The Love Guru (2008) - Comedy, Romance, Sport

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Pitka, an American raised outside of his country by gurus, returns to the States in order to break into the self-help business. His first challenge is to settle the romantic troubles and subsequent professional skid of a star hockey player whose wife left him for a rival athlete.

IMDB: 3.8
Director: Marco Schnabel
Stars: Mike Myers, Jessica Alba
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 57 out of 254 found boring (22.44%)

One-line Reviews (102)

save your money and your time, don't bother with this painfully dull nonsense.

The only things I can remember from this movie is the stupid and predictable love-triangle, and two elephants having sex on an ice-hockey field.

This is probably the worst of his films, but it is still enjoyable.

Otherwise it is just painfully unfunny and uninteresting.

His character was by far most entertaining.

and i really enjoyed it.

Hey Deepak loved the movie and thought it was very entertaining.

The storyline is just too plane, and simple, which really doesn't make the story fun, its just boring.

However, I am a person who gets bored with contemporary culture easily.

But I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that The Love Guru is the worst movie I've ever seen.

OK, so this movie may not be quite as deep (plot wise) as the Austin Powers movies, or quite as original as the Wayne's World movies, but it was definitely very entertaining.

But alas, my hopes were shattered once again and as I left the theater after witnessing such a travesty of talentless vain proportions, the fragility of my mental state almost reached the breaking point when a good Samaritan saved me from what was, to be precise, an almost life-threatening ordeal.

Painfully boring watered-down "Austin Powers" .

Literally The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen.

After the first 10 minutes it become obvious that the entire movie would be nothing but massively overused, immature jokes that were never funny in the first place, along with very poorly written dialogue and the most predictable storyline since a cop eating a donut.

This is a perfect relax movie, sit back and watch bad jokes and a contrived story.

Instead it just made the movie seem even more pretentious.

It felt like Mike Myers had gone off into his own little Mike's World which bore little resemblance to what anyone else found funny.

So it does kind of pick up after a slow start.

Don't waste your hard-earned money or time on this one.

It may give you the chance to hang about with your heroes, but it's a waste of time for the rest of us.

Far more entertaining than reading the reviews .

This supposed "comedy" was absolute torture to sit through.

This is a very enjoyable movie and advise you to see it.

I don't know about you but the comedies that are deemed funny today aren't particularly funny, just watchable, entertaining at most.

Self-indulgent mess .

The worst comedy; maybe the worst movie .

These involve elephants humping each other, the Guru wearing a chastity belt, the Guru having a battle using mops soaked in urine, the Guru sticking his head up his own ass (which is actually far less funny than it sounds), the Guru getting punched in the groin, the Guru doing battle with a rooster and the Guru engaging in two very long song and dance numbers on the Sitar, one a rendition of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5", the other a ear-splitting variation on "Space Cowboy" by Steve Miller Band.

There were a few moments where I laughed, and they were generally ones after long sustain periods of boredom, and the scenes caught me by surprise because they were mildly amusing.

In my honest opinion this was the absolute worst movie I've ever witnessed in my life.

There was absolutely no plot.

The concept would seem ripe with possibilities as the film lampoons the commercial intentions of self-help gurus like Deepak Chopra, but Myers and his writing partner Graham Gordy appear more interested in bodily functions, gross-out humor, repetitive gags ("Mariska Hargitay"), Canadian in-jokes, and celebrity walk-ons rather than keep the satirical aspects focused enough to make a point.

I always make it a point to watch the movie that was voted as "Worst movie of the year" for the Razzie awards, and that's why I watched "The Love Guru" despite the horrendous reviews.

This film is filled with so many braindead jokes it just becomes very tiresome and annoying.

This has got to be the worst movie I have EVER seen.

Alba and Malco are terribly bland.

The Love Guru may just be the worst movie since Meet The Spartans.

Usually sport scenes are thrilling, this one was a joke.

I was so bored and disgusted by it that I resorted to listening my ipod.

tedious tedium again?

Everything else was such a bore, bordering on annoying to the max.

arthThe movie is filled with these and although it seems the majority didn't like the film, I have to say that I enjoyed it.

Or do I sound like a "Bore Guru" in describing the atrocious piece of work.

Now the plot is poor and very predictable and I found myself seeing how long was left till this peace of rubbish ended.

The problem is, though, that the role itself is paper-thin and very, very tiresome.

Justin Timberlake gave a good performance but it was uneventful and boring.

I was very bored and so I just gave it a shot; didn't expect to watch more than half of it.

The jokes all seem like rejected material from previous efforts, and the obligatory sexual innuendo is somehow even more tiresome than the one in "Goldmember".

I did sense a lack of plot, but the movie was entertaining and it a must-see just because of the many anagrams.

