The Lion King (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Drama

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After the murder of his father, a young lion prince flees his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and bravery.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Jon Favreau
Stars: Donald Glover, BeyoncΓ©
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 149 out of 1000 found boring (14.9%)

One-line Reviews (413)

β€œ Expect a truly 🌠 ENCHANTING comedic voice acting 'performance-in-TANDEM': from the completely ADORABLE Billy Eichner's 'Timon The Meerkat' & the EQUALLY Engaging Seth Rogen's 'Pumbaa The Warthog' .

β€œ Best visuals ever in a Disney Movie, I really enjoyed it.

β€œ After seeing mufasa's ghost dialog was gone I was ready to leave the cinema.

β€œAll in all, the cinematography was epic but the story lacked heart due to underwhelming voice acting and bland musical numbers.

β€œ There's no soul, it's boring, and it's politically correct for today's children as they've got to be sensitive to feelings and all.

β€œ BORING...!!. .

β€œ You can hear it in their voices, it just sounds genuine, while in this movie many of the songs are so over the top and pretentious you can't stand it, simba in particular.

β€œ Much worse than original and altogether BORING .

β€œ A less than average remake, it is boring to the way I was guessing who are the actors behind the voices!!!!

β€œWhat was most striking about the animated version, apart from the emotion expressed by the animated characters was the fact that the voice acting was brilliantly executed and exciting.

β€œ "The lion king" is really worth watching, Little lion is really cute,the little lion king, in the company of many enthusiastic friends, experienced the most difficult challenge to become the king of the forest.

β€œ Everything about the 2019 version I found a total bore, it was so dark in parts, watching it at home at day time was almost impossible.

β€œ Definitely worth watching on the big screen although may fall flat when released on DVD.

β€œ All in all, where the original basked in the rich imagery, limitless creativity, magical flair & pure escapism that the medium of animation provides, this visually striking yet emotionally bland & imaginatively bankrupt retelling offers a cinematic ride that can only be summed up as unforgivably cringeworthy.

β€œ I went to see this on opening day and while it felt predictable, I enjoyed it.

β€œ But this movie has much of the charm of the original in the story telling combined with CG artistry that is absolutely stunning.

β€œ The visuals were stunning, the music was still good, and the animals were all so cute.

β€œ It's slow and frankly just boring.

β€œ It was cruel, boring and a very bad example for children.

β€œ Echoing other reviews.. so empty.

β€œ Stunning.

β€œ I was looking forward to it, but I enjoyed it far more than I was expecting.

β€œVisually I personally felt privileged to watch such a stunning coming together of effects with the voice overs.

β€œ Gorgeous, of course, but I missed the deep and bassy beat of ecstacy, of rawness, of drama gripping you right in the stomach.

β€œ Family and I enjoyed It very much.

β€œ The animation was pretty good too, but overall its not the best movie ever made, it is worth the experience of seeing it, but the original animated movies are much more entertaining.

β€œ If the original animation left me bored rigid, this one's a step up in the right direction.

β€œ As it is unchanged from the original, I have no problems with the story, though the second act was duller than I recall.

β€œ The best part of the live-action remake involves all the critical action scenes, with the extended showdown between the lions and the hyenas serving as an entertaining example.

β€œ This scene was intense and had feeling to it in the original.

β€œ My six year old grand daughter fell asleep watching this, certainly not a movie I will be recommending to anyone.

β€œ Stunning visual with some amazing background score make this film worth watching.

β€œ And then I heard Disney made the film thirty minutes longer than the original and it was pointless and made the movie more boring.

β€œ Also the little rodents that are added into the Hakuna Matata scene are just a waste of time.

β€œ And many that do fail to achieve the goal of being both a story with some meat on it and entertaining at the same time.

β€œ Bland and uninspired .

β€œTimon and pumbaa was just awful, and I usually love seth rogan in almost everything he does but both of those voices and dialog was just not right, probably the most boring and annoying characters in the movie, a complete 180 from being some of the most entertaining and lovable characters in the cartoon.

β€œ I will skip this boring remake and forget it ever existed and just get the soundtrack which is the only thing I liked about this film.

β€œ The characterisations are empty; as two-dimensional as the cartoons themselves and no amount of sound effects and shouty-singing can bring them to life.

