The Lorax (2012) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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A 12-year-old boy searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Chris Renaud
Stars: Zac Efron, Taylor Swift
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 52 out of 216 found boring (24.07%)

One-line Reviews (161)

And soo boring.

Ted and Audrey are bland and forgettable, the Once-ler is pretty dated and annoying at times and O'Hare is just a cliche villain that does have any appealing qualities to him.

This film just was very bland and didn't have much substance to it.

But overall, "The Lorax" is a fun, entertaining, and family-friendly ride, that will easily leave kids with a big smile on their face.

Some exciting CGI, and the voices were great.

These guys are in the Lorax storyline and whenever we are stuck with Ted in the plastic world, it gets a little dull.

The Lorax is a funny,enjoyable movie for the whole family to watch and enjoy,with a great message to it delivered with great animation from Illumination Entertainment,a great new animation studio making some great movies with some more planned that sound great.

But if you have a bored six-year-old on your hands and want to entertain him/her for a few hours, I wouldn't shy away from this film at all.

The characters are dull, and highly underdeveloped.

For an anti-materialism story to advertise so many products to kids and their parents; it sends a particularly confusing message.

The only reason why I was able to finish this god-awful movie was because the internet was down and I was bored to tears.

actually quite boring.

The biggest issue with the movie is that is has a hard time being exciting.

The story and plot line was very very boring, I almost went to sleep!

Animation - The animation is cute and visually entertaining.

I think if this film had more meat to the story, I would have enjoyed it more.

In all honesty I was very nervous about seeing The Lorax, I'd see anything to do with Dr Seuss but when I saw people likening it to propaganda and the more positive reviews getting overly defensive and condescending and making all kinds of annoying excuses it did lower my expectations.

They're short but entertaining nonetheless.

There's a big difference between a film with a message and heavy handed political propaganda.

Enviro-propaganda done very, very badly .

I think it will be wrong if i remain quiet and let you all movie lovers waste your money.

I really, truly enjoyed it.

Perhaps it made the movie more entertaining for me, I don't know.

Story wise, I was kind of ho-hum about it all.

Save your money, wait for it to hit Netflix or something.

I now had to waste my precious time and brain cells.

As has been pointed out to death, the "modernized" Hollywood story added in of a celebrity-voiced kid trying to win a girl and overcome a two- dimensional villain in the process is thoroughly uninteresting, and will make older moviegoers angry at the lack of effort made in expanding the story.

On the whole, Lorax is enjoyable family movie for everyone.

The big-screen adaptation of Dr. Seuss's "The Lorax" is a charming and entertaining movie with a message .

This movie to me was funny but SLOW!

Although it follows a tried-and-true formula, this is a film worth watching with your wee ones - or even by yourself.

The movie also has a lot of great individual scenes, like a bed-rafting excursion, that are so entertaining and funny that it makes the overall movie quite enjoyable.

Despite it's great animation, it's pretty clumsy as it's story is clunky and uninteresting at times, the characters are mostly misses and the songs are really bad.

Despite great CGI and some decent voice acting, the story just was diluted and dull.

The 2012 version had too many extraneous elements that just dragged out the story.

The Lorax (2012): Dir: Chris Renaud, Kyle Balda / Voices: Danny De Vito, Zac Efron, Ed Helms, Taylor Swift, Rob Riggle: A stunning animation that represents those of us concerned with our environment and the state of our world through greed and carelessness.

It was freaking funny, entertaining and endearing all in one.

The Bore-ax .

Propaganda, poorly written at that.

They'll learn more than the hour and a half waste of time that this movie is.

All the songs were absolutely unbearable and over the top.

Waste of time and money .

I do know that this film got mixed reviews from that the bad side and the good side at the time of its release, I just have no clue how people could find this entertaining, I just thought it was so bland and boring.

It felt like a movie made by someone with a completely different mindset from me, and I hated how they made you sit the through parts that were so predictable.

