The Lighthouse (2019) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity whilst living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Robert Eggers
Stars: Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 274 out of 996 found boring (27.51%)

One-line Reviews (659)

Starting with Willem Dafoe who completely disappears into this character giving us a character you feel exists in this world and only this world, he also gives some fantastic monologues that are bone chilling and engaging.

Cinema like this is so exciting to experience.

Sadly for me the story was extremely hard to follow at times, and the lighthouses secrets are never really revealed which led to the score above.

It is a deep look at the human core and the identity of men and is just a complete riveting joy from start to finish.

It's apparent how much care was put into the whole production, which makes this movie even more enjoyable.

It left me feel empty and I eneded up pretty disappointed.

The film is as simple as it is complex, imaginative as it is familiar, psychological as it is physical, and every bit as entertaining as it is horrifying.

) But at heart, The Lighthouse is essentially a drawn-out, Victorian-era ghost story.

It is a lively blend of horror, dark comedy, intense psychological drama and fantasy that will keep charmed cinephiles.

So boring!

It's a unique emotional experience that's most certianly not for everyone, but which I'd recommend to every pretentious film student alike myself.

Intriguing story with ambitious artistic level .

So so so so so boring.

His moments are thrilling.

The story is just boring as hell.

The sound of the lighthouse began to torment me as well, as the homage Hitchcock and the greats kept me on the edge of my seat as Pattinson climbs the spiral staircase.

One of the most intriguing and fascinating movies I have ever seen on the big screen, The Lighthouse sticks with you long after you've seen it and there is so much to think about even though it only had two characters almost the whole time.

It is incredibly boring I kept waiting for something to happen .

Otherwise a waste of time.

Still, just because the movie was confusing and made me question my own relationship with myself, it did not do so in the way it intended.

Great cinematography but no story .

Just to show these guys mental issues why to waste this much time!

The story is a real slog, Defoe's "aarrgg" speech quickly becomes tiresome There really is nothing here to warrant the time to watch, unless you are a masochist.

They're too slow, with limited development from a characterised and thematic perspective.

Overall, The Lighthouse is a fantastic take on isolation with career bests from Pattinson and Dafoe along with outstanding cinematography, an intelligent script, and a jaw dropping story, and an intense musical score.

This film is hard to describe.. I think, for some people this would probably be really boring to watch.

Slow, boring, confusing, goes nowhere.

That was one of the worst movies ever.

The most entertaining train wreck I've ever seen.

I swear to God, I wanted to leave after the first 30 min.

Beautiful framing in mesmerizing black and white, mixed with just enough abstraction in the story to make it compelling.

I can explain this simply like this; the movie is about a man getting bored to death.

Totally boring, with neither story line, nor arch.

Waste of time .

Hitchcock could have us on the edge of our seats, even in rather mundane circumatances.

Dreadful waste of time .

" The Power of boredom "Film : The Lighthouse Director : roberteggers_ Dop : Jarin Blaschke Music : Mark Korvin Cast : #robertpattinson #willemdafoe valeriiakaramanDon't know from where to start, Apparently Lighthouse joined in the list of best movie in every craft.

The screenplay is expertly forged, utilising an unusual dialect, accurate to the occupation and time period, whilst making what would normally be a boring tale, a breathtaking spectacle of the human mind being pushed to the depths of madness.

Robert with a performance of his life And Defoe with a breathtaking delivery of lines and a remarkable directed and written peace of work 10/10

Stunning .

It's probably not the most welcoming film to the mainstream, but it's so powerfully dark and technically superb that I highly recommend it and would like to absorb other viewpoints.

But majority of it was boring and ending was plain cheap.

There have been movies with this type of theme & line of story and theories that they get hacked in the mind of watchers but this movie isn't one of them but is trying to be & it totally is not, just bores you.

A salty lighthouse keeper and his young lumberjack helper are scheduled for a two-week work assignment, but when a storm hits they find themselves stranded on the dreary islet and short-changed by their writers and director.

This show was so confusing and painful to watch.

Shot in black and white and in an aspect ratio of 1.19:1, giving us an almost square screen like the early silent movies and with really only a cast of two, Robert Eggers' "The Lighthouse" might appear to be either highly innovative or hugely pretentious or maybe even both.

The black and white setting resurrected from a past era, the nubilous fog rolling in from the sea, even the absence of dialogue during the introduction immediately triggers an intense foreboding.

Another kill time bore fest!

A fine piece for a open-minded and experiments liking audience but maybe unwatchable for those who are looking for something rather mainstream.

Story-wise it never felt coherent and complete in the end, more like lots of elements and subplots mixed together with an ending straight our of mythology (it also got a little repetitive by the end).

This is possiby one of the worst films I've ever seen, I only watched it because of the hype about it, nearly 2 hours of total boredom abiut 2 men in a lighthouse literally cleaning and painting and moving coal in and a round the Lighthouse, until they both go utterly insane!!!

Engaging and hilarious.

The movie attempts to be so sofisticated, so fancy so pretentious that is almost disturbing when it fails so miserably.

The scenes are disjointed, the characters not likeable, their interactions don't make any sense and I was not sure what is real and what is imagined.

There is a reason why the theater was empty.

Don't waste your time.

This isn't a movie, but a work or art, visually stunning, full of symbolism and subliminal messages.

The Lighthouse is all parts haunting, baffling, unsettling, intense and occasionally humorous.

As if the first act wasn't unnerving enough, it only gets more intense as Ephraim's disturbing visions increase and his own obsessions with the light, still off limits to him increase.

For me was a waste of time

Confusing .

The sound design of this film is incredible, we are constantly reminded of the cold setting through the repetitive sound of crashing waves combined with the ominous tone of the foghorn.

I'll spare you a lengthy boring monologue folks (unlike the film itself).....

Its first act is haunting and slow.

Overall, The Lighthouse is a great film that will require 2 or 3 viewings as there is a lot of things to interpret, but that won't matter as the career defining performances from Willem Dafoe, and Robert Pattinson will transport you to one of the most intriguing, thought provoking and atmospheric worlds in cinema.

Total Disappointment, Worst Movie.

ironies or war or actual masculine psychology on its pretentious mind.

The dynamics between the two main characters is superbly portrayed by Willem Dafoe and Robert PattinsonIf you like intense movies that keep you engaged in the story all the way to the end then this is well worth watching.

Worth watching again and again.

At its worst, the movie played like some pretentious, Melvillean 16MM student film about homosexual panic made by a straight male filmmaker; at its best, it features Willem Dafoe in a total triumph of acting as the saltiest and smelliest sea(adjacent)man ever.

Personally I found this film rather dull and boring.

It was intriguing, entertaining, at times comedic and still a little dark.

Totally intense and delirious, we have two masterful performances from the protagonists, accompanied by incredible sound design, editing and beautiful cinematography.