β€œ For many, the soundtrack, emotions, and even the script has been so etched into our skins that this remake had become pointless.

β€œ Good CGI, horrendous direction, pointless scenes and rambles about feminism and women empowerment in what's supposed to be a movie for children, abbreviated songs, butchered characters, no service to nostalgia and debatably bad voice acting.

β€œ I found it boring and am writing this review as I'm watching it.

β€œ Visually stunning animals that makes you wonder how they did it.

β€œ It's just so boring and a disgrace to the original.

β€œ This led to a significant lack of attachment to the characters and in turn, boredom throughout the film.

β€œOverall it definitely missed some key critical points and all the voice actors (yes, all) sound completely hollow and bored.. it is almost a perfect storm of missed opportunities that culminated in a snore fest that will haunt my dreams for years to come.

β€œMy advice: STICK WITH THE 1994 VERSION, that one is the more entertaining of the two.

β€œ It feels bland and lacking.

β€œ The film was absolutely stunning.

β€œ The remaining characters do okay, but still feel kinda bland.

β€œ Feel so empty .

β€œ I know the story, but 10 minutes-in, I was bored.

β€œ I am astonished how they made such a great movie with beautiful visuals into such a boring bland mess with ugly visuals that shows no emotion and also shows why talking animals shouldn't exist in real life.

β€œ Despite what everybody says about this film I really enjoyed it.

β€œ The visuals were breathtaking and I was just as invested in the characters as I was with the original movie.

β€œ So why is a visually stunning, breathtaking even, new version so terrible?

β€œ Amazing visuals, pretentious acting .

β€œ Absolutely Stunning .

β€œ I give this version of The Lion King '3 Stars' for looking fantastic but i only give it a rating for its visual effects.. the actual film was completely boring, flat, had no entertainment value, stagnant, emotionless performances and awful versions of the classic songs...

β€œ Watched it this week and found it really enjoyable!

β€œ Good work from jon favreau All the animals looks real I enjoyed it from start to finish briljant

β€œTo start, I would like to thank the CGI team for the stunning visual effects.

β€œ It has an effect that makes the film thrilling for the most part.

β€œ I'm not going into details, this was bad, Lion King was unbelievable and outstanding as a kid and each time you re-watch it you would notice some detail that would make you appreciate it even more it was magic, but this, this is my worst movie for 2019.

β€œ This story is intense.

β€œThe biggest issue is the fact that Disney opted for ultra realistic CGI and anatomically correct animals, which results in all of the characters exhibiting the same, dull, emotionless gaze in every single scene.

β€œ Scar seemed like he was reading a script and bored himself and just played along to get paid.

β€œ However, this version is entertaining in it's own way.

β€œ The stunning visual effects are breathtaking, especially with that famous opening scene!

β€œ Really enjoyable .

β€œ Favreau's version also adds nothing new to The Lion King story besides unnecessary, time-filling exposition, resulting in a dull, oft-times boring viewing experience.

β€œHonestly, I wanted to see this film in theatres, because I knew the CGI was going to be stunning, and 50-foot screens really deliver on that end.

β€œ The songs are boring and the nice images tell a story without soul.

β€œ This Mufasa is kinda boring, he just has a "yeah, whatever" tone about him.

β€œ The actors spoke in a monotone manner.

β€œ An interesting take, but just a bland copy of the original .

β€œA good thing that they did was how Simba got back on the edge by biting scars face instead magically leaping back on it like in the original one.

β€œ Every inch of the atmosphere, the setting, the backdrop looks stunning!

β€œ Songs are OK, but fight in end is too long.

β€œI'm only giving it two stares because the visuals are truly stunning, and that deserves some sort of recognition.

β€œ trust me I know animators still worked hard on it but the original was taking a risk, it was something new and exciting and at the time no one knew if it would do good or not!

β€œ Anyhow, the filmmakers still ruin the enjoyable humor with them.

β€œ The most exciting paragraph of the story is the moment when Lion King Mufasa died, the film controlled the sound, atmosphere and emotions quite well.

β€œ A pointless, emotionless, rushed mimic.

β€œ Indeed boring and totally crap .

β€œEither way, minus BeyoncΓ©, very entertaining & visually stunning.

β€œ A warm retelling with stunning visuals .

