The Lake House (2006) - Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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A lonely doctor, who once occupied an unusual lakeside house, begins exchanging love letters with its former resident, a frustrated architect. They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it's too late.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Alejandro Agresti
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 96 out of 570 found boring (16.84%)

One-line Reviews (329)

Other than this, it was just tedious.

I love a good romance and the fantasy aspect was intriguing.

The landscape of the glass house was stunning to say the least, and the scene when Keanu takes out a scarf is touching.

There is enough plot development, event though predictable at times, to strike up conversation afterwords.

But it is creative, weirdly believable, not overly sentimental, engaging, on and on.

The movie is very uniquely exciting, the depth of meaning and the change of events make it very enjoyable.

definitely worth watching .

So the whole thing is slow, unconvincing and unappealing.

But personally, I think the pace of the movie really seems slow.

Though somewhat predictable, a good "watch".

It has been one of the most entertaining love stories I have seen in a while.

I found the original to be purposefully slow at times...

or you need closure: The plot is way to slow, the movie is pretty much totally unbelievable, and the direction was a bit off.

I truly enjoyed it!!!

The chemistry between the two main characters was incredible, light humor was very well thought out, and it was overall an enjoyable movie.

I honestly was dragged to this movie for a "chick flick" outing to begin with, and I had read several reviews and it didn't look overly promising.

Semi-Interesting But Predictable .

This movie doesn't make any sense, has too many plot-holes to count and is extremely drawn out and the endless discussion of waiting throughout the movie doesn't help(Also, the Bullock/Reeves combo is such a disappointment, they should have left things with Speed).

i really enjoyed it and the previews are really good to.

A very enjoyable, interesting movie .

These parts are where the movie reminds us that ultimately, it's still Hollywood from its interpretation of the original, and that's where the film's nuance is lost and the slow build-up of the earlier part feels almost out of pace and a bit too slow.

" Allen's performance, even though we only see her from the back, was somehow far more dramatically compelling.

Originally published on June 13, 2006:This is "Speed" in reverse, as that film's two star meet in a weird, meandering time trip of a love story that is as pointless as it is plot-less; and is as dull as watching beige paint dry.

Interesting idea, but full of holes and all too predictable .

The blockbuster film was not only a critical success, but impressed audiences with its thrilling plot and tangible chemistry shared by the two stars.

I usually like Sandra Bullocks films, with a few exceptions she usually chooses to work in movies that are at least entertaining and often stimulate the old grey matter a little!


So, except for the inconsistent ending that turns parts of the movie upside down, I can highly recommend it.

From the beginning of the movie to end, its non-stop, on the edge, wanting to know what happens next.

Flaws throughout, but still engaging ...

Without the humor, these types of films generally seem too contrived and trite, just a way of killing two hours with a result that you know is coming before you even begin watching.

I watched it again recently and this time I really enjoyed it.

This one is for fans of slow moving romances only.

Now, I don't know about you, but I have always thought that "Speed" was an insanely-entertaining thriller and that Reeves and Bullock have always had exceptional chemistry together.

And most disappointingly, the fascinating issues it hinted at exploring were never really dealt with.

My first viewing of 'The Lake House' was two years ago and I had mixed opinions mostly due to the confusion of the plot.

Bullock and Reeves prove to be utterly believable and very engaging, and they make the preposterous idea of "time travel" possible.

Both of us enjoyed it.

Really, really enjoyable.

The story is absorbing and interesting, and although its a time-travel fantasy, it's logical within it's basic premise.

All in all The Lakehouse was well written, well acted and very entertaining.

All very entertaining...

horrible waste of money and time .

slow moving and somewhat dull romance .

Overall , it's a movie worth watching , very beautiful , especially for those who love exploring themes of mystery , fate and questions of love ..

Yes, it was somewhat surreal, but ultimately incredibly enjoyable.

The script dragged and meandered about half way through.

We both enjoyed it because we went in with an open mind.

Bullock-Reeves reunion The Lake House (2006) not only merits it, but demands it due to its disjointed treatment of parallel story lines and its inability to ultimately make something interesting of this mystery mess.

dull and implausible .

