The Last Guest (2017) - Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Hohum Score



The tragic story of a guest and his perspective of the war between the society, and the enemy bacon soldiers.

IMDB: 8.4
Director: Matt Horton
Stars: Jenny, Chazz Ravenelle
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 5 out of 90 found boring (5.55%)

One-line Reviews (14)

laughably bad and predictable.

the attempt at drama is hilarious, causing me to laugh at the "intense" scenes.

Beautiful, Sad and Thrilling .

How do you give praise for something so unoriginal and bland?

I really loved this, some moments were unexpected.

Predictable, not sad at all, and overrated.

It's very, very bland, and is the equivalent of a dumpster fire.

This is supposed to be a suspenseful moment as the "bacon soldier" walks up in their room to find the kids in the room, hiding in a closet.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

The character development is surprisingly well-executed and is vital in making the numerous tragedies compelling (and they are).

Its got a great storyline and voice acting is great but the animations are stolen from mixamo and you could make a walking animation because its just the r15 animation which makes the animation pretty boring

Throughout the movie, it is very gripping an makes you want to watch more after a while.

Didn't make me feel anything, other than boredom.

And apparently, the police arrive the time the bacon soldier opens the closet he was looking for, but was the empty one.