However, there were two unexpected surprises: John Oliver of The Daily Show fame as the Guru's "agent" and the now legendary Stephen Colbert - he's hilarious in every scene he's in.

This is funny no matter how you look at it, if you want top notch on the edge of your seat acting then grow up, that never ever happens in a comedy.

The other entertaining scene was a Bollywood flashback in which Myers and Jessica Alba sing in Indian complete with subtitles.

Easily the worst movie that I've seen this year .

This film presents the absurd while at the same time satirizes filmic cliché.

The movie is full of pointless fart jokes that are not funny at all.

So, in summary, if you want to go spend nine dollars to be able to sit in an empty theatre, then this is the flick for you.

This is an enjoyable movie all throughout.

Summary: Wait for this one on Cable if you must see it- don't waste your money or movie queue on this one.

"The Love Guru" is by far one of the worst pieces of trash I've ever seen and certainly one of the worst movies ever to come out of Hollywood.

Don't waste your time on this,life's got lots to enjoy!

Instead, it's the worst movie of the year for sure (leaving Meet the Spartans way behind in its dust) and has reached it's place, for me at least, as the worst movie ever created.

Sure, this is no classic, neither is it one to watch more than once, but it's definitely worth watching.

Less direct and raunchy than Adam Sandler's 'Zohan', not quite as epic as Austin Powers, but still plenty entertaining.

I really enjoyed it .

We both walked out of the theatre after viewing Guru and said, "It wasn't very good and I really liked it.

I saw this movie with a large group of people--and we all walked out of it.

It was completely stupid and pointless and nowhere near mike myers best film but it was still entertaining none the less.

Though the supporting cast was pretty boring and dull.

This is an entertaining movie that deserves more credit than it gets.

This is the worst movie in years, $10 bucks for 1 1/2 hours of crap.

waste of time and money .

Instead of being funny, it all comes off as incredibly self-indulgent and sad--especially since you see so much of Mike Myers.


Please, don't waste your money (and time).

I just went to see it, and there was NO plot, there was no point, and there was definitely no humor.

I think that it's a case of plain self-indulgence.

I'm not saying this, or movies of this kind are great by no means, but horrible and unwatchable they are not, and not deserving of a low ratting just for it's lower moments of comedy.

I really had high hopes for this, but i was disappointed.. a little bit..the movie had some hilarious moments.. but also some awful ones.. and you are probably gonna be bored throughout 35-40% of the film..the really funny moments does weigh it up a bit though...

An Opportunity Wasted by Self-Indulgence .

I enjoyed it a lot, Myke is just genius in crossing the fake stuff of real life into real stuff of the fake movies.

The plot is bland, uninspired, very predictable and just stupid.

One of the worst movie I saw for years .

The Love Guru is also very silly, repetitive and predictable, with a dreadful script, poor direction and a clichéd story.

On top of the dreary, monotonous toilet humor, the C list celebrities, the stupid plot and the hammy, bad acting there is really nothing worthwhile in this stinker at all, no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

This movie is not only juvenile, it is just plain stupid, slow, and humorless (unless you are an awkward 10 year old that found The Cat in the Hat a work of art) Myers once said in an interview that if he can make his wife laugh at his jokes, he knows they are good.

I recommend staying away from this boring and cheap "comedy".

It was none stop fun i couldn't stop laughing, The story line is pointless, but enjoyable i was not disappointed in the movie at all when it was over i could not stop quoting the movie and talking about it.

After a very short time, it becomes very, very tiresome--like an Austin Powers movie without a single joke.

Such a waste of money and time!!!

I totally enjoyed it.

It seemed tat he tried and it was pretty entertaining.

this was purely a self-indulgent project for Mike Myers ..above all I noticed a huge blunder towards the end that pretty much culminates how bad this movie truly is (except Im missing something)..""Darren Roanoke mother played by Telma Hopkins sang the American National anthem @ a Canadian!!

This movie has been included among the list of the worst movies ever made.

I'm glad to say that the movie was much more entertaining and on par with most of Mike Myers past work.

He loaned it to me and I really enjoyed it, I thought it was very funny two of my favourite moments come from the meeting in Coach Cherkov's (Verne Troyer) office and when Pitka tells Darren he can fight anyone for any reason then proceeding to muck around with Cherkov.

Its the exact same jokes with the exact same delivery but the timing is flat, old, awkward, and boring.

mildly enjoyable.

This movie was nearly unwatchable.

To call this the worst movie of the year, or the worst movie ever shown in theaters, is sheer pompousness at its best.

Be aware, you know what you are going to get: below the belt humour from beginning to end - if you're annoyed by Myers pulling faces, a weak plot or a cliché happy ending then don't download or review this.

Funny and Entertaining .

It's One Of The Worst Movies Of The Decade And Certainly One Of The Most Offensive Films To Come Out Of Hollywood In Recent Years.