The Matrix (1999) - Action, Sci-Fi

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A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.

IMDB: 8.7
Director: Lana Wachowski
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne
Length: 136 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 61 out of 1000 found boring (6.1%)

One-line Reviews (499)

The whole theme, storyline, plot.. It was really mind blowing.

But Heidegger's philosophical book was mostly pretentious garbage, and so is the Matrix.

It has leaps through space, thrilling sequences involving fights on rooftops, helicopter rescues and battles over mind control.

Maybe if the movie was more intense and was less to appeal younger kids, I would have given this movie a low 9.

Of course it can be watched for sheer entertainment if one does not want to decipher the subplots and symbolism ( some have interpreted a Christian theme/message to it ), there is a whole load of impressive visual effects and feisty, fast paced action to enjoy.

Effects wise the film is simply stunning and it deservedly was awarded the Oscar for best effects (and was regrettably cheated out of a nomination in the Best Film category) ahead of even Star Wars.

It's unengaging, virtually unwatchable and with a plot more tangled than Hayley Croppers styled wig.

Still, it not only draws on biblical and mythological stories, but it creates the fascinating concept of the Matrix.

It was one of several entertaining movies from Hollywood in this period which dealt engagingly with profound philosophical issues.

"The Matrix" is just an endless array of energetic, exciting science-fiction action adventure that's both over-the-top in its delivery an engaging story that's both surreal and riveting and has a climax that will keep you invested.

Well, some get up and leave the theater.

The serious subject matter is masterfully mixed with fantastic visual effects, thus creating a movie which ideas we can discuss over, or simply being an entertaining action epic.

The Matrix is stunning visually and story wise.

Fine acting too; co-stars Carrie Ann-Moss as Trinity, and has a thrilling ending, though two sequels would follow.

breathtaking and that is the movie .

However, most fascinating is its plot and cinematic stylings: simultaneously an analogy for human society, a philosophical exploration of the meaning of life, and an homage to Hollywood cinema.

Though they are all breath-takingly entertaining, it is only because they are contained in such a competent and interesting production that the whole picture is so engaging, even if there are a few pacing issues and some story elements are a little contrived.

Mind blowing and without equal in the genre.

if you analyze it deep down you do realize why it was specifically made for "The Matrix" and the action scenes are breathtaking.

This word will describe this movie : Mind Blowing Plot,Cool Cinematography and VFX,Awesome Soundtrack and of course cool character design.

It is still well worth 2 hours of anyone's time, for first timers and people who have enjoyed it before, alike.

The visuals are stunning.

What can you say, the effects are stunning, the story brilliant and the acting fantastic!

I highly recommend this film for those who are a fan of visually stunning movies.

This is where real confusion starts to parade as profundity.

this puts a lot of fascinating concepts together, and presents them all for the mainstream audience).

On the downside, at moments the story is repetitive to the point one can lose interest for some time.

Engaging, engrossing and bombarding your senses with their signature style, ultimately transporting you to a virtual world much more convincing than any drug-induced one.

The Matrix is a very unique and fulfilling movie that will keep anyone on the edge and seat and guessing!

"The Matrix" looked exciting enough in the trailers, so I decided to give it a look.

An amazing film that takes you on a mind blowing ride of possibilities!

It's all a bit complex but supremely entertaining and really rather clever.

There is a lot of stupid in this movie, but it is entertaining.

You definitely can realize the martial fighting movements are so perfect followed with that slow time effect.

It's actually a form of Virtual Reality, designed to lull us into lives of blind obedience to the "system.

The photography was breathtaking.

It's unbearable.

Really entertaining film and has a huge sense of reality with a little sci-fi fun.

It's a fun, non-stop, and exciting motion picture that will take away the 136-minute run time quickly.

Meaningless, but somehow pretentious.

And it deserves to: it is beautifully shot, the story is very well-paced, it is entertaining and it does include enough elements potentially iconic (Morpheus' sunglasses, Agent Smith's accent...

The results are nearly amazing, with some action sequences being as tense and exciting as they get.

The weave wickedly exciting sequences of action and suspense with ease, and are able to craft identifiable and enjoyable characters to populate their tale.

It had me on the edge of my seat...

What is more intriguing to see in The Matrix is the amazing scenes of works of visual effects which are perfectly mastered under the directorship of the Wachowski Brothers who are also the writers for this feature.

I remember very well this stunning visual effects which they looked like real.

This movie is boring.

And cliché as hell is exactly what 90% of this film is.

The photography was breathtaking.

Lot of people attacking Terminator-3 for the same problems,but they love this cause this film is very formulaic.

Very entertaining, with little sophistication, The Matrix becomes pretentious at times.

Hypnotic, timeless, action packed classic which can be enjoyed as both popcorn entertainment and deep, philosophical commentary on technology vs.

All I all I think that you should go out and watch this movie right now it is mind blowing

also,a lot of the movie is slow moving,and the characters don't behave in logical ways.

mind blowing.

Yes, it's thrilling, visually stunning, occasionally profound and also just one of the coolest movies ever made.

It is a nonstop entertaining ride which leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

It has effects,great plot and its also entertaining.

The action also polarized critics, some describing it as impressive, but others dismissing it as a trite distraction from an interesting premise.

( Easy to watch, engaging, action packed about a regular guy whose life changes quite drasticly and the growth of becoming the one he never thought he could.

Everything felt fluent, chronological, entertaining, & impactful throughout the entire film.

Also, the whole concept of the Matrix is fascinating.

And who can forget Agent Smith,absolutely breathtaking dialog delivery.

It's more than just loud, shoot-em-up fun with stunning visuals.

The film slows down in the second half, when the compelling intellectuality of the first gives way to a typical action flick.

The action scenes are intriguing and tense, and overall the film is never something other than engaging.

visually stunning rendition of unoriginal topics (from 1982 TRON to Chinese Kung-Fu wire extravaganza movies).

But this film not only provides a great complex story but the action is unseen, by that I mean that the action sequences are amazing, stunning and mind boggling.

Both Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss have some of the most intense and emotional moments in the movie that showed some of their terrific acting abilities.

