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Hal, wayward prince and heir to the English throne, is crowned King Henry V after his tyrannical father dies. Now the young king must navigate palace politics, the war his father left behind, and the emotional strings of his past life.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: David Michôd
Stars: Tom Glynn-Carney, Gábor Czap
Length: 140 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 103 out of 674 found boring (15.28%)

One-line Reviews (355)

This is not a thriller, it's a slow burn.

Slow, dull, darkly lit, badly written.

Pop corn movies have there place, but flooding the market with fantastical dross from all angles is stifling true story telling, dumbing down audiences, instead of embracing the real essence of film making, which is to be provocative, challenging educational and entertaining.

But I know that it is a thrilling watch.

So engaging.

Compelling from the start, it will keep you hooked to the very end.

Looked great but a bit slow .

The King - slow, beautiful and compelling.

He is enigmatic, even compelling sometimes, a misplaced boy-king stumbling through history.

I was bored for a majority of the film.

I see people complaining that it was too slow, those are the people who need action nonstop and can't appreciate a well told story.

Yet, despite all of the filmmakers' noble quest for accuracy, the final result is a bit of a prodding melodrama lacking a strong narrative, compelling characters, and any real excitement.

At last a Netfl8x movie worth watching.

Quite frankly, long battle sequences is like the most boring thing.

Other than that I found it very bleak and slow.

My expectations were definitely not high, I expected to watch the film for 5 minutes and get bored.

If you like a thoughtful story, this is definitely worth watching.

With a great supporting cast backing him up, direction which is passionate about the subject and a story that is extremely intriguing and exciting.

There is no question that this movie is brilliantly acted and executed, but it is pretty slow going for the most part and takes a while to actually get interesting.

As the battle lines are drawn between King Henry V of England and King Charles IV of France, the film starts to build some interest, especially in its very well-staged mud-soaked action sequence of The Battle of Agincourt, but this overall thrilling effect comes a little too late.

It's very long and dark and sometimes quite tedious.

The film is a great reminder of the quieter epics that can still be delivered in this saturated market and one that Is both contemplative and ultimately highly entertaining.

Don't waste your time .

I was hoping for something like The Outlaw King, which I enjoyed, but I found The King to be slow (too long) and a lot less interesting and exciting.

Watching Chalamet as King Henry with his angel like face demanding to kill all the prisoners of war was a moment which gave me goose bumps all over, one of many intense moments this movie offers.

If you are going to rewrite history at least make it entertaining.

The cast are excellent with particularly Harris as Henry's principal advisor and Edgerton as an enjoyable, albeit less comic than usual, Falstaff edging ahead.

And yet the facts are dramatic, dynamic, suspenseful - all the makings of a great plot.

Also (and this is more personal as I am French) : the performance of Robert Pattinson, supposedly a French prince speaking English with a terrible accent, was unbearable to me...

Slow and boring tale about a made up king.

slow , boaring .

I found it far too long at almost two and a half hours and there were times when it felt as though I could have skipped lengthy parts of this and not really missed very much of consequence.

I found it most entertaining, with an excellent cast.

Kudos to Joel Edgerton for such a brilliant story, and bravo to a stunning ensemble cast.

Worth the watch .

Slow burning and beautiful with strong performances .

The story was so compelling and it is clear the movie was made with a huge budget, making the film even more spectacular as all details were taken care of!

Timothée Chalamet is a vacuum of charisma and was boring in this film, per usual.

It's neither historically accurate nor Shakespearean, but the "story" it chooses to tell is dull and uninspired.

The King is a pretty bland and forgettable Netflix movie.

Part of me wishes to sing this movies' praises as a gripping tale, well told.

It takes longer than it needs to to tell the story but its an enjoyable romp through ( somewhat inaccurate) history with plenty of gore and grunting.

A well acted, superbly directed historical drama with a compelling script.

You know what are cliche elements in a historical drama?

Too long, too slow and not intense!

The film was quite long and slow paced.

