The Legend of Ben Hall (2017) - Action, Biography, Drama

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Ben Hall is drawn back into bushranging by the reappearance of his old friend John Gilbert. Reforming the gang, they soon become the most wanted men in Australian history.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Matthew Holmes
Stars: Jack Martin, Jamie Coffa
Length: 139 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 6 out of 54 found boring (11.11%)

One-line Reviews (35)

It's a film that's entertaining as it is insightful, based a true story etched into Australia's history and should really be seen to be believed.

This is a movie worth watching.

And despite the harsh environments that these characters occupied, there's a necessary romanticism to their stories that makes for compelling entertainment.

The director, Matthew Holmes, has thoroughly considered all aspects of history and has chosen the most breathtaking locations.

The Ben Hall (Jack Martin) in this film is dull and lifeless.

Therein lies the dichotomy for the central character in this engaging study of Australia's first elusive Bushranger.

Don't waste your time on this one.

Never did I think I'd see a film that had so many years of development, be incredibly authentic, insightful and entertaining for an Australian Bushranger themed film.

This is a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat with great storytelling.

All in all a big disappointment, don't waste your time with this one.

It avoids cliché while taking advantage of the 'western' tropes, and successfully makes an Australian story universal.

, Mick Jagger's attempts at portraying Ned Kelly so many years ago (which is what springs to my mind when reading the cover prior to watching LOL) this is not in the same league or Class as that fizzer , at some points i'd forgotten i was watching a movie due to the intense immersion and relate-ability with the authentic on screen characters , they were very realistic 10/10 from me

Very slow moving and not-engaging.

The stunning work of Ross Morgan's portraits during the credits must also get a mention.

Highly recommend it.

cinematography stunning!

while the subject matter may steer you away from choosing this over other titles it is most definitely well worth the watch, and something all Aussie's could be proud of in being an Australia production, this film absolutely craps all over and leaves in the dust!

First of all boring, I couldn't cope with the main character or the rest of them.

Boring .

Impressive, enjoyable and informative .

Trust me..this movie is well worth watching

So many sad moments, the scenery was breathtaking, just loved it.

The history behind these events are for one fascinating, the film maintains this fascination by giving each of the characters on screen enough depth and dimension to be invested in as well as understanding their conflicts when it came to endangering their family and friends who lived more comfortable lives than being outlaws on the run.

The movie may be a little too long, but very engaging.

Great cast, director, etc. Excellent cinematography, a most enjoyable experience.

This film particularly shies away from being in any sense fictitious as Holmes has maintained a great sense of being both historically accurate to the period and events on screen as well as just being an entertaining film for that matter, shedding light on history that people may not be all too familiar with, making this the 'Definitive Ben Hall Film'.

It's superbly scripted and highly entertaining.

The action scenes are tense & gripping while the cast of largely unknowns, hold their own against many of Australians cinema leading contemporaries.

This film is historically accurate, with a realistic and compelling description of the main, and supporting characters.

The Movie tells Information about him very well, and the action keeps it entertaining.

Add brilliant cinematography, bang-for-buck production value and a well-measured score and you get an engaging true-story that offers an alternative narrative to the under-explored 'bushranger' genre.

Director Matthew Holmes took ever dollar of the money raised and put it to use, and with the reassurance of new funding from various places he was able to deliver a smart, handsome and compelling western that sits comfortably amongst contemporaries such as THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES and THE SALVATIONThe cast are mostly unknowns lead by Jack Martin, whose credits consists of short films.

Coffa's turn is at times nigh on unbearable as his Gilbert cackles and crazies his way through various scenarios and it feels like a turn dialled up to 11, when it needed to be dialled quite a ways back and while it's nice when actors try and liven up dramatic proceedings, Coffa's turn feels way out of place here.

totally enjoyed it lovely girls .

Seeing these characters and events play out on screen that I only merely read about in various history books was both insightful and thrilling.