The Life of David Gale (2003) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A man against capital punishment is accused of murdering a fellow activist and is sent to death row.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Alan Parker
Stars: Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 92 out of 426 found boring (21.59%)

One-line Reviews (358)

It is a witty, funny, intense and often fierce biopic-like tale which steadily correlates with the aforementioned thriller part.

Unfortunatly, only one of the characters was likeable (though I must admit, Kate Winslet played a good bitchy reporter) but I found the plot uninteresting and predictable and when all was said and done, there was no clear message or resolution.

The movie is very exciting and has many twists and turns and is not at all predictable.

What keeps it from the 10 spot is the fact some parts feel contrived and Hollywood.

The story has punch, and is worth watching at least once.

) predictable (Listen to the trailer!

The last time I felt this empty was after watching Monster's Ball.

It's predictable, and the "twist" ending was the most predictable part.

It is both entertaining and informative.

Also, there's a grotesque, and pointless, subplot about Gale's career being destroyed after a false accusation of rape -- an indulgence in a sexist myth that false accusations of rape are common and destructive.

David Gale's decline from esteemed professor to a road vagrant feels so contrived, so false.

Kate's car expiring at a crucial point (another irritating cliché) 11.

It is somewhat predictable.

The surprising end is stunning.

A riveting and well written moralistic story with an incredible cast .

Shallow, pointless, exceedingly cliche, ripe with HORRIBLE dialogue, sap-driven, and (once more) BORING.

Or if you like to waste your time, or grow older, then this film is for you.

IMO this movie was extremely predictable, badly acted and worse: cheap.

Thank God the film is well acted and riveting, especially towards the end.

It's a win win film because it has everything that a person could want in a good, strong entertaining film.

All in all, the only thing that fuels ones interest is Spacey's intense performance (supported brilliantly by Linney.

Gale explores present-day issues in a fast paced, suspenseful thriller.

Still the story is, on a superficial level, engrossing.

Overall, this film feels very written, formulaic.

This question is both for the "Death Watch" characters & everyone involved in creating this mess: Why create a confusing trail of breadcrumbs that only undermine any dignity these supposedly intelligent, educated, dedicated activists might have had?

The story itself is intriguing and keeps you guessing, flipping back and forth in time as professor and anti-capital punishment activist David Gale (Kevin Spacey) tells his story from death row to journalist Bitsey Bloom (Kate Winslet) in the days leading up to his execution for the murder of fellow activist (Laura Linney).

Now, the one bright spot of this film: Rhona Mitra (I think that's her name), the girl who played femme fatale Berlin is just impossibly stunning in this film.

This movie is an anti death penalty polemic and ends up being a confusing far fetched mess...

Overall, The Life of David Gale is a riveting movie with great acting and a great message.

Engrossing,well played drama thriller .

Parker worked with both Director of Photography Michael Seresin and Editor Gerry Hambling in 1999 to create the depressing, slow tale of old Ireland in Angela's Ashes.

It may be to early to predict but i not only see this film nominated for a 2004 academy award, but i also predict it sweeping the whole show (with possible exception for the always predictable, Laura Linney who always plays out her characters the exact same way.

Thrillers are too clean and contrived, and in the end the protagonist prevails or somehow induces a restoration of justice.

The climax of the movie is so thrilling that it made me lose my sleep for a few days.

The last act of the film is very intense and disturbing, but it is also very moving and fast paced.

Absolutely thrilling and heartbreaking film that catches you .

What a waste of time.

Instead of drawing me in, the flashbacks to Linney seemed tedious and clichéd and I began realizing just how long of a film this was not to mention how disinterested I was becoming.

She tries desperately to get to the prison to save the man but a sudden and unexpected engine failure of her car prevents her of arriving there on time and when she gets there after a desperate run he had already been executed.

SOOOO predictable...

The whole film looks boring and flat, the score is horrible, and the plot and characters are a tepid mess of uninspired writing and boring clichés.

Instead of a provocative examination of death penalty (a topic definitely worth examining) which is promised for a large portion of the movie what we end up getting in the finale is a disgusting story with absolutely NO message.

