The Magnificent Seven (1960) - Action, Adventure, Western

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Seven gunfighters are hired by Mexican peasants to liberate their village from oppressive bandits.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: John Sturges
Stars: Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 19 out of 279 found boring (6.81%)

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One thing I will say is that if you watched the Magnificent Seven and enjoyed it then I would definitely recommend watching the original film Seven Samurai.

) sets the stage for an exciting series of events.

The startling opening of a triumphing fanfare, thrilling percussions following a mesmerizingly inspirational violins melody, all leading up to one of the most heart-pounding orchestral movement of cinema's history, that only one word can describe besides iconic … Magnificent!

Exciting Action Sequences .

And in addition to being tremendously entertaining and widely influential, The Magnificent Seven was also prescient about the coming deconstruction of the Western that, along with overexposure on television, would nearly kill the genre.

Much of the film is slow and boring, only to be saved by either McQueen or Bronson--who are as good as ever.

His cunning wit and courage was really entertaining to watch.

The film, seen for the first or twentieth time, I claim "works" on all levels; its engrossing pace is that of a dramatic film, not merely an adventure.

I reckon this is probably my favourite American western (though Rio Bravo, made at the same time, is almost as good) - it's just solid rip-roaring fun from start to finish, features the greatest cast of cowboys ever assembled, is a brilliant story filled with terrific themes and fascinating archetypes and is beautifully shot, cut and scored throughout.

Currently ranked #5 on IMDb's top 250, the original is far better than this dated cowboy story that, although fun, is a bit boring in some areas and visibly not quite as enjoyable as it was when released in 1960.

This just felt rushed from the beginning, but remained dull after seeing the sheer brilliance of "Seven Samurai".

Overall, the Magnificent Seven is rather dull.

And of course Elmer Bernstein's score is rousing and unforgettable.

The finale of the Seven Samurai is one of the most exciting finales that I've ever seen.

The action is exciting, quick and engaging.

Despite the contrived plot, based on Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" (1954), you can't beat the lusty score, the superlative locations and the excellent main cast (the villagers, by contrast, are mostly weak).

Minor matters in an engrossing film.

The romance between Petra and Chico was simply great, at times it was comical, at times it was dramatic, at times it was touching, and at other times, it was totally unexpected.

Reviewed August 2010It did not pan out as how I expected it to be, rather was more entertaining.

5.5/10, rounded up to 6/10 for IMDb: not great considering it's legendary status and the talent involved, but entertaining enough to while away a rainy Sunday afternoon, I suppose.

It's not as gritty or as thought provoking, but it has its entertaining moments.

His pathetic portrayal of Chris Adams, the main cowboy hired to protect, fell flat and was boring to the average viewer.

The Magnificent Seven, is, I have to say, boring.

The film is an engaging n adventurous western, awesomely directed by John Sturges.

Yul Brynners God-like ability to dodge bullets without even moving is unexplainable, particularly when Brad Dexter storms in for a pointless heroic 'rescue' and is shot immediately.

An agonisingly slow pace and under-developed story prevents this from being truly great .

Well worth watching.

Always an enjoyable watch.

Has Some Fun Sequences But Is Overall A Bit Dull .

Action scenes, especially with horses, are breathtaking.

It was exciting to see M.

Inspirational, gripping characterisations from established and emerging stars work together to produce a simply wonderful movie.

When he comes to know that his Privileges are refused in the village protected by unexpected gunmen, his inimitable expressions frighten everyone.

In one case, for example, Tom Cruise made his version of Amenábar's film while the original was still on at most cinemas: but comparing one with the other is a complete waste of time and only suitable for short-sighted misoginists.

Unfortunately it's overlong and lacks the necessary tension to make its premise work and is ultimately dull and rather flat.

Mr. Sturges has made an entertaining film.

The screen writers William Roberts, Walter Bernstein and Walter Newman must also take great credit for coming up with such a lively and entertaining script.

Some impatient modern viewers will probably find much of the movie slow.

The action is explosive and truly exciting.

