The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) - Adventure, Family, Fantasy

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A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Lasse Hallström
Stars: Mackenzie Foy, Keira Knightley
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 101 out of 382 found boring (26.43%)

One-line Reviews (300)

It is a fairytale and Disney, and like every fairytale or Disney,, predictable and a happy ending, nothing wrong with that.

Save your money for Star Wars.

The visuals are absolutely stunning.

The children in the theater were bored, many of them maniacally babbling to their parents about things I'm guessing they'd rather be doing.

But they're so painfully cliché - don't be surprised if both cause the adults in the audience to laugh out loud.

Having four different lands in the story was utterly pointless as the montage of Clara touring them lasted all of about ten seconds.

The dialogue is flat and cliché.

Please don't waste your time and money on this movie!

Predictable .

Some of the battles are also difficult to follow, due to dark settings, odd angles, and the speed of the film.

Firstly the plot is boring and confusing and has no direction.

A beautiful look cannot save the boring, lazy, sloppily put together, broken toy that is The Nutcracker and the Four Realms .

Predictable plot and uninspired acting.

However, as a re-imagined take on the traditional nutcracker story I found it to be enjoyable.

I really like all disney movie, i do But in this movie so flat -..- i don't know backgound of the story and the explanation about conflict in the story, but still entertaining movie

Don't get me wrong, I think kids would find this enjoyable anyway and there are some parts that earned a giggle and a wow.

Stunning story!.

Not perfect, but entertaining .

Slow torture for kids and grownups alike, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms gives a bad name to the very concept of family entertainment.

However I was disappointed with the story that is odd and predictable at the same time.

Terrible story line, rather predictable and not interesting at all.

Some small variations of Tchaikovsky by the estimable James Newton Howard and very little ballet don't keep this adventure, influenced by Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, from being enjoyable and at times thrilling.

The script is totally cliched, muddled, confusing, and convoluted, given the fact that the screenwriter of this film who is just a first-time inexperienced screenwriter, has no idea on how to blend well fantasy with other genres such as drama and adventure.

This newest version is the best by far and the whole family enjoyed it.

The only thing that prevented it from being the worst movie I have ever seen was the outlandish and detailed costume design.

It does not however stick to the original story ending of he Nutcracker so as long as you're open to a new tale, it's a visually stunning and creative flic.

I really enjoyed it.

Even the dialogue is bland, boring, and flat.

Think of any cliché that's in a fantasy movie where a character from the real world enters a fantasy world, and all or most of those clichés will be in this one.

Morgan Freeman, Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren) is a joke, Cavalier (Omid Djalili) and Harlequin (Jack Whitehall) are really annoying, the SugarPlum is irritating, Shiver doesn't do much and Clara's family are kind of unlikable yup, so is the acting, it's super dull and not very memorable, the only one who is actually good is Mackenzie Foy, she does try and for the most part I think she is good, she's a lovely looking actress, she can do a good British accent and she does try and does succeed, everyone else I feel sorry for, these people are really damn good, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightly, Richard E.

I suppose children might enjoy this movie but those who go to it excepting a stunning, creative new take on the Christmas classic will leave sorely disappointed.

Boring, snoozefest, overacting, uninteresting, waste of money .

The film is very boring.

Expensive cliché .

I quite enjoyed it.

They see it as a pathetic waste of time yet they themselves are the waste of time reading.

If you merely expect an entertaining movie, you'll be satisfied.

The sets are stunning and surprisingly, according to some of the interviews I've watched, most of it is not CGI.

Poor acting, boring story, nothing in common with "real" Nutcracker .

It was really enjoyable if you are not buthearted by the title watch it.

She has an annoying high pitched voice and she is a boring villain.

The entire film lacks flow,story,continuity and is above all boring.

The character are not characters, they are bland plot devices (Clara and the Nutecracker), glorified and irrelevant extras (like it sadly happens with the Flower king and the king of the land of snowflakes) or just swift cameos ( Morgan Freeman and Mother Gingerbread).

Don't waste your money, this movie is terrible!!

It is utterly derivative, but fairly enjoyable for all that.

Much of the acting was predictable ans mundane.

Personally, I thought that the girl who played Clara was bland and boring, and the ridiculous climax at the end was terrible.

I fall asleep...

The plot was tedious and without surprises.

The plot, acting, and score were all exceptionally boring.

kids really enjoyed it .

It is such a huge pity then that this movie is just dull, dull, dull.

The film represents a Narnia-esque take on the four compass-point lands of Oz, and on that basis it's a bit formulaic.

Utterly dull, predictable and lifeless .

Like a delicious looking but over-egged and bland tasting pudding .

