The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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The cruel King Louis XIV of France has a secret twin brother whom he keeps imprisoned. Can the twin be substituted for the real king?

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Randall Wallace
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeremy Irons
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 37 out of 258 found boring (14.34%)

One-line Reviews (151)

This film offers a prime example of the man's inborn grasp of gut-wrenching hilarity dolled up as piously dull and historically ignorant entertainment.

This is really just one of those films that are so bad they're entertaining.

The WORST movie EVER !.

On the whole, 'The Man in the Iron Mask' is an adventure worth watching.

The swordplay is entertaining, if a bit limited in scope and amount, clearly due to the seniority of most of the main cast.

It was just rather dragged out.

It gets pretty tense and enjoyable, watching people sneak around, grieving and plotting.

The events are exciting and sometimes heart-wrenching, the music is great, and the dialogue is truly, truly exceptional.

if you've read the book, the movie is a torture!.. .

The plot was confusing and had little of the drama and tension of Dumas' story.

The characters are hilarious, moving and most importantly interesting, the plot - though predictable - keeps your attention, the script is well written and often very funny, and considering that the four musketeers aren't exactly young anymore the action is pretty impressive.

The character Porthos was especially engaging.

Its worst crime is that it's dull .

The chemistry between them is "magnifique," and I found their motivations both believable and compelling.

It's funny, exciting, touching, pretty to look at, and isn't so cheesy that it can't be taken seriously.

Bad directing, boring visual style.

On top of the poor acting and casting, the film lacked an engaging plot because of the characters and the use of cameras, which seemed to work behind the scenes and let the weak characters/actors and actresses become the focus.

Wallace did such a good job combining historical fiction with old-fashioned adventure with a modern twist in that story (to be fair, Mel Gibson did a good job directing it), but here, he's not consistent; there are some scenes and especially dialogue which are real clunkers, which alternate with scenes that are rousing or dramatic.

Worth seeing if you want something light, fun and entertaining.

It probably wouldn't stand up to multiple viewings, but it is worth watching if you have the chance.

*no spoilers, just a spoiled movie* One of the worst movies I've seen.

The film does also have its dull moments and questionable dialog.

a lot of boring dialogs.

However, the film is a little too long and the pacing is also uneven, I felt the film dragged in the middle and then it felt a tad rushed at the end.

" With this in mind, the director and producers of "Iron Mask" start their movie out slow in getting late 20th century viewers familiar with all the characters.

Certain scenes involving the older stars were some of the most powerful and compelling I have ever seen, particularly the one in the tomb where they discuss their plot to replace the king.

It works best as a fairy tale and is fairly enjoyable if you watch it with that frame of mind.

It should be thrilling, a great big adventure.

) Only Aramis' and Athos' characters seem genuine, d'Artagnan's, though noble, is predictable, and Porthos is just plain disgusting--not true to Dumas' character at all.

Definitely flawed, but enjoyable .

Instead I got a fun film, with flaws, but it was enjoyable enough.

In fact, the entire third act piqued my interest because it was so unpredictable.

My list of possible complaints is endless, but to wrap up with just a few: the cast members' accents are all over the place, the music overwrought and the entire film far too long.

DVD also includes an intriguing commentary track by the filmmaker and more.

The Man With The Boring Film .

Awesome, Riviting,Exciting .

but one of the most entertaining and powerful ones .

It is a not a bad movie by any means, it is pretty fun and entertaining to be honest, a true guilty pleasure to see it once (i saw it twice during the first two years after its release).

in many places, if not the whole thing, it looks like a film which screenplay/story was thought out some night by some bored film people who just wanted something to make to merely entertain their then idly bored selves.

Good, entertaining movie .

Written and Directed by Randall Wallace (Best Known for writing the script of the Oscar-Winning "Braveheart" and the infamous Michael Bay film "Pearl Harbor") made an enjoyable old-fashioned adventure with a top cast.

As for the film as a whole, well if you just go with it, and don't dwell on the flaws, it's pretty enjoyable really!

It's *supposed* to be entertaining...

but I will admit that this was worth watching.

Fun, entertaining movie.

I was hoping that they would make a sequel to this exciting movie.

The intriguing plot leads to an exciting finish but the ending is predictable, and not one that makes a hero out of the heroes.

Awesome, Riveting,Exciting .

Boring !

This is a very moving, compelling rendition of the legendary tale of the Man in the Iron Mask.

It's both an enjoyable story and a visual wonder.

