The Last House on the Left (1972) - Horror, Thriller

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Two teenage girls head to a rock concert for one's birthday. While trying to score marijuana in the city, they are kidnapped and brutalized by a gang of psychotic convicts.

Director: Wes Craven
Stars: Sandra Peabody, Lucy Grantham
Length: 84 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 90 out of 465 found boring (19.35%)

One-line Reviews (222)

Even a "remake" 8 years later, by the name of House on the Edge of the Park, was far more shocking and intense than this and showed a lot more.

Two fun loving teens find themselves in a dilly of a pickle when a gang of crazed Perverts whisk them to a magical afternoon in the woods where were lucky enough to watch them be stripped, tortured, raped, mutilated (one over-enthused nut signs his name with knife-point on one heroine's chest) Then by contrived twist, the group find themselves guests of their victim's parents who enact a terrible, costly revenge....

Yes - the plot seems very contrived and "hokey" - for instance, what are the chances that the killers would wind up at one of their victim's homes?

This movie is mostly just boring.

well there is no plot...

It contains very fascinating interviews with both creators of this film in which they explain who hard it was to bring it to the public.

The main characters are little more than sketches, and the pacing is awkward, with comic relief scenes that might otherwise have worked falling flat due to bad timing, with the film being slowly paced overall.

Unfortunately, Last House on the Left is on par with such uninteresting drivel as The Howling: New Moon Rising, perhaps the worst movie ever made, regardless of genre.

Whereas exploitation films are generally meant to entertain their audience, Last House On The Left seems more interested in making its viewers uncomfortable by presenting a series of atrocities that force the audience to question why deeds so horrendous would ever be construed as entertaining, and to turn a mirror toward ourselves as we wonder why it is we cannot look away.

It's boring.

Here I guess Craven is trying to set the mood of innocence but instead what we get is an incredibly boring and annoying first 30mins flicking between the two girls and Mari's parents at home, some really f**king cringey irritating dross.

Despite its glaring flaws, this is a stunning debut from a director who would go on to define and redefine the horror genre at least twice in his career.


this movie has nothing to do with horror or even drama, this is crime film with no story and with nothing...

I actually found the film quite enjoyable, as in the "so bad, it's good" category.

Unwatchable .

This is not a horror, there aren't vampires, zombies, what we have here is a bunch of junkies, two dull girl, two stupid cops and too much ''clever and smart'' wife and husband, actually father and mother of one of the dull girls.

A strong candidate for "The Worst Movie of All Time".

To this day, if someone asks the worst movie I have ever seen, I always state Last House on the Left - I wish someone would burn all of its copies.

Two girls go for a ride - when we see the car and the camera is following it while we hear changing music on the radio , it shows how the climate in this film can be intense .

In that sense, this film is an utter success— it's an extremely low-budget, stripped down production, but the DIY special effects rise above this, and the straightforwardness of the violence is gripping.

Repugnant, unwatchable film leaves viewers with bad taste in their mouths .

The atmosphere of the film is great, its bleak and suspenseful.

If I thought the '72 version was mind blowing what must the '09 version be like?

On the scale of disturbing and intense movies, with 1 being a Sesame Street movie and 10 being something that completely shocks me and gives me nightmares, Last House on the Left would get, maybe, a 4.

Wes Craven's first film is without a doubt one of the most brutal, intense and shocking movies you'll ever see.

During its first run in the early 70s this was the only movie I ever walked out on (until Alien vs.

Dated, tedious and mostly amateurish slasher flick with interesting touch or two.. .

I also found the scenes of the girls in the woods to be incredibly brutal and suspenseful.

The script is ridiculously contrived while the acting is truly hopeless and I can`t help thinking Wes Craven knew what he was doing while making it , it`s a gigantic mickey take in order to offend self appointed moral guardians .

After so much anticipation i have never seen such i more hyped and dissapointing film,this was about as scary as watching paint dry.

To sum up, a shock/funny film worth watching, and it's criminal the film is still banned in the UK.

They are empty.

Anyway, if you really feel the need to waste 90 minutes of your life, go watch a Pauly Shore or Carrot Top movie.

The ending is so drawn out and so completely stupid, it's not even funny.

My main problem with this film, however, is the fact that there are a few moments of pointless slapstick comedy.