Breathtaking and that is the movie.

Reeves is honestly the most enjoyable part of the story.

It is at times very funny as we watch Hugo Weaving saying" Mr Anderson" really slow or watching Keanu Reeves signing come here while in a fight.

Well, it's the fact that the movie isn't nearly as clever as it likes to think it is, and the fact that as a result of this, it comes off as a bit forced and pretentious a bit too often.

We have in this film presented in a very entertaining way a means of exploring these concepts from a fresh perspective.

More intelligent and creative than the vast majority of modern big-budget science fiction films, and more impressive and enjoyable than the vast majority of modern big-budget action films.

But there is no plot.

) Yes it does have some fabulous action sequences but they come thinly in once in a blue moon with no plot to actively engage in.

It's entertaining and visually stunning and are not Carrie Ann Moss and McClory hot?

An action packed film .

The set-up is intriguing.

Overall, "The Matrix", is a great movie and definitely worth watching.

It would appear that the resistance is only a handful of people with names that sound like obscure Transformer characters like Cypher, Switch, Apoc, and Dozer.

So they took this idea and wrapped it up in a sci-fi story, in an action packed block-buster that appeals to the masses.

Edgy, thought-provoking, cryptic and visually stunning: everything you could ever want from a science-fiction/action film.

Visually stunning and innovative sci-fi action, that also has a genuinely interesting plot!

This thrilling movie contains impressive fights , chills , breathtaking designs , dense philosophy and many other things .

Action is superbly shot and edited, and the way it is choreographed is relentlessly intense and breathless in its energy, Kung Fu has rarely been more vertigo-inducing (despite how this sounds, this is not a bad thing as it added hugely to the intensity and paranoia of the story's atmosphere) on film.

"The Matrix' is a visionary sci-fi classic that is entertaining and interesting to the pint that it drives you crazy.

The Matrix is one of the greatest, most explosive and riveting action/sci-fi films ever made.

When they really let rip with the guns, bullets, machines, kung-fu and upside-down, sideways and backwards balletics I felt a real adrenaline rush of joy of the kind denied to all those po-faced critics in the broadsheets who have to seek meaning and purpose and socially responsible messages in modern films.

The Matrix however is one of the best sci-fi films out there because of the compelling story, complex characters, a menacing villain, some humor, a little romance, and with just enough intense action.

There are one liners in the middle of gun fights, clichéd fighting scenes, and truly boring colours and characters.


The characters are so dull, uninteresting and bland that it is so hard to get invested in them.

Clearly it mixed philosophy and action to create an intense tone, you can feel all the suspense during those intelligently-written dialogues.

It's actually a form of Virtual Reality, designed to lull us into lives of blind obedience to the "system.

There is everything gorgeous about the movie: the scenario, the music, the actors, the whole dark future atmosphere, the combat choreography, absolutely everything is mind blowing.

The film is very much outdated, silly, pretentious and not as smart as the movie thinks it is.

Of course, the special effects in this film are absolutely stunning, what with the use of "Bullet Time" (where the lightning action is slowed down to minuscule movements without losing any clarity).

But the movie is so boring for me to watch that it was a 2 hour and 15 minute movie that felt like it was twice as long.

Thoughts on this topic led me to the main conclusion: many decisions in modern society are taken under the pressure of various compelling circumstances.

Scenes of utter slow motion & fascinating gun fighting just stands out as the best.

This introduction of a bit of whimsy might have been intriguing to the Wachowski Brothers, so if that's the case, I guess I can go along with it.

Also Extremely violent, extremely preposterous, extremely entertaining, The Matrix succeeds at two extremely difficult tasks: as a vast, exciting virtual-reality movie and as a defibrillator for Keanu Reeves' big screen career.

Exciting and thought-provoking film filled with fantastic action scenes and memorable characters.

Regardless, the acting was gripping and the cinematography of the movie was mind-blowing for its time.

I watched it as it was just released so before it became so popular but, as far as I am concerned, I fell asleep half way...

The Wachowski brothers certainly created a world that was fascinating to think about and entertaining to watch.

Today The Matrix is considered a benchmark of science fiction films taking its place among Blade Runner (1982) and Star Wars (1977) as a flick worthy of intense analysis and debate and passionate fandom by those who enjoy such things.

However, Lawrence Fishborne as Morpheus, the wise and powerful guru figure, is an excellent and enjoyable character.

and the mythological mix of symbols and cultural references and the simple story who seems have more and more levels are more than fascinating - it is real.

It's a brilliant movie on a number of different levels - the directing is excellent, the camera work is great, the visuals are stunning, the kung-fu is A+, acting is executed with style and conviction, and the plot is truly inspired.

Much like the Harry Potter franchise, I won't give anything away for those who haven't read the books, but the idea of a hero and anti-hero being 'somehow connected', inevitably leads to a thrilling conclusion.

However, with strong performances from Fishburne, Moss, Foster and Weaving, incredible action/chases and state-of-the-art special effects (that still hold up today, 10 years later) we have a fresh, exciting, action packed adventure with smart dialogue even with the same ole "Savior" or "The One" storyline.

An entertaining ride from start to finish, this is one of my favorite films.

The story is equally fantastic, it is beautifully complex and engrossing.

In the dusk of the millennium, The Matrix was released to screens worldwide, dazzling audiences around with it's kung-fu martial arts, rapid-fast punches, impossible leaps, intense story and gripping heroes and villains.

It's an enjoyable , if somewhat light-headed piece of escapism with state-of-art special effects and straightforward screenplay .

It follows the "Star Wars" epic formula, but is much better at developing compelling heroes, villains, and a setting.

This is one of the worst movies from a major studio, featuring a convoluted and boring plot that's all over the place and goes on way too long.

This is one movie that makes a compelling case against people who argue that only books have depths, because this movie describes its story, characters and events in a manner that mere words cannot capture.

The stunts in this movie are breathtaking, and despite how unrealistic the plot is, you find yourself wanting to believe it!

I really loved the thrilling fight scene choreography and the use of CGI

I'd rather just tell you why, as much as I enjoyed it, I don't recommend this.

