The Kitchen (2019) - Action, Crime, Drama

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The wives of New York gangsters in Hell's Kitchen in the 1970s continue to operate their husbands' rackets after they're locked up in prison.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Andrea Berloff
Stars: Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 32 out of 168 found boring (19.04%)

One-line Reviews (95)

Funny how putting female faces on done-to-death stereo type male roles, in done-to-death male centric stories, shoots a whole new flavor of adrenaline off the screen.

I enjoyed it.

Waste of time, bad acting, bad story, boring, stupid, predictable...

Predictable, poorly written, and ridiculously unrealistic, The Kitchen is one of the worst, and most disappointing films of 2019.

So today's movie had me concerned that a political thriller was on our way and potentially a slow-moving film like Widows before it.

Her character is veryTarantino esq and Elizabeth Moss is one actress I'd pay to see in any movie Her character in The Kitchen is the most compelling and believable .

Widows is a slow burn psychological thriller.

The writing in this film is messy, uneven, and somewhat bland.

Generally, I enjoyed it.

This is now the worst movie for me of the year.

The gals all played their roles well, but their story was just bland and unconvincing from the start.

It was just supposed to be an enjoyable movie.

We're all gonna wake up one day hungover from the age of PC agenda flicks and we'll look at them as anomalies in the sense of the Goebbels propaganda machine.

Otherwise everything else was long, boring, and most of the time not important to the plot.

Entertaining and enjoyable .

I now understand why I kept falling asleep.

A lobotomy sounds more fun and entertaining than this drivel.

This started out very good with a lot of potential and excitement but got really boring by the end, which should have played out differently.

All in all, "Kitchen" is entertaining to a fault with its three female leads going dark side and strutting around like the three sons of Corleone.

Excellent cast, really entertaining movie.

The direction is boring and filled with lots of mindless chase down a gangster and shoot them in broad day light with lots of witnesses.

;) I got bored in the second half.

Not too too bad, but gets rather boring .

Engaging .

I enjoyed it.

Totally unwatchable and unbelievable.

Bad acting from McCarthy and crew make this a long boring snoozefest.

I really enjoyed it.

Unexpected twists in store.

then I fell asleep .

Yes, crime is wrong, but this story was compelling and drew us in.

Bored to freaking death.

Waste of time .

Don't waste your money seeing this movie.

But saddled with dull, lacklustre writing and direction, 'The Kitchen' is an overall letdown.

and enjoyable to boot.

Honestly, I think that was the worst movie I've ever seen.

So boring.

Engaging movie if you like organized crime movies .

The plot is boring and dull from the script by Andrea Berloff.

Very funny moments that are unexpected as they come from the non-comedic actors.

Disappointing waste of time and talent .

I enjoyed the 1970s fashion the ladies were stunning the cinematography was good, the storyline was kickass.

Has some plot twists but are predictable and every life changing action takes 30 seconds to happen in this film.

This is so bad it's unwatchable.

it is well acted and enjoyable.

It was a colossal waste of time and money.

Very entertaining - great actresses, interesting twist .

Plenty of plot twists that break away from the formulaic scripts that Hollywood can't seem to stop making.

Boring .

Worst Movie Of The Year .

Seeing her discover new talents and her true persona is as exciting for us as it is for her.

I was excited as the actreses are awesome but the direction was terrible, this movie was boring predictable and they tried to glamorize or normalize sick behavior!

Refreshing and Entertaining .

Robbie is back to give you another review and this time on:Movie: The Kitchen (2019)Director: Andrea Berloff Writers: Ollie Masters (comic book series), Ming Doyle (comic book series) Stars: Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, Elisabeth Moss LIKES:Setting Story telling Component The Drama and Twists Acting The Sound TrackDISLIKES: Predictable A Little Boring Longer Than It should have been Political overshadowing The Non-Centered AntagonistSUMMARY:For a movie set in a specific time and place, The Kitchen accomplishes the task of stepping back into the past.

This movie was entertaining and we'll acted.

I rather watching paint dry like a guy saying in the film!

Snore fest .

I left the film just feeling empty and would probably forget about this film after watching it.

Wow, that was the worst movie I've seen in years.

It's amazing how she went from getting an Oscar nomination for Straight Outta Compton to making one of the worst movies of the year.

it's a dumbed down version of Widows, albeit still enjoyable - if there's nothing better to watch.

This is an enjoyable movie.

Though a couple of dialogues stand out and a romantic subplot just about makes the cut, the screenplay on the whole is mostly predictable and doesn't hook you.

Out of the three women, Elizabeth Moss's character was the closest to entertaining to watch just because she has a troubled past.

As such, waiting for the ending was a little boring, stuck in the artistic and political components that it was a little slow and drawn out for me.

The script and direction is boring and dumb.

Great choice - twistedly enjoyable.

Don't waste your time .

Melissa McCarthy is stunning .

First off, the movie suffers from linearity and predictable components.

'The Kitchen (2019)' is a tonally inconsistent comic-book adaptation that's as frustrating as it is dull; its behind-the-scenes talent are all top-tier, from Oscar-nominated writer-director Berloff to Oscar-nominated editor Tellefsen, and its on-screen stars are just as acclaimed, with Oscar-nominated McCarthy, Golden Globe-winner Moss and Emmy-winner Haddish making up the leading trio.

Total waste of money.

Every twist and progression in the story and character arcs feel both unexpected and rewarding.

The 102 min length felt longer with the slow pacing and some dragged out and unnecessary scenes, especially towards the end.

The story is just generic and, thus, predictable right the way through.

But just taking the movie as it is , I really enjoyed it.

Very boring and promote hate toward men.

The aforementioned issues really hamper the piece, though, as they ensure that emotion is always kept at arms length and that you're never really engaged, leading to a repetitive and ultimately boring film.

Elisabeth Moss was so intense.

Why the 2 stars you might ask; well I enjoyed the way the film looked cinematically, besides that; a complete waste of time and effort.

My husband and I just watched this movie and really enjoyed it.

This had great potential with amazing female leads however, script was off, confusing and lacking a storyline.

The tone was very confusing to me.

Sadly some writing of the movie is too bland.

The music score is dull.

If you want to watch a well made film about women becoming powerful, feared, and independent in the world of crime, then ditch Kitchen, and seek out the movie Widows, a superbly made and immensely entertaining film that was released in late-2018.

She is stunning in this movie.

What a waste of time!

I beg you do not waste your money or time, my girlfriend even hated it and she is the worst movie reviewer ever.

No story.. boring, so long not worth it , I don't get the points or the meaning

It's mostly just forgettable and bland with some great actresses in an underwhelming movie.

Don't waste your time or money.

The scenes just dragged out so long and we're boring to watch.

The characters are uninteresting.