The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond is targeted by the world's most expensive assassin, while he attempts to recover sensitive solar cell technology that is being sold to the highest bidder.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Guy Hamilton
Stars: Roger Moore, Christopher Lee
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 49 out of 277 found boring (17.68%)

One-line Reviews (253)

The Man with the Golden Gun is a weak film, all the potential is replaced by boring exposition and boring set pieces.

Also the whole ninja school sequence in the middle is incredibly pointless and distracting.

One very memorable sequence is where Bond chases after a car with Pepper inside with him, which is both suspenseful AND humorous (humourous thanks to the presence of Pepper).

This film, in essence, had so much potential, its a shame with all the cliches of JW Pepper and the miscue of the musical interlude to the famous car jump that they have to degrade this film into a lame, boring film.

Bond tries to use all the clues to great effect and for once I was able to follow the plot, even if the majority of clues found are over exaggerated but still very engaging.

This has to be one of the slowest Bond films to date.

If this wasn't bad enough, the film's humour verges on the edge of self-parody and it often gets in the way of the story.

A Bond film going nowhere.....

There's a lot of killing time with intentions of keeping everything a mystery (with one surprise in the story's direction) and many contrived possibilities show up.

Not only is the storytelling top-notch, but it has some great, suspenseful action scenes as well.

Glamour content comes from Britt Ekland, saddled with a rather boring character and much more fun in THE WICKER MAN, and the truly gorgeous Maud Adams as a femme fatale.

The racial/deformity characteristics for the villains seem even more tasteless this time around – three nipples for Scaramanga, a French Midget for his henchman – while a pointless later scene implies a black servant is a potential rapist.

Scaramanga is just as equal as Bond in terms that his actions are just as unpredictable as Bond's.

Even the typical Bond elements are lacking: the pre-credit sequence and the titles themselves are boring and Lulu's title song is one of the worst in the series.

This is a fairly typical entry in the Roger Moore series of Bond movies - a plot of relative insignificance, lots of attractive travelogue photography, some decent stunts, action and effects sequences (the effects are rather better than usual), an above-average villain in Christopher Lee's urbane and rather likable Scaramanga, an entertaining freakish henchman, and pretty girls not wearing very much.

Overall a 6/10, maybe I did overate this film but I felt coming from watching it that it was entertaining and although quite long to say what is going on in it, it still pleased me as a Bond series film as well.

Worth watching for Christopher Lee alone and a surprisingly enjoyable performance by Roger Moore.

Top it off with one of the five best car tricks (the spiral bridge jump scene) in movie history, and you have an entertaining film.

While that might be true, I still found him enjoyable especially when he and Bond play off each other.

And any movie in which Christopher Lee appears is probably worth watching just for that.

" Her most important purpose is to prolong an already boring movie.

Lee seems to downplay all the dark aspects, coming across as too cheerful and normal in his scenes; they even dressed him in dull clothes, squandering the chance to show off his lean, towering figure.

The plot is rather uninteresting, and not much really happens that's noteworthy.

Unfortunately, one then has to add in the regrettable tendency towards misplaced humour which always found its way into the Moore Bonds, at its worst here in the spiral car bridge jump - an absolutely stunning car stunt, given a sound effect of a swannee whistle.

It's obvious how boring the movie is when Hamilton's action scenes prove to be duller than usual.

There is, however, much that is enjoyable.

It's a surprisingly slow-moving film for a Bond flick, with more talky scenes than is customary.

She is enjoyable nonetheless.

Some get so caught up in the formulaic Bonds (the last couple of Connery's, the majority of Moore's and Brosnan's), that good spy adventure movies get lost or ignored.

Besides that, some of the action is fun, although the whole situation with the martial arts school has no purpose, and Moore's improved performance certainly helps, but the uninteresting secondary scheme of the villain and the goofy bits that seem to be a trademark of most of the Moore films don't.

Do see this one if you're a Bond fan because it really is one of the most entertaining of them all.. and look out for the Golden Gun!

Worst of all, though, is that the middle hour of this film, during which Bond seeks his nemesis, is rather boring, with such bad elements as mentioned above acting as filler to expand the story to two full hours.

