The Matrix Revolutions (2003) - Action, Sci-Fi

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The human city of Zion defends itself against the massive invasion of the machines as Neo fights to end the war at another front while also opposing the rogue Agent Smith.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Lana Wachowski
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 290 out of 1022 found boring (28.37%)

One-line Reviews (923)

The only disappointing aspect I am left with, is that I know the next time I watch an action movie, I will be bored because I have already been pushed beyond a limit, and there is no going back to mediocrity.

The movie was a satisfying and compelling climax to the trilogy...

I enjoyed it.

That's why when Smith took over the people of The Matrix, nothing happened to him.

I admit that the first time, I agreed with a lot of people and I too said the movie was boring, pointless and featured A LOT of uninspired dialogue.

What really makes me feel that the movie is worth watching is the third and last of these main action sequences: the attack of Zion, and this is where `back to basics' comes in.

It seemed extended by terrible acting from two bit characters i could not have cared less about, bad dialogue, a long boring battle scene where i could have caught a few winks and a cheap ending.

Let's see: requisite Keanu reeves bad acting has spread and infected the rest of the cast, simply awful dialogue, terrible and predictable plot, worse ending.

The action all looks great - the attack on Zion is visually very impressive and is quite exciting.

It was much better just hearing about Zion, than seeing that it was basically a big cave where dreary zombies in a sort-of-Star-Trek counsel had endless discussions about if/why/where they would send ships.

The man versus machine battle took long enough to arrive and after the built up anticipation it is a huge disappointment with too much screen time, conventional hero moments, predictable just in time scenarios and unorganised direction.

Revolutions is boring.

This movie is a fabulous ending to an enjoyable and extremely thought provoking story.

As a whole the film is absolutely and utterly predictable.

even in Keanu's monotone voice.

the movie concentrated on zion and it was so boring.


i basically left the theater with a bad taste in my mouth.

The fight scenes are just as good as ever, but the battle on Zion was a little long and sometimes repetitive.

Keanu Reeves, who seems perfectly cast as the monotone, savior, Neo, is back in the third installment acting more like a cross between The Professor and Gilligan than a kick-butt, able-to-defy-reality-hero we've come to know in the first two movies.

But for me personally, regardless of the Gobbly-gook, and contrived philosophical slants people want to give the last installment, (oh please let it be the end for real!

I didn't really feel this was an important part of the movie, and it all seemed rather pointless.

Some of the fighting between Smith and Neo is slightly tiresome as we all know it was never going to end with a fistfight.

The action scenes in this particularly the battle at the Dock and in the Tunnels were so long, and removed from the theme of the original that they were simply dull.

A very enjoyable and memorable way to end the trilogy.

The writers were completely unafraid to break with traditional Hollywood formulaic rubbish and do something interestingand i say God bless em

Rather, I was bored.

The action scenes were simply tooooo drawn out.

It relies entirely on CG, has no story and an abysmal script.

The philosophical dialog in the first two movies has been replaced with guns and death, I was at least expecting Smith to do one of the usual 'psyche up fight talks' before the end, but not much was said, apart from 'I'm going to kill you' - something which is incredibly cliché in the good vs.

The screenwriters set up an unbelievable premise that was to difficult to follow with too much philosophical mish mash when Neo talked to the Architect in Matrix 2.

It's the same long bore as with Reloaded.

Some questions are answered, but the questions end up being more compelling than the answers.

Though Reloaded is still entertaining and there is enough to like about this film, it continues the great relationships with Neo and Trinity and we still have the same great concept.

Within the Matrix (as always), an engrossing set of circumstances unfold, including the highly-charged (and completely enjoyable) freeway chase scene, the Smith clone battles and the Trinity/Smith showdown, amongst others.

It's simply very boring.

By the second one and definetly in the third one he is just a boring monotone character who says stuff like "It ends tonight" and "I know what I must do".

It was compelling, it was one helluva ride, and I thank the Wachowski brothers for sharing their vision with the rest of us.

The battle scenes with the sentinels had a creepyness to it and the effects were just stunning.

The undertones of the series keep on slapping us in the face and in the end we are left with a long and pointless special-effects heavy mess that has little coherency and even less intelligence.

It does not have as much of a thinking plot as the other two besides the ending, however, I thought that it was the most emotional and dramatic story of the three and simply the most exciting.

This movie feels fresh and exciting because it offers us things previously unseen in the films.

The so called plot wandered and dropped into long periods of pointless action or pointless filler.

Now it's merely repetitive.

Keanu Reeves was a stunning 'NEO' (the one) I would have to say that it would measure up to be his best film.

Very dull and pointless.

What a waste of money and time.

I was on the edge of my seat for the full runtime.

The huge boring Zion scene?

and the use of slo-mo and big special effects in that final showdown become insanely dull.

One has to wait throughout a pointless encounter with the crooked-toothed guy who played the crazy helicopter pilot in "Mad Max 2" - any of you remember that one tenderly?

Don't waste your money.

Very enjoyable .


Too bad that the only other actor truly worth watching in the first two films, Gloria Foster as the Oracle, died before Revolutions was made and was replaced by Mary Alice, an actress of much less charisma.


The previous two (specifically the original) were clever, suspenseful and made the viewers on their toes.

Quite simply the answers are boring to imagine with the gaping wound of an ending we are left to close.

sure it has some nice action parts, but overall most of the movie is complicated and tiresome- you just wish for it to be over.

It got the action right, but to me, the dialog scenes just made me bored.

The mech scene was interesting and kept my interest for a bit, but it went on for far too long.

Indeed, (and as a huge Lord of the Rings fan, this is saying something), it is comparable in adrenaline-activity to the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

Neo being able to control the Matrix actually ended up being pretty pointless.

This seems to go against everything else the Matrix movies have been about: The computer-generated world, the small band of `resistance fighters', an agent who is like a virus detector in the system, control of when to be `plugged in', intense, cliff-hanger type skirmishes and a reluctant hero fighting against logic and reason to save the worldWhile the Matrix and Matrix: Reloaded were focused and intelligent, this one seems to try to cover too much in too short a period of time.

The first hour is slow and needless (for that matter, the entire second movie was unnecessary in the grand scheme of things).

That said, the first half of the sequence is great, full of rousing choral music and slick martial arts choreography mixed with stylish slow-motion and freeze frame shots (one gets the feeling, though, that all this would have been utterly mind-blowing four years ago, and not just a blast to watch).

Re-watching the film doesn't help either, but you wouldn't really want to as it is simply boring, pointless and doesn't have a point.

As many of the media reviews have said, the special effects are still spectacular, and though the climactic battle scene is very long, it actually did not seem too long, although the script was reduced to little more than screaming.

These, sadly, come off as being pretentious, like in Reloaded, and here they even take over, rendering this meaningless if you do not interpret it, and while that also somewhat rings true for the second one, the first one, whilst it would make it have considerably less impact on the viewer, could be enjoyed as nothing beyond another version of the old popular conflict between good and evil.

What a waste of money this movie was, even at 50 cents.

This film focused primarily on the machine world, which was so neglected in Reloaded that it felt confusing and surprising in this one on a good day, and contrived on a bad.

A collosal waste of time.

I saw the film twice in one day and enjoyed it both times.

I felt a deep sense of loss when I left the theater.

There's slightly less philosophical babble this time around, but the constant questions and debates are as tiresome and silly as before.

Visually stunning techniques?

The visual style is no longer original, nor is the philosophical bent, and I found the action sequences to be profoundly uninteresting.

Niobe's intense piloting was also very pleasing visually and paced well within the unfolding drama.

What it lacks in plot or even a decent script it tries to make up for in crashing, banging, whooshing, flying, dropping, spinning, blinking blinding bright lighting, thuds and - you get the picture.

It was action packed, full of suspense, edge- of -your - seat entertainment.

It had complex (some would say pretentious?

no story, no purpose .

The visuals at the time were breathtaking, and the potential for the depth of the story (albeit undercut by the film itself at the movie's end) was enough to keep your brain churning long after its end.

Truly spectacular and visually engaging on the big 70 foot screen.

I would have enjoyed it more if it had combined the two.

This is countered by an appallingly bad script, a number of pointless or overlong sections and a meaningless and irritating ending.

The serpentine machines are wonderfully animated and the soundtrack is very intense and appropriate for conveying the might and threat of these machines.

" The last two films are no stranger to this story-telling technique, but it's a lot more noticeable here because it's constantly intense then the last two films.

That final showdown is so intense (and so awaited) that it will raise the hairs on the back of your neck!

The end of the film went from extremely predictable to ridiculously strange and confusing.

Anyway trying to save their movie, they attempted to complete the trilogy in confusion.

Basicaly BORING .

I remember the first time I saw The original matrix back in 1999, it was very revolutionary: The Visual Effects, The amazing soundtrack, and the fascinating plot, who had you thinking about the movie for days after you've seen it.


Otherwise, this was a complete waste of time.

I want awesome fight scenes like in the previous Matrix movies or a mind blowing car chase.

The Matrix, after the first film, gives no thought to any subtle motivations of the machine culture, preferring the tired cliché of 'alien villain = mindless unrelenting violence'.

It is exciting, well paced, entertaining, and has something to say out side of the cosmetic.

The climactic battle between Neo and Smith is quite simply stunning.

Meanwhile, Morpheus, the spiritual leader of the human race, is playing Ensign Chekov to Jada Pinkett while Neo, the savior of humanity, gets in a dull fistfight with a possessed crewman.

I mean, morpheus' Casio dealer outfit from reloaded was bad enough, but I almost walked out if the Odeon when I saw the Merylvingyn dressed up like a satanic Harry-Hill surrounded by a group of rejects from the Slipknot-gig that was apparently occurring across the road during filming.

So much work was put into the action sequences and effects, it was though they were compensations for lack of story and used to fill in time.

Its sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, was more of the same, just more grandiose and even more confusing for those who had trouble understanding the first film's mechanics.

" the pointless fight scenes lasted too long.

This potentially interesting conflict was very nearly completely dropped in the next two installments save for a quick comment by the Architect that those who wanted to leave would be freed.

Nothing happens for the first hour or so.

Of course, the new secondary characters are weak, some moments glaze you over and the pacing goes from "talk talk talk" to KAZOW ACTION PACKED EPIC SCI FI AMAZING, I'll forgive the Bros behind the film.

Neo had gained biblical power so all these fights with Smith were kind of boring, while i couldn't care less about the cavemen in Zion.

The ongoing plot is predictable and in between bad lines nothing astonishing happens.

A pointless, incompetent, incoherent mess of a movie.


But after watching for more than fifteen minutes nothing more than bullets /flashes / fire / bullets/ more flashes/ many more bullets / many, many more flashes and fire it tends to get a little bit tedious.

The battle at Zion is amazing and it does last for a while but the movies loses focus on the main characters who made these films entertaining by the actors playing them.