This film is nothing short of brilliant and remarkable I haven't enjoyed a good Romantic drama since "Titanic" and "Rome + Juliet", this film was extremely entertaining, very sweet and movingly touching to the point that your almost in tears.

This romantic drama film is badly-written, badly-acted and has dull characters.

wherein they used every sappy cliché ever seen in the history of cheesy chick flicks.

I felt no empathy towards her, Keanu, or the plot; just boredom.

the point being; he really enjoyed it.

The time thing was very intriguing.

On the few occasions when 'The Lake House (2006)' does try to do anything extraordinary, the concept isn't treated with the consistency required to make its 'stand-out' moments clever; instead, they just come across as kind of confusing and, frankly, a bit cheesy.

All i'll say is this:If you like predictable romances with a little time-travel thrown in,see this movie,otherwise stay away...

On the same vein, when characters in a movie actually laugh--whether something is funny or they're surprised--it makes the audience smile and think of good times, which creates a good feeling for them when they leave the theater.

The plot is extremely predictable (my girlfriend picked the entire sequence of events in the movie within the first 10 minutes), and you find yourself not caring about characters at all.

I was actually on the edge of my seat at one point.

It's confusing, unattached, boring, it has bad dialog.

Dull, plot-less and pointless psychobabble .

At this stage, enters the plot twist, which feels highly contrived even in such an unlikely scenario.

I won't tell about the premise or story, but I will tell you that Sandra never look more radiant, beautiful, and engaging in this film.

Aside from the fact that the movie is sometimes a little confusing (there are a few time-based paradoxes that do not quite add up and makes you think of a couple dozen Star Trek episodes dealing with time travel) it was a rather thoughtfully paced, fresh experience.

There were some new twists and perspectives so ppl who've seen the Korean version wouldn't be bored...

"The Lakehouse" is yet another in a long list of rather dull summer blockbusters (or really, anticipated blockbusters).

Around me were people whom should have brought pillows for all the yawning done.

Terrible Waste Of Time .

I thought the concept was fascinating as well, although, at times it felt very much like a stage play.

I usually like most chick flicks, but this movie was one of the worst movies my eyes have ever seen.

The plot is unbelievably slow.

My husband nearly fell asleep and he actually enjoys romance movies, being the modern-day metrosexual that he is.

What an utter and total waste of time.

I will say, most of the people in the audience made comments about it being confusing and some even laughed because they thought it was dumb.

Story wise, The Lake House is so confusing and convoluted, that it's funny.

If you are bored go see it.

I enjoyed it.

There's a lot of talking (though it never gets as gay and flowery as I feared), and some of you might find the pace slow.

Alex, totally smitten, goes to Kate's birthday party and plants a steamy slow dance kiss on her unsuspecting mouth.

Enjoyable romantic fantasy .

Just fast enough for today's viewer, but slow enough to allow you to think about what's just happened.

The imagery in this movie is stunning.

It grabbed me, both emotionally and intellectually, right from the start, and I was in tears by the end of a truly engaging adventure.

THE LAKE HOUSE finds Dr. Kate Forster(Sandra Bullock)moving from her visually stunning lakeside home to an apartment in downtown Chicago.

If you like stunning visuals to set your romantic mood then you won't be disappointed.

I think the main problem people have with the film is either the acting or the script but each character shows the emotions of loneliness, confusion and intrigue at different times rather well and this is down to some, albeit rather easy given their professional status, good acting from both Bullock and Reeves.

Even if the time thing in the movie is kind of strange it was very Entertaining and it makes you think about the important things in live.

"Speed" was such a success for Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves that it must have seemed an exciting idea to bring them back together again for the first time since that 1994 hit.

Kate typically uses her brief time off to return to the lake house which, in her time, is still empty.

The old guy is the one who built the lake house some thirty years ago after his old lady, whom he worshiped the ground that she walked on, walked out him.

This movie is a tortuously slow dud that will make many frustrated ticket buyers wanna go postal.

My dad left early on believing the movie was lousy.

Pleasant, enjoyable afternoon .

' Personally, I feel the others did it better, with better stories, but this one is enjoyable for the two leads, Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

If you are pretentious enough to think you can do a good love story then at least don't make it as far fetched as this.