The "Life of David Gale" is very predictable as astute movie watchers will pick up the very heavy hints provided by the movie.

To say that there are unexpected twists and turns in this movie is a GROSS understatement.

The film is produced as a series of flashbacks exploring Gale's intriguing life and the crime he allegedly committed.

I would have enjoyed it more if the director had been more careful about annoying little details.

I watched this engrossing film having heard nothing about it .

Some of the scenes are pretty shamelessly cliche, especially at the end.

I found this to be a fascinating film.

It's a hollywood liberal's dream film: it gets to slam its own propaganda down your throat while attacking anything and everything conservative.

On the other hand, the student, Berlin, was the most intriguing character in the story.

If you have read all the way through this post before seeing the film, and against my express warning, you have cheated yourself out of one of the most intriguing plot twist in the last twenty years.

That being said, I totally didn't, so it was a compelling watch.

The concept of this film is clever--too clever to suspend disbelief, really--but the greater problem is that it is so rife with cliches, contrived dramatic tension, gratuitous pontification and Rube Goldberg plot setups, it is silly.

Unfortunately, though, The Life of David Gale deserves more profound criticism for resorting to Hollywood thriller sequences and techniques that keep audience members on the edge of their seats at the expense of undermining the anti-death penalty message.

Sad and stunning.

Overall,it has a convoluted plot and it is a mess of a movie that one may find it enjoyable and entertaining.

Does it present leftist propaganda (and cliches) - yes.

The plot was translucent and predictable despite the valiant attempt at an ending twist.

Here we have only the dull backdrop of conservative Texas (if that's not redundant).

Kate Winslet also does a decent job portraying the jaded reporter, which is pretty good considering that the whole concept of the character is a bit trite.

In addition, the dialog is awful, and the plot is absurdly contrived and incoherent.

Sadly trite and uninspired .

This movie was wonderful and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in suspense movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very final shot.

The movie isn't an exciting action adventure, but there is a mystery that needs to be solved, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the amazing twist ending.

I'm not stupid, just a little slow on the uptake.

" It was plausible, but clever and engaging at the same time.

The story was OK but unfortunately too predictable.

A cliché is!

Unfortunately for me this movie dragged on and i found myself a little bored with the storyline until 3 quarters the way through.

So it fails as propaganda, and mostly fails as drama.


Surprisingly predictable .

Randolph's screenplay is tight, clever, and gripping.

If you like clever and engaging, please see this movie.

This movie was a fairly formulaic thriller, but it was still very thrilling.

pointless, pointless, pointless film .

That is self indulgent view of life which flies in the face of the human spirit, never the less he sets up his death while also providing for his family and in some manner fulfilling the desire to discredit the death penalty.

This absolutely riveting film will leave you thinking, for a long time, about the purpose of the death penalty and about the meaning of human life.

Very entertaining and gives it good to those Texas execution crazy Bush loving people.

This movie is in short a waste of time.

A great waste of talent such as that of Kevin Spacey in the life of David Gale leaves one pondering whether the waste of time should be blamed on the director for poor manufacturing or the actor for having chosen the role.

2nd: Utterly predictable, right down to the obvious plot twisting, and to the "off the record" tape at the end.

But, just because the plot is predictable in parts, I don't think it makes for a bad film in this case.

The film starts off slow showing you flashbacks of Gale's life told to Bitsy Bloom (Kate Winslet), a reporter assigned to have an interview with David during his last days.

But the film is guilty of several misdemeanors; the story, engrossing as it is, has a very fragile structure.

Also, Spacey's lawyer was charismatic and engaging in this film.

Stunning ending.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time, especially considering the actors and director.

To conclude, the film is exciting to watch, in spite of all these narrative flaws.

If they want to leave us to think about the issues it's unclear just what issues we are supposed to be thinking about.

gripping movie, message well said .

Besides being incredibly predictable the dialog (especially between Kate Winslet and the guy who played the other reporter) was very weak.