For the lovers of effects, it is a festival of computer graphics that will leave you awestruck if you can stay awake through the starting dialogues.

While the effects were stunning, and the action sequences (with the exception of a few) were breathtaking - no questions were answered, no loose ends tied up, and no explanations provided.

Anyway, it's clear that if you are the kind of person with no feeling for such kinds of things, as it seems there are many, you will probably find Revolutions a tedious film.

I walked out of the theater after watching Revolution just kind of scratching my head.

How exciting is shooting machine guns at a ceiling of Sentinels for and hour?

It is interested only in creating big, loud battle sequences, letting them go on far too long, and ending them in as disappointing a manner as possible.

The Matrix Revolutions: 4 out of 10: The Matrix Revolutions concludes the Matrix trilogy with an ending no-one remembers due to years of intensive therapy.

Simply Boring .

Mostly, however, she looks like she is bored to tears by what she is doing.

The first Matrix was totally amazing because no one had used the effects before, but now, everyone uses ''bullet time''and it is so boring.

" moments; uninvolving love stories and dull causality culminating in a stupefying Tekken inspired fight sequence between two characters.

In Matrix Revolutions - NOTHING HAPPENS.

Without these elements, there is no story.

So many bash this movie and overanalyze it too death but I found it very entertaining well worth the price of admission.

) The battle for Zion was pretty intense and I'm sure satisfying for most.

Plus i tire of his speeches, talking bores me!

What's in the foreground is the boring "real world" with it's flat characters and more familar post-apocalyptic setting.

Boringly extended fight scenes and a boring movie on the whole...

In The Matrix Revolutions, the final explosive chapter in the Matrix trilogy, the epic war between man and machine reaches a thundering crescendo: the Zion military, aided by courageous civilian volunteers like Zee (NONA GAYE) and the Kid (CLAYTON WATSON), desperately battles to hold back the Sentinel invasion as the Machine army bores into their stronghold.

At least Reloaded had some good action sequences, this only has about 3 lackluster ones and one endlessly repetitive video game sequence.

I hate reviews that complain that a movie is boring.

But anyway, its hard to follow up a good movie with something more interesting than it was before, especially when the first part seems very meaningful and deep.

Cluster of machines swarming over underground city, in the same fashion and shown from same angles, it got so freakishly boring.

It is a bit slow at times, and the acting is just OKAY.

), lack of story, almost laughable script, and over the top (and unoriginal) special effects (see "Aliens" and "Superman III") ensure that this movie will go down in history as one of the biggest let-downs ever.

boring shoot-em-all .

They listened to the complaints, gripes, and insults, and actually departed from their grand, pretentious vision, went back to the editing room (less than six months before release, remember), and set out to make an exciting conclusion to the defining science fiction work of the decade.

Unfortunately, it is too late to save the day, as the film ends leaving us with more questions, and a sense of overwhelming incoherence in the film's quality; at once it is both visually stunning yet physically empty.

OH GOD the death scene, it went all Shakespeare on us here and dragged on a bit too long.

I believe that Oscar nominations were robbed from John Gaeta (awesome visual effects), Zach Staenberg (the meticulous production designer), Don Davis (his spiritually exciting score) and Bill Pope (every shot of his is like a painting on canvas, I love him).

Unfortunately we are stuck with Neo (yawn), Morpheus (who lost all credit during his speech before the rave in Reloaded) and that cliche story of The Kid.

The special effects are simply breath-taking — Matrix Revolutions looks fantastic and is worth watching for the visuals alone!

Despite a few amusing lines but various characters, most of the writing is poor, predictable, uninteresting.

But I realize that the accomplishment of the Matrix film might lie elsewhere (I mean, besides the visual style, which remained stunning, even in this poorconclusion to the series).

Everything was set up perfectly leading into a potentially exciting conclusion, and most of the film went as expected.

Not so, instead they're wasted, being only involved in scenes that are pretty much time-fillers: the "Rescue Neo" sequence serves almost no point and does nothing to advance the plot, instead it's a vehicle for a dull shoot-out and token cameos from the Merovingian and Persephone (and what was the point of the Trainman?!

But most of Revolutions I found riveting and almost beautiful, especially the ending.

But nevertheless the story is compelling and near impossible to turn away from until you can just catch a grasp of the meaning before it is ultimately pulled away from your clutches.

It does not, however, detract from the fact that the last half hour of this movie is overly long and drawn out.

This movie was completely uninspiring and passionless.

the fight in the rain - anticipated but boring.

Matrix Reloaded I feel is a very underrated sequel, as it has does set up a plot, and the action scenes are thrilling.

Not only did it explain so much, but the extremely intense emotion and realization received by Neo and the audience is so great that not many external sources can create such profound feelings within an audience.

Take my advice, and save your money.

The Ugly: The Merovingian played by Lambert Wilson and his wife Persephone played by Monica Bellucci are by far the most exciting things in The Matrix Reloaded, and while that movie dropped the ball a bit, they promised great things in the sequel.

One word describes this movie perfectly: Tiresome O_oI was like "when is this gonna be over?

Anyways, to conclude, "The Matrix Revolutions" ended the series on a good note and I enjoyed it a lot.

Amidst the confusing twists and turns the story in revolutions was taking i had to find a happy place in my head and that was to enter the matrix of Gondor and Mordor.

Never mind, we get to hear her spout something about love again and again and again while Neo (on a desperately urgent mission to save Mankind's last hope for a future) takes his ease and waits for her to finish her pointless homilies.

It shouldn't be this boring.

Dialoges: To many and to boring, with absolutely no meaning!

Give us the most entertaining fight ever!

But when I walked out of the theater, all I could do was look at the ground and try not to make eye contact.

After endless cod philosophy rot, bloodless Xbox battles in Matrix Reloaded and more pointless dialogue scenes than Phantom Menace (Another film that failed on almost every level).

I very much enjoyed it.

Particularly as the movie resolves, too many of the characters' final moments are trite and tacked on out of necessity rather than purpose.

The acting makes you wish for a "B" movie to suddenly take their place, the "plot," is the equivalent of a 4-year-old scribbling on a piece of a paper for a story, and the fight scenes are drawn out, dull, tiresome, and repetitive.

this movie is actually pretty exciting,particularly during the showdown between Zion and the sentinels.

Everything is predicatable and uneventful.

The Battle of Zion is equally spectacular, but it is so long-winded, loud, and obnoxious it's boring.

Still, despite some wooden emotional sequences, this film is entertaining.

The Matrix Revolutions is an all out action packed, visually amazing climatic conclusion to the matrix trilogy.

The first movie in The Matrix Trilogy is the best one but The Matrix Revolutions brings the first movie's feeling back again and does a great job in terms of story telling, special FX and also being unpredictable and surprising it's viewers.

The ending is quite confusing and leaves you thinking, and i know a lot of Matrix fans were not pleased with this final installment of the series, however i absolutely loved it, as i found it extremely exciting, with incredible visuals, amazing special effects and characters that you root for!

Complete waste of time .

You guys are really downing an entertaining movie.

Hugo Weaving is just so entertaining as Smith.

That had to be one of the worst, most confusing bunch of special effects anyone has ever put on film.

it's a pity and boring to the core.

After Revolutions ended it look more like a death march as the people quietly and I repeat quietly walked out to their cars.

The action was incredibly boring, and lasted way too long.

Sadley, Gloria Stuart, the woman who played the Oracle, passed away before Revolutions was filmed, and instead was replaced by the fairly flat and boring actress, Mary Stuart.

It's not as bad as The Fast and the Furious, but its still a waste of money.

I would say we can criticized a clear thing: the boring trend of the Wachoski brothers in this second OPUS to longer scene with no real interest (the fight against the thousand Smith agents, the motorway scene, ...

What once started out as a hard sci-fi cyberpunk action adventure story with heavy philosophical and eastern religious undertones and influences in 'The Matrix', devolved into a ridiculously sentimental, cliche war movie in 'Revolutions'.

The characters are bland, The Zion battle makes me reach for the fast- forward button and I only watch this movie whenever I'm doing a Matrix- A-Thon.

I was bored to tears in this movie.

Anyway , I saw both , I thought they were entertaining ; I didn't hate the actors or their acting ; I just enjoyed the story.

Well, that, good master or madame, would be because the film seems to feature no plot to comment on.

Revolutions conception echoes this wholly-thinking, empty headed idolatry with pixel perfect precision.

Pointless really because Neo was always going to win in the end.

This movie is based on movie cliches (bad writing), stereotypes (one-dimensional characters)and special effects of music videos(lack of plot).

A mind blowing plot, the best special effects, and the birth of what could have been a great franchise.

One of the few movies I would have walked out on, if I wasn't so confused by the plot and felt the need to stay hoping it would be clarified....

Revolutions is dull, unimaginative and impenetrable.

And they do make our existence more exciting..

However, this sequence is in the singular minority in terms of an exciting action scene, and even then relies heavily on cliché and suffers from predictable writing.

And even when it felt the need to sway from an explanation I didn't mind because the new questions left in the open were just as fascinating as the answers to the old ones.

And Even though it was cliched (I found myself second guessing what they were going to say and the dialogue in places was a bit predictable I found the human side of it quite interesting.

Stupid and pointless.

Revolutions give us some new, but uninteresting people, I didn't care about most of the people in Zion so why should I care if they win?

I found it enjoyable .

First, two thirds of the flick take place in what has got to be the most boring part of the Matrix Universe, the real world.

Live in the real world and you've got death and an industrial eyesore to look forward to, get plugged back in and you may be bored to death listening to people who either witter on about the meaning of choice or worse find they're prone to making statements like 'what just happened could not have happened any other way' or 'she'll kill us all, shes in love!

The stunning conclusion to the Wachowski brothers "Matrix" trilogy comes to life.

The third Matrix film concludes in the most unexpected way in the direction it took from the first film to the middle to the final.

i really enjoyed it and it looks AMAZING on blue ray and my hi-def TV.

Overall a slow and pointless transition for the trilogy.

Before I go pointing out what extremely was bugging about this installment, it needs to be said that Matrix is one of a kind movie being both entertaining to watch and brain-torturing.

Revolutions demands more of its audience than the usual empty, mass produced, cookie cutter action/sci-fi movie that Hollywood usually puts out.

, plus the opening train sequence was simply fascinating!.

The beautiful and unpredictable Persephone, who could have provided a key part in the third installment as a double agent, was only in one scene (and if I recall, she didn't even have any dialogue).

While the second movie in the trilogy was a borefest let down I'll never forget, Revolutions packs the bigger surprise.

(SOME SPOILERS) The ending was predictable as you basically knew what Neo has to do in order to establish peace between the Human and Robot race, I did think it was creative how he must become him in order to destroy him and save mankind and robot kind and the finale confrontation between Neo and Smith was very well done, unlike the battle in the park between Neo and Agent Smith's which got tiring after awhile this ultimate match was one on one and great!

This movie is slow and doesn't have any of the magic Rear Windows has.