Ultimately though, this film is just uninspiring.

I knew the movie had failed to hold my interest when I found myself looking at my watch several times during this dull film, as well as incredibly aware that my seat was not very comfortable, need I say more?

Anyway, "The Lake House" was an OK watch despite being melodramatic and predictable.

Bullock and Reeves still have great chemistry together and it is enjoyable to watch them on screen.

Unlike Somewhere in Time, where you knew from the beginning the outcome would not be good, and the ending is extremely disappointing, here the story works its way to a conclusion that was, to put it mildly, unexpected.

He always has that empty, clueless look about him.

Bullock who at one time was bubbly, and funny, and completely entranced you in this kind of role is completely drab and boring and has little to no life in her.

I won't address the implausible, intentionally confusing plot, as that appears to have been well hashed out already.

An engaging love story .

The obvious joke to make about this is that one liked it better when it was called Frequency, but honestly, this isn't half bad, and it does go an interesting and unexpected place or two.

Still, this is very enjoyable and the chemistry between Bullock and Reeves is okay mostly because they are not in many scenes together.

Movie is made even slower by having everyone speak in hushed tones and acting as if everything they say has the most profound importance - it isn't.

The movie starts a little bit confusing as on who is in the past and who is in present time.

I mean, the story is somewhat confusing and if you really start to analyze it, I admit, that there are definitely some holes.

I found it slow and depressing and if you are feeling suicidal or in need of a good laugh this is not the movie for you.

The direction and cinematography were breathtaking.

As contrived as it is (and if you have seen Brad Anderson's "Happy Accidents", you will notice plot similarities), the ending does satisfy in a way loyal to its genre.

Christopher Plummer was, as always, riveting and believable.

Dull, pointless and plot less .

Worth Watching!!!!.

I'd have also liked more of a slow lead up to what happens.

We are reminded of their great collaboration in Speed but here they play out a boring charade that ends in tragedy for one while the other just looks like a long sad face.

it was an extraordinary movie that worth watching!!!!

Otherwise, they might think it's boring to them.

The lines were so predictable and corny!!!

Some will give you fifteen minutes and some thirty minutes into the actual movie, or stay and "love" this romantic snorefest.

it's going to be slow and meaningless" and then I was sucked into the vortex.

If you are a human being, with a brain, don't waste your time, money, and sanity trying to watch this.

Aghdashloo, however, puts a unique and compelling twist on the generic 'best friend' role, reminding us just how rare it is to see an immigrant in a mainstream American movie who's ethnicity isn't a driving plot-point.

Magic Mailbox Of A Fascinating Glass House .

The main confusion about this film arises from the fact that that it is over simplistic.

The plot is, of course (as all time-bending plots are), quite confusing.

The characters work, the premise works( allow 1 large suspension of disbelief) and you end up with an entertaining little film that allows for a couple hours escape.

i was on the edge of my seat at the end practically talking to the screen(which never happens to me).

This is "Speed" in reverse, as that film's two star meet in a weird, meandering time trip of a love story that is as pointless as it is plot less; and is as dull as watching beige paint dry.

Plus the fact that both characters are thoroughly uninteresting and charmless.

The movie is disjointed, lacks continuity & flow.

It's also a bit predictable.

The film was woven delicately that each scene is so beautifully placed that has made the movie so breathtakingly appealing and engaging.

It's obvious that the two will have to arrange some way to meet, but fate and their own lives keep getting in the way and confusing matters even more than they already are.

Even if you accept certain things like melodramatic directing, non-dynamic (slow, boring)editing, there are still some things that have to bother any viewer who saw more then two films in his life.

Enjoyable fantasy romance with a good script built around an idea that is more clever than your average mainstream Hollywood 'chick flick.

Slow moving, totally lacking in life.

I actually fell asleep somewhere in the middle.

An Intriguing love story with a science fiction twist .

if you ask me without giving away the ending it could have been more realistic but it seems the director didn't know how to make it it realistic,even though it appeared in some scenes of the movie it was going in a more realistic motion but then it just became predictable and stalled.

First, the movie has a slightly languid pace to it.

