The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A lawyer defending a wealthy man begins to believe his client is guilty of more than just one crime.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Brad Furman
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 231 found boring (6.92%)

One-line Reviews (206)

I haven't had the opportunity to read The Lincoln Lawyer yet, but it was such an enjoyable movie; I want to read the Mickey Haller series.

A suspenseful, no-frills court room thriller.

This made the whole story very predictable.

The court room scenes were actually intense and reminded me of other great lawyer films as Primal Fear.

I never expected much from this one,after finishing the movie i hate to admit that i love it..This movie will knock you with several twists , especially the five twist ending is stunning...

Brad Furman's direction is very skilled - the last twenty minutes of the film are flawless and so full of tension I was on the edge of my seat.

The tale is clever, smart, and absorbing.

The movie begins pretty slow, it takes a while before it picks up.

Many of the cast bring a lot of life to the roles and keep it interesting and on the edge as the movie proceeds.

The story line is also very original and intense.

The film's ethical dilemmas and insights provide for some relatively strong chewing, but but "Lincoln Lawyer" rides suspense and engaging dialogue like a Lincoln Town Car into the sunset.

pretty darn enjoyable.

He uses a THIRD storyteller, one who as an outlaw follows no story rules.

The contents are formulaic: lawyer represented client for assault, got him out, and got him back in jail for murder.

Willliam H Macy, too, is always worth watching.

The climax of this movie was so thrilling....

I was pleasantly surprised to find this is quite an enjoyable film!

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and enjoyed it because it was not predictable at all.

Some great music accompany the drives including tracks from Bobby Bland, Eric B.

The characters in the film are diverse and by the end you feel this is important because some parts are just a little slow so certain personalities guide you through nicely.

slight similarity to Gregory Hoblit's "Primal Fear", if you have seen and enjoyed it, there is no doubt you will be fond of this one too.

Perfectly paced and gripping legal thriller .

I enjoyed it.

Worth watching!

Entertaining Thriller with Many Twists .

I was intrigued by the premise and the good reviews it was receiving and have to say, it was a very enjoyable film!

I hope there are more films of this genre, laws, crimes, trials.. even though it does not have lots of action, it is still thrilling and exciting.

He has clients of all sorts, mostly criminals and shady characters with some amount of cash , but then he gets a high profile case about a rich young good looking guy(Ryan Phillip-- his acting was not the best) that presumably tried to kill a prostitute, but was knocked out and caught int the process.. The actors and storyline deliver some intense moments between lawyers and State attorneys and lawyers and clients and also puts the attorneys in moral and legal dilemmas, it is often like a chess match played out in and out the court room.

It won't take home any Oscars, and will probably be mostly forgotten in the future but for the hour and 3/4 you're watching it, its very entertaining and sometimes that's what films are all about.

A flawed,inconsistent but entertaining thriller with a good ensemble...

Unfortunately, this isn't a great movie, or perfect lawyer yarn, but it's entertaining and suspenseful enough for a viewing.

I loved seeing the witnesses attract enough laughs from the audience as they express their own personality into answering the questions, which of course seems dull and repetitive to many witnesses, no matter what the case.

An interesting and very entertaining legal thriller .

But The Lincoln Lawyer fails to engross audiences in a story that is sometimes too predictable and definitely too faithful in characters to the Connelly novel.

It features the moral dilemma of a lawyer who knows his client is guilty, it's a psychological thriller surrounded by the necessary elements of mystery, it has a captivating succession of plot twists rewarding one hour of conventional action, it also features a charismatic and likable lead and great supporting actors, and overall, the film is just so damn entertaining … I must concede that the opening didn't make a great impression on me as it looked more like an ad for the Lincoln car with such overconfidence in style I though the whole film would be an exercise in coolness, a sentiment that the characterization of the hero, didn't reassure.

And then the final act opens, more energetic, thrilling and captivating ...

It's much more enjoyable for a viewer.

Very Unpredictable!

A suspenseful, no-frills court room thriller.

) Overall, the film is fast paced, well edited, and entertaining, exactly what a good movie should be.

Mr. McConaughey's performance is energetic, engaging and entertaining.

The Lincoln Lawyer is technically a legal drama, but the courtroom is just a place for this suspenseful, well-acted moral play to unfold.

The Lincoln Lawyer is great example of this genre and thanks to a superb performance from Mathew McConaughey , this film was one of the most enjoyable i have seen in recent months.

