The Next Three Days (2010) - Action, Crime, Drama

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A married couple's life is turned upside down when the wife is accused of a murder.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Paul Haggis
Stars: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 42 out of 253 found boring (16.6%)

One-line Reviews (294)

Written and directed by the award-winning writer Paul Haggis ("Million Dollar Baby" and "Crash"), this movie is a slow boil.

I can tell that Haggis understands what the viewer will be thinking and feeling during the experience and he times things perfectly to make for a fun, exciting, and thoughtful experience.

A remake of a French film, "Anything For Her", which I sadly had the misfortune of not seeing prior to this; "The Next Three Days" is ultimately a well-crafted thriller with a plateful of good performances, heart-pounding suspense, and ultimately, intense passion and romance.

But like I said before there are just too many pointless filler plot threads in this movie and also I think the ending could have been done in a better way.

What I liked about this movie is, apart from the slow, but intense build up to the ending scenes, that there was a bitter taste throughout the entire movie.

At least, I wasn't upset with wasting my time with a terrible movie, but I expected something original and exciting, which sadly this movie failed to deliver.

It is still an intriguing remake of a French movie.

It bored me to tears.

Some events have no bearing on the outcome but you cannot know which are red herrings and which are genuine avenues rather you find yourself wondering where this will all lead to, making The Next Three Days a complex and intriguing thriller very much in the cerebral and classical sense such as North by Northwest or Vertigo.

The movie is filled with action , drama , adrenaline very intense a must watch.

The cliché ending was unsatisfactory.

Supported by an excellent script by the director, outstanding cinematography by Alain Duplaintier, and a moody score by Klaus Badelt, Anything For Her is entertaining, riveting, and ultimately a very moving love story.

If you're a fan of Crowe or just love damn good movies The Next Three Days is a brilliantly gripping,thrilling and tense movie that only being a 12 certificate the whole family can watch.

All the action is really in the trailer, 30 seconds of seat gripping and then nothing much.

She had passed by the murder scene in a parking garage; her coat bore a spot of the victim's blood; her fingerprints were on the weapon.

Riveting viewing .

Highly entertaining and highly recommended!!

Gritty and enjoyable.

The storyline from Pour Elle is: "Lisa and Julien are married and lead a happy uneventful life with their son Oscar.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

All in all very entertaining.

Quite on the contrary, the script plays on the fact that our sense of criticism has been lulled by a slew of bad scripts with buffoons for protagonists, implausible and illogical plot points, and a reliance on CGI-driven art-major-physics in lieu of a plot.

It was really intense and it had everything I look for in a thriller: it was suspenseful; it had good performances, interesting characters, and a smart script.

Silly but Entertaining .

Russell Crowe doesn't really do low key, and the final break out sequence is far larger scale and more action packed (and more filled with things going wrong) than the suspenseful French equivalent.

Even though this was far away from reality and highly improbable, I kind of enjoyed it.

A thrilling, emotional story of love.

It starts off with the necessary slow exposition, transitioning to a heartfelt family crisis drama and crime thriller with the tension slowly cranking up to a breakneck speed when I was literally holding my breath in the compelling edge of the seat finale.

It was intense and had a great story line.

Enjoyable thriller for the first time viewers.

There were so many intense parts that i loved!

But of course reality does not always go the way we expect, and its fascinating to watch how he deals with unforeseen obstacles that arise in his path.

However, the thing that disturbed me is the confusion people have regarding jail and prison.

And for a price of admission being only 75 cents on Tuesday, it was worth every penny and for the most part found it entertaining although a bit generic and predictable at times.

Exciting, exciting and totally underrated.

The final 40 minutes is what makes this film enjoyable.

Boring, awful, too long!

Very slow set up leads to thrilling finish .

(Or you can watch it if you want to sleep soon because this movie is so boring that you will fall asleep in a minute.

The second act is boring, it is John establishing how he is going to get Lara out of jail.

Still, it's an entertaining film that filled my time awaiting the Dodger/Brewer game in Chavez Ravine (Dodger's Stadium).