The Lake House, while entertaining and nice enough, loses the innocent and whimsical quality that made Il Mare magical.

Sandra Bullock is as stunning.

I may not have seen "Il Mare" but I've seen other similar Korean films (like "April Snow") and know they tend to pad a lot on its running length and it gives the feeling that the filmmakers were trying to follow the style of the Asian original as much as it can, resorting to a few good expositions of the characters, only to cop out to a predictable third act and a contrived ending.

the dad (Plummer)character was a throw in, both a cliché (sullen - angry - self absorbed) and then charming and warm (all due to a cup of coffee?

Movie is made even slower by having everyone speak in hushed tones and acting as if everything they say has the most profound importance.

If you like a good romance I highly recommend it.

Watch something else, don't waste your time, read instead...


Saw this movie about 2 weeks ago and thought it was very enjoyable.

I can truly say that you are sitting on the edge of your seat, anticipating that moment that they will actually meet.

Some of the scenes are a work of brilliance and truly entertaining specially the one where Kate (Sandra Bullock) and Alex (Keanu Reeves) communicate with each other via a mailbox whose flag keeps going up and down as they write and read each others messages.

The scenery is breathtaking, the music is beautiful, and the story flows well.

But when I left the theater I was smiling and quite happy, and how often does a film do that?

Sandra, on the other hand, is often very enjoyable no matter what the roll is.

The ending was also not worth sitting through 2 hours of talentless, monotone acting and an even more pitiable script.

This was one of the worst movies I've seen for a while.

I rate this movie 9 out of 10 and it is worth watching .

She was engaging, told a good story, and carried herself with an appealing confidence.

I saw a screening of this last night and maybe I was just in the right mood for it, but I really enjoyed it.

Intriguing premise, though.

And even then, it was still predictable, corny, and too sweet.

Part of the magic of this film was bringing a breathtaking cinematography to the locations in Chicago and the marvelous lake house nearby.

I think they should be paired more often,, Anyway to the movie,, aside from some confusing parts,, yeah you really need to pay attention, with the time-line, and who's reality you're in.. i liked it a whole lot,, there was maybe one or two times the movie stood still for a few mins.. and most of the movie i understood,, Sandra Bullock gave to me pretty much an Oscar winning performance, seeing her cry in front of that mailbox would bring tears to anyone's eyes.

How the story is told, through past and "present" shots, keeps the viewer guessing, or on the edge of your seat even if you've seen it before.

It's not an original script, and I was worried that it would turn out corny or contrived like many adapted movies.

Like I said, the movie is much too confusing and complex for my head.

You need to stay awake to keep up with this one,guys,sorry.

I thoroughly enjoyed it till the very end.

I nearly fell asleep halfway (no joking).

The premise is intriguing: two people who lived in the same house at different times establish communication through letters that inexplicably traverse time.

FINAL VERDICT: If you fans of the 2 stars, it is worth watching; otherwise, there are better romance films out there.

I think most of the confusion exists because the script isn't as tight as it needs to be.

It had me on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

I even feel bored writing this review.

Yes, even the trailer is worth watching again, as well as this movie.

The scenes between Alex and his father were not sufficiently played out, and the conversation with his brother at the lake house was confusing and a non sequitur - the only mention of their mother as a person.

It is so boring that I actually started reading during the screening.

This movie is proof that when it wants to, Hollywood can still make a movie that offers great acting and an interesting story that really engages the audience, even if the plot is predictable.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and sobbing by the end of it.

Furthermore, while "KeAlex" (since he is *always* Keanu to some degree no matter what role he's playing) makes some strides to contact her in his time, she apparently fails to make a single attempt to find him in her time (which is actually a contrived, necessary plot point to make the "climax" work).

Snore .

It's a way to break out of the old clichés to create a whole new cliché for the genre.

If you are, like me, totally unprepared, the beginning of this movie may seem a bit slow and incomplete.

I like "Il mare" (which is among the better ones of Korean romances that has since deteriorated to pretentious mediocrity).

A thoroughly enjoyable film with two extremely likable and plausible leads.

As for time traveling romance, this is a light, slow moving one.

The problem is that there is always something to slow the momentum of the film.

