The Natural (1984) - Drama, Sport

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An unknown comes seemingly out of nowhere to become a legendary player with almost divine talent.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Barry Levinson
Stars: Robert Redford, Robert Duvall
Length: 138 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 19 out of 195 found boring (9.74%)

One-line Reviews (74)

There is an over-obvious mythological overlay that's more pretentious than anything else.

" It was the light throughout the entire film, soft, radiant yet somehow evocative of the past and lost beauties (until the last scene).

I suppose Levinson thought all this light smashing looked like fireworks, or maybe it was intended to represent the shear glory of Mr. Redford, but the true effect for that portion of the audience neither brain dead nor ga ga over Mr. Redford is how stupid it is, how boring to watch a 2 hour movie which is mostly about smashing up light bulbs.

It retains a kind of tinkly offhand quality but sounds a bit slower in tempo, imbued with a hardly noticeable melancholy.

It is, overall, a very enjoyable movie that should entertain a wide range of ages.

It is an inspiring, entertaining story about facing adversity and overcoming the odds, especially when the odds are stacked against you.

It moves at a languid place accompanied by a memorable score from Randy Newman.

Thrilling and inspiring.

I recommend The Natural for any Robert Redford fan, baseball fan - and anyone who just wants to see a neat, entertaining movie with a main character you can really root for.

Entertaining baseball movie .

The triumphant scene in the end was so rousing and full of emotion that it still brings a tear of joy to my eyes.

Sixteen years later Hobbs emerges as a rookie for the New York Knights a team that is going nowhere and whose shady owner wants the team to fail.

(sigh)Even the 'golden' guy, with the 'golden' touch and the 'golden' smile is mistaken to think he can save this cliché-fest with his powers.

It seems like the very embodiment of the Hollywood cliche - a noble hero overcoming difficulty to achieve his dream...

Here, the viewer is immersed in all the sights and sounds that make baseball movies fun; cheering fans and home run after home run.

All the characters - the good and the bad, and there are plenty of both - are fascinating.

It feels computer-generated, so amateurish are some dialogs, so formulaic are the situations (it feels as if a Disney family oriented movie sometimes invades a serious drama), so stereotypical are the characters.

Predictable but still heart-lifting and exciting movie "The Natural" ranks right up there with the best baseball, as well as sports, films ever made.

This leads to a jerky and disjointed progression of developments built around a character (Roy Hobbs) that has very little backstory, despite the fact that he's onscreen about 90% of the runtime.

Robert Redford as Hobbs looks bored, and he is stiff and wooden, just as he was during the worst moments of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when he was young and inexperienced.

This movie is extremely long and boring, and I am a person who likes baseball and movies about it!

But, in the end, this film falls prey to dull characters and an uninspired script.

It is a very engaging story, I recognised moments that The Simpsons spoofed, especially the lightning and tree bat making moment, one of the most memorable scenes, and even if you don't understand baseball you are still rooting for the Knights and enjoy the games, it is a most watchable sports drama.

The baseball scenes are stunning, the music soars, Redford looks golden.

What I mean and being realistic is that is just another overacting old movie and the script is just too predictable in every scene.

Very entertaining .

First, the cinematography in this movie is awe inspiring and has the type of "texture" to it that illustrates and exemplifies the true beauty of film.

One of the most cliched, predictable, and melodramatic pieces of junk I've ever seen.

And the period detail is evocative without being obtrusive.

Waste of my time .

There is a compelling and appealing naturalness in the presentation of baseball in this movie directed by Barry Levinson.

An adaptation of Bernard Malamud's 1952 baseball novel of the same name, 'The Natural' is a wonderfully written & directed film, that is engaging, moving & delightful.

Another confused man in a confusing world, regardless of how =competent= he is at his chosen endeavor.

Three talented actresses caught in, to my mind, negligible, paste-em-on characters, with only the amazing Glenn Close having some layers, and handling them well, predictable though they are.

In fact, if you take this movie as a straight ahead story of a glorious (if fictional) baseball past, it's simplistic and overly sentimental to the point of unwatchable.