The battle to save Zion is fast-paced and much more interesting than I thought it would be, and the fight scenes are exciting as well.

OK, its drawn out and panders to a 'die hard' audience.

The ending, though confusing, does offer up some answers to questions that have been present in the series.

Were these scenes predictable?

but it was most enjoyable....

However, that said, it was enjoyable entertainment.

But we are still enlightened only to the soldier side of her, and she also eventually lapses into a predictable finish.

There was a period of 10 minutes where I thought I might really fall asleep.

The action was intense - who still remembers the bike chase, the fight with hundreds of agents smiths and the fight with seraph?!

The worst movie I have ever seen .

This movie is boring.

From my point of view, Matrix Revolutions is one of the worst movies I've ever seen, they had so much money put into it, and the result is simply awful.

Once you realize that Neo is the One then all fight scenes are boring.

The computer-animated battle scenes are boring, for the simple reason that there is too much going on, too fast, on the screen, and it becomes a blur.

Anyway, the battle should have lasted about 1 minute or less, but had to go on for 30 minutes like a long drawn out kung fu theatre sequence that was more for the purpose of dance and show than for sense.

The film was not as good as either of the 2, the highway chase in Reloaded was a lot better done and alot more exciting.

It ignored most of the things that the first two had set up, it made no sense, it was badly acted and badly written and only contained a few minutes worth watching.

There are just enough answers to leave you, as with the last two films, asking questions as you leave the theater.

Pointless Fight Scenes - Why even bother fighting the agents if at the end he would just fly away.

Especially the drawn out battle scene that precedes the films second climax?

Boring me to death listening to it all.

Among the most significant is the machine siege on Zion, a whirlwind of visual effects that are as captivating as the sequence is exciting.

This scene was also very unnecessarily drawn out - much like the "disco rave" scene on Zion in Reloaded - except not as cool.

The sequels are just boring, and feel forced to begin with, as the first film pretty much showed everything you wanted to see, and managed a satisfying ending.

The dialogue - come on, I nearly fell asleep.

However, even the most exciting video game gets boring to watch when you know you're not going to have a turn at the controls.

waste of time .

It was exciting, although awfully predictable (we all know that the commander or whoever was going to die.

They also could have left the S&M club scene out as well, and the only reason the characters went there was to get Neo out of the stupid train station (which was pointless itself).

the Machines, such an exercise seemed rather pointless.

The final part in 'The Matrix Trilogy' is the weakest among the three; the movie was quite predictable and had nothing new to offer.

The first BORING twenty minutes of the film...

The tedious fight of Neo against thousands of pixillated playstation 2 Smiths gave the whole film a faintly ridiculous feel.

There are a lot of us who thought this film was excellent and enjoyed it immensely on many levels.

The Matrix Reloaded was a step down from the first film, but was still entertaining and the acting was still very good, especially by Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith.

" I don't wish for a sequel, and probably don't want the answers to all the questions the trilogy has raised, but overall I feel the films are very entertaining pieces of Hollywood work that will be etched in many peoples minds for a long time.

Although equipped with digital special effects, it is boring compared to the matrix.

just flat with a boring and drawn out plot.

I watched this film when it first came out, and when I left the theater I didnt know what to think.

The last half hour of the film is good, but the rest is a major disappointment, what with the endless Star-Wars type battles (made semi-watchable thanks to Jada Pinkett's intense performance, at least) and the dreary dud of a script (the audience was actually laughing at how stupid some of the lines were).

But the third movie was a convoluted, ugly, violent, and confusing heap of trash.

Besides, filming a giant battle like that in Zion was doomed to fail anyway, since Zion was already the most uninteresting area from 'Reloaded' due to its bleak, ugly, grey cinematography and terrible characters.

The third and (hopefully) final chapter of The Matrix Trilogy is just as overloaded and plodding as the previous, from Razzie nominated director brothers Andy and Larry Wachowski.

Worst movie.

I fell asleep three times .

Especially the last fight scene of the movie between Neo and Agent Smith (what a bore), the fights in previous movies were much better.

Too bad that M II is a waste of time & money.

I literally fell asleep the first time I watched it.

It's boring to watch!

The squids that pile in by the thousands are interesting for about 30 seconds before they become overkill and boring.

There was too much Jar-Jar in the first one and too much Hayden Christensen in the second one, but they remained entertaining to a degree at their core, particularly on DVD when one can skip a chapter here and there.

Now the first movie in this trilogy was mind blowing.

Pointless, only because none of the questions asked in it are answered in Revolutions.

It seems like they decided to rip off some Lynch tactics, maybe from Mulholland Drive, and just throw out a bunch of confusing crap for the audience to come to their own conclusions.

) 3) THE MOST ENTERTAINING MATRIX: The Matrix 4) THE MOST SLICK MATRIX: The Matrix 5) THE MOST PECULIAR MATRIX: The Matrix: Revolutions 6) THE MOST ROMANTIC MATRIX: The Matrix: Reloaded 7) THE MOST SEX-FIXED MATRIX: The Matrix Reloaded 8) THE MOST DARK MATRIX: The Matrix 9) THE BIGGEST ANTI-CLIMAXE MATRIX: The Matrix: Revolutions 10) THE BIGGEST CLIMAXE: The Matrix: Reloaded 11) THE BEST BULLETTIME: The Matrix ("Trinity!

Even the actual "ending" after the big fight is pretty brief, which then is followed by the closing scenes that make things confusing again.

If you think the Matrix Trilogy was confusing, check out a David Lynch film.

I was "on the edge of my seat.

No plot, good computer graphics - miss it .

I hope you enjoyed it.

As with a lot of interesting SciFi on film, the overarching storyline drifts into fantasy, rendering much of it pointless.

I was compelled by the action and what may go down as one of the most intense final battles in movie history (the battle for zion as well as Neo's duel with Agent Smith).

When used succesfully, the cliche can be very effective.

As if things couldn't get any worse in this franchise, The Matrix Revolutions is one of the worst movies ever made.

I half suspected BLAIR WITCH 2 to be purposefully terrible as part of some fiendicously clever ploy to lull the audience into a false sense of security (it wasn't).

Sure, the effects were impressive for a while, but it just got boring, and the fact that the two lead characters saved the day was SO CLICHE.

I left the theater feeling like I had wasted money, wasted money on the Matrix.

Revolutions is an integral part and vital continuation of a compelling story.

Pretty boring.

The conversations dragged.

That's way too long for a computer generated battle...

Don't waste the money.

We all knew Neo was going to win, as the fight was well but rather predictable.

Aside from legions of the "squiddies", or Sentinels, there are a couple new machines that are fascinating to watch: Giant, drilling creatures that instill an appropriate feeling of dread and power.

Maybe one day I will be able to witness another film that was as fresh and as visually stunning as the Matrix!

- Interesting premise - Characters we cared about - Fantastic plot twists - Visually stunning techniques that had not been seen before Had the sequels delivered these then the series would have worked.

But why would you want to leave?.

It was both dull and dull-witted.

the final fight between them is awe inspiring, the flying and rain/water effects, lightning, its just all like WOW, i cant believe they managed to make a fight between 2 guys flying around awesome and incredible!

He was bland, though part of that may be on the writing.

Many questions have been answered, but many more persist; and like the first film, long after you have left the theater from Revolutions you can ponder and imagine the potential for what will follow.

Boring boring boring .

No, they needed to have pointless characters like The Kid(who probably said one of the most random lines: ''Neo, I have faith in you'' in the movie) or Niobe, who literally took the screen time that should have been given to Morpheus.

When I saw this at the cinema I was nearly asleep, and after watching the first one at home on video i DID fall asleep!

and some unexpected situations as well.

The Matrix Reloaded was a complete cliffhanger that caused a bunch of confusion as to what was really going on, hence the pages and pages of internet discussion groups on interpretations of the meanings behind the film.

Many seem to think this is the worst movie of the trilogy.

This movie is so bad on so many levels its a waste to even take time to explain it.

* Trinity's death scene--boring dialogue and too long.


And so it is - don't waste your time expecting something, especially from sequels and things you don't get clearly (like original Matrix).

Cheap, trite philosophy from Keanu Reeves?

I can go on and on about The Matrix and it's influence on film culture and the meanings and so fourth of different aspects of The Matrix series but I'll bore you and I'm sure you've read enough so I'll end now.

We also have a useless subplot of someone in the real world being taken over by Smith yet not killing him when he is blinded for two full minutes, resulting in him getting killed himself, which is ofcourse a terrible hero-villain cliché once again.

Save your money - Worst of the Trilogy .

However, the action sequences were well-done, it was reasonably suspenseful, and if it had been released as a stand-alone action movie, would have been pretty good.

Makes the first 2 pointless.

Worth watching!

On a plus side, the visuals are pretty damn neat and stunning in places; not enough to justify this film's existance though.

It is a shame then that most of the plot centers around a large scale assault on Zion that quickly becomes tiresome as characters who we care little about face off against an overload of CGI machines that really needed cutting down.

)(2) `The Matrix Reloaded' is a very nice action, looking like a thrilling computer game.

My experience watching Matrix Revolutions again was overall quite enjoyable, a lot more fun than the first time I saw it in terms of simply appreciating the film for what it is.

This time around, things were still a little confusing.

I know that the pace and adrenaline of a film isn't everything.

The Oracle and the Architect apparently agree to allow those who want to get out of the Matrix to leave.

Overall, it was meandering, dull, and contrived.

The twenty minute fight between Neo and Smith is pointless and feels pointless because it's been very clearly established that punching each other has no lasting consequence.

"The plot is a predictable, overlong mess that results in something that may qualify as a film.

To date, I have yet to have walked out of a movie in disgust.

A good rule of thumb: if a movie relies on special effects more than cinematic story telling, it means there is no story, and the movie isn't worth your valuable time.

I enjoyed it so much that I came back twice in the same day to view it again.

All the characters are awesome once again, and the story is simply fascinating, plus Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving are simply amazing in this!.

One of the worst movies ever...

the action scenes aren't as close as fascinating as those in the first part - which, in fact, is caused by the fact that no one has seen similar things on screens before, but even the action scenes in the second part were better - to be honest most of the action in revolutions was almost annoying, a stupid repetition of boring shooting scenes, bullet time and huge special effects which intents were simply to impress.

Even though the dialogue scenes seemed to slow down Reloaded, those passages were missed here, as they added depth to the films, separating them from most common flicks.

There was no point to the train station, and Why why why was the oracle Agent Johnson's mother, WORST MOVIE EVER.

The real problem is the writing - it's both predictable and cliched.

This is the first time since the subway fight in the first movie that Agent Smith's scenes actually get suspenseful where, as opposed to Reloaded, it was basically Neo kicking his ass, thus taking out every thrill or suspense the viewer might have felt.

It was like a boring theatrical without music.

Don't waste your time and money .

The fight scenes have begun to feel a little *too* choreographed - predictable and not in the least suspenseful.

