The Lodgers (2017) - Drama, Horror, Romance

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1920, rural Ireland. Anglo Irish twins Rachel and Edward share a strange existence in their crumbling family estate. Each night, the property becomes the domain of a sinister presence (The ...

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Brian O'Malley
Stars: Charlotte Vega, Bill Milner
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 29 out of 90 found boring (32.22%)

One-line Reviews (65)

Long, dull, boring, pointless & a complete waste of time.

Beautiful and Empty .

Well the synopsis of this sounded great, it sounded interesting and intriguing.

Started promising then becomes tedious and complicated.

It needs to be said that this is Ghost Story,not a horror or a slasher or any other genre,so if what you want is non stop action,blood and gore with a bit of T&A thrown in your're going to be disappointed,what you will get is a wonderful slow burn ghost story that will enthrall and delight you in many ways.

Stunning atmosphere, mediocre plot .

Lots of overemphasized slow movements in dark lighting and unrealistically clean outfits for an Irish billiard in the early 20th century.

Slow and extremely dull.

The acting was good, but the story was slow, not fully explained, and not exciting.

The film started out alright with an intriguing opening scene and subtle creepiness to grab your attention.

Nothing happens, that's what you need to know.

Yep, it's a steaming pile of pretentious crud.

Bland acting and an eratic script made this an obvious waste of footage.

Bored to death...

The Lodgers is a different style of horror, it's not exactly loaded with the usual scares and gore, instead it's packed with an intense atmosphere, and chilling vibe, that makes it a rather engaging watch.

This unravels at such a lackluster pace that it barely feels like anything is happening, and with all the real action placed at the end this one comes off as quite uninteresting overall.

This brings up the cliché 'the grass is greener on the other side'.

Confusing .

This was a rather enjoyable effort.

Apart from being a truly boring film the soun track/score was all over the place, so much so I had to sit with my finger on the volume button for the whole film, it really wasn't worth it.

A stunning, Gothic masterpiece.

The Lodgers is a breathtaking film, every ounce the Gothic masterwork that reviews claim it to be.

It's visually stunning with great cinematography and good acting, though the story is a little predictable.

Even so, the story seriously dragged part way through.

The characters are bland and you really do not know anything much about them to care enough about their plight.

Outstanding slow burn .

The pacing was so slow that it finished third in a two horse race, there simply wasn't enough story to beef it up and at times it just seemed lost in a vortex of nothingness.

This may not be on the top of the average typical viewer's thrillers, but is done well enough to be added to my October playlist, as the cinematography and acting are well done, and a story intriguing enough to satisfy someone looking for a good afternoon show on a breezy autumn day.

This is a good ghost story and the only problem was that it was slow moving.

Definitely a slow burner.

Slow pacing, poor acting, no hook.

The main factor to hold this one back is the absolutely leaden and plodding pace that drags this down considerably.

Dark sinister, you can't look away, thourghly enjoyable.

The ending is a fairly predictable, making for an anticlimactic movie from beginning to end.

That hoary old cliché 'style over substance' may well apply to 'The Lodgers'.

Unpredictable ending.


Waste of time.

Okay plot, good cinematography, slow movie .

As for The Lodgers, it's an extremely slow movie, with no scary or creepy moments/scenes at all.

That said, it's still a beautiful looking tale worth the watch for fans of gothic horror and the Victorian aesthetic.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my 29 yr old life.

Especially in the exterior scenes in the forest and around the lake, the photography was stunning.

My partner put this on then promptly fell asleep Cannot say i blame her What a snooze fest of mediocre meladrama pish I have no idea why they bothered making this film It is one big boring yawn Dont believe the fake reviews

It became tedious and boring to such an extent I was wondering if it were worth watching any more.

This film is actually a waste of time, please make a favour to yourselves and skip this, ABSOLUTELY DON'T WATCH IT.

One of the most boring movies I have ever seen, simply because this is NOT a horror movie.

Stunning ghost story .

It's a slow burn with no payoff and the journey is uninteresting and lifeless.

Too slow n too many unanswered questions.

Equal parts dull and slow .

a few drawbacks though,especially the pace ,its slow .

This is a traditional Gothic ghost story, and if you found movies like The Innocents and The Others slow and boring, then you will have a similar reaction to The Lodgers.

The movie is very confusing and just blehhhh

If you can stay awake while watching it, good for you, otherwise, watch something else.

Original, atmospheric and highly enjoyable.

Nothing happens....

The decrepit world of twins Rachel and Edward is brought to life with unsettling brilliance by director Brian O'Malley, making each exacerbation of events more evocative than the last.

Good acting , Good sets and brilliant suspenseful scenes!

Gothic apparently equals dull in the minds of the filmmakers who created this yawner.

Stunning visuals .

The plot is developed at a slow pace and has no gore, and maybe this is the reason to have negative reviews.

The visuals are stunning, director and actors are good, audio work is flawless, and the story is really interesting.

Unfortunately, the story went nowhere slowly and let the viewer down on this promise.

Maybe they should create a new genre with the name "The Tree of Life" and use it for the most boring movies, that their trailer or cast makes them look promising but in fact they are the ones that can make you die of boredom.