I found this movie very enjoyable.

All in all, The Lincoln Lawyer is a very enjoyable movie for all people who prefer an in-depth storyline every now and then.

Overall, I thought the movie was well-acted, well-produced, and entertaining, even if limited by what might be called only a good TV-caliber screenplay.

cop show overtones, The Lincoln Lawyer is an entertaining, fly by the seat of your pants ride.

As a whole it's just as impressive as the sum of it's parts; it's very engaging and involving and full of twists and clever turns.

Several well-known names a dynamic script and progresses naturally and not abusing legal jargon leaving everything to the public educational policy, an issue agile Jeff McEvoy, a picture that blends well with the daytime scenes suspenseful night led by Lukas Ettlin and a soundtrack by Cliff Martinez without compromising supported the songs that dictate the universe and the characters are inserted.

It may be entertaining to read but it is really repetitive if you see over and over again.

but a relatively enjoyable experience (2 viewings)

Suspense combined with a touch of humor and heart, it is entertaining all the way.

The Lincoln Lawyer is Intense .

While they can be entertaining, and the argument and debate in court riveting, in the end it is still a court room drama.

A movie apart from the mundane movie business .

A gripping drama right from minute one onwards without any letup.

Ryan Phillipe was excellent as the accused but what was missing was a pretty face to add the obligatory glam factor to the otherwise fast paced script.

Lincoln Lawyer is a thrilling drama about a cocky and smooth defense attorney Mick Haller, played by McConaughey, who represents a high-profile client on charges of attempted murder.

It's pace is exciting and despite the plot revolving around a court case there are very few scenes set in the courtroom.

This film is a very entertaining, if a little dumbed-down/simplified story.

The authenticity and heart of the book were kind of lost and stripped away but even when you strip away the greater elements of a Michael Connelly book to the bones you still have a skeleton that is much better than most movies these days so the main story, minus the witty and introspective first person narration and the back-story of each ex wife and character that it told, it was still great enough to keep everyone in the theater on the edge of their seats.

The movie is entertaining, and keeps the viewer guessing.

Nail-biting courtroom drama, finely structured script and McConaughey are the high points of the feature that makes it thoroughly entertaining.

"The Lincoln Lawyer" is an entertaining thriller with many plot points and a great cast.

Seriously, this cast allows every scene to have something worth watching.

Overall, even if you know what's the ending is, it's still pretty enjoyable to see how it comes to the perfect ending.

But the script is utterly banal, classic and predictable from the beginning to the end.

The characters range from predictable regulars to almost jaw-dropping stereo-types and there is fun to be had in spotting them and comparing their rendering to other productions in the same genre.

Given the acclaim this courtroom thriller has received, and a pivotal moment in what is informally known as the "McConaissance", one would've hoped for an engaging experience.

Good courtroom drama as well as an intriguing tale as things keep moving and twisting.

The titles are the most promising and compelling thing in the picture.

Based on the Michael Connelly novel, 'The Lincoln Lawyer' pulls you in right away with its intriguing title.

It's a little confusing.

If you are a fan of the film adaptations of the John Grisham legal thrillers, you might find quite a bit to like about The Lincoln Lawyer, a courtroom drama that treads on familiar ground in an effort to lead to a fairly predictable conclusion.

That combination ended up producing an interesting and very entertaining experience, which works equally well on the two previously mentioned aspects.

Enjoyable and smart piece of entertainment .

intense and lots of twists and turns...

The story line was original and engaging it gets you hooked right away.

Don't get me wrong, it has a strong cast and surprisingly engaging performances by Matthew and Ryan (great as the bad guy).

The screenplay is tight, gripping and adaptive for the viewers to easily connect since it resembles a lot with the known practicality.

¨ The Lincoln Lawyer reminded me of one of those Grisham novels, but this thrilling drama was actually based on a Michael Connelly novel (as was Clint Eastwood's Blood Work).

The acting as a whole is solid and creates an intense thriller.

"The Lincoln Lawyer" itself is unique, bringing out a truly thrilling sense of question into the very notion of our justice system.

The film begins with several instances of McConaughey's character Mick engaging in dishonesty for his own benefit.

Enjoyable slick tension grabber.

Absolutely recommendable, absolutely worth watching.