Revolutions picks up the conflict, yet also scratches its head in confusion.

Apart from some big action sequences this is, like the second, a pretty boring film.

By the end of the film I had lost all empathy with the characters and had to endure yet another tedious fight between Agent Smith and Neo.

You almoust wanted to cry in happiness, it was; the most original and exciting movie in history!!

The story, which itself is a retread of the tired old dream sequence, props to the filmmakers for giving it a unique twist though, is predictable, second rate and by the end of the film has degenerated into action clichés.

In fact, I found the script so predictable I was saying phrases before the actors- which doesn't make for a particularly interesting film.

People cheering, characters dying in long drawn out heroic style, and guns guns guns...

Worst movie ever!!.

If you are a big Matrix fan, it's worth watching to see the climax and conclusion of the story of "the one", Neo...

I find it very convincing and exciting.

But over time, with each successive chapter, the fun was drawn out.

The visuals get wasted, the scene is boring, my bum hurt and I was waiting to get out of the cinema.

Even if you somehow miss the multiple messages and themes explored in this gem then you must take note of it's amazing special FX (which only help to emphasize the story and enhance the experience) and breathtaking visuals/direction.

This film, and its successor, have been ripped apart for their apparent lack of story and 'recycled' action.

Leaching from the plot source of the last film to form a continuation here,this is an enjoyable enough conclusion to the story,substituting the flashy,explosive action of Reloaded with frenetic martial arts sequences and a tense pace.

As exciting and innovative as the first two were...


Good thing I did, because I enjoyed it.

Despite some confusing dialog and an at first (to me) ambiguous ending I feel this film is extraordinarily underrated...

Smith was boring as well as without ANY reality in a fight, how interesting can it be.

It was absurdly pretentious, they never explained anything, (why colonel sanders, the architect, was there, why neo could make the machines die, etc...

Save your money, wait for the video, or my personal suggestion, its T.

Neo wakes up, finding himself in the Mobil train station (an anagram for Limbo) unable to leave at the behest of the Trainman (Bruce Spence) in the most gripping scene of the film.


Boring except form some scenes .

*Possible Spoilers* The first 'Matrix' was a masterpiece, a superb action movie that was thoroughly enjoyable.

I listed a few above (the train station, pointless characters etc.) and now I'll list a few more just for fun.

Combining romance, awesome visuals, intergalactic adventure, and philosophy into a highly entertaining spectacle, "Revolutions" makes clear the enormous achievement of the entire project and brings it to a satisfying conclusion.

You know that mind-numbingly dull dance scene in Reloaded?

Of course there's a big battle that's rather exciting and the Special Effects are quite good.

Perhaps it's the fact that all the humans we see are all former hackers and web surfers that they seem so soulless, but must every character deliver their lines in Zen-like monotone?

The machines in the movie were intense enough to stop a horde of those "locusts" that would damage the ports, and Neo himself would have to defeat Smith once and for all from within.

Sadly misunderstood and stunning film .

Bottom Line: 3 out of 4 (worth watching)

For instance, the last fight between Neo and Agent Smith really dragged.

I have to say that it is not unwatchable, but that it is just plainly disappointing, the sad conclusion of a saga that began with the greatest of promises and ended in a very boring and commercial way.

A collossal waste of time, this movie was truly painful to sit through.

It should have been dubbed `revelations' because that's how I felt when I left the theater.

The formulaic one on one fight scenes, where adversaries face each other down, are even more phony looking as soon as matrix powers get used.

Those slugs and shells will hurt you, and you can see the fear and adrenaline on the faces of the volunteers, moments before they are annihilated by a swarm of squiddies.

With so much left deliberately underdeveloped and unexplained it'll be mecca for the terminally bored who'll no doubt write thousands of words on it when it deserves little or no attention.

A visually stunning masterpiece {Warning Spoilers} .

The third Matrix film is entertaining.

Reloaded already threw the suspense away, but introduced some new intriguing facts, which were not clearly explained.

It was all stunning visual effects that made free my mind, and lose myself, which is what made me enjoy the film so much.

It's boring.

I think what the W brothers have given us is ametaphor empty enough that everyone who sees the movie, from third gradersto PhD's, can argue at length about "what it means.

3) Deja Poo- Cliche Cliche Cliche.

Matrix: Revolutions has taken the series to a stunning conclusion, a final act with so many implications and so many layers that it is no wonder that so many dismiss it as a failure, I mean you have to be a philosophy major to understand it, and there is alot to understand.

the dialogs are so dull.

I am sorry but does anyone else think that the Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions were a complete waste of time, money and energy?

I still think they could have made it much more compelling storywise.

The lobby fight scene was nicely done, Zion war part was actually pretty entertaining and visually interesting.

But what bothered me really, was that the movie was nowhere exciting.

There were some amazing scenes and the movie made you think, but mostly it was a big ball of action and confusion that I thought would be explained in the final film.

But, like everything, the story becomes repetitive: Another anagram, another Smith, another bullet time scene, another Frenchman captivity scene, another dance scene, another...

They also become more and more predictable as Neo becomes more and more powerful.

After a stunning ending to the rubbish Reloaded, the final part of the trilogy was set up to hopefully amend the mistakes from its predecessor and deliver an intriguing story that would decide the fate of both worlds.

What the brothers were conjuring up was an unpredictable ending and they succeeded successfully because, in interviews, they have stated how tired they are of the "same old ending," so they decided to do something out the usual, which was what was expressed in this film.

I admit that I like battle scenes, I normally enjoy them a lot, but they were just too long and a little repetitive.

If your grasp of the storyline jumps the tracks before the end, the whole film may come across as a jumble of unconnected action sequences and empty mysticism.

The effects were excellent, the sweeping panoramas and fast paced action kept the audience totally engaged and spell-bound.

Then came Matrix Reloaded - my confidence in the Wachowski brothers was just a little shaken, but I still walked out thinking `O.

However, it went on far too long as well.

What a cliche.

Have to add a comment on the non-Neo action scenes.. Really pointless average flabber, since everyone knew everything depended on Neo anyway.

Neither can I decide what was worst: The trite and hackneyed dialogue, randomly interspersed with pseudophilosophical ramblings ?

In another boring overkill scene, they fly around and battle with no apparent end or victor in sight.

Long, drawn out scenes that should have either not existed or should have been one minute long instead of ten (trinity's death).

Boring dialogue and sluggish plot lines dive into incredible action and special effects sequences.

Anime-inspired, adrenaline-energized, and loaded with so much firepower it's obscene.

Whereas Reloaded used numerous kung fu sequences inside the Matrix to distract attention from the slightly tedious main plot, Revolutions is forced to tie up this plot, and it has only 2 hours in which to accomplish this, an almost impossible task.

The pointless, passionless annoying love story continues.

9) Which cliche were they trying to mask in the cgi "Love conquers all" "Mind or Muscle" or "The Little Engine that Could"?

The final fight between Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Smith (Hugo Weaving, perfect) - a street fight between Supermen - is great, the machines attack on Zion is exciting and the visit to the city of 01, the capital of machines , quite satisfactory for who conferred "The second reborn", episode of the series Animatrix.

Is he that bored?

I think that having that action included in a video game where one could participate would lessen the boredom felt by many in the audience.

The assault on zion was a snoozer, and the teenage kid trying playing hero equals in annoyance to jar jar binks.

As for Trinity's death--yawn!

The final battle between Neo and Smith have garnered a mixed reaction, to me it was thrilling stuff and spectacular in mood even if ending on an anti-climactic note.

This film is stunning and visually brilliant and a piece of art.

It was pretty original and really the only good thing about this tripe, the problem is the 90 or so minutes leading up to the ending are so boring that i could barely stand it.

Effects are taken for granted these days, and can be boring if there are no descent accompaniments to them.

two split and enjoyable storylines and tension you could cut a knife with.

The Matrix Revolutions is a pointless excersise.

And not only that but the rate of the dialog was lowered nearly at the bottom ("I don't have time for this s*it"), and the script was bloated with just completely pointless raffle, just look at this:" Agent Smith: Why, Mr. Anderson?

But saying that that the Wachowski Brothers have managed to just a bit to succeed into making a very enjoyable film that completes a well done trilogy that started way back in 1999.

Enigmatic, new, exciting, original and refreshing, it came like a bolt out of the blue and made us feel excited about 'movies' again......

Also, the final fight is wonderful, one of the most entertaining I've ever seen.

They only succeeded in adding gibberish and confusion, although not as much gibberish as "Reloaded".

1)Boring characters: In the original Matrix, Neo was a much more interesting character.

The set pieces are astonishing to look at, the atmosphere is more sinister than before, camera-work is pretty good, VFX is a mixed bag for the action sequences set in Zion are very engaging while the very same moments in the matrix look stupid.

but it is pretty boring.

It inherits its cheesy 3rd-rate-Star-Trek-episode elements like the godawful Zion council and tedious committee scenes.

And this leads to yet another boring confrontation with the french dude from the last movie, which concludes with...

The problems of revolutions is just plain and simple: its boring.

The whole opening of the movie was a mistake and a waste of time.

Warning may contain spoilersA boring, essentially special effects driven action movie, that lacks the mysticism and solid scripting of the original.

The Matrix Revolutions----4/10When the credits rolled at the end of the Matrix Revolutions I was in an absolute state of shock and confusion.

This movie was boring.

It was also pretentious in some ways and in desperate need of editing.

And the Wachowski's should have found another outlet for their productivity, instead of ruining a movie that demonstrated the most stunning visual style since 'Pulp Fiction' - and I am not talking about the bullet-time effect.

Just as Roger Ebert said it himself, in the first film Agent Smith was the only one who spoke in monotone - in "Revolutions," everyone does.

After the first fifteen unpromising minutes this movie provoked nearly nonstop daydreaming and then yawning and finally a bout of planning my week, planning the month, and working out a budget.

good special effects but get too repetitive after a while.

The downward spiral from Reloaded continues in this dreary conclusion to the Matrix trilogy.

The pace of the film overall is kinda slow(in comparison to the other two again)..and there aren't many twists and turns,because the story follows the basic lines that were laid in the previous editions.

Overall, this was much, much better than Part II, which I found confusing and inappropriate at times (too much bumping and grinding for a franchise this popular).

Completely empty, incredibly disjointed and very worthless, let's hope that we won't have to sit through "The Matrix Reborn".

Also, the sound and visual effects are absolutely stunning!

The Wachowski brothers turned out to be pretty uninteresting filmmakers in the end.

Smith was well done, even if it got a little tedious after a while.

Movies with this much potential shouldn't feel so empty in the end.

In the end comparisons are pointless.

For one and a half hours i was bored senseless by the dialogue half of it i didn't understand.

It keeps repeating the same old fight scenes and it just becomes boring.

It seemed pointless that they needed to explain why she looked different, adding confusion unless you've played the matrix game.

