The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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It's been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are facing a huge new threat: Lego Duplo invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than they can rebuild.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Mike Mitchell
Stars: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 65 out of 361 found boring (18%)

One-line Reviews (224)

Some new twists were added, and it was very enjoyable for me and my 13 year old son.

The metaphysics is confusing without any in-universe explanation.

One of the better strengths of the film is that there is more lasting time to enjoy the colourful bricked universe of the Lego world, instead of the fast paced brick smashing action cut with the attitude of Michael Bay film.

" and were bored to tears a half hour in.

Incredibly meta, entertaining sequel.

And boring.

A very important idea told by an unexpected form of entertainment which makes this movie a must see for everyone.

The animation is stunning and I love it.

It's with great joy that I can say that The LEGO Movie 2 surpasses all expectations, and becomes another unexpected treat for the family.

That truly is my only gripe with this movie, because The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part builds off the characters from the first film and creates an equally enjoyable ride of a film.

The sequel, however, has four or five musical numbers, and while a couple are fun and catchy, there are two that are just awful, proving a boring stumbling block in a film that's otherwise full of energy.

Everyone in my family enjoyed it.

The second half has more excitement but still suffered through two terrible musical numbers and predictable plot twists you could see coming from a mile away.

By Nelson Nantanapibul Director: Mike Mitchell Voice cast: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Tiffany Haddish, Stephanie Beatriz The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part was a really fun and enjoyable film.

The music is also enjoyable; Queen Watevra gets a catchy solo number that could very well result in another Oscar robbery, and another one where she sings with Batman, about Batman (it is the least irritating Tiffany Haddish has ever been).

While everyone else is on the edge.

Yes, the human elements to the film are predictably spoon-fed during the final act, but it's the journey in getting there that makes this adventure worth watching.

Just a hot mess of colourful, pointless garbage.

) While I don't think anyone who disliked the first film would care for it, this is an entertaining film that exceeded my expectations for it.

The big twists were either predictable or not as impactful because of the surprise factor the first film had.

-Major characters in the last movie are now literally just boring side characters.

I was fighting all the movie to stay awake.

It sort of rehashes old ideas from the previous Lego films and can make a few intense scenes not as thrilling as they would be.

As a standalone movie, it is fun, divergent, and entertaining.

Solid sequel, fun, exciting .

Funny at the start but did go on a bit and lost its way mid section and the time travel element could be confusing to the younger audience.

Verdict; Whilst failing to truly live up the the original, The LEGO Movie: The Second Part is still thoroughly enjoyable and proves that a childish concept can actually work to a very emotional degree.

the image is as breathtaking as allway's and the creation freedom are better and compensated for a weaker story

The movie was entertaining all throughout with great animation, fun action scenes and spot on comedy with a quite a few pop culture references, references that actually work in funny ways.

Lord and Miller perfectly position the story with the characters from the first film in their original setting, down at their owner's (Finn) basement, five years after were they left off, only now the toys' have been immersed in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max environment beautifully brought to life with stunningly crisp animation.

It really is stunning.

It was really boring,lame jokes,definitely created for kids not for family like first part.

This movie was so boring and that was a surprise.

Don't waste your money.

Fun and Enjoyable Sequel/Toy Commercial .

We also watched LEGO Batman and found it to be enjoyable as well.

After the very enjoyable first movie and fun looking trailers, I had hope this movie would be good, it wasn't.

I thought it was fairly funny, had great voice performances, flawless animation, and a reasonably engaging story.

I thought the original Lego movie was a surprise package and the Lego batman movie better than many of the real life batman films but Lego 2 suffers from a dreary story that I think will bore adults.

Honestly, I enjoyed it as much as the original .

But after a promising beginning, it dragged, and dragged, and dragged.

Dont waste your money.

TL;DR: This movie is really fun and enjoyable.

No no no.. storyline and storytelling are messy, Confusing conversations, bad directing, and the songs are bad, too.