Based on the best-selling novel by Michael Connelly and a screenplay by John Romano, The Lincoln Lawyer is an entertaining film that avoids gruesome over-the-top violence, chase scenes, and all the other accoutrements of what passes these days for entertainment, and Furman's sure hand keeps us on edge with many plot twists and turns.

Desite its flaws, however, The Lincoln Lawyer is a very enjoyable film to watch, and kept me interested the whole way through.

Others have said it already : this is a very intriguing movie and now that Matthew McConaughey is not looking so good anymore, maybe he actually started to take some acting lessons and it shows.

Lincoln lawyer his sleaziness is entertaining, but captivating and unpredictable.

It's hard to find interesting and smart films, so I was pleased with this movie because it isn't only intelligent, it's also entertaining and has some decent thrills; it's complete.

COOL baby..COOL. A very interesting story, smoothly acted & engrossing which is why I gave it a 9 out of 10.

The cast is unbelievable and things started well, but took a boring and predictable nosedive fast.

Workmanlike direction and solid performances provide an entertaining legal thriller, the like of which we have not seen since Grisham hung up his legal pen to holiday in Italy.

McConaughey, who is maturely handsome and sly, seems slow and overblown as the lawyer Mick Hiller in this film, and Marisa Tomei is simply not believable as the ex-wife prosecutor.

OK, so The Lincoln Lawyer is not a bad film and the whole shebang is done pretty well, yet with hardly anything memorable in it, and if you have never seen anything like - or exactly like - it before, you will enjoy it; on the other hand, if you haven't been living under a rock you'll probably be watching an over-engineered remake of a dozen films before, and it'l make you very bored very quickly.

It calls itself a thriller but I really wouldn't consider it that, it's a crime drama, referring to this film as a thrilling is making us expect a lot of very intense scenes and some twists and turns throughout, none of that is seen here, it's a very bland story.

All in all this is a thrilling ride and very entertaining.

There may be a few too many twists that are unpredictable.

The good: This old-school courtroom thriller has good casting and acting, and features a fast-moving plot that keeps you on your toes.

This is a slick and an intelligent film that is engrossing and keeps you guessing all the way through.

As a rewatch 07.25.19' remains a great thrilling lawyer drama.

"Lincoln" is flawed but enjoyable and managed to keep my attention through each and every Phillippe assault on my brain.

Thinking it over, McConnaughy as Haller is a more compelling character still, probably because of McConnaughy's ability to manage complexity, plus his subtlety and sense of timing.

While lacking very big name stars, this film is full of character actors that make The Lincoln Lawyer a compelling watch.

I really enjoyed it.

It's another cliché worked into a well made movie with a single actor shining in something close to an Oscar-winning role.

The last thing is some of the movie is predictable if you think about who is going to be involved.

Slow down.....

This one is well worth watching.

Casting was great, performances were surprisingly breathtaking, and the story itself was thrilling and twisted.

It's even sort of repetitive to have McConnaughey as the lead here; he already had the experience of being the Hero in the adaptation of Grisham's A Time to Kill.

The film plays like a glorified episode of a television crime series (say, "Law and Order"), Haller's last act moral quandary is trite and director Brad Furman's input is mostly inept (his shot framing, song choices, prop choices, ode's to blaxploitation, lighting choices, car choice, camera choice etc are all weak), but enough of Connelly's prose shines through, lending the film a cosy quality evocative of past noirs: the sense of a sprawling urban jungle, hardboiled characters, seedy sidekicks, machine gun dialogue, and a rapid-fire narrative which takes us window shopping through LA's social and class strata.

Instead, I found it to be quite entertaining and at least half-way intelligent.

The script is also fairly predictable in some instances and the dialogue can come off as corny at times.

The movie is intense, has interesting twists, and the court room scenes felt authentic.

Having said that, it was "entertaining", I suppose, much in the way that switching on the TV and just watching what comes up is "entertaining".

His sleaziness is entertaining, but his lawyering is smart and intriguing.

Pretty entertaining .

From intense court scenes, to desperation to do what's right, and to drunken rage, McConaughey does it all.

Except here he is in every scene and I was sitting on the edge of my chair the whole time.

I found it to be quite enjoyable despite the script issues and the hey-look-at-me direction.

It wasn't a great movie, but I did find it enjoyable to watch.

It is by know means a by the numbers thriller and is quite gripping at times.

The dialogue is fast and snappy and the other characters along with McConaughey and Macy form an ensemble cast that make this movie run like a tightly wound clock.