Instead, it ended up being a preachy train wreck that's likely to bore you no matter what side (if any) you find yourself on in regard to the issue of the death penalty.

)Director Alan Parker (Pink Floyd: The Wall) is one of my favorites, cause even if his films fail at least there compelling.

This is the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

And a student even tells Spacey "to wear out a cliche...

Her character cries at the end at the stunning finish; I'm more surprised she didn't start cursing at the sky after all her driving and running and crying and exhaustion.

Gale is as devoid of humor and charm as it is empty of simple common sense.

Of course, maybe that is because of my slowness.

A Very enjoyable movie.

Lots of twists and turns and unexpected plots.

this could have been a really good movie if it hadn't been for the lukewarm acting, insufficient plot development, uninteresting scenery and cinematography and half-ass attempts at giving it the "indie film" wash.

Empty .

The jailhouse guards and whole environment were too cliche.

This is an issue driven movie, and there are many more issues than just the death penalty (alcoholism, divorce, rape, dying patients, etc.). The plot is so contrived that I was nearly gagging in the theater and the phrase "plot holes like Swiss Cheese" comes to mind.

The movie Life of David Gale was suspiciously entertaining with a rather bizarre twist at the end.

However as a message film it is heavy-handed and dull – with final dramatic developments only serving to fumble the ball further.

As nearly always for movies of this provenance, the ending is closed, not open, and also too predictable.

They're so contrived and absurd that they completely derail the entire film (twice!

I think most people in the theater were just as bored as I was.

However labeled, this is one of the more engaging takes on the ancient law.

This sucked, the whole plot sucked, one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This film keeps you on the edge of your seat, and is a must see movie.

In the final analysis I came away thinking it was a solid film worth watching, just leave your political leanings at the door.

Ah, another Liberal-slanted anti-death penalty propaganda piece!

What starts off rather slowly ends up as a gripping and intriguing tale about the controversial subject of the Death Penalty.

predictable politically correct diatribe .

Transparent, Predictable, awful .

A tremendous waste of time and just pure JUNK.

While overall I left the theater with gut-wrenching disgust from the thought of it being a life story - the movie itself didn't fail me.

I am naturally just a slow movie watcher, it takes me a while to totally understand what is going on.

However, I found the film to be surprisingly predictable.

The plot is filled with trite and unrealistic twists that insult the viewer's intelligence.

Either it was dumb, either it was misleading, in both cases, it was pointless.

I very much enjoyed this very good and thrilling plot, as most of the films with Kevin Spacey.

The trite argument about the death penalty - the film assumes the audience ain't for it then preaches to the converted.

This is officially the single worst movie I have ever seen.

Its a movie where the FF button gets used more and more - the movie is terribly predictable and the music and acting feel manufactured especially as the movie goes on....

The script is ironclad gold and the performances are gripping, particularly that of Kevin Spacey.

The story is intriguing and has a nice dramatic structure with its delightful twists, turns, turmoils and the eventual catharsis, the actual realization, though, was far from satisfying to me.

An exciting thriller, well-acted by Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet and Laura Linney, a well written first screenplay - and especially well directed by Sir Alan Parker, who never fails to film an unusual piece of work.

Everything is contrived.

On the other hand Kevin Spacey still manages to prove that he is one of the finest actors these days, his performance is fascinating as usual.

Weak scriptwriting, but still a decent film worth watching .

Kate Winslet is annoying and a cliche of every "reporter"-type out there.

Despite these faults, the film is thoroughly engaging because of a decent script with wonderful moments, noteworthy performances by Spacey and Linney, and eye-catching camera work and editing.

All of this poor support from the cast must have caused Spacey to stumble a bit as well, as he too delivered a sub-par performance, confusing progressing alcoholism with annoying towndrunkenness.

Spacey is perfect in the role of David Gale, while his intellect shines "as the professor" during flashback sequences - his demeanor and approach as the death row inmate draws the viewer into an emotionally confusing relationship with his character, setting up the substantial twists.

Every time the camera cuts over to her, after Spacey's wildly implausible flashbacks, you expect her to be either giggling or hiding a yawn.