β€œ Because of this, this was one of the most boring and predictable films I've seen in recent memory.

β€œ Soo, a lot of people seem to put hate on this new movie, but I actually really enjoyed it.


β€œ A surprisingly funny, touching and intense live action remake!

β€œ Visually stunning for sure.

β€œ Lion King 2019 flavour quite enjoyable for the new kids to learn about this story.

β€œ The delivery of the lines was incredibly bland (like absolutely no emotion) the songs were flat, the way they sung the songs was way too extra and the some of the best dialogue from the original is missing.

β€œ Flat and very robotic sounding with the majority of the characters speaking much slower than is natural in my opinion.

β€œ Easily one of the Top 5 WORST movies ever.

β€œ As the tittle says, visually is really a masterpiece, but other then that is so empty...

β€œ The CG is stunning...

β€œ My kids were excited to see this because of the cartoons then disappointment and confusion set in when they questioned if this was the same playful story about a lion coming of age or a National Geographic story about Africa with a couple songs.

β€œDevoid of heart, soul & creativity that made the original an undisputed masterpiece for all ages, this repugnant reiteration is a vomit-inducing version that sure looks pretty on the surface but is empty from within right down to the bottom.

β€œ Of course, I saw the movie expecting it to be a money grab, but decided to give it a chance anyway, at the very least, it'll be entertaining, right?

β€œ The songs are boring.

β€œ Something of a technical achievement, with the scenery being breathtaking in every sense ("Circle of Life" being a notable example) and the characters (excepting their eyes needing more expression) blend very realistically in a way where one gets the sense that this was a nature documentary.

β€œ The scenery was breathtaking.

β€œ One Word: boring .

β€œ The technology to make this movie is stunning.

β€œ Just don't waste your money on a movie that doesn't reflect the amusing and fun part of previous version.

β€œSave your money, go watch something else.

β€œ But I really enjoyed it.

β€œThe other thing straight from the start is that this is a very slow movie.

β€œ It just felt empty.

β€œ A tolerable, but ultimately pointless remake .

β€œ It was boring and indescribable flat.

β€œThe only things I genuinely enjoyed about this movie were James Earl Jones' reprisal of Mufasa (I actually cried a little when I heard his voice) and the stunning CGI.

β€œ Bored .

β€œ Don't waste your time like me watching this.

β€œ I highly recommend it and would love to see a new Simba's Pride movie.

β€œ Ok that was unexpected.

β€œ The voice acting sounded like audition reading, flat, monotone as if this was a first reading .

β€œ enjoyable overall.

β€œ The movie was too slow at times and didn't spend enough time on Simba.

β€œ This was pointless.

β€œ The CGI it absolutely top notch and is worth watching just for that.

β€œFew things I enjoyed: The visuals were stunning and made it feel like a real life documentary where the characters and their world actually exist.

β€œ I found it emotionally engaging & the final battle scene between Simba & Scar was truly thrilling.

β€œ I would rather your movie be laughably bad or really good then it just be forgetful and boring.

β€œ The movie was incredibly boring.


β€œ all the lions look the same, I didn't like any of the characters, the colours were dull, everything was just lifeless.

β€œ are just stunning.

β€œ Stunning!.

β€œ The film has a very slow pace and it is a bit hybrid: animals acting like animals and then suddenly have humane emotions.

β€œ making the same thing is boring.

β€œ Found this computer-generated remake to be an entertaining on the whole with a few caveats.

β€œ Which is truly a shame as they are incredibly talented individuals, Another issue to find with this film is how dull and boring the musical numbers now look.

β€œ average is good it's enjoyable by the way .

β€œ Worse piece of garbage ever don't waste your money

β€œ For the most part the music tracks were glorious (especially any songs with Donald Glover) but I actually didn't like any of the songs with Beyonce in them, they all sounded too bland and boring.

β€œ Stunning.

β€œ What a waste of time!!

β€œ Visually Stunning .

β€œ Sometimes even a tv ad makes me drop a tear, this movie only made me to yawn, even when Mufasa died.

β€œ I was so disappointed with Donald Glover (who really doesn't even talk that much, and when he does he's pretty unbearably boring and plain...

β€œ Breathtaking Visials, Terrible Voice Acting .

