The Matrix Reloaded (2003) - Action, Sci-Fi

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Neo and his allies race against time before the machines discover the city of Zion and destroy it. While seeking the truth about the Matrix, Neo must save Trinity from a dark fate within his dreams.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Lana Wachowski
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne
Length: 138 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 351 out of 1023 found boring (34.31%)

One-line Reviews (1090)

Tedious .

But in the next film, because of the developments of this one, he will no longer be fulfilling a shopping list of tasks to save the world, he and the others will be taking on novel and unexpected challenges to accomplish whatever victory they gain in the end.

Great action, but too inconsistently entertaining.

As a result, it becomes a boring, headache inducing mess of a sequence, that does absolutely nothing to further the movie along.

Some bits got a be tedious and I was waiting for them to just get on with it but over all, I really enjoyed it!!!

It did get better in the last third, but by the time the Architect delivered his tiresome speech, I simply didn't care anymore.

From the awkward back of the band bus make-out shots of Neo and Trinity to the dud of a cliff hanger ending, this movie left me empty.

I know many people out there are bitching about the Matrix Reloaded and saying there was too much pointless talking and not enough character development with Ghost and Niobe and such.

It's predictable...

It doesn't matter how good the game is, it's still boring to sit and watch it.

We know enough not to take the car chases and fight sequences too seriously, but without the element of danger, the highly choreographed set pieces become pointless and irritating.

The typical car chase scene took up the majority of the film, and to be honest, it got very boring very fast.

The special effects were amazing and the movie was a nonstop thrill ride due to its suspenseful fast pace plot.

The Matrix Reloaded is an full throttle, action packed sequel to The Matrix.

This is a poor attempt at a sequel to the original Matrix which was intriguing with a novel concept.

The battle scenes looked cool but dragged on too much.

I fear, that for the sake of the buck, they've taken a nice piece of work and drawn it out into a long messy trilogy just for the money.

It's the film equivalent of being given a 1000-word paper to write, and after finding your short by a lot, starting to add MORE adjectives, repeating these pointless adjectives (e.

When this conversation finally ends, we move straight onto the Burly Brawl, the brilliant and visually stunning fight between Neo and the masses of Agent Smiths.

er, their trilogy of movies about the Matrix; so rather than make any attempt at writing about how cold and boring "The Matrix Reloaded" was, I'll just furnish a short list of ways this movie and "The Matrix Revolutions" can be redeemed.

Whilst not succeeding on certain levels, the second installment is incredibly enjoyable and engaging throughout.

-It's pretentious and uninvolving.

The acting is terrible (particularly Keanu), the effects look a bit silly and the script is pretentious rather than intelligent.

I guess everything was covered in the first film, it covered every concept, bit of philosophy, plot ideas etc and had a perfect resolve, so then naturally the next ones feel wrong, dull, uninspired and awkward as well.

Characterafter character gives long ponderous, pretentious speeches.

so lame and so boring...

" By the fifth drawn out slow-motion kick in the face, the movie becomes quite tedious.

Exciting, endless action.

These were all delivered in the soft, slow voice that grandpas use when reading to little kids before bed, and they had roughly the same effect on the audience.

entertaining flick .

The highway chase is so enjoyable.

Cheap cheesy pointless and incredibly stupid .

After that it got a little better, but the fight and chase scenes were so drawn out, you could step out for a whole cigarette and bathroom break and make it back before the end of the scene you left in.

Simply stunning .

"Overall, while this movie may be torture having to sit through in a theater, it can highly enjoyable with a fast-forward button.

Now the actions sequences is really cool and because of that this movie is worth watching.

There is one dull moment that the original movie managed to avoid SEX.

It's empty grandstanding and empty padding.

The most interesting aspects of the film are Neo's meeting with the Oracle and the fascinating encounter with the Architect, moments which try to explain and progress issues revolving around the Matrix.

The plot is still just as predictable.

The action sequences were ridiculous and repetitive.

The first time (and only, as far as I'm concerned) I saw this sequel, I was bored, amused and disgusted by turns.

However, the writing in this movie is very confusing, very contradictive, and could have used work.

i think this movie really is exciting, its not boring, the story is really interesting.

Certainly has its Moments but Nowhere near as Enjoyable as the First, .

From the moment Neo encounters the Merovingian, a very intriguing character, I was anticipating what was going to happen next and the film seemed to get better and better, leading up to the meeting with the Architect.

Though I most admit the plot here is a little dull.

Boring boring boring......

It is dry, humorless and boring.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

This movie is definitely worth watching for sake of that.

Special effects are supposed to help the story along not be a substitute for it, and they are no substitute anyway for a descent, solid, consistent, original and entertaining narrative.

So while both sequels added up don't come anywhere near "The Matrix", the action is fun to watch - the speedway chase is really breathtaking.

Computer Generation Stunning.

I gave to you the greatest cure for insomnia known to man!!!

The fight scene between Neo and the many hundreds of Agent Smiths just dragged on and on.

It is a shameful waste of money when they say just one 14min fight scene cost $40m.

In Holland we call it milking the cow until its empty.

"The Matrix Reloaded" continues the long and sometimes very confusing saga of a human race of people trying desperately to reclaim their place on the planet over a group of tyrannical Controllers that run everything in the real reality and the virtual reality worlds.

A incredibly boring and shallow story with amazing effects .

It's an enjoyable , if somewhat light-headed piece of escapism with state-of-art special effects and straightforward screenplay .

The opening 45 minutes are truly sleep-inducing, and the fight scenes go on far too long and are generally pointless.

I loved the first one and couldn't wait to see this one, then I saw it and left the theater wishing I hadn't wasted 8 dollars on this overbloated retarded film.

It shared the same inane sense of intimidation as did Pi and it felt so enjoyable that all I could do was see it again.

But yes, it does look very boring.

The fights in "Reloaded" are too repetitive and seem to take forever to be over.

The effects are mind blowing.

Furthermore, the acting certainly can't save this turkey - all of the characters, even the human ones, behave more like robots than human beings, hamming their way through the interminable jiujitsu sequences as if they themselves are bored by their actions.

Reloaded was dull & incoherent .

The worst of these pointless actions scenes was Neo's fight against the gang of agent Smith's.

Rather pointless sequel.

" But I was wrong as multiple viewings of "The Matrix: Reloaded" continue to be fascinating, thought provoking, and brilliantly noodle-cooking.

Total, complete utter pointless twaddle.

There is no script.

There are too many slow expositions.

A lot of scenes in Zion go on far too long and are not needed at all, the huge dance rave being the worst offender by far.

Whilst the centre of the film is a stunning achievement, the beginning and end just shows how much work will be needed for Revolutions to redeem the Matrix name.

The Matrix: Reloaded (2003): Dir: Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski / Cast: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann Moss, Laurence Fishburne, Hugo Weaving, Jada Pinkett: Disappointing sequel to the intriguing original.

Zion is dull, the infamous Rave scene plays like a bad Lambada out-take, and we really know Anthony Zerbe can do better in his sleep than he did there.

Waste of my time .

There are few things worse than being pretentious.

"Reloaded" was pointless and pretentious in its futile efforts to pass off as an intellectual action movie.

This movie is the sequel to one that left me on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

When I first saw it, it took me by complete surprise (c'mon, it's a Keanu Reeves movie), and it provided one of my more enjoyable movie-going experiences in 1999.

Action Action zzzzzzzzz .

This is very confusing, taking away from the entertainment.

Boring .

Were the film separated itself from other action packed films is of course in the underlying philosophical and religious aspects.

This is the worst movie of the year and i wasted my money and 21/2 hours of my life for nothing.

Hugo Weaving's dryly-humorous take on the evil Agent Smith gives his scenes some needed verve and Gloria Foster as the all-knowing Oracle perks up a potentially slow patch.

And I have to say, Zion is the home base in a hundred different banal space operas; why did the Matrix franchise feel the need to ape this bad cliche?

In fact, Neo has become very much like Superman: unstoppable and boring.

Anyone looking for a thrill this summer should definitely watch this movie, as it will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Endless long prolonging love-scenes and stupid dialogs and a far too long disco scene with bad music.

More than anything else, it's excruciatingly boring.

You can literally cut all but one of the actual fight sequences out (the Smith fight), since they have NOTHING to do with the story, and you'd have a boring hour of people talking about philosophy.

And even the action is passionless, boring.

*Prepair for it, it's quite boring.

Bottom Line: 3.5 out of 4 (worth watching)

Reloaded expands on this and adds a whole new philosophical (some would argue pretentious) level to the series.

It was more confusing than the first one and not as much fun.

still this is an extremely entertaining movie with action sequences that seem way before their time.

the action scenes were boring and repetitive, honestly i was quite tired of the multiple agent smith stunt scenes.

Boring start, great middle part, abrupt end .

Q: Who were the most enigmatic and entertaining personalities in the first film?

The Matrix reloaded was boring...

For example, while very entertaining, so much of BACK TO THE FUTURE PART 2 was about getting us to Part 3 that I think it really suffered as a whole.

BORING might work.

The council scenes are incredibly dull - save for the scene of the machines powering Zion.

They really should issue a barf-bag with the purchase of this movie - should you be stupid enough to waste your money on it in the first place.

This so called movie, which is really a video-game that you don't play, is so dour and humorless and confusing for no apparent reason.

The visual effects in this sequence occasionally falls a bit short, with several moments appearing all too obviously computer generated, but for the most part the Burly Brawl is an engaging sequence.


This movie was way off and boring .

Each one is too long by several clauses, and uses words with clearer, shorter synonyms.

The crotch close-up of the woman at the restaurant was also pointless and arousing only to 13-year-olds...

The fights are boring because Neo always triumphs.

4) Like I said before, they were just too long and pointless ie. If Neo could fly anytime he wanted why didn't he just fly away when all the agents came after him?

Hollywood has programmed us now to expect our sequels to be bigger, faster, louder but this one starts off slow.

These and subsequent plot points punctuate four hours of vapid, pretentious dialog and gratuitous, prolonged action scenes (some entertaining, some confusing).

Worth watching!

Pretentious Genius, good and bad in one.

Boring and stupid .

Don't get me wrong, it is a good film, but there are some bits which can get rather boring.

`The Matrix' is a fantastic and stunning movie, where an original plot was supported by great special effects.

The story is confusing, to say the least.

It's the beginning at Zion which is slow-moving, and other scenes which are just too long, that prevent it from being great.

The film is too long for the flimsy storyline and there are too many characters to keep track of.

A side from that this was an enjoyable film to watch all though I do watch this film a lot less these days, I do find myself going back to the first more often.

This film is not only inferior in almost every way save special effects from the original, the mythology of the series is possibly irredeemably destroyed by the confusing, non-sensical ending.

They say that the Architect is boring.

All of the fighting scenes were tedious, long and repetitive.

If you didn´t watch the first one, you can´t get anything, and without the third, is pointless.

The end is also slightly confusing for the dim-minded.. As well as putting on a cliff-hanger which will make you want to swear at the Wachowski Brothers.

There is no story that I could follow.

It's so pointless and out of place.

Good effects again, especially a brilliant choice of slow down moments between Neo and Smith's fight, which is also beautifully choreographed.

The general public might find them confusing.

The dialog is dull and pretentious, the "plot" (spoilers!

A complete waste of time .

The sequences go on for such length that I was bored...

), the story is too engaging for you to really notice.

I also found myself yawning whenever one of the charcters stopped fighting long enough to give one of the many long, drawn-out, psuedo-philosophical speeches which littered the film.

The car chase is unbelievable and the comedy element at the end of it had the whole audience change from BITING THEIR FINGER NAILS ON THE EDGE OF THEIR SEATS TO LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF.

I refused to see it on principle but the advertisements, my friends, and envy dragged me in.

But the next one is, as I expected before watching, just the banality.

I know a number of people who walked out on it.

I struggled to stay awake in some parts.

Now he is doing all the time, and it is stupid and boring.

Also, the whole plot to this Matrix story is boring and completely uninteresting.

Waste of money, waste of time.

What it fails at is telling a compelling story.

The movie is very drawn out, some sequences are so long and uncomfortable feeling that you'll want to scream "enough already"!

The cinematography is still stunning, and the inspiration and mix still astound.

There's no story.

A very good cast is suffers through some of the most trite language ever committed to film.

As such, the sequel is a glossy video game, with a confusing and rushed ending, leaving one rather indifferent as to whether it's worth seeing a third installment to find out the (rather predictable) outcome.

All of Reloaded's action put together adds to about thirty or so minutes, not even a fourth of its running time, but the quality of it is enough for me to recommend the film, even if most of the rest of it is a bit of a bore.

The Matrix was one of the worst movies I had ever seen in my life.

The plot is very hard to follow.

