The Lion King (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Drama

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After the murder of his father, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Jon Favreau
Stars: Donald Glover, Beyoncé
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 150 out of 1024 found boring (14.64%)

One-line Reviews (475)

Just a very flat, hollow production, visually beautiful but empty within.

Visually stunning-lovely remake .

Enjoyable .

Very proud of this purchase and I highly recommend it for a family home viewing.

Set aside these imperfections the story is thrilling, sad and joyful just like the orignal.

Music was a bit boring.

If you want to see something new, exciting, with a plot twist, etc...

There are entertaining scenes, wonderful musics and qualified animated visual narration.

It may be because we're in the TV Series era now, and used to slow character and plot build-up that typically goes with it.

This is like watching a talking NatGeo, there are no emotions or whatsoever, the voiceovers/ effects with the visuals are very confusing and have no connection at all since fascial expressions are lacking.

It was bland and soulless.

I was stunned by the quality of the animation and the level of detail displayed, and some of the nature scenes are just breathtaking.

Entertaining .

Total waste of time here.

The Circle of Life scene is breathtaking, I almost teared up.

I only could enjoy the 2D version of the movie, the graphics are nonetheless stunning.

Favreau's version also adds nothing new to The Lion King story besides unnecessary, time-filling exposition, resulting in a dull, oft-times boring viewing experience.

The graphics are just stunning and amazing and I have so much respect for the team behind the visuals and translating this legendary story into "live action".

Overall I've enjoyed it just it doesn't keep up with the cartoon that for me is a full 10 out of 10.

Scar and the hyenas felt more menacing, and the action felt very intense.

Which is truly a shame as they are incredibly talented individuals, Another issue to find with this film is how dull and boring the musical numbers now look.

Making this film hyper real looking exposes two vital downsides of the original - that it has a simplistic story, and cliché and cringey.

This story is intense.

The story is beautiful as always, the visuals are stunning, the acting is good.

Donald Glover couldn't be any more boring as older Simba, he sounds like he's either high or falling asleep.

Flat voices, drawing out scenes that dont need drawn out and cutting short poignant scenes.

I could cry how bad I was.. This was the moment I was actually ready to leave the cinema.

Overall, a disappointing and uninspiring cash grab by Disney.

I was so bored.

Total waste of time and money.

Boring .

Snoozefest, just a blatant pretentious money grub.

It gave me chill all the time and intense emotions for several days.

So you basically have dialogue over well shot animals who do not convey the emotions called for in the script, so the entire production is pretty boring.

The cubs looked awesome, the animals great and the scenery was just breathtaking.

Worst movie I saw in 2019.

They were monotone and there were no natural pauses when there should have been.

Come on Disney and Mr. Favreau, we trusted you and you gave us a bland film.

Visually stunning that's the most important thing to note here.

It was my favorite Disney movie as a kid (and still to this day to be honest) but it was just so bland.

Here it was just lots of boring walking with the classic songs that made the original movie great.

All of the comedic elements of the first one are gone, the hyenas are not fun anymore, they are just cliche genetic villains with no personality.

We really enjoyed it, I get that the animated older version gives the animals more expression.

Boring .

In terms of negatives, you've probably already heard,but the film is pretty bland.

it was so boring i ended up falling to sleep during the screening.

that , but with stunning animations which make it glorious.

Just don't waste your money on a movie that doesn't reflect the amusing and fun part of previous version.

What a waste of time and money!

Visually, the movie is stunning.

This was pointless.

All of which were stunning.

I wouldn't buy it or necessarily choose to see it again but I enjoyed it for what it was in the moment.

To sum up, the movie is entertaining, and it's for sure a turning point in movie technology, as Star Wars or Avatar were before it.

For me, there's simply no reason to ever go back to this one, as it was just boring and not that emotionally driven.

It's was entertaining, wholesome, funny, sad, romantic and action all wrapped into one.

I'm gonna be upfront, tis movie is a prime example of pointless.

This film exists purely to make money, which it has so we shall be treated to more wonderfully dull Disney re-makes.

Very bland expression.

My advice: STICK WITH THE 1994 VERSION, that one is the more entertaining of the two.

The visuals were breathtaking and I was just as invested in the characters as I was with the original movie.

Nevertheless, a very fun, enjoyable and satisfiying experience!