I was willing to go along for the ride until it simply became unbearable.

The story of a family man that loves and believes that his imprisoned wife is innocent and plans to rescue her from prison is engaging.

With a flat romance and a plodding plot that culminates in an underwhelming ending, The Next Three Days is a tepid caper.

A family broken up unlawfully is a nightmare for anyone and as the plot unfolds, you're in for an emotional and action packed watch.

The first half of the movie sort of gives this drama vibe which then rapidly changes in the last 30 minutes which are quite intense.

Some scenes were dragged with added sequences and some were curtailed.

Moments of touching emotion tempered with fast paced action sequences.

But there is more than just a stunning pathos there, she also allows us to see that there is a smoldering intelligence behind those baby-blues.


A movie really worth watching!

Definitely worth watching.

" - Terence McKenna A gripping thriller, Paul Haggis' "The Next Three Days" stars Russell Crowe as John Brennan, a college professor whose wife is arrested for murder.

Very predictable .

If you strip the story down to its bare bones -- rid it of modern devices, crashing automobiles, and exploding fireballs -- what you get is an old-fashioned film noir plot, and an exciting one.

Clever & suspenseful -good movie .

"The Next 3 Days" ranks as an exciting melodrama with surprises galore.

"The Next Three Days" is a tight, hard-hitting thriller that had me on the edge of my seat throughout the film.

Yawn .

This thrilling movie will captivate you, provoke your feelings and thoughts towards your loved ones, and is pure entertainment from beginning to end.

(spoiler) If you can fold up your doubt on the idea that Crowe's character could mastermind what takes place, I think you will, like me, enjoy the movie, particularly a stunning finale.

Unbelievably bad acting, unbelievably flat characters saying unbelievably empty lines in a story that made zero sense.

Sure, Russell Crowe is a good actor, Elizabeth Banks is not bad either, and director Paul Haggis already proofed in a couple of (better) films that he knows how to build characters and a compelling story around them.

When the cat and mouse time comes you are on the edge of your seat going over all the things that could go wrong.

Paul Haggis greatly impressed me with "Crash", only his second feature film as director, and I was one of those who supported the Academy's decision to award it the "Best Picture" Oscar ahead of the dull and over-rated "Brokeback Mountain".

In between, all is dark and dull and desperate, if of course supremely focused on Brennan's task in hand, which he pursues without fear, in the face of all possible odds.

The Next Three Days is one of the best thrillers I have seen in a while and the length of the film didn't bother me one bit because the movie was really intense.

He's a community college teacher, not an expert on prison escapes, so a lot of The Next Three Days is spent with Crowe's character researching how he can accomplish his goal and trying to get passports, money, etc. It's only in the last 30 minutes when the plan is actually put into action, but the movie stays exciting and interesting throughout.

So suspenseful I couldn't stand it.

He makes many arrangements for life after getting her out, most of them very boring, and the whole escape is very poorly planned and not exciting at all.

Russell Crowe goes about sounding like he is reading his lines off a sheet of paper, and Banks keeps the same monotone voice through the ENTIRE movie.

it is worth watching every second of this movie.

Crowe's exploits and the efficient police response are both ridiculously contrived.

If you like on the edge of your seat type thrillers then this is a must see with loads of twists and turns revolving around the plot.

The Next Three Days is a rare breed, a film that manages to be both thoughtful and exciting, to be seemingly both high and low art simultaneously.

This is a fun film to watch and one of the mores suspenseful ones you'll ever see.

It's all quite silly and gets sillier as it progresses, but manages to be mostly entertaining.

Insteas Crow seemed to be sleepwalking the tedious planning stages, mostly in the sort of noir darkness we see in some super hero films such as the Dark Knight.

This movie is definitely worth the watch.

As other reviewers have said, this movie is exciting all the way through.

It is a thrilling, riveting, fast paced chase at the end, which I really enjoyed.

And also, who are these IMDb commenters that find this a 'thrilling' movie?

Rarely does one come across a movie that is entertaining, engrossing and intelligent at the same time.