β€œ I was fine with a life like Lion King, but man, it was so dull.

β€œThe virturealistic version's fan service to replicate the original animation's iconography and signature beats is precisely why it exist and what makes it intriguing.

β€œ Fell asleep 30 minutes in .

β€œ The flow of the film was like watching paint dry.

β€œ The dialogue presentation, background score, songs, singers and characters all sounded very dull.

β€œ In a nutshell, emotionless but visually stunning.

β€œOf course, last but not least, the visuals in this film are just stunning.

β€œ The songs were boring because once again, emotion was lacking; Beyonce's song made no sense because it simply didn't match the rest of the score, and her rendition of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" was cringe-worthy.

β€œ For example, we see how Simba's piece of hair gets to Rafiki; it takes WAY too long just to get to that simple point.

β€œ The voice work definitely could've been better, it really does come across as flat and bored.

β€œ Can not praise "Circle of Life" enough, Timon and Pumbaa are amusing and the stampede is intense, not goosebump-inducing though, even though everybody who has seen the original will know the outcome.

β€œ Stunning and very true to the original.

β€œThis interpretation of The Lion King quite simply isn't as exhilarating, funny, or as headily enjoyable.

β€œ I was stunned by the quality of the animation and the level of detail displayed, and some of the nature scenes are just breathtaking.

β€œ It gave me chill all the time and intense emotions for several days.

β€œ The lack of colour and drab, realism of this movie brought some of the more problematic themes in this movie to the forefront.

β€œ It is spectacular and stunning in its production and looks incredible on screen.

β€œ I was just bored...

β€œ I found myself captivated by the beauty of the Savannah and the stunning creatures that lived there.

β€œ He is meant to be powerful and awe inspiring.

β€œ Don't waste your time!

β€œ empty.

β€œ The same story + CG + blandness = pointless .

β€œ The visuals of this movie were stunning.

β€œ The new one is the same the old one, so it is predictable, less emotion and CGI technology is still new today.

β€œ New music was unnecessarily added, which just prolonged a mediocre, rather boring movie, much like my waistline did to my looks.

β€œ Pretty mich all of the film was a replication of the animation so the whole strory and character dialogue was predictable.

β€œ Boring .

β€œ Visually stunning...

β€œ Or just bored one day!

β€œ The star highlight musically was the "Stampede" sequence, which is a masterpiece: it was much improved upon from the first film, and completely stunning.

β€œit seems no one wants to be there, the voice acting is just so dull and everything about this movie is dull.

β€œ Evertyhing else is just boring and flat!

β€œ IΒ΄ll summarize it for you with a box: ( )An empty box, this is exactly how this horrible piece of remake felt, like nothing.

β€œ The worst Movie .

β€œOverall, I'm glad I went to see it and my kid enjoyed it well enough.

β€œ This one felt slow and didn't add to the story line at all.

β€œ I was expecting a good fight and killing between two armies but nothing happened...

β€œ And if your worried that the amazing cast ensemble will somehow rescue this, delightful to look at, but dreary re-telling, never fear, I can promise you that you won't even realise you are listening to professionals.

β€œ Breathtaking.

β€œ But enjoyable and filled with heart?

β€œ It was rich and vibrant and funny and sad and exciting and heartbreaking and beautiful all at once because the art form of traditional animation allows you to use character designs and colors that convey visually all these moods and emotions and you can give voice actors free range to deliver the best performance possible, to match the visuals.

β€œ visually stunning .

β€œ I believe that Disney is making a bold choice with re creating classics, yet they probably apart from wanting some extra cash, are doing this to make younger viewers look at these classics while at the same time trying to compete withother more action packed superhero movies.

β€œ Most of it felt slow, deadpan and unemotional and i think the restrained style of animation hindered the voice actors.

β€œ I thought the last part (the fight on the cliff in the fire) was very exciting.

β€œ Beyonce, who plays Nala, was even more flat; while she's a great singer, her acting in this was very dry and it felt like she was reading through the script with not much interest in the material.

β€œ One of Disney's Worst movies ever .

β€œ The CGI and visuals were both absolutely stunning.

β€œ Visually stunning; emotionally empty .

β€œ It's a waste of your time.

β€œ Stays true enough to the original story but leaves the rails enough and in the right places to be genuinely enjoyable.