It meandered, used words that the scriptwriter clearly did not understand, and was a waste of time and a pacing killer.

disjointed and disappointing .

To say the movie has no plot isn't accurate.

The Matrix had originality, mystery, intense-never-before-seen action sequences and a better musical score.

My recommendation is to wait until it comes out on DVD so you can fast forward through the fight scenes once you get bored with them.

I enjoyed the first film, thought it broke some new ground in a few ways and was entertaining at the same time.

We also meet a character named Seraph who is quite enjoyable.

It doesn't match The Matrix for it's storytelling conservation and simple freshness, and the film often gets bogged down in it's desire to address a multitude of issues, but it is still and entertaining piece of science fiction-action cinema, and does not deserve the extensive drubbing it has received and perhaps some distance from the hype will allow the Matrix Reloaded to be re-evaluated with a more unbiased eye.

Slow, but solid and enjoyable .

I, for one, will not be suckered into paying to see the next film We should have learned our lesson about what film geniuses these guys are from their other masterpieces, "Bound" and "Assassins" -- more cliche crap.

Why then, oh why, did I find it so insufferably boring?

' I didn't expect to be as amazed this time as I was while watching the predecessor because at this point the effects that the Wachowski brothers pioneered are hackneyed, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and exciting the action sequences were.

For me the most thrilling part of sequels - good sequels of course - is, having spent 3 or 4 years with one's imagination permutating seemingly infinite possibilities about where they could take the story next, when the real thing comes along it turns out to be nothing like you expected.

However, the fight scenes become boring and a yawn fest.

Absolutely no storyline.

The story was kinda pointless, especially with the monotone architect scene.

What the director/writers of this Reloaded failed to realize was that sophistication of plot needn't mean confusing the audience as to what the hell is going on.

Apparently she has to suffer being with some dull French bloke (who bores the audience to death in one of the million half-witted dialogue scenes) so she wants him to kiss her like he kisses Trinity.

It's also a bit of a bore at times.

Sitting there and watching a bunch of idiots explain everything is boring.

Keanu Reeves is performing a boring Neo, with no emotions nor reactions at all, with the same flat expression through the entire movie.

Once you realize that Neo is the One then all fight scenes are boring.

The first one was decent, but not perfect, and pretentious in every sense of the word.

If you're an adult with other interests, pass on this crassly pretentious, overproduced bore.

While the visuals remain as stunning from the first movies, the new explorations of the characters falls terrible flat in the sequel.

Pretentious babble with empty, fake dialogues and overlong, pointless fight scenes.

Some scenes looked like preview from x-box game and it was just too cheesy (100s smiths scene), and scenes from Zion were totally unecessary and extremely boring.

the Battle with smith was the most action packed Battle with an agent so far.

The action scenes were stupid and too repetitive (too much of the same kind of action.

He reveals that this prophecy stuff is junk, that the Oracle has been another form of control, that "The One" is just ONE of a series of Neos, going back hundreds of years, that Zion is nothing more than storage space for the troublemakers, who are weeded out of the system to keep it stable in the face of unpredictable human choice.

Still don't expect any 'acting' here, but what we do receive is further exploration and enhancement of the exciting premise the films are based on.

The non-action scenes are truly gawd-awful, especially the 7 minute rave sequence in Zion where the directors suddenly decided they were filming a techno music video (and a very dull one at that).

In fact, I'm pretty sure that there is no real story, only a series of intertwined plot contrivances artlessly overexplained throughout this self indulgent film, necessary only because they provide a springboard for Kung fu battles and other fun stuff.

While the original Matix film was fresh and original, the sequel is stale and all too predictable.

The rave was just a sweaty waste of time.

They must have sold their souls to the Hollywood machine, because they made a movie that is cold, dull, and without a heart.

I wish that I could have walked out on this film.

The brilliance of these films is the coupling of the two - intense action and martial arts with philosophical commentary.

And the pointless fight scene with the Chineese guy...

Some scenes are overly long (zion rave comes to mind), and many are unnecessary and slow down the pace of the film.

The fight and action scenes were, as you would expect, breathtaking.

Overall, the movie is quite fun and entertaining after the cheesy dance sequence from Zion (apparently some sort of gratuitous nudity intent gone wrong) and before the building entrance scheme.

Oh, the choreography is great and all, but fights get rather repetitive when, for example, literally about 40% of the fight between Morpheus and the Agent is slow motion.

A jumbled mess of a screenplay, terrible pacing, visually boring, and the story was flaccid and unimaginative.

Pretentious sci-fi sequel overloads on gadgetry, special effects and technobabble.

This is boring boring boring.

It seems like a waste of time now and seeing them all back to back wont work either.

But now, thanks to them, whenever we think of the trilogy.. there is lots of yawns and nothing more.

It seems as if the architect scene is attempting to compensate for the lack of plot up to that point.

The Matrix Reloaded benefits from its brilliant direction, heavily entertaining and well paced action sequences, must-see stunts, excellent special effects and its incredible depth of ideas which make it an improvement over its predecessor.

But in any case whoever the messenger may be (I found the snotty Frenchman to be the most obnoxious), all of these scenes are overflowing with some of the most exceptionally wordy and singularly pretentious screen-writing ever.

It's boring, stupid, senseless and simply awful.

The rest of the cast tends to be swallowed by the blood and thunder and the sprawling dull patches.

And so screen time is given to Link and his wife as well as a seemingly pointless speech from Merovingian.

But the if pretentious exposition will ruin the film for you, you won't like it, because there's a lot of that in here.

It is both disrespectful to the original in this way, and pretentious in its own way of adding new concepts which make no sense after watching the first one.

Boring .

With these features, the movie is a medicore viewing, which borders on entertaining from time to time.

Now you know a movie sucks if you can fall asleep after that much caffeine.

Absolutely terrible, and DULL DULL DULL.

Those last two fall short of even explaining the concept of fatalism (and the first one is completely pointless), despite a handily taped in Neo going `Whoa, you mean...

From its tightly focussed predecessor, The Matrix Reloaded has turned into a flaccid, superficial and banal offering.

Alas,it cannot be denied,this is a hugely entertaining and worthwhile action adventure,with some amazing action/wire-fu sequences,a mesmerizing visual feel,an absorbing soundtrack and some unexpectedly brilliant dialogue.

I'd love to see a filmic depiction of something like the Frankfurt example (where a hypothetical person is about to make a choice, but is then literally forced to make that same choice - bringing the "could have done otherwise" principle of free will-based morality into question), or in general dealing with the rather fascinating subject of whether or not we make the choices that we seem to make.

The most boring movie I've ever seen .

The acting mixed with the music along with that jumbled last 20 minutes dropped this film from an 8 star movie to a 2 star waste of time.

I think the film wants to observe how man and machine co-exist, or can co-exist, within this universe, or a universe; but rather than play the thesis out in a subtle and relaxed manner; a certain character of the 'wise-old-head' ilk has to come on screen and explain everything to an insomnia suffering Neo.

at first: pretty commercial movie, kind of standard action, few surprises and a couple of too long and boring parts.

Action packed.

The film is so drab it looks like it's been filmed in black and white.

A waste of my money, and all the copies of this movie should be burned.

or at least the film-makers should have done a better job with the storyline instead of making it a long, boring, videogame.

This is still a stylish movie, and an enjoyable one as well, as long as the original didn't fool you into expecting anything too profound.

" In my book, a film that can be compared to a novel, a great novel, is a film worth watching.

Excellent set pieces, yes, engaging flow, no.

In Reloaded, he's having to fight way too long and having little effect.

The Matrix Reloaded is most definitely one of those films; it is far more enjoyable the second time around there is so much more to this film than is readily apparent.

it was all pointless.

The content - speculations on the nature of reality, free will, causality and the like - resemble the type of philosophical gibberish you'd hear around a half empty keg in the hospitality suite of a Star Trek convention.

He was that 50's corporate or FBI guy controlling the agents, now he's a renegade but he didn't change his nature, he is just pointless.

Ask yourself Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront , Al Pacino in Scarface or rather Robert De Niro in Raging Bull is more exciting or all this.

The scenes that could end in 15 seconds were made 15 minutes long, dialogs were far too long and they are only turning sentences around over and over again that a normal person must get asleep, like I did.

It's hard to believe that The Wachowski Brothers had this snorefest in mind when they were shooting The Matrix.

Incredibly dull, hopelessly pretentious and possibly the biggest waste of five quid in my life.

waste of time .

I think the core audience for this franchise has lost a large segment of viewers with this boring sequel and a whole lot work (editing, re-shooting and marketing) needs to be done for Part 3.

Even as I walked out of the theater a little less confused this time, I still had the same comment to make: `It was really f---ing cool.

It is a really crappy, entirely crap fest filled with so many fatal flaws that I rank it as one of the worst movies of all times with one of the largest budgets ever to be wasted.

I thought this film was very entertaining, although the first movie's script was a bit better I think, it had some great action too.

) is a pointless search which is supposed to "resolve everything" and then, it doesn't...

this movie tried to succeed the first by throwing plot twists and new characters and confusing surprises at it's viewers.

The story itself is quite confusing and rather underwhelming, I got quite confused as to what was going on at times.

When the action started, I thought 'finally here we go', but the fight scenes dragged on too long and to be quite frank, the effects in the Neo vs.

The story went nowhere.

All the action sequences go on way too long and simply become tiresome with the directors incapable of knowing how to keep the drama tight.

Ithought it was amazing and exciting film .

There are plenty of slow bullet time for you to sink your teeth into to the point, it's become somewhat a parody of its normal self.

And this is what is left of the first "Matrix": an uninteresting action flick.

It is here where the film's pacing becomes problematic and the characters introduced are barely realized and largely uninteresting.


Other than Neo & Trinity, there's Morpheus' love triangle and Dozer's brother Link's love for Zee.

The stop-action action scenes were cool, so Reloaded features two interminably long action scenes that got rather tiresome.

retouched) and drawn-out.

This film does have some stunning action sequences and some genuinely imaginative cinematic viewpoints and effects.

Even though I like the original Matrix, some of the dialog is pretentious and some of the other parts are pretty dated.

However, I must note that I was watching the film on an IMAX size screen, so this may have helped in making the experience more immersive and engrossing.

Add to all this the fact that battles get repetitive and boring.

Despite the number of effects, they were very ho-hum as if I was watching a FX reel and many of the best effects had already been revealed in the preview trailer.


The Wachowski Brothers just want to compete with the summer movie market of blockbusters by rushing through all the philosophical discussions and simply just wanting to show constant struggles and please the "adrenaline junkies" who can't have enough peril in their lives.

Wish I could've walked out.

Logic takes a back seat here, for instance, why does Neo bother to fight 100 cloned Agent Smiths when he could simply fly away (as he does moments later, presumably once he's bored).

Entertaining .

The action scenes are still good but the philosophical talks are as pretentious and annoying as ever.

This film had some nice effects that quickly became boring as the setup and execution lacked any tension.

CONCLUSION: In the end, you are left with a movie that is visually exciting, even if it really is a candy coating on an empty shell.

Neo's 1st fight with the Smith's, Neo's fight after meeting The Keymaker are both far too long.

In at least half a dozen scenes this movie torture's you with one lame-ass "from the future" after another, who, without fail, indulges in a "deep" and lengthy speech; of which most are placidly delivered snore-fests, that tend to ebb and flow around possible/hypothetical out-comes of the future, whereas a few others are fire and brimstone diatribes that mostly focus on berating Neo.

Overall, unless you cannot bear to leave franchises unfinished, don't waste your time watching this movie.

The highway battle scene is long, drawn out and predictable.

Stupid story, boring action, I recommend watching the trailer a few times.

It's a highly polished piece of hokum, just as the fist film was, and generally, very entertaining except in the interminable fight scenes (which are spectacular, but sadly as engrossing as watching someone else on a Playstation).

Too Philosophical, Too Fake, Too Confusing .

Very enjoyable to watch!!

That only sticks in my mind, because it reminds me of how bored I was.

Well, that and a bunch of confusing banter.

If you want to see entertaining mixture of sci-fi, Action, Real-Life-Anime and Monica Bellucci(!

While the action of the first part was already path-breaking, this part tries to better it by going much more explosive and ambitious; the action sequences are really breathtaking, especially the fight between Neo and hundreds of Agent Smiths, and the incredible chase scene.

( Look at Terminator 2: Judgment Day for example as how a sequel should be ) But The Matrix Reloaded just comes across as a bunch of incoherent and pretentious nonsense because they wanted to build further on the original's ideas instead of the intelligent psychology that made the first one great.

While many thought the questions aroused regarding freedom of choice and freedom of will were mainly boring and pretentious, I found the whole discussion thought provoking, and an admirable addition to the intelligent nature of the series.