The Dafoe verbal tempests, cloaked in period tongue and garb were alone well worth the watch.

No plot.

I am just frustrated for wasting once more my time for this pompous, shallow, awkwardly evolving and full of cliches screenplay, that climaxes towards a predictable and meaningless banal ending.

A confusing and possibly simplistic plot mixed with genuine disgusting weirdness doesn't exactly appeal to the masses.

"Boredom makes men to villains" .

I liked the atmosphere and attention to detail for about the first 40 minutes, but this went nowhere except for some weird alone man time.

He truly commanded the screen and played his role with such a fascinating enthusiasm.

While the film is certainly well-made and gripping, it does have some notable lapses and a few slightly galling narrative choices from time to time.

This movie had the same winning formula of confusion, dread, and anxiety coupled with an excellent story and acting as the The Witch.

100 Proof Pretentious .

The plot boring and incoherent.

There are times when you can't decide which one of the characters they played you care for or hate, the screenplay and the on screen happenings kept me on the edge of my seat.

What a waste of time!

it was just empty.

There are moments of comedy amongst the gloom, the two men stranded on the rock endure a tumultuous relationship, by turns suspicious, angry and even savage, then there are unexpected moments of comradeship fuelled by alcohol.

But at the end of the day, this was one of the most interesting and entertaining films I have seen in a long time.

The cast and crew filmed under extreme weather conditions: Freezing temperatures, cold atlantic water, intense winds, snow, rain and no protective flora on the Forchu terrain kept them exposed to the elements throughout the shoot.

If you like pointless movies with no plot, acting with no purpose, and nonsense for a finale than this is your movie.

No Story .

Beyond the bold scenario, this study of how lack of intimacy and boredom can manifest as insanity, leads to a surreal, confusing, funny and at the same time shocking film.

Extremely unnerving, entertaining throughout.

The whole thing is slow and boring and really without a point .

It's bizarre, psychological, atmospheric and if it happens to grab you - intense.

Worst movie .

Don't waste your money .

Pretentious And Full Of Itself .

The sounds are eerie, drawn out brass and strings, that sounds like whales, mix with grinding machinery, an ever present ticking clock, seagulls and waves.

From a promising beginning, it spirals into a murky horrific mess , disturbing and pointless

For the second film directed by Robert Eggers, we have before us a jewel in the rough in a range of unparalleled genres; if he manages to maintain his consistency and hand in the creation of these fascinating films, we may have a king of terror in the years to come.

Several things that need to be said: amazing acting (despite Robert Pattinson going in and out of his New England accent), tense atmosphere, great look, good score, the dialogue is entertaining as it is well written, camera work very much used in a Hitchcockian way and intriguing story...

4- Nothing to be followed, you just watch and get bored.

One of the most intense watches of the year .

In its place are cliche metaphors and a predictable conclusion set to drunken rants and tense music.

Truly one of the worst movies i've ever seen, and i've seen a lot.

Laughter and shock throughout = very entertaining and edge-of-seat viewing.

The film reminds me very much of The Shining with two men taking care of a remote lighthouse for a few weeks who are slowly driven insane due to the sheer boredom they experience.

Before the movie my wife and I smoked a joint in the car as we often do before an intense scary movie.

What the director has is full of potential, with its classic atmosphere and sense of style, but it never proves to be much more than that, and is simply a boring missed opportunity.

Due to both of there names being Thomas it just became slightly confusing as to who the characters were talking about.

The dialogue, grueling way the story is put together, and absolute confusion the director tries to inflict makes this a compelling horror movie far better than any of the garbage recent insidious movies or anything I've seen since "Heredity".

Thrilling from its first fog filled shot to its last gruesome one.

How about a little entertainment - enough with the artsy-fartsy statements of mediocrity, or the politically correct puke, and the ultra-mundane, funnel-fed, trivial, brainwashing trip down the 'accept-my-opinions' highway to stupidity.

The unexpectedness of the film builds upon itself until the viewer is lulled into a sense of absurdity.

Pretentious and pointless, if you like to be entertained you will hate this as it's just a load of artsy nonsense for an agonising 109 minutes.

For me the more intense the better and the film delivered just that.

It is a bad story and very boring

nothing happened for 2hrs!!!

Artsy Crap w/ no story .

With an also brilliant Robert Pattinson and some visually stunning cinematography, this film proves it self to be the best of 2019 by a long shot.

Overrated and boring film .

The foreshadowing given at the beginning by Thomas saying his last hand went insane and was sent home made the entire film predictable and boring.

As confusing as it is, I loved every minute.

I can see why people rate this film highly, but if you actually apply a modicum of brain power you can see right through this pretentious load of old cobblers.

The lighting and black-and-white cinematography of Jarin Blaschke is simultaneously beautiful, haunting, chilling, and totally riveting, and elevates Craig Lathrop's production design to high art.

That was strange yet entertaining.

This film is boring, incomprehensible, depressing and without plot.

Unfortunately, despite a highly unsettling score by Mark Korven and Jarin Blaschke's stunning cinematography boredom does set in before the climax, which I suppose was only to be expected.

Very boring.

Beautiful shots, powerful acting, the first half is gripping.

It's boring, it mediocre, and the rubbing of male flesh certainly thrilled the Artsy viewers.

This was the worst movie.

Started out interesting but just got way too bizarre and boring.

I wish Eggars would take a bit more time to create the "whole" versus intense focus on the minute details that, while showcase his talent, leave the film without a center upon to build a whole.

I started watching the movie with very low expectation and felt very bored at first!

Boring movie .

Good story that is fun to follow - 1/2 StarMemorable dialogue - 1 StarFeel a pull to watch it a second time - 0 StarsMusic/Score stands out - 1/2 StarNo noticeable plot holes - 1/2 StarStory gets resolved in some way - 1/2 StarI personally like the story - 0 StarsMemorable likable characters - 1 StarMost things about the story are believable - 1 StarDoesn't get boring - 0 Stars This is a really cool time piece that seems extremely accurate and is loosely based on the actual tragedy back near 1900.

"Boring" and so forth.

Neither seemed relatable or engaging.

There is no plot, its in black and white, the film does not fit the whole screen.

The story of two lighthouse going insane after being secluded on an island together is really elevated by the hypnotic editing and suspenseful feeling through the entire runtime.

Boredom makes men to villains.

I found the beats it hit a bit predictable.

It dragged on, the story seemed to be all over the place because of strained and dull symbolism crammed in and the ending was just a joke.

I was bored and uninterested to continue watching unlike many other reviewers who rave about the artistic value of this movie.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, and consider it a very good film.

Compelling Arthouse feature .

You know you're in for a suspenseful journey.

It is fascinating to watch the dialogues between the two characters.

