The Nut Job (2014) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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An incorrigibly self-serving exiled squirrel finds himself helping his former park brethren survive by raiding a nut store, a location that also happens to be a front for a human gang's bank robbery.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Peter Lepeniotis
Stars: Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 29 out of 80 found boring (36.25%)

One-line Reviews (69)

I recommend watching instead: Frozen, The Lion King, Tinker Bell movies, Shrek, anything with an exciting plot, good visuals, and something to make a smile appear on your face.

The ending is kind of good but very predictable with all the cracks and fissures going about.

There are clichés, annoying characters, stale acting, and one of the worst movie soundtracks of all time.

This by far one of the worst movies i've ever seen (Dare it even be called a movie) This movie was so bad.

The plot stumbles around with no sense of clear though, it is rough, boring, messy and lacks any and all charm typical of a truly good animated film.


Don't waste time or money on this thing.

I acknowledge this wasn't meant to be a family film where adults and kids could laugh together like Disney, Pixar, Sony and DreamWorks makes but this film really feels like it is dragging at the bottom of the barrel to make something that is barely worth watching.

The fact that the title is a pun using the word "nut", should be a hint that many of the attempts at jokes in the film are predictable nut-based puns as well.

Entertaining .

And it suffers indeed, completed with all your favorite fart jokes, burp jokes, pee jokes and with comic reliefs of which you will forget about soon as you leave the theater!

The plot is so slow, so dull, so unadventurous.

Just never does click for me, it seemed a bit too goofy and disjointed.

Dumb decision #5 If you haven't caught on yet, this film's should have been simple plot is actually complex, confusing, and very convoluted.

Naturally Brendan Fraser voices this highly annoying and pointless squirrel and we've seen this act before from Fraser.

The little ones might be entranced by the bug-eyed critters and pretty colors (though I wouldn't count on it), but a weak, humorless and confused script, along with indifferent animation, makes it an uninteresting affair for viewers over the age of, say, seven-and-a-half.

And to add further insult to injury, The Nut Job ends with a Gangnam Style sequence, which is one of the most annoying, repetitive and overplayed songs ever and definitely belongs on a list of "songs that you are already sick of after 5 hearings", in fact calling it a song is somewhat insulting.

Don't waste your time .

One problem with this movie is there are too many character I think, you're never really sure if you actually like any of them because most of them are so fundamentally unlikable and boring.

It just gets tiresome and the short running time feels over-extended.

We were looking forward to seeing it as the trailers looked fairly entertaining.

The plot is so utterly drab and it goes nowhere!

Well that and incredibly cliched predictable and stereotypical of every animal animated movie ever!

He enjoyed it, and for the rest of us there were mild laughs.

However they seem to overlap in a confusing way and seem to clash.

Aside from a few gags here and there, The Nut Job is an empty movie that serves mainly as children's entertainment.

" "Yawn" "Huh?

Save your money.

The animation is brilliantly done and the detail of the characters are amazing and it is a pretty fast paced movie also which helps the animation do much zany things that work unlike other animated films.

So-so, can be entertaining if you are in the right mood.

in addition to that, the story is beautiful, stunning graphics, and has a lot of nice touches to it like the "gangham style" dance in the end.

The story in terms of subplotting is busy but a lot of those subplots lack development and most like the romance are contrived, a case of too many ideas and themes not explored enough.

Hollow and deeply uninteresting to both kids and adults .

A boring animated film made at the wrong time .

Feels like the whole plot was dull and made up within a lunch break.

The story got boring to the point of "when is this going to frikkin' end", close to the 45-minute mark.

What a waste of time.

Although the movie certainly has other problems, to be discussed shortly, the film does have a plot, it has a number of highly acclaimed actors that do a relatively good job at portraying their characters (however poorly those characters may have been written), and the animation is not terrible, even if rather bland.

One of the least engaging animated films in quite some time .

Christ this movie was dull!

The start is fine but it gets repetitive.

The story line of course quite predictable.

The entire flick feels disjointed with one scene bleeding into the next.

When i saw this bombard my TV screen, I was like "Nope, boring!

It doesn't start out that well story-wise--seems kind of predictable, but as time goes on, it gets better with a thrilling, clever chase at the end.

Another thing I disliked was the very pointless bank subplot.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting that much from this film because there wasn't much hype surrounding it, but I quite enjoyed it because it's non-stop from beginning to end.

Liam Neeson voicing the corrupt leader Raccoon is also bland.

Katherine Heigl sounds bored as Andie and Liam Neeson just feels thrown in (his character doesn't even get a proper name, he's a raccoon and they call him Raccoon—such creativity!

The animations were alright but the plot was quite boring in my opinion.

The voice cast don't sound like they had a good time making this, Katherine Heigl and Liam Neeson sound like they are bored and Brendan Fraser sounds like he's embarrassed to be reading the script aloud, perhaps an unknown cast could of elicited better conveyance of emotions.

Perhaps some characters are a bit naive or predictable...

Barring the first quarter, a borefest .

The movie itself is well done and enjoyable, with smooth animation, cute characters, and a visually appealing set.

Enjoyable for kids and adults!

The plot is pretty weak (though the attempt to parallel the two stories was interesting), none of the characters is particularly likable, and it is just rather bland.

(This all may be too intense--not to mention too liberal--for children under three, or Red Staters of any age).

No laughter, no story, no characters, no nothing.

The plot is confusing and convoluted, the characters unlikeable, and everything is just stupid.

In the meantime, humans plot to rob a bank, creating an entertaining parallel story line.

It's an entertaining film with nice visuals and cute characters.

The animals make their way to the basement of the shop, where the movie takes an unexpected turn.

For a kiddie movie, there is enough material in the storyline which is enjoyable for adults as well.

Exclusively, bored, and frightened in the big city, Surly bumbles upon a ambition come true: a nut shop.

The plot was stupid, and very predictable.

Lazy plot and uninteresting characters .

This guy is annoying and pretty pointless really, he serves no real purpose and could be easily hacked out of the movie.

The climax is ridiculous and somewhat predictable as anyone can see that Surely will become a hero, prove himself, and learn that working together has greater benefits.

Yes Surly (main character) starts off as a selfish character then learns to share, but he grows very slow throughout the film and you don't feel too involved on his change of character.