The Mechanic (1972) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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An aging hitman befriends a young man who wants to be a professional killer. Eventually it becomes clear that someone has betrayed them.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Michael Winner
Stars: Charles Bronson, Jan-Michael Vincent
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 11 out of 91 found boring (12.08%)

One-line Reviews (90)

And another negative aspect of this movie is that it lacks in the action department and the script start to fall short and boring after a while.

Well acted and directed(Michael Winner) drama is quite interesting and compelling.

Slow, ponderous, boring.

Before that, it's a slow burn that is occasionally boring.

It gives the film a solid backdrop and a particular atmosphere with extended strings and intermittent piano to make it intriguing and put all the clandestine operations into their respective places.

I'll just say that you'll be completely amped afterwards, your jaw will drop to the floor at how cool and unexpected it is.

The rest of the film is reasonably well-done,with gripping action sequences.

I have a way good feeling the remake is better and of course, more action packed and exciting, though.

Arthur Bishop's (Bronson) methods are methodical to the point of being tedious, more than evident in the body language of his young protégé Steve McKenna (Jan Michael Vincent).

In contrast, with this part of the film, being so wowing, it makes the rest of the film look ordinary, amongst some thrilling bits, involving the other hits.

I think most people will be disappointed if they go into this film expecting a flat out action picture because it pretty much stays away from the predictable standards of the genre and instead tries to tell a real story about these two men as well as their profession.

Good tension and a pretty engaging story with nice details of their profession.

Admittedly I only came across the Bronson original due to the miserable 2011 remake, which - however poor a picture it was - had an intriguing premise, which instilled a sense of curiosity.

The motorcycle chase was the worse one in history, as well as boring and dull, I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Without using words, he gives the viewer the impression that his aging hitman character is troubled over his past deeds or empty life, and he subtly reveals hints of happiness when he finds a protege.

But it's the ending that makes the movie that much better, because it's totally unexpected.

All of the action sequences are very well put together and play out in some interesting and unexpected ways; after the opening scene my favorite is probably the motorcycle race which comes a little over halfway through the film, fascinating in part because it's Bronson who takes off after the escaping victim and not the expected speed-freak Vincent.

Action Packed Character Study.

The last fifteen minutes of the movie were quite unexpected.

I have no idea why their relationship is so odd, the dialogue being rather weird and pointless much of the time.

The opening "hit" is fascinating to watch, viewers have no attachment for the victim.

A majority of 70's film I watch on video have no plot or gaping holes in the story, or just plain unbelievable.

Eventually Bronson becomes expendable and the final third of the film is far more exciting than what precedes it.

A gripping plot, beautiful locations, a quick pace, and perfectly executed scenes of conflict make this movie the masterpiece that it is.

As another admirer wrote "'The Mechanic' is a tightly-bound drama that uses everything - dialog, emotion, physical action - with stunning economy.

Intense and involving, one of Bronson's (and Winner's) best .

Some exciting sequences.

However this side of it is lost in lots of slow quiet scenes (that Winner obviously meant to be `tense') and lost of noisy `hits'.

But ultimately this movie was for me a total bore.

really exciting, especially the motor-cycle chase segment.

This is another great Bronson film that's very entertaining, with memorable performances and a great ending, i highly recommend this one!.

This crime thriller packs intrigue, suspense, noisy action-packed with exciting motorcycle pursuit,explosive excitement, thrills and lots of violence.

A true old school action Thriller that's moody,dark & totally entertaining & you get lost with Bronson in this classic that has a fantastic old 70's music score it's great & Nostalgic in the way that it's a lost era the 1970's & Bronson is gone too R.

The ending was, for me, an unexpected surprise.

Still, the last third makes up for some of the movie's more pointless scenes, such as Jill Ireland's one - and only - appearance.

This is another great Bronson film, that's very entertaining, with memorable performances and an awesome ending!.

All the excesses of the remake seemed very loud and pretentious to me, while watching the set-pieces and the planning that went into keeping this simple.

We've seen elements of this kind of story in all kinds of places - in gangster films, in Westerns, in psychodramas, in coming of age films....

Steve likes Bishop's pad in the country and fancy sports car and most of all the danger of his job that is very exciting for the young man who was bored with his life of unending parties.

Later, the movie includes a thrilling battle in a mansion which turns into a motorcycle cross country taste.

Charles Bronson has a tough imagine, image that I find totally boring now, in everything he does,including the Death Wish Films.

"The Mechanic" is an engaging film by Michael Winner with another great performance of Charles Bronson in the role of a "mechanic", meaning a hired hit-man that kills his victims without leaving a trace.

I felt they could've easily added an exciting car chase before the gunfight.

With great locations, exciting outbursts of action and a surprise twist, this is seventies action entertainment at it's best and it was the period where Director Michael Winner's collaboration with Bronson proved to be his best work to date.

but it moves slow for much of its running time.

Not the best ever, but enjoyable and entertaining, especially for a rental.