They are quite enjoyable when they're on screen, especially when they're together.

This movie is probably the least effective piece of propaganda ever committed to film.

I think it was immensely thought provoking stuff and very gripping.

The film has not a single original ideain it -- I figured out the film ending "twist" about twenty minutes in,despite being lulled to sleep by a barrage of bad cinematography,stock scenery and uninteresting dialogue.

So if you're bored on a weekday night and your girlfriend is complaining of a headache, go see this film.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Later, she becomes so immersed in Gale's story that she nearly suffocates herself when trying to reenact the murder sequence.

First of all, this film is thrilling and exciting, the actors are good and so on and the outcome is a real surprise, there are plenty of touching scenes, even haunting, when you see her choke.

I found this to be an excellently executed film in all respects with tight, compelling writing, superb acting, and an ending for which they should employ the old technique of not letting anyone in during the .

All-in-all a mostly ridiculous, mundane effort in generic Hollywood filmmaking.

The whole movie takes place in jail and the sequences are slow.

Movies and the filmmakers who create them are allowed to express opinions; and even if you don't share those opinions, it shouldn't stop you from enjoying such a fascinating thriller.

This is an intelligent thriller that is well worth the watch.

This movie was filled with so many twists that I was constantly sitting on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

Kate Winslet, another fascinating film star, brings her own refined, vivacious zeal to the pawn role of Bitsy Bloom, an aggressive journalist who interviews Gale in his culminating days before execution.

Seen as thus, this is a mostly satisfying thriller, packed with just the right amount of twists and turns, red herrings, and intriguing characters to entertain for its two-hour running time.

Interesting propaganda, predictable, too long.

To sum it all up, "The Life of David Gale" is a great thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seats and leave you with many thoughts to ponder.

Namely that it's completely pointless.

The entire thing from start to finish, is absolutely the most predictable, contrived, banal, hackneyed, trite, and condescending piece of crap I've ever watched.

It's just an endless stream of flashbacks depicting uninteresting/unimportant people and events.

And I didn't feel like the movie dictated I was disallowed to do that because of some vague "leftist" propaganda.

Clever but foreseeable ending, and so many other lines and facial expressions were utterly predictable.

I found this movie to be both thought provoking and intense dramatically.

the last five minutes of the ending seem to make the entire movie pointless.

I, and most other people who took his courses, remember him as a highly intelligent, affable, charismatic, entertaining, and cheerful character.

Well worth watching.

I found this film to be predictable and not very exciting.

Although extremely convoluted, it is nevertheless compelling and keeps you guessing up until the very end.

This short time frame sets up the typical suspenseful plot where Bloom finds a key piece of evidence at the last minute and literally runs to save David Gale.

The film reached its conclusion by a more circuitous route than I anticipated, but I felt it was predictable nonetheless.

The acting was superb from the three leads, with your deadpan Spacey and teary-eyed Winslet stealing the show and giving riveting performances.

Also it was kind of predictable, I'd guessed the end within half an hour.

An interesting mix of political comment and thriller, though a little predictable on both fronts.

Gripping And Intriguing .

Does the movie present leftist propaganda more vigorously than the rightist propaganda - maybe, but if so only slightly.

Heavy handed, admittedly, and Kevin Spacey has one long monologue about death that seemed particularly strained, but overall, strong performances, compelling movie.

Just enjoy a fascinating, disturbing, fictional story and decide for yourself what you believe "The Life of David Gale" is trying to say.

Real life is unpredictable and messy--there is no certainty that a person's time or efforts will lead anyone to an objective truth or instigate the reversal of a social or political evil.

Well, the answer is, it is easier than it looks, for this is a very flawed film, with major timing, casting, and writing problems, that succeeds (ie, remains reasonably entertaining and suspenseful) in spite of itself.

Worth watching it!

One follows Gale's story as he tells it, and it wavers from heart-wrenching to horrid, exciting to sluggish.

I doubt that many would appreciate the film mostly because of the side it takes but it is worth watching even for those who have alternate opinions regarding the key theme.

