The Killing (1956) - Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

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Crook Johnny Clay assembles a five man team to plan and execute a daring race-track robbery.

Director: Stanley Kubrick
Stars: Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 43 out of 382 found boring (11.25%)

One-line Reviews (267)

Kubrick first showed what a master craftsman he really is with this consistently entertaining, impressive heist movie.

However, lots of heavy hitters involved in The Killing so as a curio or film noir, it might hold solid interest for some but seem rather trite to others.

Audacious and thoroughly entertaining.

One of the more fascinating scenes is a staged bar fight featuring Kola Kwariani.

Compelling Kubrick Film .

Sterling Hayden's imposing physical stature and hard-boiled delivery make him a very convincing and compelling hoodlum.

Clever noir from an unexpected director .

Stanley Kubrick's the killing is a suspenseful and well thought put story followed up with a crisp, clear image and beautiful cinematography.

Personally, I don't mind the added narration, it is fitting for a noir and certainly clarifies what might have become confusing otherwise.

Lucien Ballard is DP for this, and I think he did a stunning job.

Tense, suspenseful noir crime thriller from Stanley Kubrick.

Harris, Kubrick's third feature, despite its puny budget, is a confident, mature, exciting, expertly-crafted crime thriller which influenced everyone from Jean-Luc Godard to Quentin Tarantino.

" This may have been on purpose to show that Clay had fallen victim to the stress of the endeavor, but pair that with the clumsy, pointless scene where he pulls over on the side of the road to stuff the money into the suitcase as haphazardly as possible and you've just completely lost me.

The replaying of the same horse racing scene was very annoying and too repetitive for me.

It's more being a film-noir type of movie and its absolutely fascinating to see Kubrick handling this particular genre.

The sniper runs into an unexpected problem: the lot is already closed to vehicles.

It's a shame The Killing isn't seen more, because viewers are treated to an excellent and suspenseful crime noir.

Fast Paced Thriller .

The story was interesting and entertaining, and enough humor was sprinkled in at random intervals to make it a very enjoyable crime film/ B movie.

A good movie should grab you within the first few minutes and this one started out so confusing that it was difficult to do so.

To me they're all very much the same basic plot, told in the same predictable way, with the same predictable out come.

"The Killing" just feels like its missing a compelling hook.

While the film is in many ways, very repetitious and sometimes somewhat boring,"The Killing's" unique editing helps set it apart from all other crime thrillers of the era.

It's worth watching simply because it's Kubrick.

A 2003 film would have every aspect meticulously explained, and all of the rest as listed above, and be boring as hell, which the Kubrick film isn't.

I thought it was very confusing and moved too fast.

This film was suspenseful from beginning to end.

The movie got kinda boring sometimes and I would find myself nodding off just in time for something more interesting to happen.

It's riveting, and cleverly told.

Very entertaining late film noir.

If anything was a draw back -- I would say was the music which was kind of dull and could have been better positioned just to support the suspense.

Faultless and enjoyable.

THE KILLING is filled with crime-noir touches that form an absorbing whole that is hard to beat.

Although not completely necessary at all times, he kept the audience on track, and his delivery seemed to bring some comedy and a breather to the audience in between some intense scenes.

My only difficulty is rather too much exhilaration, and I need to be brought back down to earth after the curtain falls maybe by some silliness that serves to remind me of the pointless futility of human endeavor.

Femme fatale Marie Windsor and put-upon husband Elisha Cook Jr. add to the intrigue, before things let rip with the incredible denoument which plays out in a familiar yet engrossing way.

Sharp snappy and hard boiled dialogue were done by Noir writer, Jim Thompson who brings his motifs in a few scenes.

**Possible Spoilers** An ex-con engineers a race track heist in `The Killing,' a taut and suspenseful film noir from director Stanley Kubrick.

Watching the plan unfold was very enjoyable, overall a great film.

This movie gets a bit of a dated feel from the dull narrators voice and the horrible way they show the passage of time using this narrator.