David Hess (The House on the Edge of the Park, Swamp Thing) forever doomed himself to despicable villain typecasting after playing the role of Krug Stillo, the sadistic rapist/killer who leads the violent gang of thugs.

This film starts out slow.

There is no plot, just gratuitous violence.

Worst movie i'v ever seen .

I'm sorry, but for those of you who rave this movie, who found it the least bit entertaining, I've got one question?

Felt like I was watching a propaganda film created by some government agency.

As for the scares, yawn.

The film is very dragged out and at times quite dull.

I don't like this movie because there is no point, no storyline, no fun, it isn't horror, or drama, acting is the only thing that's o.

Well this seemed worth watching; was a Wes Craven film too.

Mostly it's people running around in the woods while nothing happens except loud music plays.

This movie is fast paced, short at 1 hr and 24 Min's.

This film is so juvenile & pointless.

Mary's slow, hypnotic walk into the lake, resigned to her fate, as Krug takes aim, fires, the fatal shot piercing the silence and ringing in the air, is a genuinely terrifying moment, exactly what every horror film wants to achieve - immediately followed by a hillbilly jamboree, as the parents (unaware of the horrors committed) cheerfully plan their daughter's birthday party.

apart from the younger lad who was shown as being 'dragged along' by his elders.

She cackles and stumbles through a pointless character.

Boring again, exciting, now back to boring.

There are several strange jumps in time which make it pretty hard to follow.

dont waste your time, money, and popcorn.

********Possible Spoilers Ahead***************This has got to be the worst movie I've ever seen.

But 31 years on in 2003, and many cuts later all this film left me with was boredom.

Dad's fight with the Main Villain was tedious at best although with at least satisfying results!

Possibly the most pointless "Nasty" ever made.

This was an enjoyable if somewhat flawed effort.

gore, bore, roller coaster .

It's about two girls who go into the forest, get picked up by some sicko criminal types, get raped and mutilated and killed in a drawn out fashion.

Still, while the movie irrefutably deserves the evocative epithets like "disgusting", "disturbing", "visceral" and so on which it acquired upon its release, and its later inevitable placing on the list of Video Nasties drawn up by the Director of Public Prosecutions in the UK in the early 80s, a modern viewer may well find the overall impact of the movie less than what they expect from the hysteria which surrounds it.

It would not be until later, during such efforts as A Nightmare On Elm Street that he would find the focus and awareness to make truly compelling viewing.

Being forced to pee in her pants is a compelling scene.

Was this banal attempt at humour an ironic juxtaposition, a dig at authority figures, or what???

However, when the girls' death scenes do occur, they are protracted and extremely intense, and during the rape and murder of Mari, the killers actually give off expressions of shock and remorse for what they have done.

There are no sympathetic characters, no sense of establishing mood or environment, no cohesive plot...

Save your money...

Do not compare this film to I Spit on your grave, which is just abysmal and pointless.

A film well worth watching...

Very disturbing movie with no real plot......

At this point it becomes pretty boring as opposed to scary.

How quietly intense and homicidal Hess is as Krug..bulking and tough, his menacing features are even more fearsome because of his brooding nature.

One would expect a movie like this to reach its high point in the scene where the parents are finally able to avenge their daughter, but to my disappointment, this confrontation takes place only during the very last minutes of the film and it is shown in a very bland way.

It became so dull that I found myself paying more attention to the kicky little pieces of background music and the cool retro print decor in the Collingwood home.

After checking a couple of pages of reviews I'm still shocked how many times I read through reviews here and see people calling random movies the "WORST MOVIE EVER!

It's one yawn after another.

Or is it, as I sadly suspect, a bit of a plodding mess?

In reality, this film is a reasonably gory, unpleasant, yet bland kidnapping movie.

The subplot about the cops is really uninteresting and the dialogue is very bad at times.

Once they get bored, they waste the chicks.

Viscerally more intense than any other horror/suspense film, The Last House on the Left will continue to provoke controversy and obtain the hearts of true devotees to a dying genre for years to come.

The plot is fairly simple and could be intriguing had the stupid subplot with the sheriff been omitted.

The new version of the film is certainly entertaining and in many ways vastly superior to the earlier version of "Last House on the Left," which was Wes Craven's first film.

), it just feels way too contrived and far-fetched.

but entertaining.

Last House On The Left is one of the most disturbing, bleak and harrowing films I've ever seen, largely thanks to the slow build-up.