I must admit – this film was boring.

When it does begin it is exciting and it will come as no surprise that not all of the seven will be riding out of town again at the end.

This movie is great and a lot of fun, and it's worth watching for the incredible climax alone.

It's fascinating watching the enrolment process and its results: cool smoker Brynner being offered everything for his help, McQueen looking for crackerjack kicks, Bronson caught swinging his chopper, Coburn calmly murdering a bragging twit, Dexter drooling over imaginary gold, Vaughn trying to run away from his sweaty self, Buchholz as an impetuous immature.

There are lots of slow parts, a silly love story, and to be honest at times I forgot who was the goody and who was the baddie.

It's a tough, manly movie with a convincing and compelling villain (Eli Wallach as Calvera)...

The extras on the DVD are well worth watching.

Movie is worth watching to all movie lovers.

However the plus-side to this is that the film contains some genuinely good characters, who mostly manage to keep it entertaining, even when the pace drags it down.

Well worth watching,very enjoyable for lovers of a good action western.

Each actor appeared to be struggling with what he was trying to say, and I found some of the scenes to be downright confusing.

I first saw this film about 20 years ago as a teenager and I still find it as enjoyable now as I did then.

With brilliant performances and some great and exciting action scenes, this is one of only two American Westerns I can think of that is actually any good.

Forty-five years old and Still Entertaining and Moving.

' Yes, of its time, but it is a very good entertaining film.

I found the dialogue in this movie very good, the actors enjoyable and the music fantastic.

McQueen gets overcome with adrenaline as he hops on his horse and singlehandedly pursues 20-30 Mexican bandits after a battle.

The climax is still very exciting to behold, with an enormous body count among the bad guys and a couple of painful and emotional deaths amongst the beloved heroes as well.

As a fan of western films n being a big fan of Mcqueen, i enjoyed it more than Seven Samurai.

Instead, the film is slow when it should be zipping along.

The Magnificent Waste Of Time & Money .

Still, a very enjoyable and well made Hollywood film that is well worth seeing.

The Magnificent Seven has everything going for it, a near-perfect cast, a truly magnificent score and the fact it is very exciting as a western.

Breathtaking and memorable musical score by Elmer Berstein ; Elmer , whose score for this movie is one of the best-known ever composed, also wrote the soundtrack for the parody of this film, 'Three amigos'.

The Magnificent Seven also has a humorous tone running through it and this made it all the more enjoyable.

But this minor pause leads to the film's rousing climax--as these proud fighters for good causes adopt the one they had waited all their lives to undertake--one that proves they need owe their lives to no one so long as they can fight even to the death for the right to choose their own battles.

Slow pacing .

It may stick rigidly to the genre stereotype but "The Magnificent Seven" is still a highly enjoyable film although I cannot compare to the original "Seven Samurai" because I've not seen that.

Above all, this is an enormously entertaining western.

After watching the dvd it's especially entertaining to watch the leads trying to get as much attention as possible in each scene.

What it has in reserve is atmosphere and authenticity - the gun battles are remarkably thrilling and exciting as characters dive for whatever cover they can find and stunt-work is impeccable.

Just the intense look on his face with those piercing eyes and deep voice command attention whenever he's on screen.

"The Magnificent Seven" is an exciting and meaningful story with wonderful performances by great actors (Steve McQueen especially!

Some reviewers mentioned the slow pacing of this film.

An enjoyable typical American western, nothing more .

Not the greatest western, but very enjoyable.

Often a shot for shot copy of the original, The Magnificent Seven kicks off with that iconic theme music underscoring the credit titles (which is barely heard again with the same bravado for the rest of the picture), shows promise when Eli Wallach's bandidos roust the village, and introduces Brynner and McQueen in a compelling sequence involving a hearse and boot hill.

It's certainly enjoyable and is well considered a classic, but as an overall film, it has problems that I need to address, first of all I think the scenes that are suppose to be viewed as severe and intense are quite poorly executed, I felt like the actors were holding back a bit for these parts and weren't expressing the emotions as well as they should have here, I think the music should have been darker to add to the effect and it needed a bigger build up.