The film was enjoyable and the scenes follow spliced scenes that follow multiple characters as the plot unfolds at the racetrack.

Heist movies always been exciting to watch and this movie proved right.

The story is ground-breakingly non-linear but tightly paced and with some genuine suspenseful tension and moving poignancy.

Great directing in a suspenseful movie .

Kubrick keeps a very fast pace in this film and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat.

After the climax of the film the ending was dragged out just as the beginning, with an immature conclusion and a weak message.

Windsor is brilliantly sarcastic and manipulative and the dialogue between her and Cook is enjoyable all the way.

I really enjoyed this movie because it was so unpredictable and surprising.

A fairly short movie with a predictable premise, the director's genius shines through in many scenes - for instance, the axe fight in the mannequin factory.

very suspenseful, held my interest, kept me wanting to know just what was ganna happen next.

A superb cast ,relentless intrigue and fascinating thriller make this one of the best crime movies ever made .

The Killing is one of the best pieces of filmmaking; it's short and sweet, thrilling and chilling, and most importantly artistic and thought-provoking.

The success of the actual heist is threatened by the obvious-to-anyone-but her-husband no-good girlfriend of the inside man at the racetrack, and it's good that the story unfolds in an unexpected (and 'modern' non-linear way).

Also Kubrick and the DP had some very unconventional type shots during intense scenes.

He sets up scenes with a clichéd and grating monotone: "Johnny Clay was up at 7 AM that morning, knowing today might be the last day of his life.

Director Stanley Kubrick, who also co-wrote the tight and sharp script with noted crime fiction novelist Jim Thompson, uses a supremely precise and economical style to relate the arresting story: the snappy pace never lets up for a minute, the tension steadily mounts to a nerve-wracking fever pitch (the caper itself is quite gripping and exciting), the intricate and innovative nonlinear narrative structure which gives multiple perspectives on the plot greatly enhances the overall suspense, the cramped sets likewise add to the claustrophobic atmosphere, the hard, gritty, no-nonsense tone ensures that there's never any sticky sweet sentiment, and there's no padding or filler whatsoever.

It was though, still pretty entertaining.

From the very beginning until the very end, it proves to be a story that is exciting and meticulously planned, the kind of movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Kubrick's taut screenplay fits together perfectly; 1950s audiences must have been startled by the back-and-forth-in-time setup, much imitated since, and the quirky, unexpected camera angles and editing.

Strangelove', '2001' and 'A Clockwork Orange' are much more flamboyant and intellectually exciting than this early hard boiled crime thriller, but for my money it is still one of his most entertaining movies, and in its own modest way just as brilliant as his more talked about films.

I, clearly not a criminal, am not saying this to inspire others to become so, I am merely stating that the plot flows so smooth that the viewer can become fully immersed in this world, and begin to ponder the what-if's namely, " I wonder if that is really possible?

The final scene were the money was blowing away was so predictable that several minutes before it happened, we paused to recite the exact ending.


The motion picture was excellently directed by Stanley Kubrick , he realized a riveting piece of film-making .

I knew it was going to be confusing, since I know nothing about horse racing or how betting on it works at all.

The action is delivered at high speed throughout and it's entertaining to see how the detailed plans are carried out.

The film is marvellously entertaining an exiting nonetheless.

He didn't do his own cinematography as with Killer's Kiss: Lucien Ballard is responsible for that in The Killing, but I still say he should have done it himself, because the contrasty b/w photography of Killer's Kiss is really stunning compared to that of The Killing.

It's great fun and fascinating to watch, all throughout!

As if it yells, HEAR HEAR how exciting this movie is, while it is NOT,This is definitely one of Kubricks worst movies.

Very pretentious.

I also would that I found the movie as suspenseful and tense as its thrilling atmosphere wanted me to feel.

The final scene at the airport is an instant classic after viewing and makes everything worth watching.

From start to finish, you're on the edge of your seat -- and while certain characters are more sympathetic than others, there's no clear-cut hero or villain.