This was the worst movie I have seen this year, by far.

Halfway through I was thinking it was just an average film but as the last act kicked in I found myself more immersed than ever and I personally thought the outcome was brilliant.

But no matter how great the actors are, a movie can still be terrible if the screen play is contrived and doesn't support the themes/plot the movie is trying to sustain.

While the movie excells in the last acts, it is a rather slow, time-consuming journey to it.

The Lang film was a much more entertaining treatment of a similar theme.

Gale's story is told in a series of tightly choreographed flashback sequences, each building in character, motive and momentum toward an exciting and most unexpected conclusion.

This film is a sad turn for all involved, especially Kevin Spacey, from whom one would expect more than monotone recitation of lines.

I have been put off by many dramas as they seem to lose me half way in and I tend to lose interest easily but this one had me on the edge of my seat shouting at the TV!

Alan Parker is back with stunning material - provoking and sophisticated.

One of the worst movies in history.

He played a horribly fake drunk, and Kate Winslet seemed pointless.

People who enjoy a suspenseful movie will certainly enjoy this well done flick.

Alan Parker's "The Life of David Gale" is a roller-coaster - managing to be suspenseful, unpredictable, and thought-provoking.

Extremely engrossing.

The rest of the film was, for me, rather boring and contrived.

I have watched Kevin Spacey for years and find his work both enjoyable and very intense.

It's fascinating.

The Life Of David Gale apparently was not politically correct enough for most critics but I, for one, found the movie highly entertaining and a better than average mystery with all the energy of a thriller.

The movie "The Life of David Gale" also has a number of large plot-holes that make it even more confusing to the viewers.

enjoyable not-enjoyable movie .

It built a false sense of tension, but the outcome was predictable.

Gripping, twisting, better than most think...

Kevin Spacey - who normally lights up the script of any movie he's in - is as dull and lifeless as the rest of the film.

It's very much out of this world, but that world is exciting.

The ending of the movie is STUNNING --- more twists than a slinky --- jaws dropped around the theatre --- one of the best outright shocking surprises I have had in years --- all half dozen of them or so!

Then Spacey pops up, he starts to tell his story within the story, and soon it gathers momentum, and the second act actually has some good dramatic scenes where he gets to strut his stuff along with the people behind the camera, a bit superficial maybe, but entertaining nonetheless.

Disturbing,provocative,suspenseful,courageous and a plethora of other adjectives won't prepare you for this story.

It was, in some ways, the most unpredictable movie I've ever seen.

In closing, David Gale is simple minded, but entertaining.

Kevin is so classy and honesty so utterly compelling and believable.

But he's dull as dishwater in the film.

I understand the need to hedge one's bet and give all the "other" guys the disadvantages, but fair is fair, and stupid Hollywood movies with pretentious of greatness are just stupid Hollywood movies with pretentious of greatness.

There were, at the most, 10 other people in the theatre, 4 of which were a group who ended up hanging out afterward outside the theatre to discuss and make sense of the confusion this movie clearly may leave you with.

Underrated, riveting, and thought-provoking .

The way that Bitsie's originally sceptical viewpoint is slowly altered as she works out what has really happened through talking to the brilliantly portrayed David (Kevin Spacey) is fascinating, as are the dramas of David's life.

Why so suspenseful?

Becomes predictable, manufactured .

The Life of David Gale is an enjoyable enough political thriller plagued by a fair deal of ridiculous scenes and an eventual socially judicial plot unraveling that rides rather roughshod over the widely conceived viewpoint against capital punishment, which is the foundation of the story.

(1) The title sucked big time -- boring!

this is not a political movie, the polotics are simply a back drop for intense drama: this movie is theater NOT politics 2.

But in the end it is just a movie and yes it is very entertaining and interesting.

"The Life of Gary Coleman" would've been a more entertaining two hours than this.

The Life of David Gale is a gripping and heartfelt film, and it has a great message.

As a drama it is average at best but as a message film it is clumsy and dull (mild spoilers) .