If you are one of those movie watchers who want the thriller movie to be thrilling from minute one to the very last minute , then this film is not for you !

We have to sit and watch uninteresting characters talk uninteresting dialogue .

Regardless of the story's fairly narrow scope, it's an enjoyable film, worthy of a good discussion with your significant other over a cup of joe.

Very good acting, good plot, and ENTERTAINING ...

It's not an incredibly action packed movie, but it's does do its fair share of thrilling with just cleverness, edged drama and psychological aspects.

Which again I think is great; the majority of us aren't charming or suave but kind of, well bland.

Ho hum...

But the last 45 minutes of the movie make up for the slowness of it's beginning.

For me it was slow, miserable and predictable.

Yelling at the Screen-Thrilling .

I thought the movie was well done and quite thrilling with a lot of twists and turns.

I wish I could recommend this movie but it is all too implausible and confusing.

Just too contrived and forced .

A Thrilling Ride .

As with most suspension-driven thrillers, there is always that built-in awareness, an unspoken agreement that most of the time occurs at the ticket kiosk or when pushing the "Open/Close" button on the Blu-ray player, that a dose of suspension-of-disbelief probably as hefty as the salt in the popcorn is as sure to occur as a montage sequence showing the story's protagonist preparing for that daredevil dive into the breathtaking unknown.

Next Three Days is honest the worst movie I have ever had to endure.

Thus, "The Next Three Days" is a very entertaining film (though perhaps not an outright classic) that I wish more Hollywood studios would copy.

It is a praise usually saved for Christopher Nolan and his particular brand of blockbuster but I wont waste my time comparing the various merits of both directors.

This is a very tense prison-break movie with Russel Crowe delivering a stunning performance.

FINAL VERDICT: It is very slow in the beginning and about 20 to 30 minutes could have been edited out.

This is engaging and manipulative film bursting with platitudes, like alcohol or a cigarette, it will relax you with cathartic ending.

The dialog is smart and snappy with occasional vignettes of humor (John, talking to his son Luke about a fight at school: "Where did you hit him?

Who will past the next couple of years rising his little boy, teaching at a community college and trying by all means available to proof Lara's innocence, but the evidence is compelling.

Very intense, compelling and very entertaining movie.

A totally improbable sequence of escapades by the protagonist put this 'thriller' in the big yawn category.

While it is a familiar and occasionally predictable plot the direction by its screenwriter Paul Haggis makes up for it with some ingenious moments (using a tennis ball to break into a car for one!

Instead it's a long, slow jailbreak movie.

Even though the film relies on many of the standard suspense elements for this kind of film, The Next Three Days was highly entertaining and as fun to watch as The Town.

You could tell that Haggis thought he was making a "smart" edgy thriller but in the end it was contrived and "dumbed-down" with too many convenient accidents and coincidences that made me frustrated and angry with the film.

Neeson is fantastic in his one scene, and then on it turns into a gripping thriller, which will have you on the edge of your seat.

The storyline in this film goes slow as a snail.

Then the last 30 minutes of the movie are really thrilling and full of suspense scenes which will keep you clung to your seat in great excitement.

Enjoyable movie .

It is VERY suspenseful, and maintains a good pace throughout.

All the little unexpected things get your adrenaline going.

The film is genuinely slow to start as we get introduced to all the characters and why we come to where we are in the film.

The two thirds of the movie made me so bored I wanted to leave the cinema.

Rusty as always is Mr Reliable and continues to be interesting even in boring films – I hope for his sake that the role called for him to put on a few kgs!

I thought it was as suspenseful as "The Rear Mirror" or the "Fugitive".

What comes as a both surprise as well as happy ending is that it's revealed, in a very confusing flash-back, who really murdered Elizabeth Gesas, remember her, who by then was totally forgotten about in all the action leading up to it.

What it will do, however, is entertain you for 2+ hours with intriguing characters, an interesting storyline, and enough plot twists to keep you guessing.

Worth watching!

Highly recommend it for all those that like a good action/thriller movie.