All in all, this film was stunning and if I had the DVD, I would watch it again.

From the innovatively structured timeline repeating scenes from a different character's point of view, the breakneck editing montage, superlative ensemble acting, sensational noir cinematography by Lucien Ballard to that stunning ending, this is Kubrick's first masterpiece.

Despite my confusion, I still enjoyed the movie.

Their relationship is funny and tragic and comes to a predictable end.

While "The Killing" is mostly admired for its inventive and confusing editing, I felt it owed more to the script and the direction, which both consecrate it as a gripping masterpiece of storytelling.

Stanley Kubrick directed this slick heist film early in his career, and it stands as one of the most exciting of the many crime thrillers released during the 1950s.

Also, the dialogues are very ironic and seem cliche (Sherry: 'The punchline George, where's the moral of your story?

The cinematography is gorgeous and obviously inspired by the film noir films of the 40's as well as the acting styles, but The Killing reminded me of a Dragnet episode in it's delivery - from the monotone narration to Sterling Hayden's fast talking character, one doesn't feel as if they're watching a film from 1956 than from, say, 1944.

The rest of the film is the planning and execution of the heist, which we are neither completely privy too nor completely unaware of, making the whole thing both mysterious and exciting at some turns and uneventful at others.

While the ending is exciting it's hard to believe that someone who has committed such a crime and has millions in their possession would turn up at an airport with it rather than lay low somewhere in hiding.

The Killing is an incisive, entertaining, downbeat caper film clearly influenced by The Asphalt Jungle (1950), Rififi (1955) and probably Rashomon (1950).

Even the unexpected ending has a compelling and unique flavor to it.

I suppose it did leave me surprised at some points but over all I was just bored through out.

The movie also always had a dark and dreary touch to it from the beginning which made the movie more interesting and made it move along.

This Hitchcockesque thriller is, at times, quite gripping and has enough tension to keep you watching until the end.

unbearable phony dialogue.

Suspenseful .

Overall, "The Killing" is an exciting movie.

It's a simple tale about planning of robbery but it's so well made that it is gripping and exhilarating.

Of all the parts I think that the husband/wife roles of Elisha Cook and Marie Windsor are the best and most entertaining.

I enjoyed it's nice array of characters, particularly George and his acid-tongued wife.

Stanley Kubrick's vision for this film is quite ambitious as a style like this can keep the film from moving forward and having certain areas repeat itself and become tiresome.

A lot of noirs from the 50's can be extremely slow and, to be frank, boring!

A very entertaining film for a quiet evening.......

The angles of the camera work along with the shadows and lighting of the set really gives you a suspenseful and fast faced sensation.

The subplot with Sherry's plan to make off with all of the money by intervening with someone's scheme adds a needed depth to the film that makes it more enjoyable.

The film "The Killing" was in my opinion a very uneventful, boring, long film that took energy for me to stay awake to watch it.

An unforgettable work of film-noir, its contribution to cinema cannot be understated plus since Kubrick accomplished even more remarkable feats in his future films, The Killing remains one of his most underrated films as well as one of his most enjoyable works.

Lacking entertainment for a heist film, with mostly uninteresting characters that are also overacted.

However, 'The Killing' looks great, complete with brilliantly evocative camera work/cinematography, atmospheric use of light and shadow and suitably claustrophobic sets.

The story is reasonably well told but it is the music score and character portrayals which really turn this from being a little mundane into an almost gritty film noir.

For me though, I felt that it was boring because I don't usually like the serious toned movies.

How this particular scheme came undone and was foiled seemed contrived and forced to me.

It's all very entertaining, with richly drawn supporting characters.

This classic noir film -based on the novel ¨Clean break¨ by Lionel White- contains suspense , action , sharp-edged thrilling scenes and excellent performance .

Very Enjoyable .