Neither storyline outshines the other and both sort of fall underneath each other as being uneventful and uninteresting.

Fun, action packed, thrilling, great music and a great story.

The musical numbers was entertaining, and taught the message of the book.

Regardless, it's fun, exciting, and on its way to be one of the highest grossing Seuss films as of now.

There is enough adult stuff mixed in to make it enjoyable for everyone and not just kids.

The Lorax took a simple children's story and turned it into a brightly-colored, heavy-handed snorefest.

I enjoyed it.

Opportunity presents itself in calamity, but how we make use of it is yet something else altogether- that is the lesson Daurio and Paul make as they set up O'Hare (Rob Riggle) and his two bulky bodyguards as the nemeses Ted has to defeat in a thrilling action-packed finish.

Entertaining, although lacks the beautiful simplicity of the book .


The animation was amazing and throughout the course of the movie you become immersed in the world of the lorax.

Why did the book's hopeful ending get drawn out into a roller-coaster car chase around Thneedville followed by a lame musical number?

The whole subplot of Ted's tree rescue, being threaten by the new town's bigwig, Mr. O'Hare (Voiced by Rob Riggle), because trees provide oxygen is somewhat confusing.

Don't waste your time or money.

The first half-hour was a bit entertaining but then it just turned to be very boring, cheesy, sing-song kind of thing that leaves you anticipating the ending.

Worst movie ever....

It was quite entertaining and funny, although I have to say that there was a tad too many political overtones for a child to be exposed to.

This film offers a boring screenplay; the obligatory action scenes which don't contribute anything to the story; the typical references to popular culture; and atrocious musical numbers which desperately try to be "cool" despite their total lack of energy or ingenuity.

Boring and lacking.

In conclusion, don't waste your time and your money with this piece of junk.

highly entertaining for all ages .

The dynamics and plot of the movie are not unlike Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - crazy inventor whom no one believes in does invent something useful, but at a cost - but it's the whimsy, straight from the imagination of the Good Doctor himself, that make this one a little more entertaining.

Definitely some amazing filmmaking wrapped in a colorful and highly entertaining movie.

Pleasant But Disjointed .

Pure hippie propaganda .

' The weakest points are the Lorax not getting as much screen time as I expected, Ted's mother and grandmother having similar hairstyles and the confusion as to whether there are one or two villains (Once-ler and O'Hare).

Please don't waste your money.

One of the problems with the recent attempts to adapt Dr. Seuss' books into movies is Hollywood's tendency to intrude upon his work with cute, snappy dialogue and slapstick comedy, and expand on appropriately thin material with gobs of hip-cool dialogue and needless subplots.

With his earlier animated effort, even the most bored adult in the audience would find the little yellow minions in the film fairly amusing with their antics, and here with co- direction by Kyle Balda, that responsibility fell onto the many strange animals in the land of Thneed-Ville before it became polluted and uninhabitable.

Finally, without spoiling anything, all the resolutions are solved way too quickly, the plot is tangled up with three story lines going all over the place, and the story is a little too predictable and cliché.

Ted's grandmother (the always entertaining Betty White) persuades Ted by recalling memories when trees actually existed in Thneedville.

Bursting with colour and life, this witty, entertaining and unexpectedly thoughtful adaptation of Dr. Seuss' environmental fable is great family entertainment .

cinematically, the film is fine, no highs, no lows, kids enjoyed it, 5 stars.

The picture is clean and crisp delivering an enjoyable viewing experience.

This movie is fairly entertaining for children.

As I don't hold such beliefs, what I saw was highly entertaining and even hilarious.

This changes the shift from a personal level to a "let's blame big corporations about the environment" For me there were only a couple of enjoyable parts throughout the movie and they all revolved around the conversations between the Lorax and Once-ler.