Finally the movie becomes a shocking vision of the human condition: humanity on the edge, self-destructive and filled with rage - horror, indeed.

Given that the film takes place within weeks, the editing feels appropriately fast paced without coming off as jarring, since one never knows how long the characters have truly been on the island.

Dafoe may never have chewed scenery so delightfully as he does here, and Pattinson starts slowly before delivering his best work - including a ferocious rant that is fascinating to watch and contrast to his character's first meal with Dafoe.

I'm sure they thought that shooting the film in black and white, in a 4 to 3 aspect ratio, with almost every scene dark and dreary was very arty, but I just found it boring.

Way too long for its (lack of) substance .

The tensions inherent in life in seclusion, the routine, the boredom, are the trivial bricks from which is built up the edifice of the conflict that bursts with the storm that will prevent the arrival of the exchange shift.

With that said, any viewer with a modicum of appreciation for engaging stories and rewarding payoffs will come away feeling robbed of their time.

What a waste of time, without a real story and dialogue that cannot be heard, you wonder why Robert Eggers wasted such talent.

Worth watching.

Nice acting and photography but this movie is very boring really

The script is dreadfully contrived, and equally parts confusing.

I was bored and just wanted the movie to end.

Waste of time

The first part is kinda slow and not in the Tarkovsky way and I can't lie that I was impressed with the start.

It became tedious to watch.

But I highly recommend it.

The chemistry between these actors are great and the plot is always unpredictable.

Waste of time and money.

A dull and shallow void of missed opportunity .

Described as a "psychological horror" movie, a "thriller" and "very intense" it was none of these things.

First of all it will bore you, it really is a boring movie at first.

The best thing going for the lighthouse is definitely its music, perfectly menacing and foreboding and in combination with the choice of a black and white palette gives rise to a very tense and suspenseful atmosphere solidifying itself as a horror film.

it's like they've given some movie school students a bit cash and two good actors ( one and a half ) and said " on yer way" and they've concocted the most contrived uninteresting Arty drivel they could think of.

There's no story there, nothing that really compels the viewer to the next scene.

An absolute waste of time .

The visually striking and ambitious black and white film 'The Lighthouse' is a movie I was excited to see for months, but while watching it I was disappointed by the lack of story.

Probably one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had in a theater.

Though some parts are slow, the overall tone of the film hit it throughout

Could be the worst movie we have ever seen.

It was honestly such a waste of time that I had to make an account just to write this review.

It is a complete waste of time.

I appreciate the cinematography and the acting and the filmmaking passion behind the film but I wouldn't necessarily watch it again as I felt it does get a little too pretentious at times.

There is no storyline just 2 blokes going crazy on a light house.

It's creepy for nearly 2 hours but, in the end, pretentious and non-sensical.

Aside from the obvious things you notice right away, such as the square ratio and black and white picture, it also has a very original (and very weird) storyline and two fascinating characters.

Pretentious art house film .

Things get relentlessly tiresome for about 20 minutes too long.

Long, slow, boring and anticlimatic .

It was like taking two of the most boring men on the planet, giving them the must boring job on the planet- one guy over exaggerated the importance of the job and after slave driving the new worker, the new worker wanted to kill him.

Boring .

Complete waste of time .

The visuals are stunning, I loved the black and white shots.

Worst movie I've seen in 2020.

Starting with the symbolism of the one source of light in the darkness we are led to a fascinating exploration of the gifts and limitations of mortality.

And both Dafoe and Pattinson really gave their heart and soul in the performances, and it bore fruit well in favor of the movie.

All together is just super- pretentious.

Slow and steady becomes laborious and also frankly though its visual tricks are impressive at first they really don't develop much and the lack of color also weighs the film down, though really the script is what just isn't there.

The first hour or so was intriguing and certainly set things up in an intriguing manner but what was set up was ultimately neglected in a pursuit for style and atmosphere over substance.

For pretentious oddballs only.

Maybe worst movie I have ever seen.

A Thrilling Reminder of Film's Artistic Potential .

The flow is slow and the scene are strange.

One of the worst movie ever.

Unfortunately my other half actually wanted to watch this, my instincts told me it was going to be a waste of time about 2 minutes in and unfortunately they were right.

Dafoe and Pattinson's characters are prone to go off on extended soliloquies that are woefully engaging, and these were my favorite parts of the movie.

The lighthouse is the worst movie of this decade.

The actors are amazing yes and some shots look fantastic, but the movie is just dull and uninteresting.

Even when it's mundane, it's never dull.

Beautiful, Gorgeous, Must Watch and Pointless .

The Lighthouse is a visually stunning art piece.

Yet another overrated, meaningless contrived, surrealist film.

Another worst movie!

(Do read all of the trivia supplied by IMDb: it is truly fascinating.

Pathetic and a total waste of time that I'll never get back.

All in black and white on a narrow strip on film it delivers something quite unexpected.

I hope people that read this review will stop bashing the movie, as it is absolutely against the mainstream extravaganza of Star Wars and superhero flicks that albeit fun, are starting to become highly repetitive.

Stunning .

Great acting but a slow booring movie In black and white.

This was a very depressing, terrible my slow movie.

This was (and I say this with all sincerity, and what I believe to be full command of my mental faculties) the worst movie I have ever seen.

If you are interested in a horrible disjointed film lacking meaning or entertainment value, this film is for you.

Literally pointless.

He is stunning in every aspect and virtually carries the greater weight of the film (rather literally!

This is a sophomore effort is a fascinating and supremely memorable watch, cementing Egger's as one of the most interesting voices in contemporary cinema.

It was confusing.

William Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are superb in the movie, and the unpredictable atmosphere kept me glued, with there even being laughs (unintentional or otherwise) throughout.

It's The Emperor's New Clothes School of Filmmaking, a grandiose movie that relies solely of stunning imagery over storytelling, all style over no substance.

We get the promise of drab work and chilly nights ahead.

", which is a boring movie trope.

Just boring !

Instead of any kind of build up of tension our two leads just scream each other for 2 hours until we get an oh so tiresome violent ending I couldnt bring myself to be upset over.

It remains vague enough, and it is drawn out for so long, that by the end of the movie, I found I didn't care anymore.

Don't waste your time.

Confusing and boring .

But movie is confussing and slow.

THE WITCH showed the director's penchant for a noticeable lack of special effects -because a small budget- but artificiality using noisy music as a predictable resource to cover the visual weakness of the story.

If odd visions, incoherent dialogue and lack of story are frustrates you then avoid this at all costs.

Yes, it was visually stunning and surreal, and had the same type of ominous score that made The Witch's imagery hit so hard.

It's riveting and gets under your skin at the time.

Authentic and period-immersive performances, but left feeling empty .

Pretentious Nonsense .