With a stunningly fluid camera work, risky and influential narrative structure, razor-sharp dialogue, and thoroughly interesting fleshed-out characters brought to life by astonishingly convincing performances from the entire cast, Kubrick's The Killing is a smart, taut, enjoyable and brisk little crime film that is decidedly ahead of its time.

Gripping And Suspenseful Low-Budget Classic Of Racetrack Robbery .

The finale is unpredictable and very abrupt.

Lots of intense scenes and dramatic acting.

The affect this creates is incredible: it fills the viewer with anxiety and keeps him/her truly on the edge of their his/her seat.

It was kind of hard to follow because once you got to the 3rd guy it was hard to remember what the first guy had to do at say 2:47 for example.

In reality, Kubrick only made one "funny" film in his career, and that's Dr. Strangelove (although that movie is more dark satire than laugh-out-loud comedy), but The Killing's macabre humor contributes to making the atmosphere typically film-noirish, but not too heavily dramatic (even the classic Bogart suspense flicks had lighter, entertaining moments).

I think it was one of the most genius and entertaining crime movies from this time period I've ever watched.

Driving us into this world of schemers shouldn't be dense, and as Kubrick passes by any pretense - and keeps the compositions and material entertaining and absorbing - and it allows a viewer a lot of promise on repeat viewings.

Kind of boring.

All in all i'd say this film was exciting and unique, just maybe not my favorite Stanley Kubrick film.

Kubric creates an entertaining story about a crime that could have been perfect (sounds familiar with "Reservoir Dogs"?

In Barry Lyndon, the key moments of the protagonist's life fall like domino pieces under the push of unpredictable circumstances, starting with his father's death; in 2001, we have the hominids and the monolith, HAL and the astronauts; in The Shining, the Overlook ghosts tapping into Jack's psychological deterioration.

Still, The Killing is more than worth watching because as entertainment and suspense it does its job very well.

It's very engaging and clever to see how it all pans out and you're almost rooting for them to complete it cleanly.

Watching the story unfold and all of the different characters lives intertwine was fascinating.

When I first heard the title, I definitely didn't imagine this kind of movie, I pictured more of a horror movie but surprisingly I really enjoyed it still.

Very cliché robbery, bad guy never gets away .

It wouldn't be entertaining if they did.

We watched it a few times, enjoyed it, and like so many other titles, it just gets put away being more or less forgotten.

There a lot of unexpected turns to the film and a lot of great acting by the whole cast.

Kubrick plays tricks with time as his characters become caught in the plot… He takes each of them and plays his incident through to the next turn of the screw; then goes back to an earlier moment in time to see what somebody else was doing…Even the incidental small parts have "character" stamped right through them… The marksman hired to shoot a winning racehorse to cause a diversion from the robbery is a war veteran with deformed speech… The old retired wrestler, who picks a fight with the police to create another diversion…If "Killer's Kiss" had one big dramatic set-piece, "The Killing" has a score of small dramatic touches to heighten the irony and the tension…"The Killing" is one of the most skillful and entertaining suspense movies of the Fifties… It mesmerized like a ticking time bomb, and every few minutes, with sure skill, Kubrick recorded a new peak of suspense… And all with very little violence, again, though with the obligatory sudden death…

This film had a very slow start and honestly, I wasn't very interested in it at first.

"The Killing" is an exciting, fast moving crime caper in which a gang led by ex-convict Johnny Clay (Sterling Hayden) conspire to carry out a $2 million racetrack robbery.

..old crime thriller that is still enjoyable.. .

This is a brilliantly intense film made by a genius film maker, this is Kubrick just getting warmed up

His style is very evident in this film: long, drawn out scenes where characters actually converse, sometimes about big things, sometimes little things.

The Killing is a fast paced thriller that was ahead of its time.

This device on its own would probably have been too confusing to follow and so a newsreel type narration is effectively used at various stages to keep the viewer on track.

The movie is largely dialog-driven, it's clever and thrilling and at times funny.

It may not be one of his best, and it does have its flaws, but it's still an engaging, dark, intelligent movie.

