The Nightmare (2015) - Documentary, Horror

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A look at a frightening condition that plagues thousands; sleep paralysis.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Rodney Ascher
Stars: Siegfried Peters, Estrella Cristina
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 14 out of 64 found boring (21.87%)

One-line Reviews (49)

And it is just as much nonsense and waste of time.

Gotta stretch myself before I fall asleep.

this is a documentary about sleep paralysis, not an educational film on the medical science and history of the phenomenon, but a series of narratives by people who have experienced it firsthand and their interpretations of their experiences the documentary is intended to scare, with an accompaniment to the interviews and short re-enactments of primarily minimalist, suspenseful synth and droning/pulsating percussive noise by composer Jonathan Snipes.

Not only that, but a lack of any experts, scientists or at least some "credible" guests, it just looks like a bunch of people talking about their lame-ass dreams in repetitive manner, while trying to look cool, authentic, mystical aaaand - connected.

you will fall asleep while watching .

The only thing I saw was people telling of seeing dark shadows, yawn, in their sleep.

Waste of time, feels much longer than its stated runtime.


It had potential, but it was not what I was expecting, so I found it dull.

The average viewer - channel surfing - comes across one of these Munknowns', and reads the description (written almost always by the product's 'auteur'); 'an insightful, riveting, thought-provoking documentary.

This (horror-)documentary is about sleep paralysis, a phenomenon in which a person either during falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak, or react.

It looked so similar to what I experienced and was so excited to hear others' recollections and what I was left with was a mediocre, pretentious, documentary that I was extremely disappointed with.

I like the subject matter, but I found the movie boring, and I wished I really liked it better.

It's fascinating to hear first hand what it is that the victims are experiencing, particularly when you see how their stories overlap with shared or similar visions.

Yep, just one utterly fascinating example as an adult so I was very excited when I heard about this documentary and was thrilled to see that netflix had it available!

If you want talking heads look elsewhere, otherwise utterly riveting.

Whether it was the disjointed speech, or their physical appearance, or a combination of both, one looking at this could very quickly assume this person was not playing with a 'full deck'.

If you are interested in this subject then this film will be a nice to you , i must say that it get a little boring after a half of an hour and stuff seem to be told over and over again and thats something that is killing it completely .

Part documentary, part horror movie, pretty entertaining and creepy.

Very very very boring documentary movie how someone finds it creepy I don't have idea.

On the other end, this movie has no plot.

At first intriguing and horrific, The Nightmare sadly descends into a repeated pattern that quickly becomes unfortunately uninteresting.

It's a documentary, yes, but it seems like its main goal is to be entertaining, not inform the audience about the science behind sleep paralysis (what little information there is out there, at least).

The only thing I was afraid of was the fact that I should fall asleep while watching and would go into some kind of nightmare.

Overall The Nightmare was a huge disappointment and the documentary was kind of a dull mess and that's what upset's me more.

With that said, THE NIGHTMARE is certainly worth watching once as there are some effective moments.

Can someone tell me what is the point of this ultra boring flick?

The filmmakers also tired to film each subject's story within a narrative that they created, but this actually made some of the stories uninteresting due to lack of info.

Extremely entertaining .

Not only this, the editing almost tries to lean toward a spiritual viewpoint, which is disappointing as instead of getting to learn about this condition it tends to feel more like a religious propaganda piece, going so far as to claim that the only defence against this particular nightmare is the word "jesus".

Yawning disappointment .

It is repetitive and boring.

This film had the potential to be both fascinating and help a lot of people.

PLOT: Stories of ppls intense nightmares with lame re-enactments.

Christian propaganda .

Without any "outside" interviews, the stories become somewhat boring after a while so as a documentary it would have been nice throwing something else into the mix.

Nearly as much of a waste of time as Room 237.

Fascinating and horrifying documentary...

I guess I should've expected it, but he just solidified his place as a mediocre, pretentious, director.

I was mostly hearing only good things about this one and it had a pretty good trailer and on paper it sounded like a riveting film to watch in the dark.

A couple of times while watching the documentary I got a bit bored and started to get uninterested at some parts, because it was the same thing over and over again delivering nothing new just the same repeated pattern used way too many times.

That being said, it is entertaining to hear all of these pretty terrifying stories acted out on screen.

I got so bored with the movie that i kept on checking the time to see how much time had gone of the film.

They've given some kind of, yawn, electric shock and it opens a world that not everybody sees.

Not only is the film informative, but wonderfully entertaining and a little scary.

Unsettling and entertaining, the monotony for its duration detracts as documentary .

the interviewees are all fairly articulate, the film is well-edited and the monster/(dream) entity designs and costumes for the re-enactments are artfully haunting the film is very effective at what it sets out to do, namely exploring a phenomena people throughout the world, including the director, have experienced and its effects on their beliefs and personalities it inspires a large enough fraction of the fear and contemplation in the viewer that the phenomena itself must inspire in those who experience it firsthand to make it well worth watching and recommending

Boring, unfulfilling, tedious, these are just some words to describe the film.

While entertaining and disturbing, it is in this aspect that critics can comment on the negatives of the film.