β€œ The visual effects are mind blowing.

β€œ Slow moving, there's no heart :( even the opening, it just didn't give me the chills I desperately wanted.

β€œ Visually stunning, otherwise emotionless and flat .

β€œ Sterile, soulless, rushed and pointless.

β€œ I realised the film lacked energy because it knew it was a bland copy.

β€œ From the music to the majestic CGI technology, this movie was breathtaking.

β€œ Contrary to what the poster suggests, the colors in the film were muted and dull.

β€œ Unfortunately, it is slow, soulless, boring and emotionless.

β€œ With this in mind, I think the director did a fairly good job, producing a movie that is overall enjoyable and definitely taking advantage of the nostalgia factor (very cleverly so).

β€œ It's not about pretty picture, now a days it really easy to have mind blowing visual effects...

β€œ Beyonce's Nala getting pointless lines just to give her more to do is so obvious.

β€œ Complete waste of producers money.

β€œ Bland and Soulless .

β€œ The stunning visuals really kill this, something I never thought I'd say.

β€œ A Waste of time and money.

β€œ The story was so raw and intense and I loved it!

β€œYet remove the unquestionably stunning visuals from the equation, and what's left is a shameless re-skin of the original masterpiece, executing everything with a bizarre sense of confident mediocrity.

β€œ It doesn't compare to the original because that's a classic but if you just look a little bit deeper or maybe just a little bit away this is really an enjoyable journey.

β€œ Stunning.

β€œ The original is a masterpiece and maybe the suits in Disney should be replaced with people with ambition and a vision to create something new and exciting instead !

β€œ My family and I enjoyed it , don't let haters stop you from watching this movie.

β€œ The original one was more gripping as well as hilarious.

β€œ The former review titles described it all: no soul, shocking flat, and boring.

β€œ It just has no life, the script was dull and they seemed to remove any part that was endearing or made you smile.

β€œ It is a compelling story and the realism of the images is just unbelievable, I was in awe throughout the movie.

β€œFirst of all, the graphics really are breathtaking.

β€œ Boring .


β€œ Boring, lacked cohesion .

β€œ I thought that the movie was boring and unexciting.

β€œ Visually stunning that's the most important thing to note here.

β€œEverything felt bland and dry, and the characters expressed no form of emotion, so you had to go by the tone of the voices alone.

β€œ Waste of time.

β€œ However, the movie gets lost in the CGI and we feel slow and predictable in the middle of it.

β€œ This version was just bland and took all of the fun out of a beloved animated movie.

β€œ What else can I say, we loved the characters, how true to the original this film is and the animation is mind blowing.

β€œ This was the first remake that I left the theater without being just amazed and excited with what I had just watched (unlike Aladdin, which is OMG amazing).

β€œ I prefer the original animated one, but this was still very entertaining!

β€œ I loved the stage play and the animation but this is a waste of time and money.

β€œ Firstly I would like to say that this film was visually stunning...

β€œThere are entertaining scenes, wonderful musics and qualified animated visual narration.

β€œ The animals never express any emotions, the voice actors didn't even try to do a good performance ( they also can't sing as well ), the pacing somehow makes it feel like it's going by fast and really slow at the exact same time, and while the animation can look neat that doesn't save it from everything else that I just listed.

β€œ Very bland expression.

β€œ For that reason I found a lot of thw scenes boring to watch.

β€œ Even with hand drawn cartoons you can garner so much from them that the original film is hands down more emotionally engaging than this, even given that it looks totally real, it's just totally flat in terms of vibe.

β€œ That was a waste of time.

β€œ Some of the most intense lion fighting scenes I've ever seen

β€œ Overall, the movie is boring but worth watching once.

β€œ Visual Stunning and emotionally flat .

β€œ This film could have been a 9, but has to settle for a 7 as the tone keeps confusing the viewer.

β€œ Visually stunning.

β€œ Enjoyable .

β€œ James Earl Jones seems flat here and Scar is monotone, only a few voices come across as interesting.

β€œ Really worth watching .

β€œ Also I would rather watch a real nature documentary show about lions which is more interesting to watch than this boring movie.

β€œ Flat, emotionless, drawn-out cash cow .

β€œ Beyonce comes over as very out of place, her voice not fitting how Nala looks, and she even sounded bored.