I can't remember the last time I walked out mid movie from a fantasy film.

what a waste of time.

At its attempt to be unique and edgy, the creators made a film that is real cheesy, at times boring, predictable, and unnecessarily dramatic in the choice of music and manner with which particular characters responded to each other.

I enjoyed it a lot, even though it is mostly thanks to the visual beauty.

Bland .

Whilst I struggled to stay awake my grandchildren were enthralled.

The film is boring, the acting is dull and ridiculous at times from most actors (they never try to do anything outside of their script to put some emotion into their characters), the CGI (surprisingly) was pretty terrible and I was surprised to see such a mess of things happening on the screen at once (I hate when films overuse it, it takes away from my experience), the action is pathetically choreographed, the plot is dull and forgettable, the dialogue is horrible (but like absolutely horrible mind you), and this film doesn't do anything more than meet Disneys agenda.

Review: What a total waste of time and money!

Extremely boring

The direction did feel a little dull with the film.

All in all this was generic, uninteresting, incredibly boring and is a essentially a party for plot holes because there is a lot of them.

It's an enjoyable movie.

The visuals are great and Mackenzie Foy gives a good performance but the film is boring and predictable and Keira Knightley is awful.

Adults that enjoy lavish scenery, intriguing architecture, and great costumes will also be satisfied.

Very enjoyable retelling of a classic .

It feels like even children - especially in this era of on-demand entertainment and content saturation - will find the film annoying and predictable.

And the movie dragged....

Overall very enjoyable!

The visuals are really stunning, and the effects are beautifully done.

Gorgeous and dull.

dancing, dancing battle scenes, etc. but just more boring.

The visuals are stunning, and so is Mackenzie Foy (I feel like they knew that, because there were lots of shots of her face).

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is a gorgeously filmed fairy tale, filled with absolutely stunning visual scenes.

I found the plot quite patronising and predictable throughout, and it amazed me how nothing seemed to faze the main character, who found herself in this magical world all by herself.

That's why it adds a twist within half way within the movie, cause that's what's make it enjoyable and I do love the twist in story that Clara is the main character that she understands what she most do is right.

Pretty, but predictable and bland as can be.

This movie was a waste of money for everyone, especially Disney.

Still, it is quite predictable and not truly touching.

Mediocre, but worth watching just for Misty Copeland's ballet .

An entertaining clever movie .

Although of have decent visual effects, the story is so much simple, with irrelevant characters, the chemistry of protagonist doesn't work pretty well, and the villain is boring.

I can see a hyperactive kid who likes adventure getting very bored with this movie.

This is a lazy cluster of a mess, an empty husk devoid of anything resembling human emotion.

The storyline was pretty awful, along with the uninteresting characters, who became pretty annoying after a while.

Ifeel boring when i see that moviee ;) its not like disney movies

It's mediocre, it's boring, too much money has been thrown to create terrible looking CGI enviornments, the acting sucks, and the plot is another rehashed/uninspired adaptation of the classic/beautiful original story/play.

Unwatchable .

Enjoyable family movie .

Everything seems predictable and lame, thus you get little to no satisfaction as problems are solved.

It's overly predictable, as well.

I tried my best to enjoy it, but the movie is really boring.

Despite Mackenzie Foy's very considerable effort in bringing depth to her performance, it simply resembled as uninspiring, flat, boring, and mediocre.

While the film was pretty and Disney has excellent set, costume, and production design, this movie is so slow, boring and dull it's just not worth it.

But it´s predictable and cliched to the point where no ammount of red herrings can fool and no ammount of fake thrill can make you excited.

Terrible generic and boring - and there is truly nothing more to say about this bubble-gum Barbie doll production.

Visually Stunning Movie with an Imaginative Story .

Its easy to spin things to your own evil purposes like the media and sales people do to get people to buy what they don't need and watch made-up sensationalized news shows otherwise no one would watch and their ratings would go down because truth is often boring and downright hard to swallow like medicine.

Too dull and scary for kids, too dumb for adults.

Disney trashed the original Nutcracker story and tried to force the now inevitable politically correct propaganda down our throats once again - only this time they have gone way too far.

Very Enjoyable and kid friendly .

It left me empty.

This acts as preparation for the abundance of stunning visuals headed our way throughout.

The villian is one-dimensional, and by the end of the movie we have to just wonder whether Disney is capable of telling engaging stories or merely has to rely on the rent earning potential of "famous" stuff...

Boring enough .

It's hard to lean on the plot of a ballet that essentially has no plot.

Enjoyable for what it is .

That in combination with the sativa edible I gobbled up in the parking lot began to take hold and suddenly for a few frightening moments the film was fascinating.

