The Love Witch (2016) - Romance, Thriller

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A modern-day witch uses spells and magic to get men to fall in love with her.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Anna Biller
Stars: Samantha Robinson, Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 17 out of 74 found boring (22.97%)

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And I am glad that I did return to watch "The Love Witch", because this is definitely an interesting and entertaining movie.

That was a little bit confusing.

The movie stops dead in its tracks for a long, drawn out scene of dialogue that does nothing to further the plot.

Unfortunately, it becomes tedious long before the 120 minute end mark.

It was an entertaining slice of its era, and could probably be described as an early-ish feminist horror film.

It's an early 1970's film by George Romero that follows the exploits of a bored, neglected suburban housewife as she becomes involved in a world of witchcraft and murder.

The producers/director of this film wrongfully thought that by creating a movie that is unconventional but has no plot, moral or script will be pleasing to the audience - boy did they get it wrong or what.

One could argue that all of these characteristics were intentional and contribute to the symbolic meaning of The Love Witch; the shallowness of the plot to reflect the perceptions of women as superficial creatures, the episodic manslaughter to demonstrate the criminalisation of femininity during acts of self-empowerment, and the incongruous scene changes to create a sense of confusion and nonsense to comment on the representation of women in contemporary society.

Elaine is a fascinating character, at times seeming to be shallow and two-dimensional and at others very intricate and surprising.

It's so hyper-stylized that it has led to much confusion on the part of many of its most ardent admirers.

Biller's wholly unique take on gender politics leaves a lot to unpack, but is entertaining through and through.

The film was absolutely stunning to look at, with beautifully rich, vibrant colours and a good looking cast.

It is the worst movie anyone can ever watch.

And this is a real shame, because after the first quarter to a third of the movie, the pace feels increasingly slow and the film as a whole comes off as awfully long.

The Sunday early evening screening where I saw this at was attended so-so (about 10 people altogether), but those who were there clearly enjoyed it quite a bit, with frequent laughing and hollering (especially from the women in the audience!

Waste of time.

As that is is really my only complaint, I'd say this movie is definitely worth watching, unless you're a total square.

It's a complete waste of time.

Obviously, this film's humor is an acquired taste with constant cheesiness which detaches me from the narrative and truly engaging with the material.

Z-Rated Bore .

Whilst all these things may be true, and certainly should be factored when absorbing and meditating upon the film's message about gender relations, it does not constitute good cinema.

'The Love Witch (2016)' is without a doubt a shining technical achievement, the visually stunning sixties stylings are a sight to behold and the general throw-back vibe is almost pitch-perfect.

There are several gratuitously nude scenes - compulsory with any witch film - but it's a minor titillation against a boringly incompetent job.

The plot's slow, exactly like old movies, some people who are accustomed with fast paced movie plot of course cant enjoy it, to me watching this movie is like reading a book, it's relaxing.

This was a fascinating experience and something quite out of the ordinary and the more appreciated for its originality.

Elaine's seduction scene was repetitive.

The plot dragged.

The feature just meanders about for far too long and doesn't really provide much in the way of character or narrative.

It is true that the movie is too long and a bit too kitschy.

The other a self indulgent bore.

Worst Movie Ever .

In fact, at this point in the film, there IS no plot.

Everything in it is good, it's a fascinating play with imagination, the story develops constantly into more ingenious innovations, in spite of the dominating occult ingredients it's very logical all the way, the actors are all good and convincing although they more often than not go over the top, and especially the music is very well made.

THE LOVE WITCH (2016) Anna BillerOVER THE RAINBOW WITH THE LOVE WITCHElaine, played by the stunning Samantha Robinson, is seen driving along a sunny seashore landscape filmed with back projection recalling Melanie driving across the landscapes in Hitchcock's The Birds.

The script is abysmally banal, particularly the dialogue, the editing in particular is below first grade and the actors are as wooden as a Norwegian pine forest.

It ended up being a 2 hour long feminist propaganda film.

Maybe for some clocking in at two hours is way too long for some and I can understand that because it's all talking and talking.

When the lead actress conveys what are meant to be looks of lust with instead looks of disgust, this could be interpreted as a commentary on the dual nature of love and desire, or it could just be a pointless joke about the actresses in those movies being terrible, hell it could be both!

This message, although lost in the general atmosphere of sex and wiccan rituals, was that in modern society, men and women are moving apart from each other, failing to understand each other, and becoming bored with each other.

Besides, the slowness of The Love Witch allows us to admire the extraordinary Technicolor cinematography from that time, full of saturated colors, bizarre frames and long takes.

It's trying to examine them in ways that aren't always clear cut and obvious, which makes the film as unpredictable as it actually ends up being.

The idea of transformation is also a fascinating insight into the film.

First time I watched the movie it was a stunning experience, the tone of strangeness, the fine music, the "coloring", indeed, it is a strange movie.

But, the seamlessness of the gorgeous visuals aside, the film is also a fascinating take on neo- pagan spirituality (modern witchcraft and Wicca), with a surpassing amount of insider-derived knowledge of rituals, jargon and trappings.

The sets and costumes were stunning.

The Love Witch, by writer, director, editor, composer and designer Anna Biller will be the most unusual and exciting film you will be lucky to see this Summer.

This movie contains nudity and killing of people ( specially men) which I believe anyone can handle but the movie is way too long and boring.

Feminism is a central theme and yet dealt with in a very unexpected manner, seeming to celebrate stereotypes while simultaneously bashing them.

Very enjoyable just to look at though.

I feel like drive (2011) maybe was an inspiration, but where as drive knew exactly what it was and kept things in just the right amount to be entertaining and well paced the love witch dragged for way too long and wanted to ad so much more that it just became a bore.

Visually Stunning and Fun .

waste of time .

I was fooled by the 6 rating and it is the worst movie ever!!!

Thus, I was actively bored for quite a while.

i kept hoping for something to happen to break the boring monotone going on and on and on!!!!

The Love Witch I guess will split most of the audience into two groups - one group will find the movie extraordinary and genius, the other group will be bored or will maybe feel that the movie is too artificial.