Eggers makes the most of the limited space in which the story is set, and it never grows dull--if anything, the oppressive atmosphere put on show leaves the viewers with a claustrophobia that occludes any potential boredom.

Unexpected .

Words that come to mind to describe this movie: pretentious, bloated, boring, pointless, polarizing, nonsensical, grating.

Some of the angry and tedious speeches, which are about 3/4's of the movie, are actually so funny and colorless.

This movie is one long cliché from start to finish.

The movie started off in a mildly intriguing way.

Pretentious "ART" film .

Ok, good acting, but the movie is too long and boring.

The screenplay is convincing and quite dark and thrilling.

Crazy, visually stunning, even the screen aspect add poetic rhetoric, never black and white had more sense and deeper meaning.

No plot, no story, no meaning.

Some of it plays out how you might expect, while some of it really doesn't, so perhaps this does keep it mysterious and unpredictable overall.

Just a pretentious wannabe thriller.

The supposed climax was unexciting and a frankly dull end to a very dull film.

I think most of the viewer felt boring after seeing this movie.

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe's performances alone are enough to give this dog her sea legs, but the story remains riveting and intriguing up until the final frame.

Like watching paint dry .

Money, I suppose, or he is what most actors are: empty-headed.

A dreadfully slow descent into madness, that is equally parts boring as it feels wasted on potential.

I guess if you equate "disturbing" and "gruesome" and "pointless" with great filmmaking, you've got a great movie here.

One of THE WORST movies I've ever seen!

Extremely intense , mind boggling at times, brilliantly acted (how did William Defoe NOT get a nomination for this) and built on the subtext of Greek mythology, The Lighthouse is certainly not meant for everyone.

I was bored to tears.

But the main problem for me is the start which is quite slow and takes about 20-30 minutes to ramp up in speed.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat and my nails are shorter than ever!.

Having said that, it's mostly enjoyable and it's certainly unique.

After 45 minutes of this I felt numb, then annoyed, detached and finally bored.

It's confusing and not in a good way..Predictable too.. so...

Pretentious .

All art and no plot or substance.

Waste of time .

Black and white and the aspect ratio made an already pointless film even more unpleasant on the eyes.

The acting is what keeps the film tense even through some repetitive stretches (it could have make a fine creepy short story).

I LOVED the Witch and I generally like Robert Eggers but The Lighthouse is one long and boring movie.

The job is an unrewarding one with boredom being the most significant and dangerous occupational hazard to beat.

Tour de force acting and solid filming efforts that unfortunately turned into a baffling experience instead of intriguing .

The Lighthouse is a thrilling and mysterious masterpiece of madness and manipulation.

The film is one of the best lensed film of the year and one of most pretentious films of any year.

A intense thriller with some shorts elements of horror.

Really slow movie .

It is well shot and the visuals are amusing, but the amusement runs dry an hour into the brothel of confused mermaid visuals, and then you sit there thinking "why did I waste my time on this?

Pointless film.

Too boring and pointless.

Boring to death .

Alongside the brooding intensity and psychodrama, the film moves at a click with a roll of intriguing sequences, mixing mystery and dark maritime mythology into a completely original and decisively cinematic experience.

its slow and heavy going.

Maybe I'll try again sometime but it's way to pretentious combining old formats just because you can't figure out lenses and filters for modern cinema.

This film is pretentious and overly ambiguous to appeal to critics and " real lovers of film".

1- Story Line: Non interesting and contains a lot of repetitive events.

But it was such a big confusing mess.

Understand that this is a slow movie.

Poor aspects: 1) Focus 2) Audience involvement (it's boring) 3) Repetitive

Nothing happens .

Don't waste your time or money.

As written, it is an truly absurd caricature, but bless the God Poseidon, Mr. Dafoe is always entertaining and he is, once again, a riveting screen presence.

Still worth watching in my opinion.

This just might be the most boring piece of cinema I've watched in my life.

This movie was visually stunning and I loved the use of movement and Willem Dafoe's intense dialogue and use of soliloquy's but some of the other elements felt contrived.

With 2015's The Witch, director Robert Eggers announced himself as one of the most exciting new talents of the decade.

the problem starts in the plot; there is no plot.

Without these two, their efforts and compelling acting, this movie would not have worked as well as it does.

Willem DaFoe and Robert Pattinson give some rather good performances in the leading roles, but besides their impressive acting, the film finds itself in a limbo of dull natures and unimaginably boring taste.

With two great actors, the breathtaking cinematography that was on display in the trailer, an incredibly eerie remote location that placed two characters in isolation for a month and a wacky narrow screen ratio, what could go wrong?

The Lighthouse (2019) - 7.8Act 1 - 7.2Act 2 - 7.7Act 3 - 8.2 Beautifully shot film with great establishing shotsTakes place at a secluded New England lighthouse, amazing locationPerformances are fantasticDafoe is in charge of the lighthouse and talks like a parody of a nautical captainDafoe has very complicated dialogue that can be challenging to uncover what he is saying at times as it is of the time periodPattinson is under Dafoe's character and keeps to the lighthouse doing various workPattinson has some very visceral and intense moments and emotions that he must display on screenFilm is a slow build into a dark and occasionally funny madness in the dreary lighthouseExcellent direction and writing from Eggers as he keeps the dialogue fresh and the audience guessing as to what is really going on in the filmScore for the film works perfectly to set the tone as wellPlays as a psychological thriller that builds in tension as the film evolvesThe is no right or wrong answer as to what the audience will take away from the film as it is extremely open ended and I'm still not sure if I get what Eggers was trying to tell usA lot of very challenging and interesting visuals to try and decipher what is reality and what isntA movie that will stay in your mind and is worth a deep discussionOne interpretation of the film would be a power struggle between the two men and how they want to be treated all mixed in with the infatuation with the lightAnother interpretation could be sexual frustration from isolation Pattinson gets obsessed with the lighthouse and is seen master bating multiple times to a trinket of a mermaid When he finally gets to the top and sees the light up close he seems to have a sexual release also the light is probably very hot so it could be a combination of both Dafoe also says he is married to the lighthouse and is seen naked and pleasuring himself to the light and the last words he says are the light is mineI'm sure there is plenty more to pick up and decipher upon multiple viewingsOnly negative for me is the film does take a while to get going and the dialogue can be a bit exhausting at times

After watching The Witch, Robert Eggers became a really fascinating director to me.

It is definitely strange and confusing, and not in a cool way, it seems the director just kinda mashed a bunch of scenes together.

) and confusing.

I too would prefer a less abstract approach to the characters' journey into madness - as it is, the few supernatural elements seem a little disjointed, just tools to justify or portray Pattinson's growing paranoia rather than helping muddy the waters of what is real and what is not.

The best part of this film is that whoever watches it will have a different interpretation of the story and that's what is required from an intense psychological drama.