And when I have to explain to my son how more forests are taken down mainly due to housing projects and more and more garden (Cookie cutter) homes with itty bitty yard is more of a culprit for missing woods and forests, while we have many empty houses elsewhere (like our own personal neighborhood) and even more half empty strip malls every 3/4 mile around us.

Please save your money for something else...

This picture will take you through vivid colors, adventures, and cutesy moments, entertaining audiences while reinforcing its message.

The Lorax: Kid Friendly and Enjoyable for All .

Behind the pretty colors, this is a playbook propaganda piece – information disguised as entertainment and created to line the wallets of the self-appointed intellectual elites among us while simultaneously indoctrinating the target audience to vote Democrat in 2024.

It's pretty hard to say it's a bad film because it's entertaining and fun.

In general, it was soooo predictable, not even the music was memorable nor catchy enough.


That's how the adventure stars, the movie is good but I didn't know it was musical animated movie because few songs were really boring and unneeded in the movie.

I am actually glad she forced me to go because I really enjoyed it.

The added parts to the story prove to be uninteresting, such as the love affair between Audrey and Ted which, although kick-starts the story, just doesn't sit well.

Diverse stars sometimes bring life to enjoyable looking scenes.

I can see how someone used to intense-graphics and action-packed films would get bored with this.

in short the tacked on story line is boring and unimaginative.

Hoping for so much with this version of The Lorax, I can't help but be disappointed, if not generally pleased by the disposable entertainment on display, however disjointed.

For that reason, the film was a bit aggravating, but nonetheless enjoyable, although I can't say I wanted to race out of the theater to plant a tree afterwards.

Another voter said "if my kid wasn't enjoying it so much, I would have walked out"!

I saw this movie in the theater and I really enjoyed it.

In fact, my 53 year old dad enjoyed it more than I did.

We went today with my 4 year old, I really enjoyed it.

The songs were brilliant, the plot was fast-moving and didn't allow for a dull moment.

This makes the narrative a little bit bland and boring, unable to keep pace with its punchier song and dance moments when it played out more like a musical.

In the end The Lorax is simply entertaining and it is worth seeing.

Don't waste your time and money!

The 3-D option is a fine enhancement, making a number of scenes more exciting than 2-D.

The Conservatives are going to say it's liberal propaganda because it involves environmental impact issues.

The musical numbers are energetic and fun, the forest characters are simply whimsical and precious, while the humans are a tad dull, and the whole narrative progresses rather quickly and, most of the time, remains upbeat and lively.

While some of this seems a bit heavy-handed, the film is very enjoyable and pleasant.

You WILL be insulted by watching this if you are a Dr Seuss fan because it is pointless, rubbish, pants, embarrassing and just a load of junk.

Absolutely Breathtaking in 3D...

A brightly-colored, heavy-handed snorefest .

I enjoyed it!

But today, I forked up $7.50 for a ticket to watch Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, and, of course, I left the theater surprised.

However, the problem is that the film Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is another noisy, empty and unbearable animated hyper-commercialized confection which employs its ecological moral in order to disguise the same clichés, situations and characters which infest the contemporary animation cinema.

I rate this film five out of five stars 5 stars because not only is this a great film for the entire family, but it also teaches everyone a great lesson, while being fun and entertaining.

Enjoyable Movie For All Ages With An Impressive Cast, .

The original Lorax didn't need a childish resolution or silly, lame, cliché humor.

I just feel the ending would have been far more dramatically appropriate if, instead of having a cliché'd (and underwhelming) chase scene where he shows everybody O'hare is evil, if he instead needed to actually CONVINCE people that trees were worth caring about (he convinces them by knocking down a wall at the end.

It's a bit flat but perfectly enjoyable for younger kids.

And sometimes you have a whirl of pretty cinematography going nowhere.

There are moments and scenes within this film that elicited genuine laughter from me but these bright spots are swallowed up by a fairly ho-hum narrative that never aspires to me much more than adequate.