Worth watching .

It made Sunday afternoon an enjoyable time.

I have a smile on my face when the theme comes on because I know the seven are gonna do something exciting or important.

Enjoyable Western fare...

As per usual for the era, the actresses had little to do except show fear and weep over their fallen husbands' bodies, with one as the rather boring love interest (though at least the actress who played her was Mexican).

Of course, The Magnificent Seven wouldn't be considered such a success on characters alone; there are rousing action sequences here as well.

There are things that work, and the acting is (mostly) strong, but ultimately the film is dragged down by an agonisingly slow pace.

It really helps as well that the action sequences are tremendously exciting, and that the landscapes are truly dazzling.

My Rating Is 1/10 the most awful film ever made,don't waste your money & time,Skipp This & see any Clint Eastwood Film any day.

The other thing a good western needs is a blazing score and Elmer Bernstein's classic theme really is one for the ages, stirring the blood and rousing the spirit in a way that modern films are rarely able to do.

The climax is both exciting and poignant.

This film memorable for having a rousing and catchy main music film score from Elmer Bernstein.

The film has a lot of great scenes involving the action and shootouts that is engaging to watch.

More modern directors - notably Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood dragged the western legends into a more modern and believable context.

Every bit as enjoyable as the 1954 Japanese original .

maybe because it was so rousing..& so much fun..w/ that superb score..that you just want it to work..need it to work...

First of all the film is too long and second of all the way some of the magnificent seven die at the end of the movie.

From some interesting beginnings is spun a fascinating action-drama as loyalties shift; developments arise and what appeared as a simple enough job for many turns into an eyesore of a quandary inflicting moral dilemmas onto each of these men as they come to face what they face.

This retelling of Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" is a good Western worth watching.

Also, the movie puts some interesting spins on Kurosawa's basic story; for instance, the chief bad guy in this remake gets some substantial dialogue, and the movie puts in an unexpected plot twist just before the action-packed climax.

With a stirring music score, and great cast, a predictable story becomes a western classic.

There was also effective use of dust to conclude most action scenes like falling off, a shot towards the camera or skidding to take cover etc. It's stylish, has an entertaining plot that features an interesting bad guy, though gets a bit melodramatic at times doesn't drag too long.

Action packed, with a huge gun fight conclusion.

I have just seen this film again, and enjoyed it as much as the first time 40 years ago, and the other two or three times in between: you cannot do that with other mere 'westerns'.

Action packed entertainment with a massive gun battle where Sturges visualizes the penalties of violence.

What could have been a fairly routine western is lifted into the realm of classic thanks to some smart casting, sturdy direction and a rousing music score.

It is so much more than just a western, it is a character study of people living on the edge of life and how they cope with the fact that no one cares if they live or not.

This is a great movie and also boasts some very enjoyable special features on the dvd.

A Magnificent waste of my time….. .

Everything that a western should have can be found in this film: a good cast, fantastic and exciting fight scenes and great scenery.

I did feel that in the original film there was far too much time spent on finding the Samurai to defend against the village and there were moments where it did get a bit boring, but the faster pacing of the remake does make it a slightly more enjoyable experience on the whole.

Certainly some of the character is slow, and, while they're developed, they're not always sufficiently developed for us to care about them.

) playing a vaguely Mexican gunslinger, he makes him a fascinating character.

The static man does something repetitive and occasionally builds on the past, his reward being holding the line against Nature, or adding a little to what he had inherited.

Elmer Bernstein's score has a lot to do with The Magnificent Seven's success I think as well, it is rousing, triumphant and bombastic and very like the score for Lawrence of Arabia it sticks in the mind for a long time afterwards.

It's exciting, witty, smart and sometimes even sweet.

Post 9/11, that theme was so much more relevant and riveting, especially a humorous scene of the cowboys teaching the villagers to shoot.

The real centerpiece isn't really focused on the action, though it is exciting and never holds back, the real meal ticket is the development in the characters and what drove them on this dangerous initiative.