We went as a family to see this at the BFI Imax on Saturday and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

With the likes of Jon Faverau, Donald Glover, Beyonce and James Earl Jones on board, I expected more passion and creativity, and ended up with an empty, soul-less mess.

Hyperrealistic yet boring .

The film is for all the family including the adults, I enjoyed it and I'm 2 years older than England.

The movie is most interesting, engaging, and ultimately successful in the 30-second glimpses where it deviates from the original script and explores new ground-a brief discussion between Scar and Mufasa alluding to the history of their beef, a darker more sinister lead hyena, Nala's slightly hair raising exodus from the pride.

Disney has endless creative potential in its ability to create new films that are both visually stunning and emotionally captivating, especially nowadays with the staggering improvements in visual effects and digital technology.

Now, dont get me wrong it was visually stunning!

Saw Lion King and totally enjoyed it from the start to the finish.


This is a hollow, bland, dull and completely vapid, shameless cash-grab from Disney.


But it's still breathtaking and beautiful, I found myself smiling throughout.

Everything felt bland and dry, and the characters expressed no form of emotion, so you had to go by the tone of the voices alone.

Towards the end even my four year old was bored out of his mind.

Beyonce just overdoes all her lines, and the new song they slotted in, Spirit, was just flat and pointless, even in its two minutes of existence.

Very confusing.

Definitely worth watching on the big screen although may fall flat when released on DVD.

I liked some of the new voice cast better than the originals, and vice versa, but this made for an engaging and interesting reimagining of the beloved film.

Visually stunning .

The fighting was well balanced, and it felt suspenseful with the physics not being out of whack.

Overall, a very good movie, very entertaining, very fun.


Forgettable, slow.

Visually, The Lion King was stunning.

Or it was a predictable storline with nothing exciting.

Favreau's The Lion King has been universally applauded for its stunning effects.

It felt kind of dull.


It was very enjoyable with a few surprises thrown in.

I would rather your movie be laughably bad or really good then it just be forgetful and boring.

Most of the delightful villainy that made Scar so menacing and entertaining in the original is gone (and "Be Prepared" went from my favorite villain song to an embarrassment).

I felt bored the entire time.

Otherwise, this is beautiful, well told and visually stunning movie.

Found this computer-generated remake to be an entertaining on the whole with a few caveats.

It was a waste of money!

But instead, he's quiet, stoic and uninteresting.

The CGI was breathtaking, and for us it was a combination of a great National Geographic documentary combined with a nice story (not too complicated).

Pointless & soulless .

Having Shenzi as an additional antagonist added a sense of tension and darkness which made the movie even more compelling.

This film brought out many emotions out of myself and I definitely enjoyed it.

The best part of the live-action remake involves all the critical action scenes, with the extended showdown between the lions and the hyenas serving as an entertaining example.

In saying that it is a fantastic movie Disney have achieved something so incredible the visuals were stunning and the acting was great.

The animals do not have facial expressions for the most part however this ties in with the realism looked for in the remake and instead emotions are shown through body language and voice acting, it might feel a little odd at first but I really enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time.

The addition to the landscape shots and focus on all creatures great and small was breathtaking to watch and remind us about how precious our planet is.

The visuals were breathtaking and really sucked me into the world that was so perfectly crafted.

While visually stunning, this version of The Lion King loses the charm of the original film.

The style is amazing in this film, visually it looks stunning with some of the best CGI that you are gonna see in any film around, plus the use of colour is really important in this film and the story of the film.

Visually stunning and no substance .

He's now a generic villain who makes you yawn.

I just enjoyed it.

Stunning and hearty .

I don't know why this film is getting so many bad reviews, we took our two children to see it today and all really enjoyed it.

The voices in the original were all unique and brimming with character, but many voices in this 2019 version were simply bland and forgettable.

I walked out of the theater less than an hour into the movie - something I almost never do.

It's a big waste of money and time.

Simply Stunning .

In addition, or as a result of, the voice acting feels bored and uninspired.

A Waste of time and money.

Boring .

I was bored and wondering how time will pass watching a wildlife documentary which I already know the plot!

Save your money, go watch something else.

Plays a bit like a nature documentary with stunning graphics and soundtrack.

This interpretation of The Lion King quite simply isn't as exhilarating, funny, or as headily enjoyable.

In a nutshell, emotionless but visually stunning.

It's almost scene for scene and word for word exactly the same as the original, which seems entirely pointless.