Besides the fact that an adaptation of "Henry V" borrows its core dramatic material from "Troy" of all films, the dialogue in this scene is unbearable.

A boring mess of a movie .

Great movie but slow at times .

Don't waste your time.

Movie was entertaining And worth the time.

Very good fight scenes and gripping.

How the hell would you rate such a terrible film 7.4? It had a lot of potential, but was wasted sadly.. Please next time indicate that the film is boring and the conversations and the story-line is so badly written.

A damn fine film but a bit bland at several points.

(Flash Review)Without researching or dwelling on the facts, as many reviewers have complained about, this story is weighty and engaging.

As the movie is releasing by the streaming giant 'Netflix' so i wish this movie will get lot of money in the box office and i think the story of the movie will also be interesting and fascinating according to the trailer.

It's also one of the most realistic medieval movies I've seen, the fight choreography was just brutal and real which made me sit on the edge of my seat as it was unpredictable and not the regular sword fights, it was something special.

Take the story for what it is and it'll be enjoyable.

Great acting, story, and a direction that will put you on the edge of your seat.

Absolute masterpiece..a tour de force..Timother Chalamet is breathtaking..Edgerton, amazing.

If you have half a brain, don't waste your time.

This movie is one of the worst movies ever I seen in 10 years.

I enjoyed it overall and it is well worth two hours of one's time.

)I thought Robert Pattinson was fascinating as the Dauphin.

It can be forgiven - after all, Shakespeare's "Henry the Fifth" is just a kind of propaganda, well below his true masterpieces.

A good part of the film I felt was a little bit too serious and brooding, and the pacing was a tad slow.

The direction of the historical drama is worth watching.

It's barely watchable and is outright slow and pointless for more than it should be, some serious things come off quite cheesy or rushed and will certainly not stay with me in the way The Hollow Crown did at least not in a good way.

6/10: well made, but kinda boring

Good script, good acting and attention to detail really made this worth watching .

Gritty, gripping, beautiful.

Intense and Serene at ther same time.

If you want a great, entertaining movie, watch The King.

Amazing stuff and thoroughly entertaining.

Unfortunately it is a one note waste of the viewers time.

The dialogue was engaging, it made following the plot much better.

Timothee Chalamet is brilliant in the leading part and Robert Pattinson has great comical timing in his unexpected role.

It's so believable, just visually stunning to experience and look at.

Boring .

However, lets not forget the good things about this movie because it's entertaining and immersive if you can look past the accuracy factor.

Timothee Chalamet (as Hal) seems bored to be in this film, and his performance has a curious lack of energy.

The cinematography is pretty bland and uninspired for the most part.

Film goes on for a very long time with next to nothing happening.

I just wished this was a TV Show because I think I would have enjoyed it way more as it.

King Henrys battle scene done in one camera shot was mind blowing!

Dreary .

The story is layered and does unfold its slower pace does reflect that in that era things didn't move quickly, you travel by horseback , disease did kill lingering , slowly.

The only downsides are continuity and content with some disjointed scenes needing more links and an overwhelming desire for more detail.

Beautifully acted and directed, The King is a riveting film.

Great acting, but a bit slow .

Looks great and acting is superb but it's just kinda boring.

It is intense, every actors in it acted strong, the cinematography was amazing.

What a boring flick.

Visually stunning .

The script simply threads in a number of historical events and weaves it into a gripping and enjoyable movie.

Please don't waste your time on this.

Performances that are emotionally engaging, the sheer beauty of it.

(And let's face it, Mr. Chalamet's rousing pep-talk on the battlefield, sans Shakespeare's prose, pales by comparison.

The acting was excellent, the atmosphere was engrossing and the cinematography was captivating.

While the long-winded storyline might bore some, it would be hard to dispute the absolute beauty of the imagery of this movie.

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and your phone in your pocket.

If you want entertaining for 2 hours with great acting, watch this.

Nothing happening again then until the end of the film.

Total waste of time.

