The Minus Man (1999) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A cold-blooded serial killer floats around the country and chooses his victims from people who complain about their lives and indicate a willingness to be killed. His murders are introduced...

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Hampton Fancher
Stars: Owen Wilson, Sheryl Crow
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 108 found boring (20.37%)

One-line Reviews (91)

I was worth watching, even at 2 am.

The environment, the feeling of the film was intriguing, a mixture of light and dark.

Fresh and engaging.

Anyway, this is a fascinating movie, and wonderfully directed by Hampton Fancher.

It's the kind of small locale film which can be very absorbing.

And very, VERY boring.

Pretentious and not in the least interesting.

Owen Wilson, one of the most overrated and boring actors of our time stars in the most boring psycho-film ever made.

If you like thrillers, horror, psychological drama, and intriguing stories, you might find this movie very much to your liking.

Gripping stuff!

I highly recommend it.

Recently re-viewed this film again, and was struck by the direction, overall intriguing performances and suspense throughout.

A very, very boring movie .

what I saw was dull and I didn't and couldn't spend hours talking about it.

A total waste of the viewers time.

I must say, the exquisite trailer for this movie was very entertaining, but the movie left me feeling empty.

Don't waste your time with this film.

Waste of time.

The other character were equally as strange, but Wilson's character was the most fascinating to watch.

This film is a big waste of time.

The Minus Man is weird and random, but engaging without depth.

the only complaint that I have is that it kinda dragged.

Portrayals of "stoic" serial killers are nothing new, but this depiction (or Wilson's "acting") is tepid, bland, drowsy...

Beauty may be in the "eye of the beholder", but I fail to see any reason why this film would evoke anything but an enormous YAWN!

If you want riveting suspense, you too will hate this movie.

Outstanding in its Field and Balances the Genre with a Very Different Take on the Psychosis of the Psycho with a Rare and Riveting Reversal of Expectations.

Subtle and intriguing, a work of art .

Engaging thriller .

I have no built in dislike for small budget, "artsy" films, but this bit of self-absorbed, pretentious fluff redefines the word BORING!

But this movie was slow moving but kind of intriguing from the start.

It wasn't suspenseful, had no action, no plot, nothing.

The two (presumably imaginary) cops who represent his inner voice seem like too strenuous a device compared to the rest of the film, and the whole thing plays a little long, but on the whole it's an absorbing, carefully considered piece of genre work.

Don't waste your time.

The slow, trancelike state seems almost like some kind of Zen experience--only about a serial killer.

If you're expecting an exciting time, don't bother seeing it.

Owen Wilson plays a deranged cold-blooded serial killer that scares because he is sweet and loved by people around him, therefore totally different from the usual cliché of criminal.

It was really boring.

Written and directed by Blade Runner co-writer Hampton Fancher, this is a slow moving and often absorbing affair boasting three of the best actors in Hollywood: Scotland's own Brian Cox (so good as Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter) as the dad who loves to beat himself up, Janeane Garofalo as Wilson's love interest and Oscar-winner Mercedes Ruehl as the ill-fated mother.

Even serial killers can be a bore.

I found the lead character (serial killer) to be very engaging.

The movie seems to be based on the premise that because it's insipid, tedious protagonist, who talks almost non-stop throughout the film, occasionally kills people (in a rather insipid way) this somehow makes him interesting.

I thought this movie was a waste of time.

Fascinating approach to the serial killer subject .

The worst movie in history!

The story doesn't build, it meanders and Vann is so uninteresting that, well, the film is uninteresting too.

Normally if a movie is boring, I'll usually turn it off.

I highly recommend it.

This was boring; I mean really boring.

it was so boring and it had no point.

' I agree except that I found it fascinating rather than thrilling.

From a technical standpoint, the lighting was completely dull and flat, and the camera work, though sufficient, was also boring.

The pattern became pretty predictable, and about half-way through the movie I could feel that this movie was going to end as ambiguously as it started.

Unbelievable Waste of Time .

Monotonous, boring, passable.

Her character this time is really insecure, kinda dull, and...

Terribly Boring and Annoying.

Lulling out an intriguing portrait...

Ultimately what makes it such a superior product is the tight ensemble cast, the quiet understated tension (an aspect which is painfully rare in serial-killer-on-the-loose scenarios) and a fresh, unpredictable story line.

It's far more interesting and enjoyable than The Sixth Sense, for example.

The film's approach is very laid back, focusing on the ordinariness of life that hides something terrible; the pace is everything but fast, nevertheless the story is filled with some fascinating elements that compensate for the lagging rhythm.

It starts out slow, and it ends like it starts.

*Yawn* .

At other points in the story, the bizarre and unpredictable nature of the characters create a thoroughly realistic ensemble which helps define the main idea behind the plot: what can we truly know about most of the people we interact with daily?

Get past the first fifteen minutes, which are rather amateur and slow.

Thirty minutes into the film, I pressed the eject button and began to look for something more vital and exciting to watch, such as reruns of "The Partridge Family".

But too many times, the suspense is diffused too early by voice overs from the killer, reflecting on mundane things.

Ms. reuhl is allowed to be troubled and complex and still maintain her smouldering, mature sexuality while Mr. Cox is still engaging despite his David Lynchian psychotic episodes.

This movie is flat out boring.

The storyline seemed like it could have worked as a murder-mystery thriller, but because of such poor execution, it turned out to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

Unfortunately, I found the plot to be so dull that I couldn't even finish watching it.

Unfortunately, Wilson's character is completely uninteresting (not to mention still annoying upon the second viewing), and his story isn't all that thrilling either.

To be avoided (except perhaps as a cure for insomnia).

Instead, it lulls you into a somnambulant realm of subtle observation, giving you plenty of time to contemplate the characters as they slowly develop.

An absorbing, carefully considered piece of genre work.

You'll wonder what strange world you've been immersed in.

Weak, boring & no entertainment value.

I almost feel bad criticising this movie because it's not an outright turkey and means well, but frankly it was often a bore to watch.

Even when he was supposed to be exciting and peak in energy, it was dull and boring.

If you are interested in character study, you'll probably find this movie fascinating.

but honestly, watching paint dry would be more thrilling on the whole - although less 'psychological' I guess...

"The Minus Man" follows the rather boring activities of Vann (Wilson), a young man who drives into town, settles in a rented room, becomes a postal worker, and apparently kills people.

I found it to be compelling precisely because it sneaks up on you with humor, a subtle feeling of dread and great characterizations (especially by Owen Wilson--at once appealing and creepy).

" If you need a fast car chase--miss this one--you will be bored.

With, The Minus Man, you get another lame overpraised independant film that consists of a million miles of dialogue that goes deeper and deeper into boredom.

The most boring movie I have ever had the misfortune to watch.

For the ones who say that the movie is slow, the director wanted the movie to be slow.

it tends to move slow,but to me,it was just compelling enough to keep watching.

"The Minus Man" has to be a serious contender for the title of "most boring movie ever made".

Super Slow .


We are made to sympathize with his obvivious moral confusion.