Visually stunning and sets the bar for animation, it feels like a David attanbourgh documentry.

But here, the lions sort of look the same in every shot, even when something really intense or scary is happening.

However, while I am not a fan of Disney's reliance on remaking past films for guaranteed profits, the beauty of "The Lion King" is too breathtaking to resist.

It's nothing like the animation one obviously but in its on way, it's enjoyable.

It was majestic, entertaining, technically superb and certainly had its moments.

The singing numbers are overall bad choreographed and plain dull because of this photorealism.

So, it looked like a Nat Geo nature documentary with dialogue and occasional singing, which, got a little boring at times.

CGI was amazing, they looked so real, still cry when mufasa dies, I really enjoyed it, the only down side was the casting for the voices they could of picked better.

Honestly, I wanted to see this film in theatres, because I knew the CGI was going to be stunning, and 50-foot screens really deliver on that end.

Worth watching!

It isn't bad, its just bland.

They were not only the most freshest part of the movie, but also the most entertaining.

Beyonce's Nala overall was very bland.

The Lion King was an amazing movie, with a breathtaking cinematography, best visuals ever in a Disney movie, and you could see they had worked in every single detail in how the animals looked and acted to make it as realistic as possible, and without taking the charm and heart out of it.

I still think its a rather pointless exercise, particularly in this case where there is no human cast.

But I really enjoyed it .

That said, the cgi is absolutely breathtaking and Timon and Pumbaa are the only aspects of the film that are nearly as good as the original.

A waste of time and money .

The previous, coupled with the lack of facial expressions from the photo-realistic animals, made the film feel hollow and dull.

I found it emotionally engaging & the final battle scene between Simba & Scar was truly thrilling.

Or just bored one day!

Amazing and worth watching!

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What a waste of time!!

Her voice acting is flat and dull, robotic even.

He is meant to be powerful and awe inspiring.

Almost all the characters felt fake because they showed the same bland emotion in every scene.

Gorgeous, of course, but I missed the deep and bassy beat of ecstacy, of rawness, of drama gripping you right in the stomach.

The Lion King 2019 delivers a breathtaking visual spectacle with a lot of respect for the 1994 original.

Songs are OK, but fight in end is too long.

The visuals were stunning, the music was still good, and the animals were all so cute.

First, the technology used to create such realistic looking animals is completely mind blowing.

So while visually stunning - I mean, the CGI is truly masterful in this movie - the overall voice acting failed to carry the emotions and story that is so near and dear to my heart.

Definitely worth watching .

Waste of time .

My younger siblings who didn't watch the original yet , didn't want to complete the movie to its end, Its Very BAD and you shouldn't waste your money or time on a disappointment like this.

The CGI is mind blowing mind blowing .

I was pretty bored the whole time.

Next are the song sequence paired with bland facial expressions.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I prefer the original animated one, but this was still very entertaining!

It was like looking at real animals and nature, stunning.

Enjoyed it .

Instead of the epic piece from the original that underscored the emotion of "coming of age/accepting ones responsibility/accepting who you are" really well, they used a super lame "spirit" song.

The thing that vexed me was Scar who looks like he has been subjected to intensive shock therapy and was forced to work in the sewers before being in the film.

The voice acting sounded like audition reading, flat, monotone as if this was a first reading .

A good thing that they did was how Simba got back on the edge by biting scars face instead magically leaping back on it like in the original one.

It was cruel, boring and a very bad example for children.

I give this movie a 5 because the stunning animation and effects.

The Lion King 2019 can be compared to an unsharpened pencil, as in they're both pointless.

A very beautiful, but utterly confusing mess.

After seeing mufasa's ghost dialog was gone I was ready to leave the cinema.

Now, having seen this film with family and friends, I will happily admit that this latest remake is very entertaining if the audience are willing to forget about the original for two hours and let the visuals draw you in.

It's just a cold, pointless remake that some will enjoy due to recognising certain shots which will trigger nostalgia.

Once Upon A Time was such a great movie, fun and gripping and surprisingly laugh-out-loud hilarious, and then to go into this movie, which just undid everything the original did, killed my buzz and made me sit there in stunned silence for the majority of the movie, pondering what the original filmmakers could have done to deserve this treatment.

The photography was stunning, the 'live action' CGI was flawless, and the 'speaking' aspects were very naturalistic.

Dull with a dark undertone .


After 30 minutes I walked out of the theater!

Worth the watch!