The action sequences are still fun to look at, the messages are thrilling and the actors do a superb job !

It is really stunning.

20 or 30 years in the future, a plethora of both historical and imaginary virtual world venues available at your fingertips, via your virtual reality headgear, you won't be asking yourself, once immersed in the world of your choosing, "Wait, how did I get here and why am I here?

"The Matrix" looked exciting enough in the trailers, so I decided to give it a look.

After seeing Tarantino's take on the Hong-Kong / Taiwanese, and Chinese coveted martial arts genre, I think I understand a bit better younger audiences impatience with older action films, or sci fi films that tend to be a bit more ponderous than Tarantino's films.

First off the whole Bullet Time thing is just a ridiculous slow mo effect that must have really looked cool back then!

Boring as hell, and the plot holes are plentiful, and unsympathetic characters.

Fast paced, action packed and deliver some fantastic visuals.

Visually stunning?

It is extremely violent, extremely preposterous, and extremely entertaining.

These characters all stand out and make any scene enjoyable, and leave you wanting to see more from these amazing characters.

The red color of the pill that offered Neo the freedom from the mental prison of the matrix, can be seen to symbolize the brutality of how challenging the truth is going to be, but also how intriguing and alluring it is at the same time.

In Addition, sometimes I felt that the philosophical themes are a bit repetitive, and they didn't have any right to be so.

Your whole life, you've been asleep, dreaming that you're living out your rote, uneventful existence.

What more can you ask for, The Matrix has an interesting plot, the best intense action sequences and a cool soundtrack.

not only in its incredible achievements in cutting-edge visual effects, but in another unique way: it made a lot of people realize just how awe- inspiring and thrilling the science fiction genre could be.

It is so unbelievably, incredibly pretentious, tries to bite so much bigger than it can chew, comes off as so high-brow and assertive, that it leaves you scratching your head.

It started out really slow, and sometimes I still get angry at how they made Neo into such a baby back b***h in the beginning.

It's still enjoyable enough, I just don't think it deserves the pedestal it sits on.

The Matrix has managed to combine all 3 of them through a captivating story and stunning visual effects at the time.

I really enjoyed watching an unpredictable movie as matrix

The story is complex, original, intriguing, and extremely detailed.

The Waschowski brothers have created a universe as compelling and indelible as Lucas's "Star Wars" or James Cameron's "Terminator".

Let's hope it's the same as with all the James Bond movies: a little boring and outdated after 20 years and great again after 30 or 40.

keanu reeves looks stunning in dis movie wid an beautiful combat outfit along wid Carey Ann moss....

Absorbing when it isn't going a little overboard — like it does during a John Woo-like gun battle in a lobby — Matrix has several super kung fu sequences, including use of Hong Kong-style wirestunt work and what the Wachowskis have dubbed "bullet-time photography" or "Flow-Mo," an awesome physics-defying effect inspired by Japanese anime.

Along with some butt-kicking from Carrie-Ann Moss and a new direction in his acting career as an action star from Keanu Reeves, we get an exciting action film that's second to none.

It's an exciting film with an interesting and scaring idea.

The first one being metaphysics or philosophy and the second element being intense amount of action.

The universe and mythology of the Matrix is strange and intriguing, and this film establishes it perfectly.

I found this intriguing and enjoyed this premise.

And i hope i will win an Oscar for making the weirdest and the worst movie.

No matter how mush times you watch this, its always entertaining.

Once you realize that Neo is the One then all fight scenes are boring.

Action packed, intellectual, philosophical and entertaining, will stand the test of time.

Thus, he is granted an opportunity to demonstrate his adrenaline action testosterone in a series of frenetic action set pieces.

The other two films were just fun/entertaining/money making/visually stunning epics.

Fishburne's enigmatic performance as the audience's guide into the world and Weaving's subdued acting as the monotone and (spoiler) robotic antagonist.

It's a brilliant movie on a number of different levels - the directing is excellent, the camera work is great, the visuals are stunning, the kung- fu is A+, acting is executed with style and conviction, and the plot is truly inspired.

However, at the time I saw clips of the fights scenes and the slow mo bullet sequences and was duly impressed.

Both "Dark City" and "Strange Days" offered intriguing motivations for villainy.

The Soundtrack:(gotta hurry, word limit) The most bland soundtrack I've heard in my life.

The Matrix (1999): Dir: Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski / Cast: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne, Joe Pantoliano, Hugo Weaving: Confusing film that assaults our senses with strange theories and exhilarating action sequences.

Overall, The Matrix is a great movie and worth the watch.

Visually stunning and action packed, The Matrix is a fun movie to watch, even though it doesn't live up to its own ambitions, and the end becomes tangled in a web of convoluted silliness.

This film is in my all-time favorite films because of it being so superlative and well basically, entertaining and extraordinary.

It was only recently, on a boring Friday, alone in my room with my Xbox, that I finally decided to view "The Matrix".

Truly one of the best movies ever made: Groundbreaking, Epic, Visually Stunning, Masterpiece.

It's a quite intense movie especially for the teens.

Intense soundtrack.

As for the series itself, movie #1 is by far the most exciting, after which the Wachowski Bros writing devolves into a mismash of junk.

There is also the question of wherever we would want to leave the safety of the illusion for a harsher reality, or remain in the illusion to escape reality (like Cipher).

A mind-blowing modern classic that feeds the mind with thought-provoking philosophical ideas about what reality is, and it will always be remembered as a major breakthrough in Cinema with its combination of innovative visual effects, thrilling action and iconic religious references.

Immortal for its contribution to cinema and pop culture, its brilliant combination of inventive visual effects, excellent vision and exquisite action easily makes it one of the best, most influential and most entertaining movies ever made.

The Matrix delivers visually impressive and intense action sequences.

I needn't have worried; I enjoyed it just as much as I did first time.

"The Matrix" looked exciting enough in the trailers, so I decided to give it a look.

And I have to say that after 20 years and me being used to all the fireworks, it feels a bit slow, pretentious and outdated.

Many people find this film to be well shot,action packed,and very excellent.

It was quite boring to watch and contained no groundbreaking notions or idea.