We can leave the theater glowing with self righteousness, veritable Franklin stoves of rectitude.

The intensity of the third part will most likely catch people way off guard due to the slow pace of the film up until then.

Contrived melodrama at its worst .

The film is directed by Alan Parker, who has given us fine films in the past such as Oliver Stone's relentlessly intense adaptation of Billy Hayes' Midnight Express, the inventively atmospheric Angel Heart which combined unmistakable elements of film noir, hard-boiled detective stories and supernatural horror, and the film version of Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes.

And its a contrived and totally unbelievable one at that.

Overplayed, underwhelming and tedious.

I viewed this engrossing film having heard nothing about it-it was just a film selected by my wife and the experience of watching it left me stunned.

It relies heavily on free-thinking people (namely Bitsey) behaving in an entirely predictable manner.

The script offers a thriller/dramatic narrative as its foundation and this is its first failure as it is far from thrilling.

He, like all good cliche college professors, cheated on his wife with a student.

This film ought to be predictable.

He's a pretty good actor, but throughout the movie, he's bland, low-key - probably more a poor choice of direction.

Such impressive talent both on and behind the camera is wasted in a script that is as obvious as it is tedious.


Typical liberal Hollywood propaganda.

Kevin Spacey gave a stunning performance as a man on death row for the murder and rape of a woman.

The fact that this film is also one of the most suspenseful films i have seen in quite some time make this a very high recommendation for me.

Any character conflict, such as it is, is pointlessly contrived.

The story of the film isn't all that new, you will probably know how it would end before it really does but it still worth watching.

This film on the outside looks like just a murder mystery about a man who may or may not be guilty or innocent, but it takes a wonderful and unexpected turn and ends up being a lot more than that.

I had also seen previews, which made this movie look like a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The rest of the plot winds and bores you while the inept journalist does her best to stay in the dark as long as she can.

Everyone for the death penalty should have grass in their teeth and talk with a slow, retarded draw.

The Life Of David Gale is a very interesting and entertaining movie to watch.

Except for the by-the-numbers ending, I enjoyed it.

Great film with an unexpected ending .

There is no story as such...

The dialog was trite, melodramatic and comical at times.

What is created is an exciting, heart pounding, Classic drama.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

This movie is too long, too ambitious, too raw, and too illogical.

This movie generates some serious viewer involvement, and will lead you quite effectively in particular directions leaving you vulnerable and wide open for it's twists and suspenseful plot development.

The finale is unexpected and makes the user think about the cause as well as human behaviour and sacrifices.

First off, the film has flaws: the 'apprentice' character assigned to help Bitsy is rather pointless.

There were a few shining moments in the movie, such as the intense level of suspense and the inspiring performances of both Kevin Spacey and Laura Linney(even if their characters were disappointments).

Entertaining Flick .

This performance very much mirrors his performance in `PAY IT FORWARD' while adequate it walks that thin line between great and dull and for the most part it comes out being the latter.

I loved the story of The Life of David Gale, but the plot was painfully predictable.

Winslet had to adopt a Newyork American accent and she got it so right that legend has it that she even played pranks on the director and casting by pretending to be a rude agent representing herself in a series of riveting phone calls to the set.

Every flash-back is introduced with a slow, ugly spin of the camera and flashing of the buzz words on David Gale's chalkboard.

And if you try to forget the flaws in the script and the conflicting movie genres, is quite enjoyable.

Only my demise came from `dialogical exhaustion,' propaganda, and sub-par performances, rather than a plastic bag.

Questions like that make movie-going enjoyable and impressions lasting, and this film offers by far the best illustrations of those questions I've seen to date.

Texans, like others state's residents, notice a lack of plot.

Fascinating for every frame .

My wife and I (a defense attorney) discussed and argued this well crafted but somewhat cliche ridden film on the death penalty.

Entertaining enough if rather predictable and heavy-handed .

The first 3 quarters however just didn't do it for me, it had its moments but then became boring again.

How cliche.

For those who call Fahrenheit 9/11 senseless propaganda, I suggest they see The Life of David Gale.