If you ask me, THE MATRIX RELOADED is an even harder adrenaline pumping sci-fi ride that'll have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

This is a film that has more money spent on it than the national debt but is also one that has no heart (although your own heart will beat so fast that you probably won't notice) And so this is where the film's weakness lies, this being that if you look past it's glittering surface you might just find it rather empty, a film much like the Matrix itself, something that gives the illusion of being one thing while being entirely another.

The story dragged endlessly and if I had known how crap the movie was, I would never have gone.

I found myself yawning wanting scenes that seemed to never end to hurry up and end....

The main problem with Reloaded is that scenes just go on far too long much of the time.

Any one who says the special effects in reloaded are boring, not new or too long is forgeting that it´s still the same story.

Worst movie ever?

The movie fails in introducing interesting new characters and the dialogue is extremely dull, lacking the humour and spunk of the first movie.

cannot hold the expectations, up to boring.

So, in a nutshell, THE MATRIX RELOADED is worth watching for the fantastic action alone.

This movie has a pointless plot and the characters are just flat and sterile.

The Zion dancing shirt scene was dumb and pointless.

Mostly about very confusing paradoxal stuff.

I actually find him to be the most interesting character of the bunch, but instead of development they just make him an excuse for a huge, drawn out fight scene.

Chaotic, boring, pathetic .

The story is so confusing and dazing that you may believe is deep and clever.

It is disjointed in some parts, particularly the dream scenes and the Zion celebration.

The most exciting scene in the movie is the car chase scene and despite all the hype, people were more excited at the Nightcrawler scene in X2, a scene that the filmmakers of X2 did not hype at all.

The good thing is I could go back and look at the DVD to slow down the architect's point.

While at first I thought that this was the most ridiculous moment in the film, it became apparent to me after watching the film a second time that what he was saying was pretty intense.

Please Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker get a pen and show us Matrix: Re-Boring or Matrix: Dumber and Dumberer - something like that.

The entire rebellion against the machines has become a waste of everybody's time, especially mine.

I would recommend seeing this film only if you can accept its numerous faults such as the embarrassingly contrived plot and dialogue, and also give it a fair chance to redeem itself.

Great action but a slightly confusing plot .

We see Neo doing his `Superman thing' at the start, and it was predictable that a similar move would be his only way out of this predicament.

I also read all the griping about no plot.

After twenty minutes, I would have walked out if I hadn't been at the movies with someone else...

The most intriguing part of this film are the dialogues.

While the intent, the energy to make an intelligent, above average sci fi - action -thriller, this Matrix sequel only succeeds in revealing how truly difficult to combine so many elements into an even, compelling memorable movie.

The three main actors (Reeves, Fishburne, and Moss) are upstaged by "exciting new allies".

What a waste of time and money.

While I agree that the action sequences and the fights were very elaborate (and I congratulate the writers and directors on such an achievement), and the movie is really fast paced and heart pounding, I dissagree that this was a very good movie.

Despite that flaw, and despite the fact that the sequel lacks the sense of unraveling mystery we found in the original, the Wachowski Brothers deserve credit for churning out an enjoyable big budget action film that at least tries to create an interesting world and doesn't just settle for tired old stereotypes and clichés.

It was way too long 3.

Final ThoughtsActing: Wooden and contrived.

Regardless of the faults mentioned above the movie was still enjoyable.

I tried to give this movie another chance, but I fell asleep during it during this second viewing.

The movie starts kind of dull.

Basically all this film was was a load of talking, and don't get me wrong, I have no problem with talky films, but all the talking in The Matrix Reloaded was a pointless load of drivvle.

Reloaded is just as exciting as the first two.


With him flying around like superman as a dull witness to the rest of the movie made me ill and felt this movie had lost it's magic from the first one.

"Reloaded" feels like an empty bridge between part one and part three.

alright, the headline "worst movie ever" is a little over done.

------------------------------Minus------ -As said tons of times, lacks the story and touch of the first 7/10 Definitely worth watching

Neo versus Agent Smith(s) is repetitive as well, and most annoying is the slow motion once more for one simple reason: Neo and the Agents are CGI in many scenes, which would go unnoticed if they didn't show it in slow motion and zoom in on their plastic-toy-like faces!

In between the action, this movie is talky and boring.

Second big mistake is its confusing.

People need to see this movie for what it really is: A stupid Sci-Fi film with a ludicrous amount of pointless special effects and fight scenes, long leather raincoats and sunglasses and the two worst parts of the whole movie: a 5-minute moronic dance scene and a totally unbelievable and ridiculously acted love story.

In fact, the first half is really terrible, with that stupid caveman-dance and all the uninteresting relationships, I was bored-- which is not a good thing for a Matrix film.

Even then, the SFX went on way too long to get any enjoyment of that.

it is a collection of repetitive and ridiculous unrealistic fight scenes,coupled with an incoherent storyline.

yawn material.

But it is well worth watching just for the visual effects.

If you want to waste your time read all spam from your mail-box.

And there is enough intriguing story there to keep you going between all of the action - it's not just an action flick!

The program world has some interesting ideas, but that also gets too slow at times.

I enjoyed it to the fullest.


As I said, I think the first movie was overrated but it was still entertaining, and at least it had some ENERGY.

Boring and Pointless (Minor Spoilers) .


The film is packed with minor, irrelevant characters (introduced in the sequel) and dull and distracting subplots.

Story structure seemed a little off but this is still a very entertaining film to watch.

I was quite confused in certain places, however the story is really engrossing, and the fight scene on top of the truck between Fishburne and Dainel Bernhardt was awesome, plus, the ending is great, and leaves you very excited to see Revolutions!.

This 2+ hour borefest was worse than my high school geometry class.

In my opinion, the writers Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski felt like they were trying too hard to developed a complex plot and it hurt the film a bit as some people found the dialogue to be boring, confusing, or sometimes hard to follow.

As a student of philosophy, I found the film's speeches on hard determinism, fatalism, and free will to be simplistic and boring.

The action sequences are clearly more ambitious in this film, with less emphasis on the balletic quality of the fights in the first film, and more on making them more exciting and outrageous, and in this regard the film works brilliantlyDon Davis's score is the other outstanding feature of this movie.

I thought they were way too long, there were way too many, and for all the money they spent on special effects, they were obviously CGI.

Its sequel is disjointed, its a little about everything.

At the time that Neo, Morpheus and Trinity went back together inside the Matrix, the whole thing turned from a borefest into something totally magnificent.

And when some people complain that the sequel's use of the first movie's techniques is trite, just remember that it was theirs to begin with, and it was the rest of the entertainment industry that ruined it.

The chase scene on the freeway should have been fun and exciting, but it turned boring after about three minutes.

It starts out with its best scene and is a slow slide from greatness to mediocrity throughout the rest of the film.

The bad points in this film: sum flawed CGI such as the part when trinity falls outa the building, sum other parts aswel that just looked fake, also the flow in the story is too disjointed, i felt like i was watching three different films rather than one.

Lousy dialogue, endless chases and pointless fight-scenes.

While the action sequences in spite of their seeming endlessness sometimes had an entertaining element in them, the monologues really made me (and many viewers around me as I could hear) yawning.

The introduction of so many characters continued the confusion.

Pointless action and wrong philosophical message .

Also, to the contrary of those who thought that Reloaded was more confusing than the original, what about the fact that some questions were answered?

It's a real shame, as it was Neo's humanity that made him such a fascinating character in the first film.

The Matrix Reloaded: Visually stunning, utterly confusing.

Its just boring.

The Architect is quite a fascinating character that reminded me of the Masonic Great Architect of the Universe, and I like how his lines, very well written, bring about some nietzchean Doctrine of the Eternal Recurrence to that contemporary Plato's Cave that the Matrix is.

But it all doesn't stack up in the end & it largely remains a bloated, uninteresting affair.

This movie starts of slow, with a lot time wasted in Zion.

However, those rare good points are drowned in pseudo-suspense, and are only marginally enjoyable, while dangling plot pieces (the kiss with no consequences of any sort, the seraph who's only good enough for a fight), overpresent and boring fights, and positively revolting elements (the induced orgasm, the party, the utterly ridiculous bullet-removal scene) bring acute embarrassment and displeasure.

In fact instead of Neo and others engaging in gritty brutal fights with agents and SWAT team members, there engaging in long and boring philosophical conversations, that are just there to sound smart.

before this point there is a god awful rave scene in which scantally clad rebels delve into dirty dancing territory and a confusing if not mind boggling chat with the oracle (can't explain, too tedious and time consuming).

It really is a waste of time.

Unfortunately this mostly confirmed my original feelings that there are some good scenes, and a few great moments, embedded in long stretches of tediousness.

Naturally, one excruciatingly drawn-out action scene after another ensures that the audience not dwell too long on the logical flaws.

It has a fascinating backstory to it, and I think that accounts for its success; it works beautifully as an oddly-comforting metaphor for the world we live in, a world where people feel trapped in a reality they are constantly striving to perfect, correct or even ignore.

But I'm an IT geek; a nerd with a toehold on the subject that the Wachowski's here provide brilliant and entertaining metaphor for.

The fight drags on far too long of course, and there are also moments that are either entirely computer animated, or too much of it is used for it to be convincing.

With new, exciting characters and mind blowing fight scenes, this movie will be hard to top in it's third part.

The film took a theme that has been hashed unsuccessfully in previous movies and made it into something original and exciting.

The fight scene itself was so uneventful and long I just about fell asleep.

Intelligent viewers tend to underrate this movie for lack of plot etc. You are right.

Boredom is the The Test.

I used to own this movie on DVD, but after a couple of views I dumped it because it was goofy and confusing as Hell.

" But in The Matrix Reloaded, special effect are interesting, but drawn out.

If you want to waste your time drink a bottle of whiskey.

The bullet-time aspect of `The Matrix' was a good addition, but in `'Reloaded' they overuse to make it seem boring.

I think Matrix Reloaded was fun and exciting entertainment.

That is, until it's gone on for far too long and bored me to tears.

Zion: the beginning part of the movie taking place in Zion is extremely boring.

the fighting scenes and the effects were good when i have seen them in MATRIX, but now they become boring after all these years and other movies which have tried to copy MATRIX.

I'm tired of writing: the action scenes are ridiculous - terrible direction, predictable (morpheus hangs off edge of truck by his fingers - twice in the same fight!

Needless to say the argument is laughable, there's no character development, and the dialogues between the characters are either confusing, childish or cliche.

What, couldn't hold the attention span through Neo's interaction with the Architect, the most shocking, revealing, and in a way exciting part of the entire movie (actually, in a way, of the entire trilogy so far).

They are boring and seem to drag on for ever, with the absolute low point, the whole rave/orgy scene after Morpheus speech which he did half naked by the way, for no apparent reason.

Although it has action scenes and fx that were excellent, I've found many of the dialogues to be very long and confusing.

worst movie ever.

and a propos were confusing and eventually lost interest.

remember, the first was unexpected.

I enjoyed it.

Sure it's fun to them and for you it's semi-interesting, but after awhile you become bored with it because it doesn't involve you.

I almost felt like fast-forwarding through some of the long, drawn-out yakking.

Unfortunately, however, what made 'The Matrix' so engaging to the viewer was the focus on the Matrix itself, as well as the characters' interactions inside and out of it.

I feel that a few important characters from the original have been betrayed, as well as some concepts, so that if you go back and watch the first movie again it will seem more hollow and pointless.

Contrived populism that destroys whatever shards of integrity the original had.

Overall the action-oriented portion of the film successfully offset the boring parts as discussed in the previous paragraph.

It must be said that while the first movie was a very entertaining science-fiction movie, it was in no way flawless.

If you want to waste your time sleep for a two hours.

The soundtrack, except for some transient effectiveness - it lifted up an otherwise pointless orgy scene to the level of not-all-that-bad pop video - lacked the tightness of the first movie's.

Initially giving ample attention to both the romance between Neo and Trinity and to the vast underground city of Zion, the film eventually delivers one stunning set piece after another, with the amazing martial arts sequences and jaw-dropping effects of the first MATRIX elevated to even more astounding heights.

Plus parts of the movie were REALLY confusing.

"Matrix Reloaded" is completely pointless.

The speeches given by the Supreme Councilor and especially the Architect really made me sleepy.

"Instead, we got a long, drawn out bunch of twaddle.

It seems simple enough, however the way it is executed creates a confusing and distancing effect that makes the movie boring and often dull.


Where the first Matrix was a fresh and intriguing story, this is only a special effects showdown.

My only problem was that Laurence Fishburnes moves looked a bit slow.

The whole point is to turn up at the cinema, pay your dues and be immersed in a universe beyond your experience set - "to suspend belief" - if only for a short time and this film does that superbly.

To quote one of my village friend the film is "artificial" and waste of time.