A tight, gripping thrill ride.

The movie is over 2 hours and it's a bit slow at times.


That said, it's enjoyable to see Crowe go through the plight of an everyday man trying to deal with his situation and attempt to pull off the impossible.

The movie also shows Russell Crowe's incredible acting range, where he surprises with yet another delivery which was unexpected from the actor.

Some of the pacing is a little slow and about 10 to 15 minutes could have been cut.

Original and Engaging...

the supporting cast was great there was high Emotion from the entire cast, everyone played their part creating a perfect fit all around no dull and boring characters no cheesy acting just all around power, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

All these fantastic actors are brought together and added to a stellar,clever and exciting script make this a truly great movie.

On a final note, Danny Elfman gives the film an intense score which really added to the tension within the film.

An astonishingly entertaining story .

If you like intense movies that keep you on your toes and give you lots to think about, don't miss this one!

The Next Three Days is the perfect blend of what it takes to make a great entertaining film.

As much as I enjoyed The Next Three Days I did find there were several scenes that lost the build up of momentum (for example the scenes in the park, while integral to the plot create a definite lull).

This movie is so incredibly rich and enjoyable, it never once crosses your mind that breaking someone out of prison is wrong.

I wasted 2 hours of my precious time on this dull , boring and irritating movie .

As trite as it sounds, The Next Three Days is an old school thriller.

I don't usually go this much into detail with my reviews, but this one definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

The story of an ordinary person put into a vulnerable and dangerous setting is always fascinating.

This film was exciting, had excellent music, was well acted and the positives FAR outweighed any negatives.

Director/writer Haggis boils the role down to a single, compelling scene, in which Neeson's Pennington primes Crowe's John for what will be an arduous and profoundly solitary quest to become a desperately competent escape artist.

The main character is so clumsy and inept he is unbearable at times.

The beginning of the film does test an audience's patience, but it more than makes up with a sobering dramatic story and exciting, tense chase scenes.

Next Three Days started off with promise but rapidly declined into something dull, dreary, slow, slow and boring.

As gripping as PG-13 rated "The Next 3 Days" is, Haggis never lets the violence, drug material, profane language, and sexuality become gratuitously gritty.

" Audiences are then treated to a taut and thrilling attempt by John to free his wife out of prison and reunite the family which includes their young son Luke (Ty Simpkins).

I wondered if it was going to be worth watching with Russel Crowe in it and my doubts were confirmed very early on.

Elizabeth Banks is a stunning talent - both highly comedic and full of range.

Great acting from Russell Crowe and the story is very smart and gripping.

Beautifully directed by Paul Haggis, The Next Three Days keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout -- you're never sure what's going to happen or how far John will go.

Developments are unexpected and plausible scenarios affect action and reaction.

intense and compelling .

Even though it's slow the plot manages to keep the attention centered well while providing intelligent twists time to time.

fantastic film: Compelling and full of suspense 9/10 .

This movie had my heart beating, and not just a little beating, but sincerely beating for its life (at the most intense parts) for the whole movie.

is emotions are perfect and you can tell he's a man on the edge.

The first half of the film is rather slow-moving, although it does liven up towards the end when John and Lara are actually trying to pull off their crazily daring escape through the streets of Pittsburgh, pursued by a police officer with an almost supernatural ability to pre-empt their every move even though he only has the flimsiest of evidence at his disposal.

It is an action thriller that has an unexpected element of reality not often found in that kind of film.

It dragged on for the duration of the film, leaving me cold, bored, frustrated and fed up.

The third act is amazing suspenseful.

I must add that even in the closing chaos, Russell Crowe manages to confine things to a slow crawl.

Crowe himself is engaging as always, so if you're a fan there's no reason not to watch this.

The pace of the film in this section is deliberately slow, like a wet fuse that threatens to quit with every sputter, provoking the patience of some audience members, in the same way that these three years have worn down John, Lara and their six year old son Luke.

Definitely worth watching - don't miss it.

The long drawn out scenes didn't draw me in, they felt more like that awkward moment of silence in a forced conversation.