Pointless, Pretentious, and Boring .

Well crafted.. but bit empty with story .

Dark, bizarre & unpredictable.


As I left, I was thinking to myself how I had just witnessed the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

I felt that it was cold, dreary and with no progression or coherent story.

This is by far 1 of the worst movies of all time.

I'll be honest I wasn't entirely sure what they were talking about for the most part, yet somehow it was still engaging.

Then I waited for it to become exciting to watch.

From this, he is able to elicit exciting performances that highlight the excellence of his actors.

Making winter black and white and summer techicolor, is just too contrived.

Meaningless Borefest .

But there's no real hooks, just confusing symbolism, repeated scenes, and ultimately an ending that doesn't really deliver much of anything.

Final Say -Sure to find some ardent fans amongst many that will question what all the fuss is about, The Lighthouse is a technically brilliant sophomore effort from Robert Eggers that features two standout performances but it's slow and metaphor filled examination of masculinity and the male psyche makes for an unpleasing narrative experience.

Any shot where the keepers are against the elements are stunning.

All set composition and production design of the film is great, but another highlight is the performances, Robert Patisson is very well, making a character immersed in his own environmental madness, the actor seems to suffer on screen, and even feel real pain and feelings.

Sure, some common traits of the Titans have been altered but it's furthermore engaging to witness an original take on the legend of Prometheus and his conquest.

It's good to watch if you have a spare afternoon with little else to do and enjoy moody B&W films but as far as movies go, I definitely wouldn't waste my time again thinking this was a horror.

It was an intense and gruelling 2hr watch.

Pretentious, arty crap with a foghorn blaring out every ten seconds and a hideous screech for a soundtrack like nails on a demented blackboard.

There was one aspect of the movie that distracted me from it, and that was the repetitive sounding of foghorns.

Simply put, these kinds of stories with one or in this case two or three actors is extremely difficult and can be incredibly boring for the patron.

Man was I bored and disappointed.

Intriguing events.

Boring, slow, no plot, worse than Midsommar.


In stunning black and white, the film looks more like a creepy, old-timey photograph than a motion picture.

And no I'm not talking about "toxic masculinity" or an feminist view point here at all, but it was very masculine and boring for me.

Alot of thought was clearly put into shot composition as every single shot in this movie is breathtaking.

It became a trend in last few years in Hollywood to make movies with no story, meaning.

Empty story .

What a confusing story.

When the viewer finds himself or herself checking the remaining run time every couple of slow, crawling minutes, something's wrong.

Both films are similar in tone and content; The Lighthouse veered off, as far as I'm concerned, into unnecessary mysticism and forced confusion.

Eggers is a newcomer to directing, with only one 2015 feature on his résumé, and delivers a stunning film, magnificently paced, and gets what promises to be two legendary performances from his stars.

Very artsy boring movie with good acting.

It came to a point where no plot twist or great ending would be enough to justify watching the last 45min.

Plotless and senseless film, shot by director who is desperately trying to get recognition in arts.

And let me say right here that Janin Blaschke's cinematography is absolutely stunning and deserving of an Oscar.

I on the other hand, someone who indulges on a burger and milkshake and find 'love island' entertaining, felt out of place.

At certain points in the film, Dafoe goes on a 2 minute tirad about something and it's one steady, uncut shot of him and it's incredibly intense and terrifying.

The sound design is matched by the stunning monochrome visuals.

The story still feels very flat and bland.

The intense Unsettling performances of Doe and Pattinsion stands highlights of the show !

Willem Dafoe & Robert Pattison deliver strong performances in this gripping tale of life stranded on a remote island where they keep a lighthouse.

It falls short of 'gripping' just a little too often.

A complete waste of money for me.

I am left with a feeling of confusion as I try to make sense of what I saw.

Worst movie I've seen EVER .

Worst movie .

Brilliant craft and performances mix with a slow and dull story .

No storyline to follow, confusing as hell, and there was a lot of farts.

Their performances were breathtaking.

It was boring as hell, stressful and horrid, and by the end I felt like the seagull that got beaten to death standing over a cesspool.

Exemplary cinematography, horrifying visuals, mind blowing sound editing(best of 2019), an old English dialect and top class acting is what makes this movie special.

The movie was slow and boring.

This was just a waste of my time and everyones time.

There is no story or there is a story and you do not know what it is.

I love the mystery surrounding it and the way the plot works, it's absolutely stunning.

all sorts of secret meanings and symbolisms are meant to arise in this picture; but if you want to really know what they are you need to do a google search , etc etc. And even then it is confusing.

Full boring & waste of time .

The decision to do the film in black and white, along with a square aspect ratio, succeeds in making each scene seem darker, more repetitive and claustrophobic, which in a way is the pure essence of the film.

People on here are confusing the technical side of the movie i.

To begin with, I have to commend Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe on their incredible, mind blowing performances.

Entire film quite slow and full of boring overuse scene!

It was shot perfectly, but it was drawn out and some of the things (the mermaid) didn't really make sense and seemed out of place.

All the ingredients for an engrossing piece of cinema are there.

Despite being very interesting to look at, if not for the performances then for the great cinematography, I found myself very underwhelmed for the lack of story.

Along with giving it a classic horror film look, it builds the Lovecraftian tone of the unexpected.

It feels very intense and claustrophobic, and the edges of the screen sometimes blend in with the black space so you can focus on the centre of the frame.

I was looking forward to this film because to the rave reviews and a uniquely appealing mix of seemingly gorgeous black and white aesthetic combined with gripping, Gothic-esque suspense and strong performances.

It's pretentious garbage.

Its use of Black and White and a 1.19:1 Aspect ratio just makes you immersed in the world and setting that Robert Eggers has created, giving us some excellent writing by using a form of old sailor talk English that just puts you into this atmosphere.

This film is so overrated, yet so boring in many many ways.

Unpleasant to watch, dialogue mostly incomprehensible and no plot to speak of or satisfactory ending.

At times it's incredibly creepy, at other points funny, always very psychological, sometimes leisurely paced and character-focused, sometimes very confusing, and every now and then relentless and tense.

The shots were clearly dragged to extend the duration of the film, which is pretty amateurish move.

The movie The Witch is already very intense.

CheckOpen ended, pretentious non-finale that answers zero questions and can be interpreted any number of ways by an audience too embarrassed to admit nothing they saw made any sense?

So many forget that a movie has to be entertaining.

I have only walked out of 1 movie in my lifetime and I', in my late 60's.

I was bored by the lack of action and squirmed at the overblown dialog.

Awful-way too long.

You'd think it would become boring, but the script understands how these guys would comminute and makes them intriguing.

Worst movie ever .

Unless you have watched very little cinema and do not know Dreyer, you may find it fascinating.

I enjoyed it greatly and it gave me a good food to thinking.