It rapidly becomes personal and the stakes are always increasing through convoluted yet entertaining twists.

In fact, it is quite an accomplishment to make a mystery thriller that was generally this entertaining and satisfying without going completely over the top, the way so many of these kind of movies do (such as The Firm, Final Analysis, Just Cause, Guilty as Sin, General's Daughter, and the Ashley Judd films Double Jeopardy and High Crimes).

It made of a compelling courtroom and investigative film, even if it does a little too much legal jargon.

Director Brad Furman takes John Romano's engaging screenplay and presents a picture that's filled with suspense.

It is emotional when it needs to be, funny at the right moments, and filled to the brim with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing throughout the entirety of this phenomenal box office masterpiece that deserves a definite 10.

cars, and intense court scenes.

Handsome, snappy, warm movie--and leading man!

An exciting courtroom drama with great acting and great script .

because I think this movie is worth watching.

No scene comes unexpectedly or suddenly, there is always build up to it and you always know, in a way, what is going to happen next, it's very predictable, there is nothing about the story that stands out and makes it unique from any other crime film.

A couple of quiet spots, and a little bit of overstating the obvious (a la 'CSI'), but otherwise this is a highly entertaining film.

Josh Lucas on the other hand seems extremely uninterested and bored as the prosecutor,appearing to read his lines with the help of a small earpiece.

I liked to be surprised with red herrings, but it was too predictable.

If you are looking for a different kind of movie to kick back to and enjoy the ride, this is a great one and I highly recommend it.

What makes it worth the watch are the court room scenes that people have learned to be fascinated by through TV series.

Imperfect in its final act, but gripping, well-acted, and-like its lead character-slick and meticulous.

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)You gotta love the suave, smart, never quite cocky performance by Matthew McConaughey as a wily defense lawyer in this slightly clever, slightly formulaic movie set in contemporary L.

I have to say that it was pretty entertaining.

The one woman in his life is a common movie cliché, unfortunately, though a useful one--an ex-lover he's still a little in love with, and they once had a child together so there is a tinge of sweetness once or twice.

While, on the surface, The Lincoln Lawyer is a standard crime drama that telegraphs its punches, Mick's personality is so compelling that it takes the film to a different level and renders over-analysis meaningless.

'The Lincoln Lawyer' may be nothing more than an extended Law & Order episode, but it's still highly entertaining.

From 00:30:00 out I was on the edge of my seat, completely bewildered at how anything can be right again.

Although terrific talent lines this film inside and out, the acting merely helps bolster the impressiveness of the gripping story.

The editing was haphazard, to the point that the narrative occasionally became disjointed.

Very nicely done and very enjoyable to will especially like this if you are into or studying criminal justice.

I found it to be an entertaining, faithful interpretation of the book, and am sorry for everyone involved in its creation that it seems to have dropped out of sight immediately after having been released.

It may be the most innocent film to be considered a thriller, but the Lincoln Lawyer is still an enjoyable film mostly because of a very dedicated performance from McConaughey, and I would recommend it as a good drama to watch if you ever see it on television or Netflix and have some time to kill.

The film does deliver a lot of snappy dialogue and intense courtroom scenes.

It was back in 1996 when McConaughey first made his mark in Hollywood with a stunning lead debut in the legal thriller "A Time to Kill", and it seems the years have not dimmed his ability to light up a courtroom.

It's a very engaging and involving suspense thriller full of twists and clever turns.

And although it helps that there are a lot of talented folks in the movie with him, their cache combined just isn't enough to overcome the overwrought, indifferent, cliché-riddled plot.

Not likely, but again entertaining.

But for what it is, this certainly tense spellbinder is workmanlike, likeably acted and engaging.

A courtroom drama fuelled by a thrilling story with plenty of twists and turns.

The remaining cast rises to their level, so we have a cast of professionals giving us a polished and entertaining production.

I enjoyed it.

Matthew McConaughey stunning performance as Mick Haller.

John Romano's Adapted Screenplay, is Gripping, Brisky & Very Convincing.

It's hard to find flaws in the movie, because so many factors help make this thriller movie great including: the solid acting, fitting music, the suspenseful and thrilling storyline, and the legit and intense courtroom scenes.

This film is far more engaging and entertaining than one would have originally presented, as it keeps us the audience engaged in the story and wanting more of each step of the way.

The Licoln Lawyer is a good movie, with a boring cover.