The movie is empty, listless; it drags along, as the actors mumble into their beards and slouch around the gloomy medieval locations and tedious battle scenes.

The result is a monotonous film that should've been exciting instead of dull.

Also it was rather slow and boring.

Even the slow parts and dialogue show his natural acting talent and depth if character.

Actors are excellent, the scenery is stunning, foto is great and effects even better.

Beautifully shot by the extremely talented cinematographer Adam Arkapaw & with a surprisingly evocative score which literally gave me goosebumps during certain sequences (courtesy of Nicholas Britell), "The King" looks & sounds incredibly impressive, additionally boasting numerous effective & understated performances from recognisable household name actors - most notably from lead Timothée Chalamet who is simply magnetic on screen...

The musical score, and Timothée Chalamet's "Hal / King Henry", are both dark, brooding, slow and intense.

The acting, the sets, the music, the storyline, everything worked to give us a thoroughly enjoyable film.

It was a bit confusing with the chaotic battle with both armies crowding in.

This movie was a snooze fest for me, I watched the entire thing in just under an hour

Incredible, riveting.


a big waste of my time and their money

Compelling characters excellently portrayed.

Its intense.

Finally a good film that doesn't leave you feeling like they shaved off most of the quality and leaving you feeling cheated like Catherine the Great, worth the watch

What a tedious movie.

Brilliant acting, great visuals/costumes & cinematography - and overall stunning storytelling.

There will be some slow parts which the film could have used some editing some scenes to help with the pace.

It is certainly very slow paced at times as most of these middle ages epics tend to be.

The long war choreography with men valiantly fighting each other is just a cliche now.

I thought The King was riveting, with a great Performance from Timothee Chalamet, and Robert Pattinson.


The plot is entertaining and worth watching if you care for historical dramas.

Only if you want to waste 2 hours and 20 mins of your life.

The King is a slow paced movie.

Boring !!!!!!!.

Great production, but a stale, long, boring execution .

Don't waste your time.

The movie was truly immersive and enjoyable.

So, lacking even the pretense of historical accuracy, does the film at least present an engaging story?

The same dull droning music plays throughout, mumble whispering is the order of the day for every scene, and there is no emotions portrayed except, well, sort of a cross being ennui, fatalism and this is the first reading of the work.

Everything about this movie was a thrilling experience!

Boring .

In his unexpected succession he must grapple with whether or not he must go to war with France under suspicious circumstances.

It is an action packed and thoughtful ride.

The director clearly had great vision for this film but was unfortunately dragged down by a tedious and tiresome plot.

Script, camera, lighting, editing and directing are dreadfully formulaic, as usual .

I didn't think it was possible to deviate that far from Shakespeare or history, but they found a way to not only cherry pick whatever plot points they decided were relevant to the misguided rendition of the story they wished to tell, but rearranged them into easily the most boring cinematic creation I have ever set my eyes on.

It is slow.

This movie was incredibly slow and boring, which is crazy since most of it involved battle.

This scene have some arrow shooting, punching and stabbing scene, but quite slow and messy!

Entertaining even though historically inaccurate.

In its own fashion, The King is engrossing, maybe even once in a while a bit exciting.

Edgerton in plate mail stomping around.. I was passionate about his character, just so so enjoyable to experience.

"The King" is an entertaining movie which offers great costumes, battle scenes and effects.

He was venomous and intense..

Th first half of the movie was very slow (justifiable), the second half felt rushed.

Nothing happened this way, it's almost like the authors didn't give a sh**.

I found it a bit inaccurate and very slow that becomes dull at some times.

The real events of this time period are much more interesting than those of the contrived and rather silly story of this movie.

The ending is the icing on the cake for me so intense.

Slow moving historical drama .

The cast is amazing, the story gripping and there is enough to sustain your attention and be entertaining enough for the run time.

I came to this having read the twaddle from the Guardian, Globe Mail and Washington Post critics saying it was messy, boring and not enough of a ripping yarn.