Literally waste of time .

All in all, was super bored.

Don't waste your time and your money on this revolting movie .

The plot, if I think about it hard enough is irritating, but visually it's pleasant and enjoyable.

It's not the fall from grace that say, Maleficent felt like, but it's just a bland adaptation of beloved source material.

Boring characters, boring story, no love, no adventure, no suprises, absolutely no ("disney-")magic at all.

Horrible movie don't waste your time and money.

With a budget of $120 million, the producers and visual artists had quite a bit to work with, but certainly not enough to match the effects of the most visually splendid films, such as Avengers: Infinity War ($316-400 million), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End ($300 million), and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ($200 million).

A very dull film with terrible acting from the supporting cast.

I enjoyed the new take on the old tale a very fun whimsical story with obviously stunning effects.

From a predictable plot to a silly, by-the-numbers climax, there's no genuinely tense moments.

The worst movie I have ever seen!!!

It's boring, creativity missing in every aspect except maybe "scene decoration"...

Its just and entertaining film for kids.

Much to my dismay, it was one of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

My kids loved it and I found it enjoyable, maybe it is because I am still a child at heart allowing me to still enjoy the fantastic.

The rest of the cast, including the lead actor Mackenzie Foy as Clara ended up playing second fiddle to the aforementioned extravagant and colourful sets, which tended to overshadow a rather stodgy script.

BUT the story was dull and boring!

The scenery and interior is probably influenced by Russia and France, the countries from which the ballet originate, and is absolutely stunning.

Being a huge Christmas freak, I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone.

Waste of time, money and brain cells .

Boring to the extreme .

Total waste of money and time...

Boring .

A boring version of Narnia .

The story is pretty predictable even to the 'plot twist', which is fine for a kids movie.

Gorgeous sets but boring .

Very slow & boring, don't wast your time watching it

I was bored from the beginning to the end.

When I watch this movie, I fall asleep.

Please don't waste your time and money .

This had to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The story was slow and silly.


but its predictable.

Visually stunning, with amazing CGI settings and immenseley detailed costumes.

Don't waste your time or money

Many reviewers are wanting an exciting, or funny or edge of your seat film.

I thought this was a Unique Take on the Classic Fairytale also the characters were compelling and Mackenzie Foy wasn't a bad lead Same Fawora-Knight also it did have an interesting twist on the classic tale.

We saw the movie tonight and while we both found it entertaining, I was disapointed in the fact that there was only a few bars of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky music.

From the terribly yet laughable and cartoonish voice, monotone, and mannerisms that draws unfavorable comparisons to Helena Bonham Carter's whimsical style, this type of acting style does not work on Kiera Knightley's filmography and she's better off on handling roles of usual dramatic leading ladies of literature.

its not exciting enough, the story is too bland and generic.

So much wasted potential, it's like Disney is on a mission to make terrible, boring waste of time movies..

The movie was unbearable to watch.

" Drosselmeyer (Morgan Freeman)The unusual and enjoyable does happen just in time for the holidays with a Disney family fantasy called The Nutcracker & The Four Realms.

The cinematography is absolutely STUNNING, the acting is great, and I there are a lot of innovative ideas that were incorporated into this classic story to make it feel refreshed and all the more interesting.

The film, on top of having a lot of over-familiar fantasy tropes, primarily suffers from a lack of emotion, magic and soul, all appearing in spurts (so at the beginning, the ballet sequence and the end), with much of the film feeling very hollow, flat characters that don't have much to engage properly with them let alone find them rootable and from feeling incomplete, disjointed and jumbled.

it felt a over edited, maybe to keep the kids from getting bored.

Parents would find it boring and even people who like the nutcracker story may also find it boring.

Wonderfully Entertaining .

The latter would have been rectified if the mythology of the Fourth Realm was explained much more (because that was very underdeveloped and confusing), that the Four Realms in general were gone into detail in much more because we don't learn much about them and if it tried to do quite a lot less and had a more focused tone.

The movie's dialog was so cliché that you could guess the next line, I just wasted my time during a flight watching this, the whole movie is just a boring commonplace

Aside from that skip this waste of time.

While some parts of the movie were enjoyable, overall it was boring and I was unable to really get into it despite being excited.

There is no plot and character development, everything runs rushed and incomplete.

A fine spectacle Dull was the physics of toys That the eyes saw not~jodawa

Every other character except for Clara, like I said is very boring.

Even she was bored.

It's a beautiful coming of age story, perfect for young girls.

Also there were a few confusing spots.

Why would the audience care about a movie when its characters are so boring and dull?