Keanu Reeves, who has been dubbed as one of the worst actors of our time, is actually extremely well-cast in 'The Matrix', one of 1999's most enjoyable and imaginative thrillers.

The action is astounding, exciting, fun, entertaining and awesome, and they manage to do amazing and memorable sequences.

A film, were everything, absolutely everything is unexpected.

Overall its an action packed movie.

Overall, the film is basically one big action packed, mentally stimulating and gratifying present wrapped with a bow that is trying to say in the biggest way possible: You can do anything if you believe...

Intriguing, mind-blowing and a flat out fun movie.

Pretty average and predictable, just like all the Wachowski brother's movies.

Matrix is an extremely entertaining Sci-Fi with ground breaking special effects and masterful stunt co-ordination.

It has effects,great plot and its also entertaining.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Matrix is quite a dull and uninspired film.

However, the fight scenes become boring and a yawn fest.

It takes something that is already a major cliché and beats it so hard into the ground that it comes out in China and even they don't want it because they practically invented it to begin with!

Applaud or yawn, as you will.

Moreover, there lots of philosophy references during the movie, what make it more interesting and enjoyable.

This is what Sci-Fi movie should be, in term of mind blowing part ,a Sci-fi movie should have innovative way in order to entertain cinema ,same like Gravity with it's continuous shot,Interstellar with the Gargantua scene,Alien with the belly scene and Cyberpunk world in Blade Runner.

The story and world of the Matrix is really engaging and surprisingly feels relevant and remotely realistic and possible in the world we live in today, which makes the idea more terrifying and enjoyable.

The subsequent sequels may have been a letdown but 'The Matrix' still remains enjoyable.

Overall, it was a fun if slightly pretentious and shallow action movie.

it's action packed and great for anyone, considering age.

I find him dull and blank most of the time.

Too bad, because the set-up is intriguing.

The visuals are stunning and way ahead of time.

The cinematography and sound design is breathtaking.

cant ask for a more intensce action packed movie that the whole family will love.

The Matrix has an intense, well-thought-out plot that leaves you wanting more.

And the Matrix, while dull, is harmless, so I can't call it terrible.

I prefer to think they weren't taking things completely seriously, since although I have heard it said how deep the underlying philosophical questions of the film are, and heard people become obsessively intense about this, it is, at the end of the day, a light-hearted action flick with an interesting plot-line done extremely well.

You don't feel that the characters are in any real danger at this point, and it all leads to the ending, which is satisfying, but left a sour taste in my mouth because of how unoriginal and cliché it is compared to the rest of the movie.

However the movie far longer than it needed to be, far more confusing than was necessary, and all in all has left me feeling it's wildly overrated.

Complete waste of time .

For those who are going to watch this movie for first time ,Hang on tight for a real mind-blower, with astonishing visual effects, frightening monsters and exciting stunt fights.

With his stunning effects and a mind blowing story-telling, story-structure and bad-ass characters this movie is still one of the best movies in the world.

Not really, the cinematography on Coronation Street is more stunning and as were the special effects for the crazy tram crash.

There's no plot twist that can make you say: Yes this movie was thought from start to finish.

2 h and 15 m is too long for this movie, i was bored and almost Falled in sleep in half of movie.

"The Matrix" is one of those complex and sometimes uncomprehending to some sci-fi thrillers that is so visually entertaining that you might get lost from it's original story.

Its fast paced, action packed and really interesting to watch.

Clever this is not, more like pretentious.

Entertaining and overwhelming.

Smith makes a good point that not only isn't satisfactorily answered, but it's the last bit of extended speech in the movie (save Trinity's confession of love and Neo's closing proclamation, neither of which is relevant to Smith's view), and is then dismissed to make way for a final half-hour of continuous, nearly wordless (though thrilling) action sequences.

Stunning and Influential .

Too bad, because the set-up is intriguing.

The dialogue is cliché, weak, and for the most part, useless.

Immortal for its contribution to cinema and pop culture, its brilliant combination of inventive visual effects, excellent vision and exquisite action easily makes it one of the best, most influential and most entertaining movies ever made.

one giant Yawn!!

The Action Sequences are amazing, and the special effects are simply mind blowing.

Visually entertaining, thought-provoking and extremely well executed.

The Washowski Bros show respect to Kubrick,Cameron and Scott and create an original and intriguing movie unlike anything before.

Entertaining good Production quality good Story good.

It does lead to some very exciting shoot outs and special effects, and Laurence Fishbourne's performance is something to be said about.

This is unbearable nonsense combined with irritating action scenes.

The sequels may have made the franchise a little too convoluted but the original is still a stylish, enjoyable, intelligent, entertaining and very cool movie.

Though the movie is fast paced, it is also long and at times hard to follow.

Mind Blowing.

I rated The Matrix 10/10 straight away because the movie blows your mind as it is action packed, full of awesome scenes and a selection of great actors.

its a great sci-fi that's worth the watch.

Lots of people claim the trilogy should have stopped after the first movie, that the sequels were somewhat self-indulgent, over-complicated and not necessary.

The effects are stunning and seamless, to this day.

Yes, it is very entertaining and worth watching.

A dark and Stylish Stunning visual effects and breathtaking fights.

THE MATRIX challenges what's real and what's part of an elaborate, fake cyber-reality, so it can be confusing for both the audience and the characters in the movie.

What a breathtaking experience this was.

The story behind this movie was very intriguing from the start to finish.

There are few movies that became instant classics, and even fewer are those that stand the test of time in today's fast-moving world and can pull theater full even twenty years later*.

So different, so intriguing, so entertaining, great special effects.

In essence, it was pretty predictable to me.

Overall this is an entertaining movie full of plot holes.

Combine that with state of the art SFX and some interesting scripting, and you got yourself one entertaining film.

Well, it did, this movie was not only a smart sci-fi film, it was also a hugely entertaining film as well.

The action and special effects are really good but they need a plot to engage in to find them entertaining.

That part of the movie is worth watching three, four times, because it's not something you see everyday.

There have been and will be more movies on this concept but only this movie really touches our heart,blends into our hormones and makes us seem that these things are real..A movie worth watching for...