When I say, "The Life Of David Gale" is one of the most intense and worthwhile movies I've rented in awhile, that has quite the mileage and bite to make a strong positive statement.

The always engrossing Kevin Spacey brings his recklessly self-confident nobility to the titular college professor and restless enemy of capital punishment, whose life is upended topsy-turvy when he's falsely accused of raping a student.

This wasn't a terrible movie, it was just predictable, like 95% of all the films I see now.

Once the initial twenty minutes of pointless dialogue, cleverly disguised as an introductory sequence, are past we are served our filmic last meal as we painfully partake in Charles Randolph's painfully written tale known as The Life of David Gale.

Utterly Predictable "Thriller" .

A predictable, agenda driven movie.

I have seen thousands of films, and I love smart, thrilling, mystery films where you can't guess the ending.

They were annoying, they played absolutely no significance to the movie, and more than anything - what a waste of camera film and production money!!!!!

Seen as a thriller, it's very engaging, almost ruined by a gratuitously unneccessary final shot.

I highly recommend it.

predictable and slow .

To be specific, the `thriller' aspect of the film is weak, because so much obvious material is conspicuously withheld, that it becomes somewhat predictable.

It seemed okay, but I finally saw it when I rented it from the local library (great place to see DVD movies for free- highly recommend it) in Feb.

One is the news debate, which was cliche-ridden trash (which isn't, actually, that much different than real news debates, now that I think about it...

Another strong entry in the somewhat eclectic collection of films by Alan Parker, "The Life of David Gale" (shame about the dull title) tries to combine a teasing whodunit murder mystery with some pungent social comment on capital punishment in the USA.

A Mess Of A Movie That One May Find Entertaining .

) To make such extreme characters believable, a much more intense and accurate character study must be delivered!

What it lacks in plot, it makes up for with overacting and ridiculous scenarios.

Many viewers have derided the film for an illogical and unrealistic storyline, and while that may be so, it is nevertheless fascinating and thought-provoking.

The primary thing I would like to tell you about this movie is "It is entertaining from start to finish.

To some extent the ability produce movies that stays an execution at the last minute is probably been done so many times, that the ending is predictable.

Powerful and compelling, yet predictable.

Despite it's over-preachiness and occasional bad acting, The Life Of David Gale is an entertaining and thought-provoking film.

Worth watching!

This political thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat and keeps you guessing what's going to happen next.

Maybe it's just me as everyone clearly seems to rate this movie highly but i just felt it dragged on a little.

The Life of David Gale has a very contrived screenplay which is too smart for its own good.

What an exciting film.

It was confused and contrived and, by the end of it, I was pretty much hoping they'd execute everyone IN the movie so that I could go home and watch something better.

Bad script, contrived dialogue and characters, etc. And the scene where Bitsey(or was it Ditzy) "figures it out" made me want to throw something at the TV.

After reading all these reviews I had expected to see a terrible movie with a predictable twist ending.

Perhaps the most counterproductive bit of propaganda ever produced .

Parker decided to liven up his dreary attempt at an intelligent film with bits of rapid-fire editing that do nothing except remind the viewer that they are still awake and, indeed, watching this movie.

Early in the movie you hope it will turn into a suspenseful thriller, with the clock ticking for the reporter to get the facts right before the execution.

Boring boring.

Fascinating story .

Winslet is "okay" bordering on subpar, as she runs the gamut from arrogant and somewhat mean-spirited to a contrived deeply overwrought woman who's trying to save the world (well, David Gale).

Either way, it turns out that Spacey's character belonged to some anti-death penalty organization (Americans are so bored and rich, they have to have organizations and campaigns for everything, including saving the naked-faced squirrel or some such s***) and that the whole thing was "masterminded"...

It's an emotional movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat during the entire movie.

He's obviously getting old and wants to stay hip with all the new advancements in movie-making, so he throws in some empty style.

As we finished viewing it, I thought: "what a biased, anti-Capitalist propaganda film; this has nothing to do with a documentary at all!