I for one, voted 10 on all three films of this fascinating trilogy.

Call it Star Wars-itis or trying to find the remedies for our problems in the form of cinematic opium, in waiting for "the next big thing", we were surprised to find that what began as an action trilogy has ended as an action trilogy, and those who were waiting for the greatest movie of all time were left with an empty feeling.

the same effect could have been done by doing this instead of going through an hour of anonymous people shooting machines over and over, only to be defeated and need neo to save them anyway) And of course there are the painfully stock characters, the flat, monotone dialog and the wooden supporting acting (save for agent smith, the absolute only positive part of these two movies).....

Instead we got a mixture of product placement for Toys R' Us and every war cliché discarded from better movies.

The sight of hundreds of thousands of sentinels swarming into Zion and engaging in battle against the APU's is superb cinema and a sequence that demands a viewing on the largest screen.

It's quite consistent with the other two Matrix movies, full of actions, very exciting battle scenes.

this was a big waste of time and i should've seen it coming by watching matrix 2 which was already showing strong signs of FAILURE!

That is, the pretentious philosophising, special effects that crossed the line between grandiose and downright excess, and obsessively slick atmosphere.

It is too long too dramatic and an almighty anti-climax to an otherwise great trilogy.

The special effects are amazing, sure the acting isn't top notch or oscar worthy but the movies in general, when they want to be, they are VERY entertaining.

I was sitting bored in my seat during most of this film, because despite the visuals and special effects, I needed someone to root for during this battle, and the closest I got to this was the kid who was seen briefly during Reloaded.

Besides that, it seemed really pointless to me that they were fighting to defend against this force that would wipe them out unless Neo did something amazing to rescue them.

Yet it still manages to be enjoyable- action sequences are well directed, particularly the central battle in the real world, which combines war movie cliche with jaw-dropping scale and scope with breathtaking effect.

It is badly acted, badly scripted, slow, confusing, pretentious and completely devoid of humour.

Since that first viewing, I saw it once again on IMAX and another time in a regular theater, and actually enjoyed it.

They also thought the action set-pieces were too overblown and self-indulgent to be enjoyed.

Matrix Reloaded--don't know, I fell asleep halfway through.

The dialog was poor and forced on by the actors, and there were so many cliche lines that I found myself rolling my eyes a number of times.

Because this story is MORE than that, and in my opinion infinately more entertaining as a result.

As two films, they are ponderous, meandering and pointless.

) so that is what makes this film enjoyable.

To no one's surprise, there is a fight with Agent Smith as predictable as Rocky vs.

Easily the worst movie I saw that year and one of the most boring movies I've ever paid for.

It's unexpected.

The Matrix was a great movie that had an intriguing plot and great action that was all incorporated together expertly.

I cannot beleive that I convinced myself to shell out six of my hard-earned dollars to see this cliche peice of s***.

Now the first half hour - 45 minutes of this one is dreadfully borring and similar to what was wrong with "Reloaded".. leaden dialouge, lack of story momentum..etc.. However the mid-section of the film, featuring the battle for Zion was terrific.. very exciting action sequence that woke me up and kept me interested for most of the rest of the movie.

An extremely action packed, visual delight that will not disappoint action fans.

I was quite clear on what I thought about Reloaded, the action scenes inside the Matrix were good overall, but it was letdown by the scenes in Zion which I felt were mostly a waste of time.

Then again, it might just be because like I said before, he's such an entertaining character.

It had so many CGI effects and no plot.

The first twenty minutes or so are just filler and confusion that leaked over from Reloaded.

Waste of time, waste of money .

Total waste of time, and I am mad at myself for seeing it.

But that said the first half is very entertaining and the battle for Zion is awesome.

It would have made for a lot of compelling conflict if they were thrown into the mix.

Yawn .

They look bored as they fight their way through the gaurds.


Say what you want, but let's face it, after the first movie, the Brothers got money-hungry and quickly whipped out two sequels, one of which, has practically no plot.

The whole story, the whole plot that the brothers created is so intense, so dramatic...

Laurence Fishburne was intense as always.

The war scene, way too long.

I feel it was the most emotionally riveting scene in the movie!

The Zion VS Machines was the highlight of this film, it was beautiful and suspenseful, everything I imagined it to be.

The CGI was mind blowing and I personally liked the ending.

Revolutions is the point The Matrix ceases to be a science fiction film about ideas complete with an initial, original vision; now rendered a dorky war-come-action film which pastes on a dull love story or two involving the leads and their supporting acts so as to try and insert a bit of heart into proceedings, amidst the gradually less and less interesting teenage orientated spectacle.

But often times I see those reviews on a masterpiece like Rear Window, which I'll admit, can be a bit slow.

And coming back to the beginning, The Matrix deserved a better epilogue than the empty scene with the Oracle and the Architect, full of vague phrases about not knowing how long the peace will last.

"The Matrix: Revolutions" is a movie that is stunning visually and disappointing in everything else.

YayThe 2nd and 3rd installments are pointless luckily the first movie stands alone well enough to just have that in your collection.

150,000 sentinals against about 1000 slow, machine gun toting juggernaughts.

I kid you not, but at the um..rather confusing climax of this film, those were the exact words I said to myself only for one of the cast to repeat exactly the same phrase.

Agent Smith is the angel that rebelled and freed himself; he's, ho-hum, an Antichrist of sorts.

It still takes itself way too seriously, still alternates incongruously between tedious pseudo-philosophising and implausible action sequences that go on so long they themselves become tedious.

As I mentioned the earlier, the ending is quite an empty gesture.

But like the previous instalment this falls flat on its face and delivers pointless continuous waves of visual effects.

Worst movie I've seen in a long time...

Other than the character of the kid, who was quite tiresome, I liked this movie quite a bit.

Lord of the Rings 1 was boring, and 2nd one is pretty entertaining so my hands are crossed for 3rd one.

The action is appalling and beyond anything but shameful, the story is just too slow and doesn't really develop itself like the others did.

Scary empty movie from and for a scary culture.

Not only was it completely unnecessary, it was boring beyond belief and even the (admittedly spectacular) freeway scene couldn't relieve the embarrassment of the "rave" scene and superfluous religious imagery.

The entire war for Zion was in the "real world", and it took way too long.

Maybe a good movie for those that studied it's story in arts classes in more detail, but it just added to the confusion of Reloaded.

The Matrix Revolutions may be about the ultimate man versus machine showdown, which is probably the reason why Matrix fans went in to see it in the hope that action and storyline remain identical to the first film and rectify the loose ends in the second film, but it's well-laid out to the stunning twists and the very ending that leaves the questions unanswered for the audiences to interpret for themselves.

I felt that the other two kind've dragged in few scenes.

The first problem is Neo's entire plot line did not build tension; honestly, the attack of the squib wave totally failed to do this, as it was extremely predictable, and its outcome.

Good:It has a dark theme with some intense scene's where you don't know if the good or the bad guys win.

After about forty scenes with long, pretentious dialogue the film then delivers...

This was a complete waste of time.

And yeah, they're boring.

This movie just crosses all idea of the 1st and 2nd movies and makes the Matrix pointless.

worst movie in recent memory .

A Decent, but Uninspiring Movie .

Although this movie picks up right where the last one left off—that is to say, in the middle of an embarrassing mess—The final film is way more entertaining and refreshing than Reloaded ever could have dreamed of being.

Why anyone would want to save the dreary "real world" is beyond me, I'd much rather have the slickness of the computer programme.

The effects just as stunning.


It was thrilling and inventive; filled with mystery and portents.

The balance and logic between the action and the "philosophising" was much worse, which made the film contrived.

No doubt the effects, albeit stunning, cannot save the Matrix, as we learned in Reloaded.

dull ending .

Most of what I heard are generalizations like love conquers all, or exciting machine-human war epic, or something like that.

Worst Movie Ever .

I thought that the entire movie was pretty gripping, and the entire battle for Zion was great.

In other words: I was bored.

The first third of this movie is dreadfully boring and I just don't know why these actors aren't raising their voices.

The majority of this film is just pointless filler leading up to the big, ultra-cool, super secret, multi million dollar ending!!

What is good about Revolutions is that it leaves the door open for, one day, we can returm to this mind blowing fantasy world that is The MATRIX.

There are suspenseful and exciting sequences that are driven by the story (not vice versa) after which we are given an appropriate conclusion followed by a satisfying and tantalizing epilogue.

I was actually falling asleep, and again hoping the machines would just hurry up and win.

Boring boring boring.

This film had some nice effects that quickly became boring as their setup and overuse flowed for far too long.

A slow start to the film leaves you yawning in an effort to stay awake.

That kind of killed the experience knowing that is what was most likely the intention behind this film; but at least it kept you watching through the special effects and breathtaking action scenes that were reminiscent of the sequences in the first "Matrix" film.

The Wachowski Brother's thrilling sci-fi action trilogy comes to an end.

The final chapter of the Matrix saga proves to be very confusing.

Since, the Wachowski brothers were able to get the R rating (thereby ensuring that this is a must see for 13-18 year olds) without a 45 minute orgy, this movie can be very enjoyable.

disappointing cause it's turned into a pointless action stuff .


There's hardly any of the Matrix in it, and what we do see consists of *POSSIBLE SPOILER* about 20 minutes in a bleak train station and an underwhelming and often ridiculous duel between Neo and Agent Smith with a predictable conclusion *END OF SPOILER*.

The special effects are good --- until you get bored seeing so many CG robots surrounded by explosions.

Bland, boring, destroyed The Matrix .

Visually stunning, story well thought out, even the acting was good.

All philosophy and suspense went straight out the window while The Brothers turned the movie into a pure action movie filled to the brim with every cliché the genre can muster.

Oh and then went for the cliche predictable ending.

I thought this movie was pretty sweet has the most action and none of that talking crap because in the second matrix it was cool and all but it was kind of boring I thought this one was more exciting!

The human/machine battles had me literally on the edge of my seat and the ending surprises had me thanking the actors for believing in the Wachowski's vision.

However, the fight scenes become boring and a yawn fest.

It is a really crappy, entirely crap fest filled with so many fatal flaws that I rank it as one of the worst movies of all times with one of the largest budgets ever to be wasted.

The film's opening is extremely engaging and action-packed.

Actually very entertaining .

The matrix trilogy really has a unique and intriguing plot that wraps up nicely in the this movie.

As with the second movie, the whole plot just seems like an excuse for several well-choreographed but dull fight scenes in slow motion, complete with impossible moves and such.

One friend, who shall remain anonymous (Mike), dragged me to the slaughterhouse on this one.

BORING, this sequel is full of flaws and tedious and dialogues that runs in circles and the story just goes way off track compared to the first movie in this trilogy.

The main characters are not shown that much anymore, which makes this film feel kind of distant from the first two, but still, it's an enjoyable film, that if you sink into, you forget about the flaws, and just become a part of the Matrix.

It started slow.

* The one stop train station--a big waste of time.