A Visually Stunning Film .


But at times it can become boring?

I wondered for a brief moment if the creators of the Matrix and DC were the same, then I just figured that the Matrix stole the idea and created an overly long, overly hyped 3 part yawner out of it.

At the point I saw it, I found may live action movies to be uninteresting and mainly stuck to animated movies.

But it's the remarkable balance between its in-depth philosophy, stunning action & gripping plot that makes The Matrix a breathtaking experience of the highest order.

Now, about the movie, its the most entertaining, action filled with superb stunts and well fitting characters.

The film can be too violent so maybe not for those who dislike that kind of thing, the story I guess for some could be confusing and if you don't listen to the entire story then you will lose what the whole point of what there doing is about.

The film's premise was both criticized for being derivative of earlier science fiction works, and praised for being intriguing.

It was breathtaking at the time and while some of the effects work doesn't look quite as polished as the films that have followed (including the sequels) it still retains a sense of wonder.

)This movie had the ability to change me and I believe those are the movies worth watching!

A stunning audio-visual achievement.

Nevertheless the plot was really good and kept me really on the edge of my seat.

The direction and script by the Wachowskis is fantastic, as they drew ideas and inspirations from every other great sci-fi and cyberpunk movie and anime before the film, combining it with stunning action and putting it into one picture that has enough style, substance and subtext that everyone ended up giving their own interpretation of the story.

The Unbearable Artificiality of Being ...

This overlong, high concept hokum is little more than a bloated, mechanical, and tiresome film which is big on visuals and short on story.

The Wachowski brothers wrote a very intriguing piece of work, and I admire their exploration outside the norm of reality.

Surprisingly, the movie's wonderfulness doesn't stop at its philosophy or the exploration of it, neither stop at its breathtaking action.

This film broke all the rules, it bent reality and it made us appreciate the little things in life a whole lot more, I don't know what the next step in film is, but if it's as mind blowing as The Matrix, it's going to be epic.

The Wachowski siblings have given us an hour's worth of excellent cinema, filled with fascinating ideas.

The Matrix has its faults, but it is an entertaining and important movie.

But it makes for an exciting and action-filled ending..

Unbearable .

Its the sometimes boring plot that stops and starts again.

"The Matrix" is a thrilling, entertaining and exciting adventure with quite a bit going for it.

inspired by different sources (including Japanese anime), The Matrix is a new kind of movie, a visionary mixture of technology, philosophy and thrilling action.

Anyway, this movie is worth watching.

boring poorly acted and dumb but visually stunning .

Thought-provoking, inventive, influential, stylish & full of philosophical n religious allegories, The Matrix is a groundbreaking cinema that set a new bar for science-fiction filmmaking while also redefining the action genre with its thrilling action sequences & revolutionary visual effects.

Even so, it is an intriguing premise, and should keep the hard core sci-fi action film fan entertained.

As for the story itself, I think this is one of the most original, fascinating Sci-Fi tales you'll likely ever see on screen.

But what is very enjoyable and dramatic is to solve this puzzle.

But it's a fascinating franchise all the same.

its a well thought plot that deserves a 8 out ten stars its worth watching then putting the sequel in for an encore.

I sat on the edge of my seat the first time!

The action sequences in this movie are so engaging and feel so natural within the film.

This action packed thriller takes a step above most when it offers a unique perception on the meaning of life.

anyway, the movie has everything: Weapons, Kung Fu, Bad Guys , a shocking story, a predictable love...

To see future, this movie is worth watching.

Gripping action combined with a touch of philosophy .

Without his commanding presence, striking dialogue and intriguing look the first half of the matrix would've fallen flat on its face.

The movie is both brilliant and entertaining.

It is a good movie and I would highly recommend it!!

(That was retarded..) This movie was awesomely action packed.

I found this movie uninteresting, hard to follow, unbelievable when I was was able to follow along and the acting left a lot to be desired.

At the end, you have to pay attention because the plot is a little confusing.

It leaves you breathless; the crazy ideas come so thick and fast, you're still absorbing the plot before you're into the next eye-popping action sequence.

But my major problem was it was dull.

Watching today, it still holds up as an exciting sci-fi action thriller, with effects that still look relatively new even though many of them have been copied and even parodied since.

The story is pretty standard, even a tad cliché.

Morpheus barely seems like a human being between his glassy stares and monotone declarations.

I highly recommend this film for those who are a fan of visually stunning movies.

It's a good, intense and entertaining action flick.


Since its an imaginary world the action scenes are quite amusing and exciting.

Starting off slow in the first then picking it up more in the second and then delivering a huge finish in the third film.

Reeves might have started out in humorous roles early on in his career, but here he proves himself to be a capable and enjoyable action hero with just enough pathos and self-doubt to keep him grounded in reality despite the broad and intricate concepts of the story.

1 Star for Unwatchable We hate these types of movies because they never fully define the powers they have.

Matrix has been regarded as "A technologically stunning movie that furthers the genre and features crowd-pleasing performances to go with the frequent scenes of gunplay and violence.

The visual effects are utterly stunning.

The Matrix trilogy is unquestionably the best action packed movie so far.

I think that the audio and sound editing in this film were particularly stunning.

Extremely mind blowing!

I was glued to my seat, it was nothing I had seen before, or anyone for that matter, The graphics were amazing, the action was intense, I ended laughing at myself for resisting to see it in the first place.

enjoyed it very much.

I just want to add, that this movie is the best one, which conveys the concept of the world as an illusion, in the most possible entertaining way.

Overall this is a cool and entertaining movie with some wicked ideas that all sci-fi movie watchers shouldn't miss out on...

And oh the idea that love can fix everything is the biggest cliché since Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

In comparison, Mel Gibson's Payback is a more intriguing and better directed revenge/action flick, and Johnny Nmemonic (also featuring Reeves) has better Cyberspace science fiction.

A must-see among genre fans, especially guys in their teens and 20s, for whom the script's pretentious mambo-jumbo of undergraduate mythology, religious mysticism and tech-babble could even be a plus rather than a dramatic liability.

