is pointless.

Disney, once a leader in children's cartoons and movies, sinks to a new low in boring, boring, boring, and the occult.

At one point we thought the movie was over and started to leave only to find out it continued on and on after that.

We all enjoyed it.

Usually fantasy tales set in modern eras don't work, and this is no exception, as this film is plagued with dreadful and cheesy dialogue, bland performances and at times, awful CGI.

The film does have quite a bit of action but it does slow down in the middle.

Now, I understand that a majority of the actors are kids and I believe they all can go far in the future is just their acting in this film was really bland.

Really gripping family film .

There are some enjoyment in the movie, such as the friendship between our two main leads, and the character of Merlin, who, despite being insanely over the top, is entertaining to watch.

The special effects are nothing to write home about, but they are still enjoyable and don't feel cheap.

Tiresome plot hooks used countlessly times before as follows: 1.

I did wonder if I wasn't British would Ienjoy it so much but who who knows, all I know is I enjoyed it a lot.

Otherwise, it is Appealing, Funny, and most of all, SUPER ENTERTAINING!!!

It's, essentially, as predictable as it is enjoyable.

The Kid Who Would Be King is smarter, more fun and entertaining than it deserves to be.

Some of the humour is very forced, but most of it is actually quite enjoyable.

The kids enjoyed it.

Overall the movie makes for an entertaining two hours and doesn't let you leave disappointed.

Speaking of the finale, it's probably the best part; it's exciting, well-staged and uniquely large-scale.

Exciting and hugely entertaining .

Maybe if I were younger, I would have given it a higher rating, but the cringy jokes and slow start brought it down for me.

The running length of this film is too long especially for a children's movie.

Very Entertaining Movie for Older Kids .

I loved it too, an enchanting, exciting and brilliantly written story.

Modestly entertaining.

Entertaining but forgettable and boring.