His backstory is intriguing too, notably this is a unique villain in that he never seeks out Bond or vice-versa, their meeting is arranged by his mistress who wants Bond to kill him for her.

Christopher Lee as Scaramanga is one of the better villains, Maud Adams and Britt Ekland were radiant Bond girls, and Herve Villechaize was entertaining as Nick Nack.

Christopher Lee is quite entertaining to watch.

The story is also extremely by the numbers, there is no plot point that is unexpected or exciting, it feels as if it's all going through the motions.

At least, that's what I assumed, but in reality it's one of the dullest Bond flicks with far too many pointless dialogs, too few bombastic stunt sequences, too many pitiable attempts for comical reliefs, an almost complete lack of flamboyant gimmicks and totally uninteresting supportive characters!

It all seems pretty pointless.

Some criticize Barry's work for this film saying that it's boring when that is not so.

The action scenes are in abundance, and some exciting car chases, including the one in the streets of Bangkok.

This was still enjoyable and this ranks up with other Bond film like Goldfinger and The Spy Who Loved Me, as one of the best Bond films ever because it has memorable characters eg Nick Nack (RIP), Scaramanga and Sheriff Pepper.

There are plenty of major stunts & some great location shooting which are quite enjoyable.

In his second outing as 007, Moore looks more comfortable than he did in "Live and Let Die" and this film is more entertaining than its predecessor.

The whole style here is rather comedy like and typical seventies style - the dull and non-melodic title theme, song by former sex starlet Lulu, is a low light of the series.

A Solid, if Slightly Bland, Return to Bond's Roots .

Maud Adams is given a good character to work from, her Andrea Anders is intriguing and very much a live wire in the plot, it's a good performance that would see Adams rewarded with the lead lady role in Octopussy (1983).

However, it is still a fairly entertaining entry is the long-running series, and features three strong reasons for tuning in: 1)a classic Bond villain in the shape of Francisco Scaramanga 2)a classic villain's henchman in the shape of psycho dwarf NickNack, and 3)a stunning Bond girl in the shape of Mary Goodnight.

If you find yourself bored one afternoon then watch it, don't go out of your way.

) but such silly bits of self-indulgence are a part of the franchise's heritage at this point.

To its credit, the film gets off to a rather impressive start, introducing an antagonist so compelling the entire post-credits stinger is devoted to him in his element, rather than Bond's usual splashy hijinks.

Despite Roger Moore's enjoyable performance and Christopher Lee's chilling performance as the The Man with the Golden Gun, the film just managed to scale the level of being above average.

Moore's stint is my favorite run in the series with all seven films being kinetic, amusing, scenic and just all-around entertaining.

Factor in a stupid villain, about as frightening as custard, useless love interest in Britt Ekland, a final showdown that that is yawn-inducing and even a rubbish theme song from Lulu and you have the worst Bond ever made with no redeeming features at all.

Bond's search for Scaramanga takes him to Macau, Hong Kong, and ultimately Thailand (all replacing the books rather dull setting in Jamaica) and an anticlimactic duel in Scaramanga's very own personal island fun park, in an ending possibly inspired by the ghost town sequence in the book Diamonds Are Forever, and which can be guessed from five minutes into the film's run-time.

In the proper 16:9 aspect ratio and without any commercials, the movie seemed to flow much better and I found it much more enjoyable.

The film with the boring script .


The script is not great, though several elements are intriguing.

Also the annoyingly boisterous comic-relief character of Sheriff Pepper (from the previous Bond 'Live and Let Live') makes an reappearance in a couple sequences and that's the film's most exciting set-pieces too involving a martial arts fight turning into boat chase and an invigorating car pursuit with a spectacular stunt (with the terrible use of a campy sound effect).

Nothing happens in this movie that you don't see coming a mileaway.

Pepper's braying even ruins an otherwise fairly entertaining car chase, although the film's infamous corkscrew car jump stunt being marred by a ludicrous slide-whistle that would put Bugs Bunny to shame is a pretty good indication of the shameful mess the film has devolved into.

This decision not only crowded out the film's human characters (especially Scaramanga), but also drained this film of all its excitement because the scenes themselves are dull.

