The Last Exorcism (2010) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A troubled evangelical minister agrees to let his last exorcism be filmed by a documentary crew.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Daniel Stamm
Stars: Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 86 out of 315 found boring (27.3%)

One-line Reviews (268)

Essentially it was a film about making a documentary, with the cliché running camera person with a camera pointing at the ground leaving you feeling disorientated and slightly ill.

I sat through the slow first 60 minutes of the movie, giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Some of the scenes are all over the place and silly and contrived.

Courageous and a bit cynical, it's intense and has some quality.

The ending is wayward and foolish but until that point it is an intriguing view of a spirituality that was thought long past.

Frankly, I just felt leaving the theater that it was full of too much banality and far too many conventions and clichés to be recommended.

Overall, the movie did it's job in being mildly original, having great acting (considering that this is in fact a lower-budget horror movie), in staying true to the genre, and in delivering an engaging story.

But the scenes play subtly suspenseful as well because the audience knows the rug will eventually be pulled from under him—And when it is, it's a that shame things so quickly spiral into the sloppy and the spoiled.

All in all I have to say this movie was entertaining, funny and a bummer.

It was extremely disappointing and it would of been satisfactory if the movie had just been the 5 minute trailer, at least that was gripping.

This was a yawn fest.

What I got was the worst waste of time in years of movie going.

I respect all you deep thinking people who will disagree looking at former comments, about the feelings behind all the characters - to be honest, I was too bored to give a damn!

What was a promising start turned into a predictable and hokey finale.

creepy and unpredictable .

Overall, the movie did it's job in being mildly original, having great acting (considering that this is in fact a lower-budget horror movie), in staying true to the genre, and in delivering an engaging story.

The character of Cotton Marcus is a very intriguing flawed hero and Fabian does an excellent job playing him.

I was throughly impressed by how everything came together in the end of this movie; viewers are kept guessing until the end, and then the end provides a compelling twist, the key elements of which were right in front of you the entire time.

The contrast between his light-hearted skepticism, mutual fright, and eventual atonement is pitch-perfect on all cylinders, providing us with a fantastic character-study amongst this intriguing little film.

This was an enjoyable if still somewhat problematic entry.

It was for the most part predictable, to the point where half way through the movie they pretty much just tell you exactly how it will end.

So all in all, was slightly disappointing, a tad disturbing, and quite entertaining.

This film was a slow burner that never picked up apace.

The entire film is a yawn fest and quite frankly a total waste of time.

It's a witty and engaging character portrayal, which makes his later encounters with some decidedly disturbing situations all the more interesting, although I think it's a shame that the film never truly capitalises on this character's build-up; we never get time to see how he feels and reacts to these situations, because in the later stages the focus of the film is entirely on the possessed girl.

Feels Repetitive .

Film: The Last Exorcism Year: 2010 My Rating: 7/10A lot of people have been downing this movie because it is, cliché or just another exorcism movie.

Final view on the film:A very entertaining film,with clever thrills and a gripping style,that is ruined by a awful ending that does not suite the film at all.

The ending is confusing and unsure as it leaves it all up to your assumptions as to what happens to everybody.

Personally, I found it to be a reasonably engrossing addition to the fiction-as-documentary sub genre.

This chiller boils down to a compelling an expose about a non-believer who confronts the reality of a world he abhors.

It was a slow building movie, effectively creating tension and suspense simply through good storytelling and fleshed out characters, especially the priest, who was very well written and played to a tee by the lead actor.

With this one, I was bored that day and thought "meh.

The slow first half segues into a grimly effective second, featuring some excellently creepy moments that were all achieved without the use of CGI or any other type of effect, as far as I can tell.

Worth watching if you are bored one day (or night).

Also, lot of the footage was done in one or just a few takes, which mostly were long, drawn out shots.

While not possessing the special effects of The Exorcist, it is, nevertheless, compelling.

The hectic disorganization sullies much of what I found so compelling about the film initially —The beginning of "The Last Exorcism" is effective expressly because it isn't trying to be scary.

However a downside is that there is a lull in action in the middle of the movie where it gets kind've boring.

that film is a blatant marketing propaganda, all but unwatchable for its poor imaginative story, bad acting and no horror!!