Predictably uninspiring conclusion .

Them bland action flick everyone seen a million times over.

Plus, I think we can all agree that this movie on its own is a lot more entertaining than a lot of movies that have been released this year.

Yeah the invasion scene was great but it still looked like a computer game and some of the hero moments were so self indulgent I needed a bucket!

Pompous and boring, it cannot even be saved by the special effects.

Well, "Revolutions" have got some stunning visuals (for those who don't know!

) the story was ridiculous and the fight scene was cut out of dragonball Z, another waste of time.

I enjoyed it more than Reloaded for some reason though.

not me, well if you havent seen this yet, save your money and count yourself lucky, if you have Chronic Insomnia, go see this movie immediately

I was neither bored, nor mad.

For a 4 hour epic like the 3rd Lord of the Rings for example it works because they've taken so long to develop the characters that the action is more thrilling because you feel so attached.

That part of the film was totally pointless as far as I could see.

One of the quickest two hours I've ever spent watching a movie, it was that exciting.

This is a mistake; Revolutions really is as dull and meaningless as it appears.

On the upside some of the action within the Matrix Reloaded was a bit engaging such as the car chase, and those who enjoy the "philosophy" are satisfied by extensions of the plot and new questions raised.

While the movie leaves a lot of questions open, it serves as a satisfactory and exciting conclusion to the series.

I'm no "Matrix" nut, but the first one was okay, and the second was different (if extremely pretentious).

TMRevolutions abolished most of that hope because the franchise was so concentrated on an "enjoyable" flick they forgot to make it a "good" and masterful movie.

The Matrix Revolutions appears tired with its origins, bored even; like the cleverest student in the class whom sits at the back just not feeling up to it on the day of the big exam, and falling just a little short of the pass mark when so much more was expected of them.

I appreciate all the aforementioned references to both Christian and other mythologies, but this was supposed to be (at least in my humble opinion) an exciting sci-fi action trilogy.

I think mostly people enjoyed this movie and the rants about it is coming from pseudo intellectuals, which assumed their own theory what it's Matrix and of coarse when their expectations about other pointless philosophical mess is gone, the rant is going wild.

It was like a drawn out ending i had to pay for.

But please tell me why they had to end with such a cliche!

In fact, almost everyone in this movie overshadows Neo, its very bland, very predictable messiah.

Locked away in the world between the Matrix and reality, his quest is fairly tedious and seems to distract us from the movie instead of advancing the story.

Terrible movie, it's one Hollywood cliché after another...

Yeah they took it all from Revolutions and it was just as boring.

Compared to the original Matrix, the second movie really sucked: boring, wasteful, pretentious, beating around the bushes and recycling concepts from the first movie trying in vane to make them fresh and interesting again.

7/10 for epicness, relentless and intense action that manages not to feel boring, and a good effort to at least attempt to conclude probably the greatest sci-fi of all-time that blew everyone away at the end of the 90's.

I found myself several times looking at my watch or just looking around being bored because stuff just didn't grab attention.

I like this movie for many different reasons and though I wish that the entire trilogy lived up to the standard set by the first, it still managed to be a very inventive and entertaining series.

Mind blowing and jaw dropping .

The film's opening needs thirty or so dull minutes to tie up loose ends from the previous film.

Save your money.

One saving grace is Hugo Weaving, whose entertaining and committed performance as Agt.

This film is also far more cliche ridden than the other two, delving into mushy lovey-dubby territory when you least want it.

PART 2: Many of my complaints still hold (the shoddy explanation of the new Oracle actress, why only one damn EMP, those things), but my idea that the plot as a whole went nowhere, though true, could have been the intention.

It's pointless to keep fighting.

(No plot spoilers.

that's for you to decide but the Ending itself is one of the worst i have seen in a film EVER and it ruins what was a very entertaining saga.


**Spoilers**The Matrix Reloaded was a movie filled with pseudo-philosophy pampering to the egos of people who desperately wanted to see something deeper and more meaningful in a film which was essentially a string of disjointed ideas.

Stunning visuals again, but if there is no story to juxtapose them with, then they simply are a fact of the film, with no special significance.

The movie if full of typical Hollywood clichés, and a lot of things are really predictable.

Some scenes are so boring that i almost fell asleep..literraly. The final fight scene was so lame that it actually reminded me of an episode of Dragonball Z...

I absolutely loved Matrix and Matrix Reloaded, those were exciting and had potential, whereas Revolutions is really lifeless and pointless.

The rest return to Zion, and we have to watch a battle sequence so boring, it's almost incredible: the characters in that sequence aren't developed at all.

What a waste of time and money.

What was the effect of Smith absorbing the Oracle?

I think the underlying story is fascinating and worthwhile giving a moment to philosophize about...

Zion fights a rather uninspiring battle against the machines and humanity is left in the matrix at the end of another pointless matrix sequel.

As it stands we get nothing happening plot wise for most of the film then we get an over extended overblown action sequence The attack on Zion deserves its own paragraph because it's so badly done .

Their strategy is to make the storyline so enigmatic and difficult to follow that their audience, many of whom are still inspired by the 'original and best', will be confused into thinking it more of the same.

The first one was breathtaking.

The end battle between Smith and Neo also contained some excellent visual effects, but I found it to be very long and dragged out.

Besides the basic story line that Neo fighting for the future of Zion that are exciting and entertaining, many words and philosophies are also interesting.

The Matrix has become one of the most complicated, visually stunning, and most of all AWESOME trilogy ever filmed.

It went nowhere, it had nowhere to go, what a waste of my time and currency.

Instead of a struggle of ones inner self what this movie gives us is a bland us vs.

One of the worst movies ever made .

Trite, unimaginative, and nakedly revealing, the third installment of the sudden trilogy produces a feeling akin to Dorothy's horror when she finds the "man behind the curtain.

Big effects and deliberatly confusing, yet pointless plots do not a good film make.

It's certainly underwhelming, and lots more pointless inactivity doesn't bode well for the rest of the film.

Why the hell did Link and Zee get a storyline when their characters were so boring?

The Matrix Revolutions is hopelessly convoluted, weirdly uninteresting, Completely humorless, and entrenched in the excessive CGI-laced hokum of a thousand other nauseatingly stupid action movies.

I enjoyed the action sequence in Reloaded, but this one just dragged on and on.

Revolutions is quasi philosophical, messy, stupid and uninteresting.

Mistakes in the past only amplify in the future and what we are left with is a myth now hollowed out to an empty shell, not even worthy of it's own exciting concept.

I was so bored with it all I was sympathetic to the machines hoping that they would drill through the dock.

Almost sub-soap level, some of the corniest dialogue ever seen in a cinema rears its ugly head (my favourite hour was when Trinity used every cliché in the book while saying her goodbyes - or was it longer?

Maybe I missed some non-instrumental songs in the score, but the "Neodämmerung" song is breathtaking, perfect for the "Super Browl" scene.

Partially because that previous film had lowered the bar so much and crushed our dreams so thoroughly that we were mere empty husks by the time this film hit theaters.

Oracle's speech explaining her changed appearance is a prime example; completely pointless and making no sense whatsoever.

Furthermore, it was exciting because the major characters were on a mission which was dangerous.

It was full of great mind boggling action .

Fairly enjoyable stuff .

Entertaining, fitting; no need to tear it apart .

The quality of the CGI and the intertwining of live-action humans with the CGI is breathtaking, and the sound effects are extremely well-done.


I was so bored half way through the movie I wanted out.

To say that the producers, directors and writers were self-indulgent can only partly convey the level of contempt that I have for them.

I remember thinking to myself that this was one of the most visually stunning films I had ever seen in my life.

A confusing, jumbled up mess, with dialogue so tiresome you struggle to stay awake.

As each successive sequel was made, the myth became trite and clichéd, the characters devolve into caricatures, and the formulaic nature of the films makes them mundane and boring.

The ending is the only weak point that I can think of, but I don't how bad it is as long as the film is at my expections then I see a good, enjoyable film here.

Dull and pointless .

However, as I said at the time, the action scenes were overlong, dull and artificial thanks to some inelegant use of CGI (which is something of a curse these days); dialogue and acting were both borderline woeful on the whole; and the philosophical pretentiousness wasn't half as clever as it thought it was.

) and the Trainman thing was a horrible waste of time that doesn't really tie into the last film at all...

Whereas the creators had a chance build on an incredible beginning, they chose instead to take their Hollywood money and wasted it on this pointless, incoherent mess of a movie.

I hated the battle with Agent Smith, because it was boring and useless to watch if they couldnt do it any better than that.

As for Matrix Revolutions, i really thought i'll die of boredom.

The looooong battle for Zion that felt hollow, empty and devoid of any meaning, because I was unable to care for any of the cliched defenders?

Rating: Boring...

As i said it was not all bad, as an action film it was very enjoyable, if a bit wooden in the acting....

I saw the movie for free and still almost walked out.

Much of this movie felt like a video game: big action scenarios linked together with slow, questionably-acted cut scenes of dialogue.

Unfortunately, the ending (combined with a concept introduced in "Reloaded") insinuate that this was all rather pointless, since it's all going to happen all over again.

After waiting a long time and forgetting the details of the Matrix and Reloaded (and hence not worrying about the many unanswered questions or new characters), I found I just enjoyed it as a big dumb actioner, with a bit of a unique flavour.

Niobe is the human about whom we learn the most, and she is a strong and truly intriguing character.

"Worst Movie Ever" .

Pseudo intellectuals or nerd types move along, the roller coaster ride is gorgeously rough and fast paced and will have the best of you.

The Wachowskis failed big time on Revolutions, it lacks pretty much everything that made the first film exciting to watch, and everything that made Reloaded at least passable as a sequel.

Well what abut the fact that this film is too predictable at times.

Overall, this is the second-best in the trilogy, and I enjoyed it very much.

So if one can actually grasp what the directors were trying to convey in the plot, for me anyway, becomes a much more enjoyable piece of cinema.

The Zion attack scene, which lasts 14 minutes, is a gripping combination of military action, general mayhem and digital effects.

They both rode the coattails of their predecessors in that they took compelling characters in which people have vested interest and continued their lives through truly interesting events.

And the results are quite stunning, especially when the swarming sentinels break through and the battle for Zion begins in earnest.

I found the battle scenes within Zion exceptional and intense.

The story line is weak, and while it does follow on from the second film (Reloaded) better than that did from the original, it still feels highly disjointed.

and that is what gave reloaded it's most thrilling moments.

I feel that Revolutions succeeds, especially in its dumping of all the boring psychobabble that weighed Reloaded down in favor of the goods.

Story was very confusing and many things left unexplained.

Reloaded was also an awesome picture, albeit too long and too slow in some points.

The Matrix Revolutions brings the mind blowing trilogy to an end.

I found it boring, I don't understand how my brother could think it was the best movie in the world.