I hope I am simply confusing myself.

The story, dealing with the death penalty in addition to questions of sacrifice, Truth etc. dragged along and, by the end, it appeared that few of the people in the advance screening cared about the outcome, which descended into cliched moralism by the last 20 minutes.

Although having some twists, I found the plot a little predictable.

bores me to death.

By the end of this tedious exploration, few will care what the full nature of the truth really is.

All that happens is some boring scenes with Parker's wanna-be cool directing and some painfully unfunny one-liners that are spit out by Bitsey and her intern Zack (Gabriel Mann), followed by some pithy sayings by Gale.

The film is billed as a thriller, and with a top-notch marquee of name-brand actors, and some moderately suspenseful moments, the film does have its fair share of entertainment value.

As I said before, The Life of David Gale is a very entertaining thriller.

The scene lasts too long not because we get the point long before it's over, but because it follows genuinely realistic and agitating plot developments as I described, and plunders the emotional value with an overly theatrical delivery by Spacey, pointless and unnecessary dialogue, and a disruption of the pace and mood that would've come naturally to a different scene chronicling the boozing stage of Gale's downward spiral.

This is a pretentious intellectual cheat that depicts as "innocents" & "activists" morally incoherent sociopaths.

The story is fascinating, intense, kept me hooked to the end.

He starts a slow and hard rehabilitation, when he is accused of his friend and colleague's (Linney) murder.

However, the whole experience is mind blowing, having to see the ugliness of what happened is rewarded by great acting, a powerful message that makes you think days after leaving the theatre, and an ending that rips your guts out and refuses to let go.

A much better film worth watching is the 1995 Oscar-winning "Dead Man Walking," starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, as the murderer on death row.

And the story uses every cliché in the book, the most annoying being the use of television news reports.

One of the most thought provoking, gripping and emotionally stirring movies I have seen for some time.

It's worth the watch

Predictable but entertaining .

Kevin Spacey, one of the finer actors of our time, clearly knew it was a stinker and this results in a bored, "phoned-in" performance.

Very Entertaining!!!!

Why does this usual method of setting the viewers into the middle of the story already at the beginning of the film make it (the movie) so unexpected and interesting?

It's an OK, very-watchable film with a good premise & ending and worth a couple hours of your life, but the writing was trite and it brought the whole story down with it, which led to the poor B.

Very VERY under-rated movie - i was pleasantly surprised at how captivating and gripping this film was.

Competent, but predictable.

And fourth, you want to see a compelling movie that can grip at the heart, go rent Dead Man Walking.

The unraveling of the story was slow and not very exciting.

It's cliche, trite and I wish I hadn't wasted two hours of my life and hard earned cash to see it.

Kevin Spacey's compelling portrayal of David Gale, a brilliant, principled man with more than his share of human flaws and bad luck, is excellent and is surely Oscar material.

The pro-death penalty crowd might view it as propaganda, while the anti-death penalty crowd may be disappointed to see that a couple of the statistics used in the movie are not accurate.

STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All CostsTLODG has an ingenuitive,original and compelling story to follow,with reliably emphatic performances from the two leads,the well casted Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet.

Its gripping screenplay, brilliant acting and creative cinematography explores one of America's most pressing issues in a captivating manner.

Preachy, contrived, and only mildly gripping .

`The Life of David Gale' is a reasonably entertaining thriller provided you don't apply too much common sense or logic to the matters at hand.

Firstly, the twists are heavily hinted at and quite predictable from early on.

But because the script lacked character depth and they used so many cliches, much of the mechanisms that lead to the denouement (that's an artsy-fartsy term for "the outcome/conclusion" that many of these Leonard Maltin wannabes use) were indeed predictable.

There's even supposed to be some kind of "twist" to the story, but it's just predictable and stupid.

the film is a must see and absolutely breathtaking!!

If you hate suspenseful movies with lots of twists and terrific acting, then this movie isn't for you.

Mind-numbingly BORING, the "twist" was easy to figure out, way way before the "big secret" was ultimately revealed.

It was just a pointless waste of film.