Up until this point everything is presented as 'found-footage' so it seems counter-productive to suddenly throw in a slow cello crescendo.

Oh, then ending with a foreshadowed "unexpected" death scene.

Good idea and compelling Ashley Bell .

''it's like Eli Roth has attention deficit syndrome, he got bored of his own movie.

The style is what gives the movie a chilling atmosphere of confusion, mayhem, and thrills.

Save yourself from sitting through a few hours of pointless dreadful film making at its best.

Cliché Galore .

Despite all the publicity about this little film what we actually have is a tedious, monotonous, boring, embarrassing film made to fool the very people we are seeing ridiculed on the screen.

Tedious, monotonous, boring, embarrassing.

These issues here do hold this one back though it is quite enjoyable nonetheless.

If you didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to go to the movies nowadays, I would've walked out 20 minutes in.

I won't spoil any surprise, but suffice to say things don't go always as planned, with questions constantly raised about whether the Reverend had bitten off more than he could chew with some inexplicable moments that build on the previous in a thrilling crescendo of twists and turns, to its intense finale.

And also because they left the theater exclaiming that it was a complete waste of time.

Even more notable is Ashley Bell, who brings a genuine innocence to Nell—sheltered teenage girl by day, animal-killing devil child by night— whose childlike purity runs rampant when she's given a pair of Doc Marten boots by one of the camera women, which appears to be the most exciting thing to happen to her in years.

The movie in painfully slow to start, and then you're just waiting for some action to begin and well, you're almost at the end when you start to think that nothing is ever going to happen.

The characters are vapid and empty and pointless and covering the details of the exorcism feels like you're seeing and hearing the same things over and over again.

But after viewing The Last Exorcism I have to say that I was a little surprised that it was rated PG-13, it was a little bit intense at times with some blood that could be a bit much for a young teen.

Expect the unexpected.

Also impressive are the actors' performances, which are uniformly compelling and completely believable, which is crucial when making a "mockumentary" of this sort.

Patrick Fabian, who starred as the Reverend Cotton Marcus, was a fascinating actor who keep your attention throughout this movie.

This has to be the absolute worst movie I have ever seen.

Not so much a twist, more of a Saturday-night-drive-in-popcorn-muncher-finale that is so horribly predictable you can hear yourself murmuring while it is playing out .."oh please don't let it end like this ...

The story went from slow and borderline boring to decent to creepy to utterly horrible.

Its just one big cliché.

Absolutely worth watching.

With it's slower (I wouldn't use sluggish) beginning the film hopes to sincerely connect you with the characters and believable setups so that when bizarre events do occur you are more likely to (sincerely) accept them and be frightened by them.

Having said that:LAST RIGHTS - After a long summer void of genuine fright fodder, things are about to pick up as the paranormal/horror/thriller The Last Exorcism is set to jumpstart the hearts of avid horror fans with a shot of "miedo" adrenaline.

Don't waste your time or your money.

The end is so rushed and muddled that it just ends up as confusing and unfinished; someone in the audience actually said that a sequel better be made, mistaking the ending for a cliffhanger.

Chilling, but ultimately predictable.

Directed by Daniel Stamm made an intriguing horror movie that is shot like a documentary.

Great suspenseful docu-style movie that will keep you thinking .

What i got was a movie that made me laugh so much the first 45min, and a movie that had me on the edge of my seat the last 40min or so.

I had heard that the ending is awful and ruins the movie, but I thought the ending was just weird and pretty entertaining, it was neat to see something different.

If you remember his imbecile grunting performance as The Bear Jew in the boring Nazi pantomime INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, well there's Eli at his most brutal insidious worst.

Only plus side was the acting, otherwise the script is pretty predictable.

This is boring, not scary, and complete waste of time.

Firstly, the "lead up" and plot building segments in the film are far too long and should be cut down.

Simply put, this movie is shot in documentary style so the beginning runs a little slow.

It's easy to see just how exciting this screenplay can be.

The chaotic confusion, screaming, running around, soundtrack, accompanied by inexplicable video turned me off to the point that I left the viewing to make a drink.


The film's zenith of fear and excitement is also our lead character's most important moment, and at the same time shows us an (unexpected) explanation for Nell's chilling picture of him from earlier.