CGI is Stunning.

My six year old grand daughter fell asleep watching this, certainly not a movie I will be recommending to anyone.

Movie is worth the watch .


As an added bonus, Billy has a stunning singing voice.

The original is still the best but I really enjoyed it.

The visuals are stunning and harken back to an Africa that existed before humans decimated its population of amazing wildlife.

The audio was way too bad that it made the movie cringy and unwatchable.


Not being a fan of the original or the story which I read to my child many times, I have to say I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it.

What exciting is I've watched this in Danish language.

On a positive note, the CGI was breathtaking!

However, if the musical number is not so, then it just looks bland and uninteresting to watch.

First of all, this film is stunning.

Watchable but pointless remake .

I felt so bored, sleepy and the ending was not effective.

Pretty to look at, but completely pointless.

It was kind of boring to watch them sometimes.

Stunning visuals same story .

All the actors breathed life into their characters through evocative voice work.

The changes I saw were small but pretty enjoyable.

It had none of its power or maliciousness, nor any of its strong wartime reflections, and felt lazy and bland.

They looked so empty...

The big death, which is supposed to be the most emotional moment in the movie, left me with a bored, ho hum straight face.

The music is the only good thing - turn off the music and the movie is an empty black hole.

An enjoyable film.

But, as far as emoting and engaging the audience in the story, it just fails completely.

The visuals of this movie were stunning.

Visually I personally felt privileged to watch such a stunning coming together of effects with the voice overs.

As much as I didn't think this story worked well in "live-action" (quote-on-quote), the backgrounds and animals are stunning to look at.

Boring with great visual effect .

Absolutely Stunning .

I fell asleep twice in this.

The cinematography is stunning and effects mind blowing.

The lack of colour and drab, realism of this movie brought some of the more problematic themes in this movie to the forefront.

Great effects but empty feelings.

The final battle is intense.

Overall I found it very enjoyable and loved the subtle humor throughout.

Good work from jon favreau All the animals looks real I enjoyed it from start to finish briljant

The entire closing act when Simba returns to Pride Rock is stunning.

Simba really has his coming of age moments and grows to be the king he was supposed to be.

I really don't get the negative reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed it from the moment it started.

And Beyoncé's song "Spirit" gets repetitive and I can't seem to feel any deeply emotional meaning in her song compared to the song "Circle of Life".

Indeed boring and totally crap .

But I felt compelled to say how pointless this film was.

Its sweet, entertaining and great adaption of Lion King.

Visually stunning.

Like many I've known have said, its creation is so pointless other than for nostalgia inducing money.

The music too was again stunning (thanks Hans Zimmer!


Enjoyable, does not deserve all the hate .

I read the reviews before I went to see the new Lion King and was seriously surprised how much I enjoyed it.


The film was absolutely stunning.

Basically it's the exact same film except with stunning CGI.

I am impressed by how much CGI has been developed but it was the first time ever I've wanted to walk out of the theater during a movie.

My 8-year-old son feels boring to see the film.

The film in itself was visually stunning, and the animation was brilliant.

At one point I was questioning where I have ever been more bored.

It's so safe that it's boring.

Stunning visual .

Soo, a lot of people seem to put hate on this new movie, but I actually really enjoyed it.

Save your money and watch the original

But overshadowed by magnificent piece of work of CGI and VFX and lots of comedy and enjoyable melody, the film hardly ever felt boring and therefore, making it one perfect treat for the kids or even family.

Yet remove the unquestionably stunning visuals from the equation, and what's left is a shameless re-skin of the original masterpiece, executing everything with a bizarre sense of confident mediocrity.

The original one was more gripping as well as hilarious.

Visually, the film is stunning and the music is great too.

In the end, The Lion King (2019) was somewhat pointless, and even though there is much missed potential when it comes to this Disney retelling, all we can truly say to make things better is that it could have been worse.

It was just a bland remake with all the good jokes and colerful parts cut out.

To my surprise, it is much better than I expected, the film is as entertaining and touching as the original, that together with the amazing CGI and music, I give it an 8.

But not a bad movie, it s worth watching.

While the stunning imagery wasn't quite enough to win me over completely, they created a truly remarkable film experience.

Flat and very robotic sounding with the majority of the characters speaking much slower than is natural in my opinion.

Uninteresting .