The two of them bored me so much even when interesting plot twists occur I felt bored.

I think the ending was a little confusing for both Mom and me and it wasn't until I read many of the Q and A blogs that I understood both the timelines and why things happened at certain times.

Boring, uninteresting, bad quality throughout.

"The Lake House" is an engaging love story that takes a little thought to truly appreciate it.

Somewhat unpredictable.

The plot is SO unrealistic and confusing.

In the future, Sandra Bulloch might think about selecting a movie where she can finally show some acting muscle, and become what she has the potential to become-a very entertaining actress who lights up a screen, and manages to keep her private life private!

It's slow, it feels about four hours long, and the ending is terrible.

His object is in love with him in a matter of minutes of very dry conversation.

The Jane Austen references toward waiting for the right person, the walking architectural tour given by Alex, and that sweet slow dance, all show the precious blend of spiritual and physical connection that can weld two beings together in a moment.

Empty contents.

Some obvious logic flaws exist with the plot but it's so enjoyable it really doesn't matter.

Anyway, this is definitely a movie worth watching and not the usual romantic with a repeated story, and a great thing is that it's a very sensual romance, not physical.

An extraordinary effort, and a stunning success.

This movie has the makings of greatness but it's mired down by the people calling it clique, predictable, unoriginal and unmoving.

But, simultaneously, the movie is easily followed and greatly enjoyable.

Keanu Reeves is totally out of place and even if he looks like is making an effort it is just pointless.

But I thought the intricacy of the writing, the dialog (most of it, anyway) and the character development was very enjoyable.

The Lake House has drama, some humor, and impressive performances by Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock who make this romantic drama worth watching at least once.

the timelines aren't too clear, I agree, but that makes the intriguing quality of the movie.

(spoilers) The side-stories were somewhat boring, including advice and rough-roads with separate parents, and it was sort of pathetic how the Sandra Bullock's character Kate used the other man (the character Morgan) as sort of a fall-back relationship.

Now I enjoyed it because I love Sandy and more or less did'nt care about all the holes in it.

Enjoyable .

Overall I enjoyed it for the most part.

Even if you can look past the fact that both characters actually take the phenomenon rather lightly when it's first discovered and the fact they do, at times, exchange letters like they're talking on an Internet messenger programme (ie; rather quickly), you will still find an intriguing, sensual, down to earth film that sticks to its roots and carries a pleasant feeling that it's not too late for either of them throughout.

Confusing from beginning to end.

Tears, sniffles, and an audible "aw" were discernible in the theater where I screened this film, and it was an enjoyable group catharsis when the lights came up to discover numerous individuals quickly wiping tears with sheepish smiles.

Too confusing--didn't his brother say he died two hears ago?

Still, it underscores the plodding pace and the gradual decrease of subtlety throughout its progression and this really does keep it from being a couple of notches higher.

I got exactly what I wanted, and, even more, I walked out of Lake House saying "that movie just makes everything better.

I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes a good love story, be it tragic or fairy tale.

The unique selling point of this film is indeed the fact their communicating in two different years and this is, from the very beginning, highly intriguing.

It was a good idea for a movie, but a bit to bland and shallow to keep me entertained for long.

Lovers of romance and magic will adore this film and despite some rather low key, bland performances it truly is magic and unique and one of the better romance films of the year so far.

The only time i felt any emotion was near the end when it appeared like a tragic (but very predictable) ending was coming up.

The Lake House, the scenes and scenery in this are beautiful, the art direction is really stunning, it's attractively shot.

We know we're being manipulated, but when the result is this entertaining, who can complain?

The use of Valentine's Day in the three different years is especially confusing.

With all the elements typical from all the romance films, it has anything new to add and it has the problem of a very slow development of the film.

I must admit that the storyline of The Lake House was much easier to follow; however the plot was pretty cliché and predictable.

This movie was beyond predictable, the second I saw that crash in the beginning it became so amazingly obvious who died in her arms.

"Hope Floats" had more meaning and purpose, though predictable.

I realized that he gives the same "intense" look in every single one of his movies (including "Bill and Ted").

Given the specific type of movie this is, the ending is largely predictable, and the "twist" of this was obvious from the set-up.