The mounting tension is handled deftly—allegations of alcoholism, an unexpected pregnancy and insinuations of incest complicate the plot.

In other words, don't waste your time with this movie.

Nothing happens basically.

Wow, lots of negative reviews, but as critical as I can be, I really found this film kind of compelling and scary.

No story.

What this turns out be is a fascinating suspense drama using exorcism as a narrative tool.

it's certainly unpredictable.

All i can say is don't waste your time with this twaddle.

another boring 'reality' mockumentary .

One of the worst movie i've ever seen...

After a tedious and clumsy first half the movie 'morphs' into something a bit gutsier in the style of Paranormal Activity.

This film is good, I enjoyed it.

HOWEVER, This movie was quite frankly a boring, awfully slow and unoriginal one.

The Last Exorcism boasts several intense and frightening exorcism and demonic scenes.

The scares are legitimately scary and suspenseful and the performances are just flat out fantastic.

I have found his original and fresh additions to the horror/thriller film genre so far, really enjoyable and entertaining.

This film can be best described as bore , snore fest .

This film is a total waste of time.

Fans of this genre may be pleased, but I was mostly bored.

By far one the worst movies of the year!

They give you no time to let what you are seeing sink in, and you leave the theater so disappointed that you don't even care to fill in the holes.

It climaxes in an ending both abrupt and irrelevant, leaving what should feel intriguing unsatisfying.

A disappointing waste of talent and time .

The pacing, which starts with a slow burn that ratchets up to a breakneck speed by the final act, is solid, and the film ends on a satisfying note.

The climax is unexpected and may be regarded as offbeat wrt the theme.

Cotton Marcus is one of the most interesting, engaging and, well, human, horror movie protagonists I've seen in a long time.

This film has got to be THE worst movie I've ever watched.

Although it's a rip-off of a method of filming that's already been done many times (Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, etc.) the movie was quite exciting.

While he's there, the unexpected happens.

This would be it, a mildly entertaining but boring at times horror movie.

The introduction is too long.

The Last Exorcism (2010)5 word summaryCamera crew follows skeptical exorcist How do you take a creepy story and a filmmaking style that adds creepy realism and turn it into an hour and a half of boring?

The cast of unknowns does quite well, and there are some genuinely creepy moments, and there is even a plot development near the end which is a bit unexpected.

don't waste your money , seriously go out and buy a Mac/apple product , cup of starbucks or some dre beat headphones instead or see some rapper play live.

Produced by the "Hostel" creator which is the biggest name connected to the project, the movie is an intense snatch of horror-suspense built in the mold of "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity.

That, folks, makes it worth watching.

The characters are annoying and extremely boring and it is an absolute joke that this was ever made into a film where people are expected to pay good money for.

I won't spoil it for you because I left after 60 minutes!

"This is the worst movie I have ever seen.. EVER.

The scene with the possessed girl breaking her own fingers and acting all cliché-demon-like was not that much of a thrill, nor particularly well made; I reckon that such a scene should make an impact and "shake" the audience.

There is an empty kind of hollow feeling in the people themselves that make them think, they are possessed.

The girl is quite good, if a little bland.

Still, the movie does have its moments, so if you see it for free during a slow moment in your life, you just might find yourself reasonably entertained.

I find the film mundane.

Through a set of cleverly arranged trip lines and magnets, Cotton performs a very entertaining exorcism, and gets the family to believe he has abolished the demon.

Slow at times, too fast in other parts, it kind of confused me.

Her father Louis is an intense man, extremely devout and protective.

The tension is undeniable and the plot manages to breathe new life into old cliché.

And though the film is damaged by a very disappointing ending,I still feel that the movie has a good amount of thrilling moments.

The film gets a bit intense as the plot moves along (fair warning: a cat is smashed to death by a camera) and it culminates in an ending that surprisingly passed in this PG-13 flick.

And the first half of the movie is slow and revels in its own clever ambiguity.

In fact, those scary scenes just make the movie pointless and boring.

The film is more accurately a thriller and, for the most part, an enjoyable one.

The film starts out promisingly enough, character development is strong for our protagonist and when we arrive in the deep south the slow build of suspense is palatable, so far I'm a happy camper!