Secondly, the story telling is very enjoyable.

A slow burner and a really great film .

Director/writer David Michôd needed to make some serious edits and cuts to bring this film to a more "suspenseful" level (and length) of entertainment.

For me it was fascinating to see the character of Henry V develop and what power and pressure can do to someone.

The movie starts out dreadfully slow and seems stretched out for no reason at all.

As a plot, apart from the slow start (20-30mins in), I generally found myself enjoying the film more as it progressed.

Horribly boring .

Whether the genera here might interest you or not, the inherent talent involved in the final product of many of their films is simply breathtaking in the extreme.

Director who let actors gave stunning performance .

This movie has those cliche elements and doesn't have them at the same time.

Joel Egerton is building quite the compendium of compelling, nuanced supporting characters and its a pleasure to see him work his craft (both acting and co-writing) here.

It's worth the watch.

Waste of time .

Anyway, that said, it's an enjoyable film.

Otherwise, I think this is a quite enjoyable film, one of Netflix's best productions for sure.

One of the worst movie I've ever seen.

Made me sleepy .

It also has breathtaking cinematography that incorporates natural lighting and strikingly epic shots.

What a dull waste of time.

Slow and dark .

Terribly boring.

This show is reaally boring for me personally, i couldnt get past 52 minutes, its too slow and boring for people around 20

It is just a waste of time

Hopefully they pop out a couple more of these, the stories are half written by history, they just need to present it in a professional and entertaining manner, as with this one.

If this film was played at 1.5x speed, its shorter length and faster pacing would've made this film more entertaining.

I won't repeat what everyone else has praised it for, and my only complaint is that sometimes I felt some of the characters were a bit bland.


Good acting and armosphere but the story is really boring!

This is a very interesting entertaining turn.

Timothy Chalamet gave an amazing performance portraying King Henry V, however the stretched duration and a slow paced conversation made this movie wanting less.

Don't waste your time with this movie.

It's a popularization of Hollywood history, full of money and empty of meaning.

As others have noted, while this film is quite entertaining, historically it verges on complete fiction.

HAHAHAHAHA, empty Hollywood movie betting all its interest on the new favourite actor of the cinema.

It's a piece of thrilling entertainment based just as much on Shakespeare's play than it is on actual historical records.

The story was not one I was familiar with, but the script was engaging; press pause for a loo break, didn't want to miss anything...

instead..what a criminal waste of so many peoples time and talent on ..yes indeed the WORST possible retelling of any of this.

It's fair to say is slow paced and kind of lacking an actual plot development.

The King is a well written, well directed, well produced, well acted and thoroughly engaging film that i think should be judged on its own merits.


Entire film quite slow and bored!

It is a grand, thoroughly gripping historical drama.

It was gripping from start to finish - not always easy in a movie over 2 hours - with fantastic performances and breathtaking cinematography.

A strong performance from Chalamet elevates what could have probably been a dull and mundane film.

The pace was slow, the tension didn't build up and overall it is a forgettable piece of film making.

Boring .

I enjoyed it, but am at a loss as to why they can't make movies about a historical figure more accurate, surely, his short life was fascinating enough not to add in events that never happened.

Setting and location production value was great, but the 140 min runtime was ridiculously and unnecessarily long, and felt even longer with the slow pacing.

A total and complete waste of time.

Worth watching .

An engaging watch and does not feel too long, even at 2 hours 15.

With a much slower burn, The King is a film largely about trying to fix the sins & mistakes of the previous reign/generation so that peace can be brought to the world, and it succeeds on almost every level at telling the story in that way.

You can tell that the director was trying to do his best but unfortunately with a boring script and story like that, nothing can be Very well done.

The story is hard to follow unless you are familiar with the plays.

From very slow to "wait is it over" .

Robert Pattinson as the crazed Dauphin was impressive tooJoel Edgerton was brilliant as Falstaff and I was genuinely moved by his arcAt 2hr20 I thought I'd get bored but the movie was so well written and enjoyable that it flew in and I wished for more

The visuals is what you'd expect from a Netflix film; it has stunning cinematography and excellent filming locations.