I don't think Bond was ever more entertaining than in this colourful, humourous, intriguing adventure.

The opening song by Lulu is one of the most bland and forgettable, even compared to the songs that followed in future Bond installments.

This is an all around enjoyable adventure.

The film does have its slow parts, the plot isn't quite as tight as it could have been and the script isn't quite as well constructed as previous Bond outings due to some of the slapstick humour that didn't quite work.

Action: The action scenes are pretty bland.

I will say it is definitely better than Octopussy (1983), A View To A Kill (1985), and by far better than the horribly boring Moonraker (1979).

The weakest of Bond films to date partly because the relationship between producers Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli started to crumble for reasons unknown, but heck it was enjoyable!

But I've come to realize that it is very enjoyable for the most part.

The storyline is intriguing and most of the actors (especially Lee)are rather good.

So, while I wouldn't watch "The Man with the Golden Gun" expecting to be blown away, I would say it's worth watching, though some would obviously disagree.

The script briefly hints at his character's past, being the son of traveling circus artists, but this intriguing sub plot isn't elaborated at all.

First, the picture looks stunning.

Christopher Lee (in his role of Scaramanga) plays the villain perfectly and is the reason why this movie is worth watching; he's joined by the pint-sized henchman Nick Nack.

Now, I only find them boring, stupid, ridiculous, confused, bizarre, unpleasant and very sexist.

I am a huge fan of TMWTGG, despite its many flaws it is hugely enjoyable and always entertaining.

Naturally, you also have the beautiful locations, exciting chase scenes and Britt Ekland as the obligatory Bond girl.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of James Bond films because of all the similar conventions used and the lack of realism always puts me off but however this Ian Fleming adventure is one of the more creative and engaging Bond adventures.

The really pointless martial arts tournament sequence).

It's a surprisingly slow-moving film for a Bond flick, with more talky scenes than is customary.

My Take: Christopher Lee's turn as the villain can't save this silly, mostly boring 007 entry.

The climactic battle between Scaramanga and Bond was also very suspenseful, and you'll never believe the ending.

This exciting ninth Bond entry gets the greatest villain named Scaramanga , an awesome Christopher Lee , here's his biography : he was born in a circus , his father was ringmaster and mother a English snakes charmer .

Though we are supposed to believe she is a British agent, Goodnight is a one-joke ditz of the sort that suddenly became a Bond cliché.

Unfortunately, he is saddled with playing one of the dullest Bond villains of all time.

er.. yawn.

Christopher Lee is the only standout by making a classy and compelling villain.

Ok, most bond movies hve james bond saving the world from a somewhat far-fetched, but equally engaging terror threat.

Having familiarised myself with the Bond series in later life it`s easy to see that THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN is one of the poorest Bond films , Moore makes a weak Bond , Britt Ekland plays a bimboesque Bond girl , the script is silly AND boring and Guy Hamilton doesn`t come close to the heights he reached in GOLDFINGER.

Roger Moore returns a second time as Bond in this yawner about a high-profile international assassin (huh?

Christopher Lee is a riveting villain as title character Scaramanga...

In the end, the great locations and the star power of Moore, Lee and Ekland makes this an entertaining entry in the series.

A lot of information towards the end is thrown in and the film has jumped instantly from a flowing to a confusing couple of scenes as the ideologies put forth will mislead the audience and make them think too much too late.

The film has many breathtaking locations and brilliant sets, and the hit-man plot adds depth the 'world destroyer' theme.

Not to mention they're EXTREMELY well done, some of the most entertaining sequences in any action movie.

It's just confusing.

I found this movie enjoyable and is worth checking out.

Even the action-scenes is dull.

Might be too slow moving or boring for some unless you're a die hard fan willing to give it a shot.

But for most parts its a bit boring, and filled with the silliest elements even for a Bond film.

Memorable moments include an entertaining martial arts academy sequence; the amusing return of redneck Sheriff JW Pepper (Clifton James), who's vacationing in Bangkok with his wife; a great car-jumping stunt; and Scaramanga's secret solar power plant operation.