β€œ Unnecessary and a waste of time especially since from the get go it was set up for failure, as it would never have bested the original.


β€œ Very dull .

β€œ The exciting ending, of which Sophie spoke, I found to be a little long and drawn out.

β€œ The visuals are stunning.

β€œ It feels as if they were bored when making the film and couldn't wait for it to be over.

β€œ This movie is so monotone and BeyoncΓ© is terrible as Nala.

β€œ Just boring.. and very disappointing.

β€œ This film exists purely to make money, which it has so we shall be treated to more wonderfully dull Disney re-makes.

β€œ Completely purposeless and boring.

β€œThe Rafiki character in this film is as boring as Mufasa to me.

β€œ Breathtaking .

β€œ Save your money, and watch the original.

β€œ Very thrilling and visually impeccable.

β€œ Very proud of this purchase and I highly recommend it for a family home viewing.

β€œ Really enjoyable .

β€œDisney's live action films are often frowned upon, they often have been described as pointless and many feel that Disney are running out of ideas.

β€œ At least I found Aladdin enjoyable, and what I liked the most is that they knew there were things that work for cartoons and not for live action, and vice-versa.

β€œ It was like looking at real animals and nature, stunning.

β€œ Don't waste your time.

β€œ that , but with stunning animations which make it glorious.

β€œ Stunning Animation.

β€œ Favreau's The Lion King has been universally applauded for its stunning effects.

β€œ I mean, Simba in general is weirdly uninteresting in this movie.

β€œ Visually stunning, emotional flatline.

β€œ Beautiful animation, some of Disney's most iconic songs and amazing score, an entertaining and powerful story with unforgettable moments, terrific voices (especially James Earl Jones and Jeremy Irons) and joint best beginning to a Disney film alongside 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'.

β€œ This movie destroyed the beauty in the original story.. Watching it was a waste of time literally..

β€œ BeyoncΓ© - } 'Nala The Lioness', & the truly masterful Chiwetel Ejiofor's UTTERLY 'Malign Uncle Scar' delivered their THOROUGHLY-enjoyable ( - & virtually flawless - ) dramatic performances with sheer sang-froid ~ & ~ A P L O M B πŸ’Ž .

β€œ the voices used for these characters was bland.

β€œ That's not to say the movie was a complete train wreck, as the animation and CGI are incredibly stunning.

β€œ Waste of your time and money.

β€œ Slimy : You'd think at a certain moment that somebody just voiced over a bunch of boring jungle animals .

β€œ They just didn't try to put any effort into making the story feel different at all, which is the whole point of remaking something in the first place, so therefore this pointless remake has no real reason to even exist.

β€œ In the original, the characters would not only have expressions that were easy to understand, but the film had great dynamic shots that added an impact when you saw something intense happening to the characters or when something tragic occurs in the film.

β€œ for example scar and shenzi character, they have bad characters that are conflict with the simba and mufasa and this made the conflict in the movie even more exciting

β€œEntertaining overall while creating a yearning to see the original again.

β€œ And when we got back to the theater I was like: now I can relax wind down and watch a fun, entertaining, good movie and what I got was a stupid, dumb, corporate mess.

β€œ This was such a boring film.

β€œ Enjoyable!

β€œ This is a dull, lifeless and utterly bland movie.

β€œ My husband fell asleep and i had to remind my 7 year old to stop playing and watch the movie.

β€œ Aside from being a dreary slog of a film to look at, what they add is so unrealistic.

β€œ Speaking of, voice actors are so cliche and some of them didn't even match the characters except the monkey.

β€œ So while visually stunning - I mean, the CGI is truly masterful in this movie - the overall voice acting failed to carry the emotions and story that is so near and dear to my heart.

β€œ Boring.

β€œ I am impressed by how much CGI has been developed but it was the first time ever I've wanted to walk out of the theater during a movie.

β€œ The songs were a bore, storytelling tell anticlimactic, and acting was mediocre.

β€œ I just enjoyed it.

β€œ Total waste of time here.

β€œ If you remake a movie, your suppose to change it up a bit, it's really hard to sit through because its so boring.

β€œso dull .

β€œ Acting wise, it sounds like he's reading for a high school play or something his whole role, it just feels boring.

