The Midnight Meat Train (2008) - Horror, Mystery

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A photographer's obsessive pursuit of dark subject matter leads him into the path of a serial killer who stalks late night commuters, ultimately butchering them in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Ryûhei Kitamura
Stars: Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 59 out of 260 found boring (22.69%)

One-line Reviews (185)

Other than that, the whole movie is stupid and a waste of time.

The film had a way of sucking you in, even though the plot was highly predictable.

After meeting with the authority on photography in the art world—a fascinating bit part from Brooke Shields, picking her out of Hollywood obscurity—he realizes that he must catch glimpses of the city more provocative and dangerous than those he has been.

Then there is some investigation, some minor stalker/slasher interplay between Jones and Cooper and another disjointed, unnecessarily explicit horror interlude.

I think there is a bit of potential displayed in the direction, but the director also falls for a lot of the B-style pit falls (overly dramatic direction applied to mundane tasks, cheesy character actions, etc.) and just seems to lack a refined vision of mood and setting.

The resolution was pretty much what I expected, the whole story was simple and predictable.

" The humor is surreal and it works at that moment because of the banality of the line.

A surprising engrossing horror film .

Its about the killing AND the main characters' mental torment AND the vicious crimes AND a mystery etc. The murders are visually stunning and filmed from creative and new perspectives.

The plot of the movie was okay, but the execution of the story and character development proved confusing and pointless.

), his flair for CGI augmented visuals and the intense seduction of experimental camera-work in a cinematic environment so increasingly sanitised of actual visceral terror, Kitamura refreshes the genre's ability to unsettle and provoke audiences and jolt jaded horror enthusiasts out of their PG-13 apathy.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen, possibly in my entire life.

A terrible waste of time .

Overall: Very entertaining.

Thrilling overlooked gem .

The end is very predictable.

Every scene was visually interesting, stunning in fact and you can tell the director put a lot of thought into each scene.

THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN is certainly a weird but fascinating horror film, I admit of course there are leaner and meaner horror films out there but this film's aim is not to try and be overly scary, it actually tries to draw you in with an intriguing plot which it does, it sets a very dark mood and has an interesting atmosphere to it, the camera work has this sometime artistic subtlety about it, like the director was very precise about what he wanted from every shot.

The pace is good, there's quite a bit of incident, the early mystery elements are fairly intriguing & certainly kept me watching wanting to see where it was going although there's hardly any dialogue or character's & apart from the main plot there really isn't anything else going on at all & you can sort of tell it was based on a very limited idea.

There is a bathtub full of gore in the slaughter scenes aboard the mostly empty train.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you keep watching.

The story really starts to drag when we reach the middle of the film and each revelation becomes more tedious than the last.

What The Midnight Meat Train got wrong: Beyond everything else, the plot has to be one of the most cliché, unoriginal things to hit a theatrical horror movie in a long time.

Still its more inventive than your average horror film, Clive Barker, always comes up with horrific ways of looking at mundane things, subway handles become meat hooks, tunnels become the roads to hell, the roar of the rails, the screech of demons.

The conductor, who is portrayed as the head guy behind this train "conspiracy" speaks only twice in the whole movie and serves to shout basic, bland exposition with no insight.

The storyline seemed intriguing enough - some dude is butchering unsuspecting people on the subway.

This is far from a cheesy B-movie, but an intense, gore filled subway trip to hell.

I wouldn't waste my time - wish I'd have watched Mirrors instead.

No, in fact it's boring and predictable.

It is indeed a highly enjoyable film, containing some nice suspense, close group of characters and, everyones favourite, a heck load of gore.

Decent gory film that is intriguing all the way through.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

I dont see anything cliche at all.

The ending is also predictable, and somewhat unsatisfying, particularly because of the loose ends that it fails to tie up.

However with that said, there were some plus points; such as, I liked how the gore was shown almost artistically instead of an 80s style blood splat of quick cut aways, good camera angles combined with the close up special effects and pan shots made the gore very entertaining.

This movie is an extremely psychologically thrilling horror movie that will keep you hooked and involved for the entire duration.

However, the rest of the movie, though thrilling, does not totally live up to the promise of the opening premise.

There was basically no story line, the acting was dreadful, the blood and gore a CGI bore and not once did I even flinch.

He gets into intriguing mystery of a butcher who allegedly kills and butchers humans (Old Cliché) in midnight subway trains.

The pacing is off in some areas.

Stylish, intense shocker.