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, Roger Moore's second appearance as James Bond, is a silly, loud, ultimately boring Bond outing, with so many faults that audiences stayed away in droves, nearly ending the Bond series.

While only the title would be retained (the novel, published after Fleming's death, is a very short, sketchy work, obviously never completed), the concept Maibaum and Mankiewicz created, of the world's greatest assassin 'targeting' 007, was an intriguing concept.

The long life of 007 gave us countless adventure movies, Roger Moore replaced Sean Connery and the gifted Christopher Lee left for a while his Dracula's character to play a evil mind against our hero, well wasn't too easy as should be, someone had a bright idea to introduce a counterpoint on the plot, among all gorgeous girl routinely used on previous ones, the odd character called Hervé Villechaize will be in near future an pleasant and enjoyable character on Fantasy Island series as Tattoo, on the movie he hooked all around, leaving on second plain the top billing actors, the lavish production insert another funny guy who regularly chew tobacco, amusing character successful used one year before on the series!!!

The humor in this film, which I thought would be kind of dumb, turned out to be funny overall (You've got to admit that no matter how much people say Roger Moore's humor is dumb, it still proves to be entertaining).

The Man With The Golden Gun is a boring,uninteresting movie with great villains.

The character of Nic Nak is especially grasping and intriguing as a villainous sidekick.

Many has considered this movie as a slow bond movie.

This film is worth the watch I say even if your not watching Bond's in order or something, I feel it will entertain you, although not as much and anywhere near other Bonds before and after it.

All the while, the Lulu/John Barry title theme (catchy at first, grating when repeated ad nauseum) continues to twinkle on in the background, marking every set change with a stereotypical gong, and providing some of the least thrilling chase accompaniment imaginable.

While perhaps not one of the most fascinating Bond films ever made, this was certainly one of the most entertaining, as all the corny 70's camp popped up to fill the void.

There are a lot of plot twists during the duration of the film, and this makes it a lot more entertaining because you never know who knows what.

Now Thunderball – that's boring!!

Bond himself is uninteresting, the girl is window dressing, it's played for laughs and it's utterly formulaic.

Highly Entertaining.

- but the film has no flow no control, no real plot or no real villian.

Empty wine bottles.

Christopher Lee is outstanding as Scaramanga, both charismatic and thrilling.

It's an OK Bond flick, but you may be bothered by Britt Ekland's muddled accent(s), but Scaramanga is worth watching.

A very entertaining piece of celluloid from 1974, of course produced by Albert Brocolli.

This movie will have you falling asleep in a matter of minutes.

Scaramanga who spares Bond's life temporarily in order to have a pistol duel with him, unaccountably does the unexpected.

The camera captures the confusion of all the reflections nicely.

Boring is the operative word to describe this film.

If you want a Bond film that's crammed with 1970s cheese, look no further than "The Man With The Golden Gun", because this is the polar opposite of the dark and intriguing "Licence to Kill".

Overall though this feels like a wasted opportunity, a lot of the ingredients were there for an exciting Bond film and what we get is one that has to drag itself to a finish.

The plot seems to take ages going nowhere, the direction is poor and the script atrocious.

The only iota of intense action is to be found at the climax, when Bond and Scaramanga fight it out mano y mano on the latter's island.

Although the 'leap into the unkown' jump that has a car jumping a spectacular 360-degree car jump in only one take, is (and still is) a great and wonderful piece of footage; clouded by the dark and dull shadow of the rest of the film.

Instead, the movie concentrates on the exotic locations in Macau, Honk Kong and Siam, all of which are used as exciting backgrounds for some marvelous chases and action material.

The Man with the Golden Gun's devolution from compelling beginning to risible finale remains one of the 007 franchise's biggest bellyflops.

Even though the ending sequence is enjoyable.

But I found the Oriental setting to be somewhat uninspiring.

An enjoyable Bond adventure .

Herve Villechaize is entertaining as Nick Nack (particularly during the last scene).

Maybe so, but it's a darn sight more intelligent and entertaining than either of Brosnan's efforts to date.

It was the most entertaining part of the final hour, certainly.

He has a rather enjoyable Vincent Price-like quality to his approach as the man with the real Golden Gun.