Some critics have complained about the ironic touches saying that they are hard to believe and are heavily contrived.

There are time-jumps in the narrative that reminded me strongly of Reservoir Dogs, though in The Killing they begin to seem put in just to preserve the feel of a dramatic newsreel report, and become unnecessarily confusing.

This is a truly enjoyable heist film from Stanley Kubrick.

The most exciting sequence is the heist.

Repetitive scenes becomes boring at some point .

Confusing; got lost in the film .

This exciting heist movie can't be recommended highly enough, it's a real treat for film buffs.

Everything about this thriller is so exciting, right from the taut storytelling to the characterizations.

However, looking back, it is obvious to see that Kubrick was even able to make that type of film even more different and exciting than most of the other two-bit directors of Hollywood.

It is also very entertaining.

Comedic and suspenseful, almost like an early Ocean's 11.

This created a very unique feeling during the film that let you see everything that was going on in the movie and created it very enjoyable.

This film, to be honest, is confusing.

It has a few limitations - stock footage, a voice-over that dates it - but it succeeds where so many gangster movies fail by imbuing the characters with intriguing and varied personalities, as opposed to just by-the-numbers hoodlums.

Entertaining To My Eyes .

The actors do very well in the portrayal of these characters, I found myself immersed in the film.

The adventure in itself that the characters go on is pretty exciting on its own.

The tone of the movie was fast paced and gave you the feeling that time was ticking away.

Its got a good simple suspenseful plot about a $2,000,000 racetrack heist that never lets up until the end.

In a fairly, yet satisfyingly contrived way, the film obviously pushes its moral that robbing is bad!

For being classified as a B rated film when it was released, I found The Killing to be a lot more compelling and a more thorough then many movies from this time period.

Each of these has their own stake in the robbery and they are painted with simple but evocative clarity; even the minor players like Kwariani (a friend of Kubrick's from his chess-hustling days) as the philosophising wrestler are fascinating in their own right.

Beforehand, the story was moving slow and I found myself disinterested.

Overall this movie was great and I really enjoyed it.

The overall plot is very confusing, and made even more so by the announcements at the beginning of the segments.

thrilling .

The first movie is non-stop action and wildly entertaining, and the second movie has very minimal action, and is mostly talking.

The Killing is a thrilling film about a robbery at a horse track.

The way in which each character has their own story and role in the robbery only makes the film more complex and entertaining.

There was a great range of light used and when intense lighting was used it added to the mystery of the movie.

Finally the running time of this film is very short, making it a nice snappy little picture.

The story is entertaining, kudos to Kubrick for a truly great script.

Many people complain about the narrator but I feel as if he is a necessary addition since the thickness of the plot line gets a bit confusing when jumping between scenes.

Thrilling film noir .

) are enjoyable and shows the blossoming of the director's surreal side, which we've all come to know well in his later work.

A very realistic plot with ordinary people planning a suspenseful heist .

Very intense.

The storytelling is creative and interesting, Jim Thompson's dialogue impressively sharp and Kubrick provides a handful of noteworthy flourishes; it's the resonance that his best films have always had that's missing here (aside from the George-Sherry subplot, which is easily the film's most compelling element).

Kudos are also in order for Lucien Ballard's stark, shadowy black and white cinematography, the deliciously sardonic dialogue (Windsor in particular gets most of the best lines), Gerald Fried's booming, robust, stirring full-bore score, several inspired quirky touches (the horseshoe, the clown mask, the parrot, the old lady at the airport with the dog), the uniformly terrific acting by a top-notch cast, and the great downbeat ending.

And the scene at the racetrack for which I believe the moved was titled it is intense.

The elements seem to be very thought out and intense at times.

The integration of each character's role as a vital piece of the key to success sparks your interest and keep you on the edge of your seat.

So perhaps it was a little too exciting, ha ha.

Also this movie was told out of sequence in a nonlinear narrative, which was pretty amazing because with a nonlinear narrative things can become confusing then pointless because you can't keep up with the story.

