The Monster Squad (1987) - Action, Comedy, Fantasy

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A young group of monster fanatics attempt to save their hometown from Count Dracula and his monsters.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Fred Dekker
Stars: Andre Gower, Robby Kiger
Length: 79 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 13 out of 148 found boring (8.78%)

One-line Reviews (58)

What more could you ask for than to see such a fun and exciting story melded with awesome special effects and evil monsters!??

Almost like seeing if The Goonies took on the old monsters, we have a whole different variety of the cliché kids.

Together in their treehouse, they escape the world through their love of all things sci-fi and horror, much to the confusion of their teachers and parents.

And that's just how I would describe this movie, "Entertaining.

3 vamp brides were cool looking tho slower than zombies.

Highly Entertaining.

I grew up in the 80's and watched this as a child, it was fun and entertaining, and it worked with my imagination which was already leaning towards a tendency for horror.

The scene of "The Mummy" unwrapping as he is dragged behind a car is priceless, as is the film's respectful treatment of the legendary Universal monsters.

This entertaining horror/comedy/adventure was certainly ahead of its time and it's now an cult classic.

With an original premise based on how Bud&Lou got tangled up with all their monsters in Abbott&Costello Meet Frankenstein and a climax which liberally borrowed from the Back To The Future films, The Monster Squad is still an enjoyable film for young audiences.

Semantics do bore me and if the intention is to confuse you have exceeded expectations.

The film was enjoyable though the script could have used more polishing.

It is very intense.

I was 16 when this film was released in 1988 and when it came out, I rushed to the Cinema believing that this was gonna be as good as THE LOST BOYS or as enjoyable as THE GOONIES.

It is a real exciting climax as the kids battle the monsters in order to open limbo and banish the evil forever.

Highly entertaining and, IMHO, is 5/5 stars.

I have seen adult movies with more recognizable stars than this boring foray into monster hunting.

They are good enough, "there are some cheese on a side dish" mainly because of their one-liners, some are great (werewolf nards) and some are repetitive and unfunny (there's mummy in my closet).

The boys get unexpected help from Frankenstein when the monster grows tired of being continually bossed around by Dracula.

"The Monster Squad" is a highly entertaining cult movie with a funny story that entwines adventure, dark comedy and horror.

It's short, sweet and ultimately entertaining -- it'll appeal to the twelve-year-old monster hunter in all of us.

Fun, light hearted but entertaining.

Plus, you've got all the classic monsters which truly make this film worth watching.

I do remember that it was pretty funny and was enjoyable for the whole family.

Awfully contrived and nonsensical, though may appeal to kids, and is certainly a cult film.

The plot is ludicrously simple, but effective and engaging enough.

The ending gave hope to a sequel, but after 20 years nothing happened.

The eigthies was a confusing era, and this movie was a fart of the eighties era of movies.

It is over the top, funny, and really entertaining!

Directed by Fred Dekker (RoboCop 3, Night of the Creeps) made an lively, entertaining fantasy film that is an lovely tribute to the old "Universal Monsters Movies" and the "Abbott & Costello" movies.

It's sweet, touching, funny and entertaining.

It also is a "Goonies"-esque coming of age comedy with a fantasy-type element to it.

Even the villains, that are all horror icons of course, remain a bit boring, also because their villainous plot never really becomes clear or threatening enough.

This movie was a lovely way to spend my Saturday night I enjoyed it from the begging.

Gillman and the Mummy have little to do, and the three brides of Dracula are especially too slow to be a menace.

Disc One has two enjoyable and informative commentary tracks.

Ably directed by Fred Dekker (who also gave us the terrific "Night of the Creeps"), with a really clever and inspired script by Dekker and Shane Black, a constant unflagging pace, excellent make-up f/x by the ever-reliable Stan Winston, beautifully sparkling and polished cinematography by Bruce Houghton, a rousing, majestic orchestral score by Bradford May, funky 80's slang (favorite words include "wuss," "jerkoid," and the immortal "nards"), some mild gore (the Wolfman gets blown in half in an especially grisly scene), and nifty 80's period touches (there's a "Miami Vice" dialogue reference and keep your eyes peeled for the "Robotech" t-shirt), this sweetly affectionate tongue-in-cheek homage to vintage golden oldie creature features has plenty of charm and energy to spare.

it's also funny at times, and it's entertaining.

On the minus side, the film is light hearted and corny throughout, full of predictable clichés involving the monsters and lacking the smallest bit of characterisation.

This movie is definitely worth watching over and over again.

Also, if they think that it's the lochness monster and Frankenstein (as opposed to Frankenstein's Monster which is a name confusion they actually mention in the movie) This previous reviewer is someone who obviously was not paying attention to the movie, knows nothing about monsters, and therefore has no business writing a review.

Really enjoyable...

Joining the squad with Shane Black making his screenwriting debut,co-writer/director Fred Dekker crisply builds upon his Horror Comedy origins of House,with Black's snappy dialogue.

Still, even through the eyes of a skeptical and experienced 30-something genre buff, "The Monster Squad" nevertheless remains an enjoyable brew of horror, comedy and kids film.

The tone of the film veers wildly from kiddie (anything with the cute little girl) to teen-style bad language and bad taste to adult (guns, the black cop getting blown to pieces in the car, the werewolf exploding in a shower of guts and limbs) but it remains entertaining throughout, and that's what counts.

The evil Dracula (a suavely sinister Duncan Regehr) and his band of equally pernicious monsters -- Frankenstein's monster (a very engaging Tom Noonan), the Wolfman, the Gillman and the Mummy -- need to gain possession of an ancient powerful amulet so they can rule the world.

unexpected allies.

Monster Squad has some great dialogue and really entertaining scenes.

Unfortunately, and this is mainly the mature horror fanatic speaking, there are too many soft and semi-childish plot twists (like the whole friendship between the Frankenstein monster and the little sister) as well as some tedious parts.

three vamp brides were cool looking tho slower than zombies *Effects.

Highly Entertaining Cult Movie .

In my opinion, Monster Squad is a much more enjoyable movie than Night of the Creeps.

It's got a lot of one liners that my friends and I continue to quote from when we're bored and talking old movies we remember.

The Monster Squad is highly enjoyable and should be viewed as soon as possible.

Andrew Gower, Ryan Lambert, Stephen Macht, Leonardo Cimino are all very good in their simple but very enjoyable characters.

I wanted to see if this one will still be enjoyable 16 years later, as I discovered that some of my childhood favorites are not that great to me now nor stand the test of time(ex.

Sure, it's not as "cool" as I remember it being when I watched it two decades ago, but Monster Squad is still entertaining.

My fifteen and eight year old were both entertained and enjoyed it, and dare I say I'm sure more than a few people may shed a slight tear at the end.