Nothing against nature documentaries, however the decision to go into freakishly detailed animation takes away the energy and heart of the original, leaving us with a soulless and dull feature film filled with characters who cannot display any kind of emotion.

All thats good about it is the CGI hi-def vfx, other than that, the movie is a bore.

Beautiful but empty.

Visually stunning for sure.

It just felt empty.

Despite coasting with the story, I personally found this to be engaging.

It was okay but felt very empty .

The Lion King (2019) was an amazing stunning visual masterpiece, I loved the characters and all the acting.

I walked out of the movie feeling empty and lifeless.

The visual effects are purely stunning!


Byoncé (God bless the queen) is a phonemal performer, but as a voice actor, she only dragged Nala's presence down to hell.

For me, the word that keeps floating to the top of these live action remakes is "pointless".


This was the first remake that I left the theater without being just amazed and excited with what I had just watched (unlike Aladdin, which is OMG amazing).

This film brings neither, and because of that, this is, easily, the most pointless film of the summer.


You could watch this film merely for the stunning scenery of Africa's foliage and the scenes where the Lions really did roar.

Chiwetel Ejiofor just chanted it and it was boring.


The voice actors are alright, but inferior to the ones from the original film and even James Earl Jones sounds bored throughout most of his screen time.

Without the comparison, the movie is beautiful and the story is gripping.

A pointless remake with none of the charm of the original.

When I walked out of the theater I basically summed it up with my own one word description...

This movie is also visually absolutely stunning.

Even the kids in the cinema last night were wondering around bored, distracted and fidgeting, because the film has nothing to offer.

making the same thing is boring.

Cons Same story Pointless Same score as the 1994 version Mufassa's death didn't have me emotionally invested at all as like I said in my first con its the exact same as the animated one.

The film in a while was a good watch, entertaining with some good voice acting in parts, and fantastic CGI.

What it lacked in creativity story-wise, it compensated with a stunning exhibition of the great power of modern CGI.

So many of my favourite one-liners and jokes have been replaced with bland, instantly forgettable lines.

I believe that Disney is making a bold choice with re creating classics, yet they probably apart from wanting some extra cash, are doing this to make younger viewers look at these classics while at the same time trying to compete withother more action packed superhero movies.

Because of this, I was able to predict everything and I just got bored.

This works for when he kills mufasa because you hate hate him, but it makes any scene with him boring or uncomfortable.

I was looking forward to it, but I enjoyed it far more than I was expecting.

I think feeling emotions is more intense that seeing them.

Favreau removes these very elements in the remake, making this a drab looking film bereft of colour, with the animals having no emotional core, and adds atrocious remixes of the classic songs.

Visually, it is stunning.

I didn't find it boring at all even though most of the comments said so and most importantly, it was worth watching it at the theatre.

"The Lion King" remake is a remake too breathtaking to resist .

And when we got back to the theater I was like: now I can relax wind down and watch a fun, entertaining, good movie and what I got was a stupid, dumb, corporate mess.

Like the voice actors just sounded boring like they weren't trying to be real.

Very good voice cast, visually stunning - so photo realistic you could imagine this was a nature documentary although the very heavy CGI also resulted in limited character expression.

The song 'Spirit' by Beyoncé is the most boring song ever.

Lion King 2019 was a waste of time.

Everything else just felt empty, cut and paste and the voice acting was just not there for me.

I wouldn't recommend this movie for children too young, so parents beware, as parts are too scary/intense, show them the original first for sure.

As if they were bored and suddenly someone said hey!

"It's exactly like the original, nothing new" "It's nothing like the original, they took so many important parts"I think we can figure out the origin of bad reviews, ridiculous expectations, and inconsistency, as all sources of badThe movie is stunning, technically, and the story is what you saw when you were a kid, with a slight pinch of realism.

Don't waste your money seeing this in the theatre, wait for it to come out to rent or watch for free.

Very boring and unoriginal, even though it was a remake.

The visuals are obviously what they spent all their money on, because the pacings horrendous, the body language and facial expressions portrayed by realistic lions is dull and unmemorable, and the casting was the worst I've ever seen (Except for John Oliver, he did a good job).

I think the original was better but this version was also pretty enjoyable in its own way.

Flat, emotionless, drawn-out cash cow .

Got taken by my friend to see it, had somewhat if an open mind to it but oh God, it felt like 3 hours if watching nothing happen.