Just 85 minutes and without any filler, it is quite thrilling.

Unpredictable ending!

This became a thread which ran throughout Kubrick's stunning and outstanding career.

" I also thought that the plot was not as good as it should've been, for it bored me and I kept wondering when it would be over.

The beginning scenes just kind of dragged on longer than they should have, but the ending reflected on those boring scenes.

Putting this scene out of sync with the previous ones highlights the fact that this is the unexpected factor which brings the whole plan into disarray.

The development and fleshing out of the more prominent characters is wholly enjoyable, and while in many cases they are not exactly likable- they are believable.

Only real drawback is the monotone narration, which is annoying and cheesy.

But perhaps what is most enjoyable about the film is seeing how markedly different the cinematographic style is, from movies of the time mixed with the storyline that jumps back and forth weaving an intricate web between the principal actors.

The ending is a cliché ridden disaster.

Ironic, Entertaining.

Fast paced, suspenseful, and consistently interesting, the plot itself lacks anything to really make it stand out from other heist films, save for the excellent ending.

However, it's a damn fine film, that's tense, exciting and very compelling, and it does deserve to warrant a place on a favourite list of any self respecting film noir fan.

Definitely worth watching if you're a Kubrik fan.

I do not find this to be the case, as there are few to none of the long, languid shots, nor of the voyeuristic shots from an unmoving camera.

There were some suspenseful moments like when Timothy Carey has to shoot the horse and then get away in time .

The realism he brings to his psychotic killer demonstrates what Brando pulled off in `On the Waterfront,' or at least `The Wild One,' but also suggests the type of unpredictable excitement one would later expect from a Harvey Keitel or even character actors capable of on-the-edge-dangerousness like Peter Stormare (`8mm,' `Fargo').

It's a very similar film and just as enjoyable--though its reputation isn't nearly as good as THE KILLING's.

The movie soon settles into a thrilling vein culminating into an unexpected and brutally ironic climax as the group's hard-earned cash literally blows away - a compelling image of great symbolic value that visually mirrors early images of the racetrack grounds littered with losing tickets.

Be it Barry Lyndon or A Clockwork Orange everything has to be immaculate and at the same time engaging and the feeling at the end of it all should be 'I need more' and The Killing was a beginning of a new vision called Kubrick.

I think that it added a bit of confusion that was really nice.

There's plenty of good performances, snappy pacing and dialogue, and some very effective cinematography.

Thrilling Heist Film Noir with a Memorable Femme Fatale .

"The Killing" emanates a compilation of Kubrick's subsequent movies by incorporating an intense artistic innovation with an aggregate moral debasement of the main characters in the film!!

One of the most skillful and entertaining suspense movies of the Fifties… .

Most fascinating are the scenes with Windsor and Cook Jr.; one has to wonder how these two wound up together.

The Killing, by legendary director Stanley Kubrick, is an engrossing if conventional noir thriller.

The plot throughout the movie was a little boring and it was hard to stay focused the entire time.

The second half of the movie, which is primarily action-oriented, is dominated by Kubrick's and it's the best of the movie, quite exciting to watch.

Then there is the tough, concise dialogue by crime genius Jim Thompson and the stunning direction, photography, editing, and stagings by the master himself, the greatest film-maker ever - Stanley Kubrick.

They have a plan to rob the race track, by shooting a prized race horse during a race to add confusion.

The story in the movie was kind of a bland one, so paying attention was a bit of a struggle.

the multi layered non linear timeline in the story is fascinating and really has you riveted till the end...

While many have found the narration to be irritating, I quite enjoyed it.

This is a reason it was so unpredictable.

A large amount of the film was dedicated to this odd couple and the dialogue between them is especially witty and entertaining.

The choice of a formulaic genre, that of the Heist Gone Wrong, leaves no room for ponderous pseudo-significance and forces his creativity into the more interesting areas of character, motivation, and cinematic narrative.

This confusion was one of the reasons I did not like the movie.

