The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000) - Drama, Fantasy, Sport

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A down-and-out golfer attempts to recover his game and his life with help from a mystical caddy.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Robert Redford
Stars: Will Smith, Matt Damon
Length: 126 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 51 out of 271 found boring (18.81%)

One-line Reviews (155)

a very shallow, one dimensional drab film.

The movie just seemed slapped together, slow, and very over dramatic.

I feel it's just such an intriguing place.

The rest of the film that I do remember is some slightly gripping golf games, a gorgeous Charlize Theron as Adele Invergordon, narration by Jack Lemmon (also playing Old Hardy Greaves), and it's directed by Robert Redford (The Horse Whisperer).


The Legend of Bagger Vance was worth watching and now I'm willing to add it to my video library.

Dear Redford, look at Smith's smile getting more and more empty and provocative as the movie goes on, to know that (Legend of Bagger Vance) missed a lot of care to be a legend, any legend, itself.

so if you're not a golfer or not "into" golf, that might bore you.

I've seen it three times and enjoyed it immensely each time.

) are breathtaking; ditto the settings.

An enjoyable watch for all, "BV" should appeal most to golfers.

first of all let me tell you that I considered golf so boring and dull until i saw this movie, I gained respect for such sport.

But it was entertaining enough to prevent me from rating it lower than 6.6/10

The predictable "drama" of golf balls going into the sand trap, the water trap, the trees, and other common golf hazards routinely associated with the game.


It is however slow moving, and lacks the needed energy to keep up the pace for the whole 2 hours.

A worthless, boring and derivative waste of time.

But everything moves so slow, especially when the game is underway.

However,it gets kind of long and drawn out towards the end,and the end outcome is pretty obvious if you think about it.

" While THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE does it in a most charming and entertaining way it is all about Redemption.

This star studded cast of Matt Damon, Will Smith, and Charlize Theron in there prime, along with a great supporting cast, makes this movie enjoyable for any type of movie fan.

But it was slow in the beginning and Golf really isnt a good topic for a movie.

" Even though both movies were enjoyable, they weren't great and could not really make golf that exciting.

Rather Slow .

As I left the theater I ran into an acquaintance who is an avid golfer.

My one criticism for it would be it's almost frantic paced, yet at the same time it meanders and goes slow.

confusion .

The lovely scenery, no real plot and predictability put me to sleep.

"Bagger Vance" is exuberant, lofty, loving, exciting, and meaningful.

The plot was predictable from the beginning.

The paper mache characters were a snore.

The mystique of Will Smith's caddy is intriguing from an idealistic perspective; the same goes for Matt Damon's once-promising golfer trying to recapture the skill of his youth--only to find that it must be recreated.

Whimsical and a little far fetched, but entertaining.

Don't waste 120 minutes of your time, please.

It was completely contrived, tantamount to inserting GI Jane into Saving Private Ryan, and with a questionable result.

Most naysayers will complain that it was boring, or that they were confused about who (or what) Bagger really was.

It can be a little slow at times.

It was all lost in the movie trying to make a trite Hollywood movie.

Yes, the plot and direction are predictable.

"The Legend of Bagger Vance" is a stunning and magical journey about the sport and a few souls who are affected by it.

The positives outweigh the negatives though and if you're in the mood for a relaxing, slow paced movie with a lot of subtleties that not everyone will appreciate, you can't really go wrong with Bagger Vance.

Calling a film a 'legend' is always pretentious and often out of place, and this dramatic comedy by Robert Redford is no exception.

The story itself was kinda hokey and predictable.

While the film is always entertaining, the story it tells is never less than 100% predictable.

Very slow and predictable .

Solid and entertaining .

Poor acting, slow, very slow story will have this one out of the theatres before Thanksgiving.

She looks absolutely stunning.

Virtually, all of Redford's films seem to have this in common: a) they have magnificent performances; b) they have three or more unforgettable sequences; and c) they are exquisitely photographed; and d) they are dominated by long stretches of background settings that are about as exciting as watching grass grow.

In my opinion, this movie is disjointed and clichéd.

Every step of the (dull and senseless) plot is utterly predictable, if you've seen at least one sports movie.

Its the #1 worst movie I've seen on the big screen this year.