A beautiful showcase of a slow burn in an excessively serious tone .

would anyone fund such a pro-nationalist flag waving 'us good and peaceful enemy evil and ludicrous' idiot piece of propaganda?

A true masterpiece, brilliant acting and directing, with an engaging soundtrack touches you deeply and the deafening silence among certain scenes is pure emphaty.

The fight scenes were more realist than the normal over the top ones but on the whole it was quite dull

Stunning .

I always engage with Falstaff in Henry V, and find the actors who portray him fascinating, and Joel Edgerton does not disappoint, this is one of his career standouts, easily his best since Warrior.

Wow, what a stunning film.

Acting of all the actors was pretty good, they were just enslaved by a very slow script with very uninspiring conversation among the characters.


the action sequences in this film are stunning.

With a runtime of nearly two and a half hours, something that begins to bore you that soon into the movie, that is a problem.

Dry, Bland and Disappointing .

Robert Pattinson saved this movie from boredom .

"The King" is a slow burning and beautiful film.

The film is slow and ponderous and its solemn tone never varies.

He puts on an outrageous French accent as the Dauphin, taunting those silly English kniggits who have invaded his dreary country.

i enjoyed it .

Now to the negative:This movie is boring and spineless.

Gritty, mind blowing, real!

Hence, scenes are disjointed, often misconnected & incoherently constructed; giving a sense as though the feature was condensed & edited mercilessly until what must've been a 4 hour runtime was sliced to 140 minutes.

A movie about war that is so incredibly boring and If I date say so a little bit rasist

This produces a fascinating trail of derivation: a film inspired by a series adapting a novel inspired by the plays this film insists on adapting.

It's a dull piece about a ruler, somewhere in the world, fighting a national war, pressed by the sword of Damocles -one of the most overused plots in cinema history.

The pace is slow and the decor stark, drained of colour and vitality, without any pretense to rousing historical spectacle.

Good acting, good story, good action and actually really enjoyed it.

I thought he was gonna fall asleep each time the camera is on him...

The movie was great, though slow at times, wich is okay for me since it was reasonably long.

I did find it too slow and the film too dark literally.

David Michôd did it again with his dark visual story telling with his spectacular directing and crew behind him, the cinematography is just stunning, wow.

Intense, vivid and credible.

I generally know the material fairly well, and I love historical dramas like this, but everything about it was so dull and leaden, and nearly all of it missed the mark, that you'll need to be a major Timothée Chalamet fan to sit through it.

While slow, I didn't mind this section much because it took the time to really establish Henry's character and his borderline pacifist nature.

Which made it slow and boring in some parts.

One note waste of time .

It's slow when it needs to be, fast when it needs to be; it's immersive at times and entertaining At times too, and that's what you want from this section really.

He is absolutely fascinating to watch.

It was a bit long but very engaging because I never lost interest or stopped watching it.

Agincour's battle enjoyable, full-fledged genius of strategic planning, very well directed with the camera inside and not out of battle.

When I was watching the film, it felt slow and tedious in some moments, unable to grab my attention to its full extent.

Well worth watching .

It's a "slow" movie compared to what we usually have today, but it had to be to say something besides thrilling and drama and plot twists.

The screenplay by Joel Edgerton and Director David Michôd is equally literate and compelling if nothing else, tracking the nuanced obstacles that our characters face.

The epic and magnificent production, visually stunning and a masterpiece .

I feel so sorry for people behind creating such movies, when I see movies which are empty of everything, of plot, of good acting, of music, yet they are perceived as great movies just for a well known director or a famous actor, while real pieces of art such as this movie are completely underrated and underestimated, a great film, brilliant acting, breathtaking music and cinematography, and a good plot, am really glad I watched this, thank you for making this movie

Outlaw King was an enjoyable yarn if a bit heavy on tropes we've seen too many times.