This movie is a waste of time.

but mostly boring and annoying .

A horrific waste of time...

What this movie is, is pointless, crass and simply downright pathetic.

And when it ended, it left me in a really depressed, empty state of mind.

Soon though each group recognises the other, and the parents go about their bloody revenge using a variety of dentistry and home improvement tools to full, gripping effect.

It is very graphic, but very entertaining.


Like The Hills have Eyes, it is fascinating to watch how a middle class family with strong values etc can quickly become executers when provoked, to see how any person can become a monster in the 'right' circumstances.

in my personal opinion, i think this is the worst movie ever made, for all the people who didn't watch the movie, i suggest you Don't, but if you do, i suggest you make sure that your BLACKLIST for the worst movies ever are ready.

Cunningham collaborated on this ugly but compelling bit of cinema.

In scenes that were supposed to be intense, like the runaway part they put songs that seemed to have been taken out of a cartoon or a cowboy movie or something.

"WARNING THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS"I have just watched this video (which incidently is still banned in the United Kingdom though God alone knows why) and found it to be a waste of everyone's time and effort.

What a waste of time.

The other big flaw to be had with this one is the fact that the comical interludes with the deputies is highly inappropriate and downright unbearable to watch at times.

Boring and Slow.

This is the worst movie ever.

Jeramie Rain's animal-like features put her to good use, and Marc Sheffler, who plays Hess's son, is worth watching if only for his character's climactic scene at the end.

no plot...

It's all very coming of age, hippyish, and lovely.

I will admit that the rape and murder scenes in this movie are very intense, especially that last scene with Sandra Cassel.

Also recommended: "Maniac (1980)", "I Spit on Your Grave", "House of 1000 Corpses", "The Devil's Rejects", "The New York Ripper", "High Tension", "The Hills Have Eyes (1977 and 2006)", "The Hitcher (1986)", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2", "Borderland", "Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre part III", "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer", "Mother's Day", "A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Scream", "Hostel 1 & 2", "Men Behind The Sun", "Funny Games (1997)", "The Toxic Avenger", "House on The Edge of the Park", "Inside (2007)", "Black Christmas (1974)", "Halloween (1978)", "Night Train Murders", "Frontier(s)", "Cannibal Holocaust", "Faces of Death", "Wrong Turn", "Otis", "Grindhouse", "The Untold Story", "Ichi The Killer", "Driller Killer" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)".

Other than that, don't waste your time on this outdated disappointing movie.

2 hours of your life for nothing, no fun, no story, this movie should be erased from earth, Wes Craven - i am not watching any movie by this director & writer...

The next morning, the girls are locked in a car trunk and driven to the countryside as the gang want to leave the state.

It kept me on the edge of my seat thinking 'this going to get nasty'.

The direction is beyond redemption with long, boring montages and scenes featuring cake baking (why is this interesting?

I'm not sure if it's because I've seen films that are far more disturbing that this has claimed to be, or that I heard way too much hype for it before seeing it, but this movie is not the over-the-top, super intense, ultra-shocking movie that it is dubbed as.

The film only runs for about eighty minutes, but the film certainly gets its message across, and Craven also manages to keep it entertaining for the duration, which is to its benefit.

Utterly the worst movie ever created.

Bizarrely, in spite of its many flaws, it is an engaging and atmospheric thriller, and while not entirely successful, somehow manages not to be bad at all.

It's basically the same except it's longer and a bit more intense.

It's good in what it sets out to do, but then it depends on if you find this sort of thing entertaining.

Such is the case with so many movies that present contrived situations and victims who are little more than shooting gallery ducks.

Was really looking forward to seeing this film for a good scare and the only feeling I felt was boredom!

Sometimes its truly unbearable : they dismember , rape , besides that this film is technically a fiasco , with some ugly music and pitiful image quality .

but Craven was able to do something I never seen before - he made explicit and credible scenes of rape, torture and brutal violence boring, without any tension and without leaving any impression on viewer.

There are often times where it just dragged.

This was and has been the only movie that I have walked out on.

Wes Craven must have disowned it due to the fact it was cr@p & virtually unwatchable.

When their playthings wind up dead, they react with a queasy combination of sorrow, regret and confusion, like children who've just dropped an ice-cream on the road.