There were also some sections in the movie that dragged or were just plain boring; like the scene where Alex and Kate meet at a party and talk and dance for like an entire song.

For those of you who like Keanu and Sandra in a action packed film, rent Speed and be done with it.

Even though they don't have much screen time together, the chemistry between Bullock and Reeves is enjoyable to see at least.

I love intriguing films and this was one of them.

I can't believe that a smart and original dark comedy like "Death to Smoochy" got taken out of theatres after 2 weeks because people in the states have no sense of humour or intellect, while this thoughtless piece of garbage will sell to a ton of bored couple.

I liked the premise of The Lake House, but the execution was anemic and dull.

While predictable, the inevitable tension remains compelling, the wishful, tearful drama is drenching, the dream fulfillment a summer delight.

The only really romantic thing he does is obsess over her and wait years and years to see her, which we barely get to see, and it's a boring way to woo someone.

It's confused, cheesy and just kind of dull.

Kate then decides to tell him not to contact her anymore and then tells him about a man who died suddenly on Valentines day and says you don't know what will happen, thus suggesting either that 2 years is too long to wait and Alex has changed his mind about her, or that poor Alex has snuffed it!

dragged the film down to abysmal levels

Sometimes it appeared as if the story were about to end but then moved on; so was a bit slow at times.

The movie was too slow-moving, first off.

While I can forgive their shockingly rapid acceptance of the mind-bending discovery of being able to write letters spanning two years' distance, I simply cannot accept that they would become *so* immersed in their little emotional exploration and cute "long-distance relationship" bit that they would *never* actually test the limits of their connection (or even try any tricks with lottery numbers, splitting the winnings - it's kind of a no-brainer).

It made sense, and although I had figured out the ending, I was still suspenseful.

Sandra Bullock is stunning in her understated performance.

An Oddly Fascinating Platonic Love Story...

The externals capture the feeling as well - Alar Kivilo's crisp, autumnal-to-wintry cinematography and Meg Everist's set decorations both capture Chicago at its most cinematic; and Rachel Portman's evocative score filled with music from baby boomer icons like Carole King and Paul McCartney.

Intense and brilliant i loved it and i think you will too.

Thank him for doing a film like this, so simple, intelligent, sweet and intense.

I found the next to closing scene to be an evocative portrayal of love and longing.

), this movie hits the balance tone, humor, and seriousness to make this shifting movie a fun, entertaining summer, date movie.

They play Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves essentially, but they've gotten quite good at it over the years, and they each have a few touching moments in their slow steady relationship.

The chemistry between Bullock and Reeves is believable, the cinematography is lush, and the dialogue is engaging enough.

I wanted one of them to leave their hand in the mailbox and see if the other could see it when they went to retrieve the next letter.

It is my privilege to write about this fascinating movie.

I enjoyed it.

death of a character, etc.). It is an engaging movie and, though not perfect, it is one of the best romances I have seen recently.

The only reason I didn't give this a 10 is because it was slightly predictable in a few spots, but overall this film rocks and I enjoyed it.

But instead*****SPOILER*****it bought the two together in the most brain and time twisting sequence since the equally off the wall ending of that time travel turkey of a film "Frequency" but nowhere as entertaining.

In the end it is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

I did predict that pat ending pretty early on, but still enjoyed it as a nice light ROM drama.

There are no loose ends, which - if one were not completely swept up in the awesome, unlikely romance between Alex and Kate - would seem a little too pat and contrived.

That is the premise of this movie and while it was romantic, it was very predictable also.

Much like a well-rounded mystery, "The Lake House" presents evidence throughout its duration, most of which is simply ignored by the audience due to its assumed lack of significance at the time, and then, at the very end, it brings all of the evidence back together to form a suspenseful ending.

Although I like both lead actors, I found their performances to be less than compelling, ho hum about covers it.

The hit and miss of this relationship throughout this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Now when I say bored you might not be bored if you like following sometimes slow characters, who's friends and family are more exciting than they are.

Keaneu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have a chemistry that is believable and compelling.

Otherwise, I would have fallen asleep as well or walked out.

