The Outsider (2018) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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An epic set in post-WWII Japan and centered on an American former G.I. who joins the yakuza.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Martin Zandvliet
Stars: Jared Leto, Tadanobu Asano
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 29 out of 174 found boring (16.66%)

One-line Reviews (125)

It's a pretentious piece of crap.

This is a very bad actor who chose his career wrong in the entertaining business.

So I definitely have very mixed feelings about the film, but it does have a pretty classic climax too (that's pretty stunning and memorable).

I loved the movie, i would love to see Part two, ignore all critics and watch it, it is not a commercial movie at all, it was entertaining and i am waiting to see part 2 hopefully.

Well, let me tell you not only is the movie not a case of whitewashing, it is actually quite enjoyable.

If you want to spend 120 minutes bored, then look no further .

but I enjoyed it.

The movie looks great but the story is completely empty at every step.

Most of the movie felt like it was just him glaring at people trying to be intense.

nothing much really Sets looked great, shame about the lack of plot that was dragged out far too long.

It's a pretty weak and uninteresting story with weak and uninteresting characters that wasn't filmed all that well.

It's just slow and then like clockwork something very violent happens.

I was honestly bored through half the movie...

This is an entertaining film, though it seems to take a lot without creating much on its own.

It scores a solid 6/10 because despite its limitations, it's enjoyable enough and it's refreshing to get something a bit different from your usual Hollywood fare.

But, on the other I found the lack of insight into the character mysterious and compelling.

I got sooo bored for the first time I closed the film.

I really wanted to like this film because it's shot so beautifully and the premise was intriguing.

The exposition in the movie is so forced, you can predict every scene and it bores you forcefully.

The 50's Japanese period setting the lighting, the acting and the whole atmosphere is quite fascinating and engaging.

A predictable but enjoyable ride .

The story is as empty as mr Leto's blank stare throughout the movie.

For what I think could have been better, the pacing was a bit too slow at times and the story is VERY predictable once you figure out who the bad guy is.

I would highly recommend it.

The Outsider is possibly one of the worst movie I watched in recent times.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys slow moving thrillers and a deep and complex story that slowly gets revealed in subtle ways.

It just comes in very predictable bursts with nothing on the line to provoke a sense of urgency or intensity.

The plot ends up failing to deliver on every front and just meanders around with little to nothing happening from beginning to end.

slow pointless movie with predictable ending .

The mix of authentic Japanese who speak their own language for most of the film instead of constantly using broken, bad-sounding English and the acting of Jared Leto was simply stunning.

Very entertaining and interesting movie.

For starters, I enjoyed it a lot!

The story telling style and the exhaustive usage of Japanese in the movie makes it difficult to convert 'The Outsider' into a fast paced thriller that it could have been.

The movie has a lot of style but not a lot of plot to speak of, and the movie goes from hero worship to disgusting and tedious towards the end and generic action dumbness goes one step further and achieves what I think is the worst ambush I have ever seen in cinema.

Entertaining and engaging .

For the average joe.. this movie is entertaining, exciting, and exotic enough to warrant a couple of viewings.

Very slow movie.

Snooze fest .

Firstly this movie is definitely worth watching.

This is the importance of a good director, to fill in the blanks with everything else that we fill in when reading the book:Thematic cinematography/orchestration to capture a setting, directing actors to create compelling personas that we can empathize with, properly adjusting levels of suspense to pace the film so it won't become stagnant, etc, etc. The Outsider unfortunately heavily lacks most of these components.

My first thoughts were "maybe it's worth the watch".

He quickly becomes immersed in that violent criminal world.

It's weird because I really saw that the movie was mostly mediocre surface stuff, but I was hooked and enjoyed it nonetheless.

I found the film to be beautifully shot, and fascinating to watch mostly, but it's also kind of pointless.

I thoroughly enjoyed it .

Worst movie ever!.

I thouroughly enjoyed Jared Leto and his character of little words, after all the cliche of a hitman is not alot of talk.

At times the movie is very slow paced and lacks of great dialogues.

You're wondering if I actually enjoyed it.

The storyline is intriguing and gripping.

But all in all a very enjoyable movie with great cinematography.

He is such a bland character, it's hard to care about him one way or another.

Rather than being presented as a suspenseful, thriller, or epic film, it's directed as a subtle 'matter-of-fact' biographical movie.

Weirdly enough for me it feels like the slow burn helped me get more immersed into what was going on.

Japanese settings were not greatly utilized and due to the monotone/bleak look of the film and framing of shots, I found myself constantly confused as to where the scene was taking place.


Intense, violent, great characters and scenes.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

"The Outsider" is extremely slow at times, indeed.

Only Leto can make a movie about the yakuza look dull and boring.

