The L Word (2004) - Drama, Romance

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Follows the lives and loves of a small, close-knit group of gay women living in Los Angeles as well as the friends and family members that either support or loathe them.

IMDB: 7.6
Stars: Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey
Length: 50 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 12 out of 125 found boring (9.6%)

One-line Reviews (58)

Entertaining Show .

They could be doing much different stories, content, and ideas, but they are sticking to boring, soap opera type story lines that just happened to be populated with lesbian women and the occasional bi sexual.

But, the L Word is SATURATED with mainly high-femme lesbians with long, dark hair, and stunning out-fits.

The performances are phenomenal, with regular monologues and intensive dialogue, the show thrives because of its brilliant acting cast.

Remind you of the eternal American cliché of the potent dark foreign male looking for submissive female?

I also found many of the plots predictable, and could see it coming a mile away.

The lesbian community has been under represented for far too long.

I watched the second episode and really enjoyed it, the humor that they allowed themselves to use in the second episode saved the show from the boring atmosphere of the first episode.

"L" has a late night Showtime inclination to titillate, but often the sex scenes and plentiful gratuitous nudity are the dullest part.

The characters are entertaining and relatable - Bette and Tina, Jenny, Tina, Dana, Shane, and Marina.

Many incidents are interwoven into one compelling story; a lovable ensemble cast that consists of a variety of personas engages in acting; and the director of photography Robert Aschmann takes full advantage of his skills and creativity in amazing long takes, aggressive crane shots, and illuminative lightings.

It includes an array of enjoyable guest artists, like Ossie Davis.

But as friends or girlfriend, they are hugely entertaining, and with their spoken words provide some of televisions wittiest dialog, delivered with a rare-to-find comedic touch that will have the hardest-to-amuse laugh.

I tend to like the story; some of it is funny, some is heartbreaking, some is very confusing, some is very graphic, and some is very, very gross.

It doesn't enhance the plot-lines, and seems tacky and contrived.

I can see that they obsess over romantic relationships because the rest of their lives are so entirely empty of passion and of satisfying intellectual pursuits and athletics.

With a little imagination the show-runners have broken the restraints of the genre, as with the surreal sequences that evolve around Jenny's pretentious novels.

While I find most of the characters appealing -- Tanya is a snake and Tim lost me when he walked out on Jenny and left her stranded in a Tahoe motel -- I especially enjoy Alice and Dana and continue to hope the two of them will end up together.

It's funny, romantic, exciting...

Cheers to Showtime and the creators and cast of this series for presenting an enjoyable, engaging series.

Straying from cliche.

It's more than worth watching a bunch of straight women (with the exclusion of, I believe, one or two of the actors) believably pull off a lesbian role.

The show is very entertaining.

Well, I have On Demand and was bored one day and went under series and saw The L word.

An entertaining enough show about the love trials and tribulations of a group of lesbian friends who live in L.

The most exciting, most enjoyable, most underrated TV show .

The only chemistry that exists on the show and really the only thing worth watching is Alice and Dana's over the top and fun filled relationship, besides that I was bored to tears and not interested in any of the characters.

One of the worst scenes ever was the "gabfest" with Gloria Steinem, it was so forced and boring they were trying capture the girl talk of "sex and the city" and it just didn't happen, it did not even come close.

Entertaining, to a point....

it is one of the most over rated shows on TV, Just a bunch of shallow uninteresting characters in stupid,inconceivable and unbelievable story lines.

Jenny, played so bravely by Mia Kirshner, is the intense one, who in the course of the first two seasons goes through a multitude of incarnations.

It's just so much fun and engrossing to watch.

It is all fascinating stuff.

Mia Kirshner must be commmended in particular for delivering emotionally compelling performances each episode.

Superficial, but entertaining...

Thus, if you're looking for a show where hot women get with each other and engage in maddening, infuriating, irrational, unpredictable and idiotic drama, this is your show.

The story lines were boring there were no plot twists that I could not see coming from a mile away.

The show is awful, terribly boring and annoying, and there really isn't anything else to say.

I cant wait to see the relationships develop over time, i think season 2 is going to be very exciting and enjoyable to watch.

Engrossing .

An entertaining depiction of the lesbian world in LA.

We see an intriguing subculture that is often neglected in almost all other forms of media, aside from fantasy images that we see projected by and for men.

Most importantly, though, it's entertaining.

This emotionally daring show centers not only on gay issues but a bit more to a relationship than sex… All the characters are complex but instantly likable…The nudity is not exhibited in a gratuitous manner, it is shown as part of the thoughts and feelings of the characters… The main characters are: Bette and Tina, a life partners who have been together for seven years… They have the best relationship of anybody gay or straight… They are about to do an incredibly major thing… Into this mix comes Shane, a girl with short black hair who doesn't get involved with anybody; Alice, the bisexual writer who has one conviction that we're all connected through love, through loneliness, through one tiny, lamentable lapse in judgment; Dana who refuses to accept that whether you're gay, or you're straight, or you're bisexual, you just go with the flow; Jenny who has her world turned upside down when she met, at a party, the most stunning woman she had ever seen; Marina the owner of the little café who doesn't think she has done something wrong; and Kit, the lady with the flashing eyes, who has always wanted to have a place where musicians could come and jam and get much love...

Each character brings new life to the show and the actresses and actors who play them are all very talented and intriguing.

As a straight male, I cannot judge whether TLW has its finger on the pulse of lesbian issues, but I can judge it as a piece of art, and I find it witty and disarmingly engaging.

Straight or gay, these people are terrible and boring.

I liked Dana a lot was a shame when she died of cancer, because her I think she was a huge character in the show, but the story was very gripping and realistic.

The L Word is intricate, interesting and intriguing.

It's obvious that there's a strong lesbian involvement in the project as much of the dialog is drawn right out of life...

Since TV is entertainment, and entertainment works best with a fantastical story and a set of captivating characters, it "is" boring to cast an entire set of sad, unlucky, and unpopular people.

To those responsible, thank you for all the inspiring fashions, the awesome music, and the cute women that make my Sunday evenings sooo enjoyable.

All in all it's well worth watching!

Make this show about the women as the title alludes because the women are fascinating.

Thumbs up to a very absorbing sometimes very moving drama.

Jenny's married in the first season, and has an affair that brings her into the fray and then, by season two, she becomes the most preachy and, intentionally, pretentious, by the end basically the villain "Joan Collins" of the series, where she's bad on purpose (aided by a cute and sneaky Malaya Rivera Drew, pictured above and on the left).

I think the follow-on episodes have been very engaging and often I want to say "no, don't do that" (mainly because I've been there and like to think I know better now).

Dana having cancer was one of the other big stories in the L word that was very gripping, and touched upon very well.