Randy Newman's soundtrack is evocative of Aaron Copland and the early period of American music where feeling and imagery were combined with the melody to make a wonderful experience.

The Natural(1984), directed by Barry Levinson is an enjoyable, entertaining movie that is above average in many respects.

And all this is set in the completely entertaining sports genre.

I'm very tolerant of slow movies and I love baseball, but this movie is boring.

Shot in appropriately golden light and strongly played by most of the principals, the only weak link being Kim Basinger as the scheming sex-pot out to turn his head, this is an exciting and emotionally engaging story.

While using the standard recipie of 'slow down the action and make things look like ballet', the film actually transends the stereotypical Baseball Is Life thing.

I was satisfied with the movie and would highly recommend it to fans of the sport.

People tell him he is not gonna make it because he is old and slow.

Robert Duvall's role was seedy and intriguing as well!!

Unfortunately this movie is too long and boring.

I don't fault this movie for Redford, even though he seems bored out of his mind.

All in all, a very emotional, entertaining, inspirational film.

While the movie is enjoyable, the action goes so far that is is far-fetched, taking away from the experience.

Even Glenn Close and Robert Duvall, who are great actors, still give boring and bland performances in this adaption of the novel.

Baseball: Bad and Boring .

While the plot proves to be entertaining, it is not terribly original.

I very much enjoy a slow developing story, if every scene in this movie featured an amazing home run by Roy Hobbs, the power would be lost, thus its necessary to keep things slow.

I have seen it numerous times and every time i see it, its even more exciting.

*Emotion- A very enjoyable plot, well acted & cast, and extremely richly photographed film.

As for Madsen, he doesn't get to be a regular guy, necessarily, and he doesn't get to add layers--but despite that the movie desperately needed a feral, wild-card quality, something or someone dangerous and unpredictable, and Madsen provides that with his egotistical, arrogant ballplayer.

I loved the cinematography, and the baseball action is often very exciting.

A very enjoyable plot, well acted & cast, and extremely richly photographed film.

Beautifully lit, gorgeous period detail, stunning cinematography--and these people kind of bore me.

With lots of pretentious and stilted drama --- imagine Masterpiece Theater doing baseball on Saturday Night Live --- this picture might be an unintended tribute to the Chicago Cubs circa 1984 or earlier --- their wonderful Wrigley Field being a holdout against night games.

However, the characters are terribly two-dimensional and the ending "ball by ball" predictable - even to a Limey baseball greenhorn like myself.

The cinematography was breathtaking, both in the blending of colors and light long with composition.

It is one of my all time favorite movies, it has a lot of hope, especially for veterans with experience, very entertaining.

Entertaining baseball movie.

The most enjoyable scene for me, the only time I didn't really know where things were going to go, was when a jealous Madsen took hold of Redford's lucky bat and wouldn't give it back.

The movie has peaks and valleys; it would've been wiser to shake off the cobwebs a little sooner and get Hobbs out of that dugout, but it's prettily photographed and, at times, moving, perceptive and absorbing.

Overall, Barry Levinson has created something unique from what could have easily been a cliché.

This film has it all - baseball, second chances, gambling, underhanded chicanery, ambition, friendship, magic; but most of all, it is just plain fun, romantic, and exciting.

When a baseball smashes the ballpark lights in an explosion of sparks and rousing music are unforgettable and gorgeous.

If Costner was the All- American hero of the 1990's, Robert Redford dominated much of the sixties, seventies and eighties with his easygoing personality, way with the ladies and his determination to make films that were artistic as well as entertaining.

This film has it all - baseball, second chances, gambling, underhanded chicanery, ambition, friendship, magic; but most of all, it is just plain fun, romantic, and exciting.

I loved everything about it, especially, as some here have noted, the overall sense of "real magic" created by a combination of great directing, stunning cinematography, perfect acting, genius editing, and of course, a story that resembles timeless fairy tales in its themes of love, loss and redemption.

It's definitely well made, engrossing, and the cast is awesome.

)But after realizing that this movie is really just a fairy tale, it is entertaining for that.

In its own right, this is an enjoyable baseball fantasy with a nostalgic haze (literally so, in the way many scenes are lit).