Tense and Entertaining, The Way They Used to Be...

To give it's due, The idea is terrific & some sequences are genuinely gripping.

The story is flat, predictable with some goofs and gaffs along the way.

A totally engrossing movie.

total trite worn-out contrivance from start to finish.

Very entertaining and tense.

It is a slow build up to the increasingly tense action scenes.

Maybe its level of intensity isn't enough for it to rank among Hollywood's great classics, but I enjoyed it, and I miss the days when thrillers used to be as good as this.

It's the kind of film where you find yourself really rooting for the main character and it keeps you on the edge of your seat as well.

Director Paul Haggis has created a film that is exciting with some very neat touches to add to the ever present ticking clock effect.

rather boring thriller .

I constantly had to turn up the volume to hear the lines and immediately reduce volume for an exciting scene that follows.

That was a gripping and rather low key little movie.

Despite all this while The Next Three Days is at ties slow, sometimes too damn slow, it is never really dull.

Then comes the second part, a big rush of adrenaline that captivates the viewer until the final outcome.

It's worth the tedious build up because the viewer is very much invested in what happens to these characters.

Very entertaining all the way through from start to finish with no gaps which is always good for a film that exceeds 2 hours in duration.

The slow moving beginning perfectly mirrors the speed of the legal system, with the pace of the finale matching that of a breakout.

I really enjoy his films and thought he should have received a lot more credit for this suspenseful thriller.

Nevertheless, the movie is suspenseful from the beginning to the end and you're right there with John the whole time.

The story is intriguing and involving and despite the movie's flaws it works.

for a few minutes anyway, till we are back to Professor Plod and his plodding plan.

The story was built up slowly but got to a fast paced countdown.

The ensuing dialogue is contrived and banal, and worse each comment lead to another over-reaction and rising tension.

but it is entertaining.

And slow as this may be, this is actually a terrific date movie you can bring your other to if the both of you have the patience.

I thought this movie was really gripping and had a suspenseful story that you couldn't wait to see what would happen next, and Russell Crowe's amazing acting is the cement at the center of this fine movie.

Anyway - it's kind of a chase movie, with a few good scenes loosely strung together but a storyline that requires significant suspension of disbelief at several points along the way to keep it enjoyable.


The above is of course a simplification but the absorbing details would unfold as the story develops.

There's a child playing Crowe's son, that seems completely bored with the whole thing.

Intriguing and seemly original premise with fine performances from Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks as husband and wife.

Well worth watching.

It's thrilling, intense, emotional, and fun.

Then as Crowe initiates his plot, the movie is transformed into an exciting, suspensefully-edited series of events.

The introduction feels rather rushed, and lacks exposition, and the middle section is long, unfocused and boring.

There are quite a few characters in this movie that are pointless and unnecessary such as the cops, crowes parents and Olivia Wilde's character that dragged down the film.

he Next Three Days great movie, It has a Gripping And Powerful Story Line, An All Star Cast and Great Direction, Russell Crow and Elizabeth Banks Make A great team in This movie about a Husband Breaking His Wife Out of Jail In Pittsburgh, the acting in this movie is flawless Russell Crow is at his best and Elizabeth Banks backs his character perfectly, the story line is believable and solid, there isn't a dull moment from start to end it's a heart pounding roller coaster, this film keep yous watching and makes you hold on tight it pulls you and doesn't let go till the end.

Anyway the movie is exciting, thrilling, and heartwarming in some points with no sexual contents/not so much brutal descriptions/ no F words.

At first viewing, i thought the film was satisfactory but i watched it again recently and on second viewing, i enjoyed it more.

The Next Three Days sets itself up as the story of how a mundane everyman can achieve the impossible when driven by love and belief – an insight into the mind of a desperate man, if you will.

What I really liked about this movie was that despite a slow burner first hour you are gripped throughout.

It's a throwback to the superior thrillers of the late 1970's where the story journey's down unexpected highways while enthralling an audience along the way.