) because they're rather pointless.

i was so bored..****spoilers****the fight with neo and agent smith says everything bout this film.

Like I said, this movie is still pretty confusing.

Whether or not people like a film or not is a subjective matter but I can't help feeling that the people who dislike (or even hate) this film are missing something because Revolutions is an intelligent, entertaining, beautiful, sad and moving picture.

"The Matrix Revolutions" continues the seemingly endless journey by picking up right where "Reloaded" finished and confusion runs amok as Armageddon is the premise.

The dialogue is pretty bad as before - full of clichés and over wordy speeches of grandeur, it just gets tiresome before it gets engaging.

2)Pointless scenes: The whole train station scene is entirely unnecesary and the characters in it.

Hugo Weaving did such a wonderful acting job as Agent Smith, his expressions and dry humor made him very enjoyable to watch.

The sentinel machines are similar to Doc Ock in "Spiderman 2," but in that film the effects were far more engaging, because they were slow enough and detailed enough to follow.

No plot resolution whatsoever.

Clear your mind and accept it at face value and you will see an exciting movie.

A very cleverly made movie with an engrossing story line as opposed to the reloaded.

There's so many special effects that you can't take 'em all in at once, which is pointless.

After a slow start -- spiked with more Zen-infused computerese and another S&M club shootout -- ''Revolutions'' finds its bearings and powers up as a three-way race: to save Zion, to return home in a Hovercraft, to penetrate the dark heart of Machine city.

Reloaded overdid the cheese element, made the plot totally baffling, but featured a thrilling freeway scene.

It feels globally like parts II and III were just manufactured Hollywood productions that fed off the Matrix universe, with a few good elements: the Architect and Merovingian in 2, here some of the imagery (Zion battle or the machine city) and some good scenes (most of the ones involving Mr.Smith). After being subjected to the utterly mind-altering experience that was The Matrix (original) it certainly feels disappointing ultimately to be fed such a bland ending with almost no power or moving quality to it.

But the plot of the Matrix was amazing and intriguing, which is what kept me interested, though even in the case of this film I was disappointed that too much time was given to un-engaging action sequences.

The battle scene special effects were excellent but i found both the storyline and the conclusion repetitive or incomprehensible.

Unlike Reloaded, it dodges the hordes of pretentious philosophy lessons and keeps only those necessary, plus adds some witty lines to the mix.

It's all banal.

It is not a bad movie and it can't be called a disaster, but I feel the original story presented in The Matrix was twisted too much and the whole trilogy now has a stigma of being very complicated and confusing (and after The Matrix that wasn't the case, it was very clean in terms of plot and characters, such movies should be very clear on the good guys/bad guys division).

In the end, they even confused themselves, so they decided just to throw together the cliche finale to any story, a pure good (Neo) vs.

The Matrix Reloaded was a nice one with some memorable scenes, but the third one is boring, dark, too slow and way to complicated for an action sci-fi flick.

A Suspenseful Conclusion .

one cliché after another .

The most enjoyable thing to see in the first two movies was watching the fights that went on in the Matrix, learning that our natural phenomenons are just glitches, or programs, and things of that nature.

The scene is very intense, even if predictable.

Complete waste of my money and wouldn't even recommend it on dvd.

It is also far too long, so whilst it is visually stunning, it starts to get a little monotonous in the end, which is a shame considering the amount of time and money that must have gone into making it.

I know that people who see this as a philosophical adventure really enjoyed it.

This movie is so stupid and pretentious, it becomes unbearable to watch.

boring nature???

The second one has some enjoyable fight sequences, and who can forget the chase scene?

Giger artwork and it's just so stunning it touches me.

The intriguing concept was already there.

There is the battle of Zion, but the drab looking city is difficult to watch because you have no sense of where any of the characters are or what exactly the humans are fighting to save.

**SPOILERS**Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, the insidious computer program, is compelling and full of interesting thought somewhat prosaic computer-type observations (eg, love is just conjured from the feeble human mind).

Hugo Weaving turns in an effective,engaging performance as the villain,adding an eerie edge to the proceedings.

The Wachowski brothers do an incredible job here, with stunning camera work, mind blowing angles, incredible visuals, great slow mo shots and keeping the film at an incredibly fast pace!.

Some just want eye-candy (I'm referring to the FX), others want a simple storybook tale acted out, others couldn't care less what it looks like and want a compelling, intriguing or challenging story line.

The original Matrix had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

The original film was stylish, inventive, and threw in some intriguing philosophy to boot.

In the trailer I was thinking, how exciting will be the scene under the rain when you see Neo and the Agent Smith walking under the eyes of billions of Smith copies.

) 2) THE MOST BORING MATRIX: The Matrix: Revolutions (yeah, it got!

Nothing happens.

Thank God most of the mumbo jumbo talk from "The Matrix Reloaded" is gone but it still have some pointless and simply weird scene's such as the whole Merovingian/Persephone scene that only felt like a lame excuse to show Monica Bellucci and her cleavage again.

The visual effects are stunning and put to better use than in `Reloaded.

But there is some God-awful writing and pointless scenes too.

Bane's story is fascinating.

The Matrix Reloaded went even farther offering more intense action and even more interesting questions.

Everyone came out of our theatre with a "Ho-hum" look on their face.

Slow to the point of ponderous, dull (except for the attack on Zion - the only good bit in the movie), and just plain ridiculous at the end (the effects looked so bad in some parts of the fight scene between Smith and Neo that they reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West flying on her broomstick!

Now we're not so sure though, and the movie is more suspenseful because of it.

My problem concerned the action inside the Matrix which seems to bore the Wachowskis now.

(spoilers ahead)This movie also produced one of the most drawn-out, melodramatic and downright silly death scenes ever.

I knew what would happen as soon as the camera stopped following Neo *yawn*.


It was thus evident from the start that the story was going to move much slower thus emphasizing a dramatic build up rather than continuous action.

The whole movie was a long drawn out battle scene between humans and machines in Zion.

Even the character of Bane (Ian Bliss), who is apart of the cliché wheel, was a nice touch to the proceedings.

Among the most evident flaws I would mention the following: (a) too much attention paid to such boring characters as Sati & Co; (b) too long (and, again, boring) sentimental scenes of different characters; (c) too primitive tactics and behavior of both machines (which were just flying together and waiting for Zion to spend all its ammunition:) and commander of Zion (who didn't hit upon such easy ideas like, for example, leaving some ships and the big mechanical worriers in reserve) (d) no worthwhile video effect within first 60(!

The battle for Zion, while interesting, goes on way too long, and from the moment the irritating sycophantic kid appears in the dock its obvious that he will save the day.

All of these places portray a vividly imaginative yet still plausible and fascinating world that is enhanced by cinematography containing typical Wachowski flair.

The dissapointment I felt after watching BTTF3 can only be equated to how I felt when I walked out of Matrix Revolutions.

For starters, this one is most exciting.

Matrix Revolutions has a boring plot and less intersting action than the first two with the exception of the fight between Neo and agent Smith in the rain.

That was when i got bored and wanted back to Neo/Trinity.

but the fight was so boring.

Points were lost instead for new problems that dragged the series down further - although I suspect these were issues that started with Reloaded that I was too crushed to notice.

Synapsis: dull storyline, great action and the thinnest plot of all three movies.

They are cliche for a reason- they are usually integral elements to certain types of stories.

These three problems render the siege of Zion dramatic `junk food;' there is tension, but it is empty tension, like `empty calories.

stunning costumes and set design...

The plot was somewhat engaging, and many of the questions from the second film were answered.

) and it answers its question with a wavering "I can't make up my mind, but let's blow stuff up while I ruminate" And it was boring.

All characters dragged by their hairs.

The bottom line is that it is a fantastic film and if you want to be blown away by effects and a pure thrilling conclusion to a great trilogy, here it is.

I felt like walking out I was so bored.

Stripped of the pointless dialog, this could have been good fun.

One of the worst movies of the year [M II that is].

When it was over, I had no idea who was the winner, who the loser, of this waste of time movie.

We both walked out and just said "why?

the actual ending though confusing was appropriate as well.

But it was a thrilling romp, with one of the all-time best cinematic chase scenes on record, and most fans, namely among those, the ravenous "Matrix Fanboy", could forgive this, knowing the be-all-and-end-all of cinema was just around the corner, and that all of the questions that were raised in the first two films would be answered soon enough.

Despite comments that there is no story, I believe that this story is perhaps, the deepest in our time.

It makes everything rather bland.

This was the worst movie I seen this sure.

First of all, the fights are still overlong, and over blown; the siege of Zion went on far too long, and became monstrous.

In Revolutions, it becomes a mediocre action flick, with confusing plots!

With a dull and boring script, this film drags from within the half-hour with minor appearances from the stars (i.

this movie was a complete waste of my time until the very last scene with agent smith.

Revolutions is a complete waste of time.

'The Matrix Revolutions' story often doesn't draw one in enough, with a very dull first half that makes one tempted to bail.

Tank and Dozer made sure of that bridge burning in the first one.

But quite simply for all of those who think this is the worst movie ever with so many plot holes and stupid points, just do better.

but never have I been so disappointed, it was the worst movie I have seen for several years, too much special effects, and no twist to the story as in the first 2, don't waste your money on a ticket to the cinema, wait until it releases on DVD.

Though in the second film they were beginning to get a bit tedious.

Matrix Revolution combines various modern theories and present the exciting and wonderful story line.

Real suspenseful, huh!

Trinity's death in particular is so cliche and and Keanu Reeves'acting is so poor that I was restraining laughter the whole scene.

It's all pointless.

Reloaded, and particularly Revolutions have a pointless, meandering, flat scripts.

Lucas' first attempt was totally bland, missing every opportunity.

" Not that deep philosophical "why are we here what is the matrix blah blah blah" crap, more "why in god's name did we throw away 3 hours of our lives?

The flaws of the previous sequel are more readily apparent here as the focus shifts to the "real" world which is populated largely with uninteresting characters that were poorly developed in the previous film.

Total waste of time.

I kinnda like the love story in this movie, and its action packed.

"No plot, only eye candy which gets old very fast.

slow start is pretty much forgotten by amazing Agent Smith and Neo fight.

Sci-Fi films have always been about difference from reality and stunning visuals.

The first part of the film sees the humans in the real-world in a far too long fight with thousands of sentinels.

uninteresting characters with Days Of Our Lives dialogue.

the visuals dull and depressing.

The pacing is even more problematic here than in 'Reloaded' with the first half especially being so inert the slower and talkier parts feel stillborn.

I find this mind boggling due to the fact that #1 almost sums up an entire story, and 2 and 3 hang on as if a last ditch effort to preserve the aura which obviously is failing.

but since first one was totally unexpected and the idea and everything was introduced in that so no one can replace first one.

But with "Reloaded" and especially "Revolutions," even the most hardcore sci-fi fans who usually get these kinds of films walked out of the last two scratching their heads.