But as a film itself the worst I can say is that it can be a little boring at times, and some things happen without much of an explanation.

But I don't include in these the long, dull, boring and repetitive ballets of martial arts fights already much seen and reseen in this kind of movies without bringing anything new or original.

The (in) famous moments like the "Burly Brawl" are still dull and with the benefit of high quality display the CGI limitations are once again visible.

I can´t believe that such a good idea for a film and an excellent first movie became such a dull second part, the movie is simply stupid.

I hope The Matrix Revolutions will be a lot better than this one because as I said before: THIS MOVIE IS A WASTE OF TIME!!!

There are more fights, but they can easily be engaging, especially the Château sequence, Rob Dougan's namesake soundtrack perfect for the situation.

Another dull action scene is the one where Neo fights lots of henchman in some French bloke's house.

The car chase is just mind blowing, being one of the best car chases i have seen.

While it has its flaws, it makes for a fantastically entertaining experience.


I found the first chapter way too talkative and a bit dull in many areas.

They even put a theory about werewolves and vampires in the middle, that is confusing and never brought up again in the film.

And only a couple of world-class twerps would make us sit through such a tedious lecture of a movie only to stick us with a cliffhanger.

You'd think the last thing they have time for is lots of pretentious talking.

Ok, there are some cool scenes in this film, but the Zion looks like it's populated with the cast of Stomp and the obvious book-ending made the last act in the Matrix a bit predictable.

This movie starts off confusing and the confusion never ends.

Instead we get many, many scenes of long, rhetorical dialogue that wants to be deep and meaningful but instead comes across as pompous and boring.

It was too overplayed and the time they spent kissing on screen could've been saved for bored members of the audience like me to do more productive things.

Now, in conclusion, if you liked THE MATRIX, I highly recommend this even harder adrenaline pumping sci-fi ride that'll have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish to any Keanu Reeves or Laurence Fishburne fan who hasn't seen it.

A waste of time, space and ideas .

I am sorry to say this review is more exciting than the film.

We also know that we have an intriguing story.

Monica Bellucci makes any movie worth watching, even if she's in Reloaded for only a few minutes.

don't waste your money on this one

And unfortunately, as fun as the plot may sound, too much of it is shaky and pretentious.

The fight scenes feel equally pointless.

How many times can we watch the same fight scene with the same (now cliche) slow-mo stop n' rotate camera effect?

The car chase on the freeway may be a very easy way to get an action scene but it still works very well and is exciting.

Does the pace of the film have to be so interminably slow?

And yes, BORING -- if you've seen a fight scene from the original, you've pretty much seen all the fight scenes here, too.

On repeated viewings, most action sequences lost their touch, but because the fights are so long here, they remain just as compelling every time through, and new details can be picked up on every time.

I can only tolerate so many repetitive karate chops, unrealistic flips, and special effects before my attention wanders elsewhere.

Be warned, though, it is slow to start.

He lays out important plot material, but because of his language and how he drones on, you almost feel Neo is a high school kid and the Architect is the monotonous teacher.

Here, rather than play the bland office worker turned mankind's saviour; he is the emotionally troubled individual attempting to deal with nightmares, maintain his relationship with Trinity (Moss) and the burden of said role as he mopes around in clothes that look like rags and embodies tender, soft-bodied traits.

It's a brand-new territory; VERY EXCITING!

Did we really need the pseudo eroticism and then fight after fight in the repetitive kung-fu style?

If you havent seen this movie, dont watch it you will just waste at least 2 hours of your time.

Unnatural, long, boring, drawn out.

The film is flawed yes, but, it is still interesting, all that we learn about Neo and the Matrix is intriguing and the final segment can't come soon enough.

the fighting scenes are awesome and the effects are brutaly entertaining but: This movie has it's weak points, it's boring and slow in a few scenes and hard to understand.



However, the action in this movie is so mind blowing Revolutions better have some kick ass story elements, or it will not be as good as this one.

Mr Anderson turning into Neo, The One, becoming his true self and finding out the stunning truth.

Talk about no plot.

Lots of eye candy with empty calories .

I really liked the first part of Matrix and i went to the cinema sure that the second part will be better than the first, and a great desillusion, the first part of the film is very boring, the argument is very poor, then come the scenes of action, i expected to see news special effects, but is the same, nothing new, and repetitive, so i left the cinema with a great decepcion and thinking this film was made only for make money and not for mantein the spirit of the first part-

Full of action, it's complemented by rousing scenes , breathtaking flights and struggles are spotlights .

The people who think the story is pretentious and the dialog stubby will undoubtedly get their adrenaline fix in the action scenes.

It's so exciting,well staged and thrillingly scored by Don Davis and Juno Reactor,that,for the only time in a Matrix movie you almost forget it's nearly all computer graphics,so gripping is the action.

it seems just a enormous action movie, ma is really going on with the story, with some very unexpected twist, leaving us with the desire of the "revolution" that will change our life forever.

"Reloaded" throws scene after scene of intense martial arts at you, in the process making those scenes a whole lot less unique and thrilling.

They just brushed off all of the convoluted plot and enjoyed it for what it is, expecting the third one to offer clearer explanations.

The Matrix Trilogy is the most fascinating and inspirational story of modern times.

I saw it on an IMAX screen, which was overwhelming, but the film was boring.

In the sequel, a similar 20-minute fight scene had me yawning before it was halfway over.

Reeves is a bad actor through and through, but he somehow managed to overcome that intriguing handicap in the first movie.

The fight scenes were too long and just rehashes of the first movie, the philosophy was dull and somewhat outdated (and had no place in a movie such as this..sci fi action with metaphysical meandering...

100 Agent Smiths brawl is frankly pointless.


As a continuation of the first movie, it wasn't absolutely necessary, but i love where the story went, despite some bland, and in places clumsy, telling of it...

The fighting scenes are amazing and so entertaining.

And how boring it would be if we all agreed in our philosophical ponderings.

Too bad that is the only action piece worth watching .

Whatever promise this series had has been terminated completely in a mix of over-pretentious dialogue, clunky acting, and a story that leaves you with zero enthusiasm for 'Matrix Revolutions'.

Because i fell asleep during five of them when i wasn't even tired.

The first act (first 30 minutes) are painfully boring.

), but no story.

Its as predictable as tomorrow which coming from a massive Sci-Fi fan is one of the biggest disappointments in the genre's history.

The only downside i feel with this film is that it takes far too long to get going.

However, those who think that 1000 Smith's are fun to watch, well, sure they are, for a while, but it soon gets dull.

The action scenes are technically interesting, but way, way too long.

the time between all the fighting and expensive action scenes are filled with a really boring script without innovations plus pseudo religious content, that after all makes not much sense.

" It had a good, fresh concept with interesting characters, unexpected twists and turns in the plot, downright excellent action scenes, and of course, state-of-the art special effects.

If you haven't already seen the first film I suggest you watch it, but don't waste your time with this utter pile of turd.

Matrix Reloaded is visually stunning as it is philosophically and psychologically challenging for the viewer.

worst movie ever .

It's no Empire Strikes Back, but it is definitely worth the watch for the action sequences, Monica Bellucci, and, of course, Agent Smith.

I seriously came in expecting to be blown away, to leave the theater going "like, whoa!

One of the worst sequels of all time, despite a couple of entertaining action sequences.

However, one of the boring bits was spiced up with some humour a little *SPOILER* like when Neo is talking to the architect, and there are pictures of Neo on TV screens behind the architect, they keep flipping him off!

My wife dragged me to see its sequal and still don't get it.

To put it bluntly, "The Matrix" was predictable.

So boring...

Morpheus on the other hand seems to be mainlining hot-air - both physically in terms of bulk, and verbally in terms of pretentious speechifying.

I expected a bartendress to say "table six" any minute)Absolute crap, from misplaced and far from perfect visual effects, a scenario developed by morons gone intellectual, and acting which is beyond downward comparison, straight to more boring or even ennerving sequences than anything I've ever come across.

The fighting scenes are to long i thougt that when he fought The Smiths he would carry on for an hour or two, it became boring.

Walking out of the theater after viewing this putrescent stain on the mayfly life of filmmaking brilliance displayed by Wachowski Brothers (soon to be "siblings"), I was certain that I'd seen one of the ten worst movies ever made.

I rarely pay a cinema to see a movie, because most movies are a waste of money.

-There are many recycled gimmicks like bullet time, which was interesting the first time I saw it, but now it's very boring and it's overused shows a lack of imagination.

The three main characters from the original bored the crap out of me, all the new ones introduced were even LESS interesting, and the whole Zion thing, well, I couldn't care less what happened to these people.

That sex scene was so pointless and long, and the giant orgy or "rave" was stupid.

The work of art that was the Matrix is duly dumbed and watered down for mass consumption, striving desperately to be moving and appeal to everyone but in the process being stripped of all that made the original great and becoming one long, painful cliché - oh the irony, given the innovations of the original.

We're treated to boring politics, needless exposition and back stories of characters that don't really do anything that warrants the need to know all this personal information about them.

Clones bores at numerous points and in the end offers no reward, Reloaded leaves many threads to be tied off in Revolutions.

Zion is boring and bad.

All of this makes the initial viewing rather confusing.

Unrelenting action became a bore and an excuse not to have a plot.

And the scene where Thomas Anderson/Neo (Keanu Reeves) talks with the architect (Helmut Bakaitis) is just as boring and nonsensical as everyone makes it out to be.

It wasn't as original as many people say and the fighting scenes were rather boring if you compare them to actionscenes in movies like DAO - the Blade, Iron Monkey, Once Upon a Time in China or Red Wolf, but still it was an entertaining movie.

Predictable, boring and sadly destroys the imagination .

It was confusing as heck to start, then the movie got to the scene where Neo "wakes up", and I was like "Whoa, holy crap.

I was expecting REVOLUTIONS to mean revolutionary whereas it actually seems to mean revolving constantly whilst going nowhere.

Does someone think that I cheat my way to enjoy a lousy sequel; my friend who saw it with enjoyed it.

Try and stay awake, because you just MIGHT miss something.

But let me say that i have never walked out of a movie so disgusted in my life.

The action scenes are amazing, but I soon got really bored of them because they dragged and I couldn't be invested in the action because I didn't care about the characters.

indeed, this must be one of the most enjoyable movie this year.

Annoying Blade-like trance and people jumping around, while Neo has a dull sex scene with Trinity.

Boring and incomprehensible .

The first Matrix was so inspiring, so great, so perfect, that ''Reloaded'' and ''Revolutions'' looks uninspired,repetitive and without anything REALLY nice to add.

However, I got very bored as the first hour dragged on forever.

Reloaded's main problem is that it is pretentious.

100 pointless minutes .

Totally mind blowing .

His monotone voice is canceled out by his clear and well defined body language.

The plot is confusing and all over the place; even with the philosophical message in the Matrix, it was still pretty easy to follow.

Indeed, the film opens up new areas of confusion which will be presumably covered in the final installment.

"Talk about dull and insipid reviews!

-No plot.

The fight scenes were boring - it was like they were filling in time to lengthen the movie.

There was a standard chase sequence which went on way, way too long and had no place in a matrix movie, as far as I'm concerned.

The 'Burly-brawl' and the long freeway sequence are captivating at certain times but it gets rather laboured and the continuous use of slow motion becomes rather banal after being repeated one too many times.


There was a seemingly endless, pointless scene of watching a ship come in and dock.

I loved athe Matrix, it was unique and intriguing.

90% complete waste of time .

I think i fell asleep 3x for the first half.

The first thirty minutes of the movie are quite boring and contrived, and are designed to add some semblance of plot to the film.

Plus the main section in Zion is bland and slow, when the information provided in these scenes could have been woven into the movie gradually, as was done in the first movie, where exposition was part of the development of the story and Neo's character arc.

Like the first film Reloaded is often visually stunning, and it's the weird and wonderful exiles that are the highlights.

All of these run for an average fifteen minutes, enough time to send you into a stupor with the unimaginative, repetitive action and clumsy cinematography.

From the big brawl to the hyper intensive car chase, the f/x crew is sure to be nominated once again.

It's boring with long mind numbing scenes of fighting, which we'd already seen done in the first Matrix and some very cheesy lines.

Carrie-Anne Moss is beautiful and does excellent here, she had fantastic chemistry with Reeves, did awesome in her emotional scenes, and was fascinating to watch!.

IMHO, the freeway scene is way too long and overrated.

action that made the showdown with Agent Smith all the more enjoyable.

Worst movie this year?

However I will say that if you didn't like the first Matrix because you thought it was boring, I think you may actually like this one.

Entertaining .

The whole Neo and Trinity thing can get pretty annoying and boring as well.

You could film me reading from the phone book for two hours and it would make sense, but it wouldn't be very entertaining would it?