Aside from the fact that the acting in it was superb, aside from the fact that the storyline was interesting and exciting, and even aside from the fact that the characters were made to be so believable, each scene was like a work of art!

This tremendous cast and huge production make for absorbing viewing, different yet as entertaining as the Richard Chamberlain TV version and the Louis Hayward version in the 1930s.

It's incredibly dull, flat, utterly predictable, tedious...

It's a fun flick and I enjoyed it, despite itself.

So I watched it again the next day, this time I understood it better and got more into it, and altogether enjoyed it more.

His "good twin," Philippe, is flat and boring.

However, the film was enjoyable.

Accept this version on its own terms and I hope you will find it as engaging as I.

Fun, entertaining, great story, .

Eh, still I'd highly recommend it, it's the actors that make this movie very delightful to watch, one for all and all for one… this movie is just tons of fun!

There are enjoyable moments of the film, and the Musketeer uniforms are snazzy.

It may not be a "masterpiece", but it's surely a great, fun, entertaining film!

And I loved some of the unexpected plot twists, especially near the end.

Well I am a Dumas fan, I read through the first two in the series some years back("The Three Musketeers" and "Twenty Years After") and found them to be some of the most enjoyable literature I've read.

waste of time .

Instead of wasting time on this boring remake, rent "The Three Musketeers" from 1973.

Worst movie in a long while .

Finally Hollywood provides us with an unfailing cure to insomnia.

Ambitious, but often shallow and predictable.

All in all, a very entertaining tale of The Three Musketeers, based on an interesting idea, and brought nicely to life by talented actors.

The twist was just thrilling.

The ensemble cast make this worth watching.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar 6) it is sooooooo predictable - yeah cus no1 had worked out he was the father half way through the first scene!!!!

Aside from all of that, the scenery and costumes are quite stunning, and the story intriguing.

A thoroughly enjoyable swashbuckling good time.

Where Hyams, as always, searches for the (special) effect and too grand but empty gestures, this film is about people.

This film has everything to make it a success- wonderfully stirring music, fantastic sets and gripping fight scenes.

Depardieu is charming, Irons: dramatic, Bryne: tortured and Malkovich: intense.

I thought script was too boring with awkward silent gaps in-between and acting was probably even worse both from male and female actors.

Their performances are the only light in this otherwise dull picture.

While this isn't the best movie ever, it is still very much worth the watch; don't let the low rating fool you!

For a movie at that time period, the acting was superb, dont how how Leo didnt get an oscar, and the story was amazing and entertaining.

For instance, when Gabriel Byrne has a rose in his hand, and in a very cliché way, Anne Parillaud puts her hand to her lips!

at some points, his American-boy accent was just a wee bit cringe-worthy in the circumstances, and in a couple scenes he possibly goes over the top- on the whole, however, he acquits himself well and at his best moments he is totally wonderful, (as the fabulously camp-looking Louie especially) stunning and touching to watch (if anyone on earth can play a Don Juan-type spoilt brat rich king dude, it's gotta be Leo) and all performance technicalities aside, i for one will give him snaps on having mustered the courage to wear those outfits (not to mention the hair).

The direction, the pacing, the romance, the sword-play are all dull.

I remember this film as being good at the cinema but having rented it recently I have discovered that it's really quite boring.

its a waste of time.

The other thing that really got on my nerves was DiCaprio who seemed very limp and bored.

The contrasts between the musketeers was conveyed well and was enjoyable to watch.

A terrific cast is wasted in a dull Dumas adaption.

The uncanny show of bravery from the revitalized musketeers was stunning - in a confusing way.

I left with a 'ho hum' feeling, I didn't care much.

Enjoyable movie .

Instead, it's disappointingly ordinary, but still enjoyable for the charismatic performances of the musketeers alone.

The action scenes are decent and well played once they arrive, and the score reasonably evocative.

I actually made the mistake of going to the movie theatre to see this piece of manure a while ago, but thought I'd add a comment here because this is probably the worst movie I have ever seen.

Apart from a few flaws, an entertaining movie and definatly not as easy to critique as one would think :)

Firstly many thanks to Writer/Director Randall Wallace (the bloke who wrote Braveheart)for crafting such a compelling tale.

It's a good adaptation with big budget , a moving rendition of the classic tale with derring-do , intrigue , romance , action and exciting swordplay .

I must say, I had forgotten how exciting, dramatic and intriguing it was(and is).

Furthermore the movie is kind of entertaining, though just don't put your hopes up for a cinematic masterpiece that will hunt your dreams for weeks to come.