Some might say that that's a bad thing as everything is pretty predictable (and they're probably be right - there's nothing really that new here to see).

In short, the pacing was off.

It's worth watching.

The physical acting (as demonic) is pretty compelling too.

Predictable "twists" came one after another, and 30 minutes into the film, I had it figured out.

What was unexpected is the amount of sympathy the script manages to evoke for each of the characters, the good Reverend in particular.

Yes, it is again a mockumentary-style horror film, but there is an engaging storyline behind it.

I find it just way too contrived, and the novelty of it started by the Blair Witch project wore off on me long ago.

In the end, "The Last Exorcism" was to me a rather forgettable and very banal horror film, very much like its contemporaries.

These phony documentary type movies are so uninteresting.

It's one of those films that have a slow burn at first to create atmosphere and then it starts to throw some creepy images, and moments your way once the action really gets started.

This is a movie very much worth watching, if you don't hate mockumentary style films.

This movie was the most dull, deprived, stupid horror movie I've ever sat through.

Emerging talent Ashley Bell literally BECOMES the fractured, innocently hopeful teenager in the midst of these repetitive, evil possessions.

The Last Yawn...

I just got home from watching this and I really, really enjoyed it.

It wasn't exciting, it wasn't creepy, it was predictable, boring and drab.

Don't waste your money!!

The very good thing is that this is an unpredictable film.

This wasn't because the film was too scary for her it was just plain downright boring and terrible.

The storyline is weak with a lot of contrived plot bits stolen from really bad 1970's style horror films so it never does anything really cool or fascinating to hold interest.

And much in the sense of that movie, "The Last Exorcism" is slow in building up in tension as well, where as it tend to let the characters unfold instead.

It was intense, eerie, I loved the "documentary" aspect of it and I even jumped in a few parts which I very rarely do.

Nell's (played by Ashley Bell) episodes of possession were unconvincing and cliché.

The ending contradicts that tone with an over the top, cliché, horrible sequence that feels so tacked on it's as if all of the writers left the last two pages of the script blank, forcing someone far less creative to figure out a way to conclude it.

The first hour is boring but you expect then that you get the goods in the final 30 minutes, but i was waiting and waiting but NOTHING Happened!

There were lots and lots and lots of idiotic zoom-ins and tons of pointless filming that didn't offer anything to the film, nor to the faux-documentaire.

The only problem I've found doing this is that there seems to be too many pretentious film people out there tearing everything to shreds.

The whole movie you're on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next.

I was hoping to get scared but I was just either bored, or laughing at how bad it was.

This one's a pretty good one though, but unfortunately all momentum and credibility built over a mostly suspenseful, slightly tedious first hour is shot down by a ludicrous finale – the exact same finale from the 2007 Hilary Swank yawnfest The Reaping by the way.

The format of storytelling somehow works well with the subject matter, and even though it's impossible to take as a reality, it is engrossing.

A dull surprise.

Its boring and silly and barely passable.

Overall, I'd say it's worth watching!

The Last Exorcism is actually a decent film, a different story for sure but in the end it ends just like the other bland horror films.

But then it's all downhill, cliché after cliché, culminating in the big finale that seems very much tacked on, like they didn't have and ending and re-writer #17 came up with this dung.

The first hour though is quite suspenseful, with much of the building tension being derived from the sense of impending action rather than the action itself.

 He's entertaining, caring, and troubled particularly when his wife prematurely birthed a baby boy.

There are a lot of twists in the plot, which makes it really intriguing.

it's no masterpiece,but it's the first film attached in some way to Eli Roth that i found worth watching.

However it seems as if all creative energy was drained by the time it came to wrapping it all up, and we are given a cliché ending.

As a whole I think this movie was enjoyable and the ambiguity throughout the movie made it more so, as well as the acting and characterisation of the Reverend who was just enjoyable to watch play the placebo exorcist role.

The Lack of Originality Here Could Cause a Lethal Overdose of Boredom .

The cleverness of this part of the screenplay is in juxtaposing the entertaining disclosure of the tricks of the trade of this 'Elmer Gantry' with a conscience, with the sudden unnerving realisation for Cotton and his crew that something sinister is afoot in the Sweetzer household.