However, those seeking out a genuinely compelling and taboo-breaking piece of film-making would do well to check out this classic of extreme cinema.

But it's all decidedly ho hum, and it shouldn't be.

The parent's killing of the murderers is the most frightening moment and most compelling aspect of Last House on the Left.

Sound pretty intense?

Combined with occasionally graphic and always intense situations of violence and control, the final effect is akin to watching a home video/snuff film.

This film is extremely disturbing with shocking and intense scenes of rape, torture, abuse, and murder.

"Last House on the Left" is dull and completely lacking in suspense.

Just do yourself a favor: don't waste your time on this film if you're looking for quality...

This is the worst movie you've ever seen?

WHAT WORKS: Aside from the brief Manhattan scenes, the woodsy Connecticut locations are great (Westport & Redding); the three female actors are cute; and the diversified score (by the actor playing Krug) is entertaining even while a lot of it is incongruous with the material.

Juvenile, cliche, brutal, and at the same time, corny, dull, and excruciatingly slow.

Things to expect that may cause you to want to avoid LHOTL: 1) slow, drawn out, graphic rape, torture and mutilation of two young (as in jail bait) teen girls; 2) two disembowelments: one by hand; the other by chainsaw; 3)castration by mastication (the 1st in cinema); 4) the first horror film where someone is dispatched with a chainsaw.

"Worst movie ever.

I pity thepeople who took this film at face value as pointless violence and gore.

I found it to be slow moving, badly acted, and just plain not worth the effort.

Why the hell do people think this is "disturbing" or "shocking", it isnt , its extremely boring , poorly made crap.

Actor Hess creates a incredibly viscious and intense villiain.

There's no suspense, no plot, the movie doesn't go anywhere.

I hate these types of movies now-a-days and find them very Un-enjoyable.


He has an incredible sense of humor (interesting that a funny guy like this is directing horror movies and unfunny bore like Wes Anderson is directing comedies), and jokes about how many of the actors don't want to be associated with the film.

This movie is linear, predictable, vulgar simple...

Light seventies folk pop dominates as the score which gives the film an eerie detachment as do the constant edits between the mundane activities of sheriff and parents to those of the victims in the woods nearby.

Everything happens at break neck speed and sincerely keeps you on the edge of your seat and is genuinely shocking.

Still, The Last House on the Left is a fascinating movie for the still effective torture scenes, for what the early '70s were like culturally, and for what Wes Craven and producer Sean S.

One of the worst movie I have ever seen...

This movie was so boring.

Even the rape scene, which in the new one is one of the most intense scenes, did absolutely nothing for me on this one.

I thought the music was often ill-fitting to what was happening on screen, and the comedy thrown in was sometimes confusing ( the 2 policeman arguing with Ada the truck driver).

This is one of, if not THE lamest, most boring films i have ever wasted time watching.

I found myself sweating in my chair with my hands gripping the arms of the chair.

The movie fails on every level, and due to the sheer boredom it managed to induce, has the dubious distinction of being the first movie that I have ever had to watch on fast-forward.

And the subplot with the dumb police was very pointless, it was only funny in the scene with Ada Washington.

I stopped watching after 20 mins, of boredom.

From this point on we are treated to scenes of torture, rape, humiliation, disembowelment, and slow drawn out executions.

Then it turned into the slowest stupidest murder/ perverse movies.

Perhaps, the subject matter may even be a little too realistic and intense for some viewers.

and when I saw it I fast fowarded it cause it was boring---then a day later I saw it all together and-WOW!!

Save your money.

One of the (maybe THE) only horror films I have ever walked out of in the middle.

On one hand, Wes Craven's 'Last House on the Left' is an intriguing character study.

Mari and Phyllis, eager to 'score' some 'grass' (man) on this exciting night of new-found independence, ask a loitering Junior Stillo if he has anything.

A disturbing but strangely compelling film.

This guy is one of the many inappropriately funny elements of the film that only succeed in confusing me as to how I'm supposed to feel about what I'm watching.


As you witness the rape and killing, there is a sense of realism, which makes it all the more unbearable to watch.

The guys which plays those of the Krug's gang are silly, dull and hilarious.

The only thing that saves LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT from being a complete washout are a few deft touches; unsettling electronic music overtures and a handful of arty, evocative camera shots that settle over the inevitable carnage.