The two performers are hard working but a good movie needs more than slick acting to be enjoyable.

Just another dull film pretending to be a masterpiece when it'a just that, a dull film

This will bore you to death.

Direction 9/10 Just like ,,The Witch'' ,,The Lighthouse'' is a very atmospheric movie which is very well paced and keeps the adrenaline up very high throughout the whole movie.

I'd say the other scary element is that the further the movie progresses, the more unpredictable it is.

Overall, it's a bit tedious after a while, despite some compelling aspects.

A pretentious load of garbage .

I consider Willem Dafoe one of my all-time favorite actors, I love his intense characters (mostly bad guys, the best roles to play).

The sinister sounds in some scenes were scary and amazing, it's really dark, a bit confusing at times, and weird.

Relentless nonsense, unlikeable characters (farting and wa*king) with a story which feels contrived and simply goes nowhere.

Pointless script .

From horrible accents and dialogue to a nonsensical boring story, and add to that the ridiculous use of black and white and 4:3 when we have improved technology since the 1950s!

Empty .

Pretentious and wholly unikable .

But as this non-story drags on, what worked to establish setting and tone gives way to the sensation of tedious loops.

The story though, feels abit empty.

They resort to fart jokes and oddly dull slapstick to create enough pressure in a scene to justify a cut.

Miserable and boring .

Yet the inclusion of Mark Koven's score along with some stunning composition from cinematographer Jarin Blaschke implements a notably modern aesthetic and aura, generating a disconcerting intermingling of old and new, reflecting the conflict between its two leads.

At times it was too slow, then seemed to end out of nowhere.

No story no message, nothing!

The acting was very powerful, bordering on overacting, but the script was too wordy and their accents so strong that it was hard to follow.

The movie is so boring maybe the reason that i dont like, I'm not that kind of movie's man.

The atmosphere is intense and dark and cinematography is beautiful and the acting is just phenomenal.

Measured and bleak I can deal with but tedious and ostentatiously schoolboy like I cannot.

Save your money .

For adults it's a marvel, a stunning achievement which will send shivers down your spine for days after your first viewing.

Boring as bat sh*#.

Visually, this is easily the most stunning and impressive film of 2019 - perhaps of the decade.

Plays with shadows exceptionally well + Interesting aspect ratio brings black and white to fashion yet againEverything else is incoherent and/or pretentious series of sequences which as a whole do not make an art form which we call a film (movie).

But it really was a long drawn out dredge of a movie.

All the confusion boils down to the insane loneliness of lighthouse work, and director Robert agus clearly wants to show off his skills and show off his abilities!

If you are in the mood for truly something different and out there, featuring stunning acting performances, I'd readily suggest you check this out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.

One of the worst movie ever.

While the Lighthouse has a fragmented plot and delivers no resolution or clear-cut explanation of what happens, reviewers complaining it is boring or that nothing happens are disingenious.

It's hard to fault the meticulous attention to period details but Wake's wishy-washy behavior and the story's subsequent descent into tiresome is-it-a-hallucination-or-isn't-it scenes waters down the whole affair.

A waste of time .

Seeing these two fall into complete insanity is engaging to say the least.

Cinematography by Jarin Blaschke is phenomenal with great detailing in an aspect ratio fitting of the film's setting, and especially the use of pans is breathtaking.


The lighthouse is a masterclass of insanity, the performances from robbert Patterson and Willem Dafoe are mind blowing and are career best from both actors, the cinematography is the best of the year, the music is haunting and fantastic and the film builds tension in such a way that caught me off guard to how good it was.

Pointless, pretentious, post modernism garbage

There's some amazingly intense performances helped along in no small way by the films ratio and it's black and white media.

8/1010 Exceptional 9 Outstanding 8 Excellent 7 Very good 6 Good 5 Enjoyable 4 Watchable 3 Bad 2 Very bad 1 Abysmal

Waste of time, waste of money.

There's a high tension and a very uncomfortable atmosphere that even allowed some very dry humour and some very funny scenes without ruining the whole mood/feeling of the movie (like It: Chapter 2 did, for example).

More exciting and surprising was the fact that Robert Pattinson also makes a fantastic performance in this film.

Good acting; absolutely no plot.

Over its near-two-hour runtime, "The Lighthouse" bores deeper and deeper into nightmare imagery (and logic), mining the backstories and motivations of its two characters, from whom the horror really springs.


Long, drawn out movie that wouldn't end .

Simply boring .

The script really elevates this movie through the roof, making it unpredictable and hard to take your eyes off of.

This film was so boring that I will not even waste my time by giving a coherent explanation to an incoherent film.

Boring, mediocre acting, blah-blah-blah until the end, no twists and after all the hype, very very disappointing.

As the main characters slowly descend into conflict and madness, as an audience you feel that saem slow descent, with obscure shots and an air of untrustworthy characters stumble about on the screen.

The chemistry and tension between them was stunning; I never would have expected such a stellar performance from Pattinson, and never, ever would have considered paring the two.

Worst movie of this decade.

To me, it was dragged and even though the film is almost 2 hours, film failed to properly explain the story, it was just shouting and looking angry all the time.

While I liked the movie for the old mythical Prometheus storyline, I did find it a little drawn out.

What a waste of time...

It is a truly original film that is nothing like anything I've seen before, and I highly recommend it to anyone who can appreciate a well made film.

Waste of time .

total waste of time .

It's a haunting and engaging film that will stay with me forever, despite the fact that it's just a story about two people, who are trapped on a island going insane and experiencing some weird stuff.

This leads me to think one of two things has happened here: Either A- I am too stupid to understand what I saw, or B-nobody understood this movie, and didn't want to admit it, so they figured if they found it overly confusing, it must be brilliant.

And the Artsy Fartsy (literally) Award goes to....

Reviewers who warned that this movie is a waste of time got it right!

It is slow to get underway and picks up momentum as well as interest in the second half of the story, and I am still trying to make sense of the end.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I found it both intense and appropriate.

As a cinephile, I can say it's a creative murky and dreary masterpiece.

Watch it if u want to waste 2 hoursof ur life .....

It was fascinating seeing each of them during their outbursts of frustration and loneliness.

Still amazing and enjoyable of course.

Worst Nightmare - Pointless , Useless Garbage .

The ending of the film was somehow simultaneously predictable yet confusing.

But call be dumb, I just didn't get the story and the metaphors( i assume there were many) Cause if they just lost their minds, it's quite boring.

There's no story and the black&white just adds to the misery.

It's just a pointless unfulfilling spectacle with a bareboned story, at best.

The Lighthouse is bizarre, haunting, confusing, wild...

It just seemed weird like there was no plot and it was the same thing over and over with a mermaid thrown in.

No story.

Don't waste precious time on such a snoozefest.