This is another major flaw of the film: for an adventure picture, the protagonist/antagonist are just boring.

My feelings were right: Man in the Iron Mask is tedious and lacks suspense, and avoids the political background the Dumas story had.

The story is well told and intriguing, keeping you interested through the whole film.

Typical Hollywood schlock: a waste of time, money and reputable actors.

Worth watching, very good movie, way underrated.

However, those who love the characters, who don't mind seeing new adaptations and interesting plot twists, and who love rich costumes and set designs will find this movie wonderfully entertaining.

Malkovich sucks,Irons is dull,Depardieu doesnt really act and DiCaprio is laughable the harder he tries.

Very entertaining movie.

All the actors in the movie are pretty average, none of them really shines out, it's once again obvious that Dicaprio do indeed have a lot of talent and i'm forever certain that he will be a very large star one day, he has a lot of talent, and it is visible in some parts of this movie, although his character seems shallow, actually all of the characters are rather uninteresting, and the dialog doesn't make the actors job any easier, trying too hard maybe to be true to its time age, and still it doesn't work convincing that way either.

He knows how to be intense.

) On a whole despite some dismal performances, The Man In The Iron Mask is an engrossing tale that should be viewed at least once in your life time.

If you're thinking, "That boring old fossil?!?!

The audience I saw this with really enjoyed it, alot, and you probably will too.

The King falls for a beautiful girl (Judith Godreche) and while Athos (Peter Sarsgaard) leads to the summit of the dreary musketeers , thus : the brave Dartagnan (Gabriel Byrne) ; the responsible father Athos (John Malkovich) ; the joker (though with flatulence) Portos(Gerard Depardieu) and the Priest Aramis (Jeremy Irons).

Instead of being exhilarating and inspirational, the climax comes off like a bad cliché and takes away any emotional effect that the crew intended.

The four musketeers, played by an international team of top actors, are also a bit dull, lacking both the humour that made Richard Lester's Musketeer films so much fun and the element of charisma and vitality that would convince the viewer that these are indeed the hardest men in the world.

Unfortunately, this movie has an incredibly corny plot and a slow pace.

Can somebody please explain to me why Gabriel Byrne is constantly saddled with trite nonsense like this when he is one of the finest actors working in cinema today?

Top-notch actors like Jeremy Irons, Gabriel Byrne and John Malkovich must have been choking on their lines; Malkovich's flat performance does make it seem like he was bored out of his mind.

Entertaining viewing.

If 'we' wait too long, let's hope DiCaprio has sunk his last boat and comes back to the breathtaking roles he started in '...

This movie is very enjoyable and just plain fun to watch!

Don't see this movie, it's a waste of time!

I'm amazed to see that other people (or androids with no taste, more likely) actually LIKED this boring waste of invaluable time!

The story was fine, the acting great, but Dicaprio dragged the whole movie into the gutter.

It's an exciting story, even if Dumas would never have recognized it, and the musketeers are wonderful.

Rousing With Intrigue and Top Row Performances All Around .

Overall, an entertaining film, and certainly worth viewing.

Oh, I am so glad my friend dragged me to see it.

In the story, a plot is hatched to free Philippe from prison and pass him off as Louis as a way of ridding France of a petty, self-indulgent king with no regard for the French people.

A confusing mess .

I enjoyed this movie because it is one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen.

The music is very rousing and moving, and the sword play is energetic.

%*} waste of time!!!

Truly Stunning .

It is the climactic and thrilling scene of a film that has so much going for it, it earns at least 8 stars despite its flaws.

Although it did have a few flaws here and there, it is still a very worthwhile and enjoyable film.

I watched the first five minutes, got bored, and turned it off.

What a waste of great talent and a suspenseful, swashbuckling classic!

The movie has a great story, excellent acting, beautiful settings,exciting action,good humor, and a wonderful music score.

Although this wasn't a great film, it was still highly enjoyable.

Like i said this film is not really suited to my tastes, but i still found it enjoyable to watch, and the casting is fantastic.

Bland and uninspiring .

The story is a lot more enjoyable for me than most of the adaptations of the Three Musketeers.

Variously uninspired, overblown and mawkish, and thoroughly predictable.

Sounds exciting, right?

Classic acting, flawed story, but worth the watch.

Needless to say the entire movie is worth watching for the pure beauty of Byrne and Irons...

I hadn't even heard of Gabriel Byrne or the supporting female actresses, but having seen Malkovich, Irons and Depardieu, I knew there would be quality acting in this film, so, having grown bored with browsing, I rented it.