The entire editing of the film seems shoddy and careless at first, but I soon realized that the director, Wes Craven, was trying to give the film a sort of claustrophobic and sinister feel with the snappy and often times strange cuts.

Worth watching....

A total waste of time .

With his dull and idiotic lines who looks like he was jumped up from some Woodie Allen movies.

Worst Movie Ever!!.

Which makes it all the more incredible that so many (equally reviled) films were inspired by it - LAST HOUSE ON DEAD-END STREET (1973), I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (1978), THE HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK (1980), etc.As for the notorious scenes of torture and bloodshed, they were too prolonged and excessive to be taken seriously.

There is some average acting, and it will be too unbearable for some.

The introduction of the killers is at most bland, especially in the ad-libbed scene between Jeramie Rain and Marc Sheffler.

Felt like a propaganda film .

that being the case, why would they waste all this time torturing and killing a couple of teenage bimbos?...

It really is a waste of time watching it.

how can a movie this sick be SO boring.

Hundreds of similarly themed films were produced with similar situations involving turning the tables in the name of revenge, the majority of them blatant rip-offs: House on the Edge of the Park (Ruggero Deodato, 1980); Late Night Train Murders (Aldo Lado, 1974); all very reminiscent of Craven's film.

i will say that it is slow,and most of the violence in it is not very graphic.

I love this movie and it is well worth the watch, see this.

It's almost irrational, unexplainable, because all the negative critics are right, the most part of the movie is just bad, but if we always judge a film in terms of quality and delicate perfection, I think we'll see movies very beautiful in form but empty in contents.

Surely there is absolutely nothing good about this movie, so I better don't waste more time on reviewing it.

Less music, or darker music, would've made the scenes intense and more disturbing.

Everything here feels very immediate and I think it's that and the realism provided by the banal way in which both killers and victims are portrayed what makes this part so disturbing to watch.

After a while it seemed they were becoming aware of their predicament, but I felt it took far too long for both of them to realize what their fate would be.

I have to say I enjoyed it very much, having seen almost every horror film ever made, this one stood out.

I haven't been this bored since "Against All Odds" (which BTW, is the only movie I walked out of...

Even the killers are given three-dimensional, intriguing personalities, which makes their acts far more unsettling.

Worth watching at least once, if only to see why it earned cult status.

This could possibly be the worst movie ever.

First of all, I did not find the film to be at all scary: much has been said of the film's amateurish look actually enhancing its 'realistic' approach and the unrelentingly 'intense' mood, but I thought the proceedings way too dull to have much of a lasting impact!

Yes, I would agree that watching the convicts taunt and bully the girls was effectively shot, tense and gripping.

Long pointless scenes link with bad acting and poor writing to create one of the most boring, pointless and aggravating films I've ever seen.

In particular, the infamous scene where Weasel meets his painful revenge from Mari's mother, and the dynamite dream sequence that precedes it, manage to be both shocking and oddly entertaining at the same time.

a total waste of time and money.

I was simultaneously bored and rolling my eyes, dying for the film to end!

I think she is more of a figure head to not make this torturous situation, three guys ganging up on two innocent girls seem quite so bad and for that reason her role kind of works but she is pointless outside of that.

In short, it is one of the worst movies ever made and no "campy heritage" can save it or the 90 minutes of your life you'll waste watching it.

then it picked up and started to get exciting.

The result is a virtually unwatchable example of the worst 50c-a-ticket drive-in trash; something to run silently in the background while teenagers fumbled to unfasten bra straps.

Yes, i know this film can be somewhat slow, and the acting...

Disturbing stuff with a few unexpected laughs.

It went nowhere.

It still is to this day, I wanted to turn it off several times, these poor teenage girls were tortured.

David Hess's performance as 'Krug' ( - he also played a similar role in Ruggero Doedato's 'House On The Edge of The Park') is a good example of this.

This "film" is a disgusting waste of film and time.

I wish I'd seen it upon it's initial release cause I'm sure I would've enjoyed it a little more.

The comic relief segments with the sheriff and his deputy are simply awful, and instead of relieving the tension as intended, these scenes pad the running time with pointless filler that slightly dulls the impact of the gruesome activities that comprise the core of the film.

It just wasn't all that scary, partly because the goons were so goofy and the pacing too slow.

This movie paved the way for Craven's other horror flicks, however this movie is original, ingenious and worth watching at least once.