There is a great scene in which the camera spins around the car while the main protagonists duke it out that while I'm sure was augmented by some sort of CGI was still exciting to watch.

Bottom line: "Midnight meat train" as itself is very graphic and interesting, but too predictable and clichéd movie.

First, we have Kitamura's creative direction which uses audacious camera trickery and awesome CGI effects to stunning effect.

Best to watch with friends, not scary, but some intense moments.

The actors gave an average performance in this movie however, i got a bit bored of Vinny Jones constant scowling in the film.

However I liked the slow methodic movement that Vinnie Jones brought to the Mahogany character.

The movie is slow paced, sometimes you will get so bored you'd forget what was the story about.


Don't waste your time.

even during the bizarre (unexpected) third act.

Completely pointless...

Waste of precious 90 min of my life.

That's because the movie fails to expand a gripping short story into even an interesting feature-length plot.

In the leading role, Bradley Cooper feels a bit bland.

Watching Bradley Cooper move into obsession after Mahogany is one heck of a thrilling storyline, while a couple of the twists were brilliantly executed.

Men, please stop making women in your movies cliché, shrill and annoying.

Movies based on best selling author's tend to have that special something in them that really separates them from the mediocre and cliché.

Instead, I got a suspenseful and intelligent horror movie with a great twist at the end.

Don't waste your time on this film .

The pace is way too slow.

Ryûhei Kitamura has added some style and mood to this thing and crafted one of the more enjoyable horror films I've seen in quite some time.

by the end of the movie, I bet at least 1/3 of audience left the theater.

Don't waste your time.

Entertaining movie.

As mentioned earlier, what was a refreshing spin, was how direct and to the point the acts of violence got, without dragging the scenes out with needless, extended cries of mercy or lingering on gratuitous scenes of gore and blood, which torture porn flicks seem to continuous bog their movies with, that it becomes boring (Yes, I think you can sense that I'm already de-sensitized to such scenes).

And there's where the story becomes intriguing, as it poses a lot of questions and doesn't provide you with any clear answers, until much later.

They merely slow the viewer down from getting to see something they may have been intrigued about from first sight.

Worthwhile but disjointed take on classic Clive Barker short story .

There was no story line whatsoever.

By far the worst movie I have ever seen .

Because of that, I had a bit of awe on its film adaptation, but the fact that Barker approved it and that it was directed by Ryuhei Kitamura (who made the very entertaining films Versus and Godzilla: Final Wars) made me have a bit of optimism on it.

Weird yet fascinating.

Just the artistic film making is worth the watch.

Kitamura (director) seems to take pleasure in purposefully staging his blood and gore orgy so that more gore, blood and gut is spilled to the point of becoming either unbearable or laughable.

The main character is a photographer and he lives with his girlfriend in that classic cliché of the man being afraid to commit.

A dark and engrossing ride .

The ending is just as intense as the rest of the film and does explain a lot.

The leads were bland and I never cared about them.

Slight moments of suspense destroyed by the stupidity of the characters as well as this new movement of over pretentious CGI blood.

This film takes a VERY unexpected twist at the end.

Yawn .

It was entertaining and extremely gory with some tight direction...

If your craving character development and engaging story fulfillment, you certainly won't find it here.

some good suspense throughout the movie, a few thrilling scenes.

Unfocused, overindulgent and overly dramatic, Kitamura adopts too many missteps to keep things moving here and even he seems bored with what he's directing.

Two teenagers are in an empty theater, sharing a bucket of popcorn as they sit close and watch a cliché horror flick up on the big screen.

Literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The contrast is turned up so high that dark spaces appear as dull grey washed-out splotches.

Pretty entertaining little movie.....

As well, there's also the rather slight issue of this one having quite the confusing and troubling storyline with a lot of elements that make no sense at all, ranging from the inability to understand why he was abducted and then released, his later freak- out on his friends or the biggest mystery which is the explanation for the society at the end, which makes no mention beforehand and feels like an afterthought since there's nothing about them or what they do other than tend to the strange creatures so they're apart of the mysteries surrounding this one.

I enjoyed it.

I felt like I was stuck in a bad cliché.

Probably one of the worst movies I've seen.

I love how they did for dark blue color, it made this movie more entertaining.

There were forced love scenes and quite frankly, the actress added to the slow pacing.

As the film dragged on, and take my word for it, it dragged on, it just got more and more far fetched.

An entertaining pre Halloween movie .

The worst thing a horror film can be is boring, and Midnight Meat Train is never dull.