Yes a well acted movie that needs an ending it's slow pace results in an unwelcome open ending.

Full of twists and turns this movie is a must watch for all Russell Crowe fans and also those who love a thrilling, well written movie.

The fact that this dull imitation of good thriller has good rating (7.3) makes me think that modern generation of viewers never have seen any good thriller in their life.

Totally Engrossing .

The Next Three Days The best films are those where you are introduced to characters who do the unpredictable believably, or people you think will be key players die in the opening scene, someone you least expect turns out to be the murderer, these are the films that keep you guessing and keep you involved.

There are many twists and turns to the story, well written subplots and unexpected coincidences, all populated with a very strong cast of capable actors.

It is a well done suspense, adrenaline thrill ride for the ages.

I think this is a film that on repeat viewings will become more enjoyable.

The first act is great, the second act is not so good, and the third act is unbearably suspenseful.

I find the film quite unpredictable, keeping all viewers uncertain about what to happen next.

So the story is quite unpredictable and its one reason why it's good.

This is a gripping story that is well acted and thoughtfully put together.

In Paul Haggis' intense thriller he chooses a wise and well crafted angle to lure you in and hold your attention.

If you like your suspense powerful and unnerving, do not hesitate to seek out Anything For Her (Pour Elle), the debut effort of French director Fred Cavayé, an enormously entertaining thriller that delivers a high level of satisfaction.

The movie with excellent jump editing , flashbacks with a non linear storytelling is both gripping and an emotional roller coaster showing the different hues of emotions the family of three goes through ...

I ended up really liking this movie (and staying up super late to catch the ending) A bit of a slow burn to begin with but as all the pieces fell into place a very clever, suspenseful story.

The acting is great, the plot is exciting, and the pacing is excellent.

I was literally on the edge of my seat during the majority of the movie.

The Next Three Days is a slow building thriller about college teacher Russell Crowe planning out an escape plan to break his wife out of prison after she was arrested for a murder Crowe believes she has been wrongfully accused for.

Intriguing thriller .

" It is intense, thrilling, extremely heartfelt and wonderfully acted.

" And after watching this over-long and convoluted bore, I can't imagine the French movie being any better.

Waste of time and money .

Nonetheless it is a extremely tense and thrilling movie on it's own.

The plot is also good, even if it can get a bit dull and slow sometimes.

The plot takes too long to set up, so the first half of the film is a slow haul.

The first act is a highly compressed, somewhat slow set up for John's criminal development.

Slow and open ended .

All the characters are sketchily written and uninteresting .

intense action and thought provoking .

When it is striving to be real, The Next Three Days is dull and easily forgotten; when realism is damned and Brennan/Crowe has some successes, it all seems rather ridiculous and pointless – are we really supposed to be rooting for this idiot and his idiot plan?

We hardly notice, but this editing of the exciting part is the by now common "Transformers" technique.

Crowe delivered a few ho-hum performances in some ho-hum films - "American Gangster" for instance - but seems to have found his mojo again.

Once the action starts it doesn't stop until the films ends and it actually is pretty good, despite some cliché's and plot holes.

Sounds Boring, Is Awesome: A woman gets accused for a murder she didn't commit, her son doesn't kiss her anymore, while her husband is on a fight to get her out of prison.

It gets quite tense in the final third, with the predictable lift chasing scene, which still works, no matter how many films has it portrayed.

When John does launch his intentions, The Next Three Days soars as an exciting chase throughout the Pittsburgh streets and sidewalks as a group lead by Lt.

It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

It's still entertaining though, and the performances of Russel Crowe & Elizabeth Banks were decent.

It's more like a movie you'll watch when you're bored in afternoon.

The film makers obscure points to lengthen a "mystery" atmosphere and those obscure plot points make the film difficult to follow.

This film was such intense that I couldn't sleep calm.

This movie was awesome I was bored when I started to watch this, I was saying oh my, this is not all that, but it sucked me in after a few minutes and took me on an adrenaline ride that was totally unexpected.

It was clever, exciting, and kept the viewer's eyes riveted to the screen - no clock-watching here.