Christopher Lee, as promised, is excellent, aided by an intriguing script which enlists audience sympathies on his side in the pre-credit sequence before we are made aware of his identity, and which presents him as, frankly, rather more resourceful and in control than Roger Moore's Bond.

With all the different locations, you would really not think this movie would be boring, but it did indeed bore me at times.

But to my surprise and pleasure I found that I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

The shooting locations are more stunning than usual and the production design (including a half-sunken ship that serves as a secret MI6 base) is top notch.

It is hugely benefited by the beautiful exotic locations, and Maud Adams is stunning here.

The slow pieces are full and flowing while the fast paced portions accompanies the action perfectly.

The purists dislike it, and not without reason, but despite the many dead ends and holes in the script, as well as the usual Bond habit of setting out to do one thing whilst accomplishing another, there is still enough overall quality to make this enjoyable viewing.

A movie that could have been so much more but taken down by camp, bad plotting and an underused villain but still entertaining.

Almost imperceptibly, the thrilling Southeast Asian setting begins to become exploited for its dubiously stereotypical potential – see Bond be embarrassingly subjected to sumo wrestler combat!

Occasionally it gives in to a passion for pointless boat chases, and a few bad remnants of the era rear their head at inopportune moments (what was with the slide whistle during that massive car jump?

This Bond adventure is one of the least likaeble and even slightly boring.

Thankfully TMWTGG see the return of the much loved Desmond Llewlyn as Q and the pace of the script keeps the attention through a few slow moments, the sub plot with the solar energy expert for example seems to be quietly forgotten about as the storyline pursues itself through Thailand on boats with some very hammy cardboard karate villains in hot pursuit.

It has a exciting plot and of course a great Bond villain, the one and only Christopher Lee as the ruthless hit-man Fransisco Scaramanga.

Lack of compelling plot.

The opening scene of this one is slow, like the rest of it.

Like the first film starring Moore, this one didn't blow me away consistently, but I found a lot of it entertaining, mostly later in the film (if it wasn't for that, I doubt I could rate it any more than a 6/10).

The acting is overall good and the scenery and music is great and the plot...? Well it's interesting and exciting.

The locations in Thailand and China are very enjoyable and fairly atmospheric.

A Boring Experience...

The most stunning scenes are at the end, when Bond flies to Scaramanga's secret base.

Naturally, Hamilton quickly pulls the rug out from under us with the most unsatisfying resolution imaginable, followed by an excruciatingly long and dull "oh no, everything is exploding" denouement.

The stunning scenery of Pang-ha Bay near Phuket and the amazing island that is now known as 'James Bond Island' even on maps, Britt Ekland in a bikini (though apparently the producers had seen her when pregnant and assumed she was bigger-bosomed than proved to be the case, hence the conservative bikini-top!

The Bond girls are boring, Maud Adams has little to do.

Christopher Lee as Francisco Scaramanga is the most enjoyable and entertaining aspect of the film.

There is a martial arts sequence which is completely out of place but is very entertaining to watch,and one amazing car jump that's what we need to see more of in Bond films today, REAL stunts!

And, to cap it off, there is an exciting cat-and-mouse chase leading to the climax of the film, keeping the audience engaged in this two-hour-plus movie.

Seeing it on the DVD version recently, I enjoyed it much more now than I did in the past.

One of the worst Movies of the series.

It's a classic stereotypical and very enjoyable James Bond fest!

Back then people must have had incredible attention spans, because some scenes are drawn out for 20 minutes for no apparent reason.

Stripped of all invention, save for gimmickry, this is James Bond at its most basic, its most formulaic.

The story was pretty basic, but entertaining enough.

There's a fitting score, a fast paced boat chase (where Roger Moore is clearly visible) fantastic aeriel shots and of course the wordplay between Bond and Scaramanga.

On the whole Roger Moore and Christopher Lee are extremely entertaining in it and in that category the film isn't too bad.

What a tense, gripping spy adventure, just what one would expect from Goldfinger director Guy Hamilton!

Overall, a very good movie, that is well worth watching for the locations and Lee's performance.