But anyone who enjoyed the fast paced wholesome quality of the first Lego Movie will not be disappointed by this entertaining follow up.

Without spoiling the movie, there's a certain thing that happens that leaves he movie to go in an interesting direction, but instead it goes into the most predictable direction it could.

This was just boring.

However, watching it is enjoyable.

But it was so randomly weird and disjointed, full of way-too-fast "jokes", and unnecessarily long that my wife and I were counting down the minutes until it was over while our two young boys experienced their first psychedelic trip of their lives.

My 12 year old son loved the first movie, but fell asleep during this one.

64% - Waste of time!

The movie really suffers from all the confusion.

Lord and Miller continue their streak of inferior but enjoyable sequels.

At some points, the film just comes to a halt so they can fit in a pointless song that it doesn't need.

The main villain isn't revealed till the last 3rd, but the twist villain idea doesn't work and the character who turns out to be the villain is not who you would expect, but very confusing.

Thankfully I can say that the sequel is a fun, enjoyable follow up to the first film.

And it explores the same themes, but going in a place that has never seemed as witty, touching and visually engaging as it does before.

The Lego Movie 2 I saw was lousy, lazy and dull.

It plays with the ideas of creativity, building just like the first one does but also incorporates more themes of family and sibling relationships in a fun and exciting movie.

Be warned its a confusing mess .

While it's not as good as either of those two films, it's still a really enjoyable sequel for those who like this franchise.

The action sequences are very fresh, engaging and even has a little suspense to it.

She was funny and an enjoyable character.

Don't waste your time .

A little weird, but fun and enjoyable.

There's a lot of things that I love of this one: The story, the animation, the unexpected plot twists, the relationship between Emmet and Lucy, the fact that this movie is about both (While the first one was about Emmet), the jokes, the heartwarming moments, the dramatic tension of the film, how Emmet learns to grow up and Lucy how to be more soft, how it conects with Finn (The boy of the first one) and her sister and some other surprises that it left me laughing and droping my jaw down with some shocking moments.

I didn't enjoy Batman as much, but I still really enjoyed it.

That being said, the lyrics were hilarious and extremely clever, which made for enjoyable sequences.

The main thing that drags this down from being 2019's animated blowout is that the plot is somewhat predictable.

While the idea of a long stop motion video using LEGOS sounds like an exciting watch, it was hard for them to convince me to enjoy this seeing as how we now know how these LEGOS came to be.

But that's not to downplay the movie or anything because it's an incredibly fun time, it's very clever with it's humor and approach to it's story, the characters are still great and entertaining, the animation is still absolutely wonderful to look at and all of the songs in this film are great.

but an overall enjoyable experience (1 viewing)

After a second viewing, it's proven to be a contrived work made to take advantage of the success of the first installment.

The movie had a bit more than i expected and was just as enjoyable as it prior entry in the franchise.

The plot was boring and plodding, and you could not connect with any of the characters except Emmet.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

If you saw the original Lego Movie a few years back, then you already know that it was one of the smartest, most original, and wildly entertaining children's movies of recent years, with a twist worthy of Hitchcock or Shyamalan.

The story, characters and dialog was just kind of dull - which is surprising given that it had the same writers and screenwriter as the original.

I was quite disappointed (and bored) for most of the time spent in the theater.

Overall it's worth watching once it drops onto a streaming service.

So, if there is to be a third film in a few years (which I hope there is), I'd expect to see a backtracking on turning The Lego Movie into a more generic animated musical, because it's by far this film's most awkward and dull element, and a little out of tune with the often rebellious character of this series.

The movie is too long for its own good.

Its message is quite good, and the film is funny and enjoyable, and certainly entertaining along the way.

You're gonna think it's pretty cool if a little repetitive.

The new story delay a little bit to be placed, but when new characters are show, the movie get better, I love the humans in the real life, rememberers me "toy story" and is so emotional when you understand what is happening, the legos have some moments that is funny and musically perfect, it's pretty enjoyable.