First of all this movie is visually impressive-the landscapes are breathtaking and the animals look incredibly realistic (though when comparing establishing shots I'm not sure that the African sunset of the live-action remake outshines that of the original).

Even in the scenes where he partakes, he's bland-out.

It is a wonderful movie that had me on the edge of the seat constantly and definitely definitely watch it on the big screen as long as it is still there.

We really enjoyed it .

It was like they were on their hundreth take and they'd gotten bored.

Visually stunning and thoroughly enjoyable

Bland and Empty .

this remake is like an old cornflakes packet in comparison, dry lifeless and boring, expressionless and deprived of everything that made the original great, don't bother watching it, your only waste your money, and your time.

First part felt like documentary movie and did bore me a little.

The direction was dull.

You watch it for the stunning animation.

The singing felt rushed and not thought through, and Beyonce over sang everything, making it hard to follow.

Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen provide fairly good performances as Timon and Pumbaa, and the graphics (CGI) are needless to say breathtaking.

So freaking BORING!

Some parts are directly taken from the animation, some parts are changed; voice acting is better than I expected, camera work and CGI is incredible and together they form an enjoyable movie.

That was a waste of time.

The former review titles described it all: no soul, shocking flat, and boring.

They killed the songs Absolutely soulless remake The only saving grace is Seth Rogan He is a fantastic lift to the film but not enough I went with a hope that the bad reviews were wrong, but I was bored willing the film to finish The animation is amazing except in animal fight scenes where somehow it just doesn't work

And then I heard Disney made the film thirty minutes longer than the original and it was pointless and made the movie more boring.

Breathtaking on many levels!

Visually stunning, emotional flatline.

The set up is as predictable as it gets - good king, scheming brother, naive prince, what could possible go wrong.

A pointless, emotionless, rushed mimic.

I was prepared to cry like a child while watching the movie that defined my childhood but walked out of the cinema feeling disappointment and a desire to go and watch the original one.

The visual effect of this film was as stunning as you can get.

After the torture of sitting through 2019 Aladdin as well as Dumbo, I actually at first refused to see this remake of The Lion King, mostly because the original is a near masterpiece, to many as well as myself, and watching it as a kid religiously, it seemed completely pointless remaking such a fantastic film that hasn't aged a day.

If you want to see amore visually stunning lion King, go see this and enjoy it.

Overall, this film was very enjoyable and for somebody who was born the same year the original film was released in 1994, and having watched it since I could walk and talk, this was a treat, and a relief for me considering the other critics giving it a hard time.

But the film is a little flat and here's why: 1, Voice acting is monotone, forced and devoid of genuine emotion (except Seth Rogen).

Very boring if you've seen the original.

I believe that they did a phenomenal job in achieving that, even though I knew what was coming, the scenes were so intense that it had me on the edge of my seat a lot of the time.

Expect a truly 🌠 ENCHANTING comedic voice acting 'performance-in-TANDEM': from the completely ADORABLE Billy Eichner's 'Timon The Meerkat' & the EQUALLY Engaging Seth Rogen's 'Pumbaa The Warthog' .

The opening scenes were stunning, both visually and audibly, and a deep sense of joy and wonder swept through my being as I awaited to see the reimagining of a childhood favourite movie.

Gorgeously pointless.


Either way, minus Beyoncé, very entertaining & visually stunning.

The Lion King reboot is nothing but a tired, lazy film that totally misses everything that made the original so enjoyable.

It has little to no identity, because it's, again, literally the same movie as the original, but nowhere near as entertaining.

Besides the first third or so of the film, which is mostly a formulaic and tonely unstable retelling of the original, the film does prove to be at least mildly entertaining, and there is plenty of interest to be seen by the beautiful and undeniably realistic views it provides.

Few films are as widely recognized and celebrated as the original "Lion King," for its stunning animation and creative heartfelt story was a wonderful combination that audiences of all ages could marvel at.

Timone, once funny and full of character, felt flat and one sided, while Pumba was just used for potty humor and as relief for Timones boring character.

Like any live band, it was enjoyable.

Movie is very much entertaining mainly to kids.

) Simba as a cub was barely distinguished from Nala, which made for some confusing segments when they weren't talking (like in the elephant graveyard.

Overall, everything new added to the movie just felt like a way to show off, or get a positive reaction, even if what was being shown wasn't anything too extraordinary, and came off as Pretentious.


Disney makes visually stunning things most of the time and they did the same with this movie as well.

Scar was boring .