By the time Neo meets the Architect, I was so lost that I almost walked out of the theatre due to how uncomfortable it made me.

--The exposition scenes bring the plot to a screeching halt, mostly because every fight scene is way too long, which makes the slow exposition scenes stick out like sore thumbs.

Second of all, "Reloaded" was - gasp - painfully and utterly boring.

The real world is dull.

These pretentious, pompous, pseudo-philosophical philanderings which permeated this flick in profusion are utterly butt-numbing.

Conversation seems contrived, and the tone is too light and clean in many places.

With a influx of new and exciting characters, Neo as the one, smith upgraded, zion exposed, and new depths of mind blowing action and thought Reloaded more than makes your film watching day.

Matrix Reloaded: 7.5/10I didn't like the original Matrix at all first time I watched it (on a plane from Australia to England), but enjoyed it a little more the second time.

A visually sumptuous and philosophically intriguing sequel .

To call this film confusing is an understatement.

They are all bigger and better than anything ever seen, but ultimately are pointless.

First of all, the plot of this one is confusing, just as in the original.

I enjoyed 'The Matrix' enough to buy it, but while I thought it was an entertaining action movie, I didn't buy the ridiculous hype surrounding it.

The later, tedious dialogue sequences that go around and around in circles don't help much either.

It just dragged on too long in the restaurant).

If there is even a scintilla of repeats of the Zion bongo fest and the interminable and repetitive fight choreography, I'll never watch it.

Yes, RELOADED is full of long drawn out exposition scenes.

Keanu could spend the 138 minutes reading the newspaper (He's kinda slow...

One scene showed as a flash of the original's lean fun: near the end of the highway chase, Morpheus suddenly stops mucking around and takes out the Twins in a moment of pure adrenaline-charged movie excitement.

Larger than the original scale on every level, THE MATRIX RELOADED is a thoroughly entertaining sequel that will leave viewers eager for the trilogy's conclusion, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS.

; pretentious).

Whether laying waste to a stately mansion, wreaking havoc on a busy freeway, or The One taking on 100 Agents singlehanded, the money is all up there on the screen with some world-class, kick-ass action.

Morpheous - "nothing happens by accident!

I'm the kind of person who could watch the same film all day, and yesterday I watched Matrix : Reloaded for the 4th time, and I have to say I actually enjoyed it.

Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity deserved a better fate than to be left in this ho hum city full of losers.

The plot turns out to be unnecessarily difficult to follow and many, many scenes should have been explained more(like who the Merovingian really was, and the previous "The One").

BOTTOM LINE: The worst movie this summer.

The freeway chase seen went on far too long.

Matrix: Reloaded, overdoes the action, overplays the martial art action and becomes a rather unsettling series of confusing, exploding, repeatings scenes.

The first one had good action, this one is a bad action movie with boring fight scenes.

I agree that the political intriguing in Zion seems pretty unnecessary, though we will have to see what sort of effect it has when the third movie comes out.

What really made the action a bore is what's the point of a good fight if nobody can lose?

How can you care about someone that's invincible – especially someone that's both invincible and dull?

Absolutely stunning.

" Talk about confusing!

But as I left the theater, all I really felt I got from Reloaded, was a good long car chase.

The others, including a multi-vehicular chase, are stunning.

Sadly, even the scenes that are amusing go on to the point where they become a bore.

Unless you're a die-hard fan of this "graphic novel/anime" genre (I've found most discussions about it rather humorous as guys trying too hard to sound "hip"), all the film's mumbo jumbo speeches of the "wherever you go, there you are" vein become a bit tiresome like Shakespeare doublespeek.

I think most people miss the point, we were all nicely surprised with the matrix it was fresh mostly original and unexpected.

Matrix Confusion .

The movie is very entertaining, and really leaves the spectator thinking.

We meet Niobe, a fairly uninteresting character played by Jada Pinkett Smith.

However, the movie was at least somewhat fresh, entertaining, and self-contained.

I remember the first view of it and i couldn't breath and my heart skipped beats, it was so intense and moved at such a fast pace and has such a climatic ending that just makes your jaw drop.

Nice action but really boring dialouge that can lose you in a heartbeat.

Which means that you would have a "I am a bitch but also a saint" attitude from all the women around you, regardless of how uninteresting they were.

It combines all the fast paced action and excitement of the first film as well as some new surprises.

So boring and bad, I couldn't have no good words for it.

Too many people see a bad movie and then say "That was the worst movie ever" without thinking about it long enough.

Action scenes are verbose and trite, make me sleepy.

So my bottom line is, best film, enjoyed it a lot, I watched it twice in the cinema and if I had more money I would watch it a lot more, this is the kind of movie that you can watch over and over and over and always understand new stuff.

Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity take themselves so seriously that they become uninteresting caricatures of themselves.

The movie becomes excessively compelling in the second hour where we see the famous car chase now that we've been hearing about for months now.

how tiresome.

"The Matrix Reloaded" is a very insanely pretentious and dazzling cyberaction sequel that is a jaw dropping experience to say the least and keeps you in constant awe.

It was somewhat predictable both in style and plot.

There's no point in commenting on the acting, as it the characters are fairly formulaic: Hero, Mentor, Love Interest, Villain(s), and none of the roles are a stretch.

Confusing and boring in parts .

There was a period in the film, about 20 minutes in, which lasted about 25 minutes, which was utterly boring, and very out of place.

Way too long, no sense of suspense or threat to the the main characters, too many bad guys, confusing dialog....

However, watch The Matrix reloaded and you will come to realise that, perhaps, those who wrote the script to this movie do think that the script to the first one had something pretty profound going on, because they have picked up on all the most pretentious elements and amplified them.

They seemed bored with each other and the sex scene...

The direction and feel of them is fascinating to watch, and the frequent slow-motion stops actually *help* you follow the action better that you otherwise might--they add more power and emphasis.

They tried to bring a mythology kind of story into the Matrix trilogy, the result is a confusing and a not always understandable story, with lots of crazy talk that nobody seems to fully 100% understands.


Now that Neo is "The One" and has adjusted to his new abilities,his fighting is a lot more exciting to watch.

The two "big" set pieces, the car chase and the fight with multiple Agent Smiths, were just SO boring to me...

It's really a shame; the first movie was quite intriguing and really intense in the action department.

But with IMAX you body is immersed in a movie.

And they fight everywhere and every time, each fight more useless and boring than before.

The Zion segments was awful, plain boring!

A pretentious blowhard is explaining everything you had seen before.

When I first watched this I was somewhat confused and disappointed but thankfully I gave it another go and enjoyed it far more.

One third of the entire movie features no action, and instead contains long expositions about uninteresting, nonsensical topics.

As far as the fight scenes, yes, the many Agent Smiths scene went on way too long.

This is big-budget, brainless entertainment that's virtually unbearable; no wonder the box-office fell so drastically and quickly after the first weekend of it's release!

What they succeeded in doing is making the film much more boring...

There is a freeway chase scene in this film which recklessly promotes reckless driving (and, even worse, reckless riding), but it is one of the most impressively made and fascinating car chase scenes that I've ever seen.

The mass orgy/whatever scene at Zion was, too, an incredible waste of celluloid and screen time.

I think the first was made with a purpose, intention, love, desire to get a cool philosophy into the mainstream, then after the success of that they realised they could bang together two more films, riding on the popularity of the first, with shabby plots, dull action, no effort into the films at all etc, to make more money.

I thought some stuff was a bit phony and all of the scenes that take place out of the Matrix and in their home city of Xyon, or whatever, is just incredibly boring for me.

It is the better part of three hours long, but goes by much faster than anticipated because it is so well made and entertaining.

The movie could have been a lot shorter, the actions sequences and their effects were very well done, but far too long and having like 6 or 7 climaxes, Morpheus almost fell from the truck almost 5 times.

" The irony is his own realization that for all his speaking he made no point; unfortunately, this insight was lost on those who could have removed the pointless scene from the movie.

The trademark reality-defying kung-fu is simply breathtaking, the special effects blending almost seamlessly with flesh-and-blood actors to create action sequences that take the Bullet Time motif and up it to a new level of audience-adrenalising mayhem.

The dialogue that is spoken here is pretentious and near the end of the movie it is unbearable.

There's some more special effects into this movie and a very long, boring "rave party" scene.

One must wonder, for a man so gifted as Neo -- that he would even waste his time engaging in such a fruitless, frivolous battle when more pressing matters attend (especially when you consider his ability to fly or his ungodly ability to bend the Matrix; certainly Neo could have dispatched the clones much quicker, and more efficiently).

I'm bored now.

The real highlight (worth watching the movie for in itself) is the Freeway Chase, a scene that is beyond any doubt the best chase in film history, with ghosts, agents, cars, motorcycles, trucks and battles on top of trucks, crashes, explosions, bullet-time shots, and Morpheus with a samurai sword: in Neo's words, "Whoa.

We also meet a character named Seraph who is quite enjoyable.

an unexpected system failure .

Good but dragged on way too much...

Mr Smith is great and some of the dialogue manages to surface above the general trite philosophy.

The actors look tired and bored, the exception being Weaving's deliciously deranged Agent Smith, who is the only one that manages to liven up things in between the endless talk, talk, talk ...

From the mind Blowing opening to the 'burly brawl' and all the set pieces in between the matrix is a rip roaring thrill ride.

Many say this film has no value-but I think much like the Lord of the Rings trilogy,(when the Two Towers was 3 hours of straight war) the second film is filler between the two much more important beginning and end.

In Star Wars, I cared about the characters, in the Matrix, I simply don't.. On a technical level, the movie is breathtaking, if nothing we haven't seen before.

boring martial arts film in sci fi clothing .

At the same time, the complexity of the storyline, and the unexpected plot twists left many viewers a little (or a lot!

Some dialogues are just stupid and strange-The last 10 minutes should be cut out, because at the end it starts to be BORING!

Do yourself a favor and listen to the "bloated and pretentious" dialogue that so many of you have insulted.

In addition, Keanu Reeves becoming Superman only made me laugh out loud and his usual bland as plain water acting only added to the hilarity of it all.

It's not just that they look cool : they're fast-paced, thrilling, exciting, very well choreographed as we are used from Lo Ping and they generally keep you on the edge.

Despite the CGI is noticeable in several moments, the scene is enjoyable and eye candy.

I just watched it for what it was, a pointless time-wasting action flick.

It would seem the Wachowski brothers have an idea of their overriding goal, but it comes across in a haphazard and confusing manner at different points in the movie.

Special effects are so often used and waved in the audience's face that it becomes really tiresome.

A incredibly boring and dumb plot, an hour of movie that is a waste, a rave party completelly out of place, it has about everything done in the wrong way (the actors, except for Hugo/Mr.

It is a long tedious load of a**e.

Dull first hour...

Ironic that the agent (the least human character) turns out to be the funniest and most entertaining character in the series.

Disjointed first act redeemed by the most unbelievable action I have ever seen.

I fell asleep thee times, two different sittings during the day trying to watch this movie the full way through.

It left me thinking that there really was no story line at all.

It makes the movie worth watching alone.....

" This movie was enjoyable, with excellent costumes, amazing visual effects and exciting action.

The end will leave a fan setting on the edge of the seat and crying because they cant wait to see how Revolutions ends.

It was suspenseful, keeping me wondering what was going to happen next.

The fight sequences in this new movie look like endless Jackie Chan fights but without the fun, hence boring and pointless.

But the Car Chase is way too long and becomes boring.

While I would not go as far as saying Matrix Unloaded was totally boring, it dragged in many parts, and was generally inferior in almost every way, save special effects, to the first film.

It's senseless, boring and the "bullet-time" just doesn't work in here like it worked in the first Matrix.

which probably made for a more enjoyable experience.

There are some good pieces in here ("Mona Lisa Overdrive" and "When the World Ends" by Dave Matthews are excellent) but the Burly Brawl music kinda bites in that manufactured, trying-to-get-your-adrenaline-pumping way.

The film was enjoyable because the actions scenes were novel, Keanu Reeves acts on his highest plateau, and there was an understanding of technology which is amiss in most current science fiction films (presently thinking of the Hulk).

) bland and wooden with zero humor.

You can see in your head the actors thinking " one two three one two three left right left " as they try and assault one another The original film was one of those rare movies that mixed a high concept plot with genuinely exciting action sequences .

None of it is exactly bad, but everything is too long, too wordy, too over-the-top.

c) Boring chase scenes.

Plus the CGI looks old and dull despite the Wachowski's best attempts in using it to add to the spectacle.

Things then shift up a gear with a well choreographed fight scene between Neo and Merovingian's henchmen followed by the most impressive thing in the movie: a balls-out freeway chase scene that has to rank amongst the most exciting and stunning action sequences ever put on film.