Is engaging and enjoyable, the acting is superb and the darkness is very different than the usual Netflix movies!!!

So aside from script writing/dialogue of this which is above average but does not excel, the rest shows talent and and an overall well done and entertaining work.

Why would you take that riveting subject and spend a considerable amount of money making a film about it and then litter that film with gross historical inaccuracies?

Very slow movie .

Boring .

It was just boring.

Forth the story in itself is just a bore and I cannot see any public interest in it outside of the people that thrive on Medieval European history.

A total waste of time and money imo.

This film was definitely intense, intriguing, and I was much entertained I even forgot I was studying.

Could have been great, instead its entertaining for those that know nothing of history Or Shakespeare and frustrating for those who do.

His wholly affectless face and dull, tired gaze tell a story of a man robbed of all energy, a broken, humbled actor who understands the impossibility of the task before him; the giants of cinema loom large, and though he tries to stand on their shoulders, their combined weight ends up crushing him.

Entertaining for sure...

Even though the movie contains a lot fewer battle scenes than previously expected, it was still intriguing and made any battle scene that much more rewarding.

The movie is kind of slow.

The original play ended with the unison, but in the movie there was a (very enjoyable) twist to the end.

The director did very well, there's always present the detach of Hal from the others, his (supposed) coming of age, his detach from the life he led: above war and drama, that's what the director was going to: show him detached from the rest, from whatever is in front of him, and not left there lost in the middle of life, and he did that very well.

Even the siege in its uneventful presentation still felt surprisingly visceral as three trebuchets launch flaming projectiles into the castle day and night, and the looming threat of hunger and disease is never forgotten.

The film's visuals are also enjoyable and solid considering this is now a Netflix exclusive in Australia.

Brooding, slow-moving historical fiction, where gravelly voices and woeful string instrumentation do little to disguise a simole story of a boy with daddy issues.

Even if it was slow once or twice; the script, dialogue, score, (maybe some suspect) fighting, cinematography, I enjoyed the shot of King Henry V in the courtyard when there was a beheading.

I didn't know beforehand he was in the movie, and did not recognize him at first - only thought to myself, Who is that riveting and strangely handsome presence?

Boring .

The movie is dull, slow paced and long, too long for it's own sake.

Historical mess but entertaining .

But I do suspect that the intense fanbase of the actors starring in The King, is much to blame for the many glowing reviews.

Overall, The King is a good movie and everyone who likes slow paced movies can definitely watch this.

An intense story of Henry V...

I was so bored and underwhelmed by the poor acting,sluggish pace and unremarkable writing and production that I simply couldn't take it anymore.

Several scenes that should, or could, have been tear jerking, ended up being dull or just uninteresting because of the poor script, or ruined with dialogues charged with modern political correctness that of course don't have a place in medieval europe.

As a thing-in-itself, it is an enjoyable film.

Shockingly boring, laboured acting because of horrendous dialogue.

This film was so intense I never wanted it to end!

Highly recommend it!

Really, the definition of "Waste of time" .

It's just full of a lot of cliche "it's hard out here for a king" ideas about leadership, politics, and war that we've heard a million times in a million better movies.

I'm not going to go on about the scenery, the dialogue, the acting or the storyline, all of which were exceptional, but will say I enjoyed it more then any other Netflix film I've scene.

The movie does have a slow pace to it focusing often on Henry's isolation at the top, and at times gets a little bit lost whilst trying to maintain thoughtful tension, which comes across as a little flat.

It was family entertaining to watch - i like the score, Battle scenes and fighting ok.

Worth watching.

The man is an awful actor, very bad choice from the casting stuff on an otherwise solid and entertaining film.

The bigger (historical) context is never explained, the story and actions of the protagonists are confusing or make no sense at all.

I saw it at the cinema but I think if you were watching it at home you could pause it and still return to be immersed where you left off.

This movie is well done, gripping and holds your interest until almost the end.