" When Mufasa dies, it's just as sad as the first movie and the full stampede scene is so intense, it invests you more emotionally.

Visually stunning, shame about the voice acting .

And despite the stunning visuals, beautiful songs and great actors, this one just felt pretty flat almost throughout.

I would say it is better than the original one, I was on the edge of my seat and even gasped when Mufasa was hit by one of the wildebeest.

What an emotionless, flat, monotonic, expressionless, terrible, and boring remake.

Seen it in 4Dx and just really enjoyed it .

I´ll summarize it for you with a box: ( )An empty box, this is exactly how this horrible piece of remake felt, like nothing.

For the most part the music tracks were glorious (especially any songs with Donald Glover) but I actually didn't like any of the songs with Beyonce in them, they all sounded too bland and boring.


Worse piece of garbage ever don't waste your money

My little brother (7 years old) told me after the movie that he enjoyed it much more that the cartoon one.

When I saw it, I enjoyed it, it had all the classic songs and the memorable moments, the humor and the movie generally mixed well, and the graphics were amazing.

Because of that I got drawn out of a lot of scenes.

It's just so boring and a disgrace to the original.

Pros: Visuals, Timon, Scar and ZazooCons: Bland retelling, poor casting of leads, Seth Rogan, loaded with cringy & overproduced song remakes, mindless adherence to original scenes thst clashes horribly with attempted at visual realism.

All in all, I enjoyed it.

Everything was just really disappointing, and instead of being warm, heartfelt and emotional like the original, this remake had a darker undertone and was dull the whole way through.

Best visuals ever in a Disney Movie, I really enjoyed it.

The script and dialogue felt like it couldn't make up its mind whether to stick to the original script or go in a new direction, making the flow feel rushed and confusing.

Again, Ejiofor's complete lack of investment in his performance completely hurts the song, and the decision to take one of the greatest Disney villain songs of all time and transform it into something so quiet and powerless is mind boggling.

I enjoyed it!

Animated movie from over 20 years ago is great, but this new version is definitely worth watching.

Everything seemed dull.

This film is absolutely boring and lifeless compared to the fantastic original.

You can see the same even at their parks, like on the Finding Nemo ride, the queue is more exciting than the actual ride *The music just falls flat.

trust me I know animators still worked hard on it but the original was taking a risk, it was something new and exciting and at the time no one knew if it would do good or not!

Where Jeremy Irons' original performance was intriguing in a Tony Hopkins as Hannibal Lechter sort of way Ejiofor is flat (both figuratively and literally.

As someone who hasn't seen the lion King before, I found it pretty enjoyable but there were some dull scenes here and there, overall would recommend

The hyena scenes are much more intense than Whoopie Goldberg.

So emotional, intense and full of love, learning, power and dreams!!!!

Utterly pointless.

In summary, watching this movie is a complete waste of time and money when there's a much better movie out there that is completely identical.

Visually stunning emotionally lacking .

Besides that, though, this film just felt pointless.

The film has a very slow pace and it is a bit hybrid: animals acting like animals and then suddenly have humane emotions.

Really can't complain, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But the visuals was stunning.

The comedy was simple - they took a joke that was in the original film and ran with it until it literally wasn't funny anymore, until it dragged the initial smile off my face itself.

I thought the voice acting with John Oliver and Seth Rogen was great and it's worth watching if only because it's the list fully CGI live-action movie.

Lifeless and dull .

The CGI is seamless and breathtaking.


It could have worked if the acting was better but between the boring performances and lack of facial expressions, some of the most emotional scenes were just empty.

A remake that's definitely worth watching .

I went to see this on opening day and while it felt predictable, I enjoyed it.

I expected so much out of a remake of one of the greatest animated films ever created, and what I got was emotionless performances, bland characters, Beyonce being terrible (so, in other words, being herself), and giraffe poop.

Waste of time, money grab .

Really enjoyable .

I found this remake quite boring and lacking excitement.

It's so boring, the focus has been so much on keeping this photo realistic, that everything else has been forgotten about.

The plot was still entertaining to watch and with visuals that amazing it's hard not to watch.

The story is goof, delivering the mix of drama and humour that would be expected in this film, however, like the majority of these Disney rermakes the film is quite formulaic and it is noticeable in this film that it is very similar to the original film.

Instead I was treated to fundamentally altered key scenes, down right neglect of key characters, pointlessly altered dialogues, and bland expressions.!SPOILERS!