I left the theater scratching my head at the reason for all the butcher shop footage, and why that didn't play-out more.

and unpredictable ending .

well acted,superbly shot, predictable, slasher film .

Likewise, the direction (by Versus helmer Ryuhei Kitamura) is certainly energetic and his cacophony of camera angles, speed changes and in-camera effects are enough to keep you awake during the films slower moments.

There is absolutely no point, no plot, no excitement.

The cameraman, who takes crappy instagram-worthy garbage, is pretentious and annoying.

Being a hardcore horror fan, but one who actually enjoys HORROR and not just cheese, I'm constantly told by people that they don't watch horror movies for the same reasons Scream listed: They all follow the same, predictable plot.

He was menacing, frightening, and intense.

However,this film happens to convert a seemingly predictable story into a cult classic.

Not so good: the story is too formulaic, predictable and unbelievable at times, one or two scenes downright silly, and some aspects of the plot are never explained at all.

Despite the fact that this film was only released to Dollar Theaters, 'Midnight Meat Train' was actually an enjoyable and impressive movie.

the ending was unexpected for me as i have never heard about this,there are many movies around like this if you look at Korean or other Asian cinema.

You have to endure a slow buildup of Leon the photographer (Bradley Cooper) who in his quest to take the perfect picture for an exhibition, chances upon Mahogany and follows him for that Kodak moment.

An Entertaining Thriller .

The chases through the train were silly and boring.


From opening to close, The Midnight Meat Train was one cliché after another cliché.

because it's gripping and it's well done...

Hands down one of the worst movies I've seen in a while because it lacks common sense on every level.

The set is dark and atmospheric and the plot engages with unexpected angles.

I didn't really feel "scared" or "spooked", it was a little predictable for the most part.

The Tedious Train of Terror .

Pointless, flawed, filled with goofs, bad bad bad story.

To top that off, it was delivered by Mr. Sci-fi Channel in a monotone voice that I swear I've heard say "The Ultra 5000 landed on Yenum in Quasi-Tum!

Oh, and the predictable ending.

Fourth, this film is just littered with totally pointless scenes like Cooper banging Bibb doggie style in a random place and Vinnie Jones cutting of warts from his chest and placing them in a jar of blue liquid (this weird scene was never explained or returned to later on), just to name a few.

Reading the reviews on this so thought the film might be okay and that maybe I'm just not getting into but oh was I wrong from the minute I started watching it I picked up on so many implausible faults in the film, further on there was just unnecessary things happening in the movie so much off it was just pointless the whole film is literally pointless.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Mahogany takes the late train and waits for it to empty before reaching into his bag and using the tricks of his trade to kill any passengers unlucky enough to be going to the final stop.

Due to the inherent viciousness and brutality on display, there's a great amount of fun here watching him take out the first victim along in the car that gets stumbled upon by the on-looker in the other car, the sudden shock his creeping up on the lone girl after he rescues her from the thugs earlier, an incredibly vicious and shocking encounter with a couple later on that really showcases the brutality quite clearly in some utterly frantic moments and a later scuffle between him and a citizen on-board makes for a rather strong series of scenes aboard the train, and is also helped along nicely by the sterling brawl at the end which really goes beyond these earlier scenes on it's own to sow them engaged in a rousing, energetic set-piece where both sides are wailing on each other in brutal, bloody action.

It's entertaining, different and gory.

So it is pointed out to us that they DO have an intensive security system in the station (the cops don't use the footage for clues?

a waste of time...

Overall the film is worth the watch depending on their taste in horror films, personally i would not recommend it to somebody who shares the liking of the same type of films as me.

The real horror is the acting of Leslie Bibb, but it could be the script forcing her to act slow and dumb.

Cliché all the time.

Unfortunately, his main technique is the gigantic cliché of trying to "capture the city as it really is," which has to be the most uninteresting goal imaginable for any photographer.

Not too many though, just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Home and bored...

" It's a self-congratulatory phrase that sell-out critics (film critics and books critics alike) use in efforts to get their names on movie or book covers, and having been a fan of writers like Clive Barker and Stephen King since I was about 11 years old, I've heard it more than enough times for it to have become an empty cliché in my mind.

Most of the gore is a cut-off scene where the camera is focusing at the wall while Mr. Cliché is mutated.

Thrilling musical score with frightening sounds and appropriate cinematography with dark atmosphere by cameraman Jonathan Sela.

Don't waste your 100 minutes of time watching this complete crap.