The sharp edge of extreme boredom left me wishing the film would finish immediately.

Totally boring, never happen unexpected things, I always knew what is gonna happen.

Boring first half but thrilling second half .

This movie is worth watching despite some weak plot points.

However, I will say that it continues to be refreshing to see someone who is intent on making something which is equal parts emotionally/anthropologically engaging as it is cinematic and thrilling.

" Elizabeth Banks is riveting in her scenes as John's wife "Lara," who is charged and convicted of murder.

Some may balk at the unexpected pregnant pause as well where almost nothing is said when the husband and wife team sit out on a road shoulder, but I felt that the relatively quiet scene alone was screaming of a class treatment by Paul Haggis, a moment reflecting the sheer unbelievability of something intense that's pulled off, and a break necessitated by a conflict of objectives, and a hair-raising Some may find fault with a slew of coincidences found in the film, but with most movies, Fate has to lend a hand for the narrative to happen, and it's no different here, although again referencing the local escaped convict incident, stranger things have happened that may seem absurdly unbelievable, but they did, and Haggis does deal with some of these scenes, big and small, with a deft hand to heighten the tension and suspense, albeit a little bit cliché with you likely being able to guess the outcome.

Everything is just so pat and predictable and often too "easy.

More thrilling and more emotional than you think, The Next Three Days features good performances, a tense story with a riveting conclusion, this is one film any Russell Crowe fan needs to see.

The sequence was built slowly at the beginning, but becoming more and more thrilling towards the end, as the husband would try any means as long as he could reunite the family together.

He warns John of the intense hurdles and sacrifices he will have to make, so I very quickly realized that the stakes and risk are very high if he goes through with it.

** SPOILERS AHEAD **Definitely a nice and enjoyable action thriller.

Tense, thrilling, great ending, good music.

Suffice to say that the film is engrossing, dodges clichés, sets up a number off neat red herrings and boasts a touching last act.

), the scenes explain the plot and process well I feel, the soundtrack is appropriate, the acting is compelling and the directing is clever.

The movie is quite unpredictable.

When it comes to thrilling action movies, this one really had it all for me.

The plot was very original and very exciting, the scenes near the end is like running without stop, something happens in almost every single minute and 3 of them through the police lines in the last seconds.

THE NEXT THREE DAYS is well worth watching.

This creates a lot of suspenseful situations as soon as he starts to prepare.

It starts off a little slow, but once John's plan is put into action it becomes a very fast paced action movie that you won't be able to stop watching.


I simply mean that the depressing tone adopted by Haggis decreases the movie's energy, and it runs the risk of occasionally tiring the spectator (well, at least to me) when it is exclusively focused on the predictable family drama from the main character.

This film is quite long and it does feel it (in a good way) so if you have a fair amount of patience and you don't require your leading men to be superhuman this is definitely worth a watch.

In a typical wrongly-accused fashion, with the other escape cliché being a revenge vendetta, Crowe's wife, Lara, played by Elizabeth Banks, is convicted of murder and soon to be sent to a high-level security prison.

This more closer-to-life penchant cleverly intrigues a high-profile bulk of curiosity than the corny one-man-save-the-world cliché cause we might harbor an illusion that this super-unattainable adventure could occur to the average Joe.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The Cons:This movie is very predictable and too some could be seen as a traditional "feel good movie".

A Decent Film, very entertaining .

It's Intense, and keeps you on hook from start to finish.

This movie has been a commercial failure in the United States, that is pretty strange considering the cast, the budget and the seemingly interesting plot (which proved very gripping as far as I can see).

And the director ought to known that suspense is different thing to boredom.

The plot was so gripping and the story was so intense that the viewer can not hope to leave his seat till the very end.

Haggis' film is clever, fun and highly-enjoyable, just pass that popcorn over if you don't mind.

She manages to convey the only real emotion in the script whenever we see her, but once she's in jail, Crowe turns the picture to dull color.

The slow moments tend to drag on for quite some time and this distracts the audience's attention.