Adding to the disjointed feel and lack of cohesion in the story flow is the fact that two very different directors worked on the project.

the pace is to slow make you want to sleep ,.. the dialogue is boring, ...

Ok so I walked into the movie knowing all the reviews were terrible but I wanted to see for myself and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw it wasnt bad at all the movie made me smile and laugh I really enjoyed it .

The story is really boring, and the main actress is not helping to make it interesting.

boring story, predictable, not funny,

If you enjoyed it that would be a mistake.

This movie was delightfully weird and wonderful, and absolutely stunning, visually.

My 9 year old daughter and I saw The Nutcracker this afternoon and we enjoyed it immensely.

Boring, mundane dialogues not worthy of Disney.

I finally decided to see just how bad it was and I actually enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the changes and the scenery was breathtaking.

So boring and no heart .

Pointless and blank....

But it was nonetheless entertaining.

Yes this film is no epic like some of Disney's other movies, however it's a nice gentle film with some very entertaining moments.

Actually an pretty enjoyable movie .

I was utterly bored up to the scene where Misty Copeland danced for Clara, which is basically the peak of the movie for me.

Just like its ballet versions, this was boring and nauseating to watch.

The road to get to the "gotcha" moment, however, will remain long and tedious, cluttered with meaningless dialogue between characters who were shot in such a way to maximize the edit potential by rarely having them on screen together.

Super boring, almost no action, anti climatic and little character development.

Also used all the cliché things from Narnia, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and some other movies.

The story itself is cliche as cliche could be, and that much is obvious within the first ten minutes wherein we learn the protagonist, Clara, is somehow a genius who knows Newton's laws of thermodynamics despite being a girl in Victorian London and this not having access to this type of education (so may argue The Godfather taught her, but it doesn't seem the case); the mother is dead, because it wouldn't be a Disney film without that; the father can't express emotion because of course we need the father/ daughter tension; etc. it's cliche after cliche with the movie.

The girl is bad actressand the storyline is cheesy but it is enjoyable

boring .

And it is boring as F, I honestly dozzed off during this film because it is just not interesting at all.

Finally, the costumes and makeup are stunning themselves, crafting some of the most unique, fun, and curious characters to come out of the Disney woodwork.

And that twist at the end of the film, is so incredibly predictable, you'll see it coming a mile away.

From someone who has not read the book, this is worth the watch.

Irredeemably boring.

Not in this movie, which slows to a crawl in the act of boring you breathless.

Sweat, exiting and highly enjoyable .

Fantastic production but a dreary story .

The Nutcracker and the "Bore" Realms .

And it also gives the entire family a chance to sit and watch an entertaining film together.

As we can all agree, it's visually stunning.

Enjoyable fairytale .

Everyone in my group fell asleep.

Predictable and boring.

I was missing the humour that's normally used in Disney movies and it was actually kind of boring.

Most part of the movie is very boring.

More like Nutcracker and the "Bore" Realms .

Boring and uninteresting interpretation .

I was really surprised how people did not pick up on this story line, but once you understand what the movie is actually about, its pretty enjoyable to watch.

This movie is not for everyone, but being a huge Disney fan; I really enjoyed it.

Boring and is wasted of money .

This movie seemed to lack any real depth and the plot was fairly predictable.

The acting felt contrived and the story was clunky.

The costumes were absolutely stunning and I love how they incorporated bits of ballet into the movie...

Worst Movie I've Ever Seen in 2018 .

The trouble is, it's boring.

Overall - it's a visually compelling film and is worth checking out for a new holiday treat.

maybe they will get bored.

Making it a confusing and unsatisfactory plot.

For a childrens' one, it was nice and entertaining.

The characters are really forgettable and very dull, I don't not have one favourite character in this movie which is a huge shame, Clara is such a generic hero and kind of a annoying and overdramatic brat, the Nutcracker is boring, Drosselmeyer is just Morgan Freeman playing...

I found it slow and boring at times, with its relatively straightforward plot and sloppy editing, and wondered who it was aimed at - younger audiences would be scared by the menacing monsters, older children wouldn't be interested, and adults would probably enjoy the ballet more.

The enjoyable moments included 2 styles of dance.

Lackluster and the Bore Realms .

I didnt stop yawning and rolling my eyes watching it.

It's also bland, boring, poorly written, cheesy, predictable as hell, and did I say boring?

Main disappointment of the movie was the story was so predictable and typical...

There are a couple a sequences that will bore young minds where things get explained that don't need to be explained.

Featuring stunning sets and costumes and a good moral.

The visuals are absolutely stunning and the music is wonderful.

The movie was visually stunning-eye candy all the way.