Kids enjoyed it!

Visually Stunning .

The same story + CG + blandness = pointless .

Don't waste your time or money.

The movie has stunning visuals.

Lazy and dull.

Indeed, the visuals were stunning, life-like, and I'd pay handsomely to visit one of those paradise locations in real life.

The visuals are stunning and the script is almost the same as the original which is good.

Save your money and don't bother with the theater.

First of all, the graphics really are breathtaking.

The originals will always be better then remakes because you can't reproduce charm, but it came close and it was an enjoyable watch.

Overall, I'm glad I went to see it and my kid enjoyed it well enough.

It's a stunning movie which I think should be seen on the big screen first where the amazing and breathtaking scenes from the movie can be fully enjoyed and appreciated.

My neice & nephew (6 & 4 yo) got bored & restless as were other children in the theatre.

But the story, zzzzzz.

The songs were a bore, storytelling tell anticlimactic, and acting was mediocre.

But, there are some pros: -Timon and Pumbaa are hilarious -Hyenas are awesome -Soundtrack is amazing and intense and songs are sung wellAside from that, the film completely lacked emotion and was a shot-by-shot remake of the original.

Emotional, Enjoyable and risk-taking .

You can fall asleep on your couch instead of in the theatre.

My husband and I took our 8 year old and her friend and really enjoyed it - WAY more than the original!

We really enjoyed it, I get that the animated older version gives the animals more expression.

Me and my son went to see it today and we both enjoyed it.

The songs were boring because once again, emotion was lacking; Beyonce's song made no sense because it simply didn't match the rest of the score, and her rendition of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" was cringe-worthy.

The animation was stunning and certainly the highlight of the movie.

Really enjoyable .

Utterly pointless remake.

A Lifeless, Pretentious Throwback .

However it was dull in some areas that, had I not watched the original, may have been a little bleh.

In the original, the characters would not only have expressions that were easy to understand, but the film had great dynamic shots that added an impact when you saw something intense happening to the characters or when something tragic occurs in the film.

Bored .

However, Favrea's remake was really disappointing and to be honest, quite pointless.

Speaking of, voice actors are so cliche and some of them didn't even match the characters except the monkey.

The "live-action" lion king is one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

Unnecessary and a waste of time especially since from the get go it was set up for failure, as it would never have bested the original.

They all felt very bland and monotone.

I was expecting this to be at least decent, but in the end, this is below average at best, and for it to be a Disney film, I can't help but feel like Disney really needs to up their game with these remakes, because they're starting to wear out their welcome with how samey and pointless they are to their animated counterparts.

Visually stunning .

"Aladdin" this year was not very good, but there were parts that I thought were enjoyable enough.

Despite what everybody says about this film I really enjoyed it.

Bland and uninspired .

The animation is gorgeous and yes some of the voices seem a little odd over live animation but it was worth watching.

Disappointment and a little bit boring and by the way National Geographic is better

The CGI is just stunning and I was entertained during the entire movie.

The cinema I was in had heaps of laughs, I thought Rogen and Eisner were great as Timon and Pumba, Donald and Queen Bey were pretty decent, scar was a menacing villain, overall I actually really enjoyed it.

Save your money, and watch the original.

The visuals are just stunning.

The CGI was breathtaking, and for us it was a combination of a great National Geographic documentary combined with a nice story (not too complicated).

Stunning CGI very impressive indeed.

This film was so boring, it had no emotion.

Scar's voice just wasn't menacing enough for me he was no Jeremy Irons I can tell you that, everything seemed rush, the scene when Mufasa gets thrown off the cliff by scar when he utters the word "long live the king" when Irons done it, it was slow, dark, scary like when the new actor does it, it's literally like they're having a normal conversation.

Beyoncé - } 'Nala The Lioness', & the truly masterful Chiwetel Ejiofor's UTTERLY 'Malign Uncle Scar' delivered their THOROUGHLY-enjoyable ( - & virtually flawless - ) dramatic performances with sheer sang-froid ~ & ~ A P L O M B 💎 .

But I gave it 7 'cause -1 for it's predictable story, -1 for action, -1 for slow and short plot.

Pointless .

Maybe I'm a sucker for nostalgia, but this was boring and bland to me compared to the original.

Great CGI, story not bad, but boring and not as funny as the 1st Lion King.

It was stunning and believable.