" Directed by critically acclaimed storyteller Robert Redford, this film offers much more than a suspenseful game of golf - though it certainly succeeds in that regard.

Don't waste your money or time, people.

), overall effect is stilted and almost gothic, and Vance's pearls of wisdom are unbelievably banal.

I think that in the simplest terms that this film is so enjoyable because of it's depiction of the real story.

It tries so hard to be an artsy beautiful film, but for all it's pomp and stance Redford's produced a snor-a-rama with dead dull dialog.

However, the two male leads are miscast, the hero's epiphanies are corny and predictable, and the "legend" part of the film is muddled with a lot of mumbo-jumbo about "seeing the field" and "play -your- game".

Perhaps I also liked it because I used to play golf when I was younger, so this movie reminds me of this entertaining game.

Oh, and immensely fun and very entertaining.

Beautiful but boring .

The photography is really stunning.

Entertaining at times, but mostly predictable and trite .

I love golf, I thought this movie was a bore.

In summary, I would suggest this movie to anyone in search of a feel-good movie, or just would like to "slow down" for 90 minutes.

I know the story is somewhat trite and certainly has been told many ways in the past.

enjoyed it thoroughly!

Worth watching, at least once!

Suffice it to say that Will Smith's portrayal of Bagger Vance is an intriguing mix of Cheech Marin in Tin Cup and Obi Wan Kanobi in Star Wars.

Some parts of the plots were far too superficial, like the romance between Junuh and Adele and the return of Junuh: when he comes back from the War he is mentally destroyed, but it is never explained why, as if the makers of the film thought that this is already such a horrible cliche that an explanation was unnecessary.

The photography was stunning.

The Legend of Bagger Vance is a beautiful and entertaining movie.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

Their characters act like stock characters out of central casting, and the result is a boring, plodding film in which you can't wait to reach the end.

Sentimentally engrossing story .

The beginning of the movie disturbed me, as it seemed a bit rushed and disjointed.

Besides the slowness in the beginning, it was a great movie and I recommend it.

I liked the movie even though the outcome was pretty formulaic and the ending was obvious early.

Then I read some professional reviews from various magazines, etc., and heard almost nothing but that the movie was pretentious, slow, pointless, self-indulging, etc. Thank God I happened upon Ebert's review amongst all these negative ones.

I really don't like golf, I find it boring, but this film shows a golf in a whole new perspective, in interesting and entertaining way, so I change my mind about it.

Many will find the predictability boring and if they don't understand the game (and I don't mean the rules), they will wonder why anyone paid to have it made.

Indeed it is very pleasant,with some beautiful cinematography and engaging ,thoughtful performances.

Inspiring, and entertaining.

There is a fascinating, quiet scene on the golf course with only the sound of birds and the crisp air that brings the pleasure and nature of golf closer to the audience than any narrative or dialogue or even acting performance.

The story held me all the way through and had many points of suspense that made the movie exciting.

The director blends an entertaining story with social messages.


But the undoubtedly talented Damon and Smith are not just pin-ups: they really manage to carry the film for all of its 128 interesting, and strangely fascinating, minutes.

It constantly confuses the viewer as to who is the main character, it is filled with long, deep and meaningful speeches with emotional music, mystical philosophies and more confusion as to how any of the characters work.

they are boring and you never quite fully understand where they were in the past to care about them in the present.

Sports Illustrated once rated this the worst movie of all time.

The writing felt empty and predictable.

When it is more serious or intense it shows the actors close up.

I mean Peter Frampton Live with Poison as an opening act dull.

How can we listen to such a quantity of words that want to tell deep things and, on the contrary, are only a terrible mix of empty new age pseudo-zen- paranormal-poetic; and how can we do a movie without an angel?

The tournament itself is very well-done if a little dragged out, and the movie concludes on a very emotional, bittersweet note.

Who would ever guess that a movie about golf could be so exciting.

I just remember yawning and looking at my watch as my mind begin to wander, no longer was I "in the moment".

Theron is stunning.

Another reviewer said it, but it's true: This isn't a great film, but it really was entertaining.

This movie, with its agonizingly drawn-out 60's-style camerawork and storyline, is apparently out to, singlehandedly, undo all of Tiger Wood's work to bring golf into the mainstream of young America.