β€œ It's just me watching the empty space with nothing special to me, only a huge wide space with no end.

β€œ Hyperrealistic yet boring .

β€œ To be honest, I was mostly bored.

β€œIt's difficult to overstate just how dull, boring, and emotionless every scene is as a result of the deadpan facial expressions and it boggles my mind that a company like Disney, filled with so many talented and gifted artists, managed to make such a lifeless and uninteresting movie.

β€œ The film is for all the family including the adults, I enjoyed it and I'm 2 years older than England.

β€œ The movie is stunning and colorful and the music is great.

β€œ My 8-year-old son feels boring to see the film.

β€œ It was very enjoyable with a few surprises thrown in.

β€œIt was a warm retelling, and the CGI was truly stunning, with incredible attention to detail we don't normally have in films.

β€œ Boring...

β€œ Music was a bit boring.

β€œ Enjoyable .

β€œ The animated one is a classic and one of the best of all time though so this falls short of that but it's still worth watching.

β€œ Dull,emotionless.

β€œ Watching this was painful, disheartening and just a waste of time.

β€œ Without expression, it does push for body language, music, lighting, and environments to convey those missing aspects of the story, and that could be an intriguing creative push.

β€œI liked some of the new voice cast better than the originals, and vice versa, but this made for an engaging and interesting reimagining of the beloved film.

β€œ The story is very boring.

β€œ But overall it is stunning

β€œit's just empty.

β€œThis movie remake is awful, the colors were dark and depressing, the movie bored me to tears, I was bored the entire time, this reminded me of "The Last Airbender" movie.

β€œ How the creators managed to turn that iconic scene of Simba being presented to the animal kingdom into a lifeless, bland parade of CGI bravado is beyond me.

β€œ Utterly pointless.

β€œ Boring...

β€œ Entertaining .

β€œ The voice actors lacked any emotion, with the exception of a few, and it was overall just bland.

β€œ Even the opening scene was boring.

β€œ Seriously, Dont waste your time on this.

β€œ Once Upon A Time was such a great movie, fun and gripping and surprisingly laugh-out-loud hilarious, and then to go into this movie, which just undid everything the original did, killed my buzz and made me sit there in stunned silence for the majority of the movie, pondering what the original filmmakers could have done to deserve this treatment.

β€œ A remake that's definitely worth watching .

β€œ Boring .

β€œ I throughly enjoyed it.

β€œ Worst movie of the century .

β€œ) Again so yeah definitely worth watching..

β€œ The Lion King (2019) was an amazing stunning visual masterpiece, I loved the characters and all the acting.

β€œ Dull as dishwater .

β€œ Drab.

β€œ The facial expressions from all of the animals are incredibly static from start to finish, meaning that it's really hard to get any sort of sympathy for any of the characters, since they look bored all of the time.

β€œAnd despite the stunning visuals, beautiful songs and great actors, this one just felt pretty flat almost throughout.

β€œ Instrumentals were REALLY out of place and ruined the pacing.. when Mufasa is warned early on that hyenas are on pride land the music just stays boring and slightly cheery.. no sense of danger or even worry.

β€œ Great visuals, but the voices are so slow and unemotional.

β€œThe visuals are also very stunning!

β€œ Enjoyable .

β€œ Surprising entertaining...

β€œ The good things is stunning visual effects (VFX).

β€œ Obviously a lot more realistic, these segments were stunning.

β€œ A little slow and boring .

β€œ What an emotionless, flat, monotonic, expressionless, terrible, and boring remake.

β€œ Visual wise, was stunning.

β€œ Dreary.

β€œ The graphics are just stunning and amazing and I have so much respect for the team behind the visuals and translating this legendary story into "live action".

β€œ Well, this is a shot for shot remake with bland performances.

β€œ As an added bonus, Billy has a stunning singing voice.

β€œ Without the comparison, the movie is beautiful and the story is gripping.

β€œ Like any live band, it was enjoyable.

β€œ It truly is terrible, the original is a tear jerker with great music and this was about the most bland movie possible.

β€œ Enjoyed it immensely and the subtle changes.

β€œ My biggest problem was the ending: several cliche lines about Simba "remembering who he is" rang hollow, as did the whole transition from Hakuna Matata nihilism to Circle of Life generosity.

