The Last Seduction (1994) - Crime, Drama, Romance

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A devious sexpot steals her husband's drug money and hides out in a small town where she meets the perfect dupe for her next scheme.

Director: John Dahl
Stars: Linda Fiorentino, Peter Berg
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 7 out of 134 found boring (5.22%)

One-line Reviews (66)

Released to cable TV rather than theaters, it's a minor gem well worth watching for Fiorentino's performance alone.

Anyone looking to watch an entertaining anti-Disney movie should check this one out.


Stylish, fast-moving film with a jazzy soundtrack.

Our Bridget launches her nefarious scheme after her jerk husband, played by engaging creep Bill Pullman, slaps her and offers a half-hearted apology.

Walsh) providing some particularly entertaining exchanges.

This was completely fascinating, the tale of the ultimate bitch.

Her dialog is neo-noir and snappy.

Ms. Fiorentino dominates every scene she's in and makes it worth watching.

A film noir that shakes things up by making its femme fatale the center of attention, The Last Seduction is a hugely entertaining mix of ambition and betrayal.

The devices are few and familiar:-tilted sexuality-a noirish world where fate is distinctly anti human-a completely unexpected twist at the endThis started with much better material than say, `Basic Instinct.

While you don't want an actual psychopath in your life, it is thrilling to watch one on the screen and somehow sympathize with her simply because you are stunned by what she is capable of.

Sparkling dialogue and surprising behaviour makes this one worth watching for Fiorentino's brave performance.

Always consistent and interesting, John Dahl's direction brings the story to the viewer in an entertaining and realistic way.

but it can be fascinating to watch, wondering what this woman is going to do next.

she does all those things you think about doing, when somebody stands on your way and you have to behave and keep your mouth shut, and even more.. Dahl definitely had inspiration for this neonoir masterpiece, making his favorite subject (relation between an attractive, unscrupulous woman and a naive man) something really worth watching - if you don't have nothing against R-rated movies.. All of the actors made great performances, from Linda Fiorentino to Peter Berg and Bill Pullman.

One of my favorite aspects of the movie is the bland insurance company because it is a realistic depiction of how people live.

The more evil and manipulative she becomes, the more watchable and fascinating the movie becomes.

The score is in 3/4 time (or maybe it's 6/8) and incorporates a slow bluesy piano as well as a bouncier theme that is orchestrated with lead clarinets so it sounds like an Israeli hora.

She has a stunning, memorable presence and easily could seduce most males with little problem.

For example, she comes up with one of the most banal cover names possible (Wendy Kroy, New York spelled backwards).

I think you'll find this movie entertaining even if you're taken back by the sex and deceitfulness of the main character.

It's truly thrilling to watch such a manipulative mind at work.

Berg, who played the misfortune lover, he fell in love with the wrong girl; his hidden past is revealed to the viewer in an unexpected way, and his future at the end of the picture is dark.

The plot is quite contrived and the characters bear no resemblance to real people, with Fiorentino appearing to be a genius in a world of dim-witted men.

I wasn't exactly rooting for her, but she sure was compelling to watch and very sexy.

Bridget is, in many ways, a fascinating character -- one who uses cool career-woman smarts, sexual wiles, and even the aura of woman-as-victim to get what she wants.

I remember hearing about this film before and trying it, but I got bored within about ten minutes, thank goodness it was listed in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die otherwise I wouldn't have tried it again and watched it all the way through, from director John Dahl (Red Rock West).

A superb and entirely unexpected ending make this a drama you don't want to miss.

Dark, Goofy, Sexy, enjoyable .

The conclusion, despite being slightly far-fetched, remains compelling viewing.

in my opinion the script is very engaging and combined with the very convincing act put on by Linda Fiorentino(bridged gregory), the lead lady.

Surprisingly thrilling.

Unsurprisingly Enjoyable Seduction .

"The Last Seduction" succeeds as a movie -- it's involving, funny, suspenseful and sexy.

Her skill in seducing and manipulating the men [and women] around her is both scary and highly enjoyable.

The film is not quite as visually distinctive as some other neo-noirs such as "Body Heat", "Gorky Park", "Insomnia" or Polanski's "Chinatown", sometimes regarded as the film which started the neo-noir genre.

It is a clever movie, and enjoyable if you are adult not bothered by frank reference to sex acts, and moderate nudity.

In that point the movie turns very exciting.

She's exciting, intelligent, sexy, deadly, and crafty.

He is too dry and dull for this sort of role.

The story is entertaining and as the final scene arrives the viewer will realise that Bridget was even more devious that initially suggested; that takes some doing.

Her black empty eyes right before she kills her husband by thrusting her mace down his throat say it all.

A highly enjoyable movie.

There are minimal dull moments and no one, not even Gregory's talky love interest, can spoil the viewing.

This movie had no plot, was cut poorly, had no script and was not "steamy" in the least.

Ok, granted - it was not the greatest film ever made, but I have to say it was for me one of the most enjoyable.

In most other respects, however, it is excellent, with an ingenious plot, gripping action, some great acting and some sharp dialogue.

Fiorentino is mesmerizing; in fact, all the acting is top-notch, thanks to great cast armed with snappy dialogue and mystery factor.

Incredibly annoying waste of time...

Bad Woman, Bad Message, Intriguing Noir .

Clever, unexpected, unpredictable.

It doesn't make the movie the most tense, exciting or even most original one out of its genre.

Entertaining , sexy and carefree!

Quite an exciting movie .

It is entertaining to a degree and gives undoubtedly some good laughs.

Bill Pullman is rather entertaining in what I hope is the film's comic relief.

Overall, an engrossing flick, featuring one of those classic characters you love to hate.

Linda Fiorentino gives a sexy, one-of-a-kind performance in this intriguing thriller.

Linda Fiorentino is stunning in this movie.

I would watch this again over Out of Africa any day, Linda Fiorentino's Bridget Gregory is fascinating.

Intriguing .

stunning performance by linda fiorentino, who really should work more than she does.

Actually, the movie is striking for the way men are always doing her bidding all throughout even when the action is mundane, such as a gas station attendant pumping gas for her SUV when the sign clearly reads "Self Service Only.

It is doubtful you would fall asleep after this one kicks into gear.

Quite an exciting film.