From the modern mom that despite her career making contact with family harder sticking up for her son and supporting him to a wise grandma that yet again fights the stereotype of old people being boring slow and dumb to the big corporate antagonist that fits the mold of so many contemporary big heads in our world.

Not the Best Dr. Seuss Adaptation, But It Is An Enjoyable One .

I think the message is important for kids, and arguably adults, to learn, but here it's really tiresome.

I enjoyed it for giving us a deeper--and in my opinion, very powerful--character type: the accidental villain, the everydude who makes a horrible mistake that the environment suffers for.

The environmental propaganda can distilled down into a few themes: corporations bad, earth good, mankind selfish, nature forgiving, the environment is a victim of human greed, western consumer culture is evil, our sacrifice is the key to our salvation.

This is still a pretty good and entertaining animated movie for them to watch!

It stopped to be just a teaching experience, maybe even a bit pretentious.

And, of course, the biggest issue with this movie is the preachy, drawn out environmental message.

An enjoyable and touching film .

Tedious, overlong, and 100% predictable, there is very little to recommend this movie.

I personally enjoyed it...

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

But also people went on to say this movie is propaganda and what not, its funny because the original movie/book, had no humor in it what so ever.

In other words, I actually felt immersed in the world.

Pure Propaganda .

The characters, the colors, everything - it was just stunning.

Boring .

Danny Devito does a great job as the Lorax, and I feel it's pretty safe to say that the parts of the story actually focusing on the Lorax himself were indeed enjoyable.

There is an exciting chase sequence with the main villain and Ted, which brings some excitement into the film.

It was trite, preachy, and more full of flagrant cliché than any movie I have ever seen.

The Lorax was just pretentious and condescending in its execution; you are demonized if you do not buy into the film maker's world view wholesale.

Entertaining .

Unfortunately, the part of the story focusing on the boy trying to find a tree was tiresome.

My family says this is a waste of our money and time.

Your kids might like it, but the uninspired music, botched ending, and boring finale are real game breakers.

Surely the villain and his scheme is a little bit silly and the voice acting is so-so (except for the girl which i later found to be voiced by Taylor swift) and the film gets a little boring at times, the film overall is very good.

After Zefron acquires the remaining Truffula seed (he only got it for Taylor Swift kisses), he has a lengthy monologue in the town center after a pointless car race about how "PAYING FOR AIR IS BAD.

I left the theater feeling satisfied and proud that one of my favorite Seuess stories was done justice on the big screen, as so many animated films don't deliver.

com for movies that are worth watching, Rabbit out...

An attempt to awaken and educate a new generation but with fun and a beautifully told, very exciting story.

All right, so in summary, if you don't mind the additions, this version of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax was quite enjoyable for what it was and seeing how things turned out also made this a worthy feature.

With the wildlife and terrain that Dr. Seuss provided, the slapstick is obviously enjoyable to the children.

With Once-ler made more complex, the role of villain goes to Mr. O'Hare, who sells air in a town made entirely of plastic in the movie's other part, which is modern and rather disjointed but generally entertaining.

Making around $70.2 million opening weekend, this colorful entertaining film that teaches a very important lesson.

The musical numbers were painful, the story was boring (The point of the movie is driven home in the first 10 minutes), the animation is standard fare for today.

Efron conveys youthful naivety as much as Swift, while Helms gives the Once-Ler its necessary idiosyncrasies as well as an unexpected depth lamenting the folly of his past.

The film could have come across as an insanely cheesy and ridiculous plight for the environment directed at children in a forgettable manner but rather, Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio's script manages to enrapture the incredibly important message of our need to change our ways and save the earth in a way that is absolutely delightful, clear and entertaining without being preachy.

The content of the actual book is in a short sequence padded with annoying musical numbers and pointless subplots that diverge from the actual purpose of Dr. Suess WRITING the Lorax in the first place.

The animation is colourful but surprisingly dull.