Adrenaline, fantasy, myth, precision.

With its trite Kafka-wannabe subtext and pretensions to profundity, this badly acted (Reeves is like a lump of wood, with a permanently perplexed look on his dumb face), poorly scripted, mess of a movie had me yawning and, at times, bristling with irritation.

and action packed.

This film is ridiculous, along with the boring old "deep" plot (with aliens!!!

There are plenty of sophisticated visual and special effects that really enhance the sci-fi elements of the film, and some plot twists that made the film more intriguing.

signature moves from Bruce Lee from Jet Li), gnarly sound-track, and engaging characters.

"The Matrix" looked exciting enough in the trailers .

Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) are very good in their respective roles, and both (as most people will say) are embraced as engaging characters in the mind of the audience, while Reeves was more of a vehicle to channel elaborate action sequences (the highlight, in most people's opinion, of the film).

hypnotic, timeless, action packed classic .

Word-of-mouth will be giddy, with young and mature males lining up for a technologically stunning movie that furthers the genre and features crowd-pleasing performances to go with the frequent scenes of gunplay and violence.

An overrated, outdated pretentious movie .

The effects are what make the movie so engaging and have the audience glued to their screens in anticipation for what is gonna happen next.

This film does borrow a couple elements from other hit blockbusters though: it's grim factor and backgrounds are very much like "Blade Runner;" the "machine" world is very much like the shock value of "The Terminator;" there is one scene that requires our main protagonist to take either a red or blue pill ( "Total Recall"); Don Davis's musical score is like a "Star Wars" score that is constantly frantic; the lobby shoot-out reminds viewers of how intense the one in "Heat" was; there is electronic/rock n' roll music playing in the background while people in leathery capes kill other people who are dressed similarly ( "Blade" ); and, last of all, the entire movie also consists of symbolism to Comic-Books and religion, which is also pretty classic !

Full of action, it's complemented by rousing scenes , breathtaking fights and struggles are spotlights .

This can all get a little confusing, so it's best to take this all in with no distraction, because things move back and forth between the two realms rather quickly.

It puts a culture of social obedience on display in a visually stunning and imaginatively thrilling way.

I think it was, anyway she enjoyed it too.

Emblematic characters with a surprising cast in a plot of breathtaking.

Extremely mind blowing.

Morpheus enunciates every sylable of wisdom he delivers and slow mo is oh so Neo!

Morpheus is your typical mentor figure, Trinity is a boring character, with so little expressions to show and have zero chemistry with Neo, the main character.

Reeves is trying way too hard to seem serious, and dramatic, and in the end comes across as being artificial, and dull.

What I find hilarious is that most people believe that the Matrix was a truly original and mind blowing concept...

This is an utter waste of time.

Visually stunning, thought-provoking, and fun, The Matrix is a near-perfect film for any sci-fi fan or any movie fan.

So overall The Matrix is a great experience with the state of the art special effects, a compelling story, intense action, suspense, some humor, a little romance, and impressive performances by the cast who make this an enjoyable sci-fi movie to watch.

i give this movie a 9 out of 10 and believe it is defiantly worth watching.

The movie is kinetic, atmospheric, visually stunning, and mind-bending.

It was just exciting to see Neo and his posse kick ass!

if you have never watched this film before you should because the plot is amazing it was a unique story when written and is trueley encaptivating, worth the watch.

some of the most intense and suspenseful scenes.

The film's premise was both criticized for being derivative of earlier science fiction works, and praised for being intriguing.

I highly recommend this film for those who are a fan of visually stunning movies.

He'd be telling me about "The Matrix being the real world but not The real world" and going into it through phone boxes,and characters with unique sounding names like "Morpheus" and "Trinity" and the Agents who are trying to kill them etc. It was a frustrating puzzle trying to make sense of what he was trying to tell me but, By the time the bell had rung and the teacher had called us all in for a remaining afternoon of sitting on little chairs being bored, my imagination had been gripped.

A lot of people compare this movie to Inception, in my opinion, Inception is the better film, but The Matrix still kicks a$$ and remains a highly intriguing and entertaining motion picture.

The writing is solid and the many twists and turns the producers introduce make you think just to a certain degree for it to be enjoyable and not overly confusing.

This is an action packed science fiction movie that I think most can enjoy, though some may not want to invest their time into.

keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what's next despite how many times you've seen it.

It's not just an action movie with sweet kung fu and leather-clad gunfights, but also one hell of a sci-fi trip; an honest-to-god journey through the rabbit hole, seductive in its intriguing mystery and still riveting after many viewings.

I was hesitant to approach this film, as it seemed like a pointless, overblown action film.

An ingenious combination of style & substance which with the help of its pioneering visual effects, imaginative vision, thematic elements & jaw-dropping action easily elevates itself into the league of cinema's greatest & most entertaining films of all time, The Matrix is a bonafide masterpiece in every sense of the word.

There are lots of memorable moments in this movie which are referenced in future movies and popular media & all the action sequences brings the adrenaline rush in me.

The movie was boring, I had no idea what was going on half the time, because I couldn't seem to pay attention.

I loved the slow time effect, it just made the film perfect and became very popular effect, these days people are using it a lot.

The last 20 minutes feature some of the most thrilling action sequences ever put on film.

The film's apriorism was both criticized for getting acquired of beforehand science fiction works, and accepted for getting intriguing.

This blurring of the line is a common theme these days (EDTV, Celebrity, Mad City, The Truman Show, Wag the Dog), and this film is an engaging addition to a growing body of work.

Yeah, The Wachowski Brother's "The Matrix" is Still That To This Day is One Of Most And Exciting Talked About Science Fiction Action Films Of 1999.

The activity as well polarized critics, some anecdotic it as impressive, but others absolution it as a banal aberration from an absorbing premise.

Inspired by different sources (including Japanese anime), The Matrix is a new kind of movie, a visionary mixture of technology, philosophy and thrilling action.

It was also good but with a bit confusing concept like it is showed as a computer programming film and then they shows up a prophet who made a prediction about "the one" and all what is this a computer program or a magic movie???