At times it drags and gets boring.

The songs seem a little out of place too but it's still an enjoyable sequel if you lower your expectations.

A problem I have with this movie is the third act because the switch between the Legos and the human got very muddled at times so it was actually quite confusing.

I loved the first Lego Movie (and the game that was made out of it) - the story was funny, the characters lovable and the whole thing was entertaining.

While, the struggles between siblings learning how to work together is compelling and emotional, doesn't go against Lego's founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen's policy of non-violence.

Was Looking Forward To It -- But It Was Boring .

Worst movie I have ever seen .

The movie was slow, and disjointed and felt like a forced second part to the original.

However, as the movie started it was very slow and dragged.

The story was adequately entertaining, at least my 9 year old son was thoroughly entertained.

I almost walked out of the theater because I was so bored.

There are several musical numbers and some of them will probably get stuck in you head, well after you have left the theater.

If you liked the first one (I rate it 7/10) for it's (unexpected) originality and humour (not to mention it's outstanding animation), maybe skip this one, it is far far inferior to its predecessor.

I very much enjoyed the sub plot between the family who had the LEGO, because that brought the film into much more depth and made it more exciting.

Although nothing can top the first Lego movie, this was still quite cute and entertaining.

It could have done with less songs and more humour for the adults (it's fun rather than funny most of the time), but it stays enjoyable throughout.

I did enjoy the snappy humor and story of this one.

If anyone laughed at the showing we were at then they did it very, very quietly - probably through embarrassment - but from what I remember of this waste of time there were few opportunities to even smile.


I also liked the references from the past and present and was very entertaining.

This movie is definitely worth watching.

It's definitely worth watching time and time again!

Corny and poorly done, but so effective because it was yet another layer of folding, and unexpected.

As a child its so confusing story they cant follow or understand.

If you enjoyed the original Lego Movie, I feel like you're gonna find this movie equally enjoyable.

Boring and lame movie about nothing .

I walked into the theatre SUPER excited, but when I walked out, I was very depressed.

A vibrant, exciting and beautiful film, it had stunning depth and intelligence, all the while featuring a unique and refreshing brand of self-referential humour that has since proved hugely influential in blockbuster cinema over the last few years, with the advent of the likes of Deadpool, Ralph Breaks The Internet, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and many more.

One of the plot elements (SPOILER SPOILER time travel SPOILER SPOILER) was confusing and when you think about it too hard it ruins the story.

At least they had clever quips for adults dragged to the movie.

Sure the original movie had a generic "Chosen One" plot, but the rampant self-awareness made it smart and enjoyable still.

Most of it is pretty good, mildly funny and entertaining, some of it is hilarious and awesome, and some of it is stupid or unfunny.

The story was entertaining and enjoyable the entire runtime.

Great for kids, boring for us parents .

This mundane scheme appeared to be leading this movie off into oblivion.

Waste of money even for 1.85. I almost fell asleep.

However, the combination of quick moving CGI with stop motion characteristic is a bit hard to follow during a few action scenes.

It's not quite as good as its predecessor, but it's still thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.

The second LEGO film has some amusing aspects for adults, but is more entertaining for a younger audience .

Kids watched and liked the movie, but did get bored in parts.

This is funnier and more enjoyable than the first Lego movie!!!!!

He left the theater saying it was just so bad he never wanted to watch it again.

It has a great story with a good moral and is always a visual treat, full of fast paced action, bright colours, catchy tunes, and loads of little details that surprise and delight.

More like total waste of time .

The over 45(ish) males in the audience were very bored.

Lego Movie 2 has really stunning animation that pops out like a rainbow .

I enjoyed it loads.

Additionally, there are boatloads of themes that are acutely wholesome-although, slightly trite-that kids can blissfully digest.

My partner fell asleep (loudly!

Dry, fast paced humor with an original take on the identity battle every person experiences: let out your inner child or be the tough cool adult.

