The Loft (2014) - Mystery, Romance, Thriller

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Five married guys conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city--a place where they can carry out hidden affairs and indulge in their deepest fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realize one of the group must be involved.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Erik Van Looy
Stars: Karl Urban, James Marsden
Length: 108 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 29 out of 126 found boring (23.01%)

One-line Reviews (122)

Don't watch it, waste of time.

The jumps in the timeline are a bit confusing.

I couple of times I kept guessing that the movie will end here or here or here, until at one point I already checked out before it finally reached to the end, that's how bored I was.

Definitely Entertaining, Nice Plot, Predictable for few people only:P .

The Loft is was one of the worst movies I have seen this year and left me in sheer disappointment.

Boring .

An exciting thriller .

"The Loft" is an engaging thriller with a good story with many twists despite of the flaws and the weak conclusion.

the Plot is good with very thrilling moments and that what makes me thought of its very underrated

If you want a thrilling murder mystery that makes you think, stay far far away - The Loft does not deliver.

It has a lot of good twists and turns in it and I really enjoyed it.

All in all, quite enjoyable.

Speaking for myself, i paid my money to watch this and i enjoyed it a 100% .

If the plot is the same for all 3 movies, then it's a great big bore and you're better off renting a video game if that's a thing anymore.

Agonizingly dull and unpleasant experience .

-The music was way too intense for this film.

the score is beautiful, and it is really a Thrilling Music.

Although we understand that what they are doing (as in cheating on their wives) isn't right, the overall atmosphere and journey we see the characters go through is worth the watch.

How this director managed to take a very interesting premise and create something so dreadfully boring completely baffles me.

Silly but entertaining puzzle .

The story is beyond uninteresting, the multiple explanations are boring and the ending is ultimately laughable.

What all this adds up to is three different time frames, skillfully woven together, each with a different tone and coming together in an unpredictable and satisfying resolution.

This movie was somewhat predictable, it ropes you in with several different themes of other movies mixed in this one (the Hangover, Very Pretty Things and Judgment Day and even The Affair").

I was pleasantly surprised at how intriguing the plot was.

The complex whodunnit story is intriguing and thrilling.

It starts out alright, albeit pretty slow; the decent acting and nice visuals at least delivers a bit of entertainment enough to sustain your (or at least my) interest.

" The twisted plot in movie has turned out really amazing and awesomely unpredictable because any of these men could possibly be the victim.

Don't waste your time.

The rest, a confusing mess.

A very boring movie!!!!!.

I'm not going to give an suppliers away but I'm going to say the acting is good with a great cast involved, the script and story line are well wrote and no real plot holes in the film.

That is if you like suspenseful movies.

I'm also surprised to see other reviewers mention that the film was very slow paced as I didn't find that at all.

The generic title lends itself to a very generic film about five very cliché characters that really aren't explored in any depth.

worst movie ever .

Firstly, the structure of this film just made no sense whatsoever, it jumps back and forth from the past, present and future in an attempt to slowly reveal the mystery, but 90% of the time these flashbacks were so boring because you had no idea how they were related to the mystery until the very end.

Conversations, intonations, events - all is a banal copy of the 2008th film.

Pacin of this movie is good, at running time 1 h 45 min this movie barely drags and is entertaining from start till finish.

For telling an engaging story, daring to do it creatively and being so effective at bringing together all its disparate story lines and points of view, this film reaches the lofty level of an "A-".

You will have seen several films of the same genre that are much better, much more sophisticated and much more entertaining.

If you like entertaining mind boggling thrillers, then the loft is for you.

Not too much depth, but an entertaining watch .

Really nice acting, cringe-worthy characters (in a good way) played by talented & believable actors with a nice suspenseful/thrilling plot.

(AKA: Karl Urban's butt) -The Loft is a less motivated, less fun version of Clue, but is compelling and interesting.

Heard about the original and really enjoyed it !

So to be fair the screenplay writing appears so tight and consistent .. with just a couple of unexpected surprise in the end ;)With the same director as the Belgian version of the movie Erik Van Looy and pretty much the same writers i'v heard they kept it just as it went in the original.

I am being honest when I tell you that this is the worst movie I have ever payed money to see.


A very flawed, yet intriguing premise .

:PAs for the cast, the Leads whom i only know from TV they were all engaging and well invested in their roles, Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller and Eric Stonestreet and even the short appearances of Matthias Schoenaerts who was actually in the original Belgian movie "Loft (2008)".

It's suspenseful and keeps you guessing the whole time, really grabbed my attention, I'd recommend for anyone who's into the genre.

Worth the watch.

All-in-all, I thought the movie was fun, enjoyable and original.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time .

The set up is fast and the story is fast paced.

There were a few intense moments as the men attempt to figure out what to do with a dead body so as not to ruin their perfect getaway.

Its a shame this one will just probably fade into DVD obscurity because its good and entertaining.

A thrilling tale .

Possibly worth the watch if you take it for what it is.

Half the time they're yelling and arguing at each other, the other half they're just dull and plodding along with the script.

It moves along at a steady enough pace without ever getting boring, so where the "very slow movie" part comes into it I'm not sure.