Admittedly, the scenes involving the American tourist are a bit heavy-handed but Ossie Morris' sharp deep-focus location photography overcomes much – even the dull work of Ted Moore who obviously photographed the more routine studio interiors.

Instead, the boring MacGuffin dominates once more.

Roger Moore is a charming Bond and enjoyable company...

It's boring from beginning to end, and the hole film seams to fall apart.

Overall, Moore's 2nd outing is boring and lazy.

It's one of his most evocative for a James Bond film.

But on the down side, the film has many slow points and some of the cheesy moments from the Roger Moore era start to come through.

This is clearly the most languid Bond film ever made - seriously lacking in action and excitement.

However this film though enjoyable as it is and should not be treated with antipathy is the beginning of the end of the classic Bond films in which it diverts away from its original sources in to a meaning of it's own.

It all turns out pretty predictable.

This 007 episode works hard, but still leaves an empty feeling.

The Nick Nack character is boring.

Still I enjoyed it, and it is definitely a movie worth seeing.

"Golden Gun" features another boat chase on the Thai Klongs, another car chase with a wedged-in daredevil stunt and a pointless formal martial arts fight scene in an attempt to draw fans of '70s kung-fu movies.

") The lone weakness of this film is the one formulaic character of the clumsy and scattered-brained female agent.

The first half of the film is the cat and mouse game between Bond and Scarmanga which is quite suspenseful and hard-edged.

But the Very First Scene in the Movie contains a Cringe Fest that Announces Itself with some supposedly "Caligari" Psychedelica that looks Tacky, Cheap and is only Eclipsed by the Contrived Action in the Setting of a "Fun House", and it's so Awful the Clueless Filmmakers used it Again as a Bookend.

Compared to the more thrilling Live And Let Die I can kind of see why people don't like it.

Goodnight embodies the very cliché of what a Bond girl is: a pretty face and not an ounce of acting talent.

Boredom rules the movie.

There are no big thrills, but some very lame pacing, some simply boring moments and an unnecessary return of LALD's American redneck sheriff J.

actually he is the best at being Bond but they gave him the dumb movies where bond is boring he would "hang out" with the villin, like go to his house for dinner or play golf just do stupid crap that no one would ever do.

Ekland and Adams are stunning Bond girls, though Ekland's Goodnight is an utter ditz and the butt of a lot of jokes.

But on the whole that good far outweighs the bad, I think, and we are left with a film which strings along a good story line, reveals more about Bond's psyche than any of the pretentious twaddle dished out in the Brosnan films (and it's not a pleasant message we get about Bond, either) and gives us lasting pillars to the legacy of the series.

Despite the good points I gave for the earlier Bond film Live and Let Die, this one there with the "Golden Gun" in extreme cases is much too tedious to get excited about and its rather boring.

Despite having many things going against it The Man With The Golden Gun manages to be one of the most entertaining and memorable Bond films.

This movie is easily surprassed by most of the other films in the series, but it is still entertaining and it put me in a good mood, and sometimes you've got to be in the right mood for some Bond films.

Boring, stupid, ridiculous, confused, bizarre and very sexist .

Simple plot, entertaining premise.

Aside from a couple of dull stretches, involving of all people, a surprisingly insipid Britt Ekland, this is both an exciting and amusing effort incorporating some great action sequences and a suspenseful, edge-of-the-seat climax which even tops the movie's exciting opening with Marc Lawrence.

there's too much plot holes in this movie , i felt bored in the first hour .

Then, I found them exciting and fascinating.

Its so slow its painful.

The dwarf Nick Nack is very entertaining and Scaramanga (the name!

The pacing and editing is also very uneven, as at times things seem to be flying along and at others it feels like it's unnecessarily slow.

W Pepper, and although it's very unlikely that Bond and Pepper would meet again just by chance, his apperance is extremely enjoyable.

The Man With The Golden Gun sounds corny as it actually is, the fired shots are empty just like a reason to produce this film, except for the box office results which too is among the lowest, this time.

"The man with the golden gun" contains an embarrassingly bad opening sequence that goes on for far too long,a rehash of the redneck sheriff "joke" that wasn't very funny first time round - which also goes on far too long - and Mr C.