Taking the `virtual stuntman' one step further, the adrenaline pumping freeway chase combining real and virtual vehicles makes for the most amazing car chase I've ever seen.

Such was the build in in RELOADED, interesting new characters, clever plot twists and great action, that is is crushing to find that in REVOLUTIONS it was actually all going NOWHERE.

The war between the machines and zion was amazing but a little too long, the dialogue drawn out and boring, and the fights are too elaborate although they did take after Dragonball Z and other animes in their fight scenes.

This movie was terrible and boring.

I found that The matrix Revaloutions was very entertaining and was action packed.

Adrenaline pumps at a fever pitch throughout this CGI spectacle.

save your money.

Instead the final scene ends too quickly and it's predictable, recycling some of the ideas from the first Matrix film.

The film plays with people expectations by giving them a brilliant but unpredictable ending.

If you like action, gloriously choreographed fight sequences and the confusion of the what ifs, then you will love this film.

Mary Alice as the Oracle sounds like Barbara Walters, and her proselytizing has become tiresome.

There was no plot holes, as another person pointed out, because there was no PLOT!

And the film leaves us by telling us that people plugged into the Matrix have a choice if they want to leave or not.

His mentor, love interest and cohorts in the form of the usual suspects Morpheus (Fishburne) and Trinity (Moss) skulk around looking for him as all sorts of different parties, in the form of programmes trussed up in human-being form, knock back nonsense banter about whatever self indulgent; self gratifying themes and subjects the Wachowski's feel they need to instill into the film.

The next two were boring high budget films which require a cheat sheet to keep track of the plot.

This one had no plot.

previews to the 3rd installment, in able to have a trilogy they threw in a pointless sequel.

As for Neo and Trinity, there quest to the Machine City is equally fascinating, showing the surface world we have only seen briefly as another nightmare.

In the end, "Revolutions" closes the "Matrix" trilogy not completely satisfactorily, but still in an entertaining way.

With The Matrix Revolutions, the Wachowski brothers have brought their epic science fiction trilogy to a close, and while it may have dropped off a bit from it's strong start, The Matrix trilogy is still a challenging and entertaining masterwork, and should not be dismissed as callously by some as it has.

The Matrix, after the first film, gives no thought to any subtle motivations of the machine culture, preferring the tired cliché of 'alien villain = mindless unrelenting violence'.

It all seemed pretty pointless; as, alas, does life, sometimes.

Continuing on with the problems with the siege of Zion, both the humans' and the machines' tactics are mind boggling stupid to the point that it further diluted the tension.

The first sequel syndrome happens when the sequel in question is of far inferior quality from its predecessor, often because it uses the same formulas, but the result gives a pretentious look to the final cut of the movie.

The machine versus Zion fight was seriously the most boring part that I needed to fight just to stay awake.

The second third of the movie is a seemingly unending, desperately repetitive shoot-'em-up.

The only other time we witness Matrix action in Revolutions is the final showdown between Neo and Smith, which I personally thought, compared to the first two movies, was weak, slow and didn't leave enough of an impact.

The attack on Zion is way too long, and things simply didn't feel as 'The Matrix' anymore.

Some imbecile decided to remove The Matrix from the final movie until the ending, and that really makes the movie dull as hell.

I say "for a time" as the fight seems to go on for way too long.

I left the theater wow-ed.

It was so mystic, so thrilling, so extremely well made that when you left the cinema you were just shocked!

Where smarts; intelligence and well drawn nightmarish worlds complete with engaging ideas to do with life, existence, the universe and everything was once the predominant item on the menu, all has given way in the second Matrix sequel to flurries of "What on EARTH!?

The film is so bad it even resorts to using the horrid cliché of the bumbling young recruit saving the day.

The first hour of the film is a bit slow, a little bit of catching up and a lot of dialogue.

one long yawn .

everyone defending zion was an uninteresting and unimportantcharacter.

While it was the technical explanations, religious references, and faith based choices that made the entire series so different, the attack on Zion and the battle that occurred was the heart of the film and was an absolutely stunning sight.

In fact, this new Oracle is much more compelling than the original, and (partially because she has a much bigger role), is the one I now think of when I think of the Matrix.

I had loved both The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded and I was dying to know how the Wachowski's would wrap up what has been a fantastic and entertaining slice of science fiction cinema.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, please don't waste your time.

Matrix 1 is a great movie, don't waste your time ruining it by watching the other two.

I find it most enjoyable to just sit back, watch and listed, as the stories are told in classic comic book style.

Neo's showdown with Smith in the first film was great fun and very exciting.

Cool enough - a true superhero slugfest, but dragged out and repetitive, much like Reloaded's "burly brawl.

From the quasi-philosophical ramblings of the Hindu software exile, to the Merovingian's S & M-induced nonsensical discourse, you have to stretch your patience a little farther to keep yourself from yawning.

The Wachowski brothers have rendered their chronicles into banality, as if trying to imitate the qualitative tailspin of the Star Wars series.

It's boring and doesn't deliver a satisfying ending to the trilogy after three films, tainting all the good memories of the previous two.

I'm still trying to figure this out, but I guess the Oracle would tell me that I already know the answer; I just have to understand my choice (or somethingsuitably cosmic and empty like that).

If you never made the connection that Neo was supposed to be Christ, well.. this movie will not only make that clear, they will beat you over the head with it, to the point where a cross actually appears on Neo's chest, and he's dragged off while in a crucifix position.

We barely see it here, being subjected instead to the dull, colorless and thoroughly uninteresting "real world".

I thought this movie was pretty sweet has the most action and none of that talking crap because in the second matrix it was cool and all but it was kind of boring I thought this one was more exciting!

Thankfully the final fight that the trailers promised between Neo and Agent Smith is breathtaking, for a time.

Thus, it again started to feel boring.

In these fascinating "the-making-of" documentaries, most people were talking about what they did and how they did it.

Like many other sequels this final part of the trilogy focuses on its computer to score hits with its viewer but fails miserably thanks to an action packed and pointless narrative

I could dissect this movie, tell you that it was slow to build, that a lot of questions do remain unanswered, and that the writing will not be nominated for any awards any time soon.

There was no story.

When I go to see a Matrix movie, I expect to see some insane impossible stunts and intense bung-fu scenes, not just another sci-fi war scene.

I left the theater very pleased, and I'm glad I kept an open mind.

Battle scene for Zion -- good, but way too long.

All the action and effects side step the narrative, making the plotting confusing at times.

I'm not saying it's bad, but you gotta admit that watching some stupid freeway-chasing with millions fights going on, it gets REALLY boring.

The Wachowski brothers are certainly not afraid to kill off some of their famed characters (in order to know who, you'll have to watch the movie) or to give the viewer a conclusion to the war that was certainly unexpected by most voracious fans.

The fight at the Merovingian's club is fully enjoyable; the last stand in Zion is epic in nature; and Neo's battle with Agent Smith also justly draws oohs and aahs.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Otherwise, don't waste your money.

"Worst Movie Ever!!!

See it if you MUST, but i wouldn't waste my time.

Ripe with a hard fighting, never-say-die leader, who spits out orders and cheesy dialogue nearly as fast as his guns empty of ammo.

FINAL VERDICT: It's awful that they turned such a great movie as the Matrix into a very generic, boring trilogy.

Matrix Revolutions, like Matrix Reloaded, is a hodgepodge of confusing and divergent thoughts that make absolutely no sense, with an ending that was an incoherent letdown.

Also, the story goes in a very unexpected direction which left many people, myself included, feeling like it was the biggest anticlimax of any story.

Stunning special effects!!!!

Revolutions feels more of a bland video game based film or another completely different type bland action film.

There are few movies that put me on the edge of my seat, and this one actually did.

But apart from a few sequences that work and sit strongly alongside the rest of the series, this movie is just a dreary mess.

The fight towards the end is spectacular and extremly entertaining.

The Trainman thing was pointless.

Every question is cliche' and is answered with an equally cliche' QUESTION!

If you care at all what happens to such fascinating characters as Morpheus, Niobe, Bane and Councillor West, well, here's your chance to watch them save the sweaty, bad-smelling Zion and keep it free for humorless black people.

If there is not going to be a Matrix 4, then 2 and 3 were a waste of my time and money.

It involves people walking around in ALIENS-style power robots and shooting machine guns at thousands of those pesky silver fish-like flying robots and it certainly does not disappoint in terms of ferocity, impact, and absolutely stunning special effects work.

But the second time, the dialogues and the plot made so much sense and I really really enjoyed it this time at an altogether different level.

Neo who emerged as a godlike figure in the first movie, can now barely stand up to many aspects of the Matrix which just makes him a boring b-grade character.

This, for some reason, is just some random addition to the films, there is NO plot.

Tragically, Morpheus' slow decent into utter irrelevancy begins with this movie.

The fight scenes were dramatic and innovative and visually stunning.

It's a complete & utter waste of money.

This is a long, boring, drawn out, repetitve, pretentious heap.

The fight scenes are now just a bore.

It's one of the most enjoyable times I've had since the last one.

Sure, those questions are answered here, but the answers themselves are sometimes confusing and often times ridiculous.

It was boring and the film appeared to be improvised rather than planned.

The action is insanely intense, fueled by dense, hardcore chaotic battle scenes in this breathtaking chapter of the Matrix trilogy.

Revolutions pulls many of the loose ends together and paints a compelling picture of what exactly is the machine's motivation.

His voice stays the same monotone through out, what should have been a passionate and intense scene turned out to me somewhat of a comedy.

I struggled to stay awake for most of it.

It had a terrific story, a solid script and memorable characters, and it still managed to be thoroughly entertaining.

The dialog is just one cliché after another - any Star Wars fan could have written it.

But this is then interrupted by enough boring, overlong ultra-violent battle scenes, numbingly familiar pyrotechnics, and cheap-looking CGI for a shelf full of action computer games---which is in fact how this movie looks---and then how does it end?

The first Matrix movie was fantastic because it framed an action film inside a cerebral one; it was special both for its revolutionary action sequences and for the novelty of such an engaging `what if…?

I think Matrix Revolutions gets away from the computer representation scheme of Matrix Reloaded, to deliver a very unexpected type of "the One", an almost religious one!

It is boring.

Fighting 100 Mr. Smiths was quite boring and I was just waiting for it to end.

but the sequels are so boring and useless!

The first movie was intriguing, thought provoking, and fascinating to watch...

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for 'Revolutions,' which spends so much time on repetitive action scenes and special effects that there is little time left over for storyline and theme.

Because the conclusions from the first two movies were so simple and banal that they sadly looked like a typical ending from a Hollywood flick.

The success of LOTR only draws more attention to the fact that Revolutions is a big dull dud.

Hugo Weaving is AMAZING here as Agent Smith, he is at his most intense here as Smith, and was extremely menacing and lovable!

This is the one where there is lots of thrills and action sequence to keep audiences entertaining...

Confusing and Disappointing .

His fight scenes are stunning.