The mystery is pointless, the solution is frustrating, and the movie has less sex then something on basic cable.

Overall a fun, entertaining sexual thriller.

"The Loft" is enjoyable and thrilling, I enjoyed watching it.

.. a movie that's far more entertaining than most of the crap produced these days.

Millions of women in the world, you're bored with your wife, and you pick a hooker?

don't waste your time or money.

"The Loft" (2014) is definitely an enjoyable mystery flick.

And generally the movie was as some people have said, like a crazy mishmash of previous films and ideas ,all rolled into one boring movie.

From the get go, the plot is predictable.

i mean too much predictable.

To this movie's credit, the first half is engaging and curious.

I really really enjoyed it and I recommend this as a change of pace movie.

Though the movie becomes a bit undisciplined and even overwrought over the course of its running time (and that includes some of the performances), "The Loft" scores as a fairly engaging and effective whodunit, one that manages to incorporate some relevant and timely reflections on how the over-privileged 1% spend their time and money.

Banal copy of original film .

Enjoyable .

Before going to see this movie, I watched the trailer, which seems to offer a promise of an intriguing mystery and gallons of T&A.

If you want to enjoy the story and its conclusion more, just leave the theater when that scene comes full circle.

In spite of the hammy performances, the disjointed narrative, and the overall sensibility of utter lifelessness that the film has, it is still by and large an entertaining flick.

Largely because the movie flows well for the most part, with only a few dull moments in the first half.

Boring but they made it convoluted with jumping back and forth in time, so instead of interesting it just became hard to follow, the plot does not make sense.

The more details are found the more complex and intriguing the web of betrayal becomes.

They are mostly silly, suffering from a few red herrings that hurt the story's credibility, but it's still entertaining to watch them unfold.

Suspenseful .

The plot gets thrilling when each man starts blaming the other while trying to defend who he is not the killer.

You have to pay attention, this is a fast paced movie.

There is absolutely no structure to this film, it's not told in even remotely linear fashion, and the first scene gives away parts of the ending, making the climax partially predictable.

The loft is a mind boggling thriller about five men who share a loft, where they will sometimes take women up there and cheat on their wives.

The music is good and quite compelling at times and this also helped quicken the pacing which was also supposed to instill tension and suspense.

The narrative of this movie is so muddy and so confusing that after a while you don't care what happens to these people.

A beautiful, confusing mess .

On a very, very basic level at least, it is fairly entertaining with a couple of half interesting plot twists.

Yes, I can kind of see the reason, but the movie was still way too long.

The score raised tension when necessary and kept me guessing on the edge of my seat.

The movie is very well written and while the twists are a little predictable it doesn't distract from the enjoyment or the tenseness of the movie in any way.

summary: entertaining, thriller 100%, and nothing to say more, go see it

The loft has simply out smarted itself, a simple, yet at times intriguing plot desperately seeks for every twist and turn it can find and uses them, I don't even think M.

An exciting thriller with a surprising twist.

A strange but thoroughly enjoyable film.

In conclusion, The Loft didn't bore me, and it deserves a slight recommendation because of that; however, I found its screenplay excessively entangled, and the ending feels too bland after such many "creative" juggling.

Details of the crime are dragged out as they try and work out who is the real stinker in this bag of rotten apples, leading to flash back sequences and a window in to the women in their lives.

Welcome to cliche country .

but i still found it dumb-ly entertaining.

the story is entertaining, and it is not boring at all, don't listen to those people who's saying the opposite.

When I left the theater, I made it a point to find out if the screenwriters were native English-language speakers.

It was a refreshing and intriguing and makes you wonder what the hell you would do in that situation.

The script is one cliche after another for the whole movie and gives men such a bad rep im glad my wife fell asleep watching it.

The film took a long time for me to get really interested in; I'd even call it dull, at first; especially for an erotic thriller.

That said, it was still somewhat entertaining.

Fatso in the movies was the most predictable with his script.

Of all the boring Saturday movies I've watched on Netflix, this one remains my favorite.

I started off deciding to watch just a bit of this movie for fun based on the entertaining terrible reviews -- especially one review in particular by a user who said they created an account just to report how awful it was (and it's their sole review on this site so they were serious lol).

It's the type of film that's definitely more worth watching on TV (i.

It's pure fun, escapism, and self-indulgence, with stylistic nods to movies of a bygone age.

They just had to pull the story to make it more thrilling.

Very entertaining .

I mean it wasn't anything spectacular, but it was worth watching.

The plot is fine,, honestly there were more than a couple of thrilling moments .. well at least i think it went better than what i'v read here in the reviews before.

Another big problem with the movie are the endless flashbacks, which distract from the core story (dealing with a dead body) and are just plain boring.

When we are lead down a path of twists and turns, most of which clearly written by the writing team of Bart De Pauw and Wesley Strick, it's clear we cannot trust any of these characters and that makes the experience that much more intriguing.

When the movie gets to its third act and starts revealing its hand, it comes at such a bizarre and confusing manner that you find yourself giving up in frustration.

) and a screenplay with a new twist in nearly every scene, which merely becomes over complicated and far too confusing after the second twist.