β€œ After watching this & reading through many reviews, what bothers me most is reviewers saying it "falls flat with no emotion" or "is like an Animal Planet documentary", or "comedic moments ruined with slower speech & articulation".

β€œ Despite coasting with the story, I personally found this to be engaging.

β€œ I would say it is better than the original one, I was on the edge of my seat and even gasped when Mufasa was hit by one of the wildebeest.

β€œ Which makes it even more enjoyable since no one really wants a word by word remake.

β€œ The CGI is seamless and breathtaking.

β€œ A pointless remake with none of the charm of the original.

β€œ Boring.

β€œthe graphics are stunning!

β€œ Don't waste your money on BeyoncΓ©'s Nala, (and the lion king), hyped up version.

β€œThe opening sequence started off with so much promise, visually stunning, well performed music performance and I felt a little teary eyed remembering when I saw the original as a kid.

β€œ However, if the musical number is not so, then it just looks bland and uninteresting to watch.

β€œ Soulless, empty, cashcrab, and lifeless.

β€œ For those who haven't seen the old movie, it's a waste of time.

β€œ The suspense was a lot more intense.

β€œ Visually I found this stunning, and I liked the fact it didn't move away from the original too much!

β€œThe visuals in this movie make you want to like it, they are stunning.

β€œ So boring.

β€œ The whole film is literally a pointless shot for shot remake of the original that only exists to make a bunch of money, I have never seen a more perfect example of a cashgrab.

β€œ The storyline remains the same - but it was boring , would have rather paid to see the OG instead.

β€œThe Lion King was an amazing movie, with a breathtaking cinematography, best visuals ever in a Disney movie, and you could see they had worked in every single detail in how the animals looked and acted to make it as realistic as possible, and without taking the charm and heart out of it.

β€œ But overshadowed by magnificent piece of work of CGI and VFX and lots of comedy and enjoyable melody, the film hardly ever felt boring and therefore, making it one perfect treat for the kids or even family.

β€œ Too many of the scenes are near-carbon copies with only fleeting moments of heart and soul, mostly the film emotionally is very bland.

β€œ Lazy and dull.

β€œ A very enjoyable 2 hours.

β€œ it was so boring i ended up falling to sleep during the screening.

β€œ Visually stunning .

β€œ I fell asleep twice in this.

β€œWhile I thought the dialogue during the intense ending was underwhelming, I will positively say that I thought the fight scene, visually, looked pretty cool.

β€œ On top of the fact that the animal faces were so real that they couldn't display any kind of dramatic human expressions, the dull and lifeless voice acting only exacerbated this.

β€œ It isn't bad, its just bland.

β€œ Very boring if you've seen the original.

β€œ I can also appreciate the breathtaking scale of cinematography.

β€œ Me and my son went to see it today and we both enjoyed it.

β€œ Maybe someone saw some mock ups and decided that realistic animals with expressions and features were a bit silly but not as silly as letting this film fall flat on its face because emotionally, it's an empty shell.

β€œ Breathtaking.

β€œ The CGI is mind blowing mind blowing .

β€œ The intro song was over-processed an pretentious...

β€œ My whole family enjoyed it and thought it was a great parallel to he animated movie.

β€œ I thoroughly enjoyed it.

β€œ The visuals are obviously what they spent all their money on, because the pacings horrendous, the body language and facial expressions portrayed by realistic lions is dull and unmemorable, and the casting was the worst I've ever seen (Except for John Oliver, he did a good job).

β€œ Was entertaining to watch.

β€œ This film was so boring, it had no emotion.

β€œ I think feeling emotions is more intense that seeing them.

β€œ But not a bad movie, it s worth watching.

β€œ I could cry how bad I was.. This was the moment I was actually ready to leave the cinema.

β€œ But the film is a little flat and here's why: 1, Voice acting is monotone, forced and devoid of genuine emotion (except Seth Rogen).

β€œand that feels like a waste of time when it's nicer to see new original ideas...

β€œ Everyone sounded like they were a lot more bored than having a good time, and the fact that the characters were peppered by obviously recycled or creatively uninspired dialogue certainly didn't help any.

β€œ Just pointless .

β€œ The Boring King with no emotion, how Disney ruined the greatest cartoon movie.