The Nutty Professor (1963) - Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

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To improve his social life, a nerdish professor drinks a potion that temporarily turns him into the handsome, but obnoxious, Buddy Love.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Jerry Lewis
Stars: Jerry Lewis, Stella Stevens
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 13 out of 95 found boring (13.68%)

One-line Reviews (52)

I would have to say that although I don't think I thought this film was the masterpiece many have proclaimed it to be (I do think Lewis made some better films), it is extremely enjoyable and a few of the gags were hilarious (particularly in the gymnasium).

Lewis' transformation from Dr. Kelp to ultracool lounge lizard Buddy Love manages to be both campy and fascinating.

Other than that, I found it to be a waste of time.

As the two personalities, there are the small moments where their opposite voices and mannerisms pop up to the confusion of others, and Stella is almost completely in love with Buddy who is making an impact with his musical talent and "charm".

I suppose bits like the health spa scene might have brought a smile in 1963, but I found the picture overall to be unbearable.

Jerry Lewis not only directs a boring film here, but a terribly pretentious one, too.

In any event, Love is entertaining to watch--he's something like a glossy trainwreck.

Very well done and very entertaining.

But Buddy Love was an unbearable a-hole.

This is all really due to the story, which consists of one great premise but is lacking in true development or a compelling enough story, to keep you involved with its characters.

As a kid, this movie scared me, and as an adult I find it boring.

All in all, wonderful and entertaining film.

The humor is predictable and repetitious.

It is entertaining, and at some points, hilarious.

Since this broad comedy relies heavily on its star's slapstick, Lewis unstintingly turns it into his own shtick-boasting vehicle, and as obnoxious as Buddy Love is, one has to admit Lewis' protean performance is something to be reckoned with, sometimes he is also evocative of a young Jack Lemmon.

It is a little slow in places & just how old are Kelp's students?

I like the different format Lewis used when at the end of the movie, all the actors/actresses walked out and bowed their parts as if having made a stage show.

He plays them both very well and the contrast is always entertaining.

the story is out of the ordinary and that's what makes it fun and enjoyable.

But finally this comedy is far to stay as a classic for my taste and Lewis seems to be a bit overrated : the story is weak as it's more an addition of ideas, the scenes drag endlessly and have no pulse, the Jekyll character is totally boring and in a way, the crooner choice is not interesting !

I also really liked Del Moore in his role, which was very entertaining as well.

The characters are likable and entertaining, and the acting is fine too with special mention going to Jerry Lewis's brilliant performance in the title role.

The script writing by Jerry Lewis and Bill Richmond is like colliding together a horribly unfunny blend of humor and a terribly boring, slow-paced plot.

It's a classic, but it's a tedious classic.

This movie is remarkable and entertaining.

The movie is really entertaining, funny and makes you think deeper at times.

Obviously there is a big part of me thinking I prefer the Eddie Murphy version, with all the motor-mouth and obesity jokes, but this original has some great highlights, the witty script, the fantastic use of colour, and its own brand of slapstick, an entertaining comedy.

Comic actor Jerry Lewis draws inspiration from Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for his crazy fantasy The Nutty Professor, in which the star plays a nerdish chemistry professor, Julius Kelp, who invents a formula that transforms him into the debonair yet rather despicable Buddy Love, a cool cat who is hip with the kids at jazz club The Purple Pit, but who has a particular eye for blonde student Stella Purdy (played by the stunning Stella Stevens).

A most entertaining and funny movie - with a "message" included-clearly superior to Eddie Murphy's recent remake (even with its technology handicap).

) I found the Jerry Lewis version boring and not funny at all.

Jerry Lewis delivers a hilarious performance, but heartwrenching and sometimes even dull scenes take away from what is nonetheless a classic comedy.

The story is uninteresting, Stella Stevens's startling beauty doesn't make up for her lack of acting talent, some of the dialogue (e.

Silly, but Entertaining for the Times .

A Most Entertaining Movie .

The script, when it makes any sense, is cliché and boring, the sight gags are dated and mostly sophomoric.

I first saw this on VHS and enjoyed it very much.

Quite boring .

For fans of classics I recommend This timeless comedy gem it's funny , original and enjoyable

There is only one Nutty Professor worth watching and that's this one.

The Film is Enchanting with its Classic Dual Personality Story, Effervescent Technicolor, Stunning Leading Lady, and the Jerry Lewis "Charm" of Silent Slapstick, Sight Gags Galore, and Smarmy Sentimentality (that rarely worked so well for Jerry).

But this Movie, while Containing a Goodly Amount of the Jerry Lewis Schtick, is Undeniably an Entertaining Oddity with so Much Vibrancy on Screen it is Difficult to Ignore and Must be Considered Art.

I guess the film chooses the right angle to it, by maintaining a colorful and childish tone from beginning to end as if it was embracing the lovability of the protagonist, but it also provides the most entertaining bits through Buddy dialogues-wise, music-wise and even gags-wise.

The film is visually stunning, with an incredible array of vibrant colors in the backdrops and sets, as well as Stevens' wardrobe.

" It was mindless, pointless and aimless.

She is literally stunning if you ask me!

Enjoyable film with characters genuine and sympathetic , it is plenty of humor , tongue-in-cheek , side-splitting sight gags and amusement .

The film is fascinating in the way it makes you wonder where Lewis stands between these two incarnations of his persona, is it a mea culpa or a self-parody, is he accepting his status or kidding himself?

I can't believe we watched the whole thing, so beware - you'll either fall asleep like I did, or go so numb that you can't pick up the remote to turn this mess off.

perhaps to take Buddy Love "out of the closet" occasionally when she grows bored with Kelp.

Je m'excuse, but this is a visionary and fascinating movie.

In any case, this is enjoyable and the whole family will probably find it amusing.

Jerry Lewis as the barsinger-type-hip guy was incredibly boring and lasted about ten minutes--way too long for something so unfunny.