Let's get something straight here and now: the original was incredibly entertaining and incredibly stupid as well, and don't deny that.

I really enjoyed The Matrix, it was well paced, suspenseful, with a great build up, story line and climax.

The fighting sequences were so long to become ridiculous or, worse, boring.

about 40 mins of 'action' the most boring, repetitive, drawn-out fight sequences i've ever seen.

The battle between Neo and the 100 agent Smith's seemed pointless although it was fun to watch!

Doesn't matter, because it was absolutely stunning regardless.

The scenes that Oracle and Architect explain about the Matrix are too long and boring.

Overall it was always going to be hard to follow up the first film.

Excessive length for self-indulgence and milking the audience (seriously, upon seeing all the padding, few would doubt the whole sequel SHOULD be able to fit in just one movie).

That was way too drawn out and just unnecessary.

Excellent and lengthy action scenes interrupted by equally long but boring speeches, all fans of the original Matrix are waiting with baited breath for film 3 next month in order to understand vast swathes of the second.

While in the first film they were energetic and engrossing to watch, they now seem tired and overdone.

This is the ultimate in boredom, a total and complete waste of time.

Best part: chase on the motorway It's a good film because it has got a lot of exciting scenes.

More annoying and pretentious than the first.

The editin is one of the biggest reasons why this film is so boring and rough.

which, as many other reviewers have also stated, is criminally bad and often insufferably painful, and that's entirely due to the movies wordy and highly pretentious screen-play.

The car chase/crash scenes in MATRIX: RELOADED are mostly computer animations mixed with slow going cars, which makes the scene, once again, dull.

Or fly away sooner, the better to escape the boredom?

What made the first movie better than this one was the mind blowing discovery that went with it--how the amazing story reveals *What Is The Matrix?

There are also some pointless scenes.

In comparison to the first Matrix, the story is a lot better but can get confusing at times, mainly in Neo just talking to the architect.

Also the fight scenes were getting boring after the fight scene with Agent Smith.

The first movie, however, was worth watching for the mind-blowing special effects.

Even with the huge screen and overpowering sound, I nearly fell asleep.

I almost yawned during the "Agent Smith Park" scene because instead of being visually impressive, i found the execution, if not the idea, dull and soul less, alot like most recent blockbusters in the sense that all the purpose of the elaborate set pieces is to visually out do the pack of contemporary action films instead of really having a point or any logic in the scene.


I also find the acting (for the main characters) to be quite enjoyable.

It was suspenseful, full of twists and turns that this half-hearted, half-baked sequel is missing.

Boring fight scenes that went on and on with the same Mr. Smith.

it was boring.

Remember when the original first came out and everyone said how confusing the plot was at first?

Agent Smith is played excellently by Hugo weaving, with real menace and style, but loses valuable credibility when Neo fights off hundreds of Smith's in an impressive, but ultimately tedious sequence.

In retrospect, I suppose the over-the-top action sequences set in the Matrix, and the whole sequence with the Merovingian are just as bloated as the tedious first act, which is set in the "real world" of Zion.

People already know most of the plot so to develop that seems pretty pointless.

Either way, it is extremely interesting and thought provoking viewing, an intelligent mixture of religion, philosophy and science all brought together in a breathtaking display that leaves the viewer with a lot to think about.

Then there would be a fight sequence which lasted WAY too long, then more pointless drivvle, then another fight scene that lasts too long and it all builds up to the biggest anti-climax ever.

An overrated, pretentious, cliche movie, deserving only 4/10 for a couple of well directed action scenes.

The special effects were simply amazing and kept me on the edge of my seat for as long as I was in the theatre, especially the fight scene of Neo and the car/bike chase scene which looked so REAL!

That said, the action in this movie is great, the Burly Brawl was crazy exciting, despite a comical tone and the lack of danger and intensity; its brilliant in a way that feels totally out of place in a Matrix film.

Aren't you seeking for something MORE in a movie - guys, whats wrong with a thrilling story inbetween all those playstation levels they offered to us viewers?

There are long stretches of dull, exposition-filled down-time that only serve to give us more time with the picture's lifeless, unlikable, generally quite unrecognisable characters.

The acting is less convincing, the scene with Neo and The Oracle (Gloria Foster) is like they have only just met again (similar to the "reminders" in The Mummy Returns, made like no-one has seen the first film), that scene with The Architect (Helmut Bakaitis), creator of The Matrix, you can hardly understand a thing he's saying (well, lots of the scripted dialogue could be improved), it can get very confusing, and the only scenes that stand out are the unending street fight with loads of Agent Smiths, and the motorway chase.

In Reloaded his character, Neo, has advanced beyond Jedi-apprentice status to full-Jedi, and like Luke Skywalker, power has made Neo a bore.

The problem at first appears to be too much of everything but story - action sequences are overlong at best, self indulgent and boring at worst (particularly the so called 'burly brawl' where Keanu Reeves tussles with up to 100 Agent Smiths, which neither develops the plot nor excites past its substantial halfway point); and plot exposition is buried under seemingly labyrinthe, wordy dialogue.

I feel that this film isn't a patch on the 1st matrix film, as too much chatter and the love interest angle spoils the story.. Also too much kung fu, goes on and on making the fight scenes dull, should of had short action fight scenes instead.

3 out of 10 is really to good of a rating for this terrible film, the worst movie sequel since Godfather 3.

Boring .

People claimed Reloaded was too contrived for its own good, and that Revolution's final conclusion was a far cry from what they have expected.

Though nothing compared to its all blazing predecessor, Reloaded contains elements and surprises that will make audiences return from what they took away from the brilliance of the first one back into this stunning second chapter that should definitely not be looked down upon.

Instead, it is mired in pointless action scenes.

What more is there to say than this was utterly predictable and a complete waste of time?

It's a good action flick with a decent dystopia plot, but watching the Matrix film series and its 2nd movie Matrix Reloaded get really, really confusing.

The Matrix Reloaded, if your after just the action scenes from the matrix, buy this, there OFF-THE-CHART the fight scenes are simply awesome keeping you on the edge of your seat Neo kicks arse, Lawrence Fishburne kicks arse & so does Trinity as well as looking fantastic!

The dialog is ponderous, pretentious, and down-right silly.

The creative freedom seemingly afforded to the Wachowskis has given them cart blanche to try our patience with an opening 40-odd minutes - based in the `real world' of Zion - that is so slow, so talky, so determined to show us every nook and cranny of their fictional universe, that the entire film threatens to keel over and die.

The only parts that I can actually say bored me were all the scenes taking place on Zion.

They included an inappropriate & pointless rave scene that panders to the burned out E-heads and potheads who became fans of the first movie.

There are two major fight sequences which remain exciting to watch.

Worst Movie Ever.

I found this film to be thouroughly enjoyable.

The Matrix was a rather unoriginal, but fine movie, with some minor issues, such as over-pretentiousness and self-indulgence: Matrix Reloaded is blown out with these problems.

There the plot was gripping and it is difficult to make the growth of Neo's powers as interesting as his discovery of them was.

Their are some lapses in the film where nothing happens and some have complained about them.

The rest was foolish and uninteresting.

)The upgrade of Neo matched with the severe downgrade of the agents leaves a power imbalance that makes his action scenes dull.

I nearly fell asleep TWICE during this movie, and this was at the theater were I drank 5 cups of coffee with extra sugar!

My wife says she fell asleep during a long episode of Keanu beating-up thousands of those alien chaps which seemed to go on forever.

The film was directed very badly, the script was structured like a porn film ( neo meets guy, they fight, Trinitiy meets two guys, they fight, neo arrives at oracle, Smith comes, they fight etc) the FX were - apart from a couple of really excellent looking shots - mostly surprisingly bad and the philosophy was all too repetitive.

None of the many, superfluous fight scenes are exciting.

Also, when Trinity is driving the motorcycle against traffic, that was filmed so it was thrilling.

The film is a boring mix of overlong computer animations and uninteresting live scenes, and some firearms-action scenes.

The conversation between the Merovingian and our heroes is absolutely unbearable, and unwatchable.

The action is probably where the movie really shines, it is riveting stuff from start to finish; with the Neo vs 32402039840328 Agent Smith's scene probably taking the cake.

Truly the worst movie of all time in the entire universe .

Maybe that's because I was NOT an automatic huge fan of the first movie - I actually wasn't sure if I liked or hated the first one as I walked out of the theater.

For those who insist on rating films, I give it three yawns.

This is indeed a film that doesn't match up quite to the original (what could, really), but what is breathtaking is how the Wachowskis' feel a confidence, mastery of their medium of sci-fi action storytelling.

Fight scenes; the fight scenes in the first half of the movie are far too long and end up being very repetitive.

Matrix Reloaded is a vapid and sterile movie, which features little else other listlessly boring acting, ridiculously pretentious dialog and an unending amount of computer-generated "eye-candy", which tends to make this movie look more like a video game, rather than a live-action film.

And eventually even the action scenes become boring.

, and very exciting, plus, as i said the special effects were just awesome!.

But all that aside, reloaded is a stunning achievement.

Matrix:Reloaded is boring, full of plotholes, and inane.

Overall this film is a very good sequel, almost better than the original but because of its lack of meaning and power an focusing on action i say that it's worth watching and 8 1/2 outa 10, 'The Matrix' being 9 outa 10.

The bottom line is that there is much more to the Matrix story than meets the eye, particularly under the surface, and in doing so, it becomes a unique and revolutionary story wonderfully and masterfully told in an exciting way that will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more and more.

Boring and over-choreographed.

The first half is boring, meaningless and makes you think that the brothers have started to believe in their own myth, just like George Lucas did.

In conclusion Matrix Reloaded, though not completely bereft of artistic merit, is simply a very boring piece of Sci-Fi cheese, which also happens to showcase front and center, some of Keanu Reeves worst acting (it's as if he slept through his roll) and the only reason I finally got around to seeing this movie, a whole 14 years after it's release, is because Mike Nelson and the rest of the Rifftrax crew, gave it the long over-due ripping that it so rightfully deserves.

Definitely the most exciting movie this year and the most groundbreaking.

Unlike the first film it sounds somewhat pretentious.

I saw this movie on a Friday night and granted, I had worked all day and I was tired, but I came THIS close to falling asleep during the interminable talking talking talking scenes.

The concept of the original was something engaging, it immediately grabs your attention.

While hardly the breakthrough film that the original Matrix was, Reloaded is entertaining in it's own right, albeit with some noticeable chinks in it's armor.

I'll admit, THE MATRIX was a little boring for me.

I was hesitant to see it at first since I loved the original so much, and I thought the commercials for Reloaded looked pretty stupid, but I took a chance and I really enjoyed it.

It has been quite some time since I saw The Matrix, the stunning sci-fi film that featured ground breaking special effects and an intriguing (albeit complicated) plot.

The dialogue, while somewhat incoherent and obtuse at times, can be engaging when it's not completely expository.

I'd lost interest after 30 minutes of tedious cinematography, and I could barely hear the speech it was so badly mumbled.

When I look back and watch the original now, I get bored.

Its sequel, sometimes nice to look at, is dull and uninspiring.


That speech on the rock was just pretentious.

Then there was a highlight, the (clearly cgi'ed, but very entertaining) fight between Neo and the agent Smith clones.

The fights are tiresome and the philosophy even more tiresome.

The fights are pointless and too long.

this one was a whole lot more ordinary, predictable from the action scenes to the dialogue (the dialogue which was quite amateurish in places) and obvious rather than subtle.

Very inconsistent but worth watching .

I saw the first Saturday of its release and, although it does contain some flaws, I found "The Matrix: Reloaded" to be a very entertaining sequel to a film I was not expecting a whole lot out of.

All in all this is a sequel like no other, its varied in quality and content and is so uneven and disjointed it merits multiple viewings to fully appreciate all interpretations.

The scene where Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity debate with the Merovingian drags for far too long.

A throughly enjoyable and interesting film that in my view, actually met very high expectations when I first saw it.

That first hour is remarkably lame, often seeming like some stodgy gladiator epic from the '50s, and containing a remarkable stupid and unnecessary bacchanal.

Intolerable dialogue, and acting, and a pathetic excuse of a story is mashed convolutely in between seemingly exciting action scenes and scenes of boring 'nothingness' really, with all the uninteresting chitter-chatter you can handle, and then some.

" And that old broad Navinity is ultra boring and does almost nothing.

But a few minutes later, and I'm getting bored, there's only so much philosophical discussion about Neo's choices that I can take.

The director's apparent obsession with slow-motion moments also grows tiresome, and soon any tension the action could have had is lost completely.

This time around Neo (Keanu Reeves) is still bland and is like us, trying to make sense of all this "reality" in front of us.