I'm a fan of compelling war scenes, and this film has them.

The dialogues were dull, even outright dumb and the language more appropriate for a modern bar than a royal court.

The introduction to "The King" is a slow burn.

And slow paced.

What a waste of time!!

Innacurate and dull .

Some historians may get annoyed by some scenes where history is altered but it's still a really enjoyable film with great performances.

It's not until halfway into the movie that the French campaign even begins, and even then it's a slow start thanks to a castle siege depicted as slow and uneventful as a castle siege would really be.

The movie can feel slow at times, as long stretches of time can go by without anything bombastic happening.

I had to turn off all lights in the room to watch the picture.

It was entertaining, the acting was good.

More of an historical slow burn theatrical drama

Nothing happens in 2 hours of the 2 h 20 min movie.

Some found The King too long or tedious.

Many scenes were too long/dragged out.

it was worth watching and I recommend this movie.

Chalamet as Henry V is uncomfortable, uncertain, brooding, and intense the entire film.

This is a gritty, but somewhat predictable, historical gem from Netflix.

Not an '18th Century' movie fan, but I even enjoyed it.

Just because it is bland and forgettable does not mean I would call this a bad movie.

But while Mackenzie's Netflix epic at least had an exciting core to it as well as somewhat compelling characters backed up by memorable performances, THE KING is ultimately a dull and sluggish two-and-a-half-hour drag.

Once you look past its stunning visuals, there is really not much substance to the film.

The only downside to it I think it's a bit slow at times.

Despite it dragging in tons of places, the King is still a good movie, abit very slow.

It's on Netflix and is definitely worth the watch!

), acting and fast-paced and suspenseful plot of The King all combined to produce a satisfying and fairly gripping film.

There are some very unexpected twists.

I'd love to have seen this movie but it will be completely unwatchable with these two.

The third big plus for The King comes from Nicholas Britell's domineering score as it sweeps high and low and keeps the plodding pace of the movie moving ever forward.

Let me just say, I think this is a good movie, the production, the directing, writing and acting are all brilliant, but the movie is also very slow, and drags a lot during the first and second acts, for the most part.

The direction was also pretty decent and that final plot twist was good and completely unexpected.

The music is pretty bland and sounds a lot like stock music for the most part.

All around, it was really entertaining and definitely worth the watch.

I also don't mind if, for the sake of a more thrilling movie and an accelerated pace you take a historical tale and change it in fitting way.

When together, Chalamet and Edgerton steel scenes, and the fighting sequences are glorious in their own right; however this adaptation of Shakespeare's classic proves too slow a burn, and lacks much emotional engagement, leading us through a story as muddled and unhinged as its titular character.

The slow build up to the finale was an even bigger letdown.

This was recommended to me on netflix and i found it was a great way to waste time, yes i think it's good that netflix are putting money into films like these, the costumes were great and so was the cinematography but a lot of the time i was bored since it moves quite slow

Overall a decent film, if you could overcome few boring moments here and there.

It's a very good film nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

The action scene also too messy and bored!

The story itself is interesting however the story telling sometimes a bit slow moving with the tendency to bore the audience a bit.

An Enjoyable Fictitious Account of Henry V's Ascendance to the Throne .

I do have a few problems with the film like some of the 15th century language can be hard to follow and I don't think this film will be as good on Netflix as it was when I just saw it at the Venice film festival.

A fascinating study on masculinity .

but absorbing, and some people might find it too slow.

Aussie master David Michôd returns with a gripping portrayal of these dire times, with touches of Shakespeare tongue and brooding drama.

This is an entertaining and gripping movie, smashing it with the acting and cinematography.

Nonetheless it is, while slow at time worth every minute and exactly the type of movie i like to watch and relax.

It's well crafted, well written (a couple of dead spots in the script) and overall quite engrossing.

All felt a bit thin and predictable.

I was sceptical at the beginning, as the other Netflix films are boring to say a least and waste of time (in my not so humble opinion) .