It have a great story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Spoiler Alert: Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, is a software writer who struggles to find his place in the world and as a result turns to computer hacking to escape his mundane life.

Opening with an explosive sequence in which a leather-clad woman named Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) with amazing leaping and fighting abilities is chased by cops and scary men in suits, Matrix is an adrenaline rush from the start and pushes the envelope in stylish, inspired action sequences.

A more engaging leading man might have made the technical asides easier to wade through, although most audiences didn't seem to mind.

Take the violence out, the exiting shooting and action-scenes, and that what remains is still stunning.

What a waste of time for The most overrated movie of all time .

While it may be a bit pretentious to put The Matrix with the likes of those masterpieces, I don't think it's that much of stretch.

Also, to me what was the most stunning aspect of it, was that the freedom in deciding where to take and how to tell the story felt absolute.

For one, it's a highly entertaining film with revolutionary visual effects, path breaking action sequences and a captivating screenplay.

In outstanding efforts, it is an explosively entertaining sci-fi flick with the driving force of the Wachowskis who spring the film to life.

The Matrix: Smart, slick, and exciting.

Human element is weak, which makes emotional involvement faint; characters are bland, showing little personality.

This movie clearly sides in favor of freedom, but the ambiguity between good and evil, or the humans who desire freedom and the robots who control mankind, makes this adventure story very interesting and compelling.

I wasn't sure about this movie when it first came out, but I gave it a go and enjoyed it.

The photography was breathtaking.

The acting is bland, the characters are pretty paper thin, and the film just feels dated.

Alongside, he also demonstrates an engaging camaraderie with Laurence Fishburne who gives a riveting portrayal as Morpheus, the man who takes Neo under his wing into the imaginative alternate reality that Neo was never aware of.

It's a little confusing and somehow disgusting.

If you know what to look for, the plot is pretty predictable.

Just mind blowing...

the story has a lot of interesting and entertaining plot points and sequences that we will never forget.

Worth watching.

With such a brilliant concept, spectacular and innovative action sequences, and a gripping story, they keep you hooked and in awe throughout the movie.

In matter of philosophy and visual effects it is still breathtaking .

The final half hour of the movie, while entertaining with fight sequences and explosions, seems pulled out of a video game.

I highly recommend this film for those who are a fan of visually stunning movies.

Such fascinating concept & such thrilling action.

"The Matrix", in my review, "a non-stop exciting motion picture, with groundbreaking visuals".

i love so much about this movie , i also watch all parts which are too good and like the all parts to..all sci-fi thing is just mind blowing

This old, yawn-inducing idea from ancient history is portrayed as cutting edge thought that the Wankoffski brothers came up with because they are mad geniuses and the whole aim of the film is to make the viewer buy more of their films by making the viewer feel like an intellectual.

But now I fully respect and love this movie for what it is and for what it always will be, mindbogglingly, mind blowing, out of this world fun.

I enjoy watching movies like this when you have the option to except the entertaining value and also have the chose to be able to look deeper and gain some profound life perspective.

The script and plot was very well put together and intriguing to keep the viewer glued to the TV screen.

or the perfect fascinating fairy tale.

Well worth watching.

The Matrix is an action packed, special effects driven master piece that is sure to catch the attention of any futuristic film critic.

but this is also an intense action and special effects masterpiece which still looks great even after almost a decade.

This is the movie that changed everything and made action movies things that could have mind blowing plots as well as kick ass action.

Breathtaking job by Wachowski Brothers (now sisters) and a bow from me.

The idea was not new, and certainly it had been covered in film in the past, but the ideas of what life was really like outside the Matrix were fresh and the action made the movie thrilling to watch.

Perhaps most stunning of all: who could forget Neo, to Uzis blazing, straight in front of him, as he runs, cloak trailing, through a hell of flying tiles and marble as untold numbers of bullets fly around him?

Intense shootouts and bizarre production designs make this not only fun to watch, but more and more intriguing and interesting as the film carries on.

Laurence Fishburne is stunning also as his mentor who believes in him more than anything and is willing to sacrifice his own life to safe Neo's.

The direction and script by the Wachowskis is fantastic, as they drew ideas and inspirations from every other great sci-fi and cyberpunk movie and anime before the film, combining it with stunning action and putting it into one picture that has enough style, substance and subtext that everyone ended up giving their own interpretation of the story.

The plot is very science related but is a little confusing.

Watching it now, it still stands as a hugely entertaining blend of martial arts action, science-fiction dystopia and philosophical musings on dreams vs reality and fate vs free-will.

The good things about the movie is that the special effects are groundbreaking, the effects are original and unlike anything you've ever seen before in sf movies, the action sequences are stirring, storytelling is compelling and smartly constructed, it has brilliant ideas, strong human thinking and there is an awesome and completely believable central villain character (definitely putting him on my favorite movie villains list) and there are much more good things still.

I caught a segment of the film on television last night and it reminded me what an engaging,well thought out and intelligent film it is.

A classic action and sci-fi that will be forever remembered, thanks to a fantastic writing and breathtaking action scenes make's "The Matrix" a true masterpiece.


Though some dialogs are cliché the storyline, the concept, the action and the execution is flawless.

It is a really terrible, entirely crap fest filled with so many fatal flaws that I rank it as one of the worst movies of all times with one of the largest budgets ever to be wasted.

Silly and over top, yet boring.

One of the most interesting and exciting movies you can get.

Cinematography is all muted dark greens, the set is that of a foreboding metropolis, the mood is that of a spooky dream, non-realistic yet compelling in its private logic.

These movies are slow paced but worth the watch.

Your too concentrated on the stunning visuals, and the terrific editing, which is probably where this movie does best.

What i like to say, is that you should check this film again if you haven't see it for some time, it really looks stunning.

Then we've got some black man who acts like a prat 24/7 making "Neo" do stupid and pointless things like fight kung-fu and prat about in white rooms to add to some more confusion.

There's some pseudo scientific dialog but it is interesting, unlike the sequels where it bores.

It's a spiritually confused mish-mash of a film - but still a gloriously entertaining one.