Nevertheless, the Nebuchadnezzar, its crew, and Zion are all in trouble when the final transmission from a ship called "The Osiris" reveals that a huge sentinel army is boring down from the surface into Zion, and that they will reach there in a matter of days.

THEN, add to that the completely pointless scene involving the aphrodisiac/cake...

First of all, there is no plot.

Special effects 9/10 state of the art action sequences & special effects will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Instead the viewer got all the action of a Bruce Lee kung fu movie, a lot of dazzling special effects, a disjointed story and an absolutely stupid celebration scene at Zion.

This is a film that has more money spent on it than the national debt but is also one that has no heart (although your own heart will beat so fast that you probably won't notice) And so this is where the film's weakness lies, this being that if you look past it's glittering surface you might just find it rather empty, a film much like the Matrix itself, something that gives the illusion of being one thing while being entirely another.

A bit slower in the scenes at Psyon(sp?

This one not only ruined it, but also made the story boring with no end in sight.

But, hats off to the Wachowski Brothers for creating another exciting roller-coaster ride with is pure entertainment from beginning to end.

And who knew that Zion could be so utterly uninteresting?

This, between the boring dialogue (except perhaps for the dialogue in the ending with the maker and the chitchat with that French dude), is filled up with an extended version of the trailer.

Much of the on-ship action together with the scenes involving the Zion Council seem redolent of old Star Trek episodes and, as such, are predictable and uninteresting.

The story is sometimes hard to follow, though.

I can imagine pretentious people saying I understand this and that means I'm cleaver.

The next problem I had was with the extremely long and occasionally pointless fight scenes.


A good film should be more enjoyable the second time you watch it and you should see more details and plot points you didn't notice at first, you should be able to pick out new tidbits on subsequent viewings little things you never saw before.

Slow first hour.

- Although overwrought and onerous, the visual effects are STILL exciting, and the "Matrix Universe" isn't damaged beyond repair.

With its porn film structure and hazy exposition, it bores from the first ten minutes on.

Quite dull and pointless.

The meeting with him is just pointless.

Funny also, because Carrie-Anne Moss is both cool, charming and sexy but she's just kissing and staring into the face of this bland neanderthal.

The only merit of this movie consists of a series of well made sequences (computer made) which are breathtaking indeed and very successful.

Special effects problems:The fight scenes are pointless and intermitable.

Even the acclaimed freeway sequence was too long, and it kept pushing the heroes to the brink and then bringing them back so many times that it stopped being interesting and became trite and boring.

The freeway chase scene is among the most drawn-out sequences; leaves one addled, apathetic;---We anticipated seeing "the minds Neo freed" and how Neo does this more than anything, far more than him rescuing himself and his pals.

I enjoyed it, and I think you might too.

Boring, very.

This is probably the most high octane, action packed film that has been made in the last five years...

They too have no delusions on how crappy this movie really is and without their commentary it would have been even more boring, to the point of being unwatchable.

But instead I was bored witless.

the supporting characters were fairly boring and the acting not very good; the original had much better acting by the supporting characters; for example, The Keymaker had absolutely no reactions while on the back of Trinity's motorcycle even though she was dodging cars the whole timeNo, I didn't stay for the trailer for part 3 - at this point, the next part of the sequel is not on my "to see" list.

The Matrix should be Rebooted after this tedious sequel .

The car chase is by far the most riveting aspect of the film lasting over 26 minutes.


The first time I saw the original Matrix, I walked out of the theater with my friend who asked me what I thought of it.

You actually don't believe along with him, but get bored by his stubbornly sticking to his belief in the prophecy, and have no sympathy for him when others try to cast doubts on this.

What we have been left with is a blend of uninspiring opaque dialog, mixed with contrived action sequences.

Very pointless.

Don't get me wrong the action scenes were fantastic, but for me they dragged on too long and the film just had so much missing, a plot for starters, they seemed to have spent all there time and money on the SFX and then as an after thought came up with a totaly pointless story line.

Add my name to the list who found Matrix Reloaded totally boring.

Action packed.

so I was kindda bored during some of the scences...

" Kind of dull, comparing what the plot of the first Matrix was.

A shockingly boring and disjointed hodgepodge that is barely connected to the somewhat vague ending of the first instalment.

Acting is as strong as the first film, with the talents of Keanu Reeves (at his most monotone), Lawrence Fishburne, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving, Harold Perrineau, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Monica Bellucci thoroughly dispensed here.

It is stale, dull, and a meaningless prelude to what promises to be more of the same.

A slick, intriguing and slightly trashy sci-fi spectacle that is really incomparable to the first.

And most of the fight scenes were boring.

Action-packed and full of special effects that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

One of the Most Boring Movies of All Time .

The pacing was once again a little slow at times and the sex scene between Neo and Trinity didn't feel necessary.

So much of it is so bad that it's hard to pick a low point, but I'd say it's the grotesquely pretentious dance sequence that's so ridiculous as to be laughable; as if everyone was infected with the Debbie-Allen-Fame bug.

It's worth watching the whole trillogy if you can.

I can barely stay awake through it, and that is unusual for me to say the least.

The set piece on the freeway adds some much needed impetus but all is lost with the stupidly confusing and pretentious scene with the architect.

I couldn't watch it for more than 30 minutes at a time because it was so boring.

Keanu sitting on a bench confusing the hell out of us, a French bloke in a restaurant confusing the hell out of us, and pretty ropey stuff connecting it all.

Worse, a lot of pseudo-religious, pseudo-Shakespeare talk makes the film too heavy, and even sometimes boring.

But the movie manly lacks in I would say character development, maybe a bit of the story is a little muttled, and a little confusing and convoluted.

One example: the climax of the first movie was when Neo stopped several bullets, it cuts to Morpheus breathing "He's the one", and the soundtrack swells; in this movie, Neo stops several hundred bullets, and the reaction is, ok, on to the next fight scene, simultaneously boring the audience and cheapening the climatic scene of the first Matrix movie.

Do I walk out of the movie theater door or do I fall asleep?

Some of the dialogue is trite and some of the action gratuitous.

But complain as I might, the action saves Reloaded and makes this otherwise strictly mediocre film worth watching.

Funny thing – The Architect actually says simple things only in a rather confusing way .

I loved The Marix but this follow up is totally contrived and has been way too long coming.

The whole God character and programming stuff messed up what would have been a great story - how did the machines take control; how did Zion come about etc.? Instead, you get a boring story where Neo has like two lines, Morpheus loses the whole great mentor thing about him.

boring dialouges...

Despite all the pixel manipulation, though, the biggest thrill comes from the fact that Keanu and co. are - with the help of wirework and months of intensive training - blatantly doing all that fighting for real.

The action goes from bland to just boring.

Don't get me wrong, as a whole it's still quite confusing.

The whole plot just seems like an excuse for several well-choreographed but dull fight scenes in slow motion, complete with impossible moves and such.

Infact, the WORST thing I can say about this movie is that it left the door open for the Matrix Revolutions, which is the WORST movie in this series.

This movie more than met my expectations for a sequel, I always find that the original is better than the sequel, as was the case with this movie, but regardless of the original being better I still consider it a very enjoyable movie and one that should be seen in theaters.

First off, the fascinating concept behind 'The Matrix' is not so fascinating anymore since this sequel feeds on the same ideals, yet that kind of thing doesn't necessarily have to be a problem.

A good action packed sequel.

There is no plot, you can't argue with that.

The fights where pointless and stressed out(check the last minute of the burly brawl).

The biggest problem of the film is total lack of tension: as Neo is this godlike being in the matrix you know, that no matter what, he prevails and that makes the film as tedious to watch as a computer game when you are not playing it.

The cheesy lines, the wooden actors, the awful script, the repetitive action sequences, surely this was supposed to be funny?

It's the film's highlight but even that scene is utterly pointless and drawn out to the point of ridiculousness.

If the Matrix is a computer simulation, than anything is possible, and that includes the so called "boring long" action scenes that, in my opinion, are only a way to show that what you can do inside the matrix has no limits.

This movie's story is good, but it can get a bit confusing and boring at times.

This thrilling movie contains impressive fights , chills , breathtaking designs , dense philosophy and many other things .

Entertaining the masses.

I'm not one to go ga-ga over special effects action sequences and it takes a lot to impress me in this day and age when computers and effects can give us anything at all effectwise, but the breathtaking freeway bit *really* impressed me!

I found it intriguing ( you have to think while you watch this movie)and it also links to its predecessor in clever ways ( the scene in the first movie when the agents first interview Neo is introduced in a way that suddenly gains a new perspective after having seen this movie).

So as much as this film is enjoyable, and this series very intriguing, it has fallen from its initial attraction for me.

A scene that goes on far too long, and (honestly) doesn't move the story ahead.

Half way through the movie I was ready to leave, I was flat out bored by overly long and largely pointless scenes and dialogue that would make George Lucas cringe.

) The graphics are like triple as good as the first one, (that involves those slow moving camera shots).


I remarked that the first film was "as empty and meaningless as a painting by Picasso".

Why were the original Star Wars so intriguing, and the original Matrix such a slam dunk, because so much was left to our imagination.

Story and characters are hideously compromised, amateurishly convoluted;---Nothing short of fury is generated by what sloppy writing did to Agent Smith (now a renegade evil hippie-bot on a soul-search, seeking revenge for reasons frighteningly lacking depth) and the Oracle (now trivialized by meandering, contrived oracle-speak, reduced to a pseudo-smarmy program, a side-act as opposed to the pithy element she was).

Rather, the Matrix SERIES is a unique, Sci-Fi action movie(s) with a GREAT overall storyline, fantastic effects, and eye-popping stunts that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The one redeeming aspect of the movie was the chase scene early on, which was exciting, but ultimately unrewarding as the remainder of the movie served up more blandness and cliche.

Most of what I want to say has already been written but -the rave scene (hideous) -Zion (boring) -Morpheus (pretentious, dull crappy speeches) -the fight with the Smiths (so obviously CGI) -the fight on the truck (boring) -any amount of irrelevant and unexplained characters -overuse of slo-mo (again and again and again) -all this is a cinema release of a computer gameplus loads more, are enough reasons never to go near this film again.

I 'm not going to go into any more reasons, I've ranted for far too long about this movie over the last six months or so.

After paying eight dollars and sitting through 2+ hours of drawn out fight scenes and sprawling lackluster CGI cityscapes, closure is to be expected.

" I mean he saves Trinty, who seems bored with him, over saving Zion...

Groundbreaking and exciting .

Along with solid lead performances, a thrilling freeway chase scene and some dazzling special effects help save "The Matrix Reloaded" from being a total anti-climactic experience.

Late last night I watched, The Fifth Element, and I was so overjoyed to watch that movie that it makes the Matrix part II seem like such a brown nugget, that the M2 was unbearable.

But having re-watched this film a couple times now, I can confidently say that it is the most intriguing, most entertaining, and most relevant film in the series.

There's precious little here to make us care whether mankind survives or falls, which makes the film appear unpleasantly abstract and heightens the sense that all the discourses on the meaning of self and identity have become so much empty posturing.

), more fights with a more powerful agent smith (coming to Playstation IV), and some more incomprehensible dialogue with the designer of the matrix (which made some sense but the choices were not correct, predictable, as are this movie.

What's criminal is that I was genuinely bored for much of Reloaded - even some of the action scenes felt bloated (have Neo and Agent Smith not realised that they'll NEVER beat one another in a fistfight?

This sequel is a tedious exercise in total, utter pointlessness.

Link is the Nebuchadnezzar's new operator who slithers under a subplot concerning the lack of Dozer and Tank and their sister.

It makes me wonder what happened to the time when movies were popularly black-and-white, and I think, much more enjoyable for their simplicity.

Dull and pointless .

The acting made the movie humorous and exciting.

The trite, enigmatic dialogue became even more clichéd in this dollop, along the lines of 'how can I trust you?

), it's plot is worse and it's fighting scenes are even more boring than in the first one.

here 'weird twists' seem to be put in just for the sake of making the story confusing.

Ho Hum .

All the action will blow your nuts off, especially the much talked about burly brawl between Neo and 100 Agent Smiths (yes it is true and jaw droppingly good) as well as a 15 minute car chase through a town and then on a freeway, particularly exciting is Trinity weaving through oncoming traffic at 140 mph.

But what's most criminal of all is that the action is dull.

However, too much reliance on the aforementioned means the acceptable script of the The Matrix has dropped to spiritual rambling, something that is clearly apparent in the Neo - Architect discussion and soon becomes tiresome.

The story is rather complex, or in fact, there could be no story at all.

The plot was what turned the first Matrix into a dull ride for me.

This movie was more about action;it seemed that the goal was to make everything bigger, faster and more exciting visually rather than to make the storyline more intriguing.