Another Great Bronson Film That's Very Entertaining, With Memorable Performances And A Fantastic Ending.

And that character, much like Bronson himself, is fascinating, revealing himself as a careful and precise person and also highly cultured.

It's worth watching & paying for.

They sure don't make them like this anymore: smart, realistic, tough and fascinating.

The story was a little hard to follow because i was 12 at the time so she explained to me a dumbed-down version of the storyline.

He strolls quietly and unassuming through his movies to a degree which I find frustrating, yes he gets his man, and yes he is predictable.

The direction by Michael Winner is excellent and in my opinion is what should be emulated by current directors because the movie is very suspenseful - if you don't believe me, check out what he does with the opening scene with NO dialog.

This sets up the ground work and with some active pursuit on Steve's part, including doing adrenaline junky type activities together, Arthur sees that he might have it in him to do the impassive line of work he does as a mechanic and takes him under his wing as an associate and possible companion.

The movie is immediately dated to the 1970s every time Jan Michael Vincent opens his mouth with "dig it" or "hey man", however"The Mechanic" is so unpredictable that you will stay with it, and the conclusion definitely will not disappoint.

Intriguing relationship between master Bronson and apprentice Vincent.

Still, the first twenty minutes amount to a riveting setup, perfectly defining the Bronson character and all that follows.

There is also a classic car-chase scene down an Italian coastline near Naples which is just riveting.

Action packed with many thrills.

The Mechanic becomes fairly exciting in the last 15 minutes.

idles a bit too slow .

"The Mechanic" is an unconventional action thriller which, as well as featuring the usual chases, explosions and shootouts, provides a fascinating character study of its main protagonist and an account of a mentor/protégé relationship that he enters into with a young sociopath.

The film continuously remains suspenseful, unusually strange and highly compelling even after the somewhat odd opening sequences and it's probably the only film out of Bronson's heydays that is totally unpredictable and effectively shocking.

Many intriguing questions!

In a way you get a solid hit-man action movie and an episode of Tales Of The Unexpected wrapped into one.

There is a drab atmosphere that pervades the film and combines with the restrained acting of the leads to give the production a muted feel.

View on the film:For someone who always sounded like the life of the party in interviews,director Michael Winner displays an unexpected ear for silence,with Winner breaking Bishop's merciless Film Noir loner veins with extended sequences featuring no dialogue,which strike at the cold, soulless emotion Bishop feels towards his job.

The result is a movie that's both exciting and engrossing at different times but also consistently entertaining.

Some critics seem to find the Mechanic hard to follow.

Some scenes are certainly exciting, and it's a little reminiscent of 1971's Get Carter.

Falling just shy of 100 minutes in length, 'The Mechanic' is a tightly-bound drama that uses everything - dialogue, emotion, physical action - with stunning economy.

The director, Michael Winner, sets up some nifty and exciting action scenes, particularly with a motorcycle chase that seems timed to the note, and to another chase as the climax set in Italy.

Thrilling movie about the very deadly rivalry between two contact killers .

Kline, a superbly shivery'n'spooky score by Jerry Fielding, and several stirring slam-bang action set pieces, this fine film certainly makes the grade as a very tense, exciting and suspenseful crime thriller.

While enjoyable the first half of the movie is quite slow.

Exciting and often funny 70s action/buddy movie with a nice ending twist .

So quietly absorbing and disquieting.

More important is a good story, actors who knows how to get the job done and a director who have the ability to create an suspenseful atmosphere.

The young girl suicide scene was absolutely pointless and stupid, where Bronson's and Vincent's indifference to it, made them at that moment, almost unlikeable.

The relationship between Bronson and Vincent is intriguing and leads up to the memorable ending with a nice twist to the proceedings.

Bringing an outsider in to join Bishop and sending them both to Italy,Winner pushes the Noir shoulder aside for a dash in Italian Crime,that despite bringing some frantic chase moments in,does leave to a pause in looking at the empty reflection of Bishop.

The storyline is pretty straight-forward, except for an unexpected twist at the end: A contract hit-man, seemingly about to retire, took on a cocky young man as protégé, who eventually turned the table on the master.

Warning: try to stay awake during the first five minutes.

Near the end, the last turning point was exciting to see, who was gonna be gotten to first, where I guess in one sick sense, they both came out even.

Worth watching!

The film tries to inject some meaning into its portrayal of a hit-man's everyday life, but it's nowhere near as compelling as Jean-Pierre Melville's definitive LE SAMOURAI (1967).

The ending is quite unpredictable for a 70's Bronson movie but enjoyable to the last second.

'The Mechanic' is a fascinating film for a number of reasons.

It's certainly thrilling , though the morality may be questionable , even in this time, as the spectators were clearly on the Bronson's side in spite of being a cruel killer .

After the slow start that ends with a predictable explosion, then we have another murder and then a half hour of almost nothing happening; in this section Bronson and Vincent grow from being vague acquaintances to partners to...