The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) - Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

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A modern-day Korean emperor passes through a mysterious portal and into a parallel world, where he encounters a feisty police detective.

IMDB: 8.7
Stars: Min-Ho Lee, Go-eun Kim
Length: 70 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 13 out of 215 found boring (6.04%)

One-line Reviews (76)

The King is the story of two parallel worlds(Kingdom Of Corea & Republic Of Korea) and how an unexpected connection between the two worlds changes the lives of people of both the worldsAlthough this series has some negatives like frequent product endorsements and a notably slow pace in some episodes, it still manages to keep us hooked bcoz of its exciting script.

The series is filled with many twists and turns that leave the viewers on the edge of their seats and often confused.

The story is unpredictable and that catches more excitement to watch it every episode.

Her dull eyes should be trained to act along with her face.

So much that if u miss a beat, you miss the plot.. It's super exciting.

I watched this bcos having great review on imdb The storyline somehow confusing becos past and future are able to have communication.

e released now), I literally waited for each and every episode, the most thrilling love story, adorable chemistry between lee min ho and kim Go-eun is treat to watch, specially the 11th episode that released.

In the end all that confusion about time-space travelling was just meant to make us believe that Lee Gon will travel in all universes in different timelines just to be with the FL.

Despite the weak love story, and even though the drama needed a strong one to keep it entertaining and intense, the momentum of the mystery with the evil uncle faded out too quickly too.

Breathtaking masterpiece .


The most engaging and captivating Korean drama you will ever watch from beginning to end.

But that was confusing as hell for me.

I thought there's a lot a slow motion and a bit too slow, I almost fall asleep watching it.

How she finally believes him is one of the most thrilling and satisfying developments of the series.

And all this confusion with the parallel universe traveling and then time traveling in a universe that Lee Gon don't even originally belonged to is soooo unnecessary and soooo distracting.

Inconsistent plot, waste of characters, inability to give a proper direction to the characters, and failure to make the time travel thing interesting....

And all this confusion with the parallel universe traveling and then time traveling in a universe that Lee Gon don't even originally belonged to is soooo unnecessary and soooo distracting.

Visually the series was stunning.

Nonetheless, I have to keep watching because Lee Min Ho is compelling as usual, and the other characters add to the suspense without missing a beat.

Lead pair chemistry is so good , Romantically Entertaining , parallel world concept is well handled

It's so beautiful & unpredictable.

Unpredictable plot .

The storyline is so exciting i couldn't stop watching after episod 8.

This series has been very engaging to its viewers and therefore more personal.

If you are bored with nothing else to do.

It was quite exciting up to episode 10 and then suddenly the story was all messed up and became very confusing....

Every episode is exciting the more you watch.

A mind blowing drama .

The King: Eternal Monarch storyline is unpredictable, and that's why I liked it.

It's intriguing and just so you know I watched the whole thing (12 eps for now) in a day!

A drama that is so intriguing, heart wrenching with its plot, acting, dialogues, cinematography, music, direction that you keeps your brain and heart completely involved.

If you're an average k-drama watcher like me and like the slow build up romance and love story between the characters...

The cliffhangers at every end of an episode is very thrilling and interesting.

Time and Place Travel that is very confusing.....

However, it has it's own drawbacks because it's a little like inception , a little confusing at times with the double roles & stuff.

When the show focuses on the fight between Lee Gon and Lee Rim, it does a much better job with pacing and the story is more exciting to watch.

This series is fast-paced, intriguing with great acting and a gorgeous lead male.

unpredictable storyline, got me and my k-drama sisters to be in consistent conversation.

Mind blowing story...

While the fault may lie with the director and writer I just thought she was dull and flat.

I do respect the Korean view on this matter but in my point of view, it was just so critically criticized when there are more factors to consider when judging if a series is worth watching.

Mind blowing .

Worth watching!.

The action, humour, romance elements are well balanced and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So incredibly slow I felt upset for wasting my time on it.

Superb acting, mind blowing plot, stunning visuals and soundtrack.

It's worth watching.

The series is based on science fiction theory of parallel universe so there's expected mystery and confusion which can be thrilling or tiring depending on your taste really.

It is mind blowing, the cinematography, plot/storyline, casts and soundtrack just amazing.

The plot is so exciting, the idea of parallel universes is perfect for a fantasy drama and I could not expect less from the writer of Goblin.

The soundtrack left me bored.

Also, the whole thing was just confusing, and, in retrospect, it didn't have to be.

Started out promising but the storyline progressed really slow and is sometimes confusing.

From the first episode there is an intriguing aspect of time travel that will keep you wondering for the whole show.

A waste of time .

In the end all that confusion about time-space travelling was just meant to make us believe that Lee Gon will travel in all universes in different timelines just to be with the FL.

But for me the Chemistry and acting of both actors are undeniable, story are superb, script was hilarious and intense l, writers and directors are so brilliant.

Episodes 1-15 are awesome though the story is action packed and i mean action packed its awesome.

Confusing .

Great series thrilling, classy and majestic .

Clever, Engaging, Superbly Acted, Thought-Provoking Gem .

It's a little hard to follow, jumping from one parallel universe to the next.

Those of us that like puzzles and complex storylines that demand one's full attention, however, have enjoyed it from the get-go.

Fascinating, elegant, smart, funny and thrilling .

As Lee Gon and Jeong Tae-Eul, they were both fascinating and irresistibly sensational.

The storyline is truly fascinating.

If you are the kind that finds joy in the depth of a story, the intriguing dual worlds, the power of poetry, and the amazingness that the author puts in there - You will be the lucky ones to have found this drama.

If you are a Goblin fan, then this drama is worth watching.

It's gripping, thrilling, fun and funny at the same time.

Pretty intense.

The camera work in this show is simply stunning with all the views they show in it is really really good.

Promising Start & Entertaining .

Mind-blowing plot, superb acting, stunning visuals, heart-tugging soundtrack - this drama has it all and more.

Unfortunately it started off very slow and the plot was quite confusing to follow.

I was hooked from the first episodes and in every episode, some fascinating things got revealed and I just had to keep on watching.