The film is disgusting and boring, boring, boring.

I will not stop to comment on the wonderful photography, the right choice of the square format, the fascinating work of the actors, the wonderful mythical references, the beautiful black and white or the charming sound, incredibly fused with the music.

This movie went from disjointed scene to disjointed scene and I was very disappointed.

The rest however is insatiably demented and surprisingly entertaining.

Loved the effect and Ratio ( Shot in black-and-white with a 1.19:1 aspect ratio )The Lighthouse is an atmospherically brilliant puzzle of a film - with stunning black and white cinematography, haunting visuals, and a foreboding score.

Boring .

The movie was weird and very unpredictable ill give it that, but the sound was unbearable, unnecessarly loud and 90% of the movie is about noise.


Gothic film noir or a just a bore.

His character at times looks so intense.

I really want to like this movie and this review is very likely pointless, I share an opinion with many of the other user's who reviewed this film.

It seems more a theatrical performance for actors as the story is uneventful and the settings the same: the monotonous, tedious, repetitive and isolation.

Good actors and nice cinematography serving an empty movie.

Robert Pattinson absolutely nails his performance here too giving us his best performance ever by far, his monologues are just as equally bone chilling and engaging.

it's just boring....


Boring Garbage .

Serving in the background of such aesthetics is the film's score, which is a prime example of understated elegance, and its sound design, which is serviceable but ultimately repetitive to the detriment of a few scenes.

There were a few slow periods, and sometimes it was difficult understanding Willem's thick accent.

It was legitimately such a uniquely entertaining horror film where so much went on on the screen and you could feel expert film-making in the subject matter and the attention to detail.

Robert Eggers improves upon his striking first feature in all areas with this immersive and completely gripping little freak show in which you can almost smell the seagull faeces.

I walked out of the theater not thinking about the performances that i saw.

With a truly disturbing, exciting and thrilling performance that makes me excited for his future films.

One of the worst films of the year I have to say that I was super bored.

Boring B & W movie with a cast of 2.

There is no story, no ending, nothing valuable to watch, thanks for wasting our time and money

I found it too harsh, elliptical and boring to be entertaining.

Robert Pattinson's descent into madness was a stunning performance, and what's better, that it's the second best performance in the movie.

Having said that, I do not recommend this movie, for me it was a waste of time.

Good acting, but a boring movie and a REPEAT .

Terrible, boring movie.

I'm sure that many viewers found it thrilling to watch Pattinson schlepping coal in a wheelbarrow and then shoveling it into a boiler fascinating, but I found it pointless.

The Lighthouse is an incredibly unique psychological horror that's disturbing, surreal and unpredictable.

This movie is just a bore to watch.

I was bored to tears .

If you are 30 minutes into it and find it dull...

Great acting but story is a bit empty and boring.

It's very intense and truly proves that you don't need a big budget and big explosions if you just have a great screenplay, instructor and amazing actors!

This is one of, if not the most miserable depressing films I have ever seen, if you to waste 149 minutes of you life, then go see this.

The tall-tale about two boring men who are set out to spend four weeks stuck together in a lighthouse.

Willem Dafoe clearly has a lot of fun in his role and is entertaining to watch.

I found it one of the Worst movies I have ever seen .

The cinematography is very engaging making it easy to be sucked into the movie and immersed, allowing the film's atmosphere and suspense to really grip you and put you on edge.

And boring .

This unnatural look causes an intense feeling of dread and unease in the viewer, one that is only aided by the film's audio design.

Movie is very long and random and is not supposed to entertain the viewer in anyway.

It was extremely slow and became more disgusting as the film went along.

Boring Boring and Boring .

Tedious, with no salt .

Empty movie about nothing.

Don't bother , it's boring , dull, silly.

It was so abstract it was confusing and hard to follow.

Make this filmmaker to watch 'The shining' on how to make a psychological thriller ....!!!! Utter waste of time and money ...

You may read among these opinions terribly miscast as "reviews" how "boring" this film is, or how "silly things" happen that "confused" the writer, or how "nothing happens".

This movie is so entertaining from the very first seconds to the last bit!

Great acting but all else was confusion.

The performances of Willem Dafoe and Robert Patterson blew me away - the intensity and power were stunning to watch.

The story dragged and got confusing...

This is a terrible movie and a total waste of time.

At first, I think that this movie is worth a 6 on 10 because, while the scenario is cool, it becomes boring after approximately 45 min.

There is no plot here.

Worst movie of movie industry ever...


The entire film is about artsy acting, which is a terrible thing if you are not an actor, or into pretentious displays .

OTT acting and sound effects/music that matched this pointless, violent visual nightmare.

It's not that it's slow (it's not), it's not that you can't understand it (that's never a problem if there is some kind of interesting narrative goal), it's just that it's empty.

This film was completely stunning.

3- Pace: Extremely slow making the movie very boring.

Anything the film does with sound is breathtaking.

Unpleasant AND overwritten, poorly acted, badly photographed and pretentious .

I recently watched 'The Lighthouse' and it was definitely worth the watch.

I found this to be rather a fascinating film and the best looking horror movie of the year.

Just an overrated confusing mess.

I expect their lives were just as boring as everyone else's.

Extremely dull plot, beautiful cinematography.

Most people seem to have found Willem's grizzled old sea captain the most entertaining, but I was personally much more mesmerised by Robert's slow descent into madness.

This movie is so bad and boring that I created an account here to tell you to don't watch it, that's how big my regret is for watching this garbage.

Loneliness and boredom can and will drive you crazy .

Good movie anyway, and definitely worth watching!

Robert Eggers' 'The Lighthouse' is the most breathtaking movie I've seen since 'Blade Runner: 2049'.

Thrilling and disturbing and demands multiple viewings

What a shame, because Pattinson's and Defoe's great performances are wasted on this ambitious but tedious picture.

Both performances were seriously just breathtaking.

If it wasn't for the nominations received Awards Season, and the two well-known leading actors, I'm not sure if this was a film I would have rushed out to see, but I did read about it also, and it sounded intriguing, directed by Robert Eggers (The Witch).

From the halfway point of the film, it was difficult to follow the plot that the director wants us to follow.

People went in expecting a typical horror movie, but were instead given a slow, shakespearean-like drama with complex language and minimal, slow scares.

The script became tedious and pointless and about halfway through I just wanted to return the rental.

Only small squarish portion of the screen was used, there were only going to be 2 actors, I could understand only 40% of the dialog, the characters are weird but not interesting and it's very, very slow.

There was no plot.

However, the film is a super boring thing to watch.

Unfortunately, similar to "The Witch", Lighthouse showcased a strong cast but confusing storyline, muddled dialogues and baffling ending.

Although the acting is great, The Lighthouse has no point, no story, no purpose.