Watch this movie for still being entertaining and moving after forty-five years; for its strong individual characters by "tough guy" actors when they were young; for the AMAZING iconic score which captures the once free-spirit of the American West; for just being a good and satisfying movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, except the usual things like,, "Why do people/men come running out doors when there is obvious gun fire shots....

The intense violence, the macho presence of the 7, the quasi absence of any female lead, and especially the setting (a Mexican pueblo!

The premise of "Magnificent Seven" is so simple that the first half of the movie teeters on total boredom.

Every and I mean EVERY person of whom I have told about Seven Samurai always said to me that The Magnificent Seven was worth watching.

The Magnificent Seven is very exciting and hold on to the end.

(My edition also includes a documentary and commentary which are entertaining in their own rights.

I felt like a lot of the rest of it was just slow dialogue that never really builds to anything.

But this was a pretty entertaining film that deserves a look; just watch 'Seven Samurai' at your own risk because you may seem short-comings, as I did.

Speaking of fun, Wallach's Calvera character pretty much makes the film much more watchable than it should be with the bland dialogue.

As I mentioned before the action was exciting and the stunts were very well orchestrated it could make today's stunt people green with envy.

Exciting and engaging in every respect.

Rhythm and direction are quite slow for a fun western in combination with a trashy comedy.

Another thing i enjoyed about this film was the stunning cast.

The action sequences are not very exciting, the characters are one-dimensional, and the ending is somewhat predictable.

This movie has been compared to the Seven Samurai which I highly recommend because it is just as entertaining using the same theme.

Long but thoroughly absorbing, "The Magnificent Seven" is one of those classic Westerns that even non-fans of the genre will probably like.

Elmer Bernstein was Oscar-nominated for his rousing and instantly recognizable score, the film's primary asset.

Absolutely gripping.

An exciting story and wonderful direction makes this an essential western film.

I've seen a number of faster-moving and better westerns but few with a cast this good that's still entertaining.

While sometimes lacking, "The Magnificent Seven" is enjoyable as an addendum to the earlier classic.

The theme song is often poorly placed where mundane things are happening.

Consistently colorful and exciting....

Brynner, who was so fine in this first American Magnificents movie, will be quite banal in the next installment of the franchise.

Worth watching.

The movie is too long 2 hours 15 minutes.

The film offers lessons in true courage played out in an engaging story.

Who wouldn't want to work for the Yul Brynner character and participate in such an exciting, rewarding adventure?

He actually also considered the film to be slow paced, saying that after an initial viewing, he found it so slow that he composed the music the way he did to speed up many of the scenes.

Overall the film is fun and entertaining.

While The Magnificent Seven cannot compete with Seven Samurai in terms of visual dexterity or profound thematic complexity, John Sturges' Western-ised adaptation holds up as a rousing action-adventure story as well as a fascinating turning point in the history of films about the Old West.

id say to talk further about this & watch this is a true waste of time & hard earned money,it is believed that tom cruise is trying to make this film,if he is then ill say it will be a gold film,tom cruise is best & never disappoints unlike this mess,forget the DVD as it includes self promoting propaganda & never ending showoff interviews are thrown in except Eli Wallach commentary which i thought was hilarious to listen.

" With a terrific Oscar-Nominated Musical Score by Elmer Bernstein, "The Magnificent Seven" remains a richly enjoyable Western, shot on location in Morelos state, Mexico...

Here he is excellently served by a faultless cast, though Yul Brynner was the only major name of note, the likes of Steve McQueen (owning the movie), Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn and James Coburn would go on to become part of cinematic macho culture, with each actor vying for the right to own the movie proving to be a bonus trump card for this rousing and much loved picture.

The villagers, however, seem on the edge of quitting after a nighttime takeover by Wallach, and so too do the Seven.

Highly Entertaining .

"The Magnificent Seven" is derived from Kurosawa's superb "The Seven Samurai," a compelling tale of intimidated and impoverished medieval villagers hiring mercenary warriors to repel bandit ravages...