There are definitely some scares and some suspenseful scenes especially at the end.

Stamm employs the cinema vérité camera style when he wants you on the edge of your seat.

The way this fascinating character reacts to the case of Nell is simply great cinema, and sets a solid core.

Refreshing and enjoyable.

It's an entertaining movie that could entertain more.

The slow soft scary movie suddenly takes an extremely surprising turn that made my hair stand up and ends.

I thought maybe the finale was a bit over the top, but it's definitely enjoyable.

boring and overdone .

And it keeps a slow pace building up the tension at just the right tempo for this movie.

The sudden change in the pace and narrative of the film (which include "possessed fire"that features some noticeable pixilation)Causes the film to go from a very entertaining mock documentary thriller,into something that seems to be gasping to shock the audience,which sadly just leads to disappointment.

Add one more to the list of worst movies ever made AND advertised!!!!!!.

I was very surprised and disappointed in regards to just how boring and nothing this movie was.

If you ARE a fan of exorcism movies and movies like the Blair Witch Project or even horror movies in general, The Last Exorcism is a good watch to satisfy your boredom and keep you entertained for an hour and a half, especially if you understand and like the construct of "sluggish build up" and if you have a few extra bucks that you're looking to spend.

Crawling, slow paced, exorcism film that adds nothing to the mix .

Clever, tense and always intriguing.

The action in the film unfolds in the last 20-30 minutes meaning the you're bored to tears during the 'build up' of the first hour or more.

had a few friends over and we wanted to watch a scary movie so we watched this atrocity it was so bad one friend was like "are we going to watch a real movie next" it's slow , boring , nothing pops out and scares you.

If you ARE a fan of exorcism movies and movies like the Blair Witch Project or even horror movies in general, The Last Exorcism is a good watch to satisfy your boredom and keep you entertained for an hour and a half, especially if you understand and like the construct of "sluggish build up" and if you have a few extra bucks that you're looking to spend.

The set up of the charlatan preacher showing the audience the tricks of his trade helps to really lull you into a false sense of security before the proverbial really starts to hit the fan.

Slow beginning.

The movie starts out slow and stays slow for the next hour but the at the last forty mins, it picks up and the last fifteen mins are when it gets scary.

The first half of the story was quite funny with the exorcist doing his thing, they should have kept the movie all about him doing that, way more entertaining than what the movie ended up being about.

very predictable .

We are shown his over-the-top sermons in direct juxtaposition to his mundane home life.

It's not an exaggeration that this movie has no reason to exist, other than underlining that the offspring of hype and advertising can turn even the most vane and empty work into a financial and critical "success".

All you can see in this movie is just talking and talking about what church, religion, demons, God means which is such a cliche and a brief action in the last 10 minutes to compensate for the whole boring movie.

Please, don't waste your time.

I don't like this film because of hidden message and propaganda.

The ending was enjoyable, and I do look forward to seeing it again.

I recall a local scandal a couple years ago about a fundamentalist church not too far from where this movie was filmed, which was supposedly engaging in devil worship and child molestation.

This movie is really pointless and hopeless...

Save your money, it's not worth seeing.

Waste of my time .

The thing that brings this movie down for me is the long periods of time when it's just boring.

Very exciting until sucky ending.

Reading of people saying this is the worst movie ever is unbelievable!

You know, the beginning of it - albeit incredibly slow, was paving the way for something that may have had a bit of substance.....

And for a movie such as "Last Exorcism, " that's the perfect ending, it's so intense it left a lot of people still sitting in their seats moments into the credits..

It seems that lately,most horror films have settled on cookie cutter characters, who's personal arcs are pretty predictable from the first frame they appear on screen.


Really enjoyable film.

For the ending, I know there was a lot of people who thought it underwhelming or a cheat, but I enjoyed it.

The ending was unexpected which is great.

End of the movie totally fool with non-sense (a wannabee "blair witch" but at least blair witch was the first movie made this way and with a story) TV and shows are making too much ads and noise about this movie that for me deserve only the price of the worst movie ever !

If however, your the new blood who can get a kick out of watching paint dry - be my guest.