So many random cuts and jumping around that it's hard to follow sometimes, while other scenes are long and drawn out to the point of almost putting you to sleep.

There's also the fact that this one does feature some other good work outside the train as it manages to feature several intriguing and chilling scenes where he encounters the butcher at the meat- packing plant and is drawn into a rather tense foot-chase throughout it does give this a solid and rather enjoyable finale.

I have to give four out of five for its stunning visuals(Surprised me).

How dull.

Perhaps the second third of the film is somewhat slow as it pertains more to the relationship between our main character and his girlfriend.

This movie was filled with intense gore and bloody scenes.

With this begins the tedious flow of The Midnight Meat Train.

Really, it's not even bad enough to be funny, because it's also boring.

predictable and rather boring .

"Oh no, it's dark, look out behind you" I say, quite bored with the cheap thrills.

A POV shot from a severed head is delightfully nasty, but the most breathtaking moment comes as Cooper fights Jones aboard a speeding train, the camera constantly revolving around the action, even leaving the confines of the carriage.

Of course, even watching animals being slaughtered isn't a pretty sight, and Kitamura too well knows this, and so The Midnight Meat Train instead takes on a purely abstract form rather than a relevant, compelling one.

What he discovers is that the man he is following is a brutal serial killer who dispatches victims with a meat hammer and hook on the nearly empty cars of the subways after 2 AM.

The plot, even though predictable, was intriguing...

An unexpected gem of gore .

As the storyline is rather lightweight and predictable, Kitamura adds tons of graphic bloodshed to the mix, although the sometimes dodgy CGI effects make it funny rather than disturbing; Ted Raimi's over the top cameo death is a highlight here.

Late in the film, the story moves into familiar Barker territory, introducing some fantasy/horror elements to the picture, but while they won't really leave the audience scratching it's head, they seem more tantalizing than much of what has come before and you wish the filmmakers had dispatched with the repetitive train murder sequences and delved into some of these elements a little earlier.

I thought the acting was good and the movie was suspenseful and kept the viewer wondering.

What a waste of time.

A complete waste of an hour and 43 minutes of my life.

The film is based on just a short story and clearly there wasn't enough material to stretch it out for one hundred minutes, meaning that the film feels drawn out and is not very exciting as a result.

Although I was not a fan of the original short story, I found this movie to be very entertaining.

With a intriguing plot, a compelling lead protagonist (Bradley Cooper before the Hangover fame) and a unique villain (Vinnie Jones), the violence and overall tone set the film.

All in all, I had a good time being in my Saturday night cliché.

They need no story, no base, no nothing..just some gruesome murders, slaughters, dead bodies hanging upside down, scooped eyeballs, and their packages being chopped off.

The story is dark and suspenseful, with lots of "Meaty" death sequences that will surely have you rewinding just to see it again...

Intriguing, unusual, strong horror film.

Characters/Acting- The characters are moderately intriguing, all being performed very well.

While the premise and story is gripping and horrifying enough, the plot in itself just doesn't seem credible enough at times.

It is also confusing and silly, unfortunately.

Having been unceremoniously dumped onto theatres to do Jessica Simpson business, this nasty, spectacularly violent shocker isn't perfect, but it's solidly entertaining and well worth a look.

This movie is in fact quite boring and lacks logic through out the movie.

We live in an age where direct to video horror flicks are far more enjoyable than theatrical releases.

I won't go as far as to say it was breakthrough original, but it was darn intriguing all the way through.

Straight to the worst movies..EVER..list .

The ending was predictable and one reviewer here said the train driver was an alien.

Vinnie Jones is a man I dislike, but here he gives a stunning show.

The only good part of this movie was the always entertaining and kick ass performance by Vinnie Jones.

The pacing was off and never gave me any sense of dread - people just stumbled around, got on the subway, got killed, the photographer started to watch, go crazy, then solve the mystery.

Starting off on relatively mediocre, straight forward ground, The Midnight Meat Train tells a story that goes from mildly intriguing to irksome to downright repelling.

" It only remains to be seen if fellow "masters of horror" has-beens Tobe Hooper and George Romero can top Clive's latest foray into the cliché ridden wastes of gore porn that western horror films have become.

it was a great idea, but really badly implemented and so predictable.

I knew from the moment I saw that ring on the Butcher's finger and the accomplice driving the train, that this must be some Illuminati-type setup, or that multiple officials had to be in on it, or that this was a fake train fooling people into boarding it-- that guessing and suspense made it intriguing.