But for what it is, The Lincoln Lawyer is workmanlike, engagingly acted and entertaining.

It leaves too many niggling questions unanswered, and the ending feels disjointed and 'tacked on'.

The movie is pretty enjoyable and the plot unfolds smoothly in a sustained rhythm.

"The Lincoln Lawyer" is an interesting combination of many elements that usually make courtroom dramas a particularly fascinating genre.

a bit inconsistent,meaning the director gives us some great scenes that are very dark,atmospheric,violent and tense in true noir style,only to loose a lot of emotional and suspenseful impact when his direction in a few key scenes feels pretty uninterested,too PG-13 and lifeless,almost TV-movie of the week-like.

A thriller the way we like them, fast pace yet slow to emerge.

The thrilling story line follows Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey), a defense attorney for the rugged low class criminals of California, who rolls up to court in the back of a classic Lincoln Town Car.

Well-worth watching .

A thoughtful ride with characters and intriguing conflicts of innocence and guilt .

All that aside, if you want a straight up entertaining judicial film, this would be a good pick for you.


It's definitely not perfect and certainly not art, but it was very interesting and entertaining.

But this is a congenial movie with a serious plot of crime, enjoyable all the way through, nothing more or less than that.

Although the story itself is a variation of the detective-who-done-it genre, the effective manner in which the story unfolds coupled with the excellent acting makes this story well-worth watching.

There aren't many dull moments in The Lincoln Lawyer,the pace is quick,the score is subtle and effective,the editing solid,you will get your minor share of both predictable and unpredictable twists and the screenplay isn't extremely original but at least feels pretty authentic and only has One plot hole according to me and for a Courtroom thriller year 2011,that's pretty impressive.

There is enough action and behind-the-scene plotting to keep you on the edge of the seat, to keep you guessing and trying to crack the mystery yourself.

I walked out of the theater after seeing this movie with a big ol grin on my face.

Ryan Phillippe is boring as the bad guy.

Rating-8/10The Lincoln Lawyer is a thrilling courtroom drama that serves to give the viewer a mystery and a smartly written and acted film.

Well made, entertaining film with a really compelling story .

Long story short, Mick rides his Lincoln through a twisted and thrilling case that forces him to rethink his past to save himself, his family, and his past clients.

That being said the film is entertaining enough while it lasts and the actors really throw themselves into their roles, despite the clichéd character development.

On his part, director Brad Furman (The Take) keeps the pace of the movie crackling every step of the way, making this as much of a gripping yarn as reading Connelly's novel.

What started as one night of paid pleasure, turned into a night of sexual abuse, confusion, and constant questioning.

I decided to give it a shot, and given my low expectations, I found the movie to be quite entertaining - despite its numerous flaws.

Matthew McConaughey shines in entertaining Lawyer .

The plot line was fantastic and left you on the edge of your seat, the script was enjoyable, with both serious dramatic scenes to funny lines that left the whole theatre laughing.

Matthew McConaughey guarantees himself an Academy Award nomination in this sharp, splendidly enjoyable crime drama .

The plot twists and turns and although perhaps a little contrived and unlikely, ends with some exciting court scenes, character redemption and a reasonable denouement.

Overall though this movie was very enjoyable and interesting and felt like you were involved in the case.

Very Entertaining .

Combine these things with a tight script, brilliant cast with great performances out of all (the ever reliable Macy as his investigator, the ultra MILF Tomei as his ex and prosecutor opposite and Phillippe doing the spoilt rich brat impeccably) and you have a entertaining thriller with a satisfying end.

A solid legal thriller, entertaining without being preachy or too technical .

It may not bring anything new to the table, but it still features a few unexpected twists and turns.

Anyway, still it's really enjoyable just like "Fracture".

I remember seeing a connected performance of his in A Time To Kill, but since then, he has mostly reserved himself to dull romantic comedies....

Macy, John Leguizamo, Marisa Tomei, Bryan Cranston and Michael Pena interjecting from the tangents, the film is intermittently freed from its forced manner by cream-of-the-crop players with a knack for natural, unaffected and all the more compelling delivery.

Cleverly written, suspenseful, some fine dialogues and well acted, 'The Lincoln Lawyer' turned out to have more than I had expected.

Very entertaining, much better than I thought it would be.

With all the mindless action movies with special effects and no story line, it is refreshing to watch a movie that has a plot and good acting and does not have to depend on explosions, gun fights and car chases to keep your attention.