It's an exciting time to be fan of original storytelling in the movies and Robert Eggers is a huge reason why.

But what i remember to this day is being dragged through the world the film presents.

" If you open a dictionary and look up the word pretentious this movie poster would be included as illustration.

Well crafted (nice photography and music), correct cinematography and well played by Pattinson and Dafoe, but soulless, boring and repetitive.

Looking for some casual Saturday fun with your friends, or something to put on to get you trough a slow night?

Too slow, not intense and too many boring overuse scene!

All in all a very dull and depressing movie (I was not entertained).

Never boring, but always engrossing, because I recognized the subtle ways Eggers demonstrates the increasing claustrophobia, anxiety, and tension between the men as the story progresses.

For all the people who call Eggers pretentious and self-indulgent, you clearly don't know Greek mythology.

But I left feeling empty and a little meh towards the characters.

It's a stunning achievement of filmmaking right here with it's jaw-dropping cinematography, fantastic screenplay, amazing and creepy sound design, outstanding performances from both Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, striking editing, fascinating characters and magnificent direction.

I found myself really enjoying the slow burn of it all.

I bet Robert Pattinson's doors will be open after the feat he does as an actor in this gruesome and intense movie.

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson both give riveting performances in this mystery-horror film about a young timber worker who comes to an island off the coast of New England to work under the supervision of a garrulous, peculiar lighthouse keeper.

The cinematography of the film provides a chilling and provocative atmosphere, that the film is never truly able to take advantage of, leaving it feel empty rather than lost.

It was thrilling, revolting and bizarre in every way unexplainable.

They quickly get bored and tired of each other as days pass by without anything happening.

The tears in the movie felt contrived and some parts just didn't feel organic.

This film is sometimes molasses slow and definitely not for impatient or self-indulgent viewers.

Too pretentious for me .

This film is one of the most intriguing things on the planet right now.

Waste of time

In spite of the intense atmosphere that 'the Lighthouse' conjured, I always felt like I was watching a movie and not "stuck on the rock" myself - perhaps that's a good thing.

All I can say is boring

But I can't say it was a failure, it was boring but that boredom served a purpose.

Boring .

The Lighthouse,worst movie of 2019 .

As with 'The Witch', the dialogue is fascinating.

Confusing dreams and half assed visions that made no sense.

Nope Just 2 decent actors stuck in a lighthouse boring the pants of themselves and the people unfortunate enough to be watching this Average at best

It'll be exciting to watch who gets it.

Absolutely horrible and VERY boring.


He created an absurd atmosphere that worked well and made it endlessly entertaining.


This movie was horrible and was a waste of my life just like this review.

There are few films out there like this and even fewer that can make nearly two hours of two guys alone in a New England lighthouse this tense and fascinating.

Director Robert Eggers uses a simple premise to create an engrossing and memorable viewing experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Repetitive bleakness .

Don't waste your time on this pile of garbage.

very well done cinematically speaking, very boring content IMO .

But I don't believe The lighthouse was being pretentious, but really just trying to create an engaging and surrounding film that evokes feelings of anxiety, and if audiences are willing to give it a shot they definitely should, it has great performances, is visually interesting and has an ambiguous ending that would leave viewers contemplating its true meaning for years to come.

He plays Thomas Wake the crusty old sea salt Captain of The Lighthouse who's authoritarian and manic attitude to Robert Pattinson Thomas Howard the sub "wickie" (a term used by Thomas Wake is the 19th Century slang term for a lighthouse keeper )creates a threatening and suspenseful mood which is exaggerated by the look and sound of this film.

Worth the watch .

Many different interpretations could be drawn out from this film.

They get to know each other in the first half, which is slow moving.

But the story was a little confusing in some parts and the movie didn't offer anything to clear that.

It was all so magnificently dull and devoid of life.

Long and slow, one can imagine being one of the unfortunates in that secluded hell as the boredom piles up.

Absolutely flawless from a technical and visual point of view with a very engaging story and two of the best performances by any actor that I've seen in years.

All the while, Pattinson is an absorbing presence operating as the bridge between characters and audience with his gradual descent into madness.

He soon discovers that what initially seems like a grinding job on a drab island might not be so normal after all.

The Lighthouse was way more than just hot air and it was finally one of these movies again that kept me on the edge of my seat during almost the whole runtime and it also looked amazing.

Well shot, over acted, confusing plot, strange ending .

It was boring and filled with strange twists.

Congratulations of all the ones involved in this project and a special word for the director who had courage and vision to tell us a theatrical and thrilling story of the many mysteries around the aura of an lighthouse and his keepers.

So, so boring.

What it is, is a suspenseful thriller of the highest level, worthy to be compared to Hitchcock caliber.

Claustrophobic and intense movie with amazing actors .

So whether this is Gothic film noir or just a bore is really something personal you will have to decide for yourself.

Once the novelty of deprivation and insanity wears off, the audience is left with repetitive drunken sea shanties and hollering.

The story, well its kinda confusing.

It will be entertaining if you want to laugh at its absolute madness.

dumb n pointless movie !!!!

Incoherent, Pretentious, Boring, and (need I add) Pointless .

Unpleasant AND overwritten, poorly acted, badly photographed and pretentious.

The two actors go through a range of emotions with little credibility but it all feels false and the storyline is a pretentious take on a familiar scenario.

What a waste of time.

It is a boring drama with good performances.

Soundtrack 8/10 The soundtrack is about confusing horror sounds which are driving you crazy just like the two lighthouse caretakers.

If you like weird and confusing movies with a lack of payoff, then this one is for you.

"The Lighthouse" is reasonably entertaining until the unreasonable climax of he picture.

So, if the word 'pretentious' leaves you cold leave The Lighthouse by the only exit, downstairs centre.

Disjointed Waste .

Every engaging moment ends in disappointment and loud noise until the end.

Well, to achive this the audience had to get bored too.

Stunning film with Dafoe sure to get Oscar nomination .

The monochrome photography adds greatly to the eeriness of the production; the dark skies; sweeping seascapes; torrid weather conditions - and the story combines nautical myths and superstitions with human frailties in a compelling fashion.

"The Lighthouse" is a stunning psychological thriller with beautiful cinematography and haunting performances.

It is about two guys who are in charge of maintaining a remote lighthouse for one month, their interaction, boredom, etc. There is almost no other cast in the movie (except for a girl for a total of ~20 seconds of screentime).

This is a great movie, and if it was just a little shorter, I would give it a 10, it dragged in the middle.

Aside from the acting, the movie was boring, difficult to understand (was there anything to understand?

The vividness of these icons are what make the film engaging enough to make theories out of, and even when they show up on screen, they can be interpreted in more ways than just one.

Pretentious nonsense praised by posers .

About 45 minutes in while I was completely immersed in it my wife was having a different experience.