For an American Western remake of a Japanese Samurai movie, this is an incredibly brilliant and entertaining movie.

The first is Vin (Steve McQueen), a cool cat who lives on the edge.

The Magnificent Seven starts off very slow.

But that endless tiresome angst and cliché-ridden script seriously date this work now.

How often are actors like Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Coburn and Eli Wallach boring.....

"The Magnificent Seven" is a fascinating remake of Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai" emanating from the old west and is comprised of seven eclectic hot stars of that era.

Sturges has made something accessible and entertaining without sacrificing story and emotion.

However, while Cleef's Chris is arguably the most exciting interpretation of the character, the rest of the seven are the blandest of all.

Instead I was treated to a movie which felt very slow paced, and seemed to go on for too long, with characters who were somewhat one-dimensional.

A richly enjoyable Western with a terrific Oscar-Nominated Musical Score...

Still, the characters are certainly good, and the acting complements them, along with a great, Oscar-nominated soundtrack by Elmer Bernstein that all works together to make this a just-about-enjoyable movie that still, in 2016, has its strengths.

The acting was also way too underwhelming, it seems that the characters of this film were all apathetic and slow, it was weird.

Had this been filmed in 1940, I would have accused it of being a propaganda film to bring our isolationist citizens into WWII.

Westerns are not my genre of choice, so I was suprised to truly get into the exciting story of seven cowboys hired to protect a Mexican village from evil bandits.

The pieces add up to one of the great entertaining films of all time, which still manages to be moving and morally aware despite its Hollywoodization of Kurosawa's vision.

Has an entertaining plot that features an interesting bad guy .

Out of this simple plot western specialist director John Sturges ("Gunfight at OK Corral", "Last Train from Gun Hill", "Bad Day at Black Rock") achieves a most entertaining film with lots of action, a bit of romance and a focus on certain complex characters.

Yet it's nonetheless true that even the American remake has a certain sobriety and good—sense that you could gain a new appreciation of by seeing the two sequels—where everything is reversed and where the revolutionary virtues of the peons are exalted, by means of a vague leftist propaganda.

Until the final shootout this is really a dull western, though it looks great, shows off some nice locales and , yes, Brynner and McQueen are fairly good.

The movie is worth watching just for Elmer Bernstein's music, as is the case with his score in "The Great Escape.

It's a solid western and has its exciting moments.

Even though the pacing is slow, it remains worthwhile watching.

Outside of the rousing action-packed sequences, this movie has four merits: the actors, the cinematography, Elmer Bernstein's Oscar-nominated music score, and the on-location filming in Mexico.

The building up of the seven men team, each member a champion gunslinger is an exciting outset.

This drawn-out bit of tense action centering around a horse-drawn hearse establishes the movie's theme that the mercenary gunmen of the Old West are less like "Come back, Shane" and more like loser outcasts who will defy prevailing social mores just for the heck of it, confident that they'll get away with doing so or be too dead to care.

The number of reviews is indicative of how entertaining and thought-provoking this film is.

Overall, this is a great film, very exciting, great to look at and has a magnificent score.

The first 45 minutes of the film are the most enjoyable for me.

Before elucidating my grievances I want to shower praises on the breathtaking cinematography and art design of the movie which has created captivating scenery of Mexican village and its rural life.

I have the Magnificent Seven DVD which also has a "Behind the Scenes of the making of this movie which is entertaining in itself.

This film is a quick reminder of the golden years of cinema when filmmakers were creating cinematic pieces taken from heart and dedication contrary to the pointless sequels and money-picking blockbusters the film community has been feeding us.

It is enjoyable on its own terms due to the stellar cast and Bernstein's score.

The premise is intriguing, and it gives us nice characters to root for.

So the rhythm is still slow and the picture is often centered on the faces and the general attitudes or postures of the characters.

It has its blemishes here and there, but the Magnificent Seven is still an enjoyable film with memorable performances and a superb soundtrack, if you ever see it on television and are looking for a good western, it's certainly worth the watch.

The suspense is riveting.