What's interesting about Miss Goodnight is that unlike the other Bond girls who have unusual jobs that at times may be secretive and mysterious, Miss Goodnight is rewarding in that she's more developed and more exciting to watch along with Maud Adams as Scaramanga's mistress Andrea.

After a suspenseful pre-credit sequence, the film becomes little more than a list of Bond film clichés that undercuts suspense for the almost two hours that follows right up to the point that it manages to undermine its own climax.

Christopher Lee is the perfect assassin and plays his cat-and-mouse game with Bond, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Everything is a little slower than usual, the film has neither the liveliness of "Live and let die" -the first Moore Bond flick- nor the liveliness of the previous episodes.

The movie is quieter and much subtler that the explosive "Live and Let Die" which preceded it and the return to the more-formulaic cheesy-super-villain Bond films which followed ("The Spy Who Loved Me" and "Moonraker.

However, it is still a fairly entertaining entry is the long-running series, and features three strong reasons for tuning in: 1)a classic Bond villain in the shape of Francisco Scaramanga 2)a classic villain's henchman in the shape of psycho dwarf NickNack, and 3)a stunning Bond girl in the shape of Mary Goodnight.

Having said that, I still feel that GOLDEN GUN is an entertaining film as a whole.

The production design is lacklustre with a lot of the sets looking like they are from the 1960's and most of them being bland, even if we do get a couple of good ones like the hidden headquarters in a ship.

The set design is bland; I can only imagine what Ken Adam could've done with Scaramanga's fun house.

It has too many silly moments and is extremely tiresome, not having even a sign of some enthusiasm.

It is a low point, but it is also the lull before the rebirth that would come with THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.

Director Guy Hamilton and the producers have packed this movie with boat chases, car chases, a silly karate school, and Scaramanga's incredibly dull fun house.

But despite these flaws, I find The Man With The Golden Gun highly enjoyable, and pleasingly understated.

Overall, it is a boring, bad movie of interminable length.

All in all, enjoyable fun for the whole fam, in the 80's

The script echoes this tension, keeping the conflict taut (Bond, targeted by Scaramanga, must beat his prospective assassin to the punch…er, shot), with an intriguingly topical "energy crisis" subplot slow-burning in the background to keep things interesting.

) The rest is bland.

The action is mostly blind filler, and the final climax for me is too slow.

Imagine then, if his character ended up being a cruel, ruthless killer, he would then have the element of surprise) Overall, it is not very Fleming-like, but still a lot of fun and more enjoyable than some have said.

The famous duel near the end of Golden Gun is still exciting as when I first viewed it.

The plots are completely uninteresting.

Overall, an entertaining movie...

All in all this is an enjoyable movie that can be watched many times.

Weak for Moore, but still enjoyable .

Just in case the bar wasn't lowered enough, however, Hamilton (now firmly channelling the unforgivable camp of Diamonds are Forever, rather than Goldfinger) has his previously compelling antagonist escape in a plane-car.

To our dismay we are given a slow death.

Slow Bond .

I also found most of the scenes with Knick Knack to be very enjoyable especially the dueling scene and at the wrestling match.

This is a well-staged and intense opening that does well in presenting just how dangerous Scaramanga is.

Scaramanga is a fascinating character and is played with great menace, charisma and style by one of my favourite actors.

"Mary Goodnight, "I always wanted to take a slow boat from China.

The pointless, stereotypical, and obnoxious sheriff from Louisiana that we saw in "Live and Let Die" has somehow decided to take a vacation with his wife to Thailand!!

His presence, the exciting car stunts, and the fabulous Asian locations are the main attractions here.

It still has some elements of fun though; like Bond's encounter in the karate training school(trust the Bond filmmakers to exploit the current raging movie cliché), a car chase, Bond's fight with a dwarf.

For the most part, the film is an entertaining romp.

People I've talked to about this movie either really enjoyed it or didn't like it at all.

Scaramanga works convincingly above the other Bond villains through both the strong compelling character development and his physical features.

I don't think there is too much, and the humor that is there works throughout and makes it very enjoyable.

The setpieces that anchor this film are thrilling and engaging...

And I thought it was kind of pointless to have Sheriff J.