The Last Boy Scout (1991) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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A private detective's protected female witness is murdered, prompting him and the victim's boyfriend to investigate the crime that leads to a corrupt politician and a crooked football team owner.

Director: Tony Scott
Stars: Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans
Length: 105 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 158 found boring (8.22%)

One-line Reviews (115)

To summarise: fast, trashy, noisy, violent, entertaining....

He is pretty damn good at it and this is very entertaining movie.

On the whole - a highly enjoyable quality entertainment.

In the opening scene of The Last Boy Scout, the movie starts off with a series of unexpected violence with a pro football player shooting himself in the head at close range.


") However, one cannot deny such a well-made and thoroughly entertaining movie.

There are plot holes aplenty and the purest will rate this at below par, but on the surface its an enjoyable action film with bags of humour.

Highly Implausible, but Very Entertaining .

The Last Boy Scout is a violent, adrenaline-charged action thriller helmed by 'Top Gun' director Tony Scott and penned by Shane Black of 'Lethal Weapon' fame.

But it is amazingly entertaining and holds up fine on repeated viewings.

The Last Boy Scout is a fast paced buddy cop movie that keeps you on your seat from beginning to end.

Bruce Willis stars as Joe Hallenberg a private eye who teams up with a down and out football player Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayons) to prevent the assassination of a seedy politician in this entertaining actioner which despite the lame plot provides some good moments of both action and comedy.

There are several good moments in the movie, but most of them come from the thrilling action sequences.

Directed by Tony Scott (Beverly Hills Cop 2, Domino, The Taking of the Pelham 123 "Remake") made an entertaining if sleazy violent action thriller with an sense of humour.

The action is thrilling and very brutal.

"The Last Boy Scout" is gripping from start to finish.

The Last Boy Scout is a very fancy action movie, but a very empty one as well.

Thrilling action beautifully directed by Tony Scott....

Just put those blinders on and enjoy the sight of a football player throwing a game by pulling out a gun and shooting opposing players during a run from scrimmage, then turning around to face the other players--who don't BACK AWAY from this gun-carrying nut but instead march forward TOWARD HIM, then watch as he kills himself after declaring, with that snappy Shane Black dialogue, "Ain't life a bitch.

I enjoyed it a lot.

I think Tony Scott knew exactly what he was doing when he got Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) to write this incredibly fast paced film with lots of twists and turns.

Even though this movie is very entertaining it is degrading to women.

There are countless funny moments, the action (by Shane west of Predator and Die Hard fame) is adrenaline charged, and the direction is fast and controlled by Scott.

The film's entertainment value is also somewhat inconsistent, but with its star duo and blowout finale, is a movie ultimately worth watching.

True this movie is not Die Hard or Lethal Weapon, but it is worth watching if you do not look at it as a rip-off of those movies.

The unexpected pairing of Willis and Wayans works amazingly well, with some of the greatest one-liners in history (controversial) from Willis.

It was constant mayhem, beating, shooting, running, etc. to the point that it was hard to follow any semblance of a plot.

Action also runs high in this super exciting action adventure flick, where the baddies, besides being wonderfully played, are really bad, and corrupt.

its boring.

Highly enjoyable 90's foul mouthed violent comedy action thriller.

Anyway, Willis's pull-up-a-chair, have-a-beer, guy-next-door character works, and makes this an enjoyable action movie.

Decent if cliché '90s action .

His life is dark and dreary, and he cuts through it all with an acid tongue and a lot of misanthropy.

In my opinion, THE LAST BOY SCOUT is a very suspenseful, funny, and action-packed thrill ride.

A violent, energetic, empty exercise in spectacular action and comedy.

don't want to give away that the bad guy dies in the end,) this is an entertaining flick through and through.

While Tony Scott's film spends most of its time cashing in on all of the above, it does contain entertainment value, if you like your cinema unoriginal, predictable, loud and jam-packed with action.

Shane Black has also written dozens of one-liners and riddled the script with funny dialogue and exciting situations.

The ending of the film is amazing,Action-packed and exciting and will keep you on the edge of your seat and is a great conclusion to The Last Boy Scout.

Then there's also a lot of cool action (especially graphic and intense shoot-outs, the trademark of Tony Scott).

The last boy scout is pure adult action packed fun & great late night entertainment like how i enjoyed it awww Nostalgia!!!