The character development and back stories are interesting throughout and it makes for an engaging movie.

What a waste of time.

Yeah, I'll be honest this was a little dull even with everything going for it which included Robert Redford as director, a big budget and a great cast.

He seems so dull, no?


The musical score, written by Rachel Portman, was entertaining in its own right, in addition to perfectly complimenting the film's 1930s setting.

Overall this is a polished film but it has nothing beyond cheap mush, sentiment and guff that often borders on the pretentious.

So, having exhausted the major American sports, and in Redford's case this includes fly fishing, we turn to that most thrilling of spectacles, golf.

The movie sidesteps boredom and brushes past greatness, and just cant seem to find a place of its own.

The Legend of Bagger Vance is a charming, unique, and fascinating piece from Robert Redford that has the potential to reach out and touch all of us.

Dull as a 3-day golf match .

Smith is enjoyable, too, making an otherwise annoyingly tricked-up character amusing at times with his sly, subtle delivery, about the only subtle thing in "Bagger Vance".

Satisfying And Entertaining Despite Issues Involved In It .

Entertaining at times, but mostly predictable and trite.

The movie was also way too long.

He attempted to do the same with "The Legend of Bagger Vance," this time golf was the metaphor instead of fly fishing, but the spiritual message seemed more contrived, preachy, and hokey than in his previous work.

I enjoyed it.

it takes far too long to get into the heart of the story, and when you do, it doesn;t really pick up pace like it drastically needed to.

Incredibly stupid, dull, and cliche--It hurts to watch this flick .

Interesting and strangely fascinating old-fashioned sports melodrama .

Even the golf balls moved slow.

Subtract one or two points if you think golf is boring.

She determines to hold a challenge match between America's two greatest players to raise funds to pay off her debts and, having persuaded/tricked them into taking part in a too-contrived fashion, discovers that the townsfolk won't stand for it unless a local hero also takes part.

Now this may sound pretty pretentious, but in his hands it isn't, because not only is the storyline a success; the historical context is right (Savannah in the Great Depression), and even the more philosophical utterances play their part in creating a very enjoyable and quite profound package.

The cinematography was very enjoyable though.


In that film, a more boring topic than gold was chosen...

Yes, even as frantic as the story moves, it feels slow.

Heart-warming and enjoyable, even to non-golfers .

A childish new-agey fable boring and predictable, full of clichés and frankly pathetic.

" For me, this was his breakthrough performance, stunning my eyes in awe as a man who can only fire a gun all of a sudden giving a brilliant performance as a man who helps and guides another man through his problems in life.

double yawn.

Don't waste your time or money.

Your trite Hollywood Movie .

I highly recommend it for all.

The story itself is uninteresting, the characters are dull and uninvolving.

Everything - every last little detail - is a tired, overused cliche.

I found everyone in the audience enjoying this thing all the way through, it is funny, touching, exciting, beautifully filmed.

It is totally engrossing and a bright star in the resume of Robert Redford.

While the overall success of this movie cannot be blamed on any of the acting performances or the director, this is a flat, boring movie.

Its odd, confusing pacing, and 2.

Will Smith(inspiring), Charlize Theron(stunning beauty), Joel Gretsch (believable and charming), Matt Damon (forgetful and wrongly cast)

I cannot say that I find golf has quite the same dramatic punch as base ball but it was worth watching none the less.

It gets a bit corny at times with the `Golf is Life' metaphors and the story is predictable, but Redford conjures fascinating characters and endows the story with a great deal of affability.

As is so often the case with Redford's films, The Legend of Bagger Vance is littered with stunning shots of the beauty of nature.

There may be games that can serve as a metaphor for life, but golf isn't one of them, and as a spectator sport it's about as exciting as watching your fingernails grow.

It's just BV' s subject/plot was so dang dull.

Enjoyable if you know what to look for .

- but very unexpected) that WORKS?

You go into it thinking, it's gonna be hokey, sappy, boring, trite, etc-and no, it isn't that.

Uplifting, Entertaining and Thought-Provoking .

Don't waste your time and dough.

This movie was so slow, I played a round of golf and still finished before he did.

It just failed to capture me on any level; with sport, magic, love or even inspiration, it was all just very long and very bland.