In short: Sappy, Predictable, and with flaws iin both the writing and the acting.

) I took my teen aged daughter for a "mother/daughter" date & we both enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it a lot and I recommend watching itThere are some scientific issues even if it is a romantic movie.

Cliché after cliché after cliché, pompous, stilted dialogue, the always horrible "acting" of Keanu Reeves.

But, when I watched it a second time, it made so much more sense and I enjoyed it quite well.

The Lake House (2006): Dir: Alejandro Agresti / Cast: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Christopher Plummer, Dylan Walsh, Lynn Collins: Boring romance about connection.

The story of Il Mare was difficult to follow, and it's up to the audience to put the pieces together.

I saw a screening of this last night and maybe I was just in the right mood for it, but I really enjoyed it.

A love story that keeps your attention, makes you feel good, and you walk out of the theater feeling good.

One of the most intriguing love stories I've ever seen.

And there were moments that dragged and scenes that didn't flow.

A well-edited intriguing story with cute chemistry .

While Kate and Alex make a connection which is truly thrilling to watch it's not enough to make for a compelling love story.

and the whole question throughout this tense and exciting movie is whether he can run fast enough to arrive three and a half minutes before she does at the lake house.

The cinematography was stunning.

But somewhere along the line it takes a really long detour down the path of unique and mind blowing.

The film is quite dull and Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock both appear to be totally frustrated with it.

In summary: If you care for a solidly engaging love story with light moments and some suspense this one is for you.

A highly imaginative story is slightly confusing at times and I suspect that physicists would come up with numerous reasons why this could never happen.

It was very predictable...

But if you want a moving story, with an intriguing character study and wonderful romantic story of friendship and love then look no further.

It was predictable all the way through.


Lovers Across Time in Entertaining Romance...

This movie is so cheesy, so boring, and the lines so overdone, so awkward, that you wonder why movies like this are made.

The intriguing mystery and the performances of Sandra and Keanu are effective enough for me to grant my approval to those of you who already have an interest in this one.

The idea is intriguing, the actors are OK, the filming is nice and the music is splendid for the movie.

OK, This movie is so boring, beginning in the poster, when you see Keeanu and Sandre to close you can have a first feeling thats mean, this movie looks weird, why?

it was an extraordinary movie that worth watching.

Interesting concept, but boring, nonetheless .

Actually, it made my brain "hurt" because it's very confusing and complex to understand - that's what happens towards such thing as time paradox.

But speed is the last word on your mind as you sit through this slow love story which drifts its way and slowly settles in your heart.

I wonder if being in Bill and Ted set the wrong tone for him early on because he's done some very challenging work, yet still gets tagged as the empty headed surfer dude.

Twenty minutes in and i wanted to leave...

The script is so fascinating that I could never think of it unadapted from a novel .

This movie is a farce and a snore.

However, the movie is kind of a slow movie, so if you don't like that kind of movie, I can not recommend.

unpredictable Romantic...

Please save your money for something more worth your time (i.

Nevertheless, it made compelling viewing (although, as far as I'm concerned, anything with Sandra Bullock in it is compelling viewing - she is the most beautiful person I can think of!

Trite, unimaginitive, downright boring story coupled with an astoundingly simple minded predictability makes this a total waste of time.

But I'm sorry this film doesn't have cliques, it's unpredictable, it's very original, and it's extremely moving.

Adorable, confusing, and lovable all at the same time.


As long as you're willing to give this film your undivided attention for approximately 100 minutes (and you can easily forgive its shortcomings) then The Lake House will prove to be an intriguing piece of film for lovers of the romance genre.

Lake House BORING .

But here they are bland, boring, and completely unsympathetic.

The audience applauded at the end, and I'm taking a girlfriend to see this as it's definitely worth watching again.

I'm sitting at home, bored off my ass.

It dragged on only to give a very predictable ending.

The plot was a little confusing, and I think that they have made that better in the Asian version of the movie.

Overall, it was still enjoyable and a neat concept.

As my husband and I left the theater, he turned to me and said, "We'll have to get that one on DVD.

This one had it all -- a compelling romance, realistic characters, heart-wrenching drama, and a great soundtrack.