"The Lost Boy Scout" is certainly a Guilty Pleasure By Any Standard, Most Entertaining.

Past this point the rest of The Last Boy Scout begins to unravel intense and nonstop.

Its a pretty cool movie, funny, fun, action packed, loud, foul mouthed, swearing with a passion, and also yelling with a passion, car chases, shootouts, violence.

Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis work so well together and are very entertaining.

The movie has action impact and it is action packed from beginning till end.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie is still very entertaining.

This is a fantastic and unique "Buddy" "Buddy" film that's extremely entertaining to watch, with an amazing performance from Bruce Willis!.

Shane Black's script may at times feel like a brain-stormed idea for a "Lethal Weapon" movie, it still succeeds to bring a smile on the faces to those who like fast paced action scenes and sardonic humour to go along with the scenes.

The story was good, the plot somewhat implausible by comparison to other films of this type, but the film was enjoyable and could've been a very acceptable PG-13 IF the dialog wasn't overloaded with (unecessary) profanity.

Other than some of the predictable stuff in the movie, it is definitely something that I recommend to any action-loving individual.

As I explained above, the film is exactly what you would expect: Fast action, implausible but entertaining plot, and funny one-liners all around.

Also the countless one-liners (priceless wit from screenwriter Shane Black) make for a very quotable movie and Tony Scott's high octane direction makes it exciting, and when mixed with the good performances and you've got yourself a classic.

and quite empty!

) But the whole movie is so damn entertaining because of it all!

Also, in its totally undemanding way, it is rather entertaining.

Shane Black's hallmark of snappy one-liners is all over the sizzling repartee between the two heroes.

Its a cool action packed movie.

"Top Gun" director Tony Scott's adrenaline-laced, testosterone-fueled, high-octane actioneer "The Last Boy Scout" qualifies as an ultra-violent, hideously misogynistic, hard-boiled criminal melodrama about an unlikely pair of pals who thwart a gang of sinister, trigger-happy thugs who advocate sports gambling legalized.

However, I enjoyed it and, now I come to watch it again over twenty years later, I find that today's online reaction seems to back up my feelings towards it.

An action packed ride from start to finish, the film is true 90's action.

I still think all of the same things but I do find this to be enjoyable not that I can see that, compared to some recent buddy movie clichés, it's not that OTT!

Very suspenseful, funny, and action-packed thrill ride .

The movie's exciting, funny, ravenous, and cool.

Formulaic Actioner.

And oddly enough in the case of "The Last Boy Scout", instead of undermining the quality of the film, it provided it something new and amusingly entertaining.

Despite having a predictable premise of two characters who initially hate each other, team up and grow to love one another, this film benefits from some good acting from Willis and Wayans.

Shane Black's screenplay is filled with funny and intelligent dialogue, a strong use of profanity and vulgarity and snappy one-liners, and director Tony Scott (who directed the terrible sequel, Beverly Hills Cop II [1987]) keeps the film at a dark pace, and surprises us by turning up the volume on car chases, death scenes, and gunshots.

Hell, we know we're in for a good time right from the start: after some amusing cheesy nonsense with the opening credits / musical number by Bill Medley, there's a grabber of an opening, featuring Billy Blanks as a quarterback right on the edge.

However if it's a fast paced action adventure wrapped around a spirited buddy pairing, then you'll find it here, all wrapped up in quick one liners and snappy banter between Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans.

Some of the best one-liners ever in an enjoyable action yarn .

Brutal, witty, exciting action pic .

The film has some exciting and thrilling action sequences and the surprises are startling.

My fave action star will always be the king of Action Schwarzenegger but i watched lots of these guys shoot up the place & they was good fun memories anyway Willis was always the best he's ever been as Joe Hallenbeck the wisecracking private detective in the exciting non-stop brutal action packed The Last Boy Scout!!.

A very underrated action comedy that is still enjoyable today .

It's highly original and easily one of the most entertaining movies of all times.

Its throwaway entertainment really, but its non-stop action and snappy one-liners make great viewing.

(The interpersonal bickering *does* get tiresome; by the time Bruce and Damon are searching Damon's girlfriend's apartment, I am fed up with the snippiness...

Everything's here, the exciting and original story, and the performances.

And the movie has good music by Michael Kamen, intense music.

Though trashy and foul-mouthed, this film is surprisingly entertaining, with a most amusing performance by Willis and a rousing ending(and opening for that matter!