The Matrix succeeds at two extremely difficult tasks: as a vast, exciting virtual-reality movie and as a defibrillator for Keanu Reeves' big screen career.

No movie in my Top 10 of all time do I have a single issue with expect this movie, which turns out to be a minor issue under great directing, writing, acting, characters, story and action as well as breathtaking visuals.

Engaging film and truly makes you wonder about the meaning of life and all things around us.

This makes either the movie or the people doing the attributing very pretentious.

It is a very poorly written review The only reason I wrote it is cause I was bored.

An amazing soundtrack helps create an atmosphere that can only be described as exciting and gripping.

The Characters: Bland and boring...

It's visually stunning and technically superb, not to mention iconic.

Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and Lucas' Star Wars take a look at outer space in a hard hitting entertaining manner and this 1999 depiction of reality is equally visually stunning with a wonderful puzzling narrative and high intellectual entertainment.

The Matrix is a very entertaining movie, with good acting (bar some over-kill scenes), tapping largely to viewers' emotions (you know, good vs evil and all that) and has lots of brilliant original ideas of superpowers humans can have, which is the best part about it that made it endure.

There were films like Godzilla, Armageddon, deep impact etc. Point is that these summer blockbuster movies only focused on special effects due to the groundbreaking effects of Jurassic Park, and forgot to give us engaging stories and compelling characters, which became tiresome.

The action is exciting, but it is weighed down by a dull script and endless, boring exposition.

The escapism into a science-fictional world with it's own history, Sharp characters, mind blowing stunts, philosophical, and even emotional depth that is displayed through the relationship between characters.

This science fiction movie created an intriguing world and an exciting story.

Both in terms of thespians with an intensive presence and the art of mastering complicated choreography, partially thanks to the Martial Art Institute representatives such as the "kung fu team: Hong Kong" members: Yuen Eagle Shun Yi, Woo-Ping Yuen, Daxing Zhang.

Engaging and visually amazing .

Overall, this is a masterpiece science fiction film, combining an extraordinarily engaging plot, very able-bodied protagonists and antagonists, as well as special effects that, at the time of the film's release, were cutting edge.

Since I do not want to completely spoil the plot for the readers, I will end with saying The Matrix has every aspect of a great movie, an original story line, tons of action, and mind blowing effects, so I highly recommend that you watch it.

This movie is a revolution in terms of the ideas presented, the intriguing screenplay and the amazing video effects for its time.

Visually stunning and mostly would be known for its fast pace as well as some terrific fight scenes.

I would call this a man's movie, Action packed, lots of violence, and guns / explosions.

etc.Kudos to the twilight zone writer Joe Gannon as well, that clip was very entertaining & creative.

I was bored until the action scenes.

Mind Blowing .

That's what is the word "tedious" exists.

Apparently human experience is just a Virtual Reality created by weird AI beings to lull us into compliance and enable them to harvest us for our bio-energetic essence.

Technologically stunning Masterpiece .

"The Matrix" looked exciting enough in the trailers, so I decided to give it a look.

The Wachowskis bravely accomplish this feat by introducing a highly cerebral concept that not only strikes the human pulse but feels entirely original, tackling on themes of philosophy, religion, and gripping social commentary of how technology plays a vital role in our society.


Being intense, this movie is truly inventive and imaginative science fiction entry.

It is really predictable to begin with.

The Matrix is riveting, fascinating and entertaining for every film fan from the light viewer to those looking for a more introspective and meaningful form of entertainment.

I also admit that the gun battles are actually pretty damn cool and some of the visual effects really are breathtaking even if once again they're overrated.

Revisiting 'The Matrix' was a supremely enjoyable experience.

It has leaps through space, thrilling sequences involving fights on rooftops, helicopter rescues and battles over mind control.

It's a brilliant movie on a number of different levels - the directing is excellent, the camera work is great, the visuals are stunning, the acting is executed with style and conviction, and the plot is truly inspired.

I recommend this movie to anyone who loves action or interesting story lines with an exciting twist.

I love many of those movies, but there is just something about a totally unique plot with compelling characters you've never heard of.

Having said that, at the time, it did create a standard for the genre and remains a entertaining movie.

Mind Blowing .

Bland, androgynous Keanu Reeves plays a 22nd-century computer hacker who is recruited by Carrie-Anne Moss to join a band of cyber freedom fighters led by Morpheus in a struggle against the scary, menacing machines that control mankind.

Stunning cinematography & compelling camera-work just amazes the audience.

It was truly mind blowing.

"Guys, 90% of that movie was as cliché as hell (may not have been the exact word I used)" Silence is golden.

Let's forget about the sequels, the less said the better, but the original had everything: mind blowing special effects, awesome concept, gripping plot, breath-taking action sequences (with knowing nods to the Hong-kong Kungfu genre - e.

i think this idea was original and gripping.

Flashy, Exciting, Punch-Packing, Visually Charged Sci-Fi Conspiracy Movie .

It IS a visually stunning AND entertaining movie.

The Matrix is an adrenaline rush of action with a great story line to boot.

There is no doubt that the fact we get information bit by bit made the movie so intriguing, but the main reason this movie is so exciting is because how little it offers by showing us, not by telling us.

THE MATRIX challenges what's real and what's part of an elaborate, fake cyber-reality, so it can be confusing for both the audience and the characters in the movie, which is heavy on special effects and brooding paranoia, light on plot, dialogue, character, and even coherence.

The only problems I can think of, are some issues with the acting (Carrie Ann Moss was somewhat dull), the over-pretentiousness of the plot: it took itself way too seriously, being as it was, just an unoriginal sci-fi collage, and the visual style grew old too fast, now a days the characters look dressed as a bunch of emo-kids.

I found Matrix 1 to be boring and drone on.

I enjoy every second of this movie because everything is just so enjoyable.

Boring .

However, I often found the story to be a bore.

It's ET and Snow White and every other now-predictable cliché in the cannon of story telling.

If you like the action on the best level you must watch it and enjoy a superb story with great stunning effects (visual and sound).

For Neo (Keanu Reeves) his daily life is a series of disjointed and disconnected segments as he works as a software programmer by day and at night works as a computer hacker of sorts.