It was a cast full of over-acting disasters along with a shaky and predictable plot, and even worse effects.

This is by far one of the most boring, uninspiring, uninteresting films I have ever had the pain of watching.

for those viewers that think everything should be a huge expenditure (and a huge waste of time) and hated the low budget thrills of inspired cheapies like 'Paranormal Activity', this movie isn't for you.

The horror doesn't come out as scary as it could because it feels like they bore you enough after 30 to 40 minutes, that when the film does become scary, you just don't care.

While there are too many wobbly moments that feel too deliberately "acted" to pass for spontaneous response, this preamble is where "The Last Exorcism" is most fascinating: matter-of-factly exposing the tricks of the trade in staging phony religious rites, that go unnoticed by the hapless dupes.

Don't waste your money.

I presume that a POV mockumentary like this movie is supposed to be, in general, not well filmed, due to the unexpected things that happen in it's course.

overall, i think this was enjoyable and it stuck with me and my girlfriend afterwards as we discussed what we just saw and what happened.

The acting and filmmaking are solid for the most part and the story moves along quite nicely, even if it is a bit slow in the beginning.

It's a subject matter which I find annoying & ridiculous, not to mention, I like to steer clear of christian propaganda.

)I left the theater feeling cheated, finding a ton of fault with the movie.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen!

Overall it was bland with a cliché plot, cliché twist, cliché lines and an even more cliché family of stereotypical over enthusiastic catholics.

I'm glad it was unexpected.

Unfortunately, director Daniel Stamm only used it as an easy short cut to obtain suspense, and so we have scenes of panting and confusing movements which felt irritating on a few occasions.

Very scary, very interesting, very entertaining.

If you like good horror films don't waste your time with.

I'll say it again save your money and if you haven't seen the original Exorcist, go home and watch it, puts this to shame.

don't waste your time.

I was getting a little bored with all of the standard horror gimmicks--Nell's histrionics for example, as well as all the bloody cats, whether real or displayed as one of Nell's creative illustrations.

Before that, though, it's quite an entertaining ride.

All this "malpractice" made the film by itself very tiring to watch, very unappealing for someone to dedicate his mind to it and, in the end, boring, resulting to me wishing it would end 50 minutes prior to its actual ending.

Keeping it simple would at least have kept it coherent; instead, the film balloons into a sufficiently atmospheric, but ultimately dull and unfrightening chase film.

Some might say that that's a bad thing as everything is pretty predictable (and they're probably be right – there's nothing really that new here to see).

Whilst director- editor Daniel Stamm and screenwriters Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland do a good job at turning the film into a surprisingly entertaining mock documentary thriller,which features strong suggestion of a demonic possession in a very minimal and realistic way,which really gave me a strong feel of unease,due to how realistic the "documentary" looks and feels.

The story is extremely boring.

Following on the heels of the latter two is understandable, that genre is hot right now and so is the intriguing idea of capturing a live exorcism.

It just ambles along like an extremely dull late night cable TV documentary.

Very predictable.

This late-arriving, very unexpected explanation for the drama in this family's life recalls to my mind that truth is stranger than fiction: the writers obviously were not content for an expected/easy wrap up of the story (Hollywood) - they exposed a (believable) evil behind Nell's torment.

It's very slow and the scares don't start until pretty late - they're effective nonetheless.

one of the Worst movie ever .

It totally ruined any believable qualities that the film had and confirmed to me that this movie was poorly produced, boring, predictable dross.

This is basically a documentary style horror flick, although not that believable because of the double cameras shots, it's still entertaining and creepy.

I gave this movie an 7 but I wish there was a decimal because really it deserves a 7.5/10. While the Story Starts out slower than a lot of horror/suspense movies it definitely gets good about halfway through.

The exorcism was intense and realistic, much closer to a true exorcism than most horror films that approached the subject.

I thought it was properly suspenseful, sufficiently Sixth-Senseish.

I found the script to be very clever and entertaining.

The ending was a little predictable tbh.

During the best of it however, the movie is one Scary ride and I would highly recommend it , if just for the acting of the two leads (Patrick especially has a very bright future, and seemed like a great guy during the Q&A session after the movie).

It was suspenseful the whole way through and I really felt attached to Cotton Marcus.