This is an enjoyable film.

It was bland.

Now, with that said, I will admit that a majority of the movie is a bit slow.

It honestly wasn't, it was superbly boring and I was superbly disappointed in the outsider.

But I enjoyed it.

Still, for every dull moment you sometimes get an engaging one.

Another thing that can't be overlooked is the cinematography and music, both of which add a mundane and dark tone and texture to this film.

Here he seems like a wooden doll the people around him push around Osaka and wait for things to happen to him, instead of engaging.

We love Jerad Letto but this has got to be one of the dullest movies made in decades.

Finally, an epic, dark, historically interesting thriller devoid of the usual leftist pretense, "diversity", or overarching political agenda typical of todays Hollywood propaganda.

Worth Watching for Leto .

In contrast to the negative feedback I found the silence and character that Jared portrayed quite intriguing and I was really entertained to a level where I went straight to finding other Yakuza related movies

Action scenes combined with thoughtful, intense moods and atmosphere make up for the purposefully low amount of dialogue.

Others, who immersed themselves in this matter, may have noticed imperfections.

Beautifully shot, and fascinating to watch mostly, but it's also kind of pointless.

Title says it all and I like all Japanese and Chinese movies, even the cheesy ones but this one right here was so dry and uneventful you would think it was written at the high school level.

If slow crime movies about the Mafia interest you, and this in a Japanese environment, then I can definitely recommend this movie to you.

Aside from being a bit slow throughout, I would criticize that the end is a bit abrupt.

The story is quite empty and vague, not much interesting about it.

I'm not saying it's terrible, I enjoyed it.

Slow and painful .

apart from that utterly boring and forgettable.

Otherwise it was thrilling and fun to watch.

I got bored in the last act and didn't even stay to see how it ended, that is how in-invested I was.

Very interesting story idea but sadly lacks the theatricality to be entertaining.

A good slow burning Yakuza film .

like watching paint dry .

Like watching paint dry and it ends up being the wrong color.

The opening scene is very confusing, the character of Kiyoshi is seen to be hanged, presumably by a bunch of other prisoners.

Leto had very few lines, which was supposed to be a way of showing he was an outsider, but made his character kind of empty at times.


I enjoyed it.. possibly a tad gory...

perhaps even more predictable.

I found more questions than answers throughout the movie and only met more confusion.

A pretty good slow paced Yakuza-movie.

This is just a slow ride to nowhere.

Entertaining .

One of the worst movies .

And the idea of the movie - a westerner finding his way into a side of Japanese society traditionally closed to foreigners - is certainly intriguing, and does lead to some very interesting moments.

It is slow going, building up characters.

Incredibly empty of a movie I had very high hopes with.

At its simplest level this is an enjoyable film and with no more expectation than to be entertained you will be satisfied.

So, disjointed.

It's a very enjoyable mix of two worlds.

Dont waste your time, big missed opportunity and disappointment

Continuing the theme of subtlety/minimalism, you'll notice that most scenes in the movie don't have any background music/score, leaving a sort of empty void.

I love Japanese culture and the Yakuza are truly interesting and exciting subject matter.

2 hours of nothing happening.

The entire scene was stupid and completely pointless.

So boring .

Started off with a super quick background, the plot of the movie is straightforward and yet, quite slow to progress.

In addition to claims that the casting of Jared Leto was another case of Hollywood whitewashing (which it wasn't), early reviews dropping from critics claiming it was going to be the worst movie on Netflix in 2018 and such kind of tainted the movie before anyone else got to see it.

Quite different from the Italian mafia members, who usually want to make an impression by shouting and intense gesticulating while making their point, after which a rival gets a concrete pedestal and they dump him in some Italian river.

The Outsider (Gaijin), starring Jared Leto, is the latest addition to those Netflix Originals that was slammed by most of the critics and yet turned out to be an enjoyable watch for me.

This has to be one of my favourite movies to come out this year, it's very dark and suspenseful.

Definitely worth watching.

Full of clichés and extremely predictable .

It is centralized around a Japanese gang and typically movies centralized around gangs tend to have a bit of a slow burn.

It didn't really use the setting of Japan to good effect, apart from a few cool looking scenes, and kind of skimmed the surface of Japanese culture, which to me at least, as an outsider, is utterly fascinating, and was the film's strongest selling point.

And because of how simplistic the story unfolded, it was extremely predictable.

Such a gripping film that had me hooked from the opening scene.

I can't even begin to write about it because I fell asleep a few times during the movie.

Everything I enjoy about Japanese culture was made to look trite instead of deeply fascinating.

Basically the same role as in Blade Runner 2049, but more sleep-inducing.

Mediocre, but somehow enjoyably intriguing .