All of that being said, it is still an enjoyable movie with fun visual humour, talented voice work from Pratt, Haddish, and Arnett in particular.

If you want a cliche movie this one is not for you!

Though it may not have made as big of a splash at the box office as some had hoped, the Lego Movie 2 is certainly worth watching, and a delightful continuation of a franchise to love.

Waste of time .

Also the boys were a distraction after the first hour being bored.

A complete waste of time, can't believe they came up with this crap.

The sequel may not quite have the insanely frantic energy of the first film, something that left me effectively wetting myself with laughter last time round, but that doesn't mean it's not a vibrant and energetic adventure movie, and it's that brilliantly entertaining humour that proves the icing on the cake to a truly wonderful and once again intelligent film.

Though it's not quite as good as the its predecessor, Lego Movie 2: the Second Part is a very enjoyable film.

And amazingly, it still manages to work just as well and be even more unpredictable despite us knowing who the narrator is and what this is all an extended metaphor for.

What a waste of 2 hours of my life.

The film's plot is entertaining.

The storyline was "safe", rather predictable and while The Lego Batman was a far superior movie, this wasn't terrible and rather entertaining.

Animation film also can be boring!

If you liked the first movie, you might enjoy this, but for me I was bored and unimpressed.

Boring, aimless sequel .

I'm sorry to everyone who liked it but for me the script felt under done bland and boring.

Despite these positive elements, the film has a few notable weak spots: a glaring cliché mobilized into an attempt at a plot twist, and less clever writing than in the first movie or in "The LEGO Batman Movie" (although there are still plenty of witty laughs for both kids and adults.

The animation has greatly improved, even if some elements look the same, it still contains the great details from the other films, although the first movie's animation is attention to detail, this one has a realistic to it, by that I mean the backgrounds, like Batman and Ninjago, the backgrounds have those very down to earth and realistic look to it, normally it would take me out of the film since it doesn't fit but it does somewhat make sense, the energy, the colours, the movements and designs are all still wonderful and fascinating to watch, the character designs still have that real LEGO mini fig look to it, Queen Watevra Wa' Nabi's animation is visually the best thing about the film, every time you see her shapeshift, it is absolutely amazing!

enjoyable and fun lego movie sequel .

Don't waste your money.

I couldn't remember any funny quotes or anything, it was boring!

Colorful and musically entertaining .

It fits alright, I guess, but it can sometimes feel a bit disjointed.

Cons: the story is very basic and predictable.

Way more awesome than it had any right to be, 2014's "The Lego Movie" was an unexpected success and with its knowing witty style and unexpected heart is legitimately one of the best family films of all time.

Although its opening act is a little overly similar to the first film, the movie soon breaks out into a thrillingly entertaining adventure that's just as enjoyable as it is surprisingly smart and deep, once again thinking outside the box as it relates the Lego world to the real world.

The plot was also really engaging with a good amount of suspense and subversion to still be entertaining.

With the quality animation, everything looks realistic, the charm and humour is infectious, the dialogue and sight gags are all funny for all ages, the story is fun, the colourful bricks for everything is even more imaginative, and the songs are enjoyable, especially the fittingly titled "Catchy Song" (or "This Song's Gonna Get Stuck Inside Your Head"), an awesome computer-animated action comedy.

The animation and action is exciting and beautiful.

Because the truth is: the first movie is still entertaining and one of the best movies to come out this decade.

I feel as if the "Catchy Song" scene went on for way too long.

Not funny, boring.....

The 7 year old became cranky (It's too long) the 5 yr old fell asleep.

While The Lego Movie 2 wasn't as good or as clever as the original Lego Movie, the story was still enjoyable and heartfelt, with the introduction of many new and unique characters to the Lego Movie universe.

The real reason why I loved the villain was because of the unexpected plot twist with him.

Great animation but quite a boring script .

I found myself bored watching the first half of the movie.

The movie is so boring I fell into sleep 3 times in first 20 minutes, then I just switched it off and had a good sleep.