The story was okay as well, though predictable.

Here we have an enjoyable romp of a movie featuring a strong, young, female role model...

one of the most boring movie from Disney Studios .

While it can work like in Coco, it has become a tired and uninteresting last minute cliche.

Rubbish and boring .

yes even worse .. but we don't talk about that, lazy writing with a predicable plot, visually dull and cheap looking Effects, characters that are forgettable and dull stereotypes, with bad acting, granted the visuals can look nice at times, Mackenzie Foy is the only one putting on a good performance and Jame-Newton Howard's score is a delight, but that's not enough to save this train-wreck of a movie, I'm not exaggerating when I say it's one of the worst movies of the year and one of the worst movies of all time......

so cliche.

My kids certainly enjoyed it too.

We really enjoyed it!

Very boring .

Horrible movie don't waste time & money .

The sets are beautifully done and the characters are entertaining.

Despite its rather interesting idea, this movie managed to create a plethora of boredom and quite an empty universe, filled with unfinished characters and a pretty unconvincing story.

Wonderful the scenes and locations, however what is lacking is the plot, easy and banal in several points, full of commonplaces.

The story is engaging and captivating, and I believe children will find it an exciting adventure.

The thing that makes it bad is not the story line, which has been overdone to death and was so predictable that me and the date called the ending several minutes before it ended.

Yes- some of the acting and CG was not the best, but my 4 year old and 10 year old really enjoyed it.

A coming of age fantasy tale that could have been so much more.

Thrilling comes to mind.

Despite this, the movie has flaws coming from the lack of a compelling story line, aside from Clara's inner struggles.

In the end, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms isn't a horrible movie, but it's too predictable and generic to be good.

It was beautiful, adventurous, exciting with great creative acting and with a magical display of costumes and scenery.

Found the script too mechanical, bland and muddled, there was the sense too that it, like the story, wasn't sure whether it wanted to go the light-hearted, camp approach or serious approach.

While it was enjoyable, it failed to live up to the expectations set by having The Nutcracker in its title!

It was also so predictable.

to slow and flat .

The characters are underwhelming, the pacing is too slow, and the plot twists are so stupid that not even the charm brought by Mackenzie Foy or the dance number at the end make this movie a worthy watch.

Even my kids were bored, and I am suspicious that I took here and there a little nap during the movie...

It is entertaining and fun for the whole family.

One of the most boring movie from Disney Studios.

Visually stunning!!

I too was fussy as despite being only an hour and a half, it feels too long and drawn out.

Entertaining story and music based on the Nutcracker plus additional themes.

In a nutshell -no pun intended-, and at the risk of sounding cliché myself, "the book was better".

The story of gallant nutcracker fighting to protect the damsel who, in her own right, participates actively in the struggle against the evil mouse king, gets a "twist" that is utterly predictable.

Don't waste your time.

fell asleep.

When you sit there just waiting for the predictable end to come, you know you have wasted money and precious time.

At this point, your six year olds Nutcracker ballet will be more entertaining then this mess.

beautiful and overall a great film rated an 8 because of certain characters I didnt find enjoyable.

Morgan Freeman played an enjoyable grand father and Mackenzie Foy did a good job.

" and then I continued to be bored...

This is a more gentle coming of age movie.

My bf fell asleep during it because of how slow and boring it was.

A fresh interpretation of the classic story was enjoyable and I'm not quite sure where all the negativity is coming from?

It's a really good movie, I highly recommend it !

It's very predictable and formulaic,not to mention boring...

Enjoyable movie .

While the visuals and the choice of props and colors were excellent, the plot is tiresomely predictable, even for a family movie.

Enjoyable in that kiddy Christmas way .

Pretty enjoyable and I also liked that Knightley's character had to shrink eventually and that the main character's attempts in convincing her that she is just acting from grief and not a bad person stayed unsuccessful as honestly it would have felt maybe a bit too forced for a happy ending with everybody being alive, happy, united and best friends all out of nowhere.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is beautiful to look at, but the plot is really predictable and quite forgettable.

I was so bored about the story that it totally killed my enthusiasm of waiting for a twist to come...

The "twist", so to speak, was the most predictable thing ever.

Her fake voice makes you want to leave the cinema.

I enjoyed it.

The CGI images are wondrously and seamlessly integrated with the "real" actors and the plot has all the necessary ingredients of an exciting and fanciful adventure.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All I want is a reasonably lucid plot and entertaining characters.

We don't really get much in the way of "action" until around 45 minutes into the film, which for a children's flick that's supposed to be about energy, is probably way too long for them.

Absolutely waste of time.

Entertaining for Me .