The Matrix Reloaded (2003) The Wachowski Brothers continue their bizarrely fantastic sci-fi idea of 'The Matrix' with this entertaining, stylish, super-slick sequel that adds another dozen dimensions to the complex and intriguing storyline of virtual reality and all the other things that I would not be able to explain under thirty two hours.

not just the action scenes are overdone, especially all the boring bullsh*t.

no story - just vidoe game promotion .


this film was boring.

I find it surprising that many reviewers thought the Architect scene was boring or out of place when it is probably the most critical part of the entire trilogy and, in my opinion, one of the most interesting scenes in cinematic history.

There are alot of scenes in Reloaded that just go on way too long.

It's hard to follow this scene because after all of the intense action we watched, we then have to sit and listen to this very monotonous voice that sits still and talks on and on while there are distracting video screens playing behind him.

The premier problem with The Matrix Reloaded is that it's incredibly confusing.

Waste of time!

" I say this because this is one of the worst movies I have seen in my life, and if anything thats an understatement.

Some of the shots are breathtaking.

)Had they reined in the fight scenes, I would have left the theater feeling entertained.

Don't waste your time.

The scenes are dull and new characters receive little or no development.

To put it as simply as possible, the movie was enjoyable at every turn!

The sequence is a total blast and one of the more entertaining fight scenes I've seen all year (though, once again, the Terminator vs.

I was glad the Wachowski's dragged Smith back into the story, for he was one of the best things in the film, although I wondered when he would go and wink at the camera.

The one thing I think people easily forget is that the car chase in this movie makes all the other car chases ever made look dull and pointless by comparison.

The scene between Neo and the Architec seemed over complicated; where the Wachowski's seemed to have swallowed a thesaurus, making it hard to follow the conversation.

A pretentious pile of steaming s**t.

So boring I could barely stay awake, at least two other movie patrons were snoring though the movie.

Thisis entirely correct we get set piece followed by long pretentious sententious dialogue followed by set piece , followed by long talky scenes followed by set piece What really drags the film down is that the set pieces are both overlong and very badly done .

People need to realise that where the first film was focussed on the fortunes of a few.. Reloaded gives a much grander perspective to the conflict and is perhaps, a little more difficult to follow as a result.

All of them a complete waste of time and ultimately pointless.

The Matrix Reloaded, unfortunately lacked many new interesting ideas and plot twists, unlike the first, but it still is quite captivating and exciting with some really awesome scenes.

One of the other most memorable scenes is the lengthy fight scene between Neo and the hordes of Agent Smiths, one of the most entertaining fight scenes I've ever seen.

Even harder adrenaline pumping sci-fi ride that'll have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish .

After seeing The Matrix Reloaded, I wouldn't even waste the money to rent the third one.

It was a heady, confusing and intricate plot blended with big, dumb fun.

The Matrix Reloaded is not a good film, but the action scene are worthy, just ignore the lack of plot.

Just plain Boring.

To make the movie still long and boring, there are couple of scenes totally not required.

That philosophy would be presented as a major theme is not unexpected, but for it to come across as so dull and uninteresting makes its inclusion heavy-handed.

Still I can say that for the most part I enjoyed it, even though the "ORGY" scene depiction of Zion also makes you wonder what the purpose of life had become.

At some situations, the director tried to include some philosophy explaining choice, destiny and bla..bla..bla.. but the explanation makes the movie still boring.

The special effects are mind - bending, the action is breathtaking and that car chase, one word for that WOW it was amazing.

Keanu Reaves once again is mind blowing as Neo, his subtle speech pattern, his, emotionless gaze, makes the character more believable.

I'm sorry, but he literally stopped the movie to make a speech that had me squirming with intense boredom.

But this one hits you with so many stunts and CGI effects that after awhile, it becomes dull.

The dialogue is ponderous; the love scene between Neo and Trinity fell surprisingly flat (no chemistry whatsoever!

It certainly does have great action but the story is rather underwhelming and confusing and the ending is annoying.

The story in this is good, it does suffer by not being told in the conventional way but of course this is a middle part so that will always be a problem, also some of the dialogue is hokey and is more noticeable in this one than the more engrossing first film.

Matrix has and will always be summer pop-corn fun, not smart, provocative and charged with meaningful emotions conveyed with great performances, the film is an example of first-rate use of stylistic resources like sound, effects, etc. But that is it, but if you add some small philosophy, you get an entertaining film, just like the first Matrix, or then tell me, did the first had good performances, or a serious approach to important and provocative themes that have never been seen before...

The Burly Brawl, the fight at the Chateau, and the Highway chase were all stunning, and engaging.

"Matrix Reloaded" was so bad, so incomprehensible, such a boring, story-free zone, that I don't care anything at all about "Revolutions.

I'd heard complaints that in the first hour there's nothing happening.

1st half boring, 2nd half triumphant .

Some action scenes are out of place, and some scenes are dull and boring.

And a lot of Stunning Visual Effects Extravaganza.

After watching reloaded, I wracked my brain for days trying to make sense of it, especially the intense scene with the architect.

i was bored so i thought i would review it.

)Entertaining or not, the film makes little to no overall sense.

Except for the visually-stunning fight scenes, the direction is one-dimensional.

Watching the movie a year later was just stunning after being behind the scenes and infront of the camera myself.

The "Smith" storyline might have been the most intriguing, as it doesn't really fit into everything else going on, ie. the fate of Zion and Neo's destiny in the Matrix.

In my opinion the action sequences were stunning - in fact the best I have ever seen in any movie.

Where the flo-mo shots were used to good effect in the first film, this one has so many that the effect is tedious and repetitive despite being visually stunning.

The infamous rave scene is quite annoying and dragged out.

Poor and pointless plot, poor characters and scenes.

I know, I know, that is to tease so that we'll watch part three, but some of the stuff was just down right confusing.

The pace is slower; unfortunately there is no air of mystery to the story.

Impeccably paced, thought provoking and wildly entertaining, The Matrix: Reloaded is a fairly good sequel to a perfect movie.

The rest is just boring and pointless.

I agree with the reviewer who wanted to leave halfway into the film not to ruin the memory of the first one.

But anyways, the wall to wall action was entertaining and I enjoyed seeing how the story unfolded.

While the first movie showed us a really exciting concept (we are all in a computer program), the second film just shows us the new superman...

There is just something so compelling about the way Hugo Weaving snarls at Neo and morphs into people that it makes you rather excited to see the kind of havoc he'd be up to next.

Each fight scene went for so long it was dull.

It makes the movie really boring and all you hear is talking.

an incredibly boring film .

Instead of great running battles, the first half is a very, very excruciatingly slow grind.

The trailer for this movie was excellent it keeps your booty on the edge of your seat, your fists clenched to the armrests.

show for cheesy speeches and boring conversations between characters.

But, entertaining?

This story of two parallel worlds (with ubiquitous characters present sometimes in them both at same time) is told in a confusing and incoherent way (even taking for granted the fanciful movie script itself) which is aggravated by some speeches of cheap philosophy like those uttered by such characters as Merovingian or The Architect the latter near the end of the movie.

But mostly, is just a bore to watch, a huge incredible bore of a movie that will hammer your head with endless sequences of tedious fights that go nowhere, and a bunch of cgi stamped all over your face.

Reloaded becomes an exercise in trite narrative conventions, with terms like "The One" and "ending the war" thrown around.

The reason why "The Matrix" was so breathtaking is because the effects of bullet time and time-slicing appeared like something new and innovating.

Also, the action sequences go way too long.

And that is the major problem with Reloaded; it's not so much that, as others have said here, the philosophising dialogue borders on the pretentious - the problem is it's so pretentious it borders on the woeful.

Dull with occasional moments of fun .

STUPID viewers think that the Matrix has the most stunning plot ever, and that anyone who doesn't agree with them, doesn't understand it.

Great action but a snore .

When I entered the theater, I was really hoping for a "Two Towers" level followup, something that really moved the story forward and gave us really exciting new characters instead of throw aways.

Also the story is a lot more exciting than One.

The whole film is made of one long set-piece after another long set-piece, which is very showy and looked like it cost millions but, ultimately, ends up being totally pointless.

If anything they were a waste of time and money for the extra effects added in.

SO MUCH OF A PREDICTABLE VIDEO GAME that I started laughing while saying "hear we go again" (with the one sided battles).

But I was bored after five minutes of it.

Superb action , pretentious storyline.

The Matrix was a marvelous head game played on the viewer--made you leave the theater wondering if you were living in the matrix or if it could be real.

The only thing about the movie was that i will have to see again because it got a little confusing.

It was like the Wachovsky Brothers took out everything likeable about Anime (character develeopment, little distincion between good and evil, insecureties and weaknesses of the hero) and substituted it for bland American comicbook Superheroism.

Pretentious Pap .

Was I bored?

Was i the only who left the theater with a bad after taste?

(Which is not a bad thing to do, but must provide some serious food for thought instead of empty fodder for cute little allegorical connections)Another chief rule in film story: The audience has to give a damn about the characters.

The first matrix had original techniques with movie making, this movie was filled with boring, repetetive camera shots.

The Matrix trilogy (so far) are some of the best stylized, imagined, flushed out and most intriguing movies ever made.

The plot isincomprehensible, the dialogue is boring and the characterdevelopment is non-existing.

I still argue that movie failed to achieve its potential, given such a rich and fascinating premise (which wasn't fulfilled here, either)(this series exists for the action, through and through), and its action sequences were somewhat overrated, similar styles having been accomplished (albeit with less slick and polish) from earlier Hong Kong pictures.

Boring and plump .

Then, they'll make their characters deliver these pointless speeches in pointless scenes that pointlessly take up time.

Oh and all the advertisement and propaganda went straight down the drain.

An enjoyable film that you may or may not find annoying and unnecessary .

The fight scenes, though slower than the best martial arts flicks, are lavish and incredibly well-shot.

The Matrix trilogy is unquestionably the best action packed movie so far.

It just plays out like every action movie you've ever seen, but more boring.

So much of this movie is absolutely pointless and quite painful to watch:Firstly, that speech by Morpheus, then the painful dancing and sex scene between trinity and Neo.

Yet every Zion scene is bleak, dead, dull, grey and lifeless.

The visuals are artistically and creatively stunning.

Overall, an entertaining movie for what it is.

Matrix and Matrix Reloaded are fun and enjoyable to watch, they are totally satisfying on an entertainment level.

Here he seems to simply be around to spout the obligatory pretentious cod philosophy.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

At the heart of the problem is that "the matrix reloaded" is a pointless continuation of a story that didn't need a continuation.

Pointless talking.

except for boredom, does that count?

The first of its two sequels, The Matrix Reloaded, had huge expectations to live up to, but is everything its predecessor was and more: more visually stunning, more intense, more confusing.

Action packed, and a lot of fun .

It was so cheesy, so over done, and so poorly acted that I left the theater in a state of hysteria wondering how the hell so much could go wrong in a film.

Whereas The Matrix fascinated with its story and the technology used in making the film, Matrix Reloaded is just another boring mainstream good guy-bad guy movie.

Where was the backstory for Apoc or Dozer in the first movie?

) Long boring emotional speeches using optimistic euphamisms only spoken from Hollywood.

Like most viewers of the film, I was absolutely awed by the intense fight scenes in the movie.

So i enjoyed it more, because it was just more fun, morea action and more matrix :)

Talk about a movie that has no story line, this is it.

The love angle between Trinity and Neo was redundant and boring, and the lack of chemistry between Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Fisher didn't help matters much either.

Worst Movie in Ages.

The story is carried on logically, the action is just as gripping (though fight choreography could be better at times), and the pace is consistent.

It feels more force fed and pretentious.

The dialogue was too confusing to follow.

First movie was great, a great story with superb dialogue, breathtaking photography and scenes, groundbreaking special effects and appealing looks.

Sweet Jesus the fight scenes were dull.

I'll give it a 5/10 for the highway chase which is impressive but apart from that it's a yawn fest which isn't what you want from a big budget action movie.

Only Weaving and Foster manage to put an entertaining spin on them.

The plot was stretched out and unmentioned, so it feels like the first 40 minutes had the plot overall but the next 80 minutes which are action packed lacks in the so called plot and focuses on Neo s side plot.

Don't waste your time .

They just dragged on and on to the point where you're actually wishing a previously cool scene would just end already.

What was fresh exciting and dazzling the first time around is dark drab and exhausting to sit through.

It holds up extremely well and all the logic is consistent within itself (in other words, nothing happens in the film that can't be explained within the context of the rules of the film).

It's a real shame the rest of the movie is a pretentious, uninteresting, overrated piece of crap, because I was really looking forward to this one.

The fanboys say this film is intelligent, but so is A bout de Soufflé and it's still far more entertaining than the drivel that is Matrix Reloaded.