It doesn't have the same surprise, but it retains the heart and love of the product that makes it go beyond a "toy commercial" in to a true heartwarming, entertaining, and most of all, funny movie with a great theme embedded in it.

My son felt super bored and was wishing for the movie to end.

I fell asleep - twice .

this film just was so boring, had no twist to it, no story line and no creativity to it

Boring as hell and is about nothing.

Really slow and boring!

The movie was a hyper active, confusing, agenda driven, POS.

In fact, there was a lot of funny jokes thrown around and obviously very entertaining to watch.

Don't waste your time with this one folks.

Very clever with all its little inside jokes for adults, all the intriguing action and music for the kids and the funny moments with Maya Rudolph.

An incredibly fast paced film.

The story was engaging, the plot twist was unexpected, the animation was excellent, and the characters were likable.

My eyes were bleeding rainbow dust, it was that intense.

The point is the movie is lame and boring.

I fell asleep a few times watching it.

The rest of the movie was just plain boring.

I was falling asleep.

Was enjoyable although not quite as good as the original.

The animation is stunning and looking at its finest.

The LEGO Movie 2: Second Part is very fun and enjoyable for the entire family.

But whilst this is definitely a really enjoyable second outing, the film does lack the same spark of originality that the original Lego Movie had.

Lego Movie 2 is still a wildly creative movie - it's just lacking the sort of intriguing reveal of the first because, duh, we know a little bit about what to expect.

This movie was incredibly entertaining.

My only other issue with the film is that It can be slow at times.

It WAS an improvement from the last movie, which was hard to follow.

It's boring from the beginning to the end.

However, this choice somewhat ruins the big twist toward the end of the film; to the point, that became somewhat predictable.

The story was very boring and the characters from the first film were ruined.

But those issues aside, this is still an incredibly entertaining film that I would gladly watch multiple times.

It turns out to be a bit cliché, which I felt a bit disappointed about.

This is so boring .

Still, it's a highly entertaining animation that's more fun than it has any right to be and a definite recommendation to any fans of the 'Lego' franchise.

)Well, it's hard to follow a major hit like the Lego Movie, so I'm sure this wasn't an easy task.

The human world scenes, while fascinating in the first movie, seemed awkward here.

I enjoyed it more the second time because I caught things I missed the first time.

The first movie in the plastic construction toys movie franchise was fantastic, and the spin-off Lego Batman Movie was brilliant, but The Ninjago Movie was a disappointment, now comes this fourth entry, a direct sequel to the first, and expectations were high for it to be as enjoyable.

Back in 2014, "The LEGO Movie" had to overcome the enormous challenge of adapting a storyless toy brand into a compelling blockbuster.

A bit disappointing, but still enjoyable .

I found this one so much more enjoyable than the first one.

Save your money.

The surprise appearance of an 80s action hero and a host of DC superheroes were the most enjoyable moments.

While it isn't really that hard to follow what was going on, it was pretty predictable, something the first movie made sure it wasn't.

the lego movie 1 is excellent, agree sequal not as good as the first movie, but 2 still a movie that can give u an enjoyable night and laugh moments.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is brimmed with sudden plot twists which younger viewers could easily find confusing.

The frenetic pace of the movie makes that style even more impressive, things change so quickly and with such variety, there's always something eye catching or stunning to keep your eyes busy.

After 20 minutes of the movie there were quire a lot of kids asking parents to go out and after one hour it wwas almoust riot happening of bored kids both gender.

it's jokes are bland and to be completely honest my friend nearly fell asleep halfway throughout the movie.

An unexpected suprise, a very enjoyable one.

This is definitely not a kid's movie - it's a soulless, boring hackjob that never even tried to be entertaining - it just wants your money.

Clever, funny and hugely entertaining, albeit not quite as mind-blowing as its groundbreaking predecessor .

I expected this movie to be an okay kids movie and I was really surprised to see how well put together this film was and how it manages to be entertaining for all ages.