If you're a fan of Willis, I highly recommend it.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this suspenseful action-packed thrill ride to all you Bruce Willis or Damon Wayans who have not seen it.

Fantastic And Unique "Buddy "Buddy" Film, That's Extremely Entertaining To Watch, With An Amazing Performance From Bruce Willis.

we're being beaten up by the inventor of scrabble"The direction from Tony Scott is no less than what you expect to see in one of his films and the performances of, the annoying little brat Darian, played by Danielle Harris and bad guy Milo, add enjoyable ingredients to the film.

Teamed up with Damon Wayans, who added the comic relief, this flick was most enjoyable.

The score by Michael Kamen is a great,memorable and intense and matches the tone of the film.

the movie takes a look at professional football gambling,, then goes one step further as somehow it is all connected to politics, with a state senator I believe,, Bruce character at one point in the movie has to decide whether to pick up a cigarette of the ground and smoke, it he looks at it, and says yeah i'm a deadbeat, and picks it up,, what a classic line.. wonderful fast paced actioneer not to be missed.

Very OTT and clichéd but strangely enjoyable .

The film was made in 1991, before Scott became obsessed with quick cuts and fast camera movements (which heavily marred his recent Spy Game), though some of the same kinetic cinematography can be seen here, but in a good, exciting way.

'Long may Shane Black write scripts that make us smile, keep the adrenaline level high of the characters AND the audience, and spin improbable stories that usually have cars flying through the air.

Joe's daughter, Darian (Danielle Harris) also get dragged along for the ride.

The action is sporadic but totally intense and thrilling when it comes.

Sure, teenage boys and IQ-challenged redneck men - and of course Quentin Tarantino - will have found Willis and Wayans' profane quips and one liners hilarious, but I just found it to be tiresome and stupidly unnecessary dialogue.

The Last Boy Scout brilliantly mixes together the genres of Action and Film-Noir giving viewers a dark and violent world where the Action and characters are surprising,violent and unexpected with dark humor and is done with all of the great trademarks of Action films such as shootouts,explosions and fist fights.

The great Mr. Black was the writer behind Lethal Weapon (1987), and here he develops that style even more - it's cool, it's funny, it's tough, it has action, it's totally entertaining, everything works, and everything ties up beautifully.

Indeed, everything is by-the-book, but Black skillfully presents these conventional elements in such compelling fashion that you can overlook their formulaic origins.

Bruce Willis is at his absolute best as the burned-out, grizzled private detective - smoking heavily, spitting out un-PC dialogue, and engaging in the sort of witty repartee you just don't see in movies anymore.

This may not be late director Tony Scott's best work, which is not a well argument due to all the exciting stuff you see here.

We are before an impact ante and entertaining movie, which it(he,she) seems to improve with the years, turning practically into the classic one of the cinema of action.

It is mindless, formulaic, and particularly hateful towards women (and men as well) in spots with an uncompromisingly un-PC attitude that is very unusual in this day and age...

The Last Boy Scout is still a guilty pleasure of mine and is still holds up as a very enjoyable action comedy.

it's confusing and not in a cool Inception way.

"The Last Boy Scout" is one of those movies I've catched like a hundred times on TV, and every single time I've watched it and enjoyed it even more than the last time.

Together Joe and Jimmy are plunged into the world of sports gambling,corrupt politicians and football that is unpredictable,insane and explosive.

All in all, a great empty-calorie movie snack.

Refreshingly entertaining villains too, especially Milo as a very atypical thug and 'The Guy who Invented Scrabble'.

This is a fantastic and unique "Buddy" "Buddy" film, that's extremely entertaining to watch, with an amazing performance from Bruce Willis, and i say Go see it now!.

The action sequences are very well done and very entertaining, one liners are still funny and mr.Willis played maybe his best role as dirty, disillusioned, out of luck good guy Joe.

Enjoyable film that would've been better without the #@!?

But still the tone of the film is so light and enjoyable you begin to wonder how this never made up for it.

From the director's perspective, this is just another milestone in Tony Scott's development into a flashy but empty filmmaker.

Still, it is a very entertaining action film with a plot more complex than most action films, probably because of the combination of writer Shane Black and director Tony Scott, whose movies make you think a little more.

Black's twists and turns in the narrative, his clever use of foreshadowing, and the wicked villains make this vigorous, 105-minute, mystery yarn entertaining to watch.