It's not to say that I didn't like this film because I am not a fan of crime films or of "B-movies" I was just not a fan of it because the plot was thin and also extremely repetitive.

)Overall it was sloppy, contrived and poorly executed.

It uses many ingredients, from multiple different genres and Kubrick manages to blend them all together into one great and entertaining little movie!

It's a perfect example of how to make a tense and compelling crime picture that often hinges on its dialogue, and it really comes to life for its exciting finish.

I found it a bit confusing, with the different point of views showing the same event going on throughout the movie, and the plot was not of major interest to me.

This is extremely exciting at its best, and even when not actively intense, there's nothing extraneous.

Watching an exciting scene unfold and then flashing back to an hour beforehand sucks all the energy and joy out of what action there is.

Even if you don't like crime mysteries or Kubrick movies, you'll still find The Killing very entertaining!!

Repetitive .

Pretty entertaining .

A thrilling tale .

Here the script is witty and deliciously sardonic, providing some really enjoyable chemistry between the characters and actors.

However, as it progressed, it got a bit more exciting and I enjoyed watching the heist occur.

The story at times takes on the contours of the documentary, with a prominent and dissolving tension and unexpected irony in the end.

fast paced and exciting, look for Tim Carey!.

Exciting .

Film-noir is alternately exciting and heavy-hearted, with scenes that tend to plod and performances which aren't terribly magnetic.

It's a wonderfully put together, stylish, fun and fast paced entertaining heist movie, that I absolutely loved watching!

Maybe because it was the plot, which I found myself being bored of.

The last half hour of the film was extremely suspenseful, especially the scene at the airport.

I won't spoil that scene but it is very intense, well shot and exciting.

Thanks to the quick pacing, we're spared the mundane details explaining how the police tracked Johnny to the airport.

His precise, clipped, monotone delivery, almost like a newsman, is perfect here.

Kubrick's shots of the apartment after the killing actually happens are disorienting and really play up the confusion of walking in on multiple dead bodies.

The narrator, clearly law enforcement, removes any confusion over when a particular scene is occurring.

It was your simple gangster film, some suspense but nothing really special, no plot twists.

Overall, it was still entertaining to watch and a good film.

It's very exciting and tense right up to the last moment.

"The Killing" shows what a major talent Kubrick would turn out to be, and is a very entertaining film to boot.

I finally watched it and most certainly will watch over and over again.. Throughout the movie, it was so intense, never once you get bored!

A decent film that is weakened by its obnoxious cast Stanley Kubrick's "The Killing" is a thrilling crime story with a great plot.

The idea was that after the horse is shot, the resulting confusion will create the chaos that is needed for Johnny Clay to go into the audit room to steal the money.

The first half of this film may be dull for many.

It is very suspenseful and keeps the viewer on the edge of the seat because of the unique plot structure.

It is at once intense, threatening and menacingly compelling.

A truly enjoyable movie that makes us all discover our own thieving heart and salivate for what we all really, really want to do, make "The Killing".

It was super exciting.

Sterling Hayden decides to pull off a robbery at a race track and plans it in an ingenious way; said planning takes up most of the running time and is thoroughly engaging in itself.

"The Killing" today remains an engrossing crime study, and a worthy entree in the Kubrick folio.

Other characters bring texture to the tapestry: Art Gilmore plays an amusingly idiosyncratic narrator; we expect to see Kola Kwariani's affable bruiser eating a whole cooked chicken like George 'The Animal' Steele's Tor Johnson in Ed Wood; while Timothy Carey's vile sharpshooting psycho Nikki is fascinating viewing.

Inventive structure and compelling action .

And the movie really takes its time to show the motivations of the many different characters, which lets it all play out as something engaging and it gets you more involved with the story and its different characters.

You never know what to quite expect next with the cast, which is enjoyable.

Stanley Kubrick's best and least pretentious film